ARNOVA's 45th Annual Conference 2016-Nov-16 to 2016-Nov-20

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2016 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances
 Adelman, Carol.

¿Amigos o Rebeldes?: The Role of Non-profits
 Calderon, Maria Apolonia. and Brown, William.

‘Practical Paradox’ in Top-down Cultivation of Community Organizations in a Strong-government Context: A Case Study from China
 Lan, Yuxin.

“Dialogue” in Social Media: Implications for Strategic Communication of Nonprofit Organizations
 Okada, Aya. and Ishida, Yu.

“Does Arts Participation Increase Household Income? Evidence from a Natural Experiment”
 Hall, Thomas.

“Not Just a Cup of Tea”: Front-Line Social Care Work and Staff Commitment
 Baluch, Alina., Cunningham, Ian. and James, Phil.


A Case Study of Philanthropic Support for Workforce Development: A Catalyst or Hindrance to Social Change?
 Levi, Elizabeth.

A Case Study on Mixed Methods in Designing a Youth Leader Development Program for California Masonic Youth Organizations
 Hinck, John.

A Corporate-Run Nonprofit? Motivation and Strategies of Reorganizing Corporate Giving into a Charitable Nonprofit at Amway China
 He, Lijun., Bielefeld, Wolfgang. and Kuang, Jinan.

A Critical Approach to Leadership Development in Nonprofit Management Education: Incorporating Autoethnography and Critical Perspectives Throughout the Curriculum
 Blalock, Emiko.

A Critical Assessment of the Effective Philanthropy Movement
 Mirabella, Roseanne. and Eikenberry, Angela.

A Cross-Cultural Year of Service Theoretical Model
 Hudson-Flege, Matthew.

A Dark Side of Interactive Learning? A Faculty Perspective
 Dumont, Georgette. and Raggo, Paloma.

A Field Guide to Organizations “In the Wild”: Moving Beyond Restrictive Organization Theory for Associations
 comas, jordi.

A Foundation’s 20-year Experiment in Art and Civic Engagement
 Phillips, Frances.

A Longitudinal Study of Giving to Houses of Worship: 2003-2013
 King, David., Rooney, Patrick., Austin, Thad. and Wang, Xiaoyun.

A Longitudinal Study of Human Transformation: From Homeless to Social Entrepreneur
 Hartz, Dale. and Cola, Philip.

A Multilevel Analysis of Factors Influencing Chinese Foundations’ Capacity for Resource Mobilization
 Wei, Qian.

A Post-Aid World? South-South Development Cooperation and Implications for CSOs in the Andean Region
 Appe, Susan.

A Salary Bubble in the Republic of NGOs? Complicating Theories of Labor Donation with the Case of Haiti
 DeMattee, Anthony.

A Spectrum Approach to the Study of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism
 Edwards, Vickie., Bacot, Hunter., Ledet, Richard. and Harper, Sarah.

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Balancing Donor, Client, and Community Interests in Human Service Delivery
 Boyer, Eric.

Beneficiary Targeting in Guatemala: An Analysis of Nongovernmental Organizations
 Vásquez, William. and Ramos, Helen.

Between Knowledge and Ideology: Institutional Logics and Organizational Practices in Swedish Think Tanks
 Åberg, Pelle., Einarsson, Stefan. and Reuter, Marta.

Between Tradition and Change: the Scottish Social Economy Sector at a Crossroad
 Baglioni, Simone. and Mazzei, Micaela.

Betwixt and Between the Board Chair and Executive Director: Dyadic Leadership Role Perceptions Within Nonprofit Civic Engagement Organizations
 Mathews, Melissa.

Beyond Labor Markets and Schools: Community Based Youth Serving Organizations and the Integration of Latino Youth
 Visser, M..

Beyond Path Dependency? Social Enterprises in Germany After the Crisis
 Zimmer, Annette. and Obuch, Katharina.

Beyond the Home: German-American Women’s Empowerment and Volunteering Before the End of World War I
 Ho, Meng-Han.

Big Data and The Institutionalization of Indicators
 Eckerd, Adam.

Big Data, Cheap Talk: Evidence from Tweets between Nonprofits and Donors
 Li, Huafang.

Board Diversity and Organizational Performance in Nonprofit Organizations
 Kimemia, Douglas.

Board Member Confidence and Participation in Governance Roles
 Van Puyvelde, Stijn. and Helmig, Bernd.

Board of Directors and Innovation in Associations
 Jaskyte, Kristina.

Breadth and Depth: Exploring How Nonprofits use Social Media to Engage Constituents and Build Relationships
 Goldkind, Lauri. and Ciaravino, Marisa.

Bridging or Deepening the Digital Divide: Influence of Internet Use on Formal and Informal Volunteering
 Dietz, Nathan., McKeever, Brice. and Piatak, Jaclyn.

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California Benefit Corporations: An Outcomes Assessment
 Kraeger, Patsy. and Huang, Xianming.

Can Civil Society Be Made Sustainable? Examining USAID Legacy Mechanisms
 Heideman, Laura.

Capital Campaigns, or Something Else? The Effects on Nonprofit Survival
 Woronkowicz, Joanna.

Capital Structure of Non-Governmental Development Organizations: A First Cross-Country Comparison
 Garcia-Rodriguez, Inigo. and Jegers, Marc.

Center-Periphery Relations in Russia: The Case of Government Support for Nonprofit Organizations
 Toepler, Stefan., Benevolenski, Vladimir., Pape, Ulla. and Myasnikova, Maria.

Challenges and Experiences of Indigenous CSOs Communicating Results
 Abuja Nigeria, dRPC.

Challenges and Opportunities of Effective Nonprofit Collaboration: A Case Study from the Middle East
 Almousa, Mousa. and Alqahtani, Adel.

Charisma, Collectives and Commitment: Hybrid Authority in Feminist Social Movement Organizations
 Hyde, Cheryl.

Charitable Providence: Women’s Authority as Voluntary Leaders in 19th Century Homes for the Aged
 Dill, Ann.

Child Food Insecurity: An Analysis of the Public and Private Responses
 Bezboruah, Karabi., Li, Jianling. and Manandhar, Indira.

Chinese NGOs as Welfare Providers: Challenges and Constraints
 Hsu, Jennifer. and Hasmath, Reza.

Chinese Social Service Organizations’ Strategy to Survive in Community: A Field Guide
 YE, Shihua.

Citizens, Governance and Social Media in China: Evolving Socio-cultural, Economic and Political Dimensions
 Zeng, Yingying. and Warren, Robert.

City in Crisis: The Nonprofit Sector in Flint, MI
 Wooddell, Michelle.

Civic Participation of The Younger and The Older Generations in Russia
 Minnigaleeva, Gulnara. and Korneyeva, Irina.

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Data Mining & Semantic Network Analysis: New Analytical Approaches for Nonprofit Classification and Future Research
 LePere-Schloop, Megan.

Democratic Iterations and Social Spaces
 Keyel, Jared.

Democratic Organizations
 Rothschild, Joyce.

Determinants of Nonprofit Endowment Payouts
 Ely, Todd. and Calabrese, Thad.

Determinants of the Government Grant to the Nonprofit Sector: Which States’ Nonprofit Organizations Receive Government Grants?
 Kim, Saerim.

Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for Charity Activities in Saudi Arabia
 Alrabeah, Abdullah.

Differences in Philanthropic Behaviors by Different Generational Cohorts
 Rooney, Patrick. and Wang, Xiaoyun.

Differing Conceptions of Theory and Their Impact on Nonprofit Research and Evaluation
 Donmoyer, Robert.

Digital Activism and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs)
 Schmitz, Hans.

Dimensions and Definitions of Nonprofit Accountability: A Comprehensive System
 Pilon, Marc. and Brouard, Francois.

Dirty Data, Done Dirt Cheap? Benford's Law and Nonprofit Financial Reporting in the U.S.
 Qu, Ellie., Steinberg, Richard. and Burger, Ronelle.

Discovering Factors Influencing Physician Scientist Success in Academic Medical Centers
 Cola, Philip. and Wang, Yunmei.

Dispositional Empathy, Religious Salience, and Charitable Giving
 Kou, Xiaonan., Kim, Sung-Ju. and Konrath, Sara.

Disrupting Educational Policy: The Case of El Sistema Oklahoma in Redressing the De-Emphasis of Music Education in PK12 Schools.
 Sykes, Brent.

Dissecting Contractors, Service Providers, and Government Relationships: New York City's Nonprofit Human Services System
 Krauskopf, James.

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Economic Coordination and Rationality with Incomplete Pricing across Nonprofit, Government and Market Institutions. Contributions to the Theory of Market-Government-Nonprofit Relations
 Aligica, Paul. and Wagner, Richard.

Education for Whom and for What Purpose? Critical Race Theory as a Lens on the Present and Future of Nonprofit Curriculum
 Feit, Maureen. and Nguyen, Khanh.

Effective Leadership in Cross-sector Homeless Collaboration
 Valero, Jesus., Jang, Hee Soun. and Jung, Kyujin.

Effects of Austerity and Recession on the Finances of English Social Policy Charities and on Organizations’ Perceptions of their Situation
 Mohan, John., Kendall, Jeremy. and Brookes, Nadia.

Elevating the Wellbeing of Nonprofit Executives
 Frey, Jeffrey.

Employing Critical Race Theory to Better Understand The Use of For-Profit Management Practices and Strategies by Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations
 Willner, Lauren.

Endowment Restrictions as Strategy for Mission Delivery
 Katz, Juniper Katz.

Endowment Tax Credit Legislation: An Exploration and Assessment
 Brown, Catherine Humphries.

Engaged Projects with Community Activists and Their Funders
 Dodge, Jennifer.

Entrepreneurship Suppression in the Nonprofit Sector: Institutionalism, Isomorphism, Innovators and Incumbents
 Sengupta, Ushnish.

Evaluating Nonprofit Organizations: Program Technology and Coproduction Technology
 Benjamin, Lehn.

Evolution of Grant Making Over Time in Family Foundations
 Irvin, Renee. and Kavvas, Eren.

Evolving Public Policy and State Regulation of Nonprofits: Recent Legislation and Regulation in California and New York
 Corbett, Christopher.

Examining Work on the Frontlines of Nonprofit Human Services Employees:The Role of Emotional Labor in the EVLN Model.
 Alston, Allyson.

Examining the Impact of Corporatization on Motivation of Higher Education Faculty in Public and Nonprofit Universities
 Word, Jessica. and Brown, Aaron.

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Facilitating Community Change through Federal Grants and Nonprofit Intermediaries
 Lecy, Jesse.

False Promises: Do Community Based Development Organizations Have the Capacity to Create Sustainable Communities?
 Wright, Nathaniel.

Female Social Networks: Identifying Potential Communication Platforms to Educate Women for Availing Nonprofit Services in Remote Areas of Pakistan
 Azhar, Aisha.

Fighting Fire with Fire: How Nonprofits Protect Themselves from Mission Drift
 Beaton, Erynn.

Foreign versus Domestic Foundation Support: The Case of Mexico
 Layton, Michael., Paarlberg, Laurie. and Calderon, Maria Apolonia.

Foundations in the Policy Process: Identifying Strategies for Supporting State Pre-K Policy Implementation During the Great Recession
 Bushouse, Brenda.

Founders Talk: Experiences of Community-Based Organization in a Neighborhood of Concentrated Disadvantage
 Pilgreen, Sara.

Foxes and the Hedgehog : Corporate Social Responsibility in Hungary
 Kover, Agnes.

Fracking, Networks and Policy Controversies (Or The Discourse Ecology of Fracking in New York)
 Dodge, Jennifer.

Free Riding with Initially Funded Public Goods
 Duff, Joseph.

From Grants to Investment: Exploring Philanthropic Foundation’s Motivation and Strategies from Grant-making to Impact Investing
 He, Lijun., Graterol- Alfonzo, Jessika. and Tep, Kilian.

From Private Interest Claims to Policy Advocacy: the Changing Collective Action of Grassroots Organization in China
 Zhang, Chao. and Wang, Ke.

From Suppressive to Proactive: The Chinese Government’s Control Strategies Over Media Coverage in the Area of Popular Protests
 Zhang, Chao. and Chen, Shaowei.


Gendered Organizations, Gendered Outcomes: The United Way’s Board Diversity, Performance, and Allocation Decisions
 Dula, Lauren.

Generational Shift in Women's and Men's Giving
 Ottoni-Wilhelm, Mark., Mesch, Debra. and Wang, Xiaoyun.

Giving Portfolio of Emotional and Rational Altruists: Dispositional Empathy and Diversification of Helping Activities and Charitable Giving
 Kou, Xiaonan. and Konrath, Sara.

Giving in Islam and the Challenges of Modernity
 Hashim, Yahaya.

Giving in Puerto Rico: An Initial Exploration of Household Charitable Giving and Volunteering
 Ackerman, Jacqueline., Osili, Una. and Bergdoll, Jonathan.

Giving in Vietnam: From Voluntarism to Policy Change - A Civil Society with Potential to Rise in Impact
 Thai, Hoa.

Giving to Africa and Giving in Africa: African Philanthropy in Theory and Practice
 Alemika, Etannibi.

Giving to Women and Girls: An Unexamined Field of Philanthropy
 Ackerman, Jacqueline., Dale, Elizabeth., Mesch, Debra. and Osili, Una.

Giving with Affluence: How Social Pressure and Prosocial Motivation Drive Giving by the Wealthy in the US and the Netherlands
 Wiepking, Pamala., De Wit, Arjen. and Kou, Xiaonan.

Global Citizenship and the Study of International Nongovernmental Organizations
 Mason, Dyana. and Thier, Michael.

Global Solidarity: Learning from Volunteer Frameworks in Peru
 Appe, Susan., Rubaii, Nadia. and Stamp, Kerry.

Government Intervention and Policy Influence of NPOs in China
 Wang, Xiaoyun.

Government Support and Charitable Donations: A Test of Crowding-Out with New Cross-Country Data
 De Wit, Arjen., Neumayr, Michaela., Handy, Femida. and Wiepking, Pamala.

Greater Good and Group Giving: Do People Operate as ‘Giving Tribes’ and If So Where Is That Concept’s Power?
 Scaife, Wendy., Williamson, Alexandra. and Crittall, Marie.


Habermas, Social Enterprises and Social Movements: The Efficacy of Social Enterprises in Advancing the Goals of Lifestyle Movements
 Machokoto, Rodney.

Holding Ourselves Accountable: A Comparison of Accountability Mechanisms for Social Enterprises
 Allen, Roxann.

How Are We Teaching the “Blurred Lines” of Government/Nonprofit Relations?
 Arsneault, Shelly. and Vaughan, Shannon.

How Do Policies Work? Regional Differences of Policy Implementation and NGOs’ Development in China
 HE, Chenyang.

How Financing and Network Ecologies Influence Nonprofit Collaborations: Seeing the Trees and the Forest with Open, Linked Data
 Grasse, Nathan., Phillips, Susan. and Lenczner, Michael.

How INGOs Define “Sensitive” in China? Understanding the Strategy of Self-Regulation by INGOs Under an Embedded State – Civil Society Context
 Nan, Fang. and Lan, Yuxin.

How Nonprofit Resource Centers Tackle Wicked Problems: A National Investigation of Nonprofit Networks
 Young, Sarah. and Berlan, David.

How People React to Other’s Giving at Different Donor-Donor Similarity Levels: Positively, Negatively or Curvilinear? –New Evidence From Lab Experiment
 Tian, Yuan. and Konrath, Sara.

How People’s Own Philanthropic Behaviors Are Affected by Other People Giving and Helping? -Literature Review from Economics and Psychology
 Tian, Yuan. and Konrath, Sara.

How Social Enterprise Affects Wellbeing in Marginalized Groups
 Mandiberg, James. and Gawell, Malin.

Human Security How Designing Effective Models of Collaborative Global Governance
 Deloffre, Maryam. and Balboa, Cristina.

Human Service Agencies and the Question of Impact: Lessons for Theory, Policy, and Practice
 Mosley, Jennifer. and Smith, Steven.

Hybrid Entrepreneurship Funding Model
 Musliyar, Illias. and Alqahtani, Adel.

Hybrid Organizing: Exploring The Dynamics of New Organizational Forms
 Svensson, Per. and Seifried, Chad.


INGOs in China: Changing Accountability Dynamics under Authoritarian Regime
 Yao, Yanran.

Immigrant Nonprofit Organizations' Capacity As Change Agents
 Ajiboye, Shola.

Immigrant Self-Identification and Philanthropic Activity: Notes on Challenges in Research Techniques.
 Bezboruah, Karabi., Martinez-Cosio, Maria. and Portillo, Salvador.

Implications of the “Smart Partnership” Framework for Teaching about Cross-Sector Contracting
 Saidel, Judith.

Improving NGO Governance in Cambodia: Stories of Hope
 Coventry, Louise.

Incubating Change: One Community Foundation’s Take on Supporting Nonprofit Development.
 Goldkind, Lauri.

Incubating Social Innovation: The Role of Network Strategy and Diversity in Nonprofit Innovative Behavior
 Popa, Andrea.

Initial Results from the Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative
 Dietz, Nathan. and Gaddy, Marcus.

Institutionalizing and Animating Engaged Scholarship: Lessons from the Experience of University Extension and Cooperative Extension at UC Davis
 Campbell, David. and Pendelton, Dennis.

Intergenerational Transmission of Philanthropic Values and Behavior Among Israeli Donors
 Schmid, Hillel. and Shaul Bar Nissim, Hanna.

Investigating the Marketization of the Nonprofit Sector: A Case Study Approach
 Sandberg, Billie.

Investments through Strategic Giving: Educational, Disciplinary and Institutional Outcomes
 Bies, Angela., Egan, Toby., Grimm, Robert., Littlefield, Jennifer., Washburn, Susannah. and Qu, Yan.

Is Aid Reduction a Problem for Local Civil Society? Defining the Scope and Challenges of the Phenomenon
 Pallas, Christopher., Sidel, Mark. and Anderson, Quinn.

Is More Transparency Always Better? Disaggregation of Non-Financial Performance Measures by NPOs
 Whittaker, Linda.

Is Volunteering A Real Benefit for Health? Evidence from Analyses of Treatment Effects
 Wu, Zhongsheng. and Zhao, Rong.

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Japanese Volunteerism and Its Well-Being for the Elderly
 Kojima, Megumi.

Joining the Crowd: The Impact of Social Information in Crowdfunding Campaigns
 van Teunenbroek, Peggy Sue. and Bekkers, Rene.

Joint Building Ventures – A Mixed Method Approach Considering Special Living Arrangements
 Seemann, Ann-Kathrin.


Law and the Volunteer: the Uncertain Employment and Tort Law Implications of the Altruistic Worker
 Mead, Joseph.

Leadership Believability and Alumni Fundraising Effectiveness
 Abzug, Rikki., Webb, Natalie. and Abzug, Jody.

Leadership Diversity in the Boardroom: A Critical Mass Perspective of the Impact of Diversity on Board Governance and Performance
 Fredette, Chris. and Bernstein, Ruth.

Leadership, Modes of Experience, and Frontline Turnover in Nonprofit Substance Abuse Treatment Organizations
 Duncan, Carrie.

Leading from Below: Low-Power Actors as Organizational Change Agents
 Hyde, Cheryl.

Lean Data: Emerging Performance Measurement Practices in Impact Investing
 Ebrahim, Alnoor.

Learning from the Carnegie Corporation: The Role of Foundations in the Lives of Minorities
 Morey, Maribel.

Level of the Playing Field: Funding Arts Organizations at the Federal, State, and Local Government Levels
 Zook, Sandy. and Soh, Jung-In.

Leveraging Horizontal and Vertical Collaboration to Increase Sustainability and Long Term Funding
 Weisblat, Gina., Porfeli, Erik. and Stiles, Elizabeth.

Leveraging Public/Private Partnerships to Expand National Service to Support Low-Performing Public Schools
 Epstein, Diana.

Lingoes and their Limitations for Organized Civil Society
 Appe, Susan.

Linking Community Nonprofit Capacity to Cross-Sector Collaboration in Homeless Services
 Jang, Hee Soun. and Valero, Jesus.

Linking Nonprofit Financial Performance to the Career Paths of Nonprofit Executives
 Kuenzi, Kerry. and Stewart, Amanda.

Lobbying In the Nonprofit Sector Beyond the 501(c)(3) Designation: Examining 501(c)(4) Social Welfare Organizations
 Grasse, Nathan., Neely, Daniel. and Ward, Kevin.

Local Experiences Forming School-based Partnerships
 Augustin, Alyson.

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Making Volunteering Decisions under Constraints: A Contingency Approach to Understanding Episodic Volunteering
 Zhang, Ruodan.

Making the Link Between Board Self-Assessment and Organizational Learning: Insights From Performing Arts Organizations
 Millesen, Judith. and Carman, Joanne.

Management Innovations and Financial Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations
 Minnigaleeva, Gulnara. and Korneyeva, Irina.

Management and the Managed Heart: Examining Emotional Labor and Motivation in Key Nonprofit Leadership Positions
 Word, Jessica.

Management of Episodic Volunteers: Evidence from a Religious Mega-event
 Cnaan, Ram., Heist, Dan. and Heinlein Storti, Melissa.

Managing Amidst Mosaic: Integrating Values and Professionalism in the Nonprofit Arts
 Reisman, Leah.

Managing Spontaneous and Episodic Volunteering in the Refugee Crisis
 Simsa, Ruth. and Rameder, Paul.

Managing Third Sector Organizations: The Social Meaning of Money in Nonprofit Organizations
 Alexius, Susanna. and Larsson, Ola.

Mapping Social Enterprises: “Big” Social Entrepreneurship, L3Cs, and the Traditional Nonprofit Sector
 Sum, Paul. and Jensen, Jason.

Mapping the Internationalization Strategies of Chinese NGOs and GONGOs
 Hasmath, Reza. and Wyzycka, Natalia.

Markov Chains and the Life Expectancy of a Nonprofit
 Shearer, Robert.

Measure for Measure: Capturing Generosity in Volunteering
 Steinberg, Richard., Duffy, Barbara., Tian, Yuan. and Hansen, Ruth.

Measuring Variables Affecting Individual-Level Decisions to Enter Association Fields
 Dahan, Charles. and Calfano, Brian.

Measuring Volunteering: Comparative Estimates Among Developing, Transitional, and Developed Countries
 Salamon, Lester., Sokolowski, Wojciech. and Haddock, Megan.

Media Framing of Charity Beneficiaries.
 Horowitz-Rozen, Shani. and Gilboa, Eytan.

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NGOs and Foreign Aid: A Macro-Level Perspective
 Themudo, Nuno.

NGOs in a Lower-Middle Income Country: Funding Mobilisation Strategies of National NGOs in Ghana
 Kumi, Emmanuel.

NGOs –State Relationships: Reorientation in the Times of Humanitarian Security.
 Obaid, Zia.

Neighborhood Gentrification, Intra-Metropolitan Population Shifts, and the Responsiveness of Local Nonprofit Programs
 Faulk, Lewis.

Network Bricolage and the Speciation of Proto-Institutions: Evolution of a Community Development Variant of the ‘Shared Platform’ Nonprofit Innovation
 Dart, Ray.

New Nonprofit Employees and Managerial Coaching: Key Impacts
 Egan, Toby.

New Research on the Landscape of Giving Circles in the U.S.
 Eikenberry, Angela., Carboni, Julia., Franklin, Jason., Bearman, Jessica. and Gillespie, Elizabeth.

New Strategies for Pluralistic Diversity/Deep Inclusion Among University Students: A Transdisciplinary Approach
 Bernstein, Ruth., Salipante, Paul., Weisinger, Judith. and Bulger, Morgan.

New Volunteers, New Models of Volunteer Management: Converting Volunteer Energy to Meet the Needs of Host Organizations and Volunteers
 Brudney, Jeffrey. and Meijs, Lucas.

No Taxation, No Representation: How Government Is Organized - or Not - to Address Nonprofit Issues
 Abramson, Alan.

Nonprofit Contracting Decisions with Government: Evidence from Transition Coaching
 Coupet, Jason. and Albrecht, Kate.

Nonprofit Executive Leaders' Career Paths: Which Way to the Top?
 Rinella, Jennifer., Norris-Tirrell, Dorothy. and Pham, Xuan.

Nonprofit Income Portfolio Risk and Program Service Provision: An Application of Modern Portfolio Theory
 Qu, Ellie.

Nonprofit Innovation Theory: Work Arounds as The Drivers to Best Practices
 Mendel, Stuart.

Nonprofit Innovation: A Systematic Literature Review
 Hameduddin, Taha.

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Oasis Foods: A Faith-based Organization Fighting Food Insecurity
 Boddie, Stephanie.

Organizational Scope and Capacity: Impact on Performance and Policy Advocacy
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun., Mkhalouf, Nadeen. and Tran, Long.

Organizational Size and Human Resource Structure in Nonprofit Organizations
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun., Jo, Suyeon. and Egan, Toby.

Organizational- and Individual-Level Determinants of Volunteer Firefighter Satisfaction
 Sowa, Jessica. and Henderson, Alexander.

Organizing the Unexpected: How Austrian Civil Society Organizations Dealt with the Refugee Crisis in Fall 2015
 Meyer, Michael. and Simsa, Ruth.

Our Sector: Policies and Partnershiips in an Age of Crisis
 Van Til, Jon.

Outbound Constraints on the Cross-Border Movement of Philanthropic Capital: Data from a Study in Asia
 Sidel, Mark.

Ownership and Control in the Moment of Giving: A Conceptualization of Ownership of Corporate Foundations
 Maas, Stephanie., Meijs, Lucas., Roza, Lonneke. and Strike, Vanessa.

Owning a Community's Future
 Phillips, Rhonda.


Panhandling Politics and the Outlawing of Charitable Fundraising in Cities
 Mead, Joseph.

Pantries and Policy Implementation: Using Nonprofit Roles to Understand the Impact of Discretion in Food Assistance
 Levine Daniel, Jamie. and Fyall, Rachel.

Participation in Different Types of Voluntary Associations and Community Social Capital Formation: An Empirical Analysis Based on Three Chinese Cities
 Mao, Peijin., Xu, Zheng. and Deng, Guosheng.

Partnering for Success: Findings from the National Evaluation of Operation AmeriCorps
 Breems, Joseph., DiTommaso, Adrienne. and Epstein, Diana.

Partners and Adversaries: The Role of Philanthropy, Nonprofits and State Intervention in Reforming Detroit Schools
 Doyle, Garland.

Partners in Crime or in Development: An Inquiry into The Relations between NGOs and Local Government in Ghana.
 Bawole, Justice.

Pay It Forward? Law and the Problem of Restricted-Spending Philanthropy
 Galle, Brian.

Perceived and Actual Financial Standing of Nonprofit Organizations: The Influence of Discrepancy on Organizational Stability
 Kim, Mirae. and Levine Daniel, Jamie.

Perceptions of Equality in Non-Profit Public Partnerships: Stewardship Theory in Action
 Albrecht, Kate.

Perceptions of Nonprofits and For-Profit Social Enterprises: Current Trends and Future Implications
 Albrecht, Kate., Varkey, Sapna., Colville, Kathleen. and Clerkin, Richard.

Performance Infrastructures In Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Benjamin, Lehn. and Voida, Amy.

Performance-Based Grant Allocations to Nonprofit Organizations: Creating an Outcomes Framework
 Schatteman, Alicia.

Perpetuity or Spend-Down: Does the Notion of Lifespan Matter in Organized Philanthropy?
 Ostrower, Francie.

Philanthropy and Non-Profit Organization: A Long Term Role in Early Disaster Recovery A Case of Nepal Earthquake
 KC, Pramod.

Philanthropy and Social Movements: the Case of the Taconic Foundation, 1958-2013
 Abrahamson, Eric.

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Qualitative Methods: Tools for Understanding and Engaging Communities.
 Frasso, Rosemary. and Golinkoff, A..


Re-Examining The Dialogic Use of Social Media by Nonprofit Organizations
 Li, Yannan. and Voida, Amy.

Re-examining the Policies in the Humanitarian Aid Sector- A Call for Greater “Value Rationality”
 Khan, Sabith.

Reach Out and Touch: Volunteerism and its Impact on Society’s Perception of Millennials of Color
 Johnson, Kapreta.

Reconceptualizing Civil Society through Social Entrepreneurship
 Gawell, Malin. and Shockley, Gordon.

Recruiting Problems Associated with Private Foundations in Saudi Arabia
 Alothman, Khaled.

Reframing Evaluation of Government-Funded, Nonprofit-Delivered Social Services for Program Improvement and Broader Accountability
 Horne, Christopher.

Regulatory Waves: Selected Outcomes from the Project on Comparative Perspectives on State Regulation and Self-Regulation Policies in the Nonprofit Sector
 Breen, Oonagh.

Reimagining the Charity - Politics Distinction at Common Law
 Parachin, Adam.

Reinventing Organizations in a Time of Democratic Crisis and Countermovements
 Kilicalp, Sevda.

Relational Practices and Long-Chain Governance: From ‘Land of Opportunities’ to Direct-Action Organizing
 Matheis, Christian.

Religious Congregations as Community Hubs and Sources of Social Bonding
 Cnaan, Ram. and Heist, H..

Repression of the Spanish Movement of the Indignados – Different Aspects and Consequences
 Simsa, Ruth. and Berraquero-Díaz, Luis.

Researching Policy for Nonprofit Organizations: A Brief Observation on Dilemmas Created by Conflicting Values
 Hammack, David.

Resource Dependence of Institutional Entrepreneurship in the Case of Community Improvement and Capacity Building Nonprofit Organizations
 Hwang, Hyunseok.

Resource Munificence in a Human Services Network: An Account of Inertia and Change in Organizational Cliques
 Bunger, Alicia. and Huang, Kun.

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S-Theory as a Comprehensive Explanation of Informal Volunteering: Testing the Theory of Everyone on Russian National Sample Interview Data
 Smith, David. and Mersianova, Irina.

SOLE: A New Pedagogy for a New Learner in the Age of Technology
 Weisblat, Gina., McClellan, Jeff., Jackson, Debbie., Beutel, Valerie. and Johnson, Anita.

Safety First or Safety Net?: Financial Performance and Risk Taking in Nonprofit Organizations
 Ghosh Moulick, Abhisekh. and Cheon, Ohbet.

Shrinking Spaces: The State of Civil Society Practice in Africa
 Oduro, Franklin. and Alidu, Seidu.

So You Think You Can Lead? An Exploratory Study on INGOs Leadership
 Raggo, Paloma.

Social Capital and the Size of the Nonprofit Sector
 Liu, Gao. and Matsumoto, Yushi.

Social Enterprise Development in China: Challenges to Institutional Isomorphism and Insights for Emerging Economies
 Kerlin, Janelle. and Peng, Shuyang.

Social Enterprise Exits
 Brakman Reiser, Dana.

Social Entrepreneurship versus Social Policymaking: Capacity, Efficiency, Empathy
 Shockley, Gordon. and Frank, Peter.

Social Learning and Volunteering
 Baktir, Yusuf.

Social Marketization and Policy Change in China
 Han, Jun.

Social Media Practices in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Campbell, David. and Lambright, Kristina.

Socio Economic Rationality and Volunteering.
 Baktir, Yusuf.

Spinning Straw Into Gold: A Study of Resource Creation, Flow, and Conversion in a Nonprofit Collaboration
 Castillo, Elizabeth.

Star gazing: Using the Lens of Celebrity and Popular Culture to Teach Philanthropic Studies
 Shaker, Genevieve., Nathan, Sarah. and Song, Tianqi.

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Taking Appropriate Measures: Demonstrating the Value of Social Enterprise
 Barman, Emily., Hall, Matthew. and Millo, Yuval.

Targeting Newborn Health in Uttar Pradesh, India: The Role of Community Platforms in Demanding Better Services from Government Health Systems
 Lemaire, Robin., Potter, James., Mann, Carlyn. and Ruducha, Jenny.

Tax-Motivated Expense Shifting and Determinants by Nonprofit Hospitals
 Kuo, Jenn-Shyong. and Ho, YiCheng.

Tensions and Dilemmas in Global Pro-Social Careers: the Case of International Aid Work
 Lerch, Julia.

The Bumpy Road of New Nonprofit Creation: An Empirical Investigation of Pre-Venture Start-Up Problems
 Andersson, Fredrik.

The Case for Using Robust Measures to Evaluate Nonprofit Organizations
 Cooper, Katherine. and Shumate, Michelle.

The Changing and Challenging Environment of Nonprofit Human Services: Implications for Governance and Program Implementation
 Smith, Steven. and Phillips, Susan.

The Conceptualization of the Nonprofit Climate
 Platz, Michaela. and Helmig, Bernd.

The Contribution of Rank-and-File Members to Mission-Based Strategic Manangement
 Valeau, Patrick. and Eynaud, Philippe.

The Control of Social Interventions: Managing the Tension Between Formal and Informal Control
 Speckbacher, Gerhard. and Metzl, Marius.

The Conundrum of Knowing - Measuring Organizational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Capacity Building Programs
 Bragg, M. Leigh.

The Current State of Giving to Houses of Worship
 Rooney, Patrick., King, David., Wang, Xiaoyun. and Austin, Thad.

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center: An Impact Analysis on a New Model of Entrepreneurial Support Organization
 Watts, Jessica., Vickers, Jeremy. and Milbauer, Doug.

The Development of Undergraduate Education for Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management: Current Trends and Future Directions
 Allen, Roxann.

The Difference Between Charitable Giving and Volunteering in a Social Democratic Welfare State: Results From an Experiment
 Vamstad, Johan.

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Understanding Contractual Implications in Social Impact Bonds: Insights from a Case Study
 Pandey, Sheela., Cordes, Joseph. and Pandey, Sanjay.

Understanding Domestic Violence Coalitions through a Principal-Agent Lens: A Qualitative Study
 Mellinger, Marcela., McCoy, Mary., Hoefer, Richard. and Nordberg, Anne.

Understanding Nonprofit Partnerships by Experience
 Merritt, Daisha.

Understanding Performance Information Use by Nonprofit Executives: An Empirical Analysis
 FitzGerald, Clare.

Understanding Urban Grant Economies: The Social Construction of Foundation Philanthropy
 MacIndoe, Heather.

Understanding the Mismatch, Reflections on an Ethnographic Study of Social Enterprise

Understanding the Role of Accelerators in Social Entrepreneurship: Applying Sponsorship and Human Capital Theory
 Pandey, Sheela., Lall, Saurabh., Pandey, Sanjay. and Ahlawat, Sucheta.

Understanding the Role of Network Connections Between Community Collaborative Partnerships
 Izod, Anne., Yang, Zheng., Hano, Mary Clare. and Nowell, Branda.

Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa
 Jaumont, Fabrice.

Unparalleled Demand on the Swedish Welfare Regime and the Social Economy
 Persson, H. Thomas R..

Ups and Downs of the Third Sector of and from Africa
 Hatcheu, Emil.

Urban Governance: The Roles of Neighborhood Association
 Kim, Jung Wook., Jang, Hee Soun. and Dicke, Lisa.

Use of LMX Theory Techniques in Volunteer Retention of VITA Volunteers
 Bharath, Del.

Using Biosocial Data to Explore the Link Between Prosocial Behavior and Biological Health Outcomes.
 Bennett, Matthew.

Using Collaborative Strategies to Cope with Organizational Stress: Lessons from the Arts and Culture Nonprofits
 Moldavanova, Alisa. and Akbulut, Isil.

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Values and Motivations of China’s Nouveau Riches’ Philanthropic Giving - A Narrative Analysis
 He, Lijun. and Shi, Congmei.

Values and the Governance of Humanitarian INGOs
 Beagles, Jonathan.

Visualizing the Knowledge of Voluntary Nonprofit Sector Research
 Chen, Marian.

Volunteer Legacy of the Rio 2016 Paralympics
 Kirakosyan, Lyusyena.

Volunteer Management of Local and National Nonprofit Organizations: An Exploratory Study from Turkey
 Tiltay, Muhammet. and İslek, Mahmut.

Volunteer Motivation, Satisfaction and Retention with Girl Scouts
 Lin, Weiwei. and Southerland, Natasha.

Volunteer Teaching for Social Justice —The Interpretations and Practices on Rural Education from “Teach for China” Program
 WU, Wei.

Volunteering Among Asians in the United States: Trends and Predictors
 Kim, HaeJung. and Lee, Ahyoung.

Volunteering and Well-Being among Working-Age Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Russell, Allison., Handy, Femida. and Nyame-Mensah, Ama.

Volunteering in Conflicts and Emergencies (VICE)
 Gawell, Malin., Baillie Smith, Matt., Agerhem, Stefan. and Cadesky, Jessica.

Volunteering in the Global South
 Einolf, Christopher. and Butcher, Jacqueline.

Volunteers and Authority Relationships: Making the Best of an Uncertain Situation?
 Groble, Patricia. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

Volunteers in Community Organizations
 Einolf, Christopher.


We are the Champions: Synthesizing Performance in Cross-Sector Collaborations
 Intindola, Melissa., Pittz, Thomas. and De la Cruz Perez, Alan.

Welcome to China: Oversea Donations to Government Supported Foundations
 Li, Huafang. and Huang, Chienchung.

What Can Non-Profits Leaders Learn about Effective Client-Professional Shared Decision Making from Examining Patient-Provider Communication in Healthcare
 Freeman-Hildreth, Yolonda. and Aron, MD, David.

What Can We Learn from the School Turnaround AmeriCorps National Evaluation about Successful School Partnerships?
 Bagnell Stuart, Jennifer.

What Factors are Associated with Effectiveness of Inter-Organizational Collaboration within Housing Service Delivery Networks?
 Kim, Sung-eun. and Harrison, Yvonne.

What Have We Learned about NGOs? A Systematic Review of Academic Literature, 1980-2014
 Brass, Jennifer., Longhofer, Wesley., Robinson, Rachel. and Schnable, Allison.

What Influences the Operational Efficiency of University Education Foundations in China?
 xie, xiaoxia.

When Church Meets State: Public Policy and Church Financial Accountability
 Harvey, Nicholas.

When Government Does Not Fulfill their End of Bargain: The Impacts of Late Payments on Nonprofits’ Trust, Justice, and Commitment
 Peng, Shuyang.

When Legitimacy Becomes an Issue: The Perspective of Long-Term Volunteers on a New Volunteer Category?
 Deschenes, Jonathan. and Gruber, Verena.

When the Gift is Half-Hearted: The Case of Ambivalent Philanthropy
 Oreg, Ayelet. and Greenspan, Itay.

Where Have All the Revolutionaries Gone? Understanding the Failure of Secular Civil Society Post-Arab Spring
 Yerkes, Sarah.

Which Nonprofit Industries are the Most “Local”?
 Vance-McMullen, Danielle.

Who Gives & Why: Identifying and Explaining Types of Givers
 Herzog, Patricia.

Who Governs and Who Leads? Governance and Leadership Dilemmas at Play in a Faith-Based Organization in North America
 Khan, Sabith.

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