The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29

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Teaching Archeology at the ARCE/AERA Field School: Memphis 2011
 Mahmoud, Hanan.

Teaching of pottery at the ARCE/AERA field school
 Naguib, Mohamed.

Textual Criticism or literary Criticism? Rethinking Approaches to studying Egyptian Religious Texts
 Hussein, Ramadan.

The "Gum-Eaters" of Nubia
 Pope, Jeremy.

The Age of the Great Sphinx
 Wall, John.

The Akh as an Active Agent
 Troche, Julia.

The All-Seeing Eye: Carnelian as Solar Symbol in Egypt and Prophecy in the Greco-Roman World
 Hussein, Angela.

The Amarna Plague Revisited: War and the Epidemiology of Epidemic Typhus
 Young, Robin.

The Audience Hall of the palace , from the old kingdom till the 2nd intermediate period
 negm, mohsen.

The Awakening of Osiris: Interpretations and Observations on a Recalcitrant Sequence of Cryptographic Texts
 Roberson, Joshua.

The Burial Landscape of the Graeco-Roman Cemetery at Fag el Gamous, Fayoum: An Initial Synthesis
 Evans, R.. and Whitchurch, David.

The Design and Origin of the New Kingdom East Frontier Defense System
 Hoffmeier, James.

The Divine Gift Exchange
 Gee, John.

The Egypt Exploration Society's Archive and the History of Egyptology: a progress report
 Naunton, Christopher.

The Egyptian Coffins in the Provincial Collections of the United Kingdom (ECPUK) Project
 Dodson, Aidan.

The Encircling Protection of Horus: Royal Tomb Iconography, Archaeology and Texts Reconciled.
 Lightbody, David.

The History and Parameters of Friendship in Ancient Egypt
 O\'Dell, Emily.

The Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project: 2011 Season Fieldwork Report
 Brand, Peter. and Revez, Jean.

The Last Priests at Philae- Language Choice in Adoration Graffiti as an Indication of Ethnicity
 Bumbaugh, Solange.

The Lords of the West in Ramesside Tombs
 Moore, Teresa.

The Memory of the Dead: A Study of the Tomb of Kheruef (TT 192)
 Gillette, Lacy.

The Merenptah Sarcophagi Restoration
 Brock, Edwin.

The Myth of Memphis: An Historiographical Critique of a Pharaonic City
 Adams, Matthew.

The Mythology of Mummy Paper; Debunking an Urban Legend
 Wolfe, SJ.

The North Chapel of Senwosret III at Dahshur
 Oppenheim, Adela.

The Palace in Ancient Egypt: Toward a Definition of Form and Function
 Emery, Virginia.

The Path of Harwa: a Round Trip Ticket to Eternity
 Tiradritti, Francesco.

The Persistence of Memory: Fertility and Nile Scenes on a Late Antique Tunic
 Auth, Susan.

The Predynastic Ceramic Industry at el-Mahâsna
 Anderson, David. and Peasley, Dustin.

The Presentation of Amarna: Rethinking How Religion is Introduced
 Chen, Michael.

The Quarrel Story of Horemheb: It Wasn’t a Laughing Matter
 Feinman, Peter.

The Ramesseum Dramatic Papyrus - A statue ritual in commemoration of Senwosret I
 Geisen, Christina.

The Role of Bes on Horus-cippi
 Lang, Elizabeth.

The Sacred District Scene in the New Kingdom Tombs at Elkab
 Diamond, Kelly-Anne.

The Satrap Stela and the Struggle for Lower Nubia
 Burstein, Stanley.

The Stela of Queen Tetisheri Revisited
 Harvey, Stephen.

The Theological Significance of Naophorous Statues
 Klotz, David.

The University of Arizona Tausret Temple Project: An Overview of Excavations and Remote Sensing
 Creasman, Pearce Paul. and Wilkinson, Richard.

The Vernacular of the Letters to the Dead
 Hsieh, Julia.

The Wadi Hammamat Quarryscapes Survey
 Harrell, James. and Bloxam, Elizabeth.

The abandonment of Karanis: debating the end through ceramics
 Gupta-agarwal, Sonali.

The effects of husbandry and seasonality on Egyptian Suids using Linear Enamel Hypoplasia
 Bertini, Louise.

The first 150 years of Egyptian collections in Egypt through the Archives of the Milan University
 Piacentini, Patrizia.

The meanings of select names and words in the Ancient Egyptian Language
 Amare, Makeda \'Magda\'.

The newly discovered Tomb Chapel of Isisnofret at Northwest Saqqara
 Kawai, Nozomu.

The triumph scene of Seti I at Karnak: cultural reinterpretation in the royal monumental context.
 Gillen, Todd.

Theban Tomb 119 and its Scene of Foreign “Tribute”
 Gordon, Andrew.

Thoughts on the Old Kingdom Gebelein Papyri
 Papazian, Hratch.

Three-Dimensional Graphic Modeling as Archaeological Research Tool: The Menkaure Valley Temple Settlements at Giza
 Picardo, Nicholas.

 Mauldin, Rachel.

Towards clarifying various problems and politics behind the Red Sea trade.
 Mumford, Gregory.
The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29
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