American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Na Mea Hawaiian (All Things Hawaiian): Ancient and Nascent Sovereignty
 Essary, Elizabeth.

Narrating Globalization through Childhood Disability
 Smardon, Regina.

Narrative Freedom
 Zussman, Robert.

Narratives about Political Obstacles in Argentina’s Movement for Abortion Rights
 Borland, Elizabeth.

National Giving: The Construction of Jewish American National-philanthropic Networks
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

National Origin Group and Community Effects on Children of Immigrants’ Educational Attainment
 Lee, Rennie.

National Work Orientation and Work-to-Nonwork Interference: Evidence from 31 Nations
 Ruppanner, Leah. and Maume, David.

Nationalism and the Science of Ethnic Categorization
 Mattson, Greggor.

Nationalist Campaigns: Place-making on Facebook
 Turkoglu, Didem.

Native Voices of Los Angeles from the Spanish Pueblo to the World City
 Lin, Jan.

Natural Disasters and Local Demographic Change in the United States
 Schultz, Jessica. and Elliott, James.

Natural Resource Development, Conservation, and the Rural-urban "Divide" in Alaska
 Safford, Thomas., Henly, Megan. and Ulrich, Jessica.

Nature’s Agency in Shaping Place: The Oysters and Marshlands of Jamaica Bay, New York
 Van Hooreweghe, Kristen.

Navigating Careers in Primary Care Medicine: Ascribing Value Amid Disdain, Structural Obstacles, and Latent Rewards
 Veazey Brooks, Joanna.

Navigating Occupational Health Rights: Low-wage Work and Workers’ Compensation in California
 Gleeson, Shannon.

Navigating Subcultural Careers: How Straight Edgers Transition to Work
 Haenfler, Ross.

Navigating the Medical Context of Maternity Care: A Comparison of Lactation Consultants and Doulas
 Torres, Jennifer.

Navigating the Queer Hood: Young Black Queer Women and Health Management in Philadelphia
 Brooks, Siobhan.

Neglected Forms of Religious Organization: A Case Study of a Religious Coalition
 Moore, Rick.

Negotiating Disparate Social Contexts: Evidence from a Random-assignment Desegregation Plan
 Bischoff, Kendra.

Negotiating Identity in a Post-9/11 World: Middle Eastern Immigrants in America
 Mills, Gregory.

Negotiating Male-directed Courtship Scripts: Women's Strategic Approaches
 Lamont, Ellen.

Neighborhood Characteristics and the Location of New Educational Opportunities in a Large Urban District
 Burdick-Will, Julia., Keels, Micere. and Schuble, Todd.

Neighborhood Commercial Activity, Social Resources and Health: The Effect of Physical Disorder
 Bjornstrom, Eileen. and Ralston, Margaret.

Neighborhood Contextual Effects on College Major
 McClellan, Autumn.

Neighborhood Effects, Genetic Variations, and Adult Antisocial Behavior: A Bio-social Perspective
 Lei, Man Kit. and Edmond, Mary.

Neighborhood Perceptions among Residents of Spatially Isolated and High Poverty Areas
 Glantz, Lori., Richardson, William. and Adelman, Robert.

Neighborhood Violent Crime and Achievement in Chicago
 Burdick-Will, Julia.

Neo-Burlesque: Discursive Stigma Assignment, Accountability, and Feminine Presentation
 Strapko, Noel.

Neo-liberal Bodies, Subjectivity, and the State: Nourishing Citizens in the Women, Infants, and Children Program
 Mason, Kate.

Neo-liberal Development Strategies and the Revitalization of Popular Movements in Central America
 Almeida, Paul.

Neo-liberal Volunteers Learning How to Do Inequality in Everyday Life
 Eliasoph, Nina.

Nested Networks of Community
 Hunter, Albert.

Network Characteristics, Perceived Social Support, and Psychological Distress in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
 Benson, Paul.

Network Disadvantages of Immigrants: Immigrants and Access to Social Capital
 Lee, Hang Young.

Network Failure: Innovation in the New Old Economy
 Whitford, Josh.

Network Properties and Types of Work: Mapping the Work Force in Chronic Illness Management
 Vassilev, Ivaylo., Rogers, Anne., Blickem, Christian., Brooks, Helen., Reeves, David. and Kapadia, Dharmi.

Network-based Assessment of Brokerage Roles within a Hospital-based Public Health Epidemiologist Program
 Bevc, Christine., Markiewicz, Milissa., Samoff, Erika., Horney, Jennifer. and MacDonald, Pia.

Networks of Opportunity and Influence in Eight Graduate Departments
 McLean, Paul.

Never-married Employed Men’s Gender Beliefs and Ambivalence Toward Matrimony in Japan
 Nemoto, Kumiko., Fuwa, Makiko. and Ishiguro, Kuniko.

New Factory Ethnographies: Towards an Emancipatory Project for Workers in the "Global Factory"
 Pangsapa, Piya.

New Frontiers in Community Studies: Examining the Evolution of LGBTI Neighborhoods
 Holt, William.

New Frontiers in the Work-family Interface?
 Lippe, Tanja.

New Love, New Life: Marital Quality and Dyadic Interactions in Remarriage
 Lin, Muh-Chung.

New Names for "Older" Audiences: Language, Agency and the Marketing of Culture
 Kirchner, Corinne.

New Perspectives on Causal Mediation Analysis
 Sobel, Michael. and Wang, Xiaolu.

New Powers in Global Governance: Multi-polarity, Multi-lateral Disintegration and the Stillbirth of Neo-liberalism at the WTO
 Hopewell, Kristen.

New Social Risk: The Effect of Political Factors on Children of Single Mothers in Poverty
 Bostic, Amie.

New Urbanism and Compact Housing on the California Coast: A Preliminary Systematic Comparison of Seven Cities
 Nielsen, Erik.

New Ways of Being: Fat Women Re-envision the Body
 Null, Michaela.

Newcomers to the Aloha State: Contradictions in the Reception and Integration of Mexicans in Hawaii
 Batalova, Jeanne., Das Gupta, Monisha. and Haglund, Sue.

Newspaper Portrayals of American Nursing Homes: “Disposable” Lives and Their Market Value
 Rozanova, Julia.

Newspaper Portrayals of Home Invasion Robbery across 15 U.S. Cities
 Byron, Reginald., Molidor, Will. and Cantu, Andy.

No Child Left Behind and the FCAT: What Really Affects Graduation Rates in Florida?
 Campanaro, Candice.

No More and No Less Utopian: Towards an Environmental Sociology of the Rural-urban Divide
 Clement, Matthew.

No One Cares if it’s Just “A Little Bit Shady”: Neutralizations for Theft among Restaurant Workers
 Shigihara, Amanda.

No Other Way Out: Self-exclusion in the College Application Process
 Chiang, Yi-Lin.

No Talk but Some Walk: Obama Administration Rhetoric on Climate Change and International Climate Spending
 Roberts, J.. and Kincaid, Graciela.

No, She's the Mommy: Negotiating Biological Asymmetry in Lesbian Parent Families through Parent Terms
 Colonna, Rafael.

Noise and the "Object" of Audio Engineering: Scientific Paradigm as Meaning Structure
 Klett, Joseph.

Noise in the Pipeline: Paths to Matriculation in Elite Academic Science
 Lincoln, Anne. and Howard Ecklund, Elaine.

Non-beneficiaries' Perceptions of Fairness: A Comparative Study on Gender-based Affirmative Action Programs in the Workplace
 Akca, Hatice.

Non-maternal Care's Association with Mothers' Parenting Sensitivity: A Case of Self-selection Bias?
 Nomaguchi, Kei. and Demaris, Alfred.

Nonsocial Transient Behavior: Civil Disengagement and Greyhound Bus Travel
 Kim, Esther.

Normalized Gender Crisis: Single Motherhood in the New Russia
 Utrata, Jennifer.

Not A Typical College Student: The Life Experiences of Non-traditional Students
 Aronson, Pamela.

Not Just the Price of Food: Why Some People do not Participate in a CSA
 Kato, Yuki.

Not Protected? LGBTQ Perceptions of Domestic Violence Law
 Guadalupe, Xavier. and Yglesias, Jonathan.

Nothing to Call Your Own: Class Differences and "Brata" Practices of Bengali Women
 Talukdar, Jaita.

Nowhere, Now Here
 Erturk, Recep. and Kaya, Tulay.

Numerical Feminization and the Revitalization of Professional Identity: The Case of American Ob/Gyn
 Zetka, James.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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