American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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"Erotic Capital": Thinking with and against Bourdieu and Hakim
 Green, Adam.

"Good Medicine": How the Pharmaceutical Industry Kept the Power to Prescribe away from Pharmacists
 Younkin, Peter.

"Hooking Up" and Teaching the Sociology of Intimacy
 Plante, Rebecca.

"Just Muslim": Sectarian Identity Construction in Campus Muslim Politics
 Husain, Atiya.

"Sociably Sufficing": Getting-by Girls, White Middle Class Culture, and the Contemporary Reproduction of Inequality
 Rossi, Michele.

"Transvestite Terror" and the Production of Deep Citizenship in Turkey
 Savci, Evren.

(De)Colonization and Conscientização from Amilcar Cabral and Paulo Freire for the Theoretical Elaboration of Ideology
 Barnum, Anthony.

(Re) Formulating the Men’s Movement
 Mazar, Iyar.

(Re)Creating Community: Sex Offender Laws in Action
 Williams, Monica.

(Un)Employment and Parental Time Use: Does Education Matter?
 Prickett, Kate.

1. Adding Dialogue to the Real Utopias Framework
 Kumar, Anshul. and Wu, Daniel.

10. Teaching the Tricky Stuff: Gender Violence, Feminism and Cultural Studies
 Plumeri, Christine.

11. Reproductive Challenges of Lesbian and Queer Couples of Color
 Martin-Robinson, Nia. and McLucas, Karla.

12. Black Interracial Marriage: Variations of Characteristics by Gender
 malone, Danny.

13. Feeding the Family: Gender Responsibilities in Croatia and the United States
 Kranjac, Ashley.

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A Bayesian Measurement Model for Human Rights Treaty Ratification, 1975–2005
 Mathias, Matthew. and Elliott, Michael.

A Canker in the Body Politic: Ideas, Institutions, and Child Labor Reform in Massachusetts and Prussia
 Anderson, Angela.

A Caribbean Perspective on the Relationship between State, Economy, Civil Society and Democracy
 Schalkwijk, Jan.

A Case of Double Jeopardy in the Obesity Epidemic
 Lee, Annie.

A Community of Strangers
 State, Bogdan., Parigi, Paolo., Corten, Rense., Cook, Karen. and Dakhlallah, Diana.

A Comparative Study of the Health Care Transformation in China and Taiwan: A Preliminary Analysis
 Chen, Meei-Shia.

A Comparative Study on Wage Penalties for Motherhood by Skill
 Levanon, Asaf. and Halldén, Karin.

A Comparison of Alternative Methods for Describing Life Course Trajectories
 Warren, John., Palloni, Alberto., Raymo, James., Halpern-Manners, Andrew. and Luo, Liying.

A Conceptual Analysis of the Digital Document in Online Self-documentation
 Jurgenson, Nathan.

A Cross-national, Multilevel Approach to Class-based Political Mobilization
 Dodson, Kyle.

A Cultural Sociology of Emotions in Social Movements: Egypt, Revolution, and the April 6 Youth Movement
 Ikeda, Daniel.

A Culture Divided Cannot Stand: Unifying and Expanding Development Sociology’s Conceptions of Culture
 Bloom, Nicholas.

A Deeper Channel Floats All Boats: The Port Economy as Urban Growth Machine
 Jaffee, David.

A Double Standard for “Hooking Up”: How Far Have we Come Toward Gender Equality?
 Risman, Barbara. and Allison, Rachel.

A Dyadic Assessment of Romantic Relationship Quality and Health Among Young, African American Couples
 Barr, Ashley.

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Babies: Statistically Rare. On the Consequences of Ignoring the Rareness of Events
 Haeberling, Isabel.

Back to Nature in New York City? Freegans and the Morality of Urban Life
 Barnard, Alexander.

Back to the Future: The Partial Reversal in Social Evolution Theories
 Hammond, Michael.

Backgrounding Ethnoracialization: The Meaning of Cleansing in Israel/Palestine, 1948
 Pessah, Tom.

Backstage Legitimacy: The Role of Trend Forecasters in the Fashion Field
 Lantz, Jenny.

Bad-faith Bureaucracy in a Non-profit Nursing Home
 Lopez, Steven.

Balancing Legitimacy and Differentiation: Intra-professional Friction and Inter-professional Boundaries in the Osteopathic Profession
 Tsai, Gawin.

Barriers and Gateways: Boundaries, Pedagogical Worth, and Adjuncts at a Community College
 Pagnucco, Nicholas.

Basing College Chances on Lottery Dreams
 Becker, Kelly. and Rosenbaum, James.

Beauty, Money, and the Distribution of Talent: A Local-level Panel Data Analysis
 Chen, Xinxiang. and Chi, Guangqing.

Because It Connects Me to God: Voluntary Simplifiers in the Age of Consumerism
 Walther, Carol., Sandlin, Jennifer. and Wuensche, Kris.

Becoming "Bold": Alcohol Use and Sexual Exploration among Black and Latino Young MSM
 Mutchler, Matt., McDavitt, Bryce., Gordon, Kristie. and Bui, Kim.

Becoming A Sport Fan
 Blum, Dinur.

Becoming Invisible in Community: Old Gay Men's Attachment to a Local Gay Community
 Tester, Griff.

Becoming a Global Religion: The Globalization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 Wright, Nathan.

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Caja Laboral Popular (Cooperative Bank): Institutionalizing the Mondragon Cooperatives Network
 Cruz, Iñaki.

Calculation, Performativity, and Counter-performativity in Consumer Behavior
 Rosenberg, Stephen.

Calibrated Ambitions: Low Educational Ambition as a Form of Strategic Adaptation among Chinese Youths in Spain
 Yiu, Jessica.

Call Home? Communication Technology and Adult Children’s Contacts with Mother in Cross-national Perspective
 Gubernskaya, Zoya. and Treas, Judith.

Calling Dirty Harry a Liar: A Critique of Displacement Theories of Popular Criminology
 King, Neal.

Calling on Behalf of a Patient: The Organization of Hotline Calls to ER
 Kuroshima, Satomi. and Kawashima, Michie.

Calmer on the Surface: An Organizational Study of Four Programs Designed to House the Mentally Ill
 Watson, Dennis.

Can Capitalism Phase Out Carbon Emissions?
 Hutchinson, Richard.

Can Housing Policy Ameliorate the Effect of Poverty on Academic Performance?
 Bower, Corey.

Can Kids Have Too Much Freedom? Exploring the Relationship between Parental Autonomy Support and Adolescent Delinquency
 Brauer, Jonathan.

Can Legal Policy Change Women’s Attitudes in Egypt: an Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision
 Eisele, Joanna.

Can Modern Spiritualities Improve the Life of Women and Their Communities?
 Suarez, Ana.

Can Online Courses Deliver In-class Results? A Comparision of Online to Face-to-face Learning
 Driscoll, Adam., Jicha, Karl., Hunt, Andrea., Tichavsky, Lisa. and Thompson, Gretchen.

Can Religion Improve Interpersonal Trust? An Empirical Research of Contemporary Chinese Society
 Wang, Jia.

Can a Social Movement Limit the Political Opportunity Structure of the State? Poland's Solidarity Union
 Bloom, Jack.

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D-Work: Controlling Distributed, Volunteer and Redundant Work to Facilitate Innovation
 Hachen, David. and Kertcher, Zack.

Dangerous Assumptions: A Test of US-Centric Criminological Findings in International Context
 Mangels, Laura. and Macdonald, Sarah.

Dangerous Diffusion: Global Trends in Counterterrorism After 9/11
 Smith Cody, Stephen.

Date Rape After the Afterschool Special: Narrative Trends in the Televised Depiction of Social Problems
 Tomlinson, Christine.

Dear Mrs. Obama: Food Provisioning as Work
 Wilson, Julia. and Koch, Shelley.

Death and the Environment: An Ecological Perspective of End-of-Life Medicine
 Vatovec, Christine., Senier, Laura. and Bell, Michael.

Death by Mental Retardation? Diagnostic Overshadowing of Cause of Death among Adults with Intellectual Disability
 Landes, Scott. and Peek, Charles.

Death of Negotiated Management: Global Cities, Protest Policing, and the Occupy Movement
 Martinez, Elizabeth.

Decent Societies: What Are Their Empirical Foundations?
 Hasnain, Aseem., King, Josh. and Blau, Judith.

Decolonizing Bourdieu: Colonial and Postcolonial Theory in the Pierre Bourdieu’s Early Work
 Go, Julian.

Decomposing Household and Family Change among the Native Born and Foreign Born in the United States
 Florian, Sandra. and Casper, Lynne.

Deconcentration of Urban Gay Enclaves: Evidence from the 2000 and 2010 U.S. Censuses
 Spring, Amy.

Decoupling Diversity: Organizational Change and Racial Inequity at the University of Vermont
 Carfagna, L.B..

Decoupling Reconsidered: State Capacity and the Implementation Gap in Human Rights Treaty Regime
 Cole, Wade.

Defense against Recession: U.S. Business Mobilization, 1950-1970
 Schifeling, Todd.

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Early Childhood Nutritional Policy and the Reduction of Academic Inequality: The Case of WIC
 Jackson, Margot.

Early Marriage among Ever-married Women in Ghana
 Bass, Loretta. and Richards, Morgan.

Early Studies of Political Behavior in the United States
 Traugott, Michael.

Earnings Equality and Relationship Stability for Same-sex and Heterosexual Relationships
 Weisshaar, Katherine.

Ecological Citizenship and Practical Utopianism
 Smith, Mark. and Pangsapa, Piya.

Ecological Degradation and the Spatial Distribution China’s Environmental Movement Organizations
 Hao, Feng.

Ecology of Philanthropy: A Preliminary Examination of Community Composition and Aggregate Charitable Revenue in the United States
 Choudary, Wendie. and Fitzpatrick, Kevin.

Economic Development and Gender Equality: Explaining Variations in the Gender Poverty Gap after Socialism
 Fodor, Eva. and Horn, Daniel.

Economic Distress and Perceived Stress
 Aytac, Isik., Rankin, Bruce. and Kavakli Birdal, Nur.

Economic Incorporation, Civic Inclusion, and Social Ties: Plans to Return Home among Immigrant Women in Russia
 Agadjanian, Victor. and Gorina, Evgenia.

Economic Inequality and Ideological Roll-Call Votes: Economic Stratification, Minority Threat and Support for Conservative Policies
 Jacobs, David., Malone, Chad. and Tope, Daniel.

Economic and Political Culture in the Indian Public Sphere: A Study of Gram Sabha Deliberations
 Sanyal, Paromita. and Rao, Vijayendra.

Economists and State: The Rise of a Profession in Contemporary China
 Li, Jing.

Educating Women for HIV Prevention: Does Exposure to Mass Media
 Jesmin, Syeda., Chaudhuri, Sanjukta. and Abdullah, Shahnaz.

Education And Skin Color Among Mexican Americans
 Ortiz, Vilma.

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Facilitating the Integration of Scholars with Community Efforts and Public Discourse
 Nyden, Philip.

Facing Inequality: Experimental Study on the Role of Belief in Resource Distribution
 Zhu, Yi.

Factors Driving Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Suicide Risk in the United States, 1976-2000
 Phillips, Julie.

Failing States in Africa and the Middle East: Terrorist Group Formation and Terrorist Attacks Over Time
 Plummer, Chelli.

Failing to Make a Market: The Liminal Lottery in 1950s Massachusetts
 Wetzel, Christopher.

Fair Trade Certification in the Global Flower Industry: Challenges in Improving Labor Standards and Labor Rights
 Raynolds, Laura.

Fair and Balanced? An Empirical Assessment of Media Coverage of Social Movement Campaigns
 Martin, Andrew. and Restifo, Salvatore.

Faith and Science: The Complex Nexus of Religion, Science, and Education
 Kye, Samuel.

Falling Short of College: Family Relationships and Downward Mobility
 Dayton, Elizabeth.

Familial Reproduction and the Theory of Varieties of Capitalism
 Lee, Seokmin.

Families in the Middle: "Specific" and "General" Educational Aspirations among Middle-income Parents
 Wu, Tina., Napolitano, Laura. and Furstenberg, Frank.

Families, Resources, and Adult Health: Where do Sexual Minorities Fit?
 Denney, Justin., Gorman, Bridget. and Barrera, Cristina.

Family Disadvantage: Latent Classes of Maternal and Child Health and Socioeconomic Status
 Garbarski, Dana.

Family Instability and Fluctuations of Children's Psychological Well-being
 Sun, Yongmin.

Family Instability and Pathways to Adulthood in Cape Town, South Africa
 Goldberg, Rachel.

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Gangbang Capital: Gang Membership as Cultural Capital in Chicago’s Rap Music Scene
 Harkness, Geoff.

Gastropraxis: Toward a Marxian Theory of Food, Society, and the Body
 Fenton, Robert.

Gay Families Count: Contact, Tolerance, and Voting on Gay Marriage Bans
 DiBennardo, Rebecca.

Gay Males and Electronic Health Records: Privacy Perceptions, Age, and Negotiating Stigma
 Stablein, Timothy., Hall, Joseph., Nissenbaum, Helen. and Anthony, Denise.

Gender Differences in Perceived Discrimination and Substance Use among Hispanics
 Nowotny, Kathryn.

Gender Differences in Postsecondary Matriculation: Rurality, the Local Labor Economy, and Gender Role Socialization
 Sutton, April.

Gender Differences in the Causal Effect of Peer SES: Evidence from Two Quasi-experimental Case Studies
 Legewie, Joscha. and DiPrete, Thomas.

Gender Differences in the Effects of Teen Employment upon Adolescents' Educational and Occupational Aspirations
 Blair, Sampson. and Neff, Patricia.

Gender Discrimination Policies across the Globe: Proactive Strategies as a Possible Solution to Gender Inequality
 Demantas, Ilana.

Gender Disparity in Access to Hierarchical Managerial Positions in Urban China
 Tang, Zhenyu.

Gender Gaps in Early Childhood Reward Orientations and Educational Attainment: A Life Course Perspective
 Owens, Jayanti.

Gender Inclusivity in Postcolonial Organizations: Culturalism and Isomorphism in Indian IT Corporations
 Radhakrishnan, Smitha.

Gender Normativity, “Gender Anomie,” and Transgender Oppression: Transgender People’s Emotional Labor Negotiating Dominant Gender Optics
 Nordmarken, Sonny.

Gender Regimes and Employment Commitment: A Cross-national Comparison Across 22 Countries
 Mukherjee, Shibashis.

Gender Sorting and the Glass Ceiling in High Tech
 Fernandez, Roberto. and Campero, Santiago.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and the Marginalization of Women
 Mastrangelo, Marisol.

HIV/AIDS Stigma: Measurement and Relationships to Health in Latino Gay/Bisexual Men and Transgender Individuals
 Ramirez-Valles, Jesus. and Molina, Yamile.

Habit, Legitimacy, or Rationality: Explaining Active Non-Participation in North Carolina Fisheries Governance
 May, Candace.

Habitual Attendance, Selective Attendance and Avoidance: Understanding Sociology Students’ Different Orientations to Attendance
 O\'Sullivan, Sara.

Habitus and Middle Class Deficits in Caregiving Support for Cancer Patients
 Macdonald, Cameron.

Haitian and Ghanaian Liturgy and Prayer as Constitutive-ends Practices
 Mooney, Margarita. and Manglos, Nicolette.

Halting Harassment: Social influence and Gender in School Social Networks
 Shepherd, Hana. and Levy Paluck, Elizabeth.

Hank's Condition: Jammed up in Atlantic City
 Avery, Jacob.

Happiness: Before and After the Kids
 Margolis, Rachel. and Myrskyla, Mikko.

Happy with a Chance of Leaving? Time Allocation, Job Satisfaction, and Retention among Academic Faculty
 Winslow, Sarah.

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Contagion through Psychoanalytic Techniques: Lessons from Russia’s Tocqueville
 Ashwin, Sarah.

Have You Seen an Albanian Running?
 Traga, Lulzim.

Having Their Data and Using It Too: Uses of Audience Metrics at a National U.S. Newspaper
 Petre, Caitlin.

He Motivated Me to Want to Go to College: Student-educator Relationships that Produce College Aspirations
 Espinoza, Roberta.

Health Developmental States: Theory and Evidence from Urban Brazil
 Gibson, Christopher.

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I Came in Unsure of Everything: Community College Students’ Shifts in Confidence
 Bickerstaff, Susan., Barragan, Melissa. and Ahidiana, Zawadi.

I Give All the Glory: Black Women, Faith, and the Racial Suicide Paradox
 Spates, Kamesha.

I Love being a Mom so I Don’t Mind Doing it All: Maternal Identity
 Hauser, Orlee.

ICT-related Job Stress, Perceived Social Support, and Work-family Spillover
 Campbell, Anthony.

Ida Wells, Reflection, and Action: Centering the Canon of Classical Sociological Theory on Praxis
 Austin Smith, Margaret.

Ideal Types of Leadership as Patterns of Affective Meaning
 Schneider, Andreas. and Schröder, Tobias.

Ideal versus Reality: Married Men’s Attitudes Toward Stay-at-home and Working Wives
 White, Damian. and Kaufman, Gayle.

Ideas and Discourse in Institutional Change: The Case of Migrant Labor Policy in Korea, 1990-2003
 Lee, Juyoung.

Identical Disease, Diverging Destinies: Early Childhood Asthma, Maternal
 Chen, Jen-Hao.

Identifiability and Punishment in Monotheistic Religion: A Historical Case Study of Ancient Judaic Monotheism
 McLeer, Jennifer.

Identification of Causal Peer Effects in Social Networks
 An, Weihua.

Identifying Frames and Worldviews in Texts
 Ignatow, Gabe. and Mihalcea, Rada.

Identifying Internal and External Impediments to a More Visual Social Science: Key Issues and Remediation Measures
 Pauwels, Luc.

Identifying the Impact of Twenty-first Century Wars on Military Personnel and Veterans
 Clever, Molly. and McLeigh, Jill.

Identity Acrobatics: Exploring the Power of Norms in Everyday Life
 Sherry, Mark.

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Jacques Derrida and the Photograph of Tomorrow
 Hancock, Black Hawk.

Japanese Passport, Multi-cultural Dreams: Palimpsestic Practices of Transnational Whiteness
 Owens, Christina.

Japanese Worker's Career
 Takahashi, Kohei.

Job Categories and Geographic Identity: A Category Stereotype Explanation for Geographic Agglomeration
 Leung, Ming.

Job Displacement among Single Mothers: Effects on Children's Outcomes in Young Adulthood
 Brand, Jennie. and Simon Thomas, Elisabeth.

Job Search 2.0: Explaining Differences in Young Adults’ Online Job-seeking Practices
 Hargittai, Eszter. and Puckett, Cassidy.

Joint Commitments and Social Groups
 Gauchat, Gordon. and Corra, Mamadi.

Judges and Change in Family Law: Judicial Views of Joint Custody, 1998-2011
 Artis, Julie. and Krebs, Andrew.

Judicial Discretion and United States v. Booker: An Application for Quantile Regression
 Nowacki, Jeffrey.

Judicial Performance without Independence: The Delivery of Justice and Political Legitimacy in Rural China
 Michelson, Ethan. and Li, Ke.

Jurisdictional Faultlines: Demographic Alignment and Cross-Occupational Collaboration in Two Hospital Units
 DiBenigno, Julia. and Kellogg, Kate.

Justice and the Linear Tax System
 Jasso, Guillermina. and Wegener, Bernd.

Justice at Home: The Evaluation of a Veterans Treatment Court
 Lamb, Theodore., Slattery, Michelle., Williams, Laura. and Dugger, Mallory.

Justifying State Action: Modes of Justice in Early British Welfare Debates, 1906-1911
 Strand, Michael.


Kahn, Corbu, and Concrete: The Vexed Relation between Art and Technology
 Gartman, W..

Karl Marx and Alexis de Tocqueville: Views on Equality and Individualism
 Martinez, Jake.

Killing the Hipster: Symbolic Annihilation and Ambivalent Denial
 Parker, Jeffrey.

Kinship, Land and Labor in Rural China
 Chuang, Julia.

Knowledge and Power
 Emanuelson, Pamela. and Willer, David.

Knowledge of Migrant Women and Politics of National Curriculum in South Korea
 Kang, Mi Ok. and Jay, Sandy.

Knowledge, Experience, and Socio-political Environment: Social Movement Organization Structures and Structural Outcomes
 Nelson, Laura.

Korean Familism in the Global Era: Case Study of the "Goose Dad"
 Jung, Gowoon.

Korean Wild Geese Families, A New Trend of Transnational Migration: Split Household Strategies and Gender Dynamics
 Lee, Se Hwa.


Labor Market Income Inequality Structure and Returns to Education in Reform-era China
 Guo, Maocan.

Labor Market Institutions and Social Policy as a Structural Influence on Health
 Mayer, Adam.

Labor Market Outcomes of Black African Immigrants in the United States
 Tesfai, Rebbeca.

Labor Market Structural Change and Racial and Ethnic Wage Inequality
 Finnigan, Ryan.

Labor Migration and the Educational Issues for Migrant Children in China
 Yu, Min.

Labor Resistance, Public Policy, and Changing Layoff Policies, 1984-2006
 Jung, Jiwook.

Labor Rights, Welfare Entitlements and Support for the Nafta and the European Union Enlargement Process
 Diez Medrano, Juan.

Labor's Share of Income and Macro-economic Stability
 Navot, Edo.

Laboring for Drugs? Epidural Anesthesia and the Racialization of Medical Care
 Morris, Theresa.

Labour's Utopias Revisited
 Beilharz, Peter.

Lagged Effects of GDP, Education, and Gender on Democracy
 Balaev, Mikhail.

Language Brokering in Los Angeles Koreatown
 Kwon, Hyeyoung.

Language Education and Social Stratification: Empirical Evidence from Africa, 1980-2005
 Coyne, Gary.

Language Use at Work and Earnings of Immigrants in the United States
 Dondero, Molly.

Latent Support from Adult Children to Older Parents: Evidence from China
 Sereny, Melanie.

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Madam Senator: Growth in Women’s State Senate Representation, 1978–2010
 Painter, Matthew.

Made in America: Primitive Accumulation and the Commoditization of Prison Labor
 Salim, Ulluminair.

Mafia Baroque: The Downgrading of Expert Knowledge in Architecture and Planning in Post-Communist Bulgaria
 Holleran, Max.

Majoring in Mindfulness: College Students and the Articulation of Real Utopias
 Moran, Sean. and Tavares, Bryan.

Making "Bad" Sex "Good:" Gender and Sexual Boundaries on Christian Sexuality Websites
 Burke, Kelsy.

Making Democracy Work or Reducing Democratic Pluralism? Social Capital, the Third Way and the Big Society
 Ferragina, Emanuele.

Making Full Use of the Longitudinal Design of the Current Population Survey
 Drew, Julia. and Flood, Sarah.

Making Good in the Hood: Mexican Immigrants and Religious Communities in Fresno
 Guzman, Melissa.

Making History Boring: Why South African High School Students Prefer Learning the Holocaust to Apartheid
 Teeger, Chana.

Making Mental Errors: How the Flaws and Foibles of our Cognitive Systems affect our Social Lives
 Danna, Karen.

Making Modern Love: The Creation of Marital Intimacy in the Early Twentieth Century United States
 Hulton, Kathleen.

Making a New Vaccine Accessible to Poor Children in Latin America
 Light, Donald.

Making it Personal: Humanizing Tactics and the Diffusion of Success in the Anti-sweatshop Movement
 Briscoe, Forrest., Gupta, Abhinav. and Anner, Mark.

Making the Intern Economy: Interns and Unpaid Labor in the Music Industry
 Frenette, Alexandre.

Making the Tough Call: Emotional Labor in the Judicial Occupation
 Peterson, Paul.

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Na Mea Hawaiian (All Things Hawaiian): Ancient and Nascent Sovereignty
 Essary, Elizabeth.

Narrating Globalization through Childhood Disability
 Smardon, Regina.

Narrative Freedom
 Zussman, Robert.

Narratives about Political Obstacles in Argentina’s Movement for Abortion Rights
 Borland, Elizabeth.

National Giving: The Construction of Jewish American National-philanthropic Networks
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

National Origin Group and Community Effects on Children of Immigrants’ Educational Attainment
 Lee, Rennie.

National Work Orientation and Work-to-Nonwork Interference: Evidence from 31 Nations
 Ruppanner, Leah. and Maume, David.

Nationalism and the Science of Ethnic Categorization
 Mattson, Greggor.

Nationalist Campaigns: Place-making on Facebook
 Turkoglu, Didem.

Native Voices of Los Angeles from the Spanish Pueblo to the World City
 Lin, Jan.

Natural Disasters and Local Demographic Change in the United States
 Schultz, Jessica. and Elliott, James.

Natural Resource Development, Conservation, and the Rural-urban "Divide" in Alaska
 Safford, Thomas., Henly, Megan. and Ulrich, Jessica.

Nature’s Agency in Shaping Place: The Oysters and Marshlands of Jamaica Bay, New York
 Van Hooreweghe, Kristen.

Navigating Careers in Primary Care Medicine: Ascribing Value Amid Disdain, Structural Obstacles, and Latent Rewards
 Veazey Brooks, Joanna.

Navigating Occupational Health Rights: Low-wage Work and Workers’ Compensation in California
 Gleeson, Shannon.

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Obamacare: The Neo-liberal Model Comes Home to Roost in the United States - If We Let It
 Waitzkin, Howard.

Obama’s Election, Local Military Tradition, and the Human Costs of War
 Gill, Jungyun. and DeFronzo, James.

Obesity in Early Elderly and Elderly and Its Relationship with Socio-economic Status and Gender in Taiwan
 Huang, Chih-Chien.

Objects, Words, and Bodies in Space: Bringing Materiality into Cultural Analysis
 Mangione, Gemma. and Griswold, Wendy.

Obscured Faces of Emerging Adulthood
 Mahadeo, Rahsaan.

Obstacles to Implementing a Mental Health Outreach Program in Divided Refugee Community
 Stempel, Carl.

Occupational Closure and Earnings Inequality in Germany and the United Kingdom
 Bol, Thijs. and Weeden, Kim.

Occupational Closure and Voter Turnout
 Laird, Jennifer.

Occupational Similarity in Marriage: A Comparison of 32 Nations
 Gauthier, Gertrude.

Occupy Language: Native American Activist Discourse from Alcatraz to Wall Street
 Starr, Chelsea. and Larshus, Jynette.

Occupy Online: How Cute Old Men and Malcolm X Recruited 300,000 to OWS on Facebook
 Caren, Neal. and Gaby, Sarah.

Occupy Wall Street: A Gramscian Analysis of a Polanyian Movement
 Hough, Phillip.

Occupying the New Age: The Politics of Yoga in Occupy Wall Street
 Beck, Scott.

Off White? Contested Race and Colorblind Ideology Adherence among Self-identified Whites
 Vargas, Nicholas.

Off the Corner and into the Kitchen: Gender and Ethnography on Chicago’s South Side
 Soyer, Michaela.

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Paid Caregiving in Private Homes: A Qualitative Analysis
 Whiteman, Ellen.

Pain is Political: A Critical Narrative of One Woman’s Pain
 Birk, Lara.

Palm Oil Land Grabs and Development Violence in Indonesia
 Gellert, Paul.

Pan-ethnic Identity in a Minneapolis American Indian Youth Program
 Clark, Maureen.

Pan-ethnicity in an Arab American Economy
 Marker, Kathleen.

Parallels of Concentrated Food and Concentrated Power: Possible Alternatives and Transformations
 Johnson, Kimberly.

Parent Health, Adolescent Health, and the Transition to Adulthood
 Bauldry, Shawn. and Dean, Danielle.

Parent Involvement in New and Established Immigrant Gateway Cities
 Donato, Katharine. and Duncan, Ebony.

Parent Perceptions of Children's Medical Care: Is Dissatisfaction Associated with Preventive Care and Unmet Need?
 Jokinen-Gordon, Hanna. and Quadagno, Jill.

Parent and Peer Influences Mediating the Association between Adolescents’ Socioeconomic Status and Locus of Control
 Shifrer, Dara.

Parental Child-rearing Values and Children’s Use of Time
 Powell, Erin. and Alwin, Duane.

Parental Incarceration, Child Homelessness, and the Invisible Consequences of Mass Imprisonment
 Wildeman, Christopher.

Parental Involvement and Children's Educational Performance: A Comparison of Filipino and U.S. Parents
 Blair, Sampson.

Parental Involvement and the Racial State: How Hegemonic Discourse about Parental Involvement Maintains the Racial State
 Poladko, Tetyana. and Alleyne, Atnreakn.

Parental Status, Child Contact, and Distress among Incarcerated Men and Women
 Roxburgh, Susan. and Fitch, Chivon.

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Quantity and Form of Lifetime Stress Accumulation as Predictors of Current Mental Health
 Lloyd, Donald.

Quasi-Legal Markets in D.C.: Contributions, Corruption, and their Effects on the Global Financial Crisis
 Peoples, Clayton.


Race Differences in Early-career Wage Growth in the New Economy
 Maume, David. and Wilson, George.

Race Matters: Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial-ethnic Identity Among Inter-racially Married Asian Americans
 Chong, Kelly.

Race Matters: Positive Experiences of African American Alzheimer's Carers
 Beard, Renee.

Race Matters: The Racial Classification of Children in Latino/Non-Latino White, Black, and Asian Intermarriages
 Miyawaki, Michael.

Race Relations in the Classroom: The Retreat from Bilingual Programs in the United States
 Douglas, Karen.

Race and Class in the 2008 and 2012 Elections
 Harrison, Roderick.

Race and Educational Spending in Seattle: Mandating Educational Inequality
 Wollschleger, Jason., Schuh, Samantha., Williams, Thad. and Gwinn, Casey.

Race and Ethnicity in the Netherlands: An Ambiguous History of Tolerance and Conflict
 Weiner, Melissa.

Race and Ethnicity: Theoritical and Applied Case for Latinos
 Lacayo, Celia.

Race and Gender Differences in Nursing Home Admissions and Discharges
 Mudrazija, Stipica. and Thomeer, Mieke.

Race and Immigration Policy in the Americas
 FitzGerald, David. and Cook-Martin, David.

Race and the Subjective Experience of Education: Micro-sociological Explanations of the Achievement Differentials
 Broege, Nora.

Race, Class, Gender and Memory of the Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
 Gill, Sandra.

Race, Crime and Minority Political Opportunity Structures: A Multi-level Exploration across U.S. Cities
 Lyons, Christopher. and Velez, Maria.

Race, Deregulation and Building the Interstate Highway System: How Culture Makes Sense of Policy Exceptions
 Hohle, Randolph.

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Salvaging American Democracy
 Balaev, Mikhail.

Same Title, Different Job: The Assistant Professor Experience across Institution Type
 Winfield, Idee. and Rushing, Beth.

Same or Opposite? Parent Effects on Family Formation.
 Fasang, Anette. and Raab, Marcel.

Same-blood and Different-blood Families
 Kim, Esther.

Same-sex Parent Families and Children’s Academic Achievement
 Potter, Daniel.

Saved by the Beach: How do Affluence and Place Influence Trust, Environmental Risk, and Action?
 Cliath, Alison. and Tucker, Justin.

Saving Face, Saving Lives: The Work of Operation Smile
 Talley, Heather.

Saying "Yes" to Taxes: The Politics of Tax Reform Campaigns in 3 Northwestern States, 1965-1973
 Pearson, Elizabeth.

Scale Shift and the Spread of Pro and Anti-Immigration Legislation in the United States, 2000-2011
 Vasi, Ion. and Steil, Justin.

Scars That Will Not Disappear: Long-term Associations between Adverse Childhood Conditions, Early-, and Later-life Unemployment
 Brandt, Martina. and Hank, Karsten.

Schema in Structure? Personal Network Configuration and Moral Evaluations of Infidelity
 Schafer, Markus.

Schooling Experiences among Mexican Americans
 Salgado, Casandra.

Schools and Drug Markets: Examining the Relationship between Schools and Neighborhood Narcotics Crime
 Willits, Dale., Broidy, Lisa. and Denman, Kristine.

Schools are not the Only Problem: Exploring the Cultural Beliefs of Homeschooling Parents
 Kapitulik, Brian.

Schools of Bureaucracy: Fraternal Orders and Inequality in the Industrializing Midwest, 1860-1920
 Popielarz, Pamela.

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Tactical Micro Utopias: The Social Change Model of the DESIS Project (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability)
 Tonkinwise, Cameron.

Tactical Repertoire Migration in the Chinese Democracy Movement and Falun Gong
 Junker, Andrew.

Tailored CARE: The Successful Translation of a Vision into Policy
 Montgomery, Rhonda.

Taiwanese Adolescents’ Developmental Trajectory of Self-esteem: Effects of Family and School Context
 Fan, Gang-Hua. and Yi, Chin-Chun.

Taking Race at Face Value
 Burke, Ruth.

Taking a Hit: Body Maintenance in Women’s Professional Football
 Carter, Jennifer.

Talents' Networks
 Wojtyniak, Beate.

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: The Persistence of Cohort Music Preferences
 Ritchey, Andrew.

Tea Party (Un)Censored: Struggles with Frame Vulnerability in Micro-mobilization
 Prior, Francis.

Teachers’ Beliefs of Helplessness to Overcome Students’ Social Disadvantages: Prevalence, Correlates, and School Contexts
 Rochmes, Jane.

Teachers’ Perception of Parental Involvement and their Educational Expectations for Students
 Poladko, Tetyana.

Teaching Focus Groups: Challenges and Benefits
 George, Molly.

Teaching and Assessing Introduction to Research Methods: The Meaning is in the Response
 Walters, Barbara.

Teaching the Social Construction of Gender through the Use of Basic Chinese Characters
 Madigan, Timothy. and Fu, Ping.

Team Paradox: Non-excludable Resources and Deliberative Decision-making in Open Source Software Production
 Jerneck, Alexander.

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Uncertain Refuge: Refugee Camps and the Unintended Consequences of Humanitarian Aid
 Cook, Brian.

Uncertain Times: Day Laborers Working in the U.S. Informal Economy
 Malpica, Daniel.

Uncertainty and the Effects of Gender, Technical Background, and Social Capital on Venture Capital Evaluations
 Tinkler, Justine., Ku, Manwai., Whittington, Kjersten. and Davies, Andrea.

Under One Roof: The Effects of "Secure Communities" Policy on Mixed Status Latino Families in Oregon
 Drew, Emily.

Understanding Institutional Discrimination in Education through Service Learning: An Exercise in Transformative Learning
 Beamon, Krystal.

Understanding Men’s Fertility Preferences and Intentions: The Effects of Race, Class and Sexual Identity
 Wondra, Danielle.

Understanding Multiple Levels of Norms about Teen Pregnancy and Their Relationships to Teens’ Sexual Behaviors
 Mollborn, Stefanie., Boardman, Jason. and Domingue, Benjamin.

Understanding Persuasive Processes: Charisma and Sociological Glamour Illustrated Using Cases of Movement Leaders
 Williamson, Elizabeth.

Understanding Protest Intensity in a Sample of Highly Mobilized Activists
 Breckenridge-Jackson, Ian. and Coyne, Gary.

Understanding Social and Cultural Health Barriers for Female Marriage Migrants in Korea
 Kim, Hye Jin. and Lee, Sang-lim.

Understanding the Impacts of Foreclosure on Collective Efficacy in 6 California Communities
 Parnell, Alex. and Weffer-Elizondo, Simon.

Understanding the Occupy Movement: Social Context, Mobilization, Symbolism and Form of Social Power
 Scipes, Kim.

Understanding the Relationship between College Selectivity and Racial/Ethnic Differences
 Savas, Gokhan.

Understanding the Role of Identity in Black Gay Men’s Religious Choice and Participation
 Mathews, Allison.

Understanding the Stress Experience of LGBT Bullying
 Powell, Bradley.

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Values and the War Effort: World War II Research on National Morale and its Impact
 Bargheer, Stefan.

Values in Fast Motion
 Glowsky, David. and Mutz, Michael.

Valuing Education: Why Media Rankings Rankle Higher Education
 Espeland, Wendy.

Valuing the Welfare State: A Global Analysis
 Steele, Liza.

Variation across Dimensions of Psychological Well-being over Time: Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis
 Hsu, TzeLi.

Variation by Nation in the Heritability of Educational Attainment: An International Meta-analysis
 Branigan, Amelia., McCallum, Kenneth. and Freese, Jeremy.

Variation in Content Coverage by Classroom Composition: An Analysis of Advanced Math Course Content
 Covay, Elizabeth.

Varieties of Imperialism: China, Japan, and United States’s Diplomatic Affairs in Nineteenth Century Korea
 Park, Jung.

Varieties of Popular American Nationalism
 Bonikowski, Bart. and DiMaggio, Paul.

Varying Influences of Extracurricular Participation for Latino Youth: Intertwining Roles of Context, Relationships and Agency
 Nelson, Ingrid.

Veiled Dys/utopias
 Abbas, Saba.

Veteran Status, Onward and Return Migration in the All Volunteer Force Era
 Bailey, Amy.

Viewing their Potential through the Actions of Others: Underrepresented Minorities and the Path to College
 Perez-Felkner, Lara.

Views of Japanese Immigrant Women about Care as They Age
 Kawakami, Atsuko. and Kronenfeld, Jennie.

Virtual Power Plays: Social Movements, Internet Communication Technology, and Political Parties
 Rohlinger, Deana. and Bunnage, Leslie.

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Wage-related Workplace Violations: A New Dimension of the Gender Wage Gap?
 Petrescu-Prahova, Miruna., Spiller, Michael. and Handcock, Mark.

Wages, Job Skill Requirements, and Technology Use
 Handel, Michael.

Walking the Tightrope: "Utopian" Goals Versus "Real" Imperatives
 Caputo-Levine, Deirdre.

Warm Hearts and Cold Souls: Race-, Gender- and Nationality-based Stereotypes in Paid, In-home Eldercare in Germany
 McEvoy, Gwen.

Warring Identities: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Making Sense of Civilian Identity and Mental Health
 Smith, R. Tyson.

Warriors and Terrorists: Examining Christian Hardcore and Muslim "Taqwacore" Punk
 McDowell, Amy.

Washington Dissensus: Policy Knowledge, Ambiguity and Conflict at the International Monetary Fund
 Van Gunten, Tod.

Watching Teachers: Parent Surveillance Inside the Schoolhouse
 McGhee Hassrick, Elizabeth.

Watching “Bad” Television: Ironic Consumption, Guilty Pleasures, and a Camp Sensibility
 Mccoy, Charles. and Scarborough, Roscoe.

Waves of Coverage: Positive Feedback, Path Dependence and Inequality in Media Attention to Social Movement Organizations
 Seguin, Charles.

We Don’t Have No Neighborhood: Advanced Marginality and the Utopian Future of Postindustrial Detroit
 Draus, Paul., Roddy, Juliette. and McDuffie, Anthony.

We Were Involved with the Club: Social Clubs and Place Attachment among Louisianans in Los Angeles
 DuCros, Faustina.

We are not Christians, We are Episcopalians: Defining Religious Identities within the Episcopal Church
 Sasnett, Sherri.

Wealth Transfer Receipt and Later Life Wealth
 Nau, Michael. and Tumin, Dmitry.

Weber's Ideal Type, Verstehen, and the Theory of Critical Mass: Methodological Implications
 Segady, Tom.

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Yakama Language Revitalization: Establishing Principles of a Community-University Partnership for Education and Social Change
 Jacob, Michelle.

Yoga as an Embodied Practice: Rejecting Masculinized Orientations Towards the Body
 Levine, Kari Ann.

You Are What You Eat: The Impact of Nutrition on Alcohol and Drug Use
 Schroeder, Ryan. and Renquist, Benjamin.

You Can't Get There From Here: A Social Process Theory of Racism and Race
 Byng, Michelle.

You Can’t Leave Your Work Behind: Occupational Experience and New Venture Founding Team Size
 Kim, Phillip. and Longest, Kyle.

You Care for Your Work; I’ll Care for Your Family: Work-family Policies and Worker Commitment
 Brumley, Krista.

You Don’t Meet Our Criteria: Racial Boundary Maintenance in the Federal Acknowledgement Process
 Davis, James. and Anderson, Leigh.

You Don’t Need a Body to Feel a Body: Phantom Limb Syndrome and Corporeal Transgression
 Crawford, Cassandra.

You Know, Support the Team: Representations of Gentile Masculinity on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm
 Cooper, Evan.

Young Unemployed and the "Overtuned" Agency
 Lähteenmaa, Jaana.

Your Friends Get Flu Before You Do, and a Panel of Friends Can Predict Epidemics
 Feld, Scott.

Youth Organizations and the Political Socialization of Immigrant Families: Implications for the 2012 Elections
 Terriquez, Veronica. and Kwon, Hyeyoung.

Youth Poverty in 23 Countries
 Tai, Tsui-o.

Youth Sexuality, New Media Use and Pornography: Beginning to Address the Elephant on the Screen
 Smith, Marshall.


Zombie Banks Attack! Memetic Replication and the 2008 Financial Crisis
 Adams, Julia. and Einhorn, Jesse.
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