ARNOVA Annual Conference 2012-Nov-14 to 2012-Nov-17

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“Healthy Competition” and “Wasteful Duplication” – Drawing from For-Profit Economic Theory to Examine Rivalry in the Nonprofit Sector
 Vance, Danielle.

“Poverty Pimps” or Perfect Partners: Higher Education as a Mediator for Philanthropic Investment in Urban Neighborhoods
 Hudson, Elizabeth.


A 19th Century Model for a 21st Century Problem: Government-Nonprofit Fiscal Relations in the Provision of Child Welfare Services
 Marwell, Nicole. and Calabrese, Thad.

A Best Practice Model Or Models Of Best Practices? A Framework For Differentiating Effective Volunteer Program Management
 Brudney, Jeffrey. and Meijs, Lucas.

A Closer Look at Nonprofits in Multi-Sector Networks: Can Informal Accountability Overcome Goal Conflict?
 Romzek, Barbara., LeRoux, Kelly., Johnston, Jocelyn., Piatak, Jaclyn. and Kempf, Robin.

A Closer Look at the Difference Between Public and Nonprofit Employees' Volunteering
 Chen, Chung-An. and Lee, Young-joo.

A Comparative Study of Organizational Models Adopted by Philanthropic Entrepreneurial Families in Western Countries
 Rey-Garcia, Marta. and Puig-Raposo, Nuria.

A Crisis of Trust: Online Response to the Financial Crisis among Community Development Loan Funds
 Kaldor, Eric., Lista, Peter. and Moulton, Lynne.

A Critical Exploration of the Professionalization of Nonprofit Governance
 Sandberg, Billie.

A Democracy of Opportunity
 Danley, Stephen.

A History of the Formative Years of the Indianapolis Foundation, 1915-1923
 Hardy, Marc.

A Market of Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness as The Social Bottom Line (SBL)
 Liket, Kellie.

A Network Approach to Understanding Nonprofit Boards and Policy Outcomes
 Duncan, Carrie.

A New Model and New Findings for the Continuing Wealth Transfer in the U.S. and Selected States.
 Havens, John. and Schervish, Paul.

A Partial Theory of Nonprofit Success in Grant Markets
 Lecy, Jesse. and McGinnis, Jasmine.

A Qualitative Analysis of Development Patterns of NGOs in China: Administration-Dominated and Community Participation
 Chen, José Chiu-Cheng.

A Review of Consumer Communications by Charities Regulation Programs
 Barber, Putnam.

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Behavioral Economic Study of Donor Preference Heterogeneity and Provision of Charitable Aid: Comparative Analysis Between US and Japan
 Okuyama, Naoko.

Beyond the Cause: The Art and Science of Successful Advocacy
 Greeley, Erica.

Big Lessons on Community from the Small State of Delaware
 Miltenberger, Lauren.

Board Members' Self-Perception in the Role of Organizational Governance and the Balanced Scorecard
 Aulgur, Jeff.

Breaking the Tire Cycle Campaign: A Case Study of Cross-Border Environmental Advocacy Affecting the U.S.
 Libby, Pat.

Bridging Liberal Arts and Professional Training for Social Change
 Bushouse, Brenda.

Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap in a Nonprofit/Philanthropic Studies Doctoral Program
 Donmoyer, Robert.

Bringing Social Innovation to Scale within Urban Communities: Replicating the "Entrepreneurial Spark" within Urban Communities
 Holloway, Jimeka.

Building Nonprofit Networks by Convening
 McDonald, Mary., Shear, Liz. and Castillo, Elizabeth.

Building State-Nonprofit Pre-Contracting Relationships: Nonprofits and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Services
 Auger, Deborah.


CRM Partnerships with Luxury Firms: An Opportunity to Acquire "Individual Pledge Donors"?
 Boenigk, Silke. and Schuchardt, Viktoria.

Capacity Building Networks and Adaptive Capacity for Community-Based Small Nonprofit Organizations
 Kapucu, Naim.

Capacity Building of the Third Sector through Depoliticization:
 Tang, Ching-Ping. and Tu, Ping-Lan.

Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare Volunteer Management: Views from the Field
 Rogers, Sean., Rogers, Carmen. and Boyd, Karen.

Challenges of the Nonprofit-Government Relationship: Moving from Relational to Transactional Contracting
 Never, Brent. and de Leon, Erwin.

Changes in the Determinants of Volunteering in Japan Between 1995 and 2010
 Mitani, Haruyo.

Changing Organizations through Action Research
 McDonald, Mary.

Changing Schools One at a Time or All At Once: An Examination of Private Foundation Grantmaking for Pre-Collegiate Education Policy
 Klopott, Shayna.

Changing United Way Allocations: Contingent or Symbolic Response to Changing Contexts
 Paarlberg, Laurie. and Meinhold, Stephen.

Characteristics of Pay-for-Performance Behavior in Nonprofit Organizations
 Tekula, Rebecca.

Charitable Contributions of Property: A Broken System Reimagined
 Colinvaux, Roger.

Charity Begins at Home: Informal Volunteering and Formal Volunteering in Canada
 Wang, Lili., Mook, Laurie. and Handy, Femida.

Charter School Governance: Board Roles and Responsibilities
 Cody, Christopher.

Childcare Center Closures: A Comparison of Nonprofit, Forprofit, and Public Agencies
 Lam, Marcus.

Children’s Generosity and Neighborhoods: Measuring the Effects of Residential Environment on Charitable Giving
 Okten, Cagla., Osili, Una. and Hayat, Amir.

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Deconstructing Civil Society ‘Mappings’
 Appe, Susan.

Define the Right of Beneficiary: The Implications of Fearless Giving
 Li, Yannan.

Determinants of the Recovery of Distressed Nonprofits
 Searing, Elizabeth.

Developing Advocates for Change: A Practice Approach to Understanding Grassroots Associations as “Schools of Democracy”
 Dodge, Jennifer. and Ospina, Sonia.

Developing Approaches to Microfinance in China: The Influence of Ownership Structure
 Bielefeld, Wolfgang. and He, Lijun.

Developing a New Funding Allocation Model to Incentivize Performance in Oregon’s Court Appointed Special Advocate Programs
 Garcia Diaz Villamil, Alejandra.

Development and Application of a Blood Donor Satisfaction Barometer
 Leipnitz, Sigrun. and Boenigk, Silke.

Did Sixteenth Century Spanish Conquests Influence Voluntarism and Donating in Latin America Today?
 Evans, Van.

Differences Between Paid and Unpaid Social Services for Beneficiaries
 Metz, Judith.

Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness in Organizations: Are Nonprofit Organizations More Prepared for Disasters than Public and Private Organizations?
 Chikoto, Grace., Sadiq, Abdul-Akeem. and Fordyce, Erin.

Diversity in Nonprofit Cultural Organizations
 Ostrower, Francie.

Do Public Affairs Students (Still) Care?: The Impact of PSM on Giving, Volunteering and Career Ambitions
 Piatak, Jaclyn.

Does Foundation Giving Stimulate or Suppress Private Giving? Evidence from Canadian Charities
 Kryvoruchko, Iryna.

Does Government Funding Depoliticize NGOs?: Examining Evidence from Europe
 Bloodgood, Elizabeth., Tremblay-Boire, Joannie. and Prakash, Aseem.

Does Nonprofit Community Engagement Capacity Affect Financial Sustainability Over Time?
 Kumar, Durgesh., Poole, Dennis. and Rehnborg, Sarahjane.

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ED Succession Planning in Human Service Organizations: What Do Boards Want and Will They Be Able to Find It?
 Decker Pierce, Barbara. and Hunter, Trevor.

Effective Philanthropy - A Framework for Performance Measurement of Philanthropic Foundations in Hong Kong
 Chien, Elsie., Law, Chi Kwong. and Chan, Cecilia.

Empathy and its Discontents: The Disaffected Side of Empathy
 Zanetti, Lisa.

Engaging Stakeholders via Twitter: A Content Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations’ Tweets
 Sai, Na.

Entrepreneurship for Fun and Profit: Method that Can Be Learned?
 Mattingly, Jessica.

Environmental Factors Explaining the Emergence of Social Entrepreneurship
 Cherkaoui, Hanane.

Evaluating Inclusion: Empirical Analysis of a Program for Special Needs Children
 Webb, Natalie. and Candreva, Ilene.

Evaluating Options for Reforming the Charitable Income Tax Deduction
 Cordes, Joseph. and Rosenberg, Joseph.

Evaluating the Impact of Corporate In-Kind Giving on Recipient Charities: A Study of the Framing Hope Program
 Gazley, Beth. and Abner, Gordon.

Examining the Influence of Nonprofit Board Communication on Generative Governance
 Jameson, Jessica. and Metelsky, Barbara.

Examining the Role of the Physician Scientist through Institutional, Intentional Change and Complexity Theories
 Cola, Philip., Whitehouse, Peter., Boland, Richard. and Pierce, Eugene.

Exhibiting Nongovernmental Organizations: Demystifying Funders' Insidious Power
 Duval, Anne-Marie.

Expanding State Regulation of Nonprofits: A New York Case Study
 Corbett, Christopher.

Expanding the Capitalization Conversation: Philanthropy as an Activator of Renewable Capital
 Castillo, Elizabeth.

Experiences of Female Volunteers from Disadvantaged Backgrounds Before, During and After London 2012 Olympic Games
 Nedvetskaya, Olesya.

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Factors that Influence Board Member Engagement and Performance
 Brown, William.

Faith and International Philanthropy: Generosity, Rights, Citizenship, and Religion Among Faith-Based NGOs
 Nelson, Paul.

Feast or Famine: An Exploration of Social Enterprise Among Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Van Brackle, Lisa.

Female Philanthropists: Perspectives on Giving and Fundraising in Hard Times
 Donnelly-Cox, Gemma. and Harrison, Jackie.

Financial Risk of Nonprofits: What Is It and How Much Exposure Is Too Much?
 Bowman, H..

Financial and Performance Accountability of Community Foundations
 Schatteman, Alicia.

Foundations and the Discourse of Philanthropy
 Jensen, Courtney.

Framing the Organizational Effectiveness Debate: The Domain-Measurement-Stakeholder Model
 Schmitz, Hans.

Fraud and Corruption in Nonprofit Entities: A Summary of Press Reports 2008-2011
 Archambeault, Deborah., Greenlee, Janet. and Webber, Sarah.

From Disaster to Development: Leadership Profiles of Disaster Response Teams
 Birmingham, Beth. and Shockness, Michelle.

From Emergency to Long Term: Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness of Food Pantries
 Slater, Bethany.

From Gaining to Giving Wealth: The Shaping of a New Generation of Domestic Private Philanthropy in India
 Jansons, Emily.

Fundraising or Hackle Raising: Are Military and Veterans Nonprofits Really That Bad?
 Webb, Natalie. and Abzug, Rikki.


Gender Differences in Giving Motives: The Dutch Case
 De Wit, Arjen. and Bekkers, Rene.

Gender, Family, and Philanthropy: A Mixed-Methods Study
 Einolf, Christopher.

Generalized Trust Through Civic Engagement? Evidence from Five National Panel Studies
 van Ingen, Erik. and Bekkers, Rene.

Giving by Faculty and Staff Across the Indiana University System
 Shaker, Genevieve., Borden, Victor. and Miller, Brittany.

Giving in Times of Disaster: Giving, Intent to Give, and Giving Technology
 Witesman, Eva.

Government Funding and the Willingness to Donate to Arts Organizations: Results of a Survey Experiment
 Kim, Mirae. and Van Ryzin, Gregg.

Government-Foundation Partnerships in the 21st Century
 Abramson, Alan., Soskis, Benjamin. and Toepler, Stefan.

Government-Nonprofit Contracts and Grants: Toward Better Practices
 Boris, Elizabeth., de Leon, Erwin. and Pettijohn, Sarah.

Grassroots Collaborators in a Public Initiative: Whether Strongly Faith-Based Partners Influenced Collaboration and Service Delivery
 Sinha, Jill.

Grassroots Philanthropic Organizations in China: The Case of Rural Compulsory Education
 Zhou, Huiquan.

Growth and Change in the Charitable Sector: Tracking Income Concentration and Charity Survival Among Registered Charities in England and Wales
 Clifford, David.


Hair Rules!
 Tindall, Natalie.

Harnessing the Capacity for Change: Exploring Linkages and Interdependencies Between Dimensions of Capacity
 Bryan, Tara. and Isett, Kimberley.

Head and Heart: Employee Engagement in the Nonprofit Sector
 Word, Jessica.

High Performance Work Systems in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Selden, Sally. and Sowa, Jessica.

Higher Education and the Public Sphere: The “German College of Politics” and Civil Discourse in the Weimar Republic
 Weber, Peter.

Hosting Citizen Engagement to Create Public
 Sandfort, Jodi. and Quick, Kathy.

How Chinese Grassroots NGOs Seek Government Acceptance: Official Registration and Its Alternatives in a Restrictive Environment
 Xu, Jun. and Smith, David.

How Do Foundations Manage Grantees’ Advocacy Activities in the Field of Education? A Cross-Case Comparative Analysis
 Tompkins-Stange, Megan. and Bromley, Patricia.

How Do Nonprofit Employees Differ from Public and Private Peers? Exploring the Effects of Individuals’ Risk Preferences on Job Choices
 Dong, Hsiang-Kai.

How Do Nonprofits Collaborate: The Role of Nonprofits in Two Social Service Policy Networks in the US
 Lee, Jeongyoon. and Rethemeyer, R. Karl.

How Do Nonprofits Use Outcome Measurement Data?
 MacIndoe, Heather. and Barman, Emily.

How Do Social Innovations Diffuse to Members of a Social System? The Case of First Mile Kid’s Smile Initiative
 Chen, Jennifer.

How Nonprofit Leaders Approach Their Role as Community Representatives
 Anasti, Theresa., Mosley, Jennifer. and Grogan, Colleen.

How Should We Teach the NPO/NGO-Related Subjects at Public Policy School for Building Civil Society? Japanese Case.
 Tanaka, Takafumi. and Osawa, Nozomu.

How Voluntary is Volunteering? Examining Volunteers’ Needs for Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness
 Bidee, Jemima., Vantilborgh, Tim., Pepermans, Roland., Huybrechts, Gert., Willems, Jurgen. and Jegers, Marc.

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I Am Really Not My Hair: Stories From a Participatory Action Research Project
 Hudson, Monika., Rogers, Pier. and McGill, Lawrence.

If Not-For-Profit, Then for What? Assessing the Effect of Generalized External Evaluation on a Nonprofit Organizational Environment
 Eckerd, Adam. and Moulton, Stephanie.

Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Nonprofits: Filling a Critical Gap in Information
 Abramson, Alan.

Implementation of Corporate Volunteering from a Nonprofit Perspective: An Exploratory Research
 Roza, Lonneke., Hustinx, Lesley., Shachar, Itamar. and Geysmans, Robbe.

Implementing Performance Measurement in Small Nonprofits: Case Study Using a Capacity Building Framework
 Knox, Claire., Wang, XiaoHu., Jones, Jasmine., Ortiz, Juan. and Michel, Maria.

In-Kind Giving Reconsidered: How Material Donations Provided Long Term Philanthropic Support for the Children's Homes of the National Benevolent Association, 1925-1975
 Hagesfeld, Elise.

Increasing Income Concentration and Giving by the Bottom 97 Percent of US Households
 Kramarek, Michal., Rooney, Patrick. and Zhang, Ye.

Increasing Income Concentration and Giving by the Top 3 Percent of US Households
 Kramarek, Michal., Zhang, Ye. and Rooney, Patrick.

Institutional Choice Redux: How Fair Trade Entrepreneurs Choose Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Forms
 Child, Curtis., Witesman, Eva. and Braudt, David.

Institutionalized Hybridity – Work Integration with Public-Nonprofit Joint Ventures
 Spraul, Katharina., Helmig, Bernd. and Hopf, Franziska.

Interchangeability of Paid Labour and Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations
 Chum, Antony., Mook, Laurie., Handy, Femida., Schugurensky, Daniel. and Quarter, Jack.

Interdependencies in Nonprofits: An Exploration of Strategies and Methods
 Bezboruah, Karabi.

International Comparison of Data on Blood Donations from the German Socio-economic Panel Study
 Mews, Marius. and Boenigk, Silke.

Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?: Trends in Grantmaking Practice
 McCray, J.

Is the Best They Can Do Good Enough? Nonprofits in the Wake of Emergency
 Lenz, Heather.

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Joint Crowd-Out: The Impact of Federal Government Welfare Expenditures on State Government Expenditures and Philanthropic Giving to Human Service Organizations, 2003-2004
 Kim, Sung-Ju.


Leadership and Decision Making in Health Collaboratives – Lessons Learned for Effective Collective Impact
 Clifford, David. and Croxall, Colleen.

Leading Organizational Change in INGOs: The Case of Save the Children
 Bruno-VanVijfeijken, Tosca.

Leveraging Philanthropic Investment to Build a Comprehensive Workforce Development Program
 Millesen, Judith., Easterling, Doug. and Riggenbach, Jennifer.

Leveraging the Power of Foundations: Program- and Mission-Related Investments
 Osili, Una., Qu, Heng. and McKitrick, Melanie.

Lions Clubs in Guangdong Province, China: How Foreign-Origin Association Branches Can Exist in a Restrictive Environment
 Zhu, Jiangang., Jing, Yanchun. and Chen, Yuepeng.

Local Government Use of Volunteers
 Nesbit, Rebecca. and Brudney, Jeffrey.


Maintaining Human Services Through Economic Turmoil: Interdependence Versus Government Dependence
 Ali, Susannah. and Faulk, Lewis.

Managed Morality: The Rise of Professional Codes of Conduct in the U.S. Nonprofit Sector
 Bromley, Patricia. and Orchard, Charlene.

Managerialization and the Use of Corporate Management Knowledge in Civil Society Organizations
 Hvenmark, Johann.

Managing for Change: A Long-Term Analysis of NGO-Community Interactions in Slum Housing in Mumbai, India
 Ramanath, Ramya.

May I Have Your Attention, Please? Rethinking Nonprofit Strategies for the Age of Attention Philanthropy
 Guo, Chao. and Saxton, Gregory.

Measuring Intangible Assets: Implications for Volunteering
 Stagg, Allison. and Benenson, Jodi.

Mediating Structures: Are Professional Associations Promoting Bridging and Bonding in the Community?
 Saitgalina, Marina. and Dicke, Lisa.

Megachurches: What Impact Are They Having on Local Economic Development and Who Benefits From These Collaborations?
 Hyder, Ashley. and Dicke, Lisa.

Methods for Strategic Management of Fundraising Campaigns
 Steinberg, Richard.

Million-Dollar Giving and Community Characteristics
 Osili, Una., Ackerman, Jacqueline. and McKitrick, Melanie.

Million-Dollar-Plus Gifts and the Economy, 2000-2011
 Kou, Xiaonan. and Osili, Una.

Minefields of Paradox: The Multiple Logics of Development
 Martin, Eric. and Comas, Jordi.

Mission and Mammon: Revenue Diversification in the Church
 Harvey, Nicholas.

Moral Ambivalence in Social Enterprise: How Nonprofit Organizations Reconcile Social and Market Values
 McInerney, Paul-Brian.

Moral Identity, Giving and Gender
 Shang, Jen.

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NGO Accountability—A Two-Way Practice
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun.

NGOs and Volunteer Tourism: A Look at Volunteer Tourism in Favela (Slum) Communities of Rio de Janeiro
 Aquino, Jessica. and Andereck, Kathleen.

NGOs as Strategic Framing Agents in Mobilizing the Public Towards Philanthropic Actions
 Okada, Aya.

Negotiating Nonprofit Mission and Strategy During Times of Change
 Berlan, David.

New Visions for Philanthropy? The Philanthrocapitalist Values of the Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge
 Fazekas, Erzsebet.

No Longer Unmeasurable: A Framework for Assessing Volunteer Program Effectiveness
 Nesbit, Rebecca., Christensen, Robert. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

Nonprofit Academic Program Sustainability
 Dolch, Norman., Wise, Helen., Wade, Ronald. and Strom, SueAnn.

Nonprofit Accountability: Moving Beyond Program Outcomes to Assess Relational Work
 Benjamin, Lehn. and Campbell, David.

Nonprofit Board Chair Perceptions of Leadership Skills Needed by Executive Directors
 Hoefer, Richard. and Watson, Larry.

Nonprofit CEOs Perceptions of the Role of Board Members in Fundraising: An International Comparative Case Study
 Hoontis, Peter. and Jeong, Bok Gyo.

Nonprofit Capacity Building and the Role of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Developing Countries: The Case of VISACAs in the Gambia
 Ceesay, Atta.

Nonprofit Capacity Building: Linking Organizational-Level and Community-Level Effects
 Brown, Catherine Humphries.

Nonprofit Collaboration and the Resurrection of Market Failure: How a Resource Sharing Environment Suppresses Social Objectives
 Witesman, Eva. and Heiss, Andrew.

Nonprofit Enterprise Formation and Cultural Participation in American Counties
 Kushner, Roland.

Nonprofit Entrepreneurs and Their Startup Organizations: A Comparative Subsector Analysis
 Van Slyke, David. and Lecy, Jesse.

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Off the Hook: How Geographical Moves Affect Giving and Volunteering
 Nesbit, Rebecca. and Rodriguez, Darlene.

Oil and Water Rarely Mix: Exploring the Relative Stability of Nonprofit Revenue Mixes Over Time
 Teasdale, Simon., Kerlin, Janelle., Young, Dennis. and Soh, Jung-In.

One Trouble Follows Another - The Moderating Effects of Capacity Building Challenges on Program Evaluation
 Nannery, Rebecca. and McGiverin-Bohan, Kellie.

Online Course Development for College Students Studying Philanthropy
 Nathan, Sarah. and Shaker, Genevieve.

Opening the Blackbox: Religious Participation as a Gateway to Community Engagement through Volunteering and Philanthropy
 Paarlberg, Laurie., Tschirhart, Mary. and Meinhold, Stephen.

Operationalizing Effectuation through Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness for Social Ventures
 Katre, Aparna., Salipante, Paul., Bird, Barbara. and Somers, Antoinette.

Organizational Culture and Partnership Process: A Grounded Theory Study of Community-Campus Partnerships
 Kready, Sharon.

Organizational Culture and its Influence on Corruption: Case of Kenya
 Kimemia, Douglas.

Organizational and Environmental Determinants of Nonprofit Financial Vulnerability
 Prentice, Christopher.

Organized Charity, Poor Relief, and The Three Sectors in Indianapolis, 1835 to 1915
 Badertscher, Katherine.

Ownership and Organization Design: A Sectoral Comparison of Workplace Organization in Nursing Homes
 Ben-Ner, Avner. and Ren, Ting.


PORTAL: Early Steps in a Nonprofit’s Strategy to Address Post-Secondary Education Access and Persistence for Minority Impoverished Adults
 Moxley, David., Thompson, Valerie. and Sykes, Brent.

Paid and Unpaid Labor in Nonprofit Organizations: Does the Substitution Effect Exist?
 Bittschi, Benjamin., Pennerstorfer, Astrid. and Schneider, Ulrike.

Participation and Policy: Foundation Support for Civic Engagement and Community Organizing in the United States
 Suarez, David. and Lee, Youngmi.

Participation, Deliberation and Decision-Making: The Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Mixed-Income Developments Replacing Public Housing Complexes in Chicago
 Chaskin, Robert., Khare, Amy. and Joseph, Mark.

Pathways to Participation: The Influence of Civic Orientation on Volunteerism and Community Engagement
 Edwards, Vickie.

Patients as Volunteers: The Paradox of Participation in Patients' Self-Help
 Chan, Cecilia. and Chien, Elsie.

Patterns of Organizational Hybridity – Towards Measuring the Hybridity Status of Organizations
 Schmitz, Bjoern.

Pay it Forward: Engaging College Students Through Experiential Philanthropy Courses
 Benenson, Jodi., Moldow, Erika. and Hahn, Andrew.

Performance Management in the Era of Accountability: Managing Legitimacy in SROI Implementation
 Cooney, Kate. and Lynch-Cerullo, Kristen.

Performance Measurement Framework in Nonprofits: Scholar and Practitioner Perspective
 Lee, Chongmyoung.

Philanthropic Actions of Ordinary People and the Change of Public Policies
 Ma, Hua.

Philanthropy and Development Strategies: Working on the Boundaries
 Xiulan, Zhang.

Philanthropy and the Business Cycle
 Irvin, Renee.

Philanthropy in Crisis: Impacts of Macroeconomic Volatility and Risk on the Nonprofit Sector
 Themudo, Nuno.

Philanthropy in a Dictatorship: Christian Donors in a Communist State
 Witkowski, Gregory.

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Quantifying Organizational Effectiveness: An Outcome Accountability Model for Improved Resource Allocation
 Mitchell, George.


Re-Examining Corporate Philanthropy: The Impact of Involving Staff in Choosing Charity Partners
 Breeze, Beth.

Reexamining the Economic Impact of Social Capital
 Aubuchon, Craig., Engbers, Trent. and Rubin, Barry.

Reframing the Question on “How Public is Private Philanthropy?”
 Fernandez, Kandyce.

Regional Differences in Philanthropy
 Bekkers, Rene.

Relations of Donors' Preference on NPOs' Financial Information and Giving Behavior: Empirical Analysis Using Japanese Data
 Ishida, Yu. and Baba, Hideaki.

Religion and Welfare: Re-Examining European Perspectives
 Zrinscak, Sinisa.

Religious Models of Organization: Lessons on Microstructure from the Faith and Organizations Project
 Schneider, Jo Anne. and Milofsky, Carl.

Reporting Administrative Expenses
 De Vita, Carol., Pettijohn, Sarah. and de Leon, Erwin.

Research on Corporate Giving of All Listed Companies in Contemporary China
 Yucheng, Liang.

Responding to Challenge: Comparing and Contrasting Selected Nonprofit University Programmes and Pedagogy in the USA and Europe
 Murdock, Alexander., Parra, Carmen., Tekula, Rebecca., Glemain, Pascal. and Casey, John.

Revenue Diversification Among Israeli Environmental NGOs: Are Foundation Funding and Government Funding Complementary or Competitive?
 Greenspan, Itay.

Revenue Diversification in Housing Nonprofits: Does the State-Level Funding Environment Matter?
 Shea, Jennifer. and Wang, Janey.

Revenue Recognition and the Non-Profit Organization
 Holman, Andrew. and Neely, Daniel.

Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Addressing and Eliminating Urban Blight: Based on Theory of Complementary, Supplementary and Adversarial Roles of Nonprofits
 Jang, Hee Soun., Arlikatti, Suhda., Andrew, Simon. and Maghelal, Praveen.


Senior Volunteerism: The Impact of Social Context
 Wang, Lili. and Yoshioka, Carlton.

Service-Based Scholarships in Higher Education: Implications for Civic-Minded Graduates and Professionals
 Hatcher, Julie.

Size and Composition of Membership Organizations
 Huybrechts, Gert., Willems, Jurgen., Jegers, Marc., Bidee, Jemima., Vantilborgh, Tim. and Pepermans, Roland.

Social Capital and Social Enterprises in Japan
 Matsunaga, Yoshiho.

Social Entrepreneurship in Cuba: Pushing the Limits of Risk and Reward
 Ronquillo, John.

Social Entrepreneurship in East Asia: Change, Challenges and Opportunities
 Chen, Jennifer.

Social Entrepreneurship in Germany: Founding, Transforming, Intrapreneuring
 Schmitz, Bjoern.

Social Entrepreneurship in the United States: Trends in an Evolving Space
 Cooney, Kate.

Social Impact Measurement, a Five-Step Strategic Process: Why, What, Who, How and Where?
 Maas, Karen. and Liket, Kellie.

Social Media and Constituency Feedback: An Initial Assessment
 Campbell, David. and Lambright, Kristina.

Social Orientation of Nonprofit Organizations: Scale Development and Validation
 Boenigk, Silke., Wymer, Walter. and Moehlmann, Mareike.

Storefront Philanthropy: The Sprout Fund’s Grant-Making Model as a Means for Cultivating Community
 Stiver, Dustin.

Strategic Philanthropy: Developing Future Nonprofit Leaders Through Service-Learning
 Krick, Stephanie.

Strategic Planning and Management for Small Nonprofit Organizations: Perception, Implementation, and Impact
 Hu, Qian., Kapucu, Naim. and O\'Byrne, Lauren.

Strategic Transition through Failure Management
 Lee, Junesoo., Harrison, Yvonne. and Andersen, David.

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Tea Party and Occupy: Grassroots Movements Setting the Political Agenda in the United States
 Wilson, Catherine.

Testing Public Service Motivation in Nonprofit Volunteers
 Velez, Anne-Lise., Ngaruiya, Katherine. and Clerkin, Richard.

The Advent of Technology Enhanced Leaderless Transnational Social Movement Organizations: Implications for Transnational Advocacy
 Brainard, Lori., Boland, Katherine. and McNutt, John.

The Applicability of 2-1-1 Technology in Enhancing Social Service Deliveries in Developed and Developing Countries: U.S.A., Canada and India
 Arlikatti, Suhda., Dicke, Lisa. and Bame, Sherry.

The Benefits of Virtue: Are There Benefits to Joining Voluntary Regulation Programs?
 Gugerty, Mary Kay., Masuda, Yuta. and Prakash, Aseem.

The Bigger the Better? The Effect of Program Offerings on Financial Support
 Barman, Emily.

The Board Member Conundrum: Board Member Motivations, Skills, and Responsibilities
 Larsson, Ola. and Hvenmark, Johann.

The Challenge of Protecting Land ‘Forever’ or ‘In Perpetuity’ With a Conservation Easement
 McLaughlin, Nancy. and Weeks, W. William.

The Contestation of Social Enterprise from Within the English Nonprofit Sector
 Dey, Pascal. and Teasdale, Simon.

The Context of Giving: The Relationship Between Social Context and Gender Differences in Charitable Giving
 Wiepking, Pamala. and Einolf, Christopher.

The Determinations of Government Subsidy to Nonprofit Organizations
 Kuo, Jenn-Shyong. and Ho, YiCheng.

The Effective Use of Websites to Enhance Accountability in Nonprofit Organizations
 Kamau, Florence. and Jang, Hee Soun.

The Effects of Gender and Generation on Charitable Giving
 Mesch, Debra.

The Effects of Public and Private Funding on Service Delivery, Organizational Strategies, and the Social and Civic Mission of NPOs
 Schmid, Hillel.

The Effects of Strength-of-Tie and Third-Party-Tie on Knowledge Sharing in a Health and Human Services Network
 Huang, Kun.

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Understanding Changes in Board and Director Roles in a Nonprofit Organization: How a Cognitive-Interpretive Framework Complements Contingency and Life-Cycle Approaches
 Wathen, Maria.

Understanding Donor Motive and Behavior in the Online Philanthropy
 Liu, Helen. and Li, Sheng.

Understanding Gen X and Gen Y Donors: Findings from a National Study of the Next Generation of High Capacity Philanthropists
 Moody, Michael.

Understanding How Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Become Social Entrepreneurs: A Mixed-methods Analysis of a Social Entrepreneurship Training Program
 Germak, Andrew., Robinson, Jeffrey. and Van Alst, Donna.

Understanding Opinion Leadership in Philanthropic Practice in Australia: Some Insights from Communication Theory
 Scaife, Wendy.

Understanding Transparency: Concept and Practice in the American Nonprofit Sector
 Hale, Kathleen.

Understanding Volunteer Center Performance: Developing and Testing a Model of Volunteer Involvement and Activation
 Brudney, Jeffrey., An, Dayoung. and Wright, Sarah.

Understanding and Strengthening Public Attitudes Toward Nonprofit Organizations
 Lin, Weiwei., Van Ryzin, Gregg. and Hoontis, Peter.

Understanding the Giving of Charitable Gifts in Memory of a Loved One
 Routley, Claire., Hudson, Jane. and Sargeant, Adrian.

Understanding the Impact of Principle of Care and Empathic Concern on Charitable Giving
 Kou, Xiaonan. and Kim, Sung-Ju.

Understanding the Lumpiness in Human Service Geography: Modeling the Supply and Demand of Services for Older Adults
 Never, Brent.

Universities: Globalized Non-Profits and Networks of Innovation
 Borges- Mendez, Ramon.

Unrelated Business Income in Nonprofits: Does this Earned Income Sustain Programs?
 Tekula, Rebecca.

Up and Down the Structure of Catholic Relief Services
 Milofsky, Carl. and Feeney, Suzanne.

Using Integrated Data to Assess and Monitor a Community Initiative on Child Well-Being
 Fischer, Robert. and Coulton, Claudia.

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Valuing Social Returns in Learning Organizations: Comparing Challenges and Innovations in the US and Europe
 Littlepage, Laura. and Moody, Michael.

Venture Philanthropy Revisited: From the Perspectives of Institutional Theory and Entrepreneurial Orientation
 Onishi, Tamaki. and Bielefeld, Wolfgang.

Voluntary Contributions to Salvation Army Red Kettle in Christmas Season
 Kang, Chulhee., Choi, Jungkyu. and Park, Sohyun.

Voluntary Organization Membership and Citizens' Political Participation
 Kim, Mirae.


Waking Up in Vegas: The Rise & Fall of Public-Private Partnerships for Arts and Culture in Las Vegas
 Gallagher, B. Kathleen.

What Is—and Is Not—Philanthropy
 McCully, George.

What is All the Ado About? ‘Reach’ as a Proxy to Uncover Who is Actually Measuring Social Impact.
 Rey-Garcia, Marta., Liket, Kellie. and Alvarez, Luis.

Which Posting Strategies of Nonprofit Organizations Work Best on Facebook?
 Boenigk, Silke. and Moehlmann, Mareike.

Who Lends a Hand to Government? Volunteers in Public Service Delivery
 Su, Min. and Lewis, Gregory.

Who are Self-Oriented Volunteers? Employment Sectors and Volunteering Motives
 Kim, Hyung Hoon.

Who’s Moving My Cheese? Organizational Factors Affecting Nonprofits’ Receipt of Government Funding
 Lu, Jiahuan.

Who’s in Charge? Reconciling the Strategic Decisions of Nonprofits
 Shea, Matthew. and Hamilton, Robert.

Why Do Volunteers Return?: Theory of Planned Behavior
 Lee, Young-joo., Bang, Hyejin. and Won, Doyeon.

Why Organizational Structure Matters: The Internal Lives and the International Prominence of Human Rights NGOs
 Wong, Wendy.

Why Strategic Chinese NGO Alliances Were Permitted During the Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Process in Spite of the Restrictive Environment
 Lai, Weijun. and Zhu, Jiangang.

Why They Do What They Do: Using Philanthropic Typologies to Understand Volunteers
 Hersey, Leigh. and Harris, Laura.

Why They Volunteer? Motivation for Volunteering Among Latter-Day Saints
 Cnaan, Ram., Evans, Van. and Curtis, Daniel.

Winning the Sprint, Losing the Marathon: Philanthropy’s Race for Education Reform
 Reckhow, Sarah.

World Religions as a Path to Philanthropy
 Maatman, Janice.


You Mean I Can Get Paid to Work Here? The Impact of Volunteering and Service-Learning on Selecting a Nonprofit Career
 Nemenoff, Erin.
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