American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2010-Aug-13 to 2010-Aug-19

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"A piece of art is not a loaf of bread": Indie Rock's Challenge to Commodification
 Parker, Jeffrey.

"A Resume to Participate": Parents, Social Class, and Collective Engagement in Urban Public Schooling
 Posey, Linn.

"Cruising for a Bruising:" Women's Flat Track Roller Derby as Embodied Resistance
 Peluso, Natalie.

"Ethical Capital: What's a Poor Man Got to Leave?"
 Drentea, Patricia., Williams, Beverly. and Woodby, Lesa.

"Great Love Requires Great Risks: Hunger Strikes, Spirituality, Sacrifice, and Social Justice"
 Armbruster-Sandoval, Ralph.

"Helping Them Help Themselves:" Volunteers' Contradictions Between Their Moral Identity and Reproduction of Class Boundaries
 Rogers, Laura.

"I Chose to Fight": De-Stabilizing Categories of Undocumented Immigrant Students Through Public Story Telling
 Pineros Shields, Thomas.

"I don't have one way to be:" Transmen Practicing Masculinities in the San Francisco Bay Area
 Abelson, Miriam.
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"I just wanted to be close”: Geographic (Im)Mobility and the Transition to Adulthood
 Napolitano, Laura.

"I'll show you fireworks!" Gender, Race and Class Dynamics of Lesbian Intimate Partner Violence on Television
 Smollin, Leandra.

"It's Not Written on Their Skin Like Ours.": Defining Multiculturalism in a Multicultural Greek Council
 Hunter, Joanna.

"Mind the Gap": Investigating the income gap between black graduates of HBCUs and non-HBCUS..
 Lee, Celeste.

"My Life of Meetings": The Everyday Worlds of Social Movements
 Glass, Pepper.

"Never Again": Transgenerational Justice and the U.S. Internment of Japanese-Peruvians
 Kakihara, Satoko.

"Nobody Knows I'm Black": The Effects of DNA Ancestry Testing on Racial and Ethnic Boundaries
 Ivemark, Biorn. and Roth, Wendy.

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A "Different Economy of Bodies and Pleasures"?: Gender and Sexuality in BDSM Interactions
 Simula, Brandy.

A Basic Work Opportunity Reduces Crime - But Not Drug Use
 Uggen, Christopher. and Shannon, Sarah.

A Blind Phenomenology of Sexed Bodies
 Friedman, Asia.

A Blueprint for a New Direction in the Sociology of Science
 Genkin, Michael.

A Break from the Standard Sociological Historiography: The Axial Age, Religio-Cultural Revolution, and Religious Entrepreneurship
 Abrutyn, Seth.

A Campaign of Ideas: The American Radical Right and UNESCO
 Hart, Randle.

A Comparative-Historical Analysis of Early 20th Century Mining in South Africa and the American South
 McCabe, Joshua.

A Comparison of Creative Drawings of 5th Grade Students in China and the United States
 Madigan, Timothy.

A Configurational Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Irresponsibility among U.S. Listed Firms
 Jackson, Gregory.

A Configurational Approach to the Study of Symbolic Boundaries
 Bail, Christopher.

A Continuing Legacy: Institutional Racism, Hunger and Nutritional Justice on the Klamath
 Norgaard, Kari.

A Covariance Measure of Economic Dependency and Gender Inequality
 McCall, Leslie.

A Crisis of Reproduction: The End of the Long 1970s and the Crisis of Capitalism
 Araghi, Farshad.

A Critical Analysis of the Latino Graduate School Choice Process
 Ramirez, Elvia.

A Cross-National Analysis of Physical Intimate Partner Violence Against Women
 Kaya, Yunus. and Cook, Kimberly.

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Backdoor Nationalism: EU Accession and the Invention of Nationalism in Hungary and Poland
 Vermeesch, Peter. and Fox, Jon.

Barack Obama, and the Perils and Promises of the "New Politics of Race"
 Logan, Enid.

Bargaining for Migration: The Gendered Strategizing of Migration by Tamil Women in Atlanta
 Manohar, Namita.

Bargaining in the Shadow of "Shadow Law": An Ethnography of Business Organizations’ Construction of Law
 Talesh, Shauhin.

Barriers and Facilitators to Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among HIV-Positive Women in Egypt: A Qualitative Study
 Badahdah, Abdallah. and Pedersen, Daphne.

Barriers, Bridges and Balance - Emotion Management in Elder Care and Call Center Work
 Egger de Campo, Marianne. and Laube, Stefan.

Bartering and Bending Rules: Teacher Expectations and Academic Engagement in (School) Context)
 Richards, Bedelia.

Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Social Network Data via Conditional Uniform Graph Quantiles
 Butts, Carter.

Beauty in the Eye of the Employer: Appearance-Based Employment Discrimination Lawsuits, 1970-2008
 Trautner, Mary Nell. and Kwan, Samantha.

Becoming American in Different Americas: The Role of Social Context in Determining the Shape of Integration
 Sperling, Jessica.

Becoming the “Baby’s Daddy”: What Affects the Likelihood of Men Transitioning to Marriage?
 Turchi, Jennifer.

Beds or Meds? The Changing Societal Responses to Mental Health Problems in Advanced, Industrialized Nations, 1960-2003
 Olafsdottir, Sigrun.

Before the Birth of the Movement: Judges and Environmental Racism Framing in Courts
 Kaufman, Nicole.

Being Black in America: The Obama Factor
 Corra, Mamadi.

Being thin, feeling fat: How family and peer relations affect body-image dissatisfaction
 Maranzana, Luciano., Lanau Sanchez, Alba., Escapa, Sandra. and Mari-Klose, Pau.

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Calculativeness of Interorganizational Learning and Isomorphism: Segment Exits by Korean SI Ventures, 2000-2006
 Jung, Kiwon., Kim, Sunhyuk., Lee, Kang San. and Shin, Dongyoub.

Campaigning for clean clothes: the dynamics and mechanisms of movement impacts on market changes
 Balsiger, Philip.

Can Carbon Mitigation Contribute to Southern Development?
 Bohr, Jeremiah. and Dill, Brian.

Can Racism Make You Sick?: Symptoms from Racism and the Mental and Physical Health Effects
 Anderson, Kathryn.

Can Whiteness Make You Feel Sick?: Exploring the Role of Perceived Race in Health Disparities
 Saperstein, Aliya.

Can You Help Me Get Ahead? Social Class Differences in Help-Seeking Behavior among Elementary School Students
 McCrory, Jessica.

Can a Scholarship Program Change a Community? Evidence from the Kalamazoo Promise Program
 Quillian, Lincoln. and Vargas, Robert.

Can the Strength of Social Ties Explain the Race Paradox in Mental Health?
 Mouzon, Dawne.

Can we capture the intersections? Older black women, education, and health
 Hinze, Susan., Lin, Jielu. and Andersson, Tanetta.

Capital and the State: A Consideration of the Power of Pharmaceutical Companies in Relation to Nation States
 Manning, Beatrice.

Capitalist Crisis, Social Movements, and the US Social Forum: The Road from Atlanta to Detroit
 Katz-Fishman, Walda., Brewer, Rose. and Scott, Jerome.
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Care for the Caregivers?: Peer Support Groups and Clergy Mental Health
 Miles, Andrew.

Caregivers’ Romantic Relationships and Transference to Adolescent’s Future Intimate Relations: A Focus on Adolescent Awareness
 Harvell, Joy.

Caring For, Caring About: Feeding Residents and Starving the Budget
 Rodriquez, Jason.

Caring for Disabled Elders: A Challenge for Long-Term Care
 Kahana, Eva., Lovegreen, Loren. and Kahana, Boaz.

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DAT1 Gene, Risky Behaviors, & the Law
 Guo, Guang., Cai, Tianji., Wang, Hongyu. and Harris, Kathleen Mullan.

DNA Identification and Coming to Terms with America’s Racial Past
 Nelson, Alondra.

Danish Assembly-Line Hogs: Exporting Production and Mobilizing Dissent in Eastern Europe
 Juska, Arunas.

Data Collection in Community Outreach Programs
 Johnson, Brooke.

Dating Communities: Stock-Option Backdating and Network Structure
 Cotton, Natalie.

Day laborers: from mobilization to bureaucratization
 Page Poma, Fernanda.

DeVault's Work of Caring and the Work of Employment and Their Relationship to Family Food
 McIntosh, William., Anding, Jenna., Dean, Wesley. and Kubena, Karen.

Dear AskMe, Can Building Networks and Reading Random Articles Help Me Solve Other People’s Problems?
 Marin, Alexandra.

Debating the Origins of Sociology: Ibn Khaldun as the Founder of Sociology
 Soyer, Mehmet. and Gilbert, Paul.

Debt-for-Nature Swaps and Deforestation: A Cross-National Test of World Polity Theory
 Shandra, John., Restivo, Michael. and London, Bruce.

Deception of Conception: Shifting Ethical Boundaries of Reproductive Care
 Waggoner, Miranda.

Decimal Revolutions: The French and American Revolutions and the Global Spread of Decimalization, 1789-1965
 Vera, Hector.

Decolonized Disaster: Post-Partition Reconstruction in India and Pakistan
 Khan, Yasmin.

Decolonizing the Nationalism of Empire: Rethinking Race, Class, and Colonialism in Belly of the Beast
 Bush, Roderick.

Decomposing the American Mainstream regarding Immigrant Assimilation
 Borgen, Linda.

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Early Adult Health Outcomes and the Second Generation: Linking ‘Ethnic Social Capital’ to Life Course Health
 Maynard, Donna.

Early Work and the Risk of Physical Abuse for Adolescent Girls in Subsequent Dating Relationships
 Rosell, Laura. and Young, Rebekah.

Ecological Modernization, the Treadmill of Production, and the Role of Consumption
 Goldman, Alexander.

Ecological Power: Holons, Agency, and Environmental Change
 Bell, Michael. and Bland, William.

Ecological Protective Factors for Rural African American Youths
 Chen, Hsing-Jung.

Economic Determinants of Voting in an Era of Union Decline
 Rosenfeld, Jake.

Economic Development, Gender Dependence, and Gender Attitudes: A Cross-National Study of 58 Countries
 Shu, Xiaoling.

Economic Distress and Relationship Quality: Evidence from the Great Recession
 Schneider, Daniel. and Harknett, Kristen.

Economic Globalization and the Structure of the World-City System: The Case of Airline Passenger Data
 Smith, David., Timberlake, Michael., Mahutga, Matthew. and Ma, Xiulian.

Economic Growth in Ecuador during the Neoliberal Era: Explanations and Implications.
 Gamso, Jonas.

Economic Inequality and White Working Class Republicans
 Prasad, Monica.

Economic Knowledge, Actions, and Transactions in Online Financial Markets
 Preda, Alexandru.

Economic Rents and the Financialization of the US Economy
 Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald. and Lin, Ken-Hou.

Economic Resources and Bargaining in Marriage: Marriage Payments' and Earnings' Influence on Egyptian Women's Well-Being
 Salem, Rania.

Economic Transactions as Social Interaction: The Costs of Embarrassment
 Goldfarb, Avi., Samila, Sampsa. and Silverman, Brian.

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FOCUSED: How Students Construct Attentiveness in First Grade Classrooms
 Milman, Noriko.

Face to Face with Security: Performing Technological Citizenship at the Airport/Border
 Adey, Peter.

Facebook: A "Raced" Space or "Post-Racial"?
 Laudone, Stephanie.

Factors Associated with Growth in Daily Smoking among Indigenous Adolescents
 Whitbeck, Les. and Hartshorn, Kelley.

Factors Associated with Nonresident Fathers’ Perceptions of Themselves as Good Dads
 Bass, Loretta. and Yoshida, Akiko.

Factors Related to Recidivism Among Delinquent Youth
 Hartwell, Stephanie. and McMackin, Robert.

Factors that Shape the Experiences of Children from German Highly Skilled Migrants in the U.S.
 Eich-Krohm, Astrid.

Facts, Attitudes, and Health Reasoning about HIV and AIDS: Explaining Education Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Baker, David., Leon, Juan. and Collins, John.

Faith-based Enclaves: Reactive Religion and Selective Acculturation Among Recovering Latino Gang Members
 Flores, Edward.

Family Capital in the Creation of Intergenerational Educational Mobility
 Gofen, Anat.

Family Change and Poverty in Appalachia
 Lichter, Daniel. and Cimbaluk, Lisa.

Family Communication and Healthy Lifestyle Choices: An Exploration of Family Talk among Latinos and African Americans
 Katz, Vikki., Wilkin, Holley. and Hether, Heather.

Family Experiences of Competition and Adolescent Achievement
 Maier, Kimberly., Schneider, Barbara. and Ford, Timothy.

Family Form as Cultural Assimilation: Variations of Extended Household by Ethnicity and Immigration Generational Status
 Ozcan, Berkay. and Liao, Tim.

Family Instability and Child Mental Health Trajectories: Evidence from the Canadian NLSCY
 Strohschein, Lisa., Tramonte, Lucia. and Willms, Douglas.

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Gay Fathers and Lesbian Mothers: Contradictions in Child Custody Decisions
 Watkins, Kristy.

Gender Antagonism in the Post-Reconstruction American North: a Marxist Split Labor Market Theory
 Chirino, Fernando.

Gender Authenticity in MMORPGs: Heralding Solid-to-Virtual World Consistency
 Valkyrie, Zek.

Gender Challenges to Global Development and Democracy: 1970-2005
 Wejnert, Barbara.

Gender Composition and Wage in China's Foreign-Invested Firms
 Cao, Yang. and Zhao, Wei.

Gender Differences in Response to Economic Hardship among Young Couples
 Lucas, Amy. and Hardie, Jessica.

Gender Differences in Trajectories of Functional Health among Older Adults: Differential Exposure or Differential Vulnerability
 Rohlfsen, Leah.

Gender Differences in the Determinants of Distress and Alcohol Misuse
 Elliott, Marta. and Springer, Victoria.

Gender Distrust and Low-Income Women’s Union Formation
 Levine, Judith.

Gender Inequality and Child Health in Less Developed Countries: A Multilevel Analysis
 Burroway, Rebekah.

Gender Paths and the Early Occupational Careers of Second Generation Latinos in the South
 Morando, Sarah. and Hernandez-Leon, Ruben.

Gender Players and Gender Prisoners: Conflicting Views of the Linguistic Shift from "Intersexuality" to "Disorders of Sex Development"
 Davis, Georgiann.

Gender and Concern about the Environment
 Alibeli, Madalla. and White, Neil.

Gender and Environmental Concern in the Middle East
 Alibeli, Madalla. and White, Neil.

Gender and Health Work in Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Long-Term Couples
 Reczek, Corinne.

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HIV-Positive African Americans in Rural Alabama: Relationship between Conspiracy Beliefs about HIV/AIDS and Sociodemographic Variables
 Zekeri, Andrew.

HIV-related Stigma and HIV Testing in Tanzania: Does Religion Matter?
 Guend, Hani.

Habituation, Age, or Physical Health? : Sexual Activity Cessation among Older Married Couples
 Karraker, Amelia. and DeLamater, John.

Habitus and Utopia in Science
 Simon, Richard.

Handsome Wants as Handsome Does: Physical Attractiveness and Gender Differences in Revealed Sexual Preferences
 McClintock, Elizabeth.

Happiness across the Life Course or Why We Suffer during Mid-life
 Brockmann, Hilke.

Happiness and Marital Status: Globally and Across Contexts
 Margolis, Rachel. and Myrskyla, Mikko.

Happy and Unhappy, Blue and Cheerful, Miserable and Peaceful: The Co-Occurrence of Disparate Emotions
 Shank, Daniel.

Hard to Get, Easy to Lose: Effects of Women and Minorities in Management on Establishment Closings
 Kim, Soohan.

Harder Soft Law: Private Labor Standards in Socially Regulated Markets
 Wetterberg, Anna.
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Has the Hispanic Paradox Persisted in Childhood Health?
 Han, Hongyun. and Palloni, Alberto.

Having My Baby: Abortion, Post-Feminism and the Politics of Unplanned Pregnancy in Recent Hollywood Films
 Tally, Margaret.

Head Cases: Reluctant Medicalization and Fear of Bodily Injury in the Sport of Women's Gymnastics
 Monahan, Keri.

Health Behaviors: African Americans and Cultural Differences Behind Diabetes
 Towns, Tangela.

Health Care Access and Neighborhood Context among Latinos in Chicago
 Viruell-Fuentes, Edna.

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I Just Don’t Call Myself a Lesbian. Queering the Boundaries or Reproducing the Heteronormative?
 Sorensen, Anna.

IT, TV AND Time Displacement: A 45-Year Comparison
 Robinson, John.

Identifying Concentrations of Employment in Metropolitan Areas
 Marlay, Matthew. and Gardner, Todd.

Identifying the Psychological Mechanisms that Mediate the Relationships Between Victimization and Anti-Social Behavior
 Watts, Stephen.
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Identity Strategies of the Punjabi-Sikh Second Generation: Gendered Appropriations of Sikhi (the spiritual path)
 Niyogi, Sanghamitra.

Identity, Trust and Policies: Comparing the Polish General Public and Political Elites
 Marquart-Pyatt, Sandra.

Ideological Struggle in the Cultural Field: Shoujo and U.S. Manga Publishing
 Brienza, Casey.

Ideology and Utopia in Educational Systems: A Critical Assessment
 Fiala, Robert.

If They Grow Up: Neighborhood Poverty, Exposure to Violence, and Adolescent Survival Expectations
 Swisher, Raymond. and Warner, Tara.

Image Slavery Mass Media Pollution: Racialized Notions of Beauty and Identity Formation of Black Women
 Richardson, Jennifer.

Imaginaries and Social Construction of Water Scarcity
 Gasteyer, Stephen.

Imagining a NAFTA Textile Order: Asymmetry and Contingency in the Structuring the US-Mexico Apparel-Textile Conjuncture
 Comstock, Sandra.

Imagining the Green Homestead: Mythologies of the Frontier, Space, and WW II in Promoting Sustainability
 Gibson, James.

Imagining the Nation Through Sport: The World Cup and Cultural Representation of the National
 Buffington, Daniel.

Immigrant Adolescents’ Academic Self-concept: Generational Status, Race/Ethnicity, Country of Origin, and School/Community Context Influences
 Hibel, Jacob. and Hall, Matthew.

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Jail Pedagogy: Teaching Prisoners
 Flores, Jerry.

Japanese Transnational Families’ Global Educational Strategies and Symbolic Boundaries against Domestic Elites
 Igarashi, Hiroki.

Jazz Field Evolution, 1930-1969: From Centralized to Decentralized Field
 Kirschbaum, Charles.

Jeffrey Alexander on Weber and Democracy: A Critical Note
 Segre, Sandro.

Jeopardizing Civility: Imagining the Transnational in the Anglophone Caribbean
 Brophy-Warren, Sorcha.

Job Authority and Perceived Job Insecurity: The Nexus by Race in White Collar Employment
 Wilson, George., Dunham, Roger. and Alpert, Geoffrey.

Job Search in Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Migrants and Natives in Urban China
 Chang, Kuang-Chi. and Wen, Ming.

Jobs, Affluence, Capitalism and the Commons: Testing the Assumed Proportionality Between Environmental Harm and Economic Performance
 Freudenburg, William., Berry, Lisa. and Howell, Frank.

Joint Model of Health Trajectories and Survival among Older Americans: Testing the Cumulative Inequality Theory
 Zajacova, Anna. and Lowry, Deborah.

Just a Man's Game? Organized Labor and Female Wage Inequality in the Private Sector
 Rosenfeld, Jake. and Kleykamp, Meredith.

Justice Evaluations and Public Goods
 Markovsky, Barry. and Berigan, Nick.

Justice and Emotion
 Smith-Lovin, Lynn.

Justice as Rights: Revisiting Environmental Justice Theory
 Banerjee, Damayanti.


Keeping Up Appearances, or Just Keeping Afloat? How and Why American Households Overspend
 Lundy, Jeff.

Keeping Up with the Diallos: Household Wealth, Relative Deprivation, and Migration from Senegal to Europe
 Vickstrom, Erik.

Keeping it Local, Then and Now: Patterned Capital Flows as Local Constituents of Economic Regulation
 Pacewicz, Josh.

Keeping up Appearances: The Use of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives to Palliate an Image Threat
 Morris, Mary-Hunter. and King, Brayden.

Keys to Greening Africa’s Economies: Integrating the Migration-Development Model, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability Entrepreneurship
 Patterson, Rubin.

Kinds of Explanation in Social Science: Laws, Settings, and Conceptual Breakthroughs
 Eidlin, Fred.

Korean American Incorporation, Health Service Utilization and Diabetes
 Son, Juyeon.

Korean Immigrant Churches' Strong Linkages to Religious Institutions in Korea and Their Unique Characteristics
 Min, Pyong Gap.

Kosovo, 1944 - 1981: The Rise and the Fall of a Communist ‘Nested Homeland’
 Stefanovic, Djordje. and Petrovic, Aleksandar.


LGBT Pride and External Institutionalization: Mobilizing Resources, Culture, and Symbolic Capital in Urban Contexts
 Joseph, Lauren.

Labor Market Outcomes Among Latino Migrants to Spain and the United States
 Connor, Phillip. and Massey, Douglas.

Labor Migration and Social Networks on HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Avogo, Winfred. and Agadjanian, Victor.

Labor's Priorities for the Obama Era, and the Employee's Rights Bill
 Acuff, Stewart.

Labored Love: Examining the Link Between Depression and Parenting Behaviors among Mothers
 Turney, Kristin.

Laboring for the Man: Augmenting Authority in a Voluntary Association.
 Chen, Katherine.

Labour Market Risks in Deindustrializing Asian Economies: Taiwan, Japan and the Republic of Korea
 Lee, Sophia.

Language Ability, Family Structure, and Academic Success: Understanding Latino School Performance
 Blair, Sampson. and Cobas, José.

Language, Ideology, and Identity Conflicts in Education: Focused on the Context of Postcolonial South Korea
 Kang, Mi Ok.

Large Organizations as Tools of the Capitalist Class
 Murray, Joshua.

Latent Classes of Social Closure and Their Effects on Subjective Well-being among Korean Adolescents
 Youm, Yoosik. and Seo, Hyojung.

Latin@ Subjectivity and Emotion: An Auto-ethnography
 Delgado, Daniel.

Latino Immigration and Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Metropolitan Atlanta
 Odem, Mary.

Latinos, Immigration, and the Racialization of Welfare Reform
 Brown, Hana.
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Latinos’ Participation in the Twin Cities Local Hip Hop Scene: An Ethnographic Analysis of Ethno-racial Meanings
 Bugayev, Polina.

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Macrosomia and Maternal and Infant Health of Mexican Immigrants and Years in the United States
 Ceballos, Miguel.

Making America Dry: Ethnicity, Religion, and Urbanization in the Adoption of Prohibition, 1890-1919
 Andrews, Kenneth. and Seguin, Charles.

Making Bodies Count: Sexuality, Violence, Social Control and Reading the Trans Body
 Bryant, Karl. and Vidal-Ortiz, Salvador.

Making Changes or Feeling Like You Can: Parents’ Time and Control in a Changing Workplace
 Hill, Rachelle., Tranby, Eric. and Moen, Phyllis.

Making Connections, Building a Movement: Undocumented Students Organizing Online
 Gonzales, Roberto.

Making History Invisible: The Role of "Policy Accidents" in Formalizing Ethnic Boundaries in Thailand
 Harris, Joseph.

Making Marriage Count? Comparing Religion, Law, and Marriage Promotion in the United States and Britain
 Heath, Melanie.

Making Money Sacred: How Conceptualizations of Religious Giving Work Differently in Evangelical and Mainline Protestant Contexts
 Mundey, Peter.

Making Our Way Towards Meaning: A Study of Social Interactions in Public Spaces and Places
 Purifoye, Gwendolyn.

Making Reading “Relevant” and “Manageable”: Encouraging Reading through Syllabus Design, In-Class Activities, and Out-of-Class Assignments
 Westbrook, Laurel.

Making Sense of Obama on
 Lara-Millan, Armando.

Making Terrorists Racists: The Culture of Secrecy in Britain’s Domestic Counter-Terrorism Policy, 2001-2008
 Bail, Christopher.

Making the Case for Age: Expanding the Intersectionality Trifecta of Race, Class, and Gender
 Torres, Stacy.

Making the Grade: Mothers’ Health During the Transition to Kindergarten
 Warner, Catharine.

Making the Great Wall: Collective Memories of China and the West
 Yan, Haiming.

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Narrating Luck, Denying Trauma: German Jewish Refugees’ Flight and Resettlement during the Nazi Era
 Gerson, Judith.

Narratives of Lynching: Georgia (1875-1930)
 Franzosi, Roberto. and Vicari, Stefania.

Narratives of Racial Sexual Preference in Gay Male Subculture
 Crockett, Jason.

National Identities and Globalization: The Changing Meaning of Turkishness and Japaneseness
 Shinohara, Chika. and Ergin, Murat.

National Identity and Acceptance of Multiculturalism of South Koreans
 Yoon, In-Jin. and Song, Young Ho.

National Minorities and the Politics of Intangible Cultural Heritage
 Adams, Laura.

Nationalizing Reciprocity: Aligning Charity and Citizenship in the American Nation-State
 Clemens, Elisabeth.

Native Language Retention among Asian Immigrants
 Subramaniam, Mangala. and Choudhury, Shalini.

Natural Capitalism and Eco-Socialism: Two sides of the Same Coin or Radical Alternatives?
 Longo, Stefano.

Naturalizing the Gender Integrated Force: Women, Narrative, and the United States Army
 Smith, Wade.

Nature is Not Guilty: Foodborne Illness and Industrial Food Systems
 Stuart, Diana.

Negotiating Gender Across Disciplines: A Challenge for Interdisciplinary Science
 Osbakken, Stephanie.

Negotiation Dynamics in Emergency Medical System: Conversation Analysis on Hotline Calls between Dispatchers and Medical Professionals
 Kawashima, Michie.

Neighborhood Boundaries as Symbolic Boundaries
 Kato, Yuki.

Neighborhood Context and the Gender Gap in Violent Crime
 Zimmerman, Gregory. and Messner, Steven.

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Obamanization of Environmental Sociology: A Challenge to the Orthodoxy
 Meij, Jan-Martijn. and Simpson, Joseph.

Obesity and Academic Achievement: Propensity Score Matching Estimates
 Han, Hongyun.

Obstacles & Identities: The Impact of Parental Education and Friendship Groups on Aspiring Graduate Students
 Stavish, Lauren.

Obstetrician-Gynecologists' Perceptions of the Relationship Between Interaction Rapport and Good Medical Care
 Smith, Carrie.

Occupational Context and Anti-immigrant Prejudice
 Kunovich, Robert.

Occupational Mobility in the Economic Crisis: The Example of South Korea
 Choi, Seongsoo.

Occupational Prestige, Gender, and Race: How they are Associated with Health
 Xu, Jun. and Gong, Fang.

Off the Map? Locating the Emerging Church
 Wollschleger, Jason.

Officially Engaged: Teaching Undergraduate Research Methods Through Campus and Community Partnerships
 Buhrmann, Jan.

Older and Younger Friends in 19 European Countries
 Dykstra, Pearl. and Schenk, Niels.

Omnivorousness: Taste, Participation or Attitude?
 Lena, Jennifer. and Everhart, Katherine.

On Ethnic Interpretation of Political Power in Rwanda and Burundi
 Schraml, Carla.

On US Impediments to Universal Healthcare: Modal Discourse within US and Canadian Editorials, 1965-1999
 Liu, Hexuan. and Roberts, Carl.

On the Borders of Citizenship: The Politics of Low-Income Immigrant Births
 Park, Lisa.

On the Politics of Hope and the Politics of Fear
 Murphy, Raymond.

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Paint-by-numbers: How Doctors Respond to the Corporatization of Health Care
 Jackson, Courtney. and McKinlay, John.

Panic City: Fortification and Security in Johannesburg after Apartheid
 Murray, Martin.

Paranormal Romance Novels: Another Form of Tradition in the Modern World
 Christoffersen, Kari.

Parental Bonding and Delinquency: An Exploration of Gender Differences
 Worthen, Meredith.

Parental Death, Caregiver Change, and Sexual Debut in Western Kenya
 Goldberg, Rachel.

Parenthood and Psychological Well-being: Are Parents with Preschool Children Worse Off?
 Nomaguchi, Kei.

Parenting Children with Disabilities: Caregiving, Role of the Father, and Parenting Stress for Female Caregivers
 Vanderminden, Jennifer.

Parenting Outside the Home
 Lareau, Annette. and Cox, Amanda.

Parenting Techniques, Child Health and Behavioral Outcomes
 Hochbaum, Christine. and White, James.

Parenting and Academic Achievement: Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Advantage
 Roksa, Josipa. and Potter, Daniel.

Parenting and Personal Safety Nets: Examining Child Characteristics and Perceived Instrumental Support
 Harknett, Kristen. and Hartnett, Caroline.

Parenting from Abroad: Nonresident Father Involvement and Children's Education in the Context of Mexico-U.S. Migration
 Nobles, Jenna.

Parents are "Not Going to Call the Shots": Conflicts Between Educators and Parents
 Lareau, Annette. and Munoz, Vanessa.

Parents' Valuation of Children's Achievement in Organized Activities: An Exploration of Race and Class
 Simpson, Theresa.

Paris Hiltons and Nerds: Predicting Different Types of College Integration
 Lee, Steve.

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Qualitative Insights on the HIV Risk Behaviors Among African-American Male Violent Youth Offenders
 Richardson, Joseph.

Quality Food and Labor in the Global Era:The Case of Grape Production in Northeastern Brazil
 Bonanno, Alessandro. and Cavalcanti, Josefa Salete.

Quality Time, Parenting Strain, and Distress among Never Married, Divorced, and Remarried Nonresident Fathers
 Denny, Kathleen.

Quantifying Justice Evaluations with Graded Status Characteristcs
 Melamed, David.

Queering the Media: New York Times coverage of the LGBT and AIDS movements 1969-2007
 Elliott, Thomas.

Question Tense as an Interactive Resource in the Research Interview
 Skala, Joe.

Questioning the Framework: Abortion, Reproductive Rights, and Reproductive Justice
 Smith, Trina.

Quotidian Advocacy: From Secondhand Smoke Exposure to Complaint to Action
 Wolfson, Mark.


Race Matters in Lesbian Donor Insemination: Whiteness and Heteronormativity as Co-Constituted Narratives
 Ryan, Maura., Moras, Amanda. and Shapiro, Eve.

Race Matters: Tween-Agers’ Race-Talk In a Post Civil Rights Society
 Banerjee, Pallavi. and Risman, Barbara.

Race and Ethnicity: The History of Two Concepts in American Sociology
 Bös, Mathias.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]

Race, Class, and Consumption: A Case Study of the African Americans' Consumption of Status-oriented Goods
 Pittman, Cassi.

Race, Class, and the Home-School Connection
 Lewis, R. L\'Heureux.

Race, Ethnicity, and Arts Participation: Findings from the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
 Kim, Yonghyun. and Welch, Jr, Vincent.

Race, Gender, Parental Education and Degree Attainment at Selective Colleges and Universities
 Brunn, Rachelle.

Race, Income and Social Capital among Families in a Suburban Long Island School District
 Cornigans, Linda. and Caldas, Stephen.

Race, Multiple Roles, Mastery and Depression
 Piatt, Elizabeth. and Marcussen, Kristen.

Race-Class Revisited: Immigration Policies and Punjabi Entry into the United States
 Mitra, Diditi.

Race-ing Dogs: Whiteness, Blackness and Cultural Meanings
 Newmahr, Staci. and Stewart, Ron.

Racial Alliances, Ethnic Divides: Mexican American Social and Intimate Ties
 Dowling, Julie.

Racial Differences in Interactions: Social Cohesion and Trust in Public Places
 Raudenbush, Danielle.

Racial Differences in Unconventional Mental Health Treatment
 Mills, Meghan.

Racial Formation and the Interfaith Movement
 McDonald, Melissa.

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 Webber, Gretchen.

Sacred Places, Secular Purposes: Politics in Congregational Settings
 Sager, Rebecca.

Safe Syringe Exchange Programs Among Vulnerable Populations
 Ethridge, Harry.

Same Sex Marriage in California: Comparing Arguments Across Public Arenas
 Motes, Alice.

Same Sex and Reciprocal Relationship Recognition Policies and Practices in Comparative Perspective
 Bernstein, Mary. and Naples, Nancy.

Same Sex, Different Nation: French and American Expatriate Accounts of Sexual Identity
 Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Michael.

Same Size, Different Tempo: A Comparison of the Two Largest Immigrant Communities in Spain
 Bradatan, Cristina. and Sandu, Dumitru.

Sample Selection Bias in the Pathways to Adult Health Inequalities
 White, Robert.

Sanctifying the Free Market: Evangelicals, Capitalism, and the Conservative Moral Project
 Steensland, Brian. and Steffy, Kody.

Santa Ana: The REAL-ity in Orange County
 Lacayo, Celia.

Sarah Palin and the New Grassroots Conservative Women’s Politics: Redefining “Traditional” Women and Loving Free Markets
 Scher, Abby.

Saving For My Funeral: Inequality and Meaning in Consumer Financial Services
 Schneider, Daniel.

Scale Effects of Incarceration Rates: Evidence from National Uniform Crime Report and Victimization Data
 Liedka, Raymond.

School Capacity and Staff Turnover: Teachers, Principals, and the Social Prospects for Instructional Improvement
 Bruch, Sarah., Hanselman, Paul., Grigg, Jeffrey., Collares, Ana Cristina. and Gamoran, Adam.

School Choice among Disadvantaged Parents: Towards an Understanding of Decision Processes
 Bischoff, Kendra.

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TANF Participation and Employment in SIPP (2004-2007)
 Irving, Shelley.

TV serial Ramayan and the Becoming of an Ideology
 Singh, Vikash.

Taking Care of Business: The Relationship Between Self-care and Homecare Dependency Among Elderly Black Women
 Buchanan Turner, Carlene.

Taking On and Taming Neoliberalism at the World Health Organization
 Chorev, Nitsan.

Taking Risks? The Effects of Institutions and Colleagues
 Rivers, Jacqueline.

Talented Tenth or Black Bourgeoisie: Contemporary Black Educational Elites
 Johnson, Nina.

Talking over the crowd: A Discourse Analysis on comments from Special topic blogs
 Yucel, Ibrahim.

Talking to Teens (or Not) about Sex: Age and Gender Dynamics in Mother-Teen Sex Talks
 Elliott, Sinikka.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023]

Taq1a and Education, Partisanship, Voting, and Other Outcomes: Replication Attempts Using The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
 Freese, Jeremy., Branigan, Amelia., Atwood, Craig., Hauser, Taissa., Benjamin, Daniel., Chabris, Christopher., Laibson, David. and Hauser, Robert.

Tattooing: A Case Study in Consumptive Identity Formation, Entrepreneurialism, and Power in the Service Economy
 Glynn, Sarah.

Teacher Churn Rate: The Relationship Between Teacher Retention and Student Achievement in Michigan
 Keesler, Venessa.

Teacher Commitment, Student Outcomes, and Evidence-Based Practices: A Social Network Analysis
 Mileva, Lambrina.

Teachers' Preferences for Distributing Grades: Does Disciplinary Expertise Matter?
 Resh, Nura., Biberman-Sahlev, Liat. and Sabbagh, Clara.

Teaching Sociological Theory: Using Popular Culture as a Practical Pedagogical Tool
 Schneider, Christopher.

Teaching and Learning Color Consciousness in Black Families:Exploring Family Processes and Women’s Experiences with Colorism
 Wilder, JeffriAnne. and Cain, Colleen.

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U.S. Immigration Laws and Salvadoran Social Citizenship: How Transnational Parents' Legal Status Shapes Children's Well-Being
 Abrego, Leisy.

Uncovering the Causes of Youth Violence in Minority Communities
 Collier-Goubil, Deshonna., Long, Camonia., Adams-Fuller, Terri. and Turner, Mila.

Uncrossing the Black-White Mortality Crossover
 Masters, Ryan.

Under-Preparing Students for Postsecondary Success: School-Level Average Achievement and Enrollment Patterns in Advanced High School Courses
 Wick, Shawn. and Rau, William.

Underage Drinking, Alcohol Sales and Collective Efficacy
 Maimon, David. and Browning, Christopher.

Underinvestment or Overdevelopment: A World System Perspective on Neo-liberalist Development and Migration in Northwestern China
 Mao, KuoRay.

Understand the Sociology of Race in Child Welfare Reform: Racial Disproportionality, Differential Response, University Partnerships
 Richardson, Jennifer.

Understanding Identity Differences among Biracial Siblings
 Herman, Melissa.

Understanding Marital Engagement in a Period of Marital Deinstitutionalization
 Hunter, Erica.

Understanding Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery in Housing First Programming
 Watson, Dennis.

Understanding Motivations of Suicide among Young Adults in Suriname
 Andrinopoulos, Katherine. and Meekers, Dominique.

Understanding Organizational Processes in Ecological Modernization: Energy Advocacy Organizations’ Embeddedness and Partnering with Business
 Shwom-Evelich, Rachael.

Understanding Racial Homophily, Network Formation, and Academic Achievement in Latino Student Peer Networks
 Nash, Chad. and Deil-Amen, Regina.

Understanding Transgender Identity and Activism in Latin America
 Lambert, Nicole.

Understanding corruption: Can sociology contribute?
 Uys, Tina.

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Vacation, Migration and Protest: The Post-Colonial Status of Greece
 Karides, Marina.

Value Commitments in Radical Organizational Change and the Development of Routines
 Yu, Kyoung-Hee.

Vanishing Act: Doing Non-Straight Identity in Heterosexual Relationships
 Tabatabai, Ahoo.

Variations in Household and Family Structure by Race/Ethnicity and Geography: Census Coverage Implications
 Schwede, Laurie.

Variations in Islamic Faith and Practice among Muslim Immigrants: A Comparative Analysis of Europe and Japan
 Kojima, Hiroshi.

Veterans, the Basij, and the Rise of Administered Mass Organizations in Iran
 Noori, Neema.

Victim cum Feminist: Deconstructing Global Concerns/Celebrations of Pakistani Human Rights Subject Mukhtar Mai
 Charania, Moon.

Violations of Human Rights and Citizenship: Implications of Incarceration on the Welfare of African-American Communities
 Burris-Kitchen, Deborah.

Violence at School: Student Victimization and Punishment in Rural, Northwest China
 Hannum, Emily. and Adams, Jennifer.

Virtual Mobilization and Real Life Participation: How New Media Change Social Movements
 Boekkooi, Marije.

Visualizing the Sovereign State: Signification in Agamben's State of Exception
 Andrist, Lester.

Voices in the Denier Choir: Conservative Columnists' Dismissal of Global Warming and Denigration of Climate Science
 Elsasser, Shaun. and Dunlap, Riley.

Voluntary Associations and Social Capital Formation: What Can Groups Really “Bridge”?
 Baggetta, Matthew.

Voluntary Associations and Tolerance: The Role Of Membership Composition
 Firat, Rengin. and Glanville, Jennifer.

Volunteering Revisited: Religiosity or Social Networks?
 Asgari, Navid. and Teo, Albert.


W.E.B. DuBois's 7th Ward and the Rise of Public Housing in Philadelphia
 Hunter, Marcus.

W.E.B. Dubois and Robert E. Park: Origins of the Sociology of Race
 Morris, Aldon.

Waiting for José: The Minutemen and the United States Mexico Border
 Shapira, Harel.

Waiting to Have Sex: The Timing of First Sexual Intercourse within Young People’s Relationships
 Xu, Hongwei., Luke, Nancy. and Kabiru, Caroline.

Waking the “Sleeping Giant”?: The Role of Immigrant Rights Coalitions in Mobilizing Protest
 Jimenez, Hortencia.

Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Initiative: Greening Capitalism or Corporate Greenwashing?
 Lang, Steven. and Klein, Lloyd.

War Films, African Americans, and the Problem of Patriotism
 Dowd, James.

War that Feels Good: A new explanation for the rally-round-the-flag syndrome
 Feinstein, Yuval.

War, Citizenship and the Remaking of Masculinity at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century
 Kestnbaum, Meyer.

Warriors and Survivors: Constructing the Gendered Cancer Patient as Hero
 Burrows, Kathryn.

Watching Foreigners: An Interpretive Economic Sociology of Herding in an Emerging Stock Market
 Pitluck, Aaron.

We Are Everywhere: Organizational Diversity and Enactment of Gay Rights Ordinances in US Communities
 Negro, Giacomo., Perretti, Fabrizio. and Carroll, Glenn.

We Fight A Lot about Coming Here: Waiving Parental Consent when Researching At-risk Youth
 Stablein, Timothy. and Jacobs, Steven.

We Fight For Civil Rights: The Emergence of Filipino American Organizing in Seattle
 Domingo, Ligaya.

Wealth, Health Care and the Welfare State: The Impact of Institutional Arrangements on Health
 Olafsdottir, Sigrun. and Beckfield, Jason.

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
 Winstead, Vicki., Yost, Elizabeth., Cotten, Shelia., Anderson, William., Warr, Amanda. and Berkowsky, Ronald.

You Gonna Buy That?: Reconceptualizing Purchasing as Politics in a Consumer(ist) Society
 Katz, Meredith.

You Have to Beat Them in Their Own Game:’ Filipino Immigrant Caregivers and the Informalization of the U.S. Home Care Industry
 Guevarra, Anna Romina.

Young Adult Offspring and Mothers' Depression
 Redmond, Deidre. and Jackson, Pamela.

Young Adult Offspring and Mothers’ Depression: What Helps and What Hurts
 Redmond, Deidre. and Jackson, Pamela.

Young Women’s Citizenship Experiences in Southeastern Turkey: Lack of Independence and Resources for Employed Young Women
 Bespinar-Ekici, Fatma.

Young, Brown and Down: Second-Generation Indo-Guyanese College Students Constructing Their Ethnicity In New York
 Bacchus, Nazreen.

Your Sunday Best: Religious Tradition and Body Mass Index Among Young Adults
 Dotson, Hilary. and Vaquera, Elizabeth.

Youth Organizing and Community Action for School Reform
 Warren, Mark.
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