American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and the Marginalization of Women
 Mastrangelo, Marisol.

HIV/AIDS Stigma: Measurement and Relationships to Health in Latino Gay/Bisexual Men and Transgender Individuals
 Ramirez-Valles, Jesus. and Molina, Yamile.

Habit, Legitimacy, or Rationality: Explaining Active Non-Participation in North Carolina Fisheries Governance
 May, Candace.

Habitual Attendance, Selective Attendance and Avoidance: Understanding Sociology Students’ Different Orientations to Attendance
 O\'Sullivan, Sara.

Habitus and Middle Class Deficits in Caregiving Support for Cancer Patients
 Macdonald, Cameron.

Haitian and Ghanaian Liturgy and Prayer as Constitutive-ends Practices
 Mooney, Margarita. and Manglos, Nicolette.

Halting Harassment: Social influence and Gender in School Social Networks
 Shepherd, Hana. and Levy Paluck, Elizabeth.

Hank's Condition: Jammed up in Atlantic City
 Avery, Jacob.

Happiness: Before and After the Kids
 Margolis, Rachel. and Myrskyla, Mikko.

Happy with a Chance of Leaving? Time Allocation, Job Satisfaction, and Retention among Academic Faculty
 Winslow, Sarah.

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Contagion through Psychoanalytic Techniques: Lessons from Russia’s Tocqueville
 Ashwin, Sarah.

Have You Seen an Albanian Running?
 Traga, Lulzim.

Having Their Data and Using It Too: Uses of Audience Metrics at a National U.S. Newspaper
 Petre, Caitlin.

He Motivated Me to Want to Go to College: Student-educator Relationships that Produce College Aspirations
 Espinoza, Roberta.

Health Developmental States: Theory and Evidence from Urban Brazil
 Gibson, Christopher.

Health Influences on Social Network Change: The Contextualizing Role of Socio-economic Status
 Webster, Noah., Fuller-Iglesias, Heather. and Antonucci, Toni.

Health Insurance Coverage for Genetic Services in Wisconsin
 Smith, Rachel., Senier, Laura., Kearney, Matthew. and Orne, Jason.

Health Outcomes for Adolescents Involved in Age Discordant Relationships as the Older Partner
 Loftus, Jeni.

Health Policy and Theories of Welfare Development: An Analysis of 18 OECD Countries from 1980-2000
 Douglas, Diana.

Health Promotion Among Hispanic Males
 Towns, Tangela. and Rivera, Fernando.

Health and Development for All: The Role of Foreign Aid Attractiveness and INGOs
 Peterson, Lindsey.

Hearing Loss, Gender, and Crime Shows
 Johnson, Nan.

Heath Effects of Beliefs about Inequality: An Empirical Analysis of China
 Han, Chunping.

Heavy Hand of the State in Field Emergence: China's Real Estate Industry and its Creation
 Choo, Jennifer.

Hegemonic Projects, Economic Development and the Globalization of National Defense
 Major, Aaron. and Mitchell, Lacy.

Help or Hurt? Unsolicited Job Information and Receivers’ Psychological Distress
 Song, Lijun. and Chen, Wenhong.

Helping the Poor, Hating the Poor: Service Work at the Intersection of Poverty and Bureaucracy
 Vaughn, Jonathan.

Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes: The Adult Onset Offender in Criminology
 Sohoni, Tracy., Paternoster, Ray., Bachman, Ronet. and McGloin, Jean.

Heroes and Sidekicks: Presentation of the Corporate Self on the China and Global Stage
 Chen, Patricia.

Heroes and Victims: Depictions of War Deaths in the United States and Israel, 1960s to 2000s
 Lachmann, Richard., Sheinheit, Ian. and Filisha, Mishel.

Heroic Ethnographies
 Long, Elizabeth.

Heterogeneity in Health Trajectories of Older Adults and Socioeconomic Stratification: A Latent Trajectory Class Analysis
 Wickrama, K.A.S.. and Mancini, Jay.

Heterosexual Femininities and Shifts in Compulsory Heterosexuality
 Dean, James.

Hibernated Legitimacy and Institutional Revival: The Resurgence of Private Entrepreneurship in China’s Transitional Economy 1978-1996
 Xu, Hongwei. and Zhao, Litao.

Hierarchies of Membership to the Nation-State: Regulating Property Ownership in Turkey
 Over, Defne.

High Expectations, High Support: How One Organization Prepares Young Adults for Career Advancement
 Goens, Dawna.

High School Dropout and the Role of Material Deprivation
 Schmidt, Erik.

High School Gender Climates and Gender Differences in College Attendance
 Beattie, Irenee. and Van Dyke, Nella.

High School Racial Composition and Student Perceptions of School Safety
 Thibodeaux, Jarrett.

High School Resources: Equalizers or Stratifiers?
 Klugman, Joshua.

High Stakes Education Finance: How State-Sponsored Policy Reproduces Race and Class Inequality
 Henricks, Kasey.

High Stakes Spheres and Corrupting Higher Education through Most Cherished Values
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Highbrow Intertextuality in Prime-time Network Drama: An Empirical Analysis of the Criminal Minds Audience
 Wayne, Michael. and Tripodi, Francesca.

Higher Education Expansion and Social Equality in Urban China: 1999-2003
 Hu, Anning. and Hibel, Jacob.

Higher Education and Sexual Assault: A Fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis of University Policy
 Stavish, Lauren. and Moon, Minyoung.

Hired Hands and Dubious Guesses: Adventures in Crowd-sourced Data Collection
 Shaw, Aaron.

Hispanic Catholic, Hispanic Protestant: A Test of Segmented Assimilation Theory on Religious Outcomes
 Eagle, David.

Hispanic-serving by Design: Characteristics of Hispanic Students Across a New Typology of Hispanic Serving Institutions
 Bennett, Pamela. and Nathenson, Robert.

Historical Justice and Past-oriented Politics: New Actors, New Strategies of Activism
 Gutman, Yifat.

Historical Legacies, Contemporary Inequalities: The Social Structure of Travel
 Reyes, Victoria.

Historical Memorials as Convergence Points
 Neely, Brooke.

Historical Understanding of Korean Resistance Movements: A Longitudinal Prosopographical Network Approach
 Shin, Eun Kyong.

Historicizing Hybridity: The Field of Health and Healing in South Africa
 Decoteau, Claire.

Historicizing the Paths of Sociology in Twenty-first Century Nigeria: Some Prospects and Challenges
 Adesina, Adewale.

Home Environment and Educational Transitions on the Path to College in Rural Northwest China
 Sargent, Tanja., Kong, Peggy. and Zhang, Yuping.

Home-ownership and Political Participation: Neighborhood Democracy in Urban China
 Wang, Hongbo. and Li, Jun.

Homeland Cultures in Urban Community Gardens: Illegality and Spaces of Sanctuary
 Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette.

Homeless Children and Youth: An Examination of Legal Challenges and Directions
 Vissing, Yvonne. and Hudson, Christopher.

Homeowners’ Associations in Urban China: A Move Toward Civil Society?
 Fu, Qiang. and Lin, Nan.

Hometown Politics and the Gendered (Re)Constitution of Migration: Contrasting Cases from Mexico to California
 Andrews, Abigail.

Homogamy in the New Marriage Regime
 Erickson, Gina.

Homogamy on Campus: College Attendance and Partnering Patterns, 1975-2005
 Ford, Karly.

Hostile Public Policies and Temporary Organizational Adaptation
 Kozhikode, Rajiv Krishnan.

Hot Topics, Cool Classrooms: Using Film and Media to Inspire the Sociological Imagination
 Goldberg, Roberta.

Household Assets, School Enrollment and Parental Aspirations for Children’s Education in Rural China: Does Gender Matter?
 Deng, Suo.

Household Composition, Social Capital, and Educational Outcomes
 Tyndall, Benjamin. and Anderson, Marka.

Household Income and Children’s Academic Achievement: A Cross-national Comparison
 Reardon, Sean. and Chmielewski, Anna.

Households Transformed by Unemployment: A Relational Approach
 Golann, Joanne.

Households as Neighborhoods: Physical Disorder and Social Relationships in the Household Context
 York Cornwell, Erin.

How America became Actualized: Esalen and the Human Potential Movement
 Goldman, Marion.

How CEDAW Works: Procedures and Results from the International Women's Treaty
 Lee, Susan.

How Chinese Exercised Birth Control: A Study on Families’ Reproductive Behaviors in Liaoning in Qing Dynasty
 SHI, Lizi.

How Cultural Entrepreneurs Legitimate and Authenticate Cultural Products as Highbrow Art
 Scarborough, Roscoe.

How Different Perceptions of Health Risks Influence the Adoption of Conventional or “Environmentally-Friendly” Household Cleaning Practices
 Ouimette, Monique.

How Diversity became a "Melting Pot": American Equal Opportunity Discourse in the Israeli Organizational Field
 Levy, Moran. and Kalev, Alexandra.

How Do Romantic Relationships Impact Mental Health? The Role of Traditional Sexual Values
 Liang, Ying.

How Does Immigration Change Cultural Schemas of Race?
 Roth, Wendy.

How Does the Quality of Family Relationship affect Depression?
 Song, Eeheun. and Song, Young Ho.

How Hometown Social Structures Shape Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Transnational Articulation of Marginality
 Andrews, Abigail.

How Institutions Change: The Case of Capital Punishment
 Linders, Annulla.

How Legal Status Shapes Gender Inequality and Segmented Assimilation in Los Angeles
 Gil-Garcia, Oscar.

How Local is Local? Determining the Boundaries of Local Food in Practice
 Trivette, Shawn.

How Non-Governmental Organizations Engage With Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity-based Forced Migration?
 McManus, Patricia. and Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

How One Eco-village Attempts to Mitigate the Antagonism between Town and Country
 Ergas, Christina.

How Ordinary Cosmopolitans Practice Democracy: Multi-lingual Deliberation in Social Movements
 Doerr, Nicole.

How Protest Participation Dynamics Changed in Georgia and Ukraine after Electoral Revolutions
 Hrycak, Alexandra. and Zorn, Kelsey.

How Race and Class affect Blacks' Residential Choices: Examining Residential Decisions as Sites of Consumption
 Pittman, Cassi.

How Salient is Religion in Everyday Life? The Private Moral Code of Adolescents in America
 Morris, Sarah.

How Secret-keeping Affects Knowledge of the Social World
 Cowan, Sarah.

How Shifts in Neighborhood Racial Composition Influence Rates of Home Value Appreciation
 Moye, Richard.

How State-driven Tourism Development Affects Resident Welfare and Biodiversity Conservation in Southwest China
 Zinda, John.

How Strategic Action Fields (SAF) Can Help Scholars Understand the Catholic Church Crisis
 Kinkel, R. John.

How Willing is Willing? Operationalizing Intersectionality in the Study of Stigma
 Fugiero, Melissa.

How do Parents’ and One’s Own Education Accumulate to Shape Adult Health?
 Montez, Jennifer.

How do Relationship Quality and Status Influence Depression within a Non-marital Relationship?
 Seberger, Jessica. and Simons, Ronald.

How does Hollywood Present College Student’s Sexuality? Scripts Presented by American Popular Comedies
 Simon, Nicolas.

How is Gender Related to New College Student Attitudes towards Community Service?
 Polgar, Michael.

How the Census Bureau Addressed Dates of Birth after Census Day in the 2010 Census
 Howden, Lindsay.

How the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Survived the Doldrums: Gendered Voluntarism and the Expressive-instrumental Dimension
 Berbrier, Mitch. and Ferreira, Veronica.

How the Discovery of a Grandchild’s GLBQ Sexuality Shapes Grandparent-grandchild Relationships
 Scherrer, Kristin.

How the Division of Household Labour Impacts Mental Health: Are Men and Women that Different?
 Polachek, Alicia.

How the Novice Players Play the Game
 Jo, Hyejeong.

How to Build Sociology Assignments around the Use of Web 2.0 Technology
 Stay, Victoria.

Human Capital and Older Women's Health
 Hill, Twyla. and Wright, Rosemary.

Human Capital, Political Capital, and Spousal Coordination: Working in the Non-state Sector in Reformed China
 Jiang, Ting.

Human Rights and the Other Body: Fetish, Fantasy and Freedom in Contemporary Human Rights
 Charania, Moon.

Hunting as Status Group Conflict: The Cultural Uses of Violence in England and France, 1660-1715
 Stuart Brundage, Jonah.

Hustling for Allah: The Interplay of Culture and Structure in an African American Community
 Prickett, Pamela.

Hybrid Frames and Scale Shift in Protest Waves
 Grdesic, Marko.

Hypotheses or Metaphysics: Can Socialism Learn from its Mistakes?
 Eidlin, Fred. and Maltseva, Natalia.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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