American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2011-Aug-19 to 2011-Aug-25

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"Accumulation by Enclosure" and the Alternatives of the Counter-Enclosure Movements of Our Times
 Araghi, Farshad.

"Aggressively Evangelist": Christianity in Punk Hardcore Music Scenes
 McDowell, Amy.

"All the Children are Above Average": Managerial Parenting, Self-Esteem, and the New Capitalism
 Rutherford, Markella.

"And Then He Came Down": #MooreandMe and the Limits and Possibilities of Digital Protest
 Slaughter, Christine.

"Don't Deport Our Daddies": Gendering State Deportation Practices and Anti-Deportation Organizing
 Das Gupta, Monisha.

"Emerging Patterns of Santhali Cultural Persistence in West Bengal"
 Chatterjee, Anwesa.

"Erotic Traditionalists within Hook-Up Culture: Second-Generation Immigrant and African American Students in a Multicultural University"
 Grasmuck, Sherri. and Stewart, Christina.

"Gay Until Proven Straight:" Structure, Culture, and Homonormativity in Theme Park Parades
 Orzechowicz, David.

"God asks us to obey": How Christian Parents Discipline Toddlers
 Yuen, Nancy. and Kim, Christina.

"I Said 'Don't Know' Because I Don't Know”: Measuring Discrimination in Health Care
 Irby, Amy.

"I thought I was SO dumb...": Low-Income, First Generation College Students and Academic Inequities
 Rondini, Ashley.

"I'm Just Here For Fun": Privilege and Anti-Racism in Virtual Communities
 West, Rebecca.

"I'm not Here to Make Friends! Spontaneous Communication in a "Winners-Take-All" Organization
 Yakubovich, Valery. and Galperin, Roman.

"If you're not texting me, you must be old:" Age Cohort Attachment to Mobile Phones
 Warr, Amanda., Cotten, Shelia. and Anderson, William.

"It Sounds Like She's Totally Faking": Assessments of the Authenticity of Female Pleasure in Pornography
 Crutcher, Emily.

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A "Cultural Dimension" of Neighborhood Boundaries
 Kato, Yuki.

A Balancing Act: Blending And Bridging in Field Formation
 Lo, Yu-Chieh.

A Battleground of Identity: The Discourse on Interracial Marriage among African Americans
 Doering, Jan.

A Biosocial Approach to Resource Theory
 Houser, Jeffrey. and Lewis, J. Scott.

A Boolean Explanation of the Decline and Fall of the American Automobile Industry
 Zhang, Baiqing.

A Bottom-Up Social Movement Designed to Change Scholarly Priorities in Higher Education
 Spalter-Roth, Roberta., Mayorova, Olga. and Shin, Jean.

A Case for Maternal Ambivalence: Measuring Ambivalence in Early Motherhood
 Brown, Ivana.

A Case of Educational Apartheid, a Magnet Fortress, and Community Resistance at Centro Valley High
 Rosendo-Servin, Maribel.

A Child's Place in Race and Gender Socialization
 Mota-Back, Xochitl.

A Civil Religion for World Society: The Direct and Diffuse Effects of Human Rights Treaties
 Cole, Wade.

A Civil War and A Rational Peasant: Russia, Finland, Spain, and China
 Osinsky, Pavel.

A Comparative Analysis of Social Stratification in Japan, Korea and Taiwan
 Arita, Shin.

A Comparative Study on the Reception of Protestantism vs. Catholicism in the Chosun
 Lim, Young Bin.

A Comparison of Refugee and Voluntary Migrant Employment Outcomes:
 Owens, Christopher.

A Comprehensive National Profile of the Sexual Abuse Of Students With Disabilities in American Schools
 Caldas, Stephen. and Bensy, Mary Lou.

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Back Together Again: The Impact of Family Separation and Reunification on Mexican Immigrant Children's Education
 Cartwright, Kate.

Bad "Banksters" or Capitalism's Punch Line?
 Berlet, Chip.

Ballots of Reward and Punishment
 Nicholson, Stephen.

Banking for the Others? Expansion of Formal Microfinance and Persistence of Informal Finance in Ghana
 Pang, Irene.

Barack Obama's Campaigned Racialized Masculinity
 Pierce, Doreen.

Barriers to Social Support among Low-Income Mothers
 Offer, Shira.

Basic Human Rights Principles and Cultural Differences between China and Western Societies
 Olson, Raymond.

Beating Back Rightlessness in Court: The Legal Campaign against American Torture
 Hajjar, Lisa.

Beauty does not Glow in a Skinny Body: Dieting Practices of Urban Indian Women
 Talukdar, Jaita.

Becoming Citizens: A Comparative-Historical Analysis of How Western European Women Gained the Right to Vote
 Redding, Kent.

Becoming Unfaithful: What We Know and Don't Know about Atheists
 Goldfrank, Walter. and Kaplan, Samuel.

Becoming a Vegetarian in South Korea: The process of shaping, maintaining and developing a vegetarian identity
 Yoo, Tae-Bum.

Becoming and Belonging: Cultural Analysis of the Life Stories of Two Generations of Gay Men
 Rowe, Matthew.

Before the Natural Resource Boon: State-Civil Society Relations and Democracy in Resource-Rich Societies
 Friedson, Michael., Bolden, Leslie-Ann. and Corradi, Juan.

Beginning the Conversation on the Politics of Difference in the International Medical Graduate – Patient Relationship
 Weber, Linda.

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CO2 Emissions in Developing Countries: Untangling the Effects of World-Systems Inequality and World-Society Diffusion
 Scholz, Stephan.

Call me Mama: Maternalism as a Labor Strategy
 Kim, Esther.

Can Expansion Equalize Opportunity? Educational Expansion and Occupational Mobility 1850 – 1930
 Rauscher, Emily.

Can Family Relationships Explain the Race Paradox in Mental Health?
 Mouzon, Dawne.

Can I Do It My Way? Social Class and Children’s Efforts to Customize School Experiences
 McCrory Calarco, Jessica.

Can the Union of Patriarchy and Multiculturalism Work?: Family Dynamics in Filipina-Korean Rural Households
 Kim, Minjeong.

Can we talk? The effects of hospital structure and culture on provider-patient communication
 Monahan, Susanne. and Suchman, Mark.

Can/Will DSM-V Include Dimensional Measures of Psychiatric Disorders? Severity Measures for the Disruptive Disorders
 Turner, J. Blake.

Canine Soldiers, Mascots and Stray Dogs in Wartime: Ethical Considerations
 Alger, Janet. and Alger, Steven.

Can’t Distinguish Left from Right: Gender and Sexuality in Peru’s 2011 Presidential Campaign
 Ewig, Christina.

Capitalist State and Class Character of Macroeconomic Policies in the Brazil Post-Real
 Bin, Daniel.

Capturing Sociology in a Photograph: Developing the Sociological Imagination and Creating Critical Thinkers
 Eisen, Daniel.

Care Workers and Mobility: An Exploratory Analysis of the Effects of Job Changes on Wages
 Dill, Janette., Ribas, Vanesa. and Cohen, Philip.

Care as Love or Labor: Gender, Transnationalism and Volunteer Work Amongst Expatriate Wives in China
 Wang, Leslie.

Carved Mountains and the Politics of Race, Place, and Memory
 Neely, Brooke.

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DRD2 Gene, Peer Influences and Health-related Behaviors
 Fu, Yilan. and Li, Yi.

Daily Job Stressors and the Crossover Stress Responses in Children
 Almeida, David.

Day Laborers Challenge to Racialized Space in Southern California
 Erickson, Emily.

De-Americanization: Stripping Muslim Americans of their Citizenship
 Selod, Saher.

Dead by 50: Lay Expertise and Breast Cancer Screening
 Barker, Kristin. and Galardi, Tasha.

Dealing With Awkward Relations
 Healy, Kieran.

Debt as Health Risk and Health Resource
 Nau, Michael. and Tumin, Dmitry.

Decent Dutchness. The Dutch Historical Canon and the Instrumentalization of the Past
 Duyvendak, Jan. and Kesic, Josip.

Decentralized Gatekeeping: Political News Production and Mobilization on Daily Kos
 Shaw, Aaron.

Deciphering Denial: Modernity, Turkish State and the 1915 Collective Violence against the Armenians
 Gocek, Fatma Muge.

Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty: Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy
 Hernandez, Elaine.

Decision Making, Market Logic, and the Rating Mindset: Negotiating BookScan in Trade Publishing
 Childress, C. Clayton.

Declining Polygyny and Relative Spousal Power in Reproductive Decisions
 DeRose, Laurie.

Deconstructing the “Acculturation Gap” in Mexican American Families and its Effect on Youth Delinquency
 Grindal, Matthew. and Nieri, Tanya.

Decoupling Diversity: Organizational Change and Racial Inequity at the University of Vermont
 Carfagna, Luka.

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Early Modern Miracle Making and the Routinization of Charisma
 Lainer-Vos, Dan. and Parigi, Paolo.

Early Socioeconomic Adversity and Young Adult Socioeconomic Attainment: The Moderating Role of Education
 Wickrama, K.A.S.., Simons, Leslie. and Baltimore, Diana.

Early Unemployment and Subsequent Career Trajectories: The Case of West-German Working Men
 Mooi-Reci, Irma., Manzoni, Anna. and Elzinga, Cees.

East-Central Europe Remembers: Commemorating 20 Years Since the Fall of the Wall
 Pearce, Susan.

Ecological Survivor: Teaching Undergraduates about Global Stratification Through a Classroom Simulation Game
 Longest, Kyle. and Latshaw, Beth.

Ecology of Culture: Social Position and Connectedness as Predictors of Systematic Variation in Affective Meaning
 Rogers, Kimberly.

Ecology of Religious Change: The Reconfiguration of Religious Field in Post-Mao China
 Sun, Yanfei.

Economic Categories in Neoliberal Society
 Fourcade, Marion. and Healy, Kieran.

Economic Crises and Poverty in Turkey
 Gurses, Didem.

Economic Determinants of Divorce among Dual-Earner Couples: Jews in Israel
 Raz-Yurovich, Liat.

Economic Distress and Perceived Stress: The Impact of the 2001 Economic Crisis in Turkey
 Aytac, Isik. and Rankin, Bruce.

Economic Downturns and Doubled Up Households, 1988-2010
 Mykyta, Laryssa. and Macartney, Suzanne.

Economic Growth and Income Inequality Structures in Urban China and Taiwan
 Guo, Maocan.

Economic Hardship and Relationship Quality among Cohabiting and Married Couples in Germany
 Geist, Claudia., Lucas, Amy. and Hardie, Jessica.

Economic Power as Political Power: Post-Apartheid South Africa Revisited
 Mangaliso, Zengie. and Mangaliso, Mzamo.

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Face Value: Information and Signaling in an Illegal Market
 Logan, Trevon. and Shah, Manisha.

Facebook, Google, and Researcher-Participant Interaction: New Media and Challenges in Qualitative Research
 Reich, Jennifer.

Factors Affecting E-Learning and Deocratization of Information
 Kamali, Ali.

Factors Influencing the Internal Migration Decisions of Mexican Migrants in the United States
 Sue, Christina. and Riosmena, Fernando.

Factors Predicting Non-state Sector Labor Force Participation in Reformed China
 Jiang, Ting.

Fair Trade Certified: Claiming Human Rights through Global Markets
 Shorette, Kristen.

Falun Gong’s Millenarian Social Movement Turn
 Junker, Andrew.

Familial Structure Stability and its Impact on Children’s Educational Achievement
 Donaldson, Kristi.

Family Background Factors in Family Formation among African American Young Adults
 Broman, Clifford.

Family Separation and Cross-border Communication in a Transnational U.S.-Mexico Immigrant Community
 Silver, Alexis.

Family Structure History, Family Process, and Early Sexual Debut
 Zito, Rena.

Family Structure and Income Disparity of American Families, 1996-2009
 Hao, Lingxin.

Family Structure and School effects for the Truly Disadvantaged
 Saatcioglu, Argun.

Family Structure, Residential Mobility, and Environmental Inequality
 Downey, Liam. and Crowder, Kyle.

Family and Community Determinants of Mexican Children’s Scholastic Performance
 Paat, Yok Fong.

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G-E Interactions, Epigenesis and Sociological Imagination over the Life Course
 Dannefer, Dale., Douthit, Kathryn. and Kelley-Moore, Jessica.

GROW-ing Neo-Secularisation
 Malesevic, Vesna. and Lorie, Aine.

Gaining Entry into a Regional Exchange System: Ritual Life in East Asia
 Sarabia, Daniel. and Knottnerus, J..

Gaming Revenue and Health Care Spending in Iowa Counties, 1997-2003
 Wiebold, Lori.

Gatekeeping by Software: 21st Century Guidance Counseling
 Becker, Kelly. and Stephan, Jennifer.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Adolescents' Reflections on Queer Dating Culture and Violence
 Smollin, Leandra.

Gender Control in Iraq: A Factorial Survey of Judicial Decision Making
 Ferrales, Gabrielle. and Jasso, Guillermina.

Gender Differences in College Binge Drinking: Examining the Role of Depression and School Stress
 Pedersen, Daphne.

Gender Differences in Immigrant Health: The Case of Mexican and Middle Eastern Immigrants
 Read, Jen\'nan. and Reynolds, Megan.

Gender Differences in the Access to Social Capital
 Lee, Hang Young.

Gender Differences in the Correlates of Violent Crime in a Sample of Inmates
 Pilver, Lindsey., Greenberg, Greg., Dausey, David. and Desai, Rani.

Gender Differences in the Effects of Religious Attendance on all Cause Mortality among Older Hispanics
 Daily, Ashley.

Gender Differences in the Occupational Aspirations of Adolescents
 Blair, Sampson. and Neff, Patricia.

Gender Differences in the Relationship between Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being among Older Chinese Adults
 Shen, Yuying.

Gender Differences in the Social Determinants of Age at First Birth: The Role of Education
 Simpson, Theresa.

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HIV at the Medico-Legal Borderland: Exploring the Public Health Impact of Criminalizing HIV Non-Disclosure
 Mykhalovskiy, Eric.

HIV/AIDS Stigma: How State Public Health Departments Combat Stigma on Their Websites
 Moremen, Robin.

Habitus, Cultural Capital, and Everyday Practices of Empowerment among Immigrant Patients
 Lo, Ming-Cheng.

Hacking the Global: Constructing Markets and Commons though Free Software
 Schoonmaker, Sara.

Hailing the ‘Muslim’ Citizen: National Identity and the State Field in Modern Pakistan
 Saeed, Sadia.

Harm Reduction as Anarchist Practice: A Users’ Guide to Capitalism and Addiction
 Smith, Christopher.

Has Growth of the Egalitarian American Family Continued into the 21st Century
 Alwin, Duane., Beattie, Brett., Hannah, Alfred. and Powell, Erin.

Have Newspaper Cutbacks Compromised the Quality of News Reporting?: The Case of Epidemics
 Li, Rebecca.

Have Schools Made U.S. Children Overweight?
 von Hippel, Paul.

Hazards, Risks, and Climate Change: Transferable Lessons
 Tierney, Kathleen.

Health Activism and the Sexualization of New Medical Technologies
 Epstein, Steven.

Health Insurance Coverage and Cross-Border Utilization of Health Services
 Su, Dejun., Pratt, William., Wong, Rebeca. and Pagan, Jose.

Health Status, Needs, and Access among a Cohort of Hispanic Migrant Workers in South Florida
 Sanchez, Jesus.

Health disparities and a sense of well-being between multi- and mono-ethnic Asian Americans in Hawaii
 Zhang, Wei.

Healthcare Inequities: Immigrant Generational Status of Children across Diverse Subpopulations
 Evans, Ethan.

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I Am Abomination: Masculinity’s Construction of the Other and Its Effects on the Adolescent Gay Male
 Morrison, Robert.

IT and Development: The Internet and the Cell Phone in Haiti
 Laguerre, Michel.

Ideas as Motivators and Resources for Political Action: Child Labor Reform in Prussia, 1817-1839
 Anderson, Angela.

Identity and Belonging among Pakistani Immigrants in Montreal after 9/11
 Jamil, Uzma.

Identity as Chronic Strain and Coping Strategy in the Stress Process
 Norris, Dawn.

Identity, Legitimation, and Success: Lessons from Software Firms
 Miranda, Shaila.

Ideology and Utopia: Then and Now
 Antonio, Robert.

Ideomapping: Representing Ideas Spatially in Mixed Method Research
 Josephsohn, Thomas. and Brown-Saracino, Japonica.

If Science Furthers Progress: Makeup and Breakup of Sociological Tasks in the US and Japan, 1910-40
 Yoshida, Kohei.

Illegal Animal Trafficking in Vietnam
 Frey, R..

Images Of Sexual Desire Among Teens In Popular Films, 2000-2009
 Smith, Sarah.

Imagination In and Of the Public Realm
 Borer, Michael.

Imagining the Nation, Low Fertility, and Population Aging throughout the Life-course in Homeland and Diaspora
 Tammeveski, Peeter.

Imagining the Spaces of Regional Action Framing Youth Problems and Solutions
 Rios, Michael., Campbell, Dave. and Romero, Mindy.

Immigrant Help Networks and Unmet Medical Need
 Howe, Stephanie., Graefe, Deborah. and De Jong, Gordon.

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Jean Craig and the Factory Girls: Jean Martin’s Industrial Sociology, 1947-50
 Beilharz, Peter.

Job Exits, Duration of Non-employment, and Women’s Status Attainment over Time: Estimating Direct and Combined Effects
 Reid, Sarah. and Wheaton, Blair.

Joking for Health: Cementing Bonds, Coping with Aging, and Confronting Stereotypes
 Loe, Meika.

Journalism, Advocacy, and the Social Construction of Consensus
 Wade, Lisa.

Jumping Through Hoops: The Thoughts of Teachers on the Charter School Laws and Certification
 Maloney, Patricia. and McKenzie-Thompson, Kenann.

Junk in the Trunk: Evaluating the Relationship between BMI and Interracial Dating for White Adolescent Females
 Polimis, Kivan.

Junkies, Junk-Food and Carrot Commoners: How Place Shapes Ethical Eating
 Johnston, Josee., Szabo, Michelle. and Rodney, Alexandra.

Jurisdictional Competition and the State: The Prospects for Tipping the Education Sector
 Mehta, Jal. and Teles, Steven.

Just Places: Locating Places in Environmental Justice Research
 Banerjee, Damayanti.

Just Talk: Doing Apolitics in LGBT Pride Organizations
 Joseph, Lauren.

Just Who are “Barebackers”? Anal Sex, Condom Use and Safer-Sex Programs
 plemons, april.

Juvenile Street Violence as Shame Rituals
 Weenink, Don.


Kansalaiset and Citoyen-ne-s: Finnish and French Conceptions of Active Citizenship in a Comparative Perspective
 Luhtakallio, Eeva.

Keep the Laughter Down: Front Stage and Backstage Behaviors of Hospice Workers
 Cain, Cindy.

Keepers of Heaven’s Gate: Toward a Comparative Analysis of the Scholarly Editor's Role
 Sato, Ikuya.

Keeping People in Their Place? Young-Adult Mobility and the Persistence of Residential Segregation Across Generations
 Britton, Marcus. and Goldsmith, Pat.

Kids and Guns: Impact on Attitudes Toward Gun Control
 Thompson, Matthew.

Kinship Foster Care: A Study of Family Resources and Developmental Outcomes for Children in Valencia (Spain)
 Montoro Rodriguez, Julian. and Pinazo Hernandis, Sacramento.

Knowing Atrocities and Recognizing Crime in Eight Western Countries: Darfur before and after Judicial Intervention
 Savelsberg, Joachim. and Nyseth, Hollie.

Knowing Like a State: A Recipe for State Intelligence
 Smith, Suzanne.

Knowing about the existence and acceptability of maternal request cesarean birth
 Barcelos, Christie.

Knowledge Asymmetry in Brokerage: Secret Network Sources of Broker's Position and Power
 Davis, Jason., Kacperczyk, Aleksandra. and Hahl, Oliver.

Knowledge and Beliefs about Development and Developmental Hierarchies: Viewpoints of Ordinary People in Thirteen Counties
 Thornton, Arland. and Binstock, Georgina.

Knowledge and Experience: Reflections on Carnal Sociology
 Lee, Orville.

Knowledge? What Values? Comparative Politics of Patenting Life Forms in the United States and Europe
 Parthasarathy, Shobita.


LGBT Religious Activism: Predicting State Variations in the Presence of Metropolitan Community Churches, 1974-2000
 Kane, Melinda.

Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Married Women in Hong Kong, 1996 and 2006
 Wang, Hongbo. and Wong, Raymond.

Labor Market Structure and Self-Employment in three Asian Countries
 Takenoshita, Hirohisa.

Labor Rights and Citizenship - Trade Union Law in Chile and Argentina, 1900-1950
 Mackinnon, Moira.

Labor Union Mergers' Effects on Union Democracy, 1900-2005
 Kerrissey, Jasmine.

Labor Unions, Institutional Context, and Political Participation
 Schofer, Evan. and Kerrissey, Jasmine.

Land Rights and Migrant Labor Shortage in China: A Market Path for Labor Empowerment
 Zhan, Shaohua. and Huang, Lingli.

Language Capital, Wages, and Poverty: English-Language Proficiency and Social Mobility
 Shukla, Urmy.

Language Minority Status and the Timing of Immigrant Children’s Learning Disability Identification
 Hibel, Jacob. and Jasper, Andrea.

Language Projections: 2010 to 2020
 Ortman, Jennifer. and Shin, Hyon.

Las Vegas Activist Crew and the Im/migrant Rights Movement: How We Transformed “Sin City”
 Revilla, Anita.

Latent Classes of Mental Wants in the Korean and Hongkong Population: for Marketsegmentation
 Kwon, Aejung.

Latina Immigrant Incorporation among Housekeepers in the Las Vegas Hotel Industry
 Batson, Christie. and Keene, Jennifer.

Latina and Latino School Performance: An Examination of the Familial Context
 Neff, Patricia. and Cobas, Jose.

Latina/o Farmworkers and Sex-based Employment Inequality: The Mechanism of Recruitment
 Edwards, Michelle.

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Machine Theory: A Three-Part Thought Model
 London, Jeffrey. and Anastasia, Desire\'.

Macro-Phenomenology and Modernity: Toward a New Dispensation for General Social Theory
 Hall, John.

Mainstream Political Contexts and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: A Cross-National Study of Center-Right Party Dominance
 Ponce, Aaron.

Maintaining Ties from Coast to Coast: Selective Mixing Between Universities on Facebook
 Spiro, Emma., Almquist, Zack. and Butts, Carter.

Maintaining the Trail: Collective Action in a Serious-Leisure Community
 Rosenbaum, Michael.

Making Asians Visible: Examining Differential Racial Disparities in Pretrial Criminal Processing
 Schlesinger, Traci.

Making Ends Meet during the Great Recession: how child care subsidies matter to low-wage workers
 Scott, Ellen. and Shirley, Ann.

Making Ethnicity through Immigration: Romanian Immigrants in Canada
 Culic, Irina.

Making Friends in Violent Neighborhoods: Strategies among African American Elementary School children
 Chan Tack, Anjanette. and Small, Mario.

Making Good Things Happen: Optimism and the Range of Personal Social Networks
 Andersson, Matthew.

Making Revolution from the Middle: Construction of Middle-Class Narratives in South Korea and the Philippines
 Villegas, Celso. and Yang, Myung Ji.

Making Sense of Obama on Comment Boards as a Forum for Racial and Political Ideology
 Lara-Millan, Armando. and Onasch, Elizabeth.

Making Sense of Whiteness: From Invisibility to Colorblindness
 Croll, Paul.

Making Space and Saving Grace: Contested Space in a Faith-Based Reentry Program
 Jackson, Shirley.

Making Space for Information Management: The Multiple Contexts of Data Driven Scientific Research
 Donovan, Joan. and Baker, Karen.

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NSF Workshop Report: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Innovation, Science and Engineering
 McQuaid, Jim.

Nanotechnology, Sustainability, and the Molecular Biopolitics of the Future
 Shoffstall, Grant.

Narrating Discoveries: The Transformation of Robert Koch’s Cholera Bacillus in the United States
 Whooley, Owen.

Narrating Queer Identities and Communities at College
 Budnick, Jamie.

Narrative, Affect and the Antidepressant Self
 Stepnisky, Jeffrey.

Narratives of Origin and Original Movement: The Significance of Homelands for American Diasporas
 Powers, Jillian.

Narratives of White Male Innocence in Print Media: The Politics of Cultural Memory
 Pierce, Jennifer.

National Identification among Diaspora Communities: Echoes of Multicultural Policies
 Kislev, Elyakim.

Nationalism Corner, Contested Identity: Notes on First-generation Taiwanese American’s Political Self-Identification
 Cheng, Yu Ching.

Nationalism, Diversity and Identity Consensus: Peace and Stability in Unexpected Urban Spaces in Turkey
 Andac, Elif.

Nationalist Multiculturalism or Multicultural Nationalism: The Korean Government’s Multiculturalism Drive as a Nationalist Project
 Kim, Sookyung.

Nationalizing Human Rights: Assessing the Impact of National Human Rights Institutions, 1981–2004
 Cole, Wade. and Ramirez, Francisco.

Native American Portrayal in Public Education
 Mitchell, Jillian.

Nativism and Depression Among Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Women: An Intersectionality Perspective
 Garcia, San Juanita.

Nature vs. Nurture, Reductionism, Sociology’s Institutionalization, and the Lasting Impact of Parsons’ General Theoretical Project
 Bare, Michael.

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Obesity from a Life Course Perspective: Recent Developments in Sociological Research
 Reither, Eric.

Obesity, Work Habit and Academic Achievement
 Han, Hongyun.

Obstacles to precaution and equity in global environmental governance: applications to the Basel Convention
 Legot, Cristina.

Occupation, Retirement, and Well-Being
 Silver, Michelle.

Occupational Gender Composition and Workplace Integration: What Role Do Gendered Work Contents Play?
 Busch, Anne.

Occupational attainment and career progression in West Germany
 Manzoni, Anna., Harkonen, Juho. and Mayer, Karl Ulrich.

Of Capital and Closure: The Utility of Marx and Weber for Understanding U.S. Immigration Policy
 Everson, David.

Off to Market: Neighborhood and Individual Employment Barriers for Women in Post-Welfare Reform U.S. Cities
 Haney, Timothy.

Off to a Green Start? How State Agents Shape the Employment Outcomes of Foreign Nationals
 Rissing, Ben. and Castilla, Emilio.

Oil, Conflict and Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Middle East
 Moghadam, Valentine.

Old Revolutions, New Revolutions: Paths toward 21st Century Radical Social Change
 Foran, John.

On "Darkness" & "Light": Boundary Construction & Maintenance in a Rescue Mission
 Williams, Damian.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Paradigms of the Cosmos and Social Organization
 Burns, Thomas.

On Precariousness: An Ethnography of Older Adults Living Alone in a Northern American City
 Portacolone, Elena.

On Weber’s and Habermas’ Democratic Theories.A Reconstruction and Comparison
 Segre, Sandro.

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Panel Conditioning in a Longitudinal Study of Chilean Adolescents' Substance Use: Evidence from an Experiment
 Torche, Florencia., Warren, John. and Halpern-Manners, Andrew.

Paradigms of Change: Case Studies in Transforming Physician-Industry Interactions
 Chimonas, Susan., Rothman, David. and Dilorenzo, Madeline.

Paradoxical Social Status, Work Conditions and Perceived Stress
 Qiu, Hanyao.

Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement among Children of Immigrants
 Harris, Brian. and Jacobsen, Wade.

Parental Social Class, Childhood Time Use Patterns, the Likelihood of High School and College Completion
 Yetis-Bayraktar, Ayse.

Parental Support and Children’s Educational Expectations: Do Children of Actively Involved Parents Set Higher Educational Expectations?
 Poladko, Tetyana.

Parenting Early Adolescents: Mothers’ Narratives and Emerging Intersectional Differences
 Jayaram, Lakshmi.

Parents' Debt History and the Educational Attainment of Thier Young Adult Children
 McCloud, Laura.

Participation at the World and U.S. Social Forums: Evolving Networks and Shifting Alliances
 Chase-Dunn, Christopher., Guenther, Katja. and Reese, Ellen.

Partner Employment and Dissolution Risk: A Coordinated Cross-National Assessment
 Cooke, Lynn., Evertsson, Marie., Harkonen, Juho., Trappe, Heike., Hewitt, Belinda., Gahler, Michael., Mortelmans, Dimitri., Lyngstad, Torkild., Mignot, Jean-Francois., Jalovaara, Marika., Erola, Jani., Schmitt, Christian., Poortman, Anne-Rigt. and Mencarini, Letizia.

Pathologies in Peacebuilding: NGOs, Donors, and Peace Projects in Croatia
 Heideman, Laura.

Paths Taken, Moves Making: The Role of Capital Accumulation Accelerators for Lower Income Black Undergraduates
 Jack, Anthony.

Paths to Policy Implementation: Differential Paths of Needle Exchange and Housing First Programs
 Olson, Abigail. and Wright, Nathan.

Pathways from Conflict Abroad to Rally at Home: A Configurational Analysis, United States 1953-2003
 Feinstein, Yuval.

Pathways to Adulthood: Examining the Present Online Social Network of Former Classmates from Rural America
 Kropczynski, Jess. and Dyk, Patricia Hyjer.

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Q&A Authors of Poetics Issue. Toward a Relational Sociology of Meaning: Language and Sociocultural Processes
 Kirchner, Corinne.

Qualitative Data analysis of African American community participants; Pragmatic Suggestions derived from the Ghetto
 Bender, Joshua.

Quality of Life for the Homeless: Do Time and Place Matter
 Miller, Elizabeth., LaGory, Mark. and Fitzpatrick, Kevin.

Quantifying Citizens: Neoliberal Restructuring and Immigrant Selection in Canada and Australia
 Walsh, James.

Queer Heterosexualities? Metrosexual Men and Sexual Fluidity among Heterosexual Women
 Dean, James.

Queering Latina/o Sexualities Research in the United States
 Asencio, Marysol.

Queers in the Line of Fire: Coming Out, Identity Management, and Intergroup Dialogue
 Orne, Jason.

Quitting a Job: The Effect of Job Characteristics on Job Separation of University Educated Women
 Akiyoshi, Mito. and Tsutsui, Junya.


Race & Caste: The Relationship Re-Examined
 Anderson, Elijah., Austin, Duke., Kulkarni, Vani. and Holloway, Craig.

Race As Acquired Knowledge From Environmental Experiences
 Parker, Douglas.

Race and Access: Online Racial Discrimination in the Chicago Area Rental Market
 Kass, Dennis., Vela de Jesus, Maria. and Ledesma, Alonso.

Race and Ethnic Differences in College Applications
 Mullen, Ann., Goyette, Kimberly. and Stuart, Katie.

Race and Frequency of Interracial Dining Experiences on Students' Perceptions of the Campus Racial Climate
 Lowe, Maria., Byron, Reginald., Ferry, Griffin. and Garcia, Melissa.

Race, Class, and Gender Differences among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) People’s Violent Experiences
 Meyer, Doug.

Race, Class, and Gender differences in Age-related health declines: Findings from a 20-year panel study
 Berdahl, Terceira. and McQuillan, Julia.

Race, Class, and Redevelopment in Downtown Los Angeles
 Lomeli, Monica.

Race, Class, and School Security Policies: A Test of the Social Reproduction Thesis
 Kupchik, Aaron. and Ward, Geoff.

Race, Nativity and Household Income Strategies in the United States
 McManus, Patricia.

Race, Neighborhood Conditions, and Welfare Outcomes: Evidence from the Three City Study
 Bennett, Pamela. and Cherlin, Andrew.

Race, Poverty, Politics, Repression: Incarceration and Arrests in State and MSAs 1983-2003
 Oliver, Pamela.

Race, Self-Selection, and the Job Search Process: A Case Study of the Unemployed in New Jersey
 Pager, Devah. and Pedulla, David.

Race, Socialization, and Career Choices:The Case of Second Generation Korean Americans
 Son, In Seo.

Race-based Discrimination, Religious Involvement and Mental Health among Black Americans
 Henderson, Andrea.

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SES, Trajectories of Physical Limitations, and Change in Depression in Late Life
 Bierman, Alex. and Pearlin, Leonard.

STEM Degrees and Occupations among Latinos: An Examination of Race/Ethnic and Gender Variation
 Hanson, Sandra.

Safety or Salvation? An Institutional Approach Comparing Public and Private Organizations in Safety Management
 Cho, Munseok., Jang, Yong Suk., Chung, Jang Hoon. and Kim, Yonghyun.

Salience of Cultural Identity
 Ermolaeva, Elena.

Same-Sex Attraction and Educational Attainment during the Transition to Adulthood
 Pearson, Jennifer. and Wilkinson, Lindsey.

Same-Sex Cohabitation and Self-Rated Health
 Liu, Hui., Reczek, Corinne. and Brown, Dustin.

Same-Sex Marriage Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Currier, Ashley. and McKay, Tara.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: How Religious Competition Enhances Religion's Rewards
 May, Matthew.

Saving Children and Harming Women: A Critique of Illinois HB 6462, the "Illinois Safe Children Act"
 Scott, Gregory., Lovell, Rachel. and Scott, Erin.

Saving Empire: The Attempt to Create (non)-Universal Human Rights
 Roberts, Christopher.

Saving Lives, Saving Money: Medical Decision-making in End-of-life Care
 Hart, Lianna.

Scandal and the Public Sphere
 Adut, Ari.

Scandal or Silence: Political Malfeasance in the Media
 Entman, Robert.

Schemas of Identification in Boundary-Defining Practice
 Creutz-Kämppi, Karin.

Schemas, Cognitive Social Science, and Blending in Social Movements: The Case of Environmental Activists
 Patel, Nehal.

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Tactical Innovation in Social Movements: A Cognitive Approach
 Kelner, Shaul.

Tactical Interactions between Youth Movements and Incumbent Governments in Post-Communist States
 Nikolayenko, Olena.

Tactical Repertoires, Diffusion, and Gay Pride in Spartanburg, South Carolina
 McFarland, Katherine.

Taking Online Privacy to the Next Level: A Multinational Look at Facebook
 Pierski, Nicole.

Taking Science From the Ivory Tower to the American Dinner Table: University Scientists' Public Science Efforts
 Howard Ecklund, Elaine., Sorrell, Katherine., James, Sarah. and Lincoln, Anne.

Taking Sides: How Do Urban and Suburban Schools Respond to the Bullying and Harassment of Vulnerable or Marginalized Students?
 Hirschfield, Paul.

Taking the Neighborhood out of the School: Racial and Class Conflict over Neoliberal Urban School Reform
 Gordon, Hava.

Talk is Cheap: Relationship Skills and Marriage Promotion Policy for Fragile Families
 Randles, Jennifer.

Talk of the Talkies in the 21st Century: Film Discourse on the Praised and Acclaimed
 Kersten, Annemarie. and Bielby, Denise.

Talking Your Way into a Legitimate Existence
 Byfield, Natalie.

Targeted Erasures: Enacting Genocide on the Bodies of Native American Women
 Gurr, Barbara.

Teachers’ Perceptions of Students: The Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Status
 Irizarry, Yasmiyn.

Teaching Citizens and Managing Migrant-Citizen Subjects
 Turnovsky, Carolyn.

Teaching Creativity in the East African Context: The Genius of Junk Art
 Swigert, Margaretta.

Teaching Sociological Concepts through a Central European Study-Abroad Program
 Green, Brian. and Stevenson, Peter.

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U.S. Bottom-up Struggles and the Movement Toward Socialism
 Katz-Fishman, Walda. and Scott, Jerome.

US Autoworkers, Globalization, and Discourses of Dispossession
 Aschoff, Nicole.

US Colonialism, Migration and Sexualities: The Filipino American Case
 Espiritu, Yen.

Unabated Violence against Kashmiri Women: A Social Justice Perspective
 Shah, Tamanna.

Under Lady Bea's Watchful Eyes
 Asbury, Dana.

Undermining Order: A Dynamic Network Simulation Analysis
 Torfason, Magnus. and Kitts, James.

Understanding the Publishing Field: The Contributions of Bourdieu
 Gulledge, Elizabeth. and Townley, Barbara.

Understanding the Role of Parochial Control in a Disadvantaged Brooklyn Community
 Barrow, Christine.

Understanding the Role of Violence in Incarcerated Women’s Cervical Cancer Screening and History
 Ramaswamy, Megha.

Undocumented College Students in the United States: A category in need of further analysis (Temporary title).
 Degiuli, Francesca.

Unemployment Insurance and Job Search Effort: Evidence from Random Audits
 Young, Cristobal.

Unemployment Scarring: Human Capital Depreciation or Stigmatization? Longitudinal Evidence from the Netherlands, 1980-2000
 Mooi-Reci, Irma. and Ganzeboom, Harry.

Unequal Childhood: Rethinking Family Cultural Capital in East Asia
 Shih, Yi-Ping.

Unintelligible Speech and Action: How Culture Constrains
 Eliasoph, Nina.

Unintended Consequences of Supporting Dual Career Couples
 Auspurg, Katrin. and Hinz, Thomas.

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Vacation Spaces: The Spatial Parameters of Identity Construction
 Stein, Karen.

Validity of Self-reported Adult Height, Weight and Body Mass Index
 Wen, Ming. and Kowaleski-Jones, Lori.

Variation in Robbery Rates Across Districts in Germany: A Spatial Analysis
 Messner, Steven., Teske, Raymond., Thome, Helmut. and Baller, Robert.

Variations Among Women’s Kinkeeping Styles Within Reconstituted Families
 Freed, Candace.

Variations in Intimate Partner Violence Revictimisation after Police Intervention When Considering Selection Bias
 Broll, Ryan.

Variations in Socioeconomic Status, Social Support and Depressive Symptoms among Black Women in the United States
 Johnson, Lesa.

Varieties of Inequality Regimes
 Acker, Joan.

Varieties of National and Sectoral Organization: A Multi-Level Analysis of No-Contract and Part-Time Work in Europe
 Pinto, Sanjay.

Varieties of modernity: Do varieties of gender regime map onto varieties of capitalism?
 Walby, Sylvia.

Varying forms of Discrimination: Caste and Malnutrition in India
 Lewis, Valerie.

Veteran Status, Marital Infidelity, and Divorce
 London, Andrew., Allen, Elizabeth. and Wilmoth, Janet.

Victimization and the Decision to Migrate
 Altman, Claire. and Remster, Brianna.

Violence Against Animals: Examining the Relationship between Animal Production and Animal Abuse
 Whitley, Cameron.

Virtual Commemoration and 1984: Trauma, Memory and Sikh Identity
 Devgan, Shruti.

Virtual Gaming Worlds: A Microcosm of Complex Social Tie Interactions
 Wright, Talmadge. and Dougherty, Beth.

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W. E. B. Du Bois and Race/Class/Gender Stereotyping: Early Insights into the Ultimate Attribution Error
 Peoples, Clayton.

Walking Their Talk: Holistic Health Providers’ Attitudes Towards and Access to Western Health Care
 Diaz, Armand.

Wallet or Ballot? How Everyday Economic Activity Becomes a Political Act
 Schoolman, Ethan.

Walmart’s Urban Strategy and the Politics of Community
 Lang, Steven. and Klein, Lloyd.

Waltzing, relational work and the construction (or not) of collaboration in manufacturing industries
 Whitford, Josh.

War Games: Simulating Collins' Theory of Battle Victory
 Fletcher, Jesse., Apkarian, Jacob., Lawrence, Kirk., Chase-Dunn, Christopher. and Hanneman, Robert.

War after Peace: Enduring Social Effects of Protracted Conflicts in Southern Africa and Central America.
 Menjivar, Cecilia. and Agadjanian, Victor.

Watch What I Do Not What I Say? An Assessment of the Negative Implicit In-group Bias
 Pinkston, Kevin.

Watching the Wicked: A Social History of GPS Tracking of Sex Offenders
 Headworth, Spencer.

Water Regimes: The International Dimension of Water and its Role in the Global Economy
 Mirosa, Oriol.

Water Scarcity and International Conflict: An Analysis of Demographic, Development, Ecological, and Geo-Political Factors
 Green, Brian.

Water at Risk: Changing the Course of the “Titanic?”
 Alario, Margarita.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Experience, Identity, and Community in Post-Racial Discourse
 Ignacio, Emily.

We Aren’t Widget-Builders! Nursing, the Unionist/Professional Contention and its Consequences for Collective Identity
 Tucker, Tuneka.

We Can Work it Out?: Women Scientists' Gender Strategies for Career Success in Academia
 Bird, Sharon. and Rhoton, Patricia.

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Xenophobia in Russia: Individual and Regional Predictors
 Kraus, Nicole.


Yonder on the Horizon
 Elliott, Christopher.

You Are My World - The Social Embeddedness of Remarriage
 Lin, Muh-Chung.

You Can't Do That: Practices of Constrainment
 Cerulo, Karen.

Young Black Men and the Struggle to Change: A Case Study of Eleven Chicago Inner-City Teenagers
 Soyer, Michaela.

Young Women and Substance Use during Pregnancy: The Role of Social Support
 Gatny, Heather. and Kusunoki, Yasamin.

Youth Participation in Extracurricular Activities: The Effects of Immigrant Generation, Parental Influence, and School Context
 Okamoto, Dina., Herda, Daniel. and Hartzog, Cassie.

Youth Studies and Adolescence: conceptual (re)encounters
 Pappamikail, Lia.


Zero Tolerance?: Masculinity and Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military
 Armato, Michael.
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