American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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A Bayesian Measurement Model for Human Rights Treaty Ratification, 1975–2005
 Mathias, Matthew. and Elliott, Michael.

A Canker in the Body Politic: Ideas, Institutions, and Child Labor Reform in Massachusetts and Prussia
 Anderson, Angela.

A Caribbean Perspective on the Relationship between State, Economy, Civil Society and Democracy
 Schalkwijk, Jan.

A Case of Double Jeopardy in the Obesity Epidemic
 Lee, Annie.

A Community of Strangers
 State, Bogdan., Parigi, Paolo., Corten, Rense., Cook, Karen. and Dakhlallah, Diana.

A Comparative Study of the Health Care Transformation in China and Taiwan: A Preliminary Analysis
 Chen, Meei-Shia.

A Comparative Study on Wage Penalties for Motherhood by Skill
 Levanon, Asaf. and Halldén, Karin.

A Comparison of Alternative Methods for Describing Life Course Trajectories
 Warren, John., Palloni, Alberto., Raymo, James., Halpern-Manners, Andrew. and Luo, Liying.

A Conceptual Analysis of the Digital Document in Online Self-documentation
 Jurgenson, Nathan.

A Cross-national, Multilevel Approach to Class-based Political Mobilization
 Dodson, Kyle.

A Cultural Sociology of Emotions in Social Movements: Egypt, Revolution, and the April 6 Youth Movement
 Ikeda, Daniel.

A Culture Divided Cannot Stand: Unifying and Expanding Development Sociology’s Conceptions of Culture
 Bloom, Nicholas.

A Deeper Channel Floats All Boats: The Port Economy as Urban Growth Machine
 Jaffee, David.

A Double Standard for “Hooking Up”: How Far Have we Come Toward Gender Equality?
 Risman, Barbara. and Allison, Rachel.

A Dyadic Assessment of Romantic Relationship Quality and Health Among Young, African American Couples
 Barr, Ashley.

A Family Affair: Graduate Assistant Development at State Comprehensive Universities
 Brennan, Kathleen.

A Flair for Fashion: Professional Multicultural Experience and Creative Performance
 Godart, Frederic., Maddux, William., Shipilov, Andrew. and Galinsky, Adam.

A Force for Diversity? Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Sexuality by Military Affiliation
 Rohall, David. and Ender, Morten.

A Formal Model of the Structural Foundations of Social Connectivity
 Schultz, Michael.

A Futuristic Journey: An Ongoing Process of Reconceptualizing Social Capital
 zhang, dongling.

A Game Theoretical Model of Trust: Signaling and Mobility Effects
 Kim, Jae-Woo.

A Glimpse of the Other Side: Immigrant Service Workers in a Wealthy Neighborhood
 Miller, Elizabeth.

A Global Comparison of Educational Markets – The Effects of School Choice, Testing, and Accountability
 Long, Daniel. and Doren, Catherine.

A History of Survey Research and Its Professional Associations
 Mokrzycki, Michael.

A History of Survey Research at National Opinion Research Center
 Bradburn, Norman., Kasprzyk, Dan. and Davis, James.

A Lack of Security or a Lack of Capital? Acculturative Conservatism in Immigrant Naming
 Zhang, Jiayin., Zuckerman, Ezra. and Obukhova, Elena.

A Life Course Perspective on Fertility Demand in Tanzania
 Svec, Joseph.

A Market of Distrust and Obligation: The Micro-politics of Unofficial Payments for Hospital Care in China
 Chan, Cheris. and Yao, Zelin.

A Meaningful Opportunity: Due Process in Student Suspension Hearings
 Garver, Rachel.

A Method for Critical Distance: How Book Reviewers Secure the Validity of Their Aesthetic Evaluations
 Chong, Phillipa.

A Model of Ethnic Identity Formation and Ritual Dynamics among Asian Indian Americans
 Sen, Basudhara. and Knottnerus, J..

A Multilevel Analysis of the Determinants of Spousal Differences in Reproductive Goals
 Benefo, Kofi.

A Necessary Evil: Framing an American Indian Legal Identity
 Robertson, Dwanna.

A Neo-Polanyian Model for Neoliberal Times: Environmental Justice, Energy Development, and the Double Movement
 Malin, Stephanie.

A New Approach to the Study of Tolerance
 Mather, Darin. and Tranby, Eric.

A New Political Anatomy of the Older Body? Practices in Primary Care towards Older Age
 Pickard, Susan.

A New and Artificial Class of Criminals
 Kim, Diana.

A Non-personal Politics: Mindfulness Meditation and the Politics of Personal Responsibility
 Wiles, Kaelyn.

A Note on Falling Poverty in Booming Economies and Social Exclusion
 Plante, Charles.

A Note on Women and Commercial Science in Agricultural Biotechnology
 Rogers, JoAnn. and Welsh, Rick.

A Novel Approach to Race in Patient-Health Care Provider Interactions: Health Care Provider Interracial Anxiety
 Malat, Jennifer., Saha, Somnath., Beach, Mary., Korthuis, P. Todd., Sharp, Victoria., Cohn, Jonathan. and Moore, Richard.

A Pairwise-Comparison-Based Index of Stratification
 Zhou, Xiang.

A Paper Ceiling? Time Trends in Printed News Coverage of Women, 1880-2008
 Shor, Eran. and van de Rijt, Arnout.

A Parody of Justice: Rape Law and Gender Discrimination in the Turkish Criminal Code
 Ellialti, Tugce.

A Place Where Asian American Men Become More Desirable: Japanese American Dating in the Ancestral Homeland
 Yamashiro, Jane.

A Process and Outcome Evaluation of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute
 Bentele, Keith.

A Psychosocial Model of Violent Behavior among Sports Spectators
 Ostrowsky, Michael.

A Qualitative Analysis on How Online Gamers Perceived the Role of Self and Community
 Ballesteros, Jan.

A Qualitative Inquiry on Older Adults' Nutrition, Food Consumption, and Foodscape Navigation in Urban Neighborhoods
 Boehm, Melinda.

A Relational Mechanism for the Preservation of Inequality
 Gondal, Neha.

A Second Marriage? An Intersection of Marxism and Feminism Among India’s Informal Workers
 Agarwala, Rina.

A Social Psychological Perspective of Racial/Ethnic Inequality in Wealth
 Mossakowski, Krysia.

A Socio-geography of Distress among Legal and Unauthorized Brazilian Migrants
 Holmes, Louisa. and Marcelli, Enrico.

A Sociology of Race/Ethnicity Textbooks: Ahistoricism, Passive Voice and Avoidance of White Privilege
 Fitzgerald, Kathleen.

A Statistical Analysis of JSTOR Journals Using Keywords
 Johnson, Keith.

A Study on Formal-Informal-Joint Channels to Jobs in the Labor Market of Post-Socialist China
 Shen, Jing.

A Theoretical Model of Social Marketing by Social Movement Organizations in the Digital Age
 Kropczynski, Jess.

A Theory of Prejudice in Everyday Life: From Symbolic Markers to Somatic Markers
 Firat, Rengin.

A Thousand Wildflowers or an English Garden? Managing Uncertainty in U.S. Foundation Grantmaking to Development NGOs
 Oelberger, J. Carrie.

A Vision Realized or a Continuing Digital Divide? Examining the OLPC Program in Birmingham, Alabama
 Cotten, Shelia., Hale, Timothy. and ONeal, LaToya.

A Voice Without a Vote: Surrogate Representation and Social Welfare For Legal Non-citizens Since 1996
 Knight, Carly.

A Win Win: Helping the Poor to Help Ourselves
 Bulman, Robert.

A Work-Family or a Work Problem: Women Partners’ Underrepresentation in a Professional Services Firm
 Padavic, Irene., Ely, Robin., Reid, Erin. and Trefalt, Spela.

A World Society Perspective on Environmental Outcomes
 Hironaka, Ann.

A 'fourth way' in moral politics: Prospects for middle ground thinking in the abortion debate
 Wedam, Elfriede.

Ability Grouping and Students' Mathematics Gains in Charter and Traditional Public Schools
 Berends, Mark. and Donaldson, Kristi.

Abortion Policy and Politics in Rich Democracies
 Halfmann, Drew.

Academic Achievement and Parents' Marital Satisfaction: The Roles of Parental Expectations and Child's Health
 Kim, Seoyoun.

Academic Entitlement among College Students: Antecedents and Outcomes
 Smith, William. and Brimeyer, Ted.

Academic Freedom and the Common Rule Governing Human Research Protectons
 Perlstadt, Harry.

Academic Freedom in Research: Debates amidst Increasing University-Industry Relations
 Kale-Lostuvali, Elif.

Accentuating the Negative: Individuals Overestimate Negative Consequences of Stereotype Violations
 Watts, Alexander.

Access to Health Facility and Acculturation among Asian Immigrants
 Zhang, Cynthia., Liberato, Ana., Thomas, Trent. and Glass, Bradley.

Accessing Masculinity: The Challenges Posed by IRBs to a Study of Men and Medicine
 Barnes, Liberty.

Accounting for Cultural Difference: Taste, Assimilation, and the Case of Mexican Americans
 Thomas, Kyla.

Accounting for Job Quality in Women’s and Men’s Commute Time to Work
 Haley-Lock, Anna., Berman, Danielle. and Timberlake, Jeffrey.

Accounting for Moral-economic Behavior: Why Americans Give Their Money Away but are Hesitant to Invest Ethically
 Peifer, Jared.

Accounting for Politics: Productivity Measurement in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Studies
 Myrick, Amy.

Acculturation and Barriers to Parenting Self-Efficacy: Experience of Japanese Immigrant Parents in the United States
 Ida, Aya., Oyabu-Mathis, Naoko. and Fukushima, Rina.

Accuracy of College Cost Estimates and Students’ Post-secondary Plans
 Warnock, Deborah.

Achieving Work-life Balance and Humanizing the Academy for All
 Glass, Jennifer.

Activity and Well-being
 Winstead, Vicki., Yost, Elizabeth. and Cotten, Shelia.

Addiction, Agency, and the Politics of Self-control: Doing Harm Reduction in a Heroin Users' Group
 Whetstone, Sarah. and Andic, Tanja.

Addressing Climate Change Denial
 Hamilton, Clive.

Addressing the Past in Prague and Bratislava: Czech and Slovak Memory Politics and Public Memorials
 Tomczuk, Sara.

Adjusted Dependency Ratios and Community Characteristics in Metropolitan America: Data from the 2010 ACS
 File, Thomas. and Kominski, Robert.

Administrative Memory and Colonial Legacy: Colonial Emergency Defense Regulations in Israel and India
 Berda, Yael.

Adolescent Victimization and Precocious Union Formation
 Kuhl, Danielle., Wilczak, Andrew. and Warner, David.

Adopting Contested Practices and Transforming Fields: Urban Churches and Social Entrepreneurship
 Reed, Alfred.

Adoption and Adaptation of Social Protest: SMO/ESO Dynamics in the Vieques Movement
 Velez-Velez, Roberto.

Adult Child Life Problems and Middle-aged Parents’ Life Satisfaction
 Redmond, Deidre.

Adult Presence after School and Adolescent Substance Use in California
 Wen, Ming.

Adult Women and Empowerment Programs for Girls
 Giffort, Danielle.

Aesthetic Taste Expression and Symbolic Boundary Work
 Skiles, Sara.

Affiliation, Identity, and Criminalization: Tracing the Cultural Links between Prison and High-Incarceration Chicano/a Communities
 Lopez-Aguado, Patrick.

Affordability Matters: Increasing Income Disparity and Socioeconomic Inequality in Child Overweight/Obesity in China
 He, Wei., James, Sherman. and Merli, M..

African American Migration and Marriage Patterns: The Importance of Context
 Walker, Laquitta.

African American Women's Preventative Care Usage: The Role of Social Networks and Racial Experiences
 Pullen, Erin. and Oser, Carrie.

After Gouldner: Beyond Rational Choice Theory
 Schleifer, Cyrus., Foy, Steven. and Tiryakian, Edward.

After Prison, Who Will You Become? Women's Citizen-making at Prisoner Re-entry Organizations
 Kaufman, Nicole.

After the Flood: A Survey-based Assessment of Respiratory Health Impacts on El Paso’s (Texas) Hispanic Youth
 Jimenez, Anthony. and Collins, Timothy.

Against the Rules: Synthesizing Types and Processes of Bureaucratic Rule-breaking
 Martin, Andrew., Roscigno, Vincent. and Hodson, Randy.

Age Differences in Daily Social Activities: Leisure and Non-leisure Time Use
 Marcum, Christopher.

Age and Agency: Time Work Across the Life Course
 Flaherty, Michael.

Age, Period, and Birth Cohort Effects on Whites’ Racial Attitudes, 1977-2010
 Cobb, Ryon.

Agents of Arts Trade Union Revitalization: Corporate and Entrepreneurial Generations of Nashville Arts Union Activists
 Cornfield, Daniel.

Aging Anxiety, Complementary/Alternative Medicine, and the Meaning of Aging in Baby Boomers
 Millman, Natalie.

Aging Expatriate Women and the Emotional Geography of Oaxaca, Mexico: A Version of Real Utopia
 Wasielewski, Patricia.

Aging Prisoners Reentering Society: Individual, Social and Community-level Determinants of Success
 Wyse, Jessica.

Aging, the Life Course, and Media
 Bielby, Denise., Harrington, C.. and Bardo, Anthony.

Alcohol Consumption in Male Caregivers
 Nottingham, Mason., Xi, Juan. and Rickles, Michael.

All Patients Are The Same, Until They Become Neighbors: Racial Hierarchies in a Color-blind Era
 Cribbs, Sarah.

All Things Called Love: Romance Among Low-Income Urban Youth
 Ray, Ranita.

All in the Family: The Unexpected Impact of Organic Regulation on Dairy Labor Relations
 Schewe, Rebecca.

Alternative Currencies in the Context of Localist Movements
 Hess, David.

Alternative Governance: Beyond the Code of the Street
 Martinez, Cid.

Alternative Interpretations and Encoding of Disorder Perceptions: An Analysis of Open-ended Survey Responses to Photographs
 Wallace, Danielle., Fornango, Robert. and Louton, Brooks.

Alternative Postcapitalist Futures
 Santos, Boaventura.

Altruism and Society Sui Generis: Countering Evolutionary Psychology with Durkheim
 Carlson, Jesse. and Horgan, Mervyn.

Always Ambivalent: Why Media is Never Just Entertainment
 Ferber, Abby.

Ambiguity and Knowledge Fragmentation
 Evans, James. and McMahan, Peter.

American Denominations and Christian Service: The Relationship Between Theology and Service
 Murphy, Jonathan.

American Nationalism and Public Support for Military Action: Evidence from a Survey-based Experiment
 Feinstein, Yuval.

American Outlaws in Australia: The Globalisation of Jesse James and Billy the Kid
 Donoghue, Jed. and Tranter, Bruce.

Americanization or Europeanization? Comparing Influential National Models in Higher Education with the Emergent European Model
 Powell, Justin.

Amphibious Civil Society? Institutions and Neighborhoods in a Field of Hybrid Community-based Organizations
 McQuarrie, Michael. and Hjellbrekke, Johannes.

An Actor-Network Theory of Cosmopolitics
 Saito, Hiro. and Wang, Yoko.

An Air of Expectancy: Class, Crisis, and the Making of Manhood at a College for Men
 Grundy, Saida.

An Analysis of Labor Union Participation in Congressional Hearings, 1972-2008
 Albert, Kyle.

An Approach to Science Education: A Lesser Known Contribution of George Herbert Mead
 Edwards, Michelle.

An Empirical Investigation into the Structuration of Dominant Ideology Beliefs about Economic Justice
 Holland, Curtis.

An Empirical Test of Donald Black's Moral Time
 Barlow, Angela.

An Equilibrium Model of Solidarity and Frequency Dependent Free Riders
 Lewis, J. Scott.

An Examination of Parity in Low Birth Weight Outcomes Among African American and White Mothers
 Dennis, Jeff.

An Examination of the Decision Coercion Plays in Disclosing a Sexual Victimization
 Oliva, Monica. and Hale, Lori.

An Experimental Test of the Role of Gender Identity Threat in the Perpetration of Gender Violence
 Munsch, Christin.

An Exploration in Food-Cultural Studies: Examining Dining-Out Experiences in Dallas, Texas
 Kranjac, Ashley.

An Exploration of Cross-cultural Moral Sentiments
 Harkness, Sarah. and Hitlin, Steven.

An Exploratory look at Differential Risk for Victimization across Childhood for Children with and without Disabilities
 Vanderminden, Jennifer.

An Intersectional Analysis of Tenure-track Faculty Satisfaction with Family Policies
 Schneller, Heather. and Zajicek, Anna.

An Overview of the Task Force
 Dunlap, Riley.

Analytics and Pragmatics of Imagined Utopias and “Community Magic”: Sociologists as Multicultural Community Facilitators
 Bender, Joshua. and Peterson, Susan.

Analyzing the Community Organization ACORN through a Real Utopia Lens
 Brooks, Fred.

Anonymity as a Survival Strategy: How Iraqi Refugees Create Weak Ties in Jordan
 Arar, Rawan.

Antecedents and Consequences of Personal Resources: Evidence on the Causation-selectiion Debate
 Turner, R.. and Brown, Tony.

Anti-Academic Norms, Peer Harassment, and Race
 Faris, Robert.

Anti-CNN.COM: Dynamic Framing Processes and Mixed Nature of the New Wave of Chinese Nationalism
 Lin, Fen.

Antiracism in Progress: Racetalk as a Form of Social Control
 Foster, John.

Anxious Publics, Disruptive Bodies: The Case of the Transgender Girl Scout
 Averett, Kathleen.

Apocalypse and Dystopia: An American Cultural History
 Hall, John.

Applying Marx's Method to Mountaintop Removal Mining
 Wishart, W..

Applying Social Theories to Study and Shape Development of Biomedical Scientists and Diversify the Field
 McGee, Rick., Naffziger, Michelle., Richardson- Stovall, Jennifer. and Williams, Simon.

Aquaculture, Trade, and the Environment: An Analysis of Ecologically Intensive Aquaculture (1984-2008)
 Longo, Stefano. and York, Richard.

Are Aging Populations Responsible for Rising Health Costs? Analysis of International Newspaper Articles
 Matcha, Duane.

Are Asian American Women Advantaged? Labor Market Performances of College Educated Female Workers
 Kim, ChangHwan. and Zhao, Yang.

Are Perceptions of Discrimination Unidimensional, Oppositional, or Intersectional? Examining Perceived Race, Gender, and Age Discrimination.
 Harnois, Catherine.

Are Religious-based and Secular-based Protests Distinct?
 Beyerlein, Kraig. and Martin, Nancy.

Are Second-generation Filipinos becoming Asian or Latino? Historical Colonialism, Culture, and Panethnic Identity
 Ocampo, Anthony.

Are Suicidal Behaviors Contagious in Adolescence? Understanding the Role of Selection in Suicide Imitation
 Abrutyn, Seth. and Mueller, Anna.

Are You the Fairy Good Mother? A Narrative Analysis of the Good Mother In Food Advertisements
 Beahm, Janine.

Are there Catholic School Effects in Canada?
 Davies, Scott.

Armed Conflict Exposure, the Proliferation of Stress and the Mental Health of Immigrants in Canada
 Joly, Marie-Pier. and Wheaton, Blair.

Art Crawls: Variation on a Scene
 Shaw, Samuel.

Artic Ice
 Hamilton, Lawrence.

Articulating a Right to Technology Access for People with Cognitive Disabilities
 Blanck, Peter.

Artists as members of Pittsburgh's Creative Class
 Moss, Geoffrey.

As the World Turns: Global-nationalism and Cultural Conflict in Miss World 2002
 Balogun, Oluwakemi.

Asian Americans: Serene Swans Gliding on Lake
 Kim, Eunbi.

Asserting Spatial Citizenship in a Time of Crisis: The Development of a Collective Spatialized Identity
 Sbicca, Joshua. and Perdue, Robert.

Assessing Distance Vision: Optometrists at Work
 vom Lehn, Dirk., Webb, Helena. and Heath, Christian.

Assessing Sociological Learning in International Travel Courses
 Easton, Martha.

Assessing a Nonprofit Redesign Through a Sociological Framework
 Gemelli, Marcella.

Assessing the Relationship between Religion and Science within the American Public
 O\'Brien, Timothy.

Assessing the Role of Micro-finance Self-help Groups on the Social Capital of Women Group Members
 Singh, Swati.

Assessing the Structure of Knowledge Production through Informal Collaboration Networks: Theoretical Justification and Empirical Evidence
 Park, Patrick. and Tsvetkova, Milena.

Assessment of the Applicability of Human Capital, Signaling and Credentialing in the Case of Professional Football
 Mai, Quan. and Pearman, Francis.

Assimilating through Social Networks? The Importance of Networks in Assimilation Trajectories
 Le, Andrew.

Assimilation, Schooling, and Context
 White, Michael.

Assisted Living Residents’ Subjective Health
 Burge, Stephanie. and Street, Debra.

At Risk for Re-segregation? Race, Class and Attitudes Towards School Assignment Policies in Raleigh
 Parcel, Toby., Taylor, Andrew. and Hendrix, Josh.

Atomic Frontier or Uranium Utopia?
 Freeman, Lindsey.

Attitudes about Assimilation among the Mexican-origin Population: Evidence from the 2006 Immigrant Rights Marches
 Castro, Lorena.

Attitudes on Public Arts Funding in the United States
 Nalkur, Sonal. and Dowd, Timothy.

Attitudes toward Formal Rights and Informal Privileges for Lesbian and Gay Couples
 Doan, Long., Loehr, Annalise. and Miller, Lisa.

Attitudes toward U.S. Immigration in the Post-September 11th Era
 Rosenberger, Jared.

Authority and Anonymity: Gendered Differences in Magazine Headline Articles
 Kasabian, Alian.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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