ARNOVA’s 44th Annual Conference 2015-Nov-18 to 2015-Nov-23

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2-1-1 and 990: Does It All Add Up?
 Brudney, Jeffrey., Prentice, Christopher. and Russell, Allison.

40 Years of Nonprofit Collaboration Research: A Review of the Empirical Map
 Gazley, Beth. and Guo, Chao.

“Citizen, Customer, Partner” and the Nonprofit Sector: A New Perspective on Nonprofit Financial Portfolios, Management, and Strategic Planning
 Zook, Sandy. and Thomas, John.

“Combating Injustice: Christian Support for Global Change”
 Witkowski, Gregory.

“Glacial” Declines and Rising Informal Civic “Helping” Behaviors: Volunteering and Neighborhood Engagement from 9/11 Through the Post Great Recession Years
 Grimm, Robert., Dietz, Nathan. and Preaster, T\'Sey-Haye.

“It’s Hard to have a Salad Without a Green”: Exploring Financial Capacity in Sport for Development and Peace Organizations
 Svensson, Per., Hums, Mary. and Hancock, Meg.

“Religious Identity and International Development: The Rise of Evangelical Agencies, Private Philanthropy, and the Recasting of U.S. Foreign Aid”
 King, David.

“Religious and Secular Missions in Kennedy’s Peace Corps”
 Carty, Thomas.

“Sex Worker or Victim of Prostitution”: Advocacy Collaborations Among Nonprofits that Represent Individuals in the Sex Trade
 Anasti, Theresa.


A Bittersweet Paradox: Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue Among Red Cross Disaster Response Volunteers
 Smith, Stephanie. and Grove, Celatha.

A Critical Analysis of Social Enterprise Education in the U.S. and Abroad
 Mirabella, Roseanne. and Eikenberry, Angela.

A Critical Evaluation of Performance Measurement in Grassroots Nonprofit Advocacy: The Promise of Qualitative and Participatory Approaches
 Post, Margaret. and Dodge, Jennifer.

A Field-Based Assessment of Sport for Development: Camp Play-A-Lot
 Jacobs, Jenn.

A Financial Health Index for Achieving Financial Sustainability
 Zietlow, John.

A Heuristic for Generating Social Innovation: What We Can Learn from the Midwifery Movement
 Demming, Keita.

A Legal View of the Volunteer-Organization Relationship
 Mead, Joseph.

A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Government Grants on Private Donations
 Lu, Jiahuan.

A New Way to Measure Latent Constructs in Nonprofit Surveys
 Mason, Dyana.

A Nonprofit Civic Health Index for the Times: A Collective Impact Perspective
 Fernandez, Kandyce. and Alexander, Jennifer.

A Spatial Evaluation of a Polycentric System of Human Services
 Never, Brent.

A Structural Equation Model of Nonprofit Board Performance
 Gazley, Beth. and Nicholson-Crotty, Jill.

A Study of Leaders' Characteristics at Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations
 Pandey, Sheela. and Kim, Mirae.

A Systematic Literature Review of Leadership Within Civic Engagement Organizations
 Mathews, Melissa.

A Theory of Everyone: S-Theory as a Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary, Paradigm for Explaining Human Behavior Applied to Explaining Volunteering in Russia
 Smith, David.

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Balancing Donor Priorities and the Civil Society Function: A Challenge for Modern International Volunteer Cooperation Organizations
 Lough, Benjamin.

Balancing-Acts: Organizational Aspects of Protest Movements – the Spanish Case
 Simsa, Ruth.

Best Practices for Managing Nonprofits Co-Located Together Under One Roof: Content Analysis of a Relevant List-Serve
 Vinokur-Kaplan, Diane.

Beyond Generosity: Using Developmental Theory to Understand Donors’ Thinking Processes
 Jones, Jennifer.

Beyond Total Empiricism: Toward a Critique of Consensual Definitions of the Third Sector
 Nickel, Patricia. and Eikenberry, Angela.

Board Volunteer Social Capital In Grassroots Associations
 Misener, Katie., Doherty, Alison., Hoye, Russell. and Paradis, Kyle.

Board of Directors and Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations Model: Preliminary Evidence from Nonprofit Organizations in Developing Countries
 Jaskyte, Kristina.

Breaking Down the Construct of Capacity: Perspectives from Emergency Food Providers
 Slater, Bethany.

Bridging Cultures: Nonprofit and Emergency Management Agency Relationships During Disaster Response and Recovery
 Murphy, Haley. and Pudlo, Jason.

Bridging and Bonding Logics of Migrant Worker Associations: The Case of Filipino Community Organizations in Israel
 Greenspan, Itay. and Babis, Deby.

Bringing Faith to the Table: Network Governance in Philadelphia
 Cnaan, Ram. and An, Seongho.

Bringing Giving Home: Community Level Philanthropic Practice in Maputo, Mozambique
 Oppenheim, Beth.

Bringing Nonprofits to the Collaborative Table: An Assessment of Nonprofit Resource Contribution and Mission Alignment in Interorganizational Public Health Networks
 Varda, Danielle. and Chapman, Carrie.

Building Capacity for Civil Society Participation in Internet Governance Debates: a Global South Perspective
 Lentz, Becky.

Building Capacity in Nonprofit Boards: Learning from Board Self Assessments
 Millesen, Judith. and Carman, Joanne.

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Calculating the Impact of Mission on Revenue Structure: Insights from the Affordable Housing Subsector
 Shea, Jennifer. and Wang, Janey.

Can Educational Assignments Help Improve the Impact of B-Corporations?
 Larroudé, Elisa.

Can Nonprofits Innovate to Lead a Movement for Economic Justice?
 Wright, Rachel.

Can Technology Fill the Hollow State? Using Jacques Ellul to Decode the Civic Technology Movement
 Hanks, Emily. and Hanks, Craig.

Capacity and Mission Fulfillment in Grassroots Nonprofit Organizations: Perspectives from Emergency Food Providers
 Slater, Bethany.

Capacity and Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations: Propositions from the Literature
 Bryan, Tara.

Capital Campaigns and Competition for Donations among Arts Organizations
 Woronkowicz, Joanna. and Nicholson-Crotty, Jill.

Career Success of Underrepresented Minority Groups
 Slaton, LaVonne.

Changes in the Determinants of Participation and Time Use on Volunteering from 1993 to 2012 in Denmark
 Henriksen, Lars., Fridberg, Torben. and Qvist, Hans-Peter.

Charitable Giving and Civicness in a Universal Welfare State – Findings from Sweden
 Vamstad, Johan.

Charitable Giving by State: New Methods and Measures for Geographic Giving Relative to Income
 Havens, John. and Schervish, Paul.

Charitable Giving of the Wealthy
 Steele, Ellen., Steuerle, C.., Bourne, Jenny., Raub, Brian. and Newcomb, Joseph.

Charity Law, Fundraising and Donations: Organizational Level Correlates in The Netherlands
 Bekkers, Rene. and Franssen, Saskia.

Chinese Foundations: Institutional Factors, Funding Behavior & Future Capacity
 Bies, Angela., Kennedy, Scott., Tian, Yuan., Han, Xu. and He, Lijun.

Civil Society and Fatherhood in the Borderlands: Promoting Active Fathers in Northwestern Russia
 Åberg, Pelle.

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Debunking One Myth About Nonprofit Performance Measurement: Nonprofit Arts Donors Do Not Care About Performance Results
 Grizzle, Cleopatra. and Kim, Mirae.

Democratic Norms and The Right to Associate – A History of Israel's First Bill of Associations
 Kabalo, Paula. and Bar Mor, Hadara.

Demographic Variations in Perceptions of Informal Volunteering and Philanthropic Behaviors
 Edwards, Vickie. and Bacot, Hunter.

Demystifying the IRS 501(h) Election: A Closer Look at Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations and Lobbying Expenditures
 Miller-Stevens, Katrina., Grasse, Nathan. and Ward, Kevin.

Design Thinking for the Development of Hands-Skills Based Sustainable Rural Enterprises in India
 Katre, Aparna. and Ghosh, Arghya.

Designing the Collaboration Blueprint: Mutually Beneficial Exploration as a Key Antecedent
 Madden, Jennifer.

Developing Community Foundations in Indiana: A Case of Philanthropic Projection in the U.S.
 Wang, Xiaoyun.

Developing a Taxonomy of Foundation-Funded Nonprofit Capacity Building Programs to Further Research on These Programs’ Effects
 Brown, Catherine Humphries.

Disaster Response Across Boundaries: Local Inclusion and the Motives of Aid
 Nolte, Isabella. and Martin, Eric.

Do Donors Punish Countries with Restrictive NGO Laws? : A Panel Study, 1993-2012
 Dupuy, Kendra., Ron, James. and Prakash, Aseem.

Do Donors Raise Their Donations When They are Aware of Decreasing Government Subsidies? A Survey Experiment
 De Wit, Arjen. and Bekkers, Rene.

Do Formal Social Services Crowd Out Other Approaches To Meeting Needs? A Study of the Sugamo Neighborhood in Tokyo
 Mandiberg, James.

Do Nonprofits Smooth Expenditures Over Time? A Rationale Toward Explaining the Growth in Program Service Revenues and Revenue Diversification
 Wilsker, Amanda. and Harrison, Teresa.

Do Women Give More? Findings from Three Unique Data Sets on Charitable Giving
 Mesch, Debra., Osili, Una., Dale, Elizabeth. and Ackerman, Jacqueline.

Does Charitable Cause Matter? Gender Differences in Motivation and Purpose of Charitable Giving
 Mesch, Debra., Osili, Una., Dale, Elizabeth. and Ackerman, Jacqueline.

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Effective Business and Philanthropic Leadership in Japan: The Case of Shibusawa Eiichi
 Latz, Gil.

Effectiveness of Collective Impact Initiatives from the Partner/Network Perspective
 Reynolds Marshall, Ashley., Adkins, Kristin., Verdillo, Abby., Fitzwater, Meg., Young, Pat. and Kinser Davis, Becky.

Employee Engagement and Nonprofit Organizational Performance: An Examination of a High Involvement Work Practice
 Johansen, Morgen. and Sowa, Jessica.

Employee Engagement in the Nonprofit Sector: An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences
 Alraqhas, Yousef.

Energizing Citizen Action with the Power of Digital Technology: The Supercharged Effort of the Newark Residents Against the Power Plant
 Carter, David.

Entrepreneurial and Resource-Mobilization Factors Advancing Social-Institutional Entrepreneurship
 Onishi, Tamaki.

Entrepreneurship in Non-Market Settings: Public, Social, Institutional. Elaborating the Ostroms’ Perspective
 Aligica, Paul. and Sterpan, Ion.

Entry Thresholds and Competitive Behavior Among Nonprofit Firms
 Harrison, Teresa. and Thornton, Jeremy.

Equipping Future Nonprofit Professionals with Digital Literacies for the 21st Century
 Young, Jimmy.

Escaping From the Survival Trap: Why Will Nonprofits Prioritize Efficiency?
 Li, Huafang.

Establishing and Maintaining Sport Development Partnerships with Community Schools: A Case Study of Project Leadership and Clinton Rosette Middle School
 Condon, Brooke., Ressler, James. and Jacobs, Jenn.

Examining Nonprofit/For-Profit Competition Through the Case of a Spay-Neuter Clinic
 Kinnell, Ann Marie.

Examining Opportunities for Members’ Participation in Membership Association
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun. and An, Seung-Ho.

Examining Relationships Between Overhead Expenses and Financial Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations
 Van Hecke, Charles. and LeRoux, Kelly.

Examining Social Enterprise Impact Using the Capability Approach
 Weaver, Rasheda.

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Facilitating Community Change through Federal Grants and Nonprofit Intermediaries
 Lecy, Jesse., Fyall, Rachel. and Henderson, Michael.

Facilitating Innovation in Childhood Education and Development: Efforts of a Rural Community Foundation to Increase Collaboration and Support Innovation
 Lemaire, Robin., Moore, David., Wirgau, Jessica., Steele, Jesse. and Thurlow, Kim.

Factors Affecting Nonprofit Professional Solicitation Returns in North Carolina
 Sudweeks, Jayce. and Clerkin, Richard.

Feeling the Pressure: Do National, Regional, or Local Level Forces Shape the Work of U.S. Historic Preservation Nonprofits?
 Velez, Anne-Lise.

Female Social Networks: Identifying Potential Communication Platforms to Educate Women for Availing Nonprofit Services in Remote Areas of Pakistan
 Azhar, Aisha.

Financing Intermediaries for Nonprofit and Other Mission-based Organizations
 Lam, Marcus. and Mandiberg, James.

Finding Nonprofit Value in a For-Profit World
 Pamphile, Vontrese.

Follow the Money: Trend Comparisons of 990 and Survey Data About Fundraising Investment and Fundraising Results
 Brown, Melissa., McKeever, Brice. and Durnford, Jon.

Food for Thought : The Predictive Qualities of Social Impact Assessment on Sustainability
 Mahato, Seema. and Millesen, Judith.

Foundation Financing of Nonprofit Start-Ups
 Andersson, Fredrik. and Faulk, Lewis.

Free Gifts Also Matter: Effects of Giving on Happiness, Social Connection, and Donations
 Ho, Meng-Han., Hansen, Ruth., Danahey Janin, Pat. and Konrath, Sara.

From Mandatory to Voluntary: A Study of Nonprofit Information Sharing in Public-Nonprofit Collaboration
 Peng, Shuyang.

From Passion to Action: The Relationship Between Leadership, Organizational Culture and Policy Advocacy Activities in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Goldkind, Lauri.

From Reflective Volunteering to Active Citizenship?: A Critical Analysis of the European Youthpass Competency Framework
 Tansey, Lorraine. and Gallo, Maria.

Front-runner or Outlier? Explaining the Success of Vietnamese CSOs in Transnational Advocacy on HIV/AIDS
 Pallas, Christopher. and Nguyen, Lan.

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Gender Pay Equity in Human Service Industries: Does Nonprofit Status Matter?
 Zhao, Rong.

Getting to the Roots of Homelessness: Breaking Through to a More Holistic, Client-Focused Advocacy Agenda
 Wood, Zachary.

Giving in Chicago Study: Methods and an Analysis of Household Giving to Basic Needs
 Osili, Una.

Giving in Chicago: Purpose and Key Findings
 Vidal, Veronica.

Global Charity Chains: NGO Bosses, Subcontractors and the Emerging Dualism in Civil Society
 Prakash, Aseem., Owens, Trudy. and Burger, Ronelle.

Global Civil Society in Global Markets? Fair Trade Consumption Across the Global North
 Shorette, Kristen., Rademacher, Heidi. and Coburn, Carolyn.

Global Perspectives on Civic Health: Applying Lessons from Post-Communist Societies to Enable Greater Civic Outcomes in the United States
 Medina, Pamela.

Global Religions and the Political Voice of Faith-Based NGOs
 Nelson, Paul., Okada, Aya. and Belasco, Chris.

Going by the Book? Preparing Nonprofit Leaders for Organizational Risk and Liability Through Nonprofit Education Programs
 Groble, Patricia. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

Good Enough for Government Work: When Should Federal Agencies Hire Nonprofits?
 Thornton, Jeremy. and Lecy, Jesse.

Governance Mechanisms, Dynamics and Configurations in Quebec NPOs in Sound Organizational and Cultural Health
 Turbide, Johanne. and Zuniga Salas, Veronica.

Government - Nonprofit Relations: An Examination of Management Reported Challenges and Government Funding
 Pettijohn, Sarah. and Piatak, Jaclyn.

Government Adaptation in Post-Mubarak Egypt: Effects on NGO' Roles in Democracy Promotion
 Herrold, Catherine.

Government Support to Nonprofits: Visiting Third Party Government Theory and Nonprofit Failure Theory
 Kilic Gorunmek, Hediye.

Government Through Volunteering: A Critical Analysis of the Social-Political Significance of Government Initiated and Monitored Conditional Volunteering
 De Waele, Els. and Hustinx, Lesley.

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Helping, Holding Steady, or Harming? What is the Impact of North American Cross-Border Philanthropy on Arabs in Israel’s Ethnic Democracy?
 Levi, Elizabeth.

Hidden History: Exploring the Embedded Nature of Philanthropy in a Welfare State Through a Case Study of a Modern University
 Fitton, Triona.

Hours Aren't Enough: New Methodologies for the Valuation of Student-Community Engagement
 Brudney, Jeffrey. and Russell, Allison.

How Do International NGOs Prioritize Locations?
 Rother, Meghann.

How Macro-Level Variables Explain Cross-Country Differences in People’s Inclination to Give
 Pennerstorfer, Astrid. and Neumayr, Michaela.

How Nonprofit Managers Respond to Fluctuations in Government Funding
 Park., Sunggeun. and Mosley, Jennifer.

How Social Media and Crowdfunding Transform Nonprofit Organizational Operations and Organizational Identity
 Stephenson, Amber.

How Well Does Organizational Theory Explain Neighborhood and Homeowner Association Effectiveness
 Swindell, David.

How and to What Extext Accounting Information Systems Contributes to Strategic Decision Making in Higher Education
 Campbell, Cory.

How to Flourish in Mainland China for International Charities
 Cui, Zhenhai.

Human Resource Signals and the Sectors: What LinkedIn Profile Photos Communicate to Contacts
 Abzug, Rikki.


Ice, Ice, Maybe? An Analysis of Viral Fundraising and Charity Brand Awareness, Donor Perceptions, and Intention to Donate.
 Taylor, Jennifer. and Noble, Samantha.

Identification and Remittances: Does Integration Hinder Immigrant Giving to the Country of Origin?
 De Wit, Arjen., Merritt, Daisha. and Khan, Sabithulla.

Identifying Potential Volunteers: Introducing the Convertibles
 Holmes, Kirsten., Haski-Leventhal, Debbie., Lockstone-Binney, Leonie., Meijs, Lucas. and Oppenheimer, Melanie.

Ignoring Affiliation Skews Research Results
 Cleveland, William.

Immanuel Kant and Social Enterprise: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Social Enterprise
 Heckler, Nuriel. and Ronquillo, John.

Implications of the Civic Technology Movement for the Evolution of Civil Society
 McNutt, John., Kline, Angela., Carter, David., Siddiqui, Shariq. and Justice, Jonathan.

Income, Wealth, and Generosity in the U.S. Philanthropy Panel Study
 Duffy, Barbara., Steinberg, Richard. and Tian, Yuan.

Influence and Impact of Nonprofit Inter-Organizational Collaboration in the Delivery of Homeless and Housing Services
 Kim, Sung-eun. and Harrison, Yvonne.

Informal Accountability and Core Lines of Business in Nonprofit Environmental Education
 Albrecht, Kate.

Information Asymmetry in Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform: Differences Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Ownership - Case Study of Prosper and Kiva
 Liu, Kailin. and Liu, Helen.

Information Flows on Social Media: How Nonprofit Organizations Used Government Information on Twitter During the 2014 Ebola Epidemic
 Tully, Melissa., Young, Rachel. and Dalrymple, Kajsa.

Information Security Risk Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations
 Spears, Janine. and Dopp, Thomas.

Innovation in Financing & Support of Social Enterprises. Breaking the Traditional Boundaries: Momentum Project
 Alemany, Luisa., Vernis, Alfred. and Porro, Olga.

Innovative Changes in Nonprofit Course Pedagogy to Foster and Improve Student Learning and Retention
 Dolch, Norman., Cruise, Susan. and Wade, Ronald.

Innovative Nonprofit Strategies for Three-Sector, Cross-Boundary Contract Management
 Saidel, Judith.

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Job Demands and Job Control’s Additive Effects on the Well-Being of Nonprofit Employees: Is Instrumental Feedback a Mediating Variable?
 Preston, Mark.


Leadership Believability and Advancement: College President Characteristics and Fundraising Effectiveness
 Abzug, Rikki., Webb, Natalie. and Abzug, Jody.

Leadership and Collaboration in International Nongovernmental Organizations
 Boyer, Eric., Kolpakov, Aleksey. and Schmitz, Hans Peter.

Lessons Learned at Healthy U: Managing and Evaluating a Collective Impact Collaboration
 Rinella, Jennifer. and Zak, Chanelle.

Lessons from Constructing a Sector-Wide Innovation Strategy for the Social Services in Singapore
 Lee, Justin.

Like and Follow Us: Engaging Nonprofits Through Social Media
 Dumont, Georgette.


Making Partnerships Work from the Perspective of NPO Beneficiaries: The Case of Corporate Volunteering
 Meijs, Lucas., Roza, Lonneke. and Samuel, Olga.

Making Public Policy Toward the Nonprofit Sector: How Broad “Sector” Interests Are Advanced – Or Not – in the Policy Process
 Abramson, Alan.

Managerial Development for Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Empirical Evidence on Managerial Performance and Revenue Diversification in Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations
 Suh, Jiwon. and Lee, Young-joo.

Managing Dialectic Tensions Within the Volunteer Experience
 Cooper, Lynn.

Managing Multiple Stakeholders in the Nonprofit Setting
 Meyer, Seth.

Managing Top Talent: The Role of Relational Capacity and Teamwork
 Cola, Philip. and Lingham, Tony.

Mapping Indiana’s Humanities Social Network
 Sullivan, Felicia.

Mapping the Research Field of Nonprofit and Philanthropy
 Ma, Ji., Konrath, Sara. and Burlingame, Dwight.

Marketing for Arts Organizations from the U.K. National Survey: Focus on Happiness and Social Inequality
 Tanaka, Yohei.

Marketing for Arts Organizations from the U.S. National Survey: Focus on Happiness and Social Inequality
 Tanaka, Yohei.

Matchmakers, Mediators, Marionetters? Community Foundations as Intermediaries in Cross-Sector Collaborations
 Phillips, Susan.

Maximization of Social Value Through Impact Investments
 Holloway, Jimeka.

Measurement of Public Attention Cycles and a Test of the Effect on Post-Disaster Giving
 Petruzzelli, Jaclyn., Ashley, Shena. and Bretschneider, Stuart.

Measuring Nonprofits Role in Addressing Poverty:The Creation of the Human Needs Index
 Osili, Una., Thayer, Amy. and Bergdoll, Jonathon.

Measuring Social Value: Potential Applications of the Capabilities Approach
 Kato, Shoko., Weaver, Rasheda. and Ashley, Shena.

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NPO Financial Statement Quality: An Empirical Analysis Based on Benford's Law
 Van Caneghem, Tom.

Networks, Coopetition, and Innovative Behavior in the Nonprofit Sector: What Really Applies to Nonprofit Organizations?
 Popa, Andrea. and Schultz, Carsten.

New Insights into Sectoral Boundary Spanning in Different Contexts: Modifying a Macro-Institutional Framework for Social Enterprise Country Models
 Kerlin, Janelle.

New Styles of Community Building and Philanthropy by Arab-American Muslims
 Khan, Sabithulla.

New Technology and Old Theology: The Role of Social Media in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and the Church it Left Behind
 Harrison-Jones, Winterbourne.

Next Generation Philanthropy – The Emergence of Social Investment
 Boenigk, Silke. and Schroetgens, Jutta.

Non-profit Incubators: Nurturing the Growth of Philanthropy and Civil Society in China
 Zheng, Wenjuan.

Nonprofit Education and Service Learning: Strategic Partnerships Between Universities and Nonprofit Organizations
 Kerns, Elizabeth.

Nonprofit Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study of Emerging Organizations
 Reardon, Karen.

Nonprofit Executive Time Allocation Patterns: What do Executives do?
 Brown, William., Kerr, Deborah. and Hagerty, Ronnie.

Nonprofit First Partnerships and Grant Makers: Friend or Foe?
 Mendel, Stuart.

Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsors: Who Are They and What Do They Do?
 Andersson, Fredrik., Neely, Daniel. and Scampini, Renee.

Nonprofit Funding and the Business Cycle: A Revenue Portfolio Approach
 Witesman, Eva. and Nelson, Ray.

Nonprofit Leadership and Cross-Sector Collaboration: A Mixed Methods Study of Grant and Contract Complexity
 Sloan, Margaret. and Miltenberger, Lauren.

Nonprofit Management Education and Co-production
 Benjamin, Lehn.

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On the Ethics and Values of Philanthropy
 Sulek, Marty.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Different Types of Sustainability for Public Network Management
 Lee, Jeongyoon. and Lee, Junesoo.

Open Data, Grantmaking Data and the Funding Base of the Third Sector: Early Lessons from the UK
 Mohan, John.

Organizational Assistance of Indigenous Artists: Findings from the Pacific Northwest Coast
 Rudmann, Christiane.

Organizational Change in Childcare Nonprofits: Multilevel Dynamics Explored
 Walk, Marlene. and Schinnenburg, Heike.

Organizations and Survey Research: Implementing Response Enhancing Strategies and Conducting Nonresponse Analyses
 Fulton, Brad.

Organizing for Democracy: How Community Activists Make Meaning Out of Municipal Takeover
 Nickels, Ashley.

Orienteering for Strategy: The Community and Stakeholder Landscape and Its Effect on Strategic Planning
 McGiverin-Bohan, Kellie.

Overcoming Barriers to Volunteer: An Insight in the Reasons Not to Volunteer and Their Relatedness to Earlier Volunteering
 Willems, Jurgen. and Dury, Sarah.


Packing and Unpacking Philanthropy (Part Two): How Moving Affects Donations
 Nesbit, Rebecca., Myser, Suzette., Christensen, Robert., Clerkin, Richard., Paarlberg, Laurie. and Tschirhart, Mary.

Pakistan’s Muslim Charities and the Islamic Welfare State
 Candland, Christopher.

Paper 2
 Hale, Matthew.

Parsing Ideology from Partisanship: The Role of Personal Ideological Preferences in Nonprofit Voter Mobilization Efforts
 LeRoux, Kelly. and Langer, Julie.

Pay-What-You-Want Pricing for Goods With Embedded Social Value
 Phillips, Laura. and Duren, Matt.

Pension Funding and Management in the Third Sector
 Calabrese, Thad.

Perceptions of Religious Relationships and Giving
 Hudson, Jane., Shang, Jen. and Sargeant, Adrian.

Performance Management and Nonprofit Human Service Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities
 Smith, Steven.

Perspective Taking and the Biopsychosocial Model of Challenge & Threat: Effects of Imagine-Self and Imagine-Other Perspective Taking on Helping
 Buffone, Anneke.

Perspectives of Nonprofit Board Chairs: How They Prepare and Perceive their Role in Relation to the Board, Community, and CEO
 Freiwirth, Judy., Beck, Debra., Hiland, Mary., Gifford, Gayle. and Burns, Michael.

Philanthropic Culture: A Quantitative Study Exploring the Connection Between Philanthropic Profile and Alumni Charitable Giving
 Reeds, Kevin.

Philanthropic Decision Making in Gay and Lesbian Households
 Dale, Elizabeth.

Philanthropic Support for Public Parks and Recreation: Trends and Taxonomies
 Gazley, Beth. and Cheng, Yuan (Daniel).

Pilot Study: The Impact of Multiple Boards in Nonprofit Organizations
 Yandell, Kathryn.

Playing the Walnut Shell Game: Administering Conflicting Policy Narratives
 Wiley, Kimberly.

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Re-Engineering a Mission Statement Using Appreciative Inquiry: A Case Study of Remissioning in a Regional Nonprofit
 Ghuman, Umar.

Reality Check: A 21st Century Approach to Philanthropy
 McCully, George.

Reforming Fundraising Policy and Law in China
 Hu, Ming.

Regional Cultures of Philanthropy? An Empirical Study Using Panel Data from the Combined Federal Campaign
 LePere-Schloop, Megan.

Regional Environmental Governance in the Pacific: The Emergence of Discursive Networks
 Denton, Ashlie.

Religion and State in Philanthropy: Charitable Endowments in Muslim Societies
 Jett, Quintus. and Shuaib, Hasan.

Researching Organizational Governance in the Context of Hybridity: Critical Questions and Promising Approaches
 Ostrower, Francie. and Stone, Melissa.

Rethinking Industrial Philanthropy and Black Education in the Early Twentieth Century: Madam C.J. Walker’s Philanthropic Funding of Black Industrial Education, 1910-1919
 Freeman, Tyrone.

Revenue Concentration as a Means to Financial Health of Nonprofits
 Von Schnurbein, Georg. and Fritz, Tizian.

Revisiting Federated Philanthropy in the 21st century: The Case of the UJA-Federation of New York
 Shaul Bar Nissim, Hanna.

Revisiting Public-Nonprofit Contractual Relations Using Complexity Theory: A Cross-Case Analysis
 Stuart, Marla., Carnochan, Sarah., Graaf, Genevieve., Stein, Rona. and Austin, Michael.

Revisiting the Whole Network Literature: Network Level Research Versus Whole Networks as Systems of Organizing
 Carboni, Julia. and Lemaire, Robin.


Sacrificial Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Relationship Between Public Arts Funding Policies and Community Arts Organizations in Toronto, Canada
 Chin, Matthew.

Same Topic
 Shimek, Daila.

Scaling-up Social Innovations Through Collaboration
 Larson, Rebecca. and Bergan, Daniel.

School Board Member Definitions of Accountability: A Comparison of Charter and Traditional School Board Members
 Ford, Michael. and Ihrke, Douglas.

Searching for Meaningfulness in Nonprofit Work in a Neoliberal Age: A Qualitative Inquiry
 Catlaw, Thomas., Robichau, Robbie. and Sandberg, Billie.

Self-Selection or Socialization? The Impact of Community Service Learning on Students
 Neumayr, Michaela., Rameder, Paul. and Meyer, Michael.

Service Learning Volunteering as Interpreted by Nonprofits
 Evans, Michelle.

Service Providers or Advocates: What is Known about the Advocacy Activities of Social Welfare NPOs in Russia?
 Toepler, Stefan., Froehlich, Christian. and Skokova, Yulia.

Service-Learning to What End? How Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies Can Improve Course Design and Research
 Hatcher, Julie.

Shifting Organizational Landscapes in a Larger Timescale: The Irish American 19th Century
 Lune, Howard.

Should Executive Directors of Nonprofits be Voting Members of Their Boards? A Theoretical Overview.
 Bharath, Del.

Size-Based Operation of Charitable Foundations: New Evidence from Canadian Data
 Khovrenkov, Iryna.

Social Benefit Firms: An Analysis of Corporate Social Outcomes State by State
 Kraeger, Patsy. and Huang, Xianming.

Social Enterprise Innovation: A Quantitative Analysis of Global Patterns
 Monroe-White, Thema. and Zook, Sandy.

Social Enterprise, Valuation, and the Paradox of Moral Markets
 McInerney, Paul-Brian.

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Tales of Executive Turnover: Exploring Process and Context in the Nonprofit Sector
 Stewart, Amanda.

Tax-Motivated Expense Shifting by Not-for-Profit Hospitals
 Kuo, Jenn-Shyong. and Ho, YiCheng.

Teaching Leadership Through Mentoring, Coaching and Supervising
 Dicke, Lisa., Jang, Hee Soun. and Valero, Jesus.

The (Un)Charitable: Wealthy Donors in the Golden Age in the Netherlands
 Van Leeuwen, Marco. and Wiepking, Pamala.

The Availability of Social Service Providers: Does it Influence Perceived Need, Awareness, and Utilization of Social Service Assistance Among the Elderly?
 McDougle, Lindsey. and Meyer, Seth.

The Blurring of Public and Private Boundaries in the Contemporary British Charity Shop
 Fitton, Triona.

The Boomerang in Reverse: Green CSO Development in Vietnam
 Wallace, Jennifer.

The Case of the Fargo Theatre: Challenges in Managing an Icon
 Froelich, Karen.

The Changing Black Box: Examining Variation in Patterns of Cross-Subsidization in Colleges and Universities from 1986-2010
 Barringer, Sondra.

The Changing Landscape of Philanthropy and Volunteering in New Zealand
 Smith, Karen. and Cordery, Carolyn.

The Characteristics of Social Enterprise Models In China —Based on 9 cases in Shunde, Guangdong Province
 Yang, Li.

The Civic Network: Public-Nonprofit Alliances and the Infrastructure of Civic Health
 Hale, Kathleen.

The Community-Grounded Nonprofit: A 21st Century Model for Sustainable Organization Development?
 Pollak, Tom.

The Concurrent Effect of Informal Helping and Volunteering on Personal-Well Being
 Baktir, Yusuf.

The Current Paradigm-Shift in Philanthropy: Progress Update and Foreseeable New Paradigm
 McCully, George.

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US Refugee Resettlement Policies in Practice: Structuring Voice
 Darrow, Jessica.

Understanding Reputation Through Networked Relationships in a Community of Collaboratives
 Nowell, Branda., Yang, Zheng., Izod, Anne. and Hano, Mary Clare.

Understanding Solicitation: The Role of Personal Skills in Asking for Money
 Breeze, Beth.

Understanding the Global Emergence of Socially-Oriented Businesses
 Chen, Li-Wei., Koushyar, Justin., Longhofer, Wesley. and Roberts, Peter.

Urban Greenspace Collaboratives: Expanding Our Understanding of Grassroots Collaborations that Steward Shared Land
 McCartha, Emily.

Urban Squash: An International Model for Promoting Positive Youth Development through Sport
 Hemphill, Michael.

Using Automatic Content Analysis to Analyze Mission Statements
 Fyall, Rachel., Moore, M. Kathleen. and Gugerty, Mary Kay.

Using Interorganizational Collaborations, New Technology, and Old Fashioned Conversations to Capture the Voice and Needs of a Neighborhood
 Phillips, Laura. and Kirby, Joshua.

Using Situated Learning and Legitimate Peripheral Participation to Prepare the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders
 Harbour, Michael. and Phillips, Laura.

Using TPSR to Prevent Anti-social Behaviors and Promote Pro-social Behaviors in Belizean Youth
 Wright, Paul. and Jung, Jin.


Variations in Nonprofit Volunteer Use in the United States: How Organizational Characteristics affect Volunteer Involvement
 Meehan, Julie. and Nesbit, Rebecca.

Virtual Space for Civil Society: Identity Formation and Civic Engagement Through Networks of Social Media
 Hunt, Kim. and Krasynska, Svitlana.

Volunteer Care Workers: A Case for Challenging Resource Theories on Volunteering
 Petrovski, Erik., Hermansen, Jonathan. and Overgaard, Charlotte.

Volunteer Participation and Well-Being of Nonprofit, Government, and Business, Employees
 Jaskyte, Kristina. and Izlar, Joel.

Volunteering Behavior in an Immigrant Population: Volunteers and Non-Volunteers Compared
 Walk, Marlene., Greenspan, Itay. and Handy, Femida.

Volunteering and Generations: The Russian Context
 Minnigaleeva, Gulnara. and Korneyeva, Irina.

Volunteering in the Smartphone Age: Are Those Who are More Connected More Likely to Serve?
 Dietz, Nathan., McKeever, Brice. and Clift, Steven.

Volunteering in the UAE: Providing for Have-Not’s in a Land of the Have’s.
 Kassam, Meenaz. and Handy, Femida.

Volunteering is Prospectively Associated with Health Care Use Among Older Adults
 Konrath, Sara. and Kim, Eric S..


Walking the ‘Talk’? Contesting Social Enterprise Policy-Making Discourses in Australia
 Mason, Chris. and Moran, Michael.

Weak vs. Strong Norms of Civility for Cross-Cultural Development
 Bernstein, Ruth. and Salipante, Paul.

Web of Ties: Network Ties as a Determinant of Government Funding for Nonprofit Agencies
 Rico, Anthony.

Welfare State Versus Social Economy: Self-Sufficiency Programs in South Korea
 Lim, Sang Hun. and Endo, Chikako.

Welfare Systems and the Non-Profit Sector – A Changed Relationship Denmark, Norway, Italy and the UK Compared
 Boje, Thomas.

What Bang Do You Get For Your Donated Buck? Responses To Prosocial Impact And Effectiveness Information In Charitable Direct Mailings
 Verkaik, Dave.

What Challenges Do Social Enterprises Face?: The Evidences From the Cases of South Korea
 Kim, Jongsu. and Kim, Jung Wook.

What Drives Change: Examining Wealthy Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Heterogeneous Responses to Creation of Foundations - An Institutional Entrepreneurship Theory Perspective
 He, Lijun.

What External Support do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Need? Evidence from a Global Survey
 Vandor, Peter., Hansen, Hinnerk., Millner, Reinhard. and Asyamova, Alyona.

What Motivates Citizens to Volunteer? Citizens’ Concerns as a Key Predictor
 Tsai, Chin-Chang. and Wu, Wei-Ning.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering for Volunteers?
 Bekkers, Rene., De Wit, Arjen., Verkaik, Dave. and Ali, Danique.

What are the Determinants of Accounting Disclosures in the Annual Reports of Australian Not-for-Profit Organisations?
 Ghoorah-Hurrychurn, Ushi. and Ross, Phil.

Whether to Give to Charity and How Much to Give: Uncovering the Contrasting Determinants of the Decision to Give and How Much to Give with Double-Hurdle Alternatives to the Standard Tobit Model
 Petrovski, Erik.

Which is a Better Approach to Nonprofit Revenue Diversification: Modern Portfolio Theory or Herfindahl-Hirschman Index?
 Qu, Ellie.

Who is Chosen? The Selection of Nonprofit Leaders by Their Boards
 Mason, Dyana.

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Your Choice Brands, LLC: The Life of a Social Enterprise from Theory to Practice
 Greim, Jeffrey.

Youth Voting and Civic Contexts: A Multilevel Approach
 Benenson, Jodi. and Thomas, Nancy.
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