American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Gangbang Capital: Gang Membership as Cultural Capital in Chicago’s Rap Music Scene
 Harkness, Geoff.

Gastropraxis: Toward a Marxian Theory of Food, Society, and the Body
 Fenton, Robert.

Gay Families Count: Contact, Tolerance, and Voting on Gay Marriage Bans
 DiBennardo, Rebecca.

Gay Males and Electronic Health Records: Privacy Perceptions, Age, and Negotiating Stigma
 Stablein, Timothy., Hall, Joseph., Nissenbaum, Helen. and Anthony, Denise.

Gender Differences in Perceived Discrimination and Substance Use among Hispanics
 Nowotny, Kathryn.

Gender Differences in Postsecondary Matriculation: Rurality, the Local Labor Economy, and Gender Role Socialization
 Sutton, April.

Gender Differences in the Causal Effect of Peer SES: Evidence from Two Quasi-experimental Case Studies
 Legewie, Joscha. and DiPrete, Thomas.

Gender Differences in the Effects of Teen Employment upon Adolescents' Educational and Occupational Aspirations
 Blair, Sampson. and Neff, Patricia.

Gender Discrimination Policies across the Globe: Proactive Strategies as a Possible Solution to Gender Inequality
 Demantas, Ilana.

Gender Disparity in Access to Hierarchical Managerial Positions in Urban China
 Tang, Zhenyu.

Gender Gaps in Early Childhood Reward Orientations and Educational Attainment: A Life Course Perspective
 Owens, Jayanti.

Gender Inclusivity in Postcolonial Organizations: Culturalism and Isomorphism in Indian IT Corporations
 Radhakrishnan, Smitha.

Gender Normativity, “Gender Anomie,” and Transgender Oppression: Transgender People’s Emotional Labor Negotiating Dominant Gender Optics
 Nordmarken, Sonny.

Gender Regimes and Employment Commitment: A Cross-national Comparison Across 22 Countries
 Mukherjee, Shibashis.

Gender Sorting and the Glass Ceiling in High Tech
 Fernandez, Roberto. and Campero, Santiago.

Gender Transformations and Alternative Visions: Challenging Capitalism's Strategic Exploitation of Gender Inequality
 Smith, Rachel.

Gender Violence Revisited: Lessons From Violent Victimization of Transgender Identified Individuals
 Jauk, Daniela.

Gender Violence during Warfare: The Case of Darfur
 Ferrales, Gabrielle. and McElrath, Suzy.

Gender and Green Jobs: Comparison of the Green Economies of the United States and Sweden
 Kern, Anna.

Gender and the Contradictory Classes: Middle Class Women and the Neo-liberal Development of Trinidad and Tobago
 Istvan, Alesha.

Gender as a Resource for Downsizing in Later Life Residential Relocation
 Addington, Aislinn. and Ekerdt, David.

Gender in/and College Hook-up Culture
 Butler, Jess. and Hays, Sharon.

Gender on Display: Visual Presentation of Gender in Online Social Networks
 Hilton, Krysti.

Gender, Academic Effort and High School Popularity
 Bishop, Michael.

Gender, Aspirations and Achievements in Work and Family: A Longitudinal Investigation
 Van der Horst, Mariska. and Baxter, Janeen.

Gender, Authority Hierarchies, and Employment Discrimination against Women
 Bobbitt-Zeher, Donna.

Gender, Class, and Consumer Citizenship in the National Consumers' League, 1899-1918
 Haydu, Jeffrey.

Gender, Class, and Time Use During the Great Recession
 Sayer, Liana., Gupta, Sanjiv. and Smith, Kristin.

Gender, Collaboration Networks, and Patenting Performance: Does Nanotechnology Make any Difference?
 Meng, Yu.

Gender, Debt, and Dropping Out of College
 Dwyer, Rachel., McCloud, Laura. and Hodson, Randy.

Gender, Immigration and Immigrant Rights
 Sainsbury, Diane.

Gender, Power, and Household Migration Decisions
 Nobles, Jenna. and McKelvey, Christopher.

Gender, Race, and Homicide: Precarious Gesture and Bringing the Generalized Other Back In
 Lemelle, Anthony.

Gender, Race, and Place: Thinking about the Geography of Science Achievement
 Hanson, Sandra.

Gender, Sexuality, and the Family: (Re)constructing Morality in Everyday Life Interactions
 Psihopaidas, Demetrios.

Gendered Institutions: Legislative Committee Structures in Germany, Sweden and the United States
 Bolzendahl, Catherine.

Gendered Matchmaking as Family Kin-Keeping
 Falcon, Maja.

Gendered Network Effects on C-reactive Protein Level among U.S. Older Adults
 Youm, Yoosik. and Lee, Byungkyu.

Gendered Pathways to Support for Family Mobility? The Division of Housework and Perceptions of Fairness
 Davis, Shannon., Anderson, Julie. and Jacobsen, Shannon.

Gendered Racial-ethnic Exclusion Among Gay and Lesbian Internet Daters in Los Angeles
 Rafalow, Matthew., Feliciano, Cynthia. and Robnett, Belinda.

Gendered Self-evaluation of Weight Differences in Ratings of Financial Situation
 Bonner, Valerie.

Gendered Work Characteristics and Mothers’ and Fathers’ Time Spent in Child Care
 Alexandrowicz Shandra, Carrie.

Gendering Affective Disorders in Direct-to-Consumer Advertisements
 Arney, Jennifer. and Weitz, Rose.

Gendering and Re-gendering the Temporary Help Industry: Gender Typing and the Ideal Worker Norm
 Hatton, Erin.

Gene-environment Interactions in Development of Merits among Japanese Middle School Students
 Yamagata, Shinji., Shikishima, Chizuru., Murayama, Kou. and Ando, Juko.

Generational Differences in Immigrant Adolescent Civic and Political Engagement Attitudes
 Modi, Radha.

Generosity Trends in Online Donations
 Oh, Noona.

Genetic Antecedents to Environmental Sensitivity: 5HTT, Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption
 Daw, Jonathan., Shanahan, Michael., Smolen, Andrew. and Boardman, Jason.

Genetic Homophily in Social Networks
 Fu, Yilan. and Guo, Guang.

Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Relationship between Mastery and Alcohol Dependence
 Kiecolt, K.., Aggen, Steven. and Kendler, Kenneth.

Gentrification Goes to School: A Three-city Examination of Middle Class Investment in Urban Public Schools
 Posey-Maddox, Linn., Kimelberg, Shelley. and Cucchiara, Maia.

Getting Tenure in Academic Careers
 Sanz-Menendez, Luis., Cruz-Castro, Laura. and Alva, Kenedy.

Getting in Touch: Impact of Niche Width and Category Interoperability on Audience Evaluations
 Paolella, Lionel. and Durand, Rodolphe.

Getting it Into Your Body; On Habitus and Ballet
 Marlor, Chantelle.

Get’em Thinking, Get’em Talking: Two Class Activities for Unpacking Gender
 Lancianese, Donna. and Shuster, Stef.

Gifts Among Strangers: Evaluating the Freecycle Network’s Potential for Change
 Aptekar, Sofya.

Girls Gone Wild? Sex and Feminism in the Millennial Era
 Butler, Jess.

Glass Ceilings and Glass Walls: Taiwanese Americans’ Experiences of Otherness
 Gu, Chien-Juh.

Global Borders, Gender and Transnationalism
 Ribas-Mateos, Natalia.

Global Chains, Global Workers: Warehouse Workers’ Experience of Globalized Labor Processes and Transnational Class Relations
 Struna, Jason.

Global Cities: A Cultural Perspective
 Joo, Jin Su.

Global City Formation with Chinese Characteristics
 Smith, David. and Timberlake, Michael.

Global Civil Society, Neo-liberalism and the Size of State: East Asia, 1970-2009
 Li, Xue.

Global Climate Change, the Treadmill of Destruction, and the War on Drugs
 Smith, Chad. and Hooks, Gregory.

Global Climate Change: What We Know and Implications for the Future?
 Trenberth, Kevin.

Global Confucians: Educational and Religious Reform in South Korea
 Yi, Joseph.

Global Dynamics and Protest Cycles in East Asia: China, Korea, and Philippines
 Jung, Chungse.

Global Environmental Crisis, the Occupy Protests, and Critical Theory: Marcuse and Radical Subjectivity
 Sukhov, Michael.

Global Environmental Governance & Pathways for the Achievement of Environmental Justice
 Caniglia, Beth.

Global Food Retail and the Politics of Needs: Tesco’s “Fresh and Easy” in Southern California
 Gresh, Rebecca.

Global Justice, National Distinctions: Criminalizing Human Rights Violations in Darfur
 Savelsberg, Joachim. and Nyseth, Hollie.

Global Policy Diffusion in the Context of Conflicting Institutional Forces: The Case of Abortion Laws
 Boyle, Elizabeth., Kim, Minzee. and Longhofer, Wesley.

Global Scripts and Nationalist Aspirations in the Middle East: The Case of the Kurds
 Polanska, Katarzyna.

Global Sex Markets and Cyberspace: Online Discussions of Ukraine as a Sex Tourist Destination
 Shapkina, Nadia.

Global South Cosmopolitans: The Opening and Closing of the U.S.-Mexico Border for Mexican Tourists
 Sarabia, Heidy.

Global Symbolic and Economic Capital: The Structure of a Global Cultural Field
 Buchholz, Larissa.

Global Trends or Regime Survival: The Reforms in Russian Higher Education
 Forrat, Natalia.

Global Unions, Local Power: Labor Transnationalism from North America to the Global South
 McCallum, Jamie.

Global and Local Diversity and Systemic Network Performance
 Gomez, Charlie. and Lazer, David.

Globalization and Religious Isomorphism: The Case of Tajikistan
 Zainiddinov, Hakim.

Globalization and Wage-setting Institutions in Affluent Democracies, 1971-2005
 Roberts, Anthony.

Globalization and the Impact of the Economic Crisis on Labor in the United States
 Berberoglu, Berch.

Globalization of Ritual: The Korean Case of Baby Shower
 Han, Gru.

Globalization, Democratization, Crime and Crime Control
 Jarvis, Jonathan.

Globalization, Diversification, and Development: Coal, Skiing, and Second Homes in Southeastern British Columbia
 Ciccantell, Paul., Doyon, Jacquelynn. and Piacenti, David.

Globalization, Labor Export and Resistance: A Study of Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers in Global Cities
 McGovern, Ligaya.

Globalization, Violence and Social Activism among Marginalized South Asian Women
 Khan, Mahruq.

Globalization: Does Human Well-being Mean Women’s Well-being?
 Lundell, Lori. and Bunka, Christopher.

Globalizing Families: Discourses of International Adoption in Canadian News Media
 Chua, Jeanette.

God May Not Need a Passport, Priests Do: Exploring the Migration Experience of Polish Catholic Priests
 Piekosz, Agata.

God is like a Drug: Explaining Interaction Ritual Chains in American Megachurches
 Wellman, James., Corcoran, Katie. and Stockly-Meyerdirk, Kate.

God, Yoga, and Karate: Local Amenities and Pathways to Diversity
 Silver, Daniel. and Yi, Joseph.

Going Soft: The Architecture of Community Mental Health Centers in the United States (1963 to 1974)
 Knoblauch, Joy.

Good Ideas and New Dilemmas: Methodological Hurdles for Studying Racism at Online News Sites
 Hughey, Matthew. and Daniels, Jessie.

Good Mothers: Clinic Workers' Conceptions of Abortion Patients
 Heise, Kia.

Good Parents/Bad Parents: Rethinking Family Involvement and Accountability in Juvenile Justice
 Paik, Leslie.

Good Science for Rebels
 McGettigan, Timothy.

Gourmet Knockoffs: White Truffles and Synthetic Substitutes in Elite Food Writing and Recipes
 Fitzmaurice, Connor.

Governance within Embedded Ties: Power Asymetries in Agri-food Supply Chains
 Lake, Sarah.

Governing China’s Ethnic Frontier: How Much Difference Did a Century Make?
 Chung, C. P..

Governing Religious Diversity and Nation-State Formation in Istanbul and Alexandria, 1920- late 1970s
 Adar, Sinem.

Governing Trafficking in Persons: Localizing Counter-human Trafficking Rights through the State and Movement in China
 Shih, Elena.

Governing the Divorcee’: Safety and Paranoia in State-mandated Divorce Seminars
 Charania, Moon.

Government Legitimacy in a Contemporary Capitalist Economy: Beyond Growth and Neoliberalism to an Investment Logic
 Becher, Debbie.

Greed or Devotion? Executive Men’s Work Commitment in the Financial Sector
 Blair-Loy, Mary. and Williams, Stacy.

Greek Modes and Social Movements
 Guarisco, Dylan.

Green Christians? An Empirical Examination of Environmental Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors
 Clements, John., McCright, Aaron. and Xiao, Chenyang.

Greening Islam in Indonesia
 Kraince, Richard.

Greening Labor Unions? Environmental Attitudes and Beliefs of Labor Union Members
 Kojola, Erik. and Xiao, Chenyang.

Grief and Depression in the Context of Caregiving: The Emotional Outcomes of Bereaved Cancer Caregivers
 Francis, Linda., Kypriotakis, Georgios., Bowman, Karen. and Rose, Julia.

Grounding Development in Religion: The Promotion of Gross National Happiness and Sufficiency Economy
 Wagner, Luke.

Group Identity Salience: Implications for Status
 Baxter, Amy.

Grow Your Hair Out: Chicano Gang Recovery through Masculinity and the Body
 Flores, Edward.

Growing and Learning: Impact of Transitioning from Normal Weight to Overweight on Academic Growth
 Koch, Pamela. and Triplett, Jennifer.

Growth Machine Re-fashioned: Case Study of Plastic Bag Ordinance in Marin County, California
 Li, Yifei.

Guilt by Abnormality: Contesting Common Sense in Jury Deliberations
 Gibson, David. and Fox, Matthew.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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