American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Madam Senator: Growth in Women’s State Senate Representation, 1978–2010
 Painter, Matthew.

Made in America: Primitive Accumulation and the Commoditization of Prison Labor
 Salim, Ulluminair.

Mafia Baroque: The Downgrading of Expert Knowledge in Architecture and Planning in Post-Communist Bulgaria
 Holleran, Max.

Majoring in Mindfulness: College Students and the Articulation of Real Utopias
 Moran, Sean. and Tavares, Bryan.

Making "Bad" Sex "Good:" Gender and Sexual Boundaries on Christian Sexuality Websites
 Burke, Kelsy.

Making Democracy Work or Reducing Democratic Pluralism? Social Capital, the Third Way and the Big Society
 Ferragina, Emanuele.

Making Full Use of the Longitudinal Design of the Current Population Survey
 Drew, Julia. and Flood, Sarah.

Making Good in the Hood: Mexican Immigrants and Religious Communities in Fresno
 Guzman, Melissa.

Making History Boring: Why South African High School Students Prefer Learning the Holocaust to Apartheid
 Teeger, Chana.

Making Mental Errors: How the Flaws and Foibles of our Cognitive Systems affect our Social Lives
 Danna, Karen.

Making Modern Love: The Creation of Marital Intimacy in the Early Twentieth Century United States
 Hulton, Kathleen.

Making a New Vaccine Accessible to Poor Children in Latin America
 Light, Donald.

Making it Personal: Humanizing Tactics and the Diffusion of Success in the Anti-sweatshop Movement
 Briscoe, Forrest., Gupta, Abhinav. and Anner, Mark.

Making the Intern Economy: Interns and Unpaid Labor in the Music Industry
 Frenette, Alexandre.

Making the Tough Call: Emotional Labor in the Judicial Occupation
 Peterson, Paul.

Male and Female He Created Them: Gender Traditionalism, Masculine Images of God, and Attitudes toward Homosexuality
 Whitehead, Andrew.

Managerial Attention to Shareholder Value: Selective Cognition, Managerial Ideology, or Symbolic Management?
 Shin, Taekjin.

Managers in a Global Economy: A Multi-level Analysis
 Kaya, Yunus. and Martin, Nathan.

Managing Impressions: Self Presentation Strategies Among Women in STEM Workplaces
 Shafran, Jonathan.

Managing Maternal Identity: A Case Study of the Eco-mamas
 Sanderson, Jill.

Managing Patients and Expectations: Health Care Provider Strategies for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
 Armstrong-Hough, Mari.

Managing Racial/Ethnic Differences and Commonalities in Community-based Youth Organizations
 Gast, Melanie., Okamoto, Dina. and Feldman, Valerie.

Managing Sex Offenders: Surveillance and Risk in the Politics of the Sex Offender Registry
 You, Jin.

Managing the Impression of Omnivores: “Face Saving” Strategies of Vegetarians and Vegans
 Greenebaum, Jessica.

Mapping Conversation Patterns in the Asynchronous, Computer-mediated Classroom
 Winiecki, Donald. and Blain, Michael.

Mapping Gender Ideologies Globally: Gender Attitudes in 63 Countries
 Shu, Xiaoling.

Mapping an Ecology of Privacy: A Cross-national Comparison of Control of Self-presentation Online
 Spiro, Emma., Pierski, Nicole. and Butts, Carter.

Mapping the Territories of the Self in the Age of the Hyperreal
 Hancock, Black Hawk. and Garner, Roberta.

Marital Homogamy and Economic Vulnerability During the Great Recession
 Landivar, Liana.

Marital Status and Quality of Life from 1972 to 2010
 Vogt Yuan, Anastasia.

Marital Status as Contingency in the Relationship between Physical Limitations and Subjective Well-being
 Bierman, Alex.

Marital Status, Marital Transitions, and Alcohol Use: A Mixed-methods Study
 Reczek, Corinne., Pudrovska, Tetyana. and Umberson, Debra.

Marital Status, Self-rated Health, and Mortality: Overestimation of Health or Diminishing Protection of Marriage?
 Thomas, Patricia.

Market Reform and the Deinstitutionalization of the Standard Workday in Urban China
 Cao, Yang. and Rubin, Beth.

Market Transition, Social Stratification, and Health Disparity: Trends in Health Disparitis during China's Economic Reform
 Kwon, Soyoung.

Marketing Novelty: How a Literary Book Attains Visibility and Success
 Santana Acuna, Alvaro.

Marketing to Whom? Linking Supply-side Theory and Market Niches through a Study of Jewish Denominations, 1913-1920
 Ellis, Rachel.

Markets, Technologies, and Mediating Institutions: Bicycle Design in France and the United States, 1892-1914
 Burr, Thomas.

Marriage and Migration: Interracial Couples in Contemporary Brazil
 Osuji, Chinyere.

Marriage and the Earnings Distribution
 Bearak, Jonathan.

Marriage, Parenthood, and Health Insurance? How Changes in Family are Linked to More Uninsured Americans
 Percheski, Christine.

Married Women’s Work Trajectories and Income Inequality in Germany, Great Britain and the United States
 McManus, Patricia. and Geist, Claudia.

Marx’s Civil War Writings on Race and Class, 150 Years Later
 Anderson, Kevin.

Masculinity and the Search for Belonging: Complicity in Africa's Urban Periphery
 Matlon, Jordanna.

Masculinity and the “Drugs Lifestyle”: Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse, and the Normalization of Impoverished Men
 Kaye, Kerwin.

Masculinity as a Collective Social Accomplishment
 Rogalin, Christabel. and Pfeffer, Carla.

Mate Selection in Cyberspace: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Education
 Lin, Ken-Hou. and Lundquist, Jennifer.

Maternal Re-partnering and Trajectories in Children’s Cognitive and Behavioral Development
 Bzostek, Sharon. and Berger, Lawrence.

Mead on Fractured Identity Syndrome: Toward a Symbolic Interaction Theory of Serial Murder
 Siegfried, Michael.

Mead's Analysis of Social Conflict: A Radical Interationist's Critique
 Athens, Lonnie.

Measure Ethnic Identification
 Hempel, Lynn.

Measure for Measure: Quantifying Inequality in an Age of Educational Accountability
 Jennings, Jennifer. and Sohn, Heeju.

Measuring Corruption: What does the Media Say about Higher Education Corruption in the United States and Russia?
 Osipian, Ararat.

Measuring Maternal Multi-partnered Fertility with the NLSY79
 Dorius, Cassandra.

Measuring Multiple Meanings in the Sociology of Philosophical Knowledge
 Lee, Monica.

Measuring Science or Religion? A Measurement Analysis of the NSF Sponsored Science Literacy Scale, 2006-2010
 Roos, Jason.

Mechanisms of Power that Regulate Language Use
 Byfield, Natalie.

Media Use and Civic Engagement in Western China
 Chen, Wenhong. and Zhang, Yanlong.

Media Use and Issue Knowledge in the 2008 Presidential Campaign: A Field Analysis
 Stempel, Carl., Stempel III, Guido. and Thomas, Hargrove.

Medicine and Meaning Making: A Historiography of Psychological Research on Transgender People
 Shuster, Stef.

Memory Foundations for Durkheim's "Elementary Forms"
 Brooks, Jo Ann.

Memory, Semiosis, and the Cultural Sociology of Temporality
 Cossu, Andrea.

Men, Networks and Fertility
 Jensen, An-Magritt.

Men, Women with Satan in the Middle: Gender Segregation of the Buses in Iran
 Shahrokni, Nazanin.

Menstrual Accounts: Rationalizations for Use of Taboos among Women of Nepalese Origin
 Sharma, Nitika.

Mental Health Benefits from Social Networks? Network Configurations and Depressive Symptoms in Later Life
 Kim, Juyeon.

Men’s Changing Devotion to Work: How Male Scientists Navigate Competing Devotions to Work and Family
 Howard Ecklund, Elaine., Lincoln, Anne. and White, Virginia.

Men’s Honor and Women’s Health: Dowry in India and Gender Differences in Morbidity
 Stroope, Samuel.

Merging Mothers and Migration: Identifying Motherhood as a Mechanism of Migration in the Global Economy
 Kiester, Elizabeth.

Metropolitan Quality-of-life Rankings Based on User Priorities
 Szafran, Robert.

Mexican American Protest, Ethnic Resiliency, and Social Capital: The Mobilization Benefits of Cross-cutting Ties
 Santoro, Wayne., Velez, Maria. and Keogh, Stacy.

Mexican Hometown Associations and Political Engagement in the United States
 Munoz, Jose.

Micro- and Macro-environment Population and the Consequences for Crime Rates
 Hipp, John. and Roussell, Aaron.

Microfoundations of Intersectoral Collaboration: The Intra-organizational Challenges of Maintaining Institutional Multiplicity
 McInerney, Paul-Brian.

Midlife and Technology Use: The Use of Social Network Sites to Find Old Friends
 quinn, kelly.

Migrant Health in Europe: A Cross-national Analysis of the "Healthy Immigrant Effect"
 Bakhtiari, Elyas. and Beckfield, Jason.

Migrant Workers, Peasant Workers or Contract Workers?
 Cheng, Xiuying.

Migration Status, Family Proximity, and Depression in Mexican American Elders
 Cartwright, Kate.

Migration and the Expansion of Micro-credit in Cambodia
 Bylander, Maryann. and Hamilton, Erin.

Migration, Sex and Insecurity: Advocacy and Framing Legal Claims of Trafficked Persons, Refugees and Economic Migrants
 Kinney, Edith.

Migration-trust Networks: Mexican Social Networks of U.S. Bound Migration and its Caractheristics
 Flores-Yeffal, Nadia.

Militia Masculinities: Traditional Expression and Experimentation
 Cooter, Amy.

Mind the Gap: Formal Ethics Policies and Chemical Scientists’ Everyday Practices in Academic and Industry Settings
 Smith-Doerr, Laurel. and Vardi, Itai.

Mindfulness Meditation: Do-It-Yourself Medicalization of Every Moment
 Barker, Kristin.

Minority Women in Bangladesh: Intersectionality, Marginalization, and Gender-specific Social Capital
 Ahmed, Fauzia.

Miracle Workers, Acolytes, and the Church: Early Modern Miracle Making and the Routinization of Charisma
 Lainer-Vos, Dan. and Parigi, Paolo.

Misguided Hope in Autism Genetics Research
 Singh, Jennifer.

Mitigating Dystopia: Catholicism and Economic Survival in the Arabian Gulf
 Vaidyanathan, Brandon.

Mobilizing Against Global Warming: An Empirical Analysis of the Climate Justice Movement
 Podobnik, Bruce.

Mobilizing Resources for Collaborative Innovation
 Rottner, Renee.

Modeling Relational Events: A Case Study in an Open Source Software Development Project
 Conaldi, Guido., Quintane, Eric., Lomi, Alessandro. and Tonellato, Marco.

Modelling Effectiveness of Governmental Governance at Firm Level: A Contingency Perspective of Strategy Performance Management System
 Xi, Minmin.

Models of Interacting Particle Systems for Social Processes
 Whitmeyer, Joseph.

Moderating Effects of Skin Color and Ethnic Identity Affirmation on Suicide Risk among African American Women
 Oser, Carrie. and Stevens-Watkins, Danelle.

Modern Cohabitation in Denmark
 Loft, Lisbeth Trille.

Modern Society as Artifice: Adorno as a Critical Theorist of the Dynamic Contradictions of Globalization
 Dahms, Harry.

Modernity, Islam and Gender: Post-colonial Perspectives
 Charrad, Mounira Maya.

Money Culture at Work: The World of Hedge Fund Traders and Poker Players
 Delaney, Kevin.

Money, Morals, and Medical Marijuana Markets: Turning a Black Market Gray
 Dioun, Cyrus.

Monogamy Lite: College, Women and Cheating
 Wilkins, Amy. and Dalessandro, Cristen.

Moral Economies in the Commodification of Hospital Care
 Reich, Adam.

Moral Outpouring and the 2010 BP Oil Spill: Explaining Americans' Responses to Large-scale Disasters
 Farrell, Justin.

Moral Women, Immoral Technologies: How Devout Catholic Women Negotiate Maternal Desire, Religion, and ARTs
 Czarnecki, Danielle.

Morality Work Among the Transabled
 Davis, Jenny.

Morality and Religion at Work: How Moral Absolutism and Religious Orthodoxy Influence the American Workplace
 Steffy, Kody.

More Sure that I Wasn’t Choosing to Do It: Neurogenetics and Agency in Eating Disorders
 Easter, Michele.

Mortgage Lending in the United States, 2000-2009. A Democratization of Credit, or Racial Inequalities Continued?
 Kuebler, Meghan.

Mortgage Lending, Race, and Neighborhood Crime: Are All Loans Equal?
 Saporu, Darlene., Krivo, Lauren. and Peterson, Ruth.

Mothering With Neuroscience in a Neo-liberal Age: Child Disorders in Precarious Times
 Blum, Linda. and Fenton, Estye.

Mothering Without the Ordeal: The Benefits of *Not* Trying To Impart Ultimate Security in Children
 Villalobos, Ana.

Mothers, Migrants and Markets: Rethinking the Link between Motherhood and Work in the Global Economy
 Glass, Christy., Mannon, Susan. and Petrzelka, Peggy.

Motivations for Supporting Elderly Parents in Chinese Families
 Bao, Luoman.

Movement-countermovement Dynamics and Countermovement Decline: Examining the Fate of Pro- and Anti-Immigration Forces, 2005-2008
 Ward, Matthew.

Movements as Political Conditions for Diffusion: Anti-corporate Movements and the Spread of Cooperatives in American Capitalism
 Schneiberg, Marc.

Movements of Society or Social Movements? Ideology and Political Dynamics in 1980s Eastern Europe
 Lowinger, Yakov.

Movers versus Stayers: Neighborhood Effects on Achievement Scores
 Alvarado, Steven.

Moving Forward Together or Drifting Further Apart? High-stakes Accountability and Equality of Educational Opportunity
 Condliffe, Barbara.

Moving on Up: Obstacles to Community and Regional Organizing in the San Gabriel Valley
 Overmyer-Velazquez, Rebecca.

Moving to Opportunity in the Wake of Disaster: From Spatial Displacement to Neighborhood Attainment
 Graif, Corina. and Waters, Mary.

Multi-racial Families: A Test of the "Contact Hypothesis"
 Taylor, Marylee.

Multiple Accountabilities and the “Racialization” and “De-racializaiton” of Health Services
 Zhou, Amy.

Multiple Paths to Development: The Analysis of 23 Recently (Semi) Developed Countries
 Eskici, Burak.

Muriel versus Myriam: The Media Framing of the Suicide Bomber Muriel Degauque
 Sandhoff, Michelle.

Muslim Inhabitation of American Forms
 Bilici, Mucahit.

My Best Friend and My Family: Narratives of Homeless People’s Relationships with their Pets
 Irvine, Leslie.

My Gay Neighbors and Dangerous Men in Dresses: Religious Right Messaging During Ballot Measure Campaigns
 Stone, Amy.

My Math Teacher Would Send Me [Out] for Every Single Reason: Latino/a Youth and School Discipline
 Lechuga, Chalane.

Myrdal's Dilemma and the American Non-dilemma
 DiTomaso, Nancy.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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