American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) Annual Meeting 2018-Apr-19 to 2018-Apr-23

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"Raglan Remembers": A Bes-Figurine in the Raglan and District Museum, NZ
 Dobbin-Bennett, Tasha.

(Re-)Constructing the Hyksos: Architectural Comparisons with Syro-Palestine
 Kumar, Nisha.

21st Century Epigraphy: The TT110 Field School Experience
 Shirley, JJ.

ʽAin el-Gedida: An epoikion in Late Roman Dakhla?
 Aravecchia, Nicola.

‘Classic’ critters in the food economy: Ptolemaic/Roman faunal assemblages at Kom al-Ahmer and Kom Wasit
 Bertini, Louise.

“From Giuseppe’s Kitchen”: Graffiti from the Small Temple of Medinet Habu
 Jasnow, Richard. and Di Cerbo, Christina.

“Hey, teachers! Leave them kids alone.” North Kharga rock graffiti’ deviations from standard writing conventions
 Lazaridis, Nikolaos.

“Neither Arrest Nor Movement: Workers’ Songs and Conversations in the Tomb of Paheri at El Kab”
 Harvey, Stephen.

“This opportunity once lost can never return,” Patterns of Collecting and Placement.
 Lewis, Adele.


A Case of Anatomical Terminology: the use of objects to define anatomy
 Singer, Ariel.

A Fragment of a Coffin of Harsiese, High Priest of Montu of Thebes
 Silverman, David.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Interpreting a Senet Board in the Arizona State Museum
 Romano, Irene., Tait, William., Bisulca, Christina., Creasman, Pearce Paul., Hodgins, Gregory. and Wazny, Tomasz.

A New Interpretation of the “Comparison Particle” js
 Humphrey, Leah.

A Novel Etymology for Egyptian Hm.t “Woman, Wife”
 Smith, Daniel.

A Real Gem: Evidence of Semi-Precious Stones in New Kingdom Royal Cities
 Justl, Shelby.

A Sourcebook on Women in Ancient Egypt
 Johnson, Janet.

A Tale of Two Obelisks: The Benevento Obelisks' Modern History and Conservation
 Cole, Sara.

A Tent of Purification (ibw) Discovered at Tell el-Borg, North Sinai?
 Hoffmeier, James.

A Thousand Years of Nubians at Tell Edfu
 de Souza, Aaron.

A decade of excavations at Tell el-Retaba: documenting life in a Wadi Tumilat settlement
 Stubnova, Silvia.

A new archaeological research center in Sudan, AmSARC
 Ali, Mohamed.

A ‘Famine Stela’ Episode under the Early XIth Dynasty
 Demidchik, Arkadiy.

 Shearman, John.

An Astrological Manual from the Tebtunis Library concerning Women
 Zhang, Lingxin.

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Base Aspirations: An Exploration into the Purpose of Egypt’s Military Headquarters in Canaan
 Morris, Ellen.

Beyond Adornment: Ideal and Actual Use of Funerary Broad Collars in Middle Kingdom Egypt
 Yamazaki, Seria.

Brothers in tomb decoration at Deir el Medina
 Sweeney, Deborah.


Calendar of the Animals: Animal Observation and Management as a marker of time in everyday life
 Gillam, Robyn.

Cementing Sementiou: The Activity of Prospectors (sementiou) in the Eastern Desert During Old Kingdom Egypt
 Chiodini, Thomas.

Changing Faces of Heritage Conservation in Egypt
 Jones, Michael.

Classifying Otherness: Determinatives in Ramesside Topographical Lists
 Vogel, Rebekah.

Constructed Kingship: The Role of Regalia in Royal Identity
 Calvert, Amy.

Constructing Legacies of Provincial Power in the Old Kingdom
 Tomkins, Jessica.

Cultural Change in the Second Intermediate Period in Upper Egypt: New Evidence from Tell Edfu
 Ayers, Natasha.


Desert Politics: New Insights on the Blemmyean state and its external relations
 Cooper, Julien.

Digging Data Toward Solutions: Identifying Patterns and Cyclical Activity in Cultural Property Crimes in Egypt
 Paul, Katie.

Digital Archaeology and Interdisciplinary Collaboration at el-Hibeh 2017
 Li, Jean.


Egypt and the Levant in the 3rd Millennium: Implications of the New Radiocarbon Chronology
 Adams, Matthew.

Egyptian Animal Mummies: Science Explores an Ancient Religion
 Schellinger, Sarah.

Everybody Hurts: Conceptions of Pain in Ancient Egypt
 Prakash, Tara.

Everything in its Proper Place: New Kingdom Royal Domestic Objects and Palatial Visual Programs
 Salland, Patrick.

Exploring the New Kingdom Tombs at North Saqqara
 Kawai, Nozomu.


Fabricating the Giza Dream Stela of Thutmose IV in both Physical and Augmented Reality
 Manuelian, Peter.

Fashion Forward: Dress and Decoding the Queenly Images of the Early 19th Dynasty
 Bryson, Karen (Maggie).

Forts, Cities, and Urbanization: A Comparative Space Syntax Analysis of State-Planned Domestic Space
 Uildriks, Martin.

From Magnetometry to Excavation: The Latest Results from Qantir-Piramesse
 Franzmeier, Henning.

From Warfare to Diplomacy: Tuthmosid Imperialism and the Origin of the Amarna Diplomatic System
 Zangani, Federico.


Gezer Subdued: Egyptian Conquests of Merneptah and Shoshenq I
 Ortiz, Steven.

Goddesses' Gowns and Kings' Kilts in New Kingdom Tomb Paintings
 Hoskins, Nancy.

Gods, Priests, and Bald Men: A New Look at Book of the Dead 103
 Richter, Barbara.


Hard Times: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of Three Individuals from Tell Edfu
 Campbell, Roselyn.

Headrest Amulets and Their Iron-rific Transposition
 Witt, Catherine.

Heritage Preservation Project for Seti I Temple at Abydos
 Mohamed, Mahmoud.

Hitler, Goebbels and the Frogs on the Nile: A 1931 Political Photomontage
 Schneider, Thomas.


Iconography of the God’s Wives: The Association between Image and Idea
 Hallmann, Aleksandra.

Implications of the Third Dynasty Boat-Burial from Abusir
 Inglis, Douglas. and Barta, Miroslav.

Imports and “In”ports: why ceramic petrography is important to Egyptology
 Ownby, Mary.

Injuries in Egypt's Battle with The Sea Peoples - Medical and Strategic Considerations
 Sanchez, Gonzalo.

Insights into Ritual at the Abydos Temple of Ramesses II
 Goelet, Ogden.

Intensive efforts for small stones: New research on Pharaonic mining expeditions at Wadi el-Sheikh
 Hart, Elizabeth.

Investigating the assets of Ramesseum Collection’s owner: The sketch on the verso of P. Ramesseum B
 Geisen, Christina.

It’s Complicated: The Value of a Cultural Entanglement Approach to Understanding Egyptianization in Lower Nubia
 Weglarz, Lindsey.


Khufu’s Deception: An Explanation for the Interior Design of the Great Pyramid
 Lowdermilk, James.


Light metaphor in descriptions of 18th Dynasty kings, especially of the Amarna Period
 Goebs, Katja.

Looking Beyond the Image: A Contextual Analysis of the Procession to the Cults of Hathor
 Warkentin, Elizabeth.

Looking for Khufu in Heit el-Ghurab
 Lehner, Mark.


Mapping Ritual Landscapes: Royal and Non-Royal Religious Activity in the Eighteenth Dynasty
 Hutchinson, Amber.

Memories of the Kings of Kush: New Excavations around the Royal Cemetery at El Kurru
 Emberling, Geoff.

More (!) Adventures in Living-Rock Stelae
 Thum, Jen.

Mysteries of Isis: “Sethos” and Egyptology in the Eighteenth Century
 Geoga, Margaret.


Narcotic of the Nile: The Blue Lotus in Ancient Egyptian Religious Activities
 Harer, W.

Nasty Women: Depictions of foreign women as subjugated enemies in the late Eighteenth Dynasty
 Lunden, Geirr.


Papyri in Private Collections, Afterlife or Second Death? The Case of William Randolph Hearst
 Muhs, Brian.

Photogrammetry and 3D Technology in Archaeology: Applications on Archaeological Sites in the City of Alexandria, Egypt
 Abdelaziz, Mohamed.

Piecing Together the Past: Reconstructing the Reisner Classic Kerma Collections in Boston and Khartoum
 Minor, Elizabeth.

Punctuated equilibria and Ancient Egyptian history
 Barta, Miroslav.


Qenherkhopeshef's "Beautiful Stairway"
 Moore, Teresa.


Ramesside Queens' Tombs, the Book of the Dead, and the Deir el-Medina Iconographic Tradition
 McCarthy, Heather.

Ramesside re-use and re-interpretation of statues: who, how, and why?
 Hardwick, Tom. and Connor, Sinon.

Recent Fieldwork at Tombos: New Kingdom imperialism in Nubia, cultural entanglements, and a new fortress.
 Smith, Stuart.

Recent architectural findings in the Dynasty 12 Tomb of Intef at Lisht
 Mumford, Gregory.

Recent research in the tomb of Sennefer (TT 96A)
 Laboury, Dimitri., Den Doncker, Alexis., Tavier, Hugues. and Pieke, Gabriele.

Recovering the History of an unusual Yellow Coffin
 Sampsell, Bonnie.

Report on the 2018 Season of the Joint Expedition to Malqata
 ROEHRIG, Catharine., Patch, Diana. and Kamrin, Janice.

Results from the 2016 and 2017 Lisht Seasons
 Parcak, Sarah.

Reused blocks in the Triple Shrine inside Ramesses II’s Forecourt at Luxor Temple
 Feleg, Rosa.


Safeguarding Cultural Heritage from Space: A Flood Risk Assessment of the Abu Simbel Temple Complex
 El-Behaedi, Raghda.

Sed-Festivals, Foreigners, Doors, and Columns: Renewed Excavations in the South Temple of Senwosret III, Dahshur
 Oppenheim, Adela.

Sharp Shrews & Slithery Serpents: Animal Remains from TT11-12
 Ikram, Salima.

Silent Signs: Determinatives and Scribal Practice
 Davis, Katherine.

Some Remarks on Ancient Egyptian Women’s Rhetoric & Literacy
 Ayad, Mariam.


Tales from Temple and Tombs: A field update from Gebel el-Silsila Season 10
 Coletto, Patricia., Nilsson, Maria. and Ward, John.

Tebtunis in Rome. New discoveries from research in archives in Italy and Canada.
 Begg, D. J.., Deotto, Giulia., Fassone, Alessia., Cafici, Giorgia., Menegazzi, Alessandra., Urbani, Carlo. and Zanovello, Paola.

Techniques of Amarna Composite Statues Compared with Those of the Pre-Amarna Reigns
 Thompson, Kristin.

Temple Rank and 21st Dynasty Funerary Papyri: Documenting Status in Theban Society
 Stevens, Marissa.

The 2018 excavation season at the temple of Ramesses II in Abydos
 Iskander, Sameh.

The Amarna Period and the Politics of Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt
 Taronas, Laura.

The Architecture of Ancient Egyptian Harems
 Emery, Virginia.

The Art of the Spiel: Provisioning, Legacy, and Propaganda in Ancient Egypt
 Johnston, Christine.

The Biographies of Weni and phonological variants of the Old Egyptian particle sk/sṯ
 Hainline, Brendan.

The Biography of Idudjuiker, a Contemporary Account of the Conquest of Thinis under Wahankh Antef II
 Wegner, Josef.

The Book of the Dead “Vignettes” of the Greek Magical Papyri
 Lucarelli, Rita.

The Compositional Design of Djedhor Cairo JE 46341
 Chen, Michael.

The Eastern Delta as a “Middle Ground” for Hyksos Identity Negotiation
 Candelora, Danielle.

The Eastern Desert Rock Art Survey Project 2017
 Majer, Joseph.

The Egyptian Archaeological Database and the Future of Egypt's Ancient Sites
 Weeks, Kent.

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Update on Hieroglyphs on Computers and Devices (via Unicode)
 Anderson, Debbie.

Updates from Uronarti: life at the edge of the world
 Bestock, Laurel.

Use of Nondestructive Examinations and Analyses in Treatments of Ivory Antiquities Cleaning
 Shuaib, Lamia.


Visualizing Coregency: The Early and Later Styles of Senwosret III
 Saladino Haney, Lisa.


What Happens Between the Maps and the Models: Developing Referencing Standards for 3D Archaeological Visualizations
 Picardo, Nicholas.


Zosimos in Dendera: an Egyptological approach to the dreams of Zosimos of Panopolis
 Escolano-Poveda, Marina.
American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) Annual Meeting 2018-Apr-19 to 2018-Apr-23
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