American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Caja Laboral Popular (Cooperative Bank): Institutionalizing the Mondragon Cooperatives Network
 Cruz, Iñaki.

Calculation, Performativity, and Counter-performativity in Consumer Behavior
 Rosenberg, Stephen.

Calibrated Ambitions: Low Educational Ambition as a Form of Strategic Adaptation among Chinese Youths in Spain
 Yiu, Jessica.

Call Home? Communication Technology and Adult Children’s Contacts with Mother in Cross-national Perspective
 Gubernskaya, Zoya. and Treas, Judith.

Calling Dirty Harry a Liar: A Critique of Displacement Theories of Popular Criminology
 King, Neal.

Calling on Behalf of a Patient: The Organization of Hotline Calls to ER
 Kuroshima, Satomi. and Kawashima, Michie.

Calmer on the Surface: An Organizational Study of Four Programs Designed to House the Mentally Ill
 Watson, Dennis.

Can Capitalism Phase Out Carbon Emissions?
 Hutchinson, Richard.

Can Housing Policy Ameliorate the Effect of Poverty on Academic Performance?
 Bower, Corey.

Can Kids Have Too Much Freedom? Exploring the Relationship between Parental Autonomy Support and Adolescent Delinquency
 Brauer, Jonathan.

Can Legal Policy Change Women’s Attitudes in Egypt: an Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision
 Eisele, Joanna.

Can Modern Spiritualities Improve the Life of Women and Their Communities?
 Suarez, Ana.

Can Online Courses Deliver In-class Results? A Comparision of Online to Face-to-face Learning
 Driscoll, Adam., Jicha, Karl., Hunt, Andrea., Tichavsky, Lisa. and Thompson, Gretchen.

Can Religion Improve Interpersonal Trust? An Empirical Research of Contemporary Chinese Society
 Wang, Jia.

Can a Social Movement Limit the Political Opportunity Structure of the State? Poland's Solidarity Union
 Bloom, Jack.

Canvassing the Landscape of Social Enterprises: Identity-based Account of B Corporation Emergence
 Kim, Suntae.

Capital Into Action: Mapping the Effects of Capital Accumulation Accelerators for Lower-income Black Undergraduates
 Jack, Anthony.

Capital “M” Multiracial: The Coherence of a Multiracial Identity and Challenges to the U.S. Racial Hierarchy
 Strmic-Pawl, Hephzibah.

Capitalism as a System of Contingent Expectations
 Beckert, Jens.

Capitalizing on Education: Gay Latino Undergraduates’ Heteronormative Identity Work and Compensatory Manhood Acts
 Pena-Talamantes, Abraham.

Care Work: Class Matters
 Milkman, Ruth.

Care Work: International Perspectives
 Rasavi, Shahra.

Care-giving and Masculinities: Stay-at-Home Fathers, Gender Identity and the Division of Household Labor
 Snitker, Aundrea.

Career Decision-Making among Fourth-Year Doctoral Students: How Do Gender and Discipline Matter?
 Hughes, Cayce.

Career Sequences in the College Football Coaching Profession: Examining Racial Differences in Career Patterns
 Day, Jacob.

Caring Capital: The Emotional, Networked Relationships of Compassion, Caring, and Altruism
 Anderson, Ronald.

Caring Like a Nurse
 Kaiser, John.

Caring for Impaired Bodies that are Cured but not Really Cured
 Hung, Yiling.

Carry That Weight: Genetic Responsibility, Genetic Suffering and Geneodicy
 Halpin, Michael.

Categorical Coherence or Sequential Consistency: Breach of Contract in SME Financing
 Greenberg, Jason. and Canales, Rodrigo.

Categorical Manipulation in the Reproduction of Organizational Inequality: The Case of Disability Categorization in Schools
 Saatcioglu, Argun. and Skrtic, Tom.

Catholic School Advantage: Fragility in a Changing Social Landscape
 Freeman, Kendralin.

Catholic Universities and Ex corde Ecclesiae Era: Distinctiveness in the Time of the Secular Academy
 Hickey, Suzanne. and Lindsay, Beverly.

Catholicism and the Family: Understanding Family Schemas in the Catholic Tradition
 Kawentel, Linda., Mundey, Peter. and Konieczny, Mary Ellen.

Causal Inference and Partial Interference, or: What Can School Effects Learn from Neighborhood Effects?
 Grigg, Jeffrey.

Cellular Satellites and African Spirits: What Boundaries Matter in Studies of Transnational Migration?
 Grace, Breanne.

Central American 2nd Generation: Identity Formation in Los Angeles
 Valle, Ariana.

Challenges and Boundaries of the Brazilian Public Policies for Biotech Health
 Bianchi, Carlos.

Challenges for International Migration Research in Turkey: Moving beyond Political, Theoretical and Data Constraints
 Yukseker, Hatice. and Erder, Sema.

Challenges to Social Constructionist Views of Race in the Genomic Era
 Lee, Catherine. and Bedley, Crystal.

Challenging Authority: Social Status and the Authority of Local Government Officials
 Portillo, Shannon.

Challenging Homo Energeticus: Development of the Alberta Oil Sands as Exemplar of the Technological Society
 Haluza-DeLay, Randolph. and Kowalsky, Nathan.

Challenging Prolonged Punishment: How Prisoners’ Families and Romantic Partners Criticize California’s Parole Policy
 Ghandnoosh, Nazgol.

Changes in American Families and the Growth in the Gender Gap in Behavioral Skills
 Owens, Jayanti.

Changes in Ascribed and Achieved Advantage in American Higher Education
 Grodsky, Eric. and Pattison, Evangeleen.

Changes in Pollution Exposure for Different Racial and Socioeconomic Groups in the United States
 Ard, Kerry.

Changes in the Position of Global Economy: 1850-2000
 Kentor, Jeffrey., Poole, Daniel. and Morris, Marti.

Changing Conceptions of Proper Childrearing among Indigenous Rural-to-Urban Migrants in El Alto, Bolivia
 Daniel, Caitlin.

Changing Counts, Counting Change: Toward a More Inclusive Definition of Family
 Powell, Brian.

Changing Culture, Understanding Attitudes: Rape Myth Acceptance among Military Academy Students
 Rosenstein, Judith. and Carroll, Marjorie.

Changing Developmental Alliance in Korea and Taiwan: Institutional Resilience, Regime Transitions, and Political Cleavages
 Chu, Yin-wah.

Changing Faces of the Civil: The State and Social Movements in Contemporary Japan
 Nomiya, Daishiro.

Changing Labour Markets and Its Practical and Theoretical Implications: Between Industrial and Employment Relations
 Jensen, Carsten.

Changing Meaning of Epidemic and Pandemic in the Medical Literature, 1980-2010
 Paradis, Elise., Kuper, Ayelet. and Byrne, Niall.

Changing Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in China
 Zhang, Weiwei.

Changing Rules, Changing Culture: Formalization and Organizational Change
 Lom, Stacy.

Changing the Urban Landscape: Interconnections between Racial Segregation and Hispanic Immigration in the Study of Race-Specific Violence over Time
 Parker, Karen. and Stansfield, Richard.

Character or Situation: An Argument for Weakened Character and Transformed Situations
 Carlson, Jesse.

Characteristics of the Chinese Rural Young Suicides by Pesticides
 Zhang, Jie. and Liu, Eric.

Characteristics of the Newly Arrived Foreign-Born Population of the United States: 2010
 Walters, Nathan. and Trevelyan, Edward.

Charter Schools: Another Name for the Same Thing? Charter School Innovation Over Time
 Renzulli, Linda., Bradley, Christen., Barr, Ashley. and Paino, Maria.

Chasing the Charmed Circle: Boundary Work in Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Interracial Relationships
 Steinbugler, Amy.

Chefs, Homemakers, and Servants: The Boundary Work of Private and Personal Chefs
 Hendley, Alexandra.

Chicano/Latinos(as)' First Year Graduate School Experience: An Intersectionality Perspective
 Ramirez, Elvia.

Child Care Costs for Low Income Families During Recession and Non-recession Years
 Laughlin, Lynda.

Child Economic Well-being, Family Structure, and the Safety Net during the Great Recession
 Kennedy, Sheela. and Fitch, Catherine.

Child Labor among Migrant Children in China
 Lei, Lei. and Li, Muyang.

Child Welfare Intervention: Contextual and Individual Inequalities
 Abner, Kristin.

Childhood Abuse and Metabolic Syndrome: Sleep Quality and Eating Behaviors as Mediators
 Lee, Chioun.

Childlessness and Disability Onset among Late Midlife and Older Women
 Holcomb, Jeanne.

Childlessness and Mental Well-being in a Global Context
 Tanaka, Kimiko.

Children’s Well Being in Ciudad Juarez: Impacts on Families’ Economic, Social, and Cultural Capital
 Hernandez, Alma. and Grineski, Sara.

China’s Higher Education Policy and Social Stratification
 Yeung, Wei-Jun.

Choice and the Prior Turn: How Interaction Shapes Consumer Behavior
 Llewellyn, Nick.

Choosing Between You and My Job: Role Duality and College Enforcement Confrontations
 Rudel, Daniel.

Christian Embattlement and Religious Minority Inclusion in American Religious Freedom Claims
 Juskewycz, Alicia.

Christmas Holiday and Gender Divisions of Labor in Guyana
 Assing, Daniella.

Chronically Disconnected in Wisconsin: Preliminary Findings
 Sorensen, Kia.

Circuits and the Social Organization of Sexual Fields
 Green, Adam.

Circulating Traditions: Migration and Ritual Life in a Zapotec Trans-border Community
 Falconi, Elizabeth.

Citizenship and Immigration Policy as National Membership in Germany since 2000
 Williams, Daniel.

Citizenship in the Security State: Notes on the Colombian Case
 Marquez, Erika.

City Location as a Contingent Influence on Medical Practices
 Menchik, Daniel.

Civic Agriculture in Latin America: The Social Construction of Embedded Food Systems
 Ibanez, Lindsey.

Civic Association and Protest: A Cross-national Comparison
 Gardner, Beth. and Schofer, Evan.

Civic Engagement among Disadvantaged Youth: How Does School Context Matter?
 Bischoff, Kendra., Jordan-Bloch, Sara. and McAdam, Douglas.

Civic Engagement, Religion, and Health: Older Black Lesbians in the Social Justice Sexuality (SJS) Survey
 Battle, Juan., Pastrana, Antonio (Jay). and Daniels, Jessie.

Civic Secession: Framing in Yemen’s Southern Mobility Movement
 Young, Elizabeth.

Civil Society Challenges in Applied Peacebuilding: Intersectionality Praxis
 Woehrle, Lynne., Coy, Patrick. and Maney, Gregory.

Civilizing Russia: State and Manners in the Eighteenth Century Russia
 Dudaronak, Yuliya.

Class Differences in Self-rated Health: An International Comparison
 Baumgartner, Kayla.

Class Morality: An Emancipatory Project
 Boucher, Jean.

Class and Animal Care in American Culture
 Wilson, Catherine.

Class and Social Order: Political Consequences of the Move from Class to Culture
 Ost, David.

Class versus Gender Equality? Gender-class Wage Gaps in Three Liberal Markets
 Cooke, Lynn.

Class, Culture, and Activity Choice
 Hofferth, Sandra. and Moon, Ui.

Class-Stratified Masculinities and Moral Ambiguity on FX: The Mitigation of Middle-class Racism
 Wayne, Michael.

Classical Sociology and the Arab Spring: When Does Nonviolence Work?
 Otero, Gerardo. and Gurcan, Efe.

Classified Memory: War and WikiLeaks
 Lipscomb, Lisa.

Classroom Wikis: A Digital Forum for Teaching and Learning Sociology
 Lanham, Carol.

Climate Change and Social Theory
 Clark, Brett. and Antonio, Robert.

Climate Change as an Organizational Problem
 Perrow, Charles.

Climate Hazards and Risk Status: Explaining Climate Risk Assessment, Behavior, and Policy Support
 Park, Hyung Sam. and Vedlitz, Arnold.

Climate Woes and Knowledge Flows: Exploring the Construction, Dissemination, and Governance of Climate Knowledge
 Cobb, Ashley. and Bixler, R..

Clipping the Eagle’s Wings: A Field Theoretic Account of the SEC’s Failed Corporate Governance Revolution
 Gershenson, Carl.

Closing the Gap? Cumulative Career Disadvantage in Three Cohorts of British Men and Women
 Vandecasteele, Leen.

Closing the Legitimacy Deficit: Using Neuroscience to Save Headache Medicine
 Kempner, Joanna.

Coached for the Classroom: Social Class and Parents' Scaffolding of Children's Self-advocacy Skills
 Calarco, Jessica.

Coalition Work in the Pittsburgh G20 Protests
 Staggenborg, Suzanne.

Coercive Immigration Enforcement and Bureaucratic Ideology
 Rodriguez, Nestor. and Paredes, Cristian.

Cognitive Capitalism and the 2011 Global Revolt: World-historical Perspectives
 McQuade, Brendan.

Cohabitation History and the Accumulation of Marital Assets and Debts
 Painter, Matthew. and Vespa, Jonathan.

Cohabitation and Solitary Leisure among Parents in Four Countries
 Wolfe, Christina.

Cohabiting Couple’s Division of Household Labor in Japan
 Fuwa, Makiko.

Cohort Replacement, Intra-cohort Change, and the Diverging Structures of Black and White Men’s Employment
 Wagmiller, Robert. and Lee, Kristen.

Cohort, Ideology, and Social Generational Change in Discourses about Same-sex Marriage
 Hart-Brinson, Peter.

Colin Ward, Democratic Design and Pragmatic Utopianism
 White, Damian.

Collaborative Art for Collective Conscience: The SocialART Project
 Cliath, Alison. and Penilla, Daniel.

Collective Pedagogical Teacher Culture, Teacher Job Satisfaction, and Race
 Stearns, Elizabeth., Banerjee, Neena. and Moller, Stephanie.

College 101: Introducing At Risk Students to Higher Education
 Hernandez, Paul.

Combating Ageism through Identity Work
 McWilliams, Summer.

Coming Untied? Narrative Accounts of Social Network Dynamics from First-time Mental Health Clients
 Perry, Brea.

Commercializing Extremism: Commodification and the New German Right-wing
 Miller-Idriss, Cynthia.

Commodity Networking for Sustainable Development: Fair Trade and South Africa’s Emerging Rooibos Tea Sector
 Keahey, Jennifer.

Communist-Era Eastern European Publics: Complex Cosmopolitan Identities and Internationalist Motivational Frameworks
 Velitchkova, Ana.

Communities of Practice and Social Learning: An Analysis of Networks in Germany
 Hasmath, Reza.

Community Identity and Collective Mobilization: Rethinking City-based Development
 Mann, Alexis.

Community Participation in Healthcare Reform and the Advocacy Activities of the Groups of People with Disability
 Hosoda, Miwako.

Companions, Couch Potatoes, and Others: Patterns of Father Engagement with Children
 Weinshenker, Matthew.

Company as Alternate Local State: Multi-dimensional Employment Relation and Workers’ Employment Experience in China
 Peng, Thomas.

Comparative Survey Economic Ethics in Zoroaster and Islam Religions
 Amani, Mahmoud.

Comparing Early Survey Research Methodologies in Mexico in the 1940s
 Moreno, Alejandro.

Comparing Logit and Probit Coefficients between Models and Across Groups
 Williams, Richard.

Comparing Street Demonstration Participants’ Decision Time across Countries, Issues and Mobilization Channels
 Damen, Marie-Louise., van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien. and Klandermans, Bert.

Comparing Urban Studies: Academic Views of the City in Europe and the United States
 Swyngedouw, Eva.

Comparing consumer movement in Taiwan and Japan: The making of consumers in state capitalism
 wahn, I-Liang.

Comparing the Academic Performance of Student Veterans and Non-Veterans: Implications of the Webb Post-9/11 GI Bill
 Bailey, Amy., Drury, Madisen. and Randall, Hannah.

Competing Frames and Discourses in the Construction of Contemporary Immigration and Immigrants in the United States
 Quinsaat, Sharon.

Competing Organizational Interests, Coercion, and Ambiguity; Explaining Mortality Rates in Nineteen Nazi Concentration Camps.
 Maher, Thomas.

Competition and the Development of Neighborhood Organizations
 Crubaugh, Bryant.

Complaining as an Interactional Resource for Suspects and Police in a Murder Investigation
 Schelly, David. and Maynard, Douglas.

Complex Trajectories of Legal Status among Senegalese Migrants in Europe
 Vickstrom, Erik.

Compositional and Temporal Dynamics of International Migration in the EU/EFTA: 2002-2007
 DeWaard, Jack.

Compulsory Beauty, Cooptation, and Cellulite Cream: Young Women Discuss Feminist Consumerism
 Taylor, Judith. and Johnston, Josee.

Concepts and Models for a Systematic Biosocial Theory
 Baker, F..

Conceptualizing Biblical Literalism: Religiosity, Identity, Education or Politics?
 Franzen, Aaron. and Griebel, Jenna.

Conceptualizing Organizational Change: Gendered Organizations and NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation
 Morimoto, Shauna. and Zajicek, Anna.

Conflict Displacement and Dual Inclusion in the Construction of Germany
 Obert, Jonathan. and Padgett, John.

Conflict, Agency, and Power in Studies of Policy Diffusion
 Harris, Joseph. and Noy, Shiri.

Conflict, Militarization and Hunger across the Modern World System: The Social Unsustainability of War
 Thompson, Gretchen. and Kick, Edward.

Conflicting Logics in the Provision of Permanent Housing to the Homeless
 Hasenfeld, Yeheskel. and Garrow, Eve.

Congress in Action: Representativeness and Effectiveness in Chile and Argentina, 1900-1930
 Mackinnon, Moira.

Congressional Priorities and the Tea Party Movement
 Banerjee, Tarun.

Congressional Responsiveness to Social Movement Claims Making
 Hale, Daniel.

Connected Consumption: The New Movement to Share, Conserve and Connect
 Schor, Juliet.

Conquering Fear, Humiliation, and Doubt: Motivations of Men Who Participate in a Fight Club
 Melzer, Scott.

Consequences of Return Migration: Undocumented “American” Children in Mexico
 Medina, Dulce.

Conservative Protestantism and Civic Participation among Married Couples
 Kim, Young-Il.

Constituting Right to Associational Autonomy in Socialist Transition
 Zhou, Mujun.

Constrained Choices: Linking Work Conditions to the Health Behaviors of Employees, Spouses, and Children
 Fan, Wen., Lam, Jack., King, Rosalind. and McHale, Susan.

Constructing AIDS as an LGBT Legal Issue
 Kosbie, Jeff.

Constructing Couter-hegemonic Politics: Movements, States, and the Art of Linking Levels
 Evans, Peter.

Constructing Legitimacy Following Regime Change: The Cuban State’s Framing of Economic and Social Reforms Post-Fidel
 Kunovic, Martina.

Constructing Reliability on the Job: Creating and Naturalizing Compliant Workaholics, Racial Segregation, and Immigrant Vulnerability
 Harrison, Jill.

Constructing Threat Creating Communication: Emotional Resonance in Presidential Speeches
 Brown, Jordan.

Constructing the Boundaries of “We”: Russian Nationalism in the Russo-Soviet Anekdot
 Smirnova, Michelle.

Constructing the Future Consumer: In-vitro Meat and the Ideological Lens of the Stakeholder
 Chiles, Robert.

Constructing “Identities of Privilege”: Identity Work in Conservative Social Movements
 Dietrich, David.

Constructions of Family among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People
 Ortyl, Timothy. and Hull, Kathleen.

Consuming and Working: Passengers and Yellow Cabbies in the New York Taxi Industry
 Mitra, Diditi.

Consumption-based Differentiation versus Income-based Segmentation: Do they Capture the Same Patterns of Social Stratification?
 Raz, Sharon.

Contagion by Competition: A Method to Study Social Influence as an Ecological Process
 Genkin, Michael. and Brashears, Matthew.

Content vs. Context: Practicing Christianity and Medicine in Nineteenth Century China
 Tian, Xiaoli.

Contentious Nature of Turkish Nationalist Discourse: Between Secularism and Religion
 Celenk, Ozgur.

Contesting Fidelity and Authority of Medical Space: Architectural Betrayals and Material Overcompensation in Simulation Labs
 Bartram, Robin.

Contesting Health Policy: Toward a Utopian Vision of Community-based Rehabilitation for Brain Injury
 Lorenz, Laura.

Contesting “Policeability”: Cooperation, Control, and Resistance in South Los Angeles Community Police Meetings
 Roussell, Aaron. and Gascon, Luis.

Contesting “Western Influence” in Uganda: Opposing Transnational Movements Framing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill
 Waidzunas, Thomas.

Contexts and Conditions of Ethnic Discrimination: Evidence from a Field Experiment in German Housing Markets
 Auspurg, Katrin., Hinz, Thomas. and Schmid, Laura.

Contextuality and Solidarity: Roberto Unger's "Passion"
 Livesay, Jeff.

Contextualizing Financial Strain in the Older Latino Population
 Diaz-Venegas, Carlos., Eschbach, Karl. and Angel, Jacqueline.

Contextualizing Intersectionality in the Americas
 Falcon, Sylvanna.

Continuity across Generations: Grandparent Influences on Grandchildren, 1970 and 2004
 Bengtson, Vern.

Continuity and Change in Values in Migrant Families: The Role of Language and Religion
 Soehl, Thomas.

Contours of Sociobiophysicality and the Necessity of Critical Theory
 Stoner, Alexander.

Contracting and Coercion in Corrections
 Burkhardt, Brett.

Convergence Repertoires: Anti-capitalist Protest at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
 Esparza, Louis. and Price, Rhiannan.

Convergence in National Income Distributions
 Clark, Rob.

Conviviality, Contestation, and Exclusion in Diverse Public Spaces
 Aptekar, Sofya.

Cool Japan on Thin Ice: Manga, IP Product Licensing, and Constraints upon Global Cultural Flow
 Brienza, Casey.

Cool, I Get to Teach! Peer Education of First-year Undergraduates by Upper-year Sociology Majors
 Wurtzburg, Susan.

Cooperative Transnationalism in Contemporary Europe: Contested Norms and the Struggle for Recognition by Sexual Minorities
 Ayoub, Phillip.

Coordination without Consensus: Therapy and Control in a Juvenile Delinquent Treatment Center
 Wakeham, Joshua.

Corporate Characteristics and Environmental Pollution in the U.S. Electrical Energy Industry
 Istvan, Alesha. and Prechel, Harland.

Corporate Social Responsibility Department in Korean Organizations: Institutional and Economic Approaches
 Baek, Kyungmin.

Corporate and Family Business Executives: Matching Transactions to Inter-organizational Relationships
 Kushins, Eric.

Corporations, Government and Media Socially Constructing a Society Absent from Nature
 Cardenas, Soraya.

Corruption: Empowering Marginalized Groups by Embedding Meta-circuits of Bureaucratic Agency
 Leap, Braden.

Cosmopolitanism is Classy: Inequality, Work and the Production of a Cosmopolitan Consumer
 Otis, Eileen.

Counterfactual Theorizing: Towards an Imaginative Sociology
 Paulsen, Roland.

Counting Caste: Early Imperial Censuses and the Production of Caste Data in India
 Vithayathil, Trina.

Counting the Poor with Competing Poverty Measures
 Pearce, Diana.

County Government and Economic Development in Iowa: Community Survival in the Era of Globalization
 Wiebold, Lori.

Couple Longevity and Formal Unions in the Era of Same-sex Marriage in the United States
 Rosenfeld, Michael.

Crank Dat Soulja Boy: Understanding Black Male Hip-Hop Aspirations in Rural Mississippi
 Foster, Bruce.

Creating Conservatism: How Campuses Shape Political Discourse and Style
 Binder, Amy. and Wood, Kate.

Creating Good Citizens? Toward a Clarified Understanding of Selection and Causality in Voluntary Associations
 Baggetta, Matthew.

Creating Natural Orders: Making Race and Nation through Collection and Display of Statistics
 Loveman, Mara.

Creating Pure Digital Brands: Social Innovation and New Practices in Branding in Online Fashion Retail
 Petkova, Iva.

Creating a Utopian Health Delivery System? Tuberculosis Control in Shanghai, 1950-57
 Core, Rachel.

Creature Comforts: Social Networks, Pets and the Management of Chronic Illness in the United Kingdom
 Rogers, Anne., Brooks, Helen., Reeves, David., Kapadia, Dharmi., Pilgrim, Jack. and Vassilev, Ivaylo.

Creeps, Mopes, and Hillbillies: How Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys Think about Sex Offenders
 Small, Jamie.

Criminal Opportunity Theory: Its Evolution and Applications
 Wilcox, Pamela. and Land, Kenneth.

Criminological, Theory and Research on Terrorism
 LaFree, Gary.

Critical Modernism, Social Movements and Political-Cultural Formation Theory: Towards a Radical-Democratic Development Project?
 Gurcan, Efe. and Otero, Gerardo.

Critique in Art, Culture, and Media: An Analytic Survey
 Halley, Jeffrey.

Cross-cultural Exchange of Technology in the Bronze Age World-system
 Inoue, Hiroko.

Cross-national Comparisons of Gender Differentiation in Professional Employment 1960-2008: Apparent Realities and Utopian Possibilities
 Fiala, Robert. and Trujillo, Saundra.

Cross-national Study of Students’ STEM Career Aspirations: Evidence from PISA
 Han, Seong Won.

Cross-national and Longitudinal Variations in the Criminal Regulation of Sex, 1965-2005
 Frank, David. and Moss, Dana.

Crossing the Line: A Quantitative History of Anti-Miscegenation Legislation in the United States, 1662-2000
 Washington, Scott.

Cultivating Discipline: Progressive Discipline within an Ontario School Board
 Milne, Emily.

Cultivating Localization through Commodity De-fetishism: Contours of Authenticity and Transparency in the Local Organic Food Market
 Schrank, Zach.

Cultura-Identidad: The Use of Art in the University of Puerto Rico Student Movement, 2010
 Everhart, Katherine.

Cultural Change and Movement Factionalization: The Rise of the Creation Science Movement and the Creation Museum
 Oberlin, Kathleen.

Cultural Construction of the Chinese Middle Class: Economic Reform, Urban Consumer Culture, and the National Desire
 Yang, Myung Ji.

Cultural Consumption and Social Stratification in Turkey
 Rankin, Bruce., Ergin, Murat. and Goksen, Fatos.

Cultural Differences and Strong Tie Formation across a Class Divide
 Streib, Jessi.

Cultural Health Capital: How Substance Use Contributes To Health Disparities Through Health Care Interactions
 Chang, Jamie., Dubbin, Leslie. and Shim, Janet.

Cultural Holes and Adapters in Multi-field Innovation Brokerage
 Kertcher, Zack.

Cultural Narratives Surrounding “Pill Mills” and their Implications for People with Medically Unexplained Chronic Pain
 Wilbers, Loren.

Cultural Norm of Market Category and Status Contingency: The U.S. Feature Film Industry, 1999-2010
 Kim, Kwanwoo.

Cultural Trauma in Action: The Assassination of Hrant Dink and its Repercussions on Turkish National Identity
 Turkmen, Gulay.

Cultural, Choice, and Welfare Reform: Liberal Citizenship Norms and Economic Self-sufficiency among Marginalized Populations
 Bartram, David.

Culture and Power in Global Health Disparities
 Phillips, Nolan.

Culture, Class, and Reality Television
 Tripodi, Francesca.

Cumulative Adverse Socioeconomic Circumstances and Health
 Kerstetter, Katie. and Green, John.

Curatorial Connections: The Importance of Exhibition Networks for Artists
 Braden, Laura.

Cutting the Cord: The Impact of Wireless Internet Access on U.S. Income Inequality
 Martin, David.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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