ARNOVA's 46th Annual Conference 2017-Nov-14 to 2017-Nov-19

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"Thanks to my Babies, Others will be Helped": Bereaved Mothers’ Motivations to Donate Human Milk to Nonprofit Milk Banks
 Oreg, Ayelet.

: From Social Movement to Entrepreneurial Management?: Higher Education Mirroring the Nonprofit Sector’s Requested Roles in South Korea
 Jeong, Bok.

“Divine Intervention”: The Operation or Impact of NPO Interveners in Religious Freedom Litigation in Canada.
 Chan, Kathryn.

“New Diaspora Philanthropy”?: Changing Dynamics of Jewish Philanthropy toward Israel
 Shaul Bar Nissim, Hanna.


A Century of Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: The Institutionalization of the Field 1925-2016
 Ma, Ji. and Konrath, Sara.

A Clash of Values: The Impact of Managerialism on Staff Experiences in Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations
 Willner, Lauren.

A Closer Look at Bifurcation of State Regulation of Charities: Models of Divided Regulatory Authority Over Charities
 Lott, Cindy. and Shelly, Mary.

A Comparison of Fundraisers’ and Donors’ Perception Toward Giving in Korea: Do Fundraisers Read Donors’ Mind in a Right Way?
 Rho, Yeonhee.

A Conversation about Fund Development: Perspectives on Funding in a New Political Climate
 Ngaruiya, Katherine. and Velez, Anne-Lise.

A Corporate Model: Aligning National Nonprofit Expectations with Regional/Local Efforts to Serve the Mission
 Powell, Emma.

A Governance Model in an Emerging Nonprofit Sector
 Petrescu, Claudia., Beudean, Paula., Balogh, Marton. and Balogh, Natalia.

A Longitudinal Study of Generosity Measured by Religious Intensity and Identification on Congregational, Non-Congregational, and Total Giving: 2003-2013
 Rooney, Patrick., King, David., Austin, Thad. and WANG, XIAOYUN.

A Match Made in Heaven? Participatory Action Research and Nonprofit Education
 Nguyen, Khanh.

A Meta-Analysis of Place-Based Giving Days in the United States: The Landscape and Effects
 Brown, Catherine Humphries., Eikenberry, Angela. and Bhati, Abhishek.

A Model for Nonprofit Leader Sustainability
 Frey, Jeffrey.

A Prelude to Civil War: Indiana Abolitionists’ Contribution to Debates over Slavery, Higher Education, and Religious Philanthropy
 Austin, Thad.

A Structural Analysis of Contemporary Jewish Philanthropy: An Era of Change?
 Shaul Bar Nissim, Hanna.

A Study of Client Influence on Nonprofit Fundraising and Program Strategy
 Boyer, Eric.

A Study of Philanthropic Donors in Appalachian Ohio
 Cugliari, Christine.

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Balancing Act: Managing Social and Financial Performance in Social Enterprise
 Lall, Saurabh.

Barriers and Opportunities for Building Political Capacity: Findings from a National Survey of Community Based Nonprofit Organizations
 Wright, Nathaniel. and Vaughn, Danie.

Below-the-Radar: Understanding the Informal Civil Society in Ukraine
 Krasynska, Svitlana.

Benefit Corporation Legislation and Convergence of For-Profit and Nonprofit Missions and Functions: Understanding the “Fourth Sector”
 Pandey, Sheela. and Hendren, Kathryn.

Better Together? Experimental Evidence Regarding the Impact of Simultaneous Solicitations on Charitable Giving
 Vance-McMullen, Danielle.

Beyond Assumptions of Altruism: Job Satisfaction in an Age of Nonprofit Professionalization
 Oelberger, Carrie.

Beyond Content Types: Assessing the Relationship of Association Structures to Member Political Participation
 Baggetta, Matthew. and Madsen, Kimberly.

Beyond Funding: The Roles of Capacity and Religiosity in Faith-Based Partnerships
 Fu, J. Sophia., Cooper, Katherine. and Shumate, Michelle.

Beyond the Buzzword: Examining Collective Impact as a Framework for Cross-Sector Collaboration
 Brooks, Mollie.

Biased Altruism? How Religion and Region Affect Donor Support to Global Humanitarian Organizations
 Tremblay-Boire, Joannie. and Prakash, Aseem.

Black Lives Matter: Framing an Intersectional Black Liberation Movement
 Nickels, Ashley., Clark, Amanda., Dantzler, Prentiss. and Reynolds, Aja.

Black Philanthropoid: Freeman B. Ransom and Philanthropic Advising for America’s “First Self-Made Female Millionaire”
 Freeman, Tyrone.

Board Effectiveness and Commitment: Assessing the Affective Committment Scale and Demographic Information
 Aulgur, Jeff. and Schwehm, Jeremy.

Board Gender Composition and the United Way
 Dula, Lauren.

Breaking the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle: How Chinese Civil Society Organisations Mobilise Symbolic, Cultural, Social and Financial Capital
 Fulda, Andreas. and Hsu, Jennifer.

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CEO’s Power and Nonprofit Effectiveness: Evidence from Chinese Philanthropic Foundations
 Wei, Qian.

Can Local City Government Agencies Successfully Build the Capacity of Community-Based Nonprofit Partners Resulting in Improved Outcomes?
 Corbett, Lyn. and Deitrick, Laura.

Can Philanthropic Activity Influence a Donor’s Complexity of Mind? A Developmental Analysis
 Jones, Jennifer.

Can the Knowledge of Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector Research be Visualized?
 Chen, Marian. and Smith, David.

Capacity Building: Importance and Long Term Organizational Impact
 Petrescu, Claudia.

Capital Expansion Planning for the Nonprofit Live Performing Arts
 Kushner, Roland.

Capital Structure and Gender Diversity in the Boardroom: an Empirical Analysis in a Belgian Nonprofit Setting
 Van den Bogaerd, Machteld.

Captains of Philanthropy and Teams of Civic Actors: Reviewing Pittsburgh’s Culture of Giving
 Witkowski, Gregory.

Career Paths of Higher Education Fundraisers
 Farwell, Megan., Gaughan, Maren. and Handy, Femida.

Cause-Related Marketing from a Nonprofit Perspective: Explaining Similarities and Differences in Attitudes towards Collaboration
 Schubert, Peter.

Change as a Multilevel Process: A Study of the San Francisco Bay Area Nonprofit Sector, 2003-2013
 Horvath, Aaron.

Changes in Philanthropy in Norway
 Sivesind, Karl Henrik. and Arnesen, Daniel.

Changing Communities Through Technology Led Voluntary Action: Civic Hackathons and the Future of the Sector
 McNutt, John. and Justice, Jonathan.

Changing Forms of Involvement in Socially Oriented CSOs? Mapping the Organizational Repertoire of Involvement in Four CSOs from 1996 to 2015
 Robertsson, Karin., Hvenmark, Johan. and Karlsson, Magnus.

Changing Landscape of Finance in Higher Education: Bridging the Gap through Data Analytics
 Campbell, Cory.

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DAFs, Data, and Distributions: An Analysis of Donor-Advised Funds’ Data and Grant Distribution By Subsector
 Bergdoll, Jonathan., St. Claire, Mallory., Osili, Una. and Bhattacharyya, Oindrila.

Dark Social Enterprise: Illegal Corruption or Ethical Failure?
 Kraeger, Patsy. and Talmage, Craig.

Dealing with Institutional Complexity: How Nonprofit Managers and Nonprofit Consultants view how Strategic Management Contributes to Organizations’ Success
 Reid, Margaret., Flanigan, Michael. and McNerney, Denise.

Determinants and Outcomes of Two Models of Co-Production: The Case of Substance use Disorder Treatment Centers in the United States
 Park, Sunggeun.

Determinants of the Size and Scope of Lead-Organization Networks for Social Service Delivery: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Approach
 Chen, Bin.

Determining Outcomes for Government and Nonprofit Services: What Should the Public Know and How Should It Be Produced?
 Krauskopf, James.

Developing a framework for measuring the impact of business-to-business nonprofits
 Augustin, Caitlin. and Bryer, Thomas.

Developing the Local Advocacy Perspective: A Study of South Texas Nonprofits
 Fernandez, Kandyce. and Alexander, Jennifer.

Development and Validation of the Motives to Donate Scale
 Konrath, Sara. and Handy, Femida.

Did the Great Recession Alter the Revenue Management Practices of Nonprofit Organizations?
 Coskun, Muhammet.

Differentiation of Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations Providing Long-Term Care Services in Japan
 Suda, Yuko.

Dimensions of Cosmopolitanism: Nationalist and Habermasian Values among Peace Corps Volunteers
 Kallman, Meghan.

Disadvantaged Communities, Unchained Leadership? Resource Constraints and Community Foundations’ Strategic Use of Social Media
 Wu, Viviana., Xu, Weiai. and Guo, Chao.

Do Endowments Crowd Out Donations? The Evidence from Nonprofit Universities
 Hung, Chiako. and Han, Hyunrang.

Do Female Members in Membership Associations Donate More When Female Board Members Present?
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun. and An, Seung-Ho.

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Economic Sudoku: Untangling the Logic Puzzle of the Double Bottom Line
 Castillo, Elizabeth.

Education Philanthropy: Recreating Inequality in California’s Public Schools
 Arsneault, Shelly., Hill, Sarah. and Kiewiet, D..

Effective Advocacy on Social Media: Results from A National Study of Homelessness Nonprofits
 An, Seongho. and Guo, Chao.

Effects of Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Performance in Nigeria
 Yusuf, Mukhtar.

Effects of Government Grants on Private Giving at Faith Based Asian Nonprofits and Secular Asian Nonprofits
 Kim, Sung-Ju.

Effects of Policy on the Growth of Russian Nonprofit Organizations: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Spencer, Sarah Busse. and Suslova, Svetlana.

Embracing the Growing Importance of Diversity: Philanthropy, Leadership, & Board Engagement
 Osili, Una., White, Angela., Lepsky, Deanna., Zarins, Sasha., Bergdoll, Jonathan. and Kou, Xiaonan.

Empathy, Social Class, and Charitable Giving
 Kou, Xiaonan., Kim, Sung-Ju. and Konrath, Sara.

Enhancing Boardroom Performance: Evidence in Favor of Adopting Diversity and Inclusion as a Strategic Imperative
 Fredette, Chris. and Bernstein, Ruth.

Ethnic Social Entrepreneurship- The Construction of the Local Field and Value of Co-Ethnic Capital
 Abad, Melissa.

Even More Giving Together: Gender and the Impact of Giving Circles
 Carboni, Julia., Bearman, Jessica., Franklin, Jason. and Eikenberry, Angela.

Evidence-Informed Practice: Evaluation Capacity Development in Nonprofit Organizations
 Bryan, Tara.

Examining Generational Dimensions of Leadership in International Nongovernmental Organizations
 Kolpakov, Aleksey. and Boyer, Eric.

Examining Strategic Participation in Advocacy Coalition: A Case of Technology Policy Advocacy
 Lamothe, Meeyoung. and Nguyen, Tham.

Examining the Critical Role of Social Capital in Entrepreneurship: A Qualitative Study of Emerging Nonprofit Organizations
 Reardon, Karen.

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Facebook and Twitter Use in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Campbell, David. and Lambright, Kristina.

Factors Associated with Relational Leadership in Multiorganizational Community Networks
 Hano, Mary Clare. and Nowell, Branda.

Factors Associated with Volunteering among Midlife and Older Adults: Findings From 2016 California Health Interview Survey
 Kim, HaeJung., Hong, Michin. and Lee, Ahyoung.

Filling the Gap in Nonprofit Board Technical Capacity to Account for Board Performance.
 Harrison, Yvonne. and Murray, Vic.

Financial Ratio Analysis: A Comparative Analysis of Charities in Canada and the US
 Grasse, Nathan., Lam, Marcus. and Neely, Daniel.

Financing Social Enterprise in the Very Long Run
 Thornton, Jeremy. and King, David.

Financing the Education Policy Discourse: Funders as Catalysts in Policy Networks
 Reckhow, Sarah. and Tompkins-Stange, Megan.

Finding the Missing Link Between Practice and Nonprofit Education – A Case Study
 Akoto, Eunice.

Flemish NPOs Becoming More Business-Like? Concepts, Causes and Consequences
 Suykens, Ben. and Verschuere, Bram.

Flipping the Looking Glass: Examining the Self-Regulation of Humanitarian Donor Agencies
 Deloffre, Maryam.

Fostering Economic Empowerment for Women: The Work of Women’s Foundations
 Gillespie, Elizabeth.

Foundations and the Federal Government: Prospects for Partnership
 Abramson, Alan. and Toepler, Stefan.

Foundations as Policy Entrepreneurs: Institutional Change in the Philanthropic Sector
 Suarez, David. and Husted, Kelly.

Foundations as Venture Philanthropists: Conceptualizing and Measuring Institutional Learning through Transnational Grantmaking Networks
 Oelberger, Carrie. and Lecy, Jesse.

Four Models or One? Volunteer Management Models and Sustaining Volunteer Energy
 Brudney, Jeffrey. and Meijs, Lucas.

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Gender, Inclusion, and Ethics in Nonprofit Pedagogy
 Evans, Michelle.

Gendered Associations, Gendered Boards, and Organizational Performance
 Dula, Lauren. and Gazley, Beth.

Giving as Government Subsidy: How Foundation Giving Mirrors ‘Lobbying as Legislative Subsidy’
 Finger, Leslie.

Going Forward in a Democratic Society
 Mirabella, Roseanne.

Going to the Chapel: Linking Pews and Planned Giving
 Heist, Dan. and Delaney, Beth.

Governance and Board Effectiveness in Small, Place-based Nonprofits in the United Kingdom.
 Lee, Stephen., Harris, Bob. and Pesenti, Silvana.

Governing Public-Nonprofit Partnerships When Nonprofits Become the Major Funder: A Comparative Case Study of Government-Nonprofit Partnerships in City Parks.
 Cheng, Yuan (Daniel).

Government Funding and Private Donations: Crowding-in Versus Crowding-out in the Context of a Big Data Experiment
 Jilke, Sebastian., Lu, Jiahuan., Shinohara, Shugo. and Xu, Chengxin.

Government Funding as a Moderator of Nonprofit Endowment Spending
 Lee, Shinwoo. and Woronkowicz, Joanna.

Growing Local Health Networks Globally: Social Entrepreneurship Lessons from Ellen G. White (1827 – 1915)
 Machokoto, Rodney.


Has Philanthropy Found its Place? Place-based Philanthropy for Community Building in Australia and Canada
 Phillips, Susan. and Scaife, Wendy.

Help Wanted: Analyzing Emerging Talent Needs in the Nonprofit Sector Workforce
 Deitrick, Laura., Durnford, Jon. and Trull, Crystal.

Heterogeneity Captured – An International Study on Social Enterprises
 Erpf, Philipp., Gmuer, Markus. and Castignetti, Melina.

Hidden Gaps: Accounting for Informal Civic Engagement Behaviors in Criminology and Social Control Studies
 Harper, Sarah. and Edwards, Vickie.

Hitting a Moving Target: Income Benchmarks and Earnings Management in Nonprofits
 Searing, Elizabeth. and Calabrese, Thad.

Housing Policy by Any Other Name: Understanding the Value of Seattle’s Nonprofit Housing Tax Expenditure
 Fyall, Rachel. and Gerrish, Ed.

How Does Identity Matter? A Case Study of Minority Founders of Human-Service Organizations
 Terrana, Sara. and Wells, Rachel.

How Does the Nonprofit Sector Strengthen Local Communities? An Interpretive Case Study of U.S. Food Banking
 Tsai, Chin-Chang.

How People Trust Nonprofit Organizations Versus For-Profit Organizations as Service Providers: an Experimental Study
 Li, Xiaoqian., Lan, Yuxin. and Liu, Qiushi.

How to Build (Better) Relationships with all Donors
 Wiepking, Pamala.

Human-Centered Design VS. Activity-Centered Design: The More Effective Approach
 Bezboruah, Karabi. and Baqai, Aabiya.

Hybrid Forms of Network Governance: the Case of “Rede Social” in Portugal
 Simaens, Ana. and Jalali, Marjan.

Hybrid Models for Social Change: Challenges and Advantages for Community-based Hybrid Nonprofits
 Wells, Rachel. and Terrana, Sara.


Identity and Justice-based Motivations in Gay and Lesbian Donors’ Philanthropy
 Dale, Elizabeth.

Impact of Board Financial Competence on Financial Accountability: Publicly Reporting Australian Not-For-Profit Organisations
 Ghoorah, Ushi., Ross, Phil., Ibbett, Nicole. and Humphreys, Peter.

Impacts of Giving Circles on Participants: Giving Style and Civic Engagement
 Busche, Eric. and Robert, Alexander.

Imposing Nonprofit Accountability through Public Policy and Legislation: A Red Cross Case Study
 Corbett, Christopher.

In Search for an Organizational Identity of Social Enterprise in China: Unpacking Institutional Influence
 Cui, Tracy Shicun.

Incentivizing Collaboration: Nonprofit Advocacy and the Collective Action Problem
 Frasier, Clifford.

Individual Perceptions and Use of Nonprofits in Diverse Urban Settings: Supplements or Complements to Local Government Failings?
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun., Faulk, Lewis., Kim, Minjung., Shaffer, Joe. and Tran, Long.

Individuals’ Donation Decisions and Social Enterprise: A Quantitative Investigation
 Donaldson, Darla. and Herrity, Andy.

Informal Giving in Turkish Philanthropy
 Campbell, David., Çarkoğlu, Ali. and Aytaç, Selim.

Innovation and Team Reflexivity: An Exploration in Nonprofit Contexts
 Egan, Toby.

Innovations in Corporate Engagement: Skills Based Voluntarism
 Stewart, Amanda., Coupet, Jason., Clerkin, Richard. and Spencer, S.E..

Innovations in Foundations and Foundations’ Strategies for Promoting Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector
 Jaskyte Bahr, Kristina., Amato, Olivia. and Sperber, Rachel.

Institutional Changes and the Environmental Contingency of the Growth of Environmental Nonprofits Through Local Social Movement
 Hwang, Hyunseok.

Institutional Complexity in the Field of Sex Work and Sex Trafficking: Efforts to Manage Competing Institutional Logics in a Contested Field
 Anasti, Theresa.

Institutional Logics, Hybridity and Women’s Empowerment in an International Development Program
 Mason, Dyana.

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Justice for Charity: An Inquiry into Pluralism
 Crumley, Brett.


Know Me Before You Speak For Me: Substantive Policy Representation Among Nonprofits
 Andrasik, Kristi. and Mead, Joseph.

Knowledge Management in Nonprofits: The Importance of Local Communities Engagement
 Rossi, Gina., Leardini, Chiara. and Moggi, Sara.


Leadership Skills as Construed by Nonprofit CEOs: Assessing Salamon’s Impulse Theory as an Organizing Framework
 Kearns, Kevin. and Jeong, Bok.

Leading Community Change Through an Informed Approach: Philanthropic Funders and Using Network Analysis to Target Investment
 Lemaire, Robin. and Wirgau, Jessica.

Life Changing Events, Socio-Demographic and Psychological Factors in Blood Donation Research: New Insights from the German Socio-Economic Panel
 Boenigk, Silke. and Soliman, Meikel.

Linking together the Violet Crown: Understanding Strategic Nonprofit Collaboration in Central Texas
 Bixler, Pat. and Olivares, Rochelle.

Local or Global Causes? Place and the Motivation to Give
 Appe, Susan. and Oreg, Ayelet.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself (and as Thy In-Group): Examining the Effects of Prayer and Moral Intuitions on Generous Behavior
 Greenway, Tyler., Shepherd, Abigail. and Schnitker, Sarah.


Major Donors’ Philanthropic Investments in Academic Science and Technology

Making Sense of Host Country Perspectives on International Volunteers With and By Locally-based Researchers: A Methodological Journey
 Tiessen, Rebecca. and Lough, Benjamin.

Making Sense of the Environment: Investigating the Locational Patterns of Cultural Organizations in the Urbanized Counties of Metropolitan Detroit
 Moldavanova, Alisa., Thompson, Lyke. and Meloche, Lauren.

Managed Autonomy: Youth Participation in Organizations
 Gaby, Sarah.

Managerial Coaching, Employee Creativity and Performance in Nonprofit Contexts: Toward Innovative Outcomes for New Employees
 Egan, Toby.

Managing Nonprofit Mission Drift in a Sea of Federal Contracts
 Carroll, Deborah. and Myser, Suzette.

Mapping Conceptual and Methodological Advances in Research on Nonprofit Missions
 Berlan, David.

Misreporting Nonprofit Lobbying Expenses: A Comparison of State and Federal Data
 Prentice, Christopher.

Mission Possible: Senior Volunteering among Latter-day Saints
 Heist, Dan. and Cnaan, Ram.

Modern Portfolio Theory and the Revenue of Human Service Organizations
 Grasse, Nathan. and Hoefer, Richard.

Motives and Outcomes of Elderly Volunteers: A Case from Japan
 Kojima, Megumi.

Multi-dimensional Organizational Identity or Split Personality? Mission framing and the many faces of the United Way
 LePere-Schloop, Megan.

Multi-disciplinary and Cross-Institutional Engaged Department Initiative, Grand Rapids, Michigan
 Carpenter, Heather.

Multidimensional Thrift as a Mediator of the Motivating Effects of Gratitude and Materialism on Generosity
 Schnitker, Sarah. and Reppas, Paul.


NGO Risk Tolerance By Sector in High Conflict Locations
 Dragseth, Meghann.

NGO Suppression in Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes
 Melton, Danielle., Keruski, Joshua., Pigram, Taylor. and Toepler, Stefan.

NGO–Business Cooperation: a Comparison of Organizational, Social and Image Benefits from the NGO Perspective in Poland
 Mironska, Dominika. and Zaborek, Piotr.

Narratives of Caribbean Civil Society: An Analysis of Cultural Identity and Civic Participation
 Williams-Pulfer, Kim.

National Endowment for the Arts: Funding Opportunities for the Arts and Arts-Related Research
 Menzer, Melissa.

Network Effectiveness in Collaborative Governance Networks: a Comparative Case Study of Social Impact Bonds
 Smith, Julia.

Network Leadership and Paradox in Human Rights Grantmaking
 Simon, Andrew.

Network Positions and Organizations’ Perceptions about Collaboration Effectiveness: A Case of Disaster Response Network of Jiangsu Tornado in China
 Yang, Zheng. and Lu, Yana.

New Perspectives on Community Foundation Data: Insights from a Longitudinal Analysis of Michigan’s Community Foundations
 Franklin, Jason. and Cole, Kolby.

No Interest Anymore? Foundations and the Consequences of the Financial Crisis
 von Schnurbein, Georg.

Nominal Group Technique as a Pretest/Posttest Measure of Global Citizenship in a Nonprofit Study Abroad Program
 Mason, Dyana. and Their, Michael.

Nonprofit Alliance in China: Effects of Alliance Process on Goal Achievement
 Dong, Qiang., Huang, Chienchung. and Guo, Jiaqi.

Nonprofit CEO Power and Multiple Boards: Their Effects on Governing Board Role Fulfillment
 Yandell, Kathryn.

Nonprofit Education Survey Project
 Kuenzi, Kerry., Walk, Marlene. and Stewart, Amanda.

Nonprofit Effects on Crime: A Bayesian Spatial-temporal Model of Nonprofit Characteristics and Crime
 Schaible, Lonnie. and Heckler, Nuriel.

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On the Importance of Distinguishing between Ideal and Nonideal Ethical Theories of Philanthropy
 Schultz, Guy.

Online Experiment Study for Nonprofit Revenue Diversification: Government Funding, Fundraising for Donations, and Earned Revenues
 Kim, Mirae. and Mason, Dyana.

Organizational Debt in Arts Nonprofit Organizations: Testing the Dynamic Trade-off Theory
 Charles, Cleopatra. and Sloan, Margaret.

Organizational Level Examination of Collaborative Portfolio Management
 McCartha, Emily.

Organizational Values and the Governance of International Humanitarian Networks
 Beagles, Jonathan.

Organizational and Network Governance in Public-Nonprofit Networks: Four Propositions
 Raeymaeckers, Peter. and Van Puyvelde, Stijn.


Pacesetting Public-Private Partnerships.
 Worley, Guy.

Participatory Initiatives in the Shifting Global Landscape: A Case Study of Labor and a Faith-Based Organization in the American South
 Erwin, Anna.

Partner Selection in Nonprofit Collaboratives: Examining the Role of Homophily, Network Embeddedness, and Resource Dependency
 Dong, Qiang. and Yang, Zheng.

Partner Selection: Whom Do Nonprofits Collaborate with in the Social Service Delivery Network?
 Kim, Sung-eun., Lee, Jeongyoon. and Harrison, Yvonne.

Passing the hat to pay the piper: Financial sustainability and rural arts organizations
 Gallagher, B. Kathleen. and Ehlman, Matt.

Patterns of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe
 Meyer, Michael., Moder, Clara., Neumayr, Michaela., Traxler, Nicole. and Vandor, Peter.

Philanthropic Foundations and Democracy in the Context of Neoliberalism
 Slocum, John.

Philanthropic Innovations: the Case of the Indianapolis Foundation
 Ji, Chen. and Weber, Peter.

Pitfalls in Measuring Nonprofit Efficiency
 Coupet, Jason. and Haynie, Jessica.

Political Quotas, NGO Initiatives and Dalits’ Human Rights in Rural India
 Soni, Suparna.

Positive Deviance in Public and Nonprofit Organizations within the 2015 European Refugee Crisis
 Boenigk, Silke. and Kreimer, Aaron.

Power, Conflict and Collaborative Governance in Public Education Partnerships
 Stone, Melissa. and Page, Stephen.

Procrastination in Charitable Giving
 Serra-Garcia, Marta.

Program Related Investments and Payout Rates in U.S. Foundations
 Tekula, Rebecca. and Lee Fung, Eileen.

Prosocial Motivation of Nonprofit Employees: Does it Predict Organizational Commitment
 Rosenthal, Edie.

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Race, Gender, and Poverty: Semiological Analysis of Representation of Poor in Fundraising Campaigns by INGOs in the Social Media
 Bhati, Abhishek.

Racial Representation and Social Equity in Nonprofit Charter Schools
 Jung, Jihye. and Ronquillo, John.

Re-defining Integration: Relationships, Retention, and Restructuring in Nonprofit Mergers
 Cooper, Katherine. and Maktoufi, Reyhaneh.

Real Estate Investments for Nonprofit Organizations
 Woronkowicz, Joanna. and Lee, Shinwoo.

Recession and Nonprofit Fundraising: A Longitudinal Study of Art, Culture and Humanity Organizations’ Fundraising Expenses
 Lee, Young-joo. and Shon, Jongmin.

Recommending Our Friends: the Exclusion and Impact of White Nonprofit Networks
 Danley, Stephen. and Christiansen, Gayle.

Reconsidering Public-Nonprofit Relations: Police Foundations and the Role of Organized Philanthropy in Traditionally Public Services
 Sowa, Jessica., Dolamore, Stephanie. and Edwards, Lauren.

Recruiting and Selecting Board Members: Profile of Promising Practices in Trade and Professional Associations
 Brown, William. and Engle, Mark.

Redefining the Measure of Success: A Historical and Comparative Look at Not-for-profit Regulation
 Breen, Oonagh.

Reforming Tax Policy with Respect to Not-for-Profit Organizations
 Brody, Evelyn.

Refusing to be Mainstream: The Grassroots Philanthropy Discourse in the Chinese Cyberspace
 Zhou, Huiquan. and Han, Le.

Reinforcing Effective Program Design and Planning: Reflections on an Arts-based Service-Learning Project
 Keeney, Katherine.

Religious Philanthropy in the Hoosier State: Proposing Approaches for Future Local Philanthropic Histories
 King, David.

Remedying the Failure to Account for Giving by Non-Itemizers & Underestimated Elasticities in Tax Policy Analysis Using PSID Data
 Rooney, Patrick., Osili, Una., Bergdoll, Jonathan. and Zarins, Sasha.

Replicating Problematics in International Development Projects? A Study of NPOs’ Decision-Making
 Babadjide, Sylvie.

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Scoring Points for Philanthropy - Nonprofit Organizations and the Selection into a Competitive Giving Platform
 Walk, Marlene., Levine Daniel, Jamie. and Curley, Cali.

Securitizing the Control of Foreign NGOs and Foundations in China: The Experience of the First Year of Implementation
 Sidel, Mark.

Seeding Community Foundations in China: Does Government Support Promote Voluntary Action?

Seeking Chinese Volunteers: The State, Class, and Civic Engagement

Self-Interest or the Public Good? Comparing High Net Worth Motivations for Political and Charitable Giving during the Trump Era
 Clark, Chelsea. and Bergdoll, Jonathan.

Shaping Public Opinion and Policy Advocacy: Strategic Public Policy Action of Civil Society Organization in China
 Zhang, Chao. and Zhang, Yiran.

Shaping Social Enterprise: Understanding Institutional Context and Influence
 Kerlin, Janelle.

Small-scale Development Initiatives and Shared Learning
 Chen, Ximeng. and Appe, Susan.

Social Capabilities: Exploring How Social Enterprises Seek to Address Human Needs
 Weaver, Rasheda.

Social Enterprise Intermediaries in China: Facilitators of Social Enterprise as an Institutional Innovation?
 Kerlin, Janelle., Peng, Shuyang. and Cui, Tracy Shicun.

Social Enterprise in the United States: Who is Profitable?
 Cui, Tracy Shicun. and Kerlin, Janelle.

Social Entrepreneurs and the Appeal of Social Accelerators: Does Gender Matter?
 Pandey, Sheela., Lall, Saurabh. and Chen, Li-Wei.

Social Entrepreneurship as a Discursive Construction: The Linkage of Framing and Identity Work
 Schneider, Hanna. and Meyer, Michael.

Social Entrepreneurship: Force for Social Good – and Bad?
 Shockley, Gordon. and Frank, Peter.

Social Transformation and Worker Representation: the Multiple Toles of Unions in the Canadian Nonprofit Sector
 Brunt, Carol. and Akingbola, Kunle.

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Tabula Rasa: Chicago’s History of Philanthropic Experimentation and Innovation
 Cefalu, Catherine.

Taken on Trust? Empirical findings on the Governance Awareness and Effectiveness of UK Trustees.
 Lee, Stephen., Harris, Bob. and Pesenti, Silvana.

Taking Care of the Refugees – Exploring the Interplay and Collaboration Between Local Government and Voluntary Sectors
 Fehsenfeld, Michael. and Levinsen, Klaus.

Targeted Scholarships – When Does Charity Become the Perpetuation of Historical Advantage?
 Parachin, Adam.

Testing Hybridity: Creation through Assessment in the Moral Market of Impact Investing
 Andersen, Kirsten.

Testing a New Framework for NGO-Local Government Relations in Developing Countries
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun., Bowman, Ann., Johnston, Joclyn., Tran, Long. and Bauer, Zachary.

Testing the Influence of Public Motivation Theory and Transformational Leadership on Nonprofit Employee Satisfaction: A Structural Equation Analysis
 Sloan, Margaret., Hartzler-Weakley, Kimberlee. and Akers, Lisa.

The Application of Benefits Theory Across Boundaries
 Searing, Elizabeth. and Young, Dennis.

The Association Between Volunteering with Personal Well-Being, Prosocial Tendencies, and Anti-Social Tendencies in Post-Millennial Adolescents
 Tian, Yuan. and Konrath, Sara.

The Boundary Setting of Collaborative Governance Regimes--Why Are Civic Organizations Often Excluded?
 Wang, Weijie.

The Changing Impact of Public Funding on Political Contacts in Norway
 Arnesen, Daniel. and Sivesind, Karl Henrik.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Device of Nonprofits to Close the Policy Profession-Practice Gap
 Bell, David. and Murray, Sylvester.

The Client as Expert? Consumer Participation in the Governance of Federally Qualified Health Centers
 Kehoe, Heather. and Buckwalter, Neal.

The Coming of Age of Small-Scale, Voluntary Development Organisations
 Kinsbergen, Sara. and Schulpen, Lau.

The Dark Side of Advocacy – Advancing Narrow Individual Interests
 Robichau, Robbie.

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US INGOs Working in International Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Factors That Impact Their Ability to Attract Private Donations
 Krawczyk, Kelly.

Uncovering the History of Fee-Charging in the U.S. Nonprofit Human Services Sector: A New Perspective on the Commercialization Debate
 Brown, Maoz.

Understanding GONGOs: The Emergence of National Security NGOs and Their Implications for Nonprofit Administration
 Kleinschmit, Stephen.

Understanding How Advocacy Targets Understand Nonprofit Political Advocacy
 Knierim, Matt.

Understanding Nonprofit Mental Health Service Providers’ Support for the Affordable Care Act
 Zhao, Tianshu (Tina). and LeRoux, Kelly.

Understanding Nonprofit Middle Managers’ Views of Their Work: A Means to Decreasing the Leadership Crisis?
 Hoefer, Richard. and Joyner, Skylar.

Understanding Nonprofit Support for Public Services: Moving from Co-production to Co-provision
 Cheng, Yuan (Daniel).

Understanding Self-Help Groups Within Parents Who Have Lost Their Only Children in China
 Chen, Ximeng.

Understanding Social Nonprofit Decline: A Mixed Methods Approach to Re-Strengthening the Fabric of America
 Hinck, John.

Understanding changes in public sentiment towards the third sector over time: a supervised text classification approach
 Finchum-Mason, Emily.

Understanding the Grassroots NGOs Advocacy in Non-western Settings: Empirical Evidence from China
 Zhang, Chao. and Zhang, Yiran.

Understanding the Impact of Arts and Culture in Communities: Applying Theory of Change Development to Creative Placemaking Grants
 Menzer, Melissa., Moore Shaffer, Patricia., Hughes, Jennifer., Schupbach, Jason., Bray-Simons, Katherine. and Iyengar, Sunil.

Unmasking Neoliberal Assumptions in Nonprofit Advocacy: A Critical Theory Perspective
 Alexander, Jennifer.

Unmasking the Neoliberal Assumptions in Philanthropic Ethics: A Critical Theory of Morality
 Mirabella, Roseanne.

Unnatural Disasters: Can Nonprofit Governance Promote Recovery in Detroit and Flint?
 Reckhow, Sarah. and Downey, Davia.

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Viral Giving: Quantifying the Relationship Between Social Media Attention and Charitable Giving
 McKeever, Brice.

VoiceGR: A Partnership Approach to Strengthening Local Communities through Community-Based Data Collection and Data-Driven Decision-Making
 Tsai O\'Brien, Melyssa.

Volatility Risk and Portfolio Structure in Nonprofit Financial Management: Applying Value at Risk and Portfolio Variance Index
 Kim, Saerim.

Volunteer Effectiveness: What Matters to Whom?
 Carter Kahl, Sue. and Brudney, Jeffrey.

Volunteer Partner Organization Perspectives on the Diverse Characteristics of International Volunteering
 Lough, Benjamin. and Tiessen, Rebecca.

Volunteering and Civic Well-Being in Southern Africa
 Compion, Sara.

Volunteering in Retirement and Retirement from Volunteering: Exploring the Interaction of Volunteer Engagement and Later-Life Transitions among Hospital Volunteers
 Russell, Allison., Heinlein Storti, Melissa. and Handy, Femida.

Volunteers to the Rescue: Examining Volunteering during Economic Recession
 Wang, Lili.

Vox Feminæ, Vox Die? The Fundraising Context, Successes and Challenges of the Civic War Soldiers’ Aid Society of Northern Ohio
 Clemenson, Barbara.


Was it Worth It?: The (Un)Surprising Effects of ODA, NGOs, and Time on Haitian State Capacity
 DeMattee, Anthony.

What Factors Influence Million Dollar Giving to Historically Black Colleges and Universities?
 Freeman, Tyrone. and Ma, Ji.

What If We Are Not That Close: Members’ Decisions Not to Give to Professional Associations
 Hung, Chiako.

What, We Partner? The Case for the Third Sector's Independence from the Corporate State in this Time of Liquid Modernity
 Van Til, Jon.

What’s “New” about Hybrid Organizing of Social Entrepreneurship?
 Chen, Bin. and He, Lijun.

When Clients Join the Board: A Qualitative Look at Authentic Inclusion of Clients in Human Services Governance
 Neyer, Sara.

When You Both Trust and Distrust the Other Side: A Study on Fracking Policy Network in NYS
 Lee, Jeongyoon. and Lee, Junesoo.

Where You Grant Depends Upon Where You Look?: Examining the Relationship Between Strategic Orientation and Grant Making
 Calderon, M. Apolonia., Paarlberg, Laurie. and Brown, William.

Which Types of Giving are Associated with a Reduced 7-Year Mortality Risk Among Older Adults?
 Qu, Ellie. and Konrath, Sara.

Who Owns Community Resilience? A Systems View
 Gazley, Beth.

Who are the Israeli Philanthropists: A Longitudinal Study
 Yonah, Hanan.

Who gets corporate sponsorship? An exploratory study of the relationship between corporate sponsorship and marketing in nonprofit arts and cultural organizations
 Kim, Youngseon. and Lee, Hyunjung.

Who is in Control? Examining Advanced Collaboration Stages of Nonprofit-Business Collaborations
 Karner, Dominik., Millner, Reinhard. and Christanell, Anja.

Who’s Calling the Shots? Urban Leaders Role in Community Partnerships
 Leach, Kirk.

Why does the Share of Households that give to Voluntary Organizations Increase in Norway?
 Sivesind, Karl Henrik. and Arnesen, Daniel.

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