ARNOVA Annual Conference 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-24

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"You Left Me Just When I Needed You Most:" Non-Profits, Business Cycles and the Remaking of the American Welfare State
 DeFilippis, James.

“Back at the Table”: Non-Profits to the Rescue of Local Food Systems.
 Borges- Mendez, Ramon.

“Days” of Service: Is there Civic Learning in Short-term Experiences for College Student Volunteers?
 Hatcher, Julie.

“Democratizing” Social Entrepreneurship: A Theoretical Approach
 Ronquillo, John.


A Collaborative Welfare Provision for Orphans: Implications for State-Society Relations in China
 Chui, Cheryl.

A Comparative Case Study of NGO Umbrella Organizations in Latin America
 Appe, Susan.

A Framework for Understanding Nonprofit Providers within the Policy Process
 Fyall, Rachel.

A Market to Sell Experience: How Neo-liberal Volunteering Policies Trade on the Pressures of being Young
 Dean, Jon.

A National Study of Giving and Marriage Patterns in Jewish and Non-Jewish Households
 Ottoni-Wilhelm, Mark., Mesch, Debra., Osili, Una. and Hayat, Amir.

A New Paradigm in an Era of Uncertainty: Examining Foundation Support for Government Agencies during the Great Recession
 Krawczyk, Kelly. and Wooddell, Michelle.

A New Type of Management: The Rise of Specialist and Generalist Nonprofit Management Support Organizations
 Cho, Yusun. and Esparza, Nicole.

A Shift in Power? Civil Society Legislative Advocacy In Morocco
 Abdel-Samad, Mounah.

A Systems Approach to Strategy in Third Sector Organizations
 Simaens, Ana. and Roome, Nigel.

Accountability in Korean NPOs: Perceptions and Strategies of NPO Leaders
 Jeong, Bokgyo. and Kearns, Kevin.

Accountants as Fundraisers: Implications of Using Paid Preparers for Form 990
 Hager, Mark. and Ward, Lars.

Acquiring the New Donor Motivating the Prior Giver: An Empirical Examination of Incentive-Based Strategies for Nonprofit Donors
 Helms, Sara., Diette, Timothy. and Holloway, Betsy.

Adapting Existing Best Practices to Small Nonprofits
 Bonfanti, Paul.

Advocacy and HIV/AIDS Policies in Developing Countries
 li, xianting. and Nicholson-Crotty, Jill.

An Analysis of the Relation between Nonprofit Organizations’ Income Structure and Disclosures
 Onoe, Eliya. and Furuichi, Yuichiro.

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Baby Boomers’ Volunteering in South Korea: Comparison of Younger & Older Generations
 Kang, Chulhee. and Lee, Kyounghye.

Barriers in Collaborative Governance System--Empirical Findings in Hong Kong Urban Community Service Networks
 Liu, Helen.

Being All Things to All People: Developing Motivation and Culture for Engaging Citizens in the Work of Government
 Lund-Chaix, Alisha., Schulman, Neil., Fife, Debra. and Norvell, Katrina.

Between Markets and Charity: Understanding the Hybridization of Social Good Provision
 Toepler, Stefan.

Beyond Accountability Struggles: Challenges and Lessons Learned from 152 Transnational NGOs leaders
 Raggo, Paloma.

Beyond Isomorphism: The Birth and Development of China’s First Community Foundation
 He, Lijun.

Big Cushion for the Great Recession: Net Assets Accumulation of Immigrant Nonprofit Organizations in a Decade of Economic Retrenchment
 Hung, C. K. Richard.

Birth and Mortality Rates of Arts and Cultural Organizations, 1990-2010
 Dietz, Nathan., Brown, Melissa., McGill, Lawrence., Arroyo, Kiley., Bildner, Jim. and Reibstein, Sarah.

Board Dynamics and Nonprofit Executive Director Job Satisfaction in Nova Scotia and Wisconsin
 Ihrke, Douglas., MacDonald, E. Grant. and Grasse, Nathan.

Boom Towns or Bane Towns: The Impacts of Significant Community Growth on the Nonprofit Sector
 Paarlberg, Laurie., Nesbit, Rebecca., Clerkin, Richard. and Christensen, Robert.

Borrowing for the Public Good: The Use of Tax-Exempt Debt by Charities
 Calabrese, Thad. and Ely, Todd.

Bouncing Back or Stretched too Far? Nonprofits, Organisational Resilience, and Public Policy Development in Scotland
 Harrow, Jenny. and Jung, Tobias.

Bringing Social Innovation to Scale: Co-Creating the Entreprenuerial Spark in Urban Communities
 Holloway, Jimeka.

Building Arts Facilities: Strategic Design and Community Engagement
 Frumkin, Peter. and Woronkowicz, Joanna.

Building China’s Nonprofit Leadership: Adapting Training Curriculum to Increase Knowledge and Action
 Germak, Andrew., Findley, Katie., Huang, Chien-Chung. and Behan, Doug.

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Can Foundations Be Social Innovators? A Multiple Case Study Using an Ideal Type Approach
 Bethmann, Steffen. and Von Schnurbein, Georg.

Can These Dry Bones Live?: Examining the Determinants of Church Mortality
 Harvey, Nicholas.

Capacity Building for What? Exploring a Multi-Level Framework for Understanding the Impact of Capacity Building Initiatives in Small Nonprofit Organizations
 Bryan, Tara.

Centralization in Nonprofit Organizations: Building Capacity or Destroying Distinctive Competencies?
 Froelich, Karen.

Characteristics of American Households That Give to Charitable and Political Organizations
 McKitrick, Melanie., Bergdoll, Jonathon., Hayat, Amir. and Baranowski, Grace.

Characterizing the Contours of NGO Advocacy: A Cross-national Comparison
 Buffardi, Anne., Pekkanen, Robert. and Smith, Steven.

Charitable (Anti)Trust: The Role of Antitrust Regulation in the Nonprofit Sector
 Searing, Elizabeth.

Charitable Aid and Assistance in a Time of Disaster: Do Donor’s Perception and Experience Matter?
 Okuyama, Naoko. and Ishida, Yu.

Charitable Giving by Boys and Girls
 Mesch, Debra., Hayat, Amir., Osili, Una. and Ottoni-Wilhelm, Mark.

Charity Watchdogs: Improving Disaster Relief Efforts by Increasing Nonprofit Accountability
 Myers, Amber. and Norris-Tirrell, Dorothy.

Charity as a Form of Government
 Parachin, Adam.

Civic Engagement and Economic Mobility Among Low-Income Americans
 Benenson, Jodi.

Civic Engagement as a Component and Outcome of Direct Services for Formerly Homeless People with HIV/AIDS
 Ali, Samira., Shubert, Virgina., Stanton, Megan., Clarke, Michael., Ghose, Toorjo. and Chaudhuri, Sambuddha.

Co-determination: The Work of Frontline Staff in Nonprofits with Strong User Voice
 Benjamin, Lehn. and Campbell, David.

Collaboration, Consolidation, & Innovation: How Nonprofit CEOs Adapt to Economic Crises
 Jones, Jennifer. and Deitrick, Laura.

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De-Standardizing Fundraising Ratios: Again, One Size Does Not Fit All
 Webb, Natalie. and Abzug, Rikki.

Determinants of replacement of paid labour by volunteers: An analysis of the organization, sectoral, and individual level factors
 Farrell, Edward., Chum, Antony., Quarter, Jack. and Mook, Laurie.

Determining the Optimal Donation Acceptance Policy for Habitat for Humanity: The Economic Acceptance Quantity (EAQ) Model
 Shearer, Robert.

Developing Volunteer Leaders: Let Their Intentions Guide the Way
 Fuller, Janina. and Friedel, Curtis.

Development and Sustainability of the Nonprofit Sector in Times of Economic Stress
 Hu, Qian. and Kapucu, Naim.

Dilemmas of Nonprofit Advocacy: Lessons from Two Cases
 Hoefer, Richard.

Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Strategies in Non-profit Organizations: Does Prior Experience Influence Readiness?
 Aulgur, Jeff., Smith, Sandy. and Rowlen, Steven.

Discourse Analyzes and Political Struggle Creating Changes in Nonprofit-Government Relationships: Analyzes of a Brazilian Episode
 Marchesini da Costa, Marcelo.

Discourse and Institutional Entrepreneurship in Construction of Social Entrepreneurship Field
 Kilicalp, Sevda.

Dissolution of Nonprofit Alliances in China: Typology and Determinants
 Hu, Ming. and Guo, Chao.

Do Nonprofit Entrepreneurs Create more Value?
 Helm, Scott.

Do Organizational Factors Influence the Outcome of Social Enterprise?
 Cho, Sangmi.

Does Membership in a Public-service Club Make a Person More Generous?
 Qu, Ellie. and Steinberg, Richard.

Does Public Service Motivation Influence Sector Differences in Volunteering?
 Kim, Hyung-Hoon.

Doing Well, Differently? A Comparison of Corporate Forms in Social Enterprise Start-ups
 Searing, Elizabeth.

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Early Childhood Advocacy and Legislative Climate
 Stephens, Samuel.

Effective Governance of Hybrid Organizational Forms: The Case of Social Enterprises in Canada
 Meinhard, Agnes.

Effective Volunteer Coordination Needed: Some Multivariate Analyses on How the Valuation of the Volunteers’ Unique Contribution Can Foster its Outcome
 Studer, Sibylle. and Von Schnurbein, Georg.

Engaging Nonprofit and Faith-based Institutions in Public Health Emergency Preparedness
 Auger, Deborah.

Enough about the State: Giving More Emphasis to Nonprofit and Corporate Perspectives in Teaching about Shared Governance
 Abramson, Alan. and Benjamin, Lehn.

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Effectiveness in the Greek Nonprofit Sector: The Mediating Role of Organizational Learning
 Giannopoulou, Christina.

Environmental Philanthropy in Five Developed Countries: Is there Convergence among Young Donors?
 Greenspan, Itay. and Katz-Gerro, Tally.

Episodic Volunteering: Determining Its Magnitude, Characteristics, and Implications for Volunteer Management
 Meijs, Lucas., Brudney, Jeffrey. and van Baren, Eva.

Evaluating U. S. Nonprofit Hospital Web Sites for Fundraising Presence and Trends
 Erwin, Cathleen.

Examining Adoption of the Cultural Data Project (CDP) by Nonprofit Arts Organizations: a Resource Dependence Perspective
 Bernadska, Anna.

Examining Grassroots Empowerment-based Advocacy Actions among Nonprofit Human Service and Advocacy Organizations
 Saunders, Margery.

Examining the Gap between what Nonprofit Executives Want from Their Boards and What They Get
 LeRoux, Kelly. and Langer-McCarthy, Julie.

Examining the ‘Social Constructionist Paradigm’ of Social Profit Effectiveness: The Impact of Leadership Group Cohesion on Effectiveness Evaluation
 Willems, Jurgen.

Expanding Repertoires: Trust and Civic Participation
 McKeever, Brice.

Expanding State Regulation of Nonprofits A New York Case Study: Part II
 Corbett, Christopher.

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Factors Influencing Job Choice among Chinese Students: For-profit, Nonprofit or Public Sector?
 Walk, Marlene., Yu, Xiaomin. and Schinnenburg, Heike.

Faculty and Staff Giving Culture and Strategies Across Eight Campuses
 Miller, Brittany., Shaker, Genevieve. and Borden, Victor.

Failure Theories and the Nonprofit Sector
 Child, Curtis. and Witesman, Eva.

Faith Based Organizations in the state of Lebanon
 HAddad, Tania.

Faith-inspired, Private Secular, and Public Schools in sub-Saharan Africa: Market Share, Reach to the Poor, Cost, and Satisfaction
 Wodon, Quentin.

Federalism and Nonprofit Law Enforcement
 Fremont Smith, Marion.

Field Configuring Events as Catalysts for the Transformation of Nonprofit Networks
 Ihm, Jennifer., Shumate, Michelle., McDonald, Mary. and Castillo, Elizabeth.

Fighting Back: A Stakeholder-Based Community Initiative Developed to Save a Crippled Community
 Lindsey, Angie., Odera, Erica. and Irani, Tracy.

Food Banks in Supply Chain Perspective: A Research Agenda
 Jett, Quintus. and Crumbly, Jack.

For-Profit Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector: What Difference Does Sector Experience Make?
 Tune, Darren.

Foreign Aid as Public Management: Government Funding for Development NGOs
 Suarez, David. and Gugerty, Mary Kay.

Foundation-Funded Nonprofit Capacity Building Programs: A Systematic Review of Programmatic Purposes and Design
 Brown, Catherine Humphries.

Foundations and CDC Capacity in Distressed Urban Communities
 Nickels, Ashley. and Leach, Kirk.

From Increasing Similarity to a New Organizational Form: Nonprofit and For-profit Human Service Organizations
 Suda, Yuko.

Fulfilled or fed-up?: The Satisfaction and Well-being of International Aid Workers
 Oelberger, Carrie.

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Gender, Giving, and Volunteering: Evidence from a Multinational Survey
 Bennett, Matthew. and Einolf, Christopher.

Generous People, Generous Nations: A Cross-national Study of Philanthropy
 Wiepking, Pamala. and Handy, Femida.

German Political Clubs in World War One and the Limits of Tocquevillian Civil Society
 Weber, Peter.

Giving Patterns of Million Dollar Gifts for International Development-An Empirical Test on U.S. Donor's Strategic Giving
 Tian, Yuan. and Osili, Una.

Giving during the "Great Recession"
 Osili, Una. and Rooney, Patrick.

Giving in Smart Ways: How does Industry Shape the Philanthropy of Giving Pledgers?
 Fazekas, Erzsebet.

Going Digital & Mobile: Nonprofits, Governments & Civic Engagement
 Greenberg, Sherri.

Going Electronic: Online Instruction for College Students Studying Philanthropy (Part 2)
 Nathan, Sarah., Shaker, Genevieve. and Dale, Elizabeth.

Good Genes Don’t Need Good Deeds: Oxytocin Receptor Genes, Prosociality, and Mortality
 Konrath, Sara.

Got Advocacy? The Importance of an Advocacy Strategy in an Age of Turbulence
 Madden, Jennifer.

Governance and Board Performance in U.S. Membership Associations
 Gazley, Beth.

Governance of Not-for-Profits is a FEE-for -All
 Shea, Matthew.

Governing Boards and Organizational Environments: Growing Complexities, Shifting Boundaries
 Ostrower, Francie. and Stone, Melissa.

Governing the Green Economy Movement: Understanding Emerging Alliances Around Urban Sustainability
 Nijaki, Laurie.

Government Funding of Nonprofits During Recessions: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Impact On Revenue Volatility and Financial Health
 Vance, Danielle.

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Health Care Reform, Coordinated Care Organizations, and the Process of Neoliberalization
 Sandberg, Billie. and Rissi, Jill.

Health Care, Government, and Charity: The Affordable Care Act and the Nonprofit Sector
 Katz, Robert.

High-Net-Worth Charitable Giving Trends in 2011
 McKitrick, Melanie., Hayat, Amir., Osili, Una., Baranowski, Grace. and Bergdoll, Jonathon.

Hirshman–Herfindahl Index and Nonprofit Revenue Concentration: A Question of Measurement and Effect
 Chikoto, Grace., Neely, Daniel. and Ling, Qianhua.

Host Country Staff Perceptions of International Volunteer Health Programs
 Lasker, Judith.

How Married Couples Make Charitable Giving Decisions
 Einolf, Christopher., Brown, Katie. and Darville, Hillary.

How and Why do Nonprofits and Businesses Collaborate without Monetary Considerations: Case Study on the Marketplace Project in Germany
 Ho, Meng-Han.

How early experiences of voluntarism impact intellectual approaches as an academic economist
 Webb, Natalie.

Hunting Stag with FLY Paper: A Hybrid Financial Instrument for Social Enterprise
 Brakman Reiser, Dana.


INGOs in Post-Mubarak Egypt: A Shift in US Soft Power Strategy?
 Saleh, Layla.

Illuminating the Black Box: Testing the Two-stage Competitive Process for Grants
 Faulk, Lewis., Janis, Amanda. and Boyer, John.

Images and Impacts of Community
 Harrison, Yvonne.

Impact of 9/11/2001 on Muslim American Philanthropy
 Siddiqui, Shariq.

Impact of Economic Crisis and Market Conditions on Nonprofit Service Providers in Substance Abuse Treatment
 You, Young Ah.

Impact of the Arts on Individual Contributions to U.S. Civil Society
 LeRoux, Kelly. and Bernadska, Anna.

Improving Nonprofit Board Governance: Participation & Performance
 Hoontis, Peter.

Indigenous Social Enterprise and the Case for Diverse Methods for Solving Wicked Problems
 Sengupta, Ushnish.

Informality, Grassroots Democracy and Social Inclusion: Determining the Roles of NGOs in Deepening Democratic Praxis in Urban Informality
 Recio, Redento., Brower, Ralph. and Magno, Francisco.

Intersecting Scholarship of Public Administration and Nonprofit/Voluntary Action: How Each Sector has Conceptualized the Other
 Norris-Tirrell, Dorothy. and Alexander, Jennifer.

Introducing Philanthropic Studies to the Undergraduate Education in the Communism State: Theories and Realties
 He, Lijun. and Bielefeld, Wolfgang.

Introducing the International Nonprofit Sector to Gifted High School Students: The Case of the Tennessee Governor’s School for International Studies
 Hersey, Leigh.

Is the World Really Becoming “American”?
 Casey, John.

Isn't there an App for that? A Case for Developing NME Education Programs that Move beyond 'Solutionism'
 Mirabella, Roseanne.

It Matters to Ask Where the Dollars Come from: Source of Household Financial Resources and High Net Worth Philanthropy
 Kou, Xiaonan., Kim, Sung-Ju. and Qu, Ellie.

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Just Do It? Cognitions and Behaviors of Start-up Social Entrepreneurs
 Mattingly, Jessica.


Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and the Unknown Unknowns: Knightian Uncertainty and the Study of Social Entrepreneurship
 Andersson, Fredrik.

Korean Nonprofits under the Voucher System: Determinants of Market Share in Social Services
 Kwon, Sunae. and Guo, Baorong.


Large Sample Evidence of Nonprofit Audit Fees
 Webb, Thomas. and Waymire, Tammy.

Leadership in Turbulent Times: Are We Stuck with Having Leaders “Look like” Leaders?
 Hudson, Monika., Rogers, Pier. and Rodriguez, Darlene.

Leadership through Mentoring: An Analysis of 10 Years of Internships
 Dicke, Lisa. and Jang, Hee Soun.

Learning and Knowledge Modes in NGOs Developed through International Partnerships: Taxonomy Developments from Four Case Studies in Transition Country Settings
 Bogdanova, Mariana.

Leaving an Estate to Religious Institutions or Charity? Who Thinks It’s Important?
 Wang, Lili. and Yoshioka, Carlton.

Lobbying through the Back-Door: How Nonprofit Leaders can Lobby for Change through Relationships with Government Contract Managers
 Miltenberger, Lauren.

Local Government Contracting with Nonprofit Organizations: Developing a Picture of the Patterns
 Riles, Sabrina.

Local Philanthropy…Positioning Education Foundations within the Community
 Fernandez, Kandyce.

Look who’s crowding-out!
 Bekkers, Rene. and De Wit, Arjen.


Making Ends Meet in the Arts: How Do Funding Approaches Contribute to Sustainability?
 Gallagher, B. Kathleen.

Making Networks Sustainable through Failure Management
 Lee, Junesoo. and Lee, Jeongyoon.

Management Capacity Building for Nonprofits Providing Home and Community Based Elder Care Services: An Analysis of Florida's Aging Network
 Kumaran, Muthusami.

Managing Life in an "Iron Cage"
 berg, Pelle. and Von Essen, Johan.

Managing Multiple Organizational Identities: Upward Accountability, Powerless Stakeholders and Mission Achievement
 Speckbacher, Gerhard., Metzl, Marius. and Offenberger, Pia.

Market-based Income Strategies, Mission-based Objectives: Exploring the Relationship between Earned Income and Program Expenses for Nonprofit Arts Organizations
 Levine Daniel, Jamie.

Maryland: A Working Model of Nonprofit and Government Collaboration
 de Leon, Erwin. and Pettijohn, Sarah.

Measures of Organizational Effectiveness in Higher Education Institutions
 Petrescu, Claudia. and Liggit, Peggy.

Mediating Influences of Market Structure and Position on How Human Service Nonprofits Respond to Fiscal Stress
 Ashley, Shena.

Members, Managers, Membership Management and Institutional Work in Three Brazilian Associations
 Nogueira, Fernando., Alves, Mario. and Srinivas, Nidhi.

Mental Health Peer Providers: Low-wage/low-influence Mirage or Revolution?
 Mandiberg, James.

Millennial Arts and Culture Nonprofit Industries: Growth and Sustainability in the 21st Century
 Kushner, Roland.

Million-Dollar Charitable Giving in a Cross-National Perspective
 Osili, Una. and Ackerman, Jacqueline.

Million-Dollar Giving and Community Characteristics
 Osili, Una. and Ackerman, Jacqueline.

Mixed Methods and Civic Engagement: Qualitative and Participatory Contributions to an Asset-based Approach
 Stagg, Allison. and Benenson, Jodi.

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NGO Networks and the Diffusion of NGO Managerialism in Latin America
 Appe, Susan.

NGOs as Brokers: Negotiating the Space Between High Risk Human Settlements and Government Relocation Policies
 Brower, Ralph., Dilling, Janet., Cuadra, Judith., Samples, Malaika. and Obaid, Zia.

Navigating Identity through Philanthropy during Crisis and Transformation:Legitimacy, Diversity, Power and Innovation in the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA)
 Siddiqui, Shariq.

Neoliberal Shifts, Feminist Responses: Challenges Facing Feminist Service Providers
 Boucher, Lisa.

Neoliberalism and Service: A Call for Education in Altruism and Civic Engagement
 Clohesy, William.

Network Structures and Roles: How Nonprofits Influence Network Effectiveness?
 Esparza, Nicole.

Networking for Policy Advocacy: A Comparative Study of Simmelian Ties, Relational Content, and Multiplexity in Two Service Delivery Networks
 Huang, Kun., Chen, Bin., Yang, Beilei. and Zou, Shanshan.

Networks as Community Resources: Understanding Member Motivations in Community Collaboratives
 Ngaruiya, Katherine. and Izod, Anne.

Networks within Networks: How Partnership Position within Community Networks Relates to Partnership Influence
 Nowell, Branda., Yang, Zheng. and Hano, Mary.

New Challenges For The Cooperation Between Third and Public Sector – The Federal Volunteer Service In Germany
 Ha, Rabea. and Beller, Annelie.

No Shades of Grey and No Flash in the Pan: A Case Study of GreyMob, an Innovative Faith-Based Social Enterprise
 Clark, Richard.

Non-profit Groups in Superstorm Sandy: Local Surge Capacity or Long Term Recovery?
 Hoopes Halpin, Stephanie.

Non-profits and International Pro-social Investment in Microfinance: Voluntary Organizations and Markets
 Nelson, Paul.

Nonprofit Board Members Engagement in Strategic Thinking: Framing, Envisioning, Performance, and Risk
 Brown, William. and Kushner, Roland.

Nonprofit Boards: A Stakeholder Perspective
 Cumberland, Denise., Wright, Nathaniel., Kerrick, Sharon. and D\'Mello, Jason.

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Older Adults Who Volunteer Have Lower Cardiovascular Risk Factors
 Konrath, Sara.

On the Boundary between Civil Society and Political Party: Crises of Blurring and Hybridization in Two Hungarian Cases
 Van Til, Jon. and Kover, Agnes.

Once They Built It, Who Came? Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations and Government Transparency Programs
 McNutt, John., Auger, Deborah., Justice, Jonathan. and Carter, David.

Online Disclosure of Information by Nonprofits: Adoption of External Standards to Increase Transparency and Accountability
 Lee, Roderick. and Jett, Quintus.

Online Disclosures by Nonprofits: Does Domestic Regulatory Structure Matter?
 Bloodgood, Elizabeth. and Prakash, Aseem.

Opening a New Nonprofit Thrift Store: Performance, Competition, Pricing, and Financial Sustainability
 Bartscherer, Michael., Wodon, Divya., Wodon, Naina. and Wodon, Quentin.

Organizational Capacity of Nonprofit Social Service Agencies
 Paynter, Sharon. and Berner, Maureen.

Organizational Determinants of Collaboration among Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
 You, Young Ah.

Organizational Outcomes and Employee Management Practices
 Word, Jessica.


Patrons of Democratization? Donors, Civil Society, and Egypt's Democratic Transition
 Herrold, Catherine.

Philanthropic Gifts and International Development: Evidence from Million-dollar Gifts
 Osili, Una., Li, Yannan., Patterson, Zachary. and Kou, Xiaonan.

Philanthropic Professionalization: What Difference Does it Make?
 McGinnis Johnson, Jasmine.

Philanthropy as an Activator of Intangible Capital: An Innovative Strategy for Sustainability
 Castillo, Elizabeth.

Philanthropy in Transition: German Unification 1989-90
 Witkowski, Gregory.

Pinches of Practice: How Frontline Staff Experience and Resolve Conflicting Accountability Expectations in Nonprofits
 Benjamin, Lehn.

Playing Matchmaker: Exploring the Intersection of Volunteer Supply and Organizational Demand
 Carter Kahl, Sue. and Deitrick, Laura.

Policy Activity and the Ability to Weather Funding Shocks: The Case of Family Planning in Missouri
 Nicholson-Crotty, Jill. and Schoor, Megan.

Predicting Variation in INGO Funding following Three External Events
 Kerlin, Janelle.

Principles of Philanthropy
 Seelarbokus, Chenaz.

Privatization in Times of Recession: The Evolution of Public Housing Reforms
 Khare, Amy.

Professional Doctorate in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy: Is There a Need?
 Carpenter, Heather.

Professionalizing in Turbulent Times: Health-related NGOs in Croatia
 Dill, Ann. and Zrinscak, Sinisa.

Program Design of Voluntary Accountability Clubs
 Tremblay-Boire, Joannie., Prakash, Aseem. and Gugerty, Mary Kay.

Project Management Management in Nonprofit Organizations
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun.


Reducing Summer Learning Loss: From Program Quality To Outcomes
 garcia diaz villamil, alejandra. and Behrens, Teri.

Reducing or Increasing Poverty? Tensions Between the Motivations of Service and Profit of Microfinance Institutions in Central and Southeastern Michigan
 Yoon, Miyoung.

Reflexive Elements of Volunteering Among Older Adults – Finnish Retirement Migrants in Spain
 Grnlund, Henrietta. and Spnnri, Jenni.

Reimaging Jazz Music Presentation: From For-Profit Club to Nonprofit Society
 Preece, Stephen.

Relational Exchange in Nonprofits: The Role of Identity Salience and Relationship Satisfaction
 Taylor, Jennifer., Ford, John. and Miller-Stevens, Katrina.

Relationships, Resources and the Legitimacy of NGOs: Reflexive, Coercive, and Normative Isomorphism in Shaping NGO Self-regulation
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun.

Religious Beliefs and Volunteering across Various Faith Traditions
 Kramarek, Michal.

Religious Congregations and Neighborhood Stability: A Case Study on Philadelphia, PA
 Clayton, Spencer.

Renewal and Revolution or Reversal and Retraction: A Regional Case Study of Northeast Pennsylvania.
 Kraybill-Greggo, John., Cardelle, Alberto. and Vitaletti, Daniel.

Respect, Reciprocity, and Interdependence: Hallmarks of Tribal Governance
 Wesaw, W. Alex. and Millesen, Judy.

Response Mechanisms and Local Capacity – Lessons from Israel's History
 Kabalo, Paula.

Revenue Diversification and Program Stability in Nonprofit Arts Organizations
 Kim, Mirae.

Revenue Diversification in Housing Nonprofits: To What Degree Does Mission Matter?
 Shea, Jennifer. and Wang, Janey.

Revisiting Agency Partnerships and Collaborations: Exploring Frontline Strategies
 Bezboruah, Karabi.

Revisiting Predictions of Estate Tax Reform
 Hansen, Ruth.

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SIMO: A Model to Describe the Relationships Between Nonprofit Organization Strategy, IT/Mission Alignment and Outcomes
 Trusty, Kelly.

SROI Analysis: Merits, Limitations and “Realistic Excellence”
 Maier, Florentine., Millner, Reinhard., Schober, Christian. and Simsa, Ruth.

School-Based Philanthropy Education and Engagement in Indiana: A Pilot Study Evaluating generationOn Schools
 Thayer, Amy., Hu, Ming., Osili, Una. and Hayat, Amir.

Seeking Common Ground: Assessing Concepts and Measures of Professionalization
 Janis, Amanda. and Faulk, Lewis.

Self-Assessment of Nonprofit Organization Board Performance: Issues and Impacts from a Large Scale Longitudinal International Research Investigation
 Harrison, Yvonne. and Murray, Vic.

Sense of Community and Responsibility in Nonprofit Settings
 Boyd, Neil.

Shared Policy Influence through the Networks? An Empirical Analysis of Two Social Service Networks in the U.S.
 Lee, Jeongyoon. and Rethemeyer, R. Karl.

Signaling Organizational Efficiency Through Web Disclosure: A Signaling Theory Approach
 Blouin, Marie. and Lee, Roderick.

Signals of Virtue: Who Uses Voluntary Transparency Programs?
 Gugerty, Mary Kay.

So the Organization has a Social Network Presence, Now What?
 Shi, Wanzhu.

Social Enterprises: A Cure or a Band-Aid for the Inequality that Ails Us?
 Greim, Jeffrey. and Wilson, James.

Social Entre/Intrapreneurship: An Economic Perspective
 Gray, Charles.

Social Entrepreneurs in a Nonprofit Context: A Panel Study of Personal and Situational Attributes
 Jett, Quintus., Lin, Weiwei. and Van Ryzin, Gregg.

Social Entrepreneurship in Russia: Institutional Creativity versus Embeddedness
 Moskovskaya, Alexandra.

Social Entrepreneurship, Polycentricity, and Dispersed Knowledge
 Shockley, Gordon., Frank, Peter. and Johnson, Brendon.

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Tackling Neighborhood Blight: Assessing the Role of Community Based Development Organizations in Reducing Urban Poverty
 Wright, Nathaniel.

Taking the Temperature of Community Health Centers
 Brown, Melissa., Pollak, Tom., McKeever, Brice. and Koulish, Jeremy.

Testing Charitable Bequest Interventions
 James, Russell. and Routley, Claire.

Thank you for your time! Would You Mind Donating to our Cause?
 Hortt, Matthew.

The 2013 Congregational Economic Impact Study
 McKitrick, Melanie., Evans, Van., Hayat, Amir., Baranowski, Grace. and Bergdoll, Jonathon.

The Age of Innovation: The Plight of Nonprofits during Periods of Fiscal Constraints
 Ceesay, Atta. and Etta, Mahako.

The Architecture of NGO Self-regulation: Designs for Changing Contexts
 Bies, Angela.

The Collaboration Sweet Spot: A Conceptual Framework for Successful Cross-Sector Collaboration Performance and Social Innovation in Community-Focused Work
 Madden, Jennifer.

The Consequences of Professionalization and Rationalization: Changes in Funding Models among Nonprofit Organizations
 Hwang, Hokyu. and Suarez, David.

The Determinants and Dynamics of Nonprofit Organizations’ Income Portfolios
 Young, Dennis. and Soh, Jung-In.

The Determinants of Information Disclosure by Foundations in China
 Nie, Lin. and Liu, Helen.

The Development of a Holistic Conceptual Model to Capture the Value of Public, Nonprofit, and Private Sector Collaboration
 Moehlmann, Mareike.

The Development of a Nonprofit Marketing Orientation Scale
 Boenigk, Silke., Wymer, Walter. and Moehlmann, Mareike.

The Discourse Ecology of Hydraulic Fracturing in New York State: Associations and their Storylines of Public Policy and Governance
 Dodge, Jennifer.

The Effect of Being Asked to Volunteer on Volunteering Tasks and Domain of Volunteer Work
 Nesbit, Rebecca.

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U.S. Private Foundations, Collaborative Philanthropy, and the Institutionalization of Higher Education in Africa: The Partnership for Higher Education In Africa (2000-2010)
 Jaumont, Fabrice.

US Foundations in Brazil and the Funding of the Human Rights Field – Data and Trends from 2003 to 2012
 Nogueira, Fernando., Alves, Mario. and Mendona, Patrcia.

Understanding Collaborative Persistence in Nonprofit-Government Partnerships
 MacIndoe, Heather.

Understanding Context Behind the Proliferation of Nonprofit Charter Schools: A Descriptive Analysis
 Koulish, Jeremy., Brown, Melissa. and McKeever, Brice.

Understanding Nonprofit Performance: The Case of Nonprofit Nursing Homes
 Pettijohn, Sarah.

Understanding Philanthropy Education in K-12 Schools
 Thayer, Amy., Hu, Ming., Osili, Una. and Hayat, Amir.

Understanding Political Use of Performance Information in Nonprofit Organizations
 Peng, Shuyang., Hoontis, Peter. and Pandey, Sanjay.

Understanding Premature Exits in a Constituency Organized Nonprofit Board
 Cugliari, Christine. and Hayes, Terrell.

Understanding Reasons for Not Giving as a Basis for Influencing Donors
 Chatzidakis, Andreas., Hibbert, Sally. and Winklhofer, Heidi.

Understanding the Impact of Social Entrepreneurship: A Study of Faith-based Social Enterprises
 Lee, Min-Dong. and Rundle, Steven.

Using Nonprofit Service Learning to Develop Holistic Accountants: A Win-Win Proposition
 Govekar, Michele. and Govekar, Paul.

Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Collaboration: Lessons from the Initiative on the Future of Nursing
 Fredericks, Kimberly., Carman, Joanne., Kelly, Kathleen. and Hauser, Sonya.

Using the Grammar of Institutions to Inform Nonprofit Studies
 Siddiki, Saba., Lupton, Suzann. and Chonaiew, Sara.


Value Creation of Nonprofit-business Collaboration: Implications of Corporate Volunteering Programs
 Roza, Lonneke., Shachar, Itamar., Meijs, Lucas. and Hustinx, Lesley.

Venture Philanthropists: Sustained Capacity Builders or “Embellished” Funders?
 Clemenson, Barbara. and Alcaina, Esther.

Voluntary Contributions to Salvation Army Red Kettle in Christmas Season: the Second Natural Field Experiment
 Kang, Chulhee., Choi, Jungkyoo. and Park, Sohyun.

Volunteer Attrition: Expectations, Experiences, and Socialization in Professional Associations
 Niederpruem, Mike. and Salipante, Paul.

Volunteer Managers’ Experiences in a Large Library System
 Nesbit, Rebecca., Christensen, Robert. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

Volunteer Motivations and Constraints among Undergraduates: Analysis of the Volunteer Function Inventory and Public Service Motivation Models
 Cody, Christopher.

Volunteering during the "Great Recession"
 Grimm, Robert., Dietz, Nathan. and Preaster, T\'Sey-Haye.

Volunteering to enhance employability: what is the role of contextual-level precariousness?
 Chum, Antony., Farrell, Edward., Quarter, Jack., Mook, Laurie. and Carpenter, Sara.

Volunteerism and Social Inclusion: How International Development Organizations Recruit and Retain Youth Volunteers
 Bortree, Denise.

Vountary Turnover and High Performance Work Systems in Small and Medium Nonprofits
 Selden, Sally. and Sowa, Jessica.


What Big Data Can Tell Us about Government Awards to the Nonprofit Sector: Using the FAADS
 Lecy, Jesse. and Thornton, Jeremy.

What Determines Altruism Besides Demographics? The Relationship between Risk Preference and Volunteering
 Dong, Hsiang-Kai. and Lee, Yen-Lin.

What Do We Mean by Managerialism? Reviewing Approaches to the Concept of Managerialism in the Study of Civil Society Organizations
 Hvenmark, Johan.

What Drives Venture Philanthropy Behaviors?: A Study about Interaction Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Institutional Pressures
 Onishi, Tamaki. and Bielefeld, Wolfgang.

What Factors Explain the Variation in the Use of Outcome Measures by Nonprofits?
 Lee, Chongmyoung.

What Job Skills Are Needed for Promotion? An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study
 Graves, Shannon. and Hoefer, Richard.

What The Recession Wrought for Income, Wealth and Philanthropy: Findings from the Federal Reserve 2007/2009 Panel Study
 Havens, John. and Schervish, Paul.

What To Show, What Not To Show: Nonprofits and Strategic Message Framing in an Age of Turbulence
 Okada, Aya.

What is the Relationship between Contextual Factors and Organizational Operations? A Case Study on a Korean-Serving Ethnic Organization
 Vu, Catherine. and Nguyen, Duy.

When Accountability Kills: Alternative Accountability Mechanisms and NGO Demise
 Bloodgood, Elizabeth.

When Challenges are Opportunities: Financial Turmoil and Nonprofit Organizational Change
 Berlan, David.

When Good Intentions Go Wrong: Immunity under the Volunteer Protection Act
 Groble, Patricia. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

When the Business is People: The Impact of A-Way Express Courier
 Akingbola, Kunle.

When “Talent” Becomes Executive Leadership: Competing Values and Dynamics in a Role Transition
 Reid, Wendy.

Which Nonprofits Failed, and Why? A Multivariate Model of Organizational Survival
 Dietz, Nathan., Pettijohn, Sarah. and McKeever, Brice.

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You mean I can get paid to work here? The impact of volunteering on nonprofit career awareness
 Nemenoff, Erin.
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