American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Tactical Micro Utopias: The Social Change Model of the DESIS Project (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability)
 Tonkinwise, Cameron.

Tactical Repertoire Migration in the Chinese Democracy Movement and Falun Gong
 Junker, Andrew.

Tailored CARE: The Successful Translation of a Vision into Policy
 Montgomery, Rhonda.

Taiwanese Adolescents’ Developmental Trajectory of Self-esteem: Effects of Family and School Context
 Fan, Gang-Hua. and Yi, Chin-Chun.

Taking Race at Face Value
 Burke, Ruth.

Taking a Hit: Body Maintenance in Women’s Professional Football
 Carter, Jennifer.

Talents' Networks
 Wojtyniak, Beate.

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: The Persistence of Cohort Music Preferences
 Ritchey, Andrew.

Tea Party (Un)Censored: Struggles with Frame Vulnerability in Micro-mobilization
 Prior, Francis.

Teachers’ Beliefs of Helplessness to Overcome Students’ Social Disadvantages: Prevalence, Correlates, and School Contexts
 Rochmes, Jane.

Teachers’ Perception of Parental Involvement and their Educational Expectations for Students
 Poladko, Tetyana.

Teaching Focus Groups: Challenges and Benefits
 George, Molly.

Teaching and Assessing Introduction to Research Methods: The Meaning is in the Response
 Walters, Barbara.

Teaching the Social Construction of Gender through the Use of Basic Chinese Characters
 Madigan, Timothy. and Fu, Ping.

Team Paradox: Non-excludable Resources and Deliberative Decision-making in Open Source Software Production
 Jerneck, Alexander.

Technological Innovation in the Argentine Pampas: Modern Agriculture and the Displacement of Nature
 Leguizamon, Amalia.

Technologies of Freedom? Satellite Imaging and Neo-liberal Surveillance
 Brannon, Monica.

Teen Suicide Clusters in the Media: A Qualitative Analysis of Online Texts
 DeHaan, Tracy.

Temporal Changes in Socio-economic Gradients of "Preventable" Mortality: A Test of Fundamental Cause Theory
 Masters, Ryan. and Link, Bruce.

Temporary Work Trajectories in Canada
 Fuller, Sylvia. and Stecy-Hildebrandt, Natasha.

Terrified: Fringe Movements, Emotions, and Media Representations of Islam, 2001-2008
 Bail, Christopher.

Terrorist Events, and Attitudes towards Immigrants: A Natural Experiment
 Legewie, Joscha.

Testing the External Validity of Giving in the Dictator Game
 Franzen, Axel. and Pointner, Dr. Sonja.

Thanks for the Compliment? Exploring Cryptosemic Praise as a Face-saving Strategy
 Malyk, Maria.

That Was Mestican, I Don't Understand: Indigenous Latina/o Migrants in the Criminal Justice System
 Izvanariu, Pamela.

That Which Is Not Measured Is Ignored: Development of an International Rape Scale for Cross-national Comparisons
 Stearmer, S.. and Durso, Rachel.

The "Information Revolution" and the Tropic Construction of the Crisis of American Journalism
 Breese, Elizabeth.

The "Modern Memory" of Torture in American Political Discourse of Waterboarding
 Del Rosso, Jared.

The "Multi-racial" Vote: The Political Significance of the Two or More Races Population, Election 2012
 Bullock, Jungmiwha.

The "Sick Poor" and the "Healthy Professional": Environmental Health Discourse in Abra Pampa, Argentina
 Spangenberg, Emily.

The "Stuff" of Service Work: Feeling Management Props in American Theme Parks
 Orzechowicz, David.

The (Un)Conscious (Popular) Underground: Subcultural Capital and Ghettocentricity in Underground Rap Music
 Oware, Matthew.

The 5 Things a Feminist Researcher Should Never Do: Reflecting on a Decade of Conducting Digital Media Research among Parents
 Clark, Lynn.

The Accretion and Dispersion of Issues in Social Movement Coalitions
 Meyer, David., Pullum, Amanda. and Sagi, Rottem.

The Achievement Gap and the Academic Vanguard: Within-College Capital, Campus Climate and Course Selection
 Martin, Nathan. and Spenner, Kenneth.

The Affordable Care Act and the Impact on Vulnerable Populations
 Williams, David.

The African Development Bank, Structural Adjustment, and Child Mortality: A Cross-national Analysis
 Shandra, John. and Pandolfelli, Lauren.

The African Suburb: A Comparative Analysis
 Petersen, Eric.

The American Dream's Ethnic Boundaries
 Serhan, Randa.

The Arab Spring and Global Democracy
 Moghadam, Valentine.

The Arab Spring and Media Narratives: Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation to Measure the Media
 Causey, Charles.

The Arab Spring and the Role of the Military: Coercion and Diffusion through Arms Sales
 Swed, Ori.

The Art of General Education: A Case Study
 Dandaneau, Steven.

The Assimilation of Racial Tokens into White Congregations
 Martinez, Brandon.

The Association Between Young Adults' Consumer Debt and Their Parents' Debt
 McCloud, Laura.

The Association between Racial Socialization and Depression: Testing Direct and Buffering Associations
 Granberg, Ellen., Edmond, Mary. and Simons, Ronald.

The Atheist, the Great American Stranger? Mass Media, Boundary, and Story Elaboration around Christopher Hitchens
 Torkelson, Jason.

The Belly Mommy and the Fetus-sitter: Gender and the Cultures of Surrogacy
 Gamson, Joshua.

The Best Laid Plans: Teacher Sensemaking and Organizational Change in Schools
 Austin, Kimberly.

The Bigger the Better? Niche Width and Audience Type in the Nonprofit Sector
 Barman, Emily.

The Birth of the 2nd Party System: The Role of Boardinghouses During the Jackson Era
 Bergemann, Patrick.

The Black Power Elite
 Jones, Angela.

The Black Radical Imaginary for Social Transformation
 Brewer, Rose.

The Boston Time Trade Circle: Social and Cultural Capital in an Alternative Institution
 Dubois, Emilie. and Carfagna, L.B..

The Boundaries of Being American: National Identity, In-group Bias, and Attitudes Toward Domestic Policy
 Danielson, John.

The Boundaries of Christianity
 Edles, Laura.

The Boundaries of Cosmopolitanism
 Dromi, Shai.

The Brazilian Cooperative Incubator: Institutionalization of an Emancipatory Project
 Almeida, Mariza., Etzkowitz, Henry. and Mello, José.

The Buffer Class and the Problems with Social Change
 Montes, Vince.

The Burden of Deportation Policies on Children in Mexican Immigrant Families
 Dreby, Joanna.

The Bureaucratic Administration of Social Research Ethics: Sociologists’ Encounters with Campus IRBs
 Babb, Sarah. and Birk, Lara.

The Business of Reassuring People: Institutional Strategies for Framing Disaster
 Campbell, Nnenia.

The Carbon Paradox of Cities: Urbanization and Local Drivers of Emissions
 Elliott, James. and Clement, Matthew.

The Case of the Missing Countertenor: Cultivating the Masculine Voice in the Nineteenth Century
 Hennen, Peter.

The Causal Status of Social Capital in Labor Markets
 Fernandez, Roberto.

The Chalkboard Versus The Avatar: Comparing the Effectiveness of Online and In-class Courses
 Bergstrand, Kelly. and Savage, Scott.

The Challenge of Utopias for an Environmental Movement in Crisis
 Kane, Wendi.

The Challenges and Rewards of Teaching Public Sociology
 Hossfeld, Leslie., DeVall, Kristen. and Sutherland, Jean-Anne.

The Challenges of Evidence-based Policymaking: A Case Study of Correctional Boot Camps
 Bergin, Tiffany.

The Chicago School, Human Ecology, and Neighborhood Effects: A Reappraisal
 Moehr, Matthew.

The Chicago School, the Frankfurt School, and the Next DSM
 Bakker, J. I..

The Children of Immigrants’ Diminishing Perceptions of Just and Fair Punishment
 Peguero, Anthony.

The City-building Project: A Multi-step Relational Process of Socio-spatial Boundary Transformation and Policy Change
 Graham, Leigh.

The Classification of Organizational Forms: Theory and Application to the Field of Higher Education
 Ruef, Martin. and Nag, Manish.

The Cleveland Evergreen Project: Success and Challenges
 Anderson, James.

The Co-preneurship and Competitive Strategies in Small Family Firms under the Transitional Economy in Taiwan
 Lu, Yu-Hsia.

The Cognitive Economy of Class Contention in Metro Manila
 Garrido, Marco.

The Colonial Origins of Democracy and Authoritarianism in Oil-rich Countries
 Edwards, Zophia.

The Colony Inside: The Ecology of Local Power and the Making of a National Cadastre
 Santana Acuna, Alvaro.

The Color of Change? Racial Inequalities in U.S. Charter Schools
 Duncan, Ebony.

The Commodification of Ethnicity in a Midwestern Chinatown
 Ross, Benjamin.

The Commodification of Intimacy? Gift-for-sex Exchanges: Evidence from the Russian Internet and Beyond
 Swader, Christopher.

The Community Intensive Supervision Program and the Modern Juvenile Justice System’s Attempts at Behavior Change
 Schlossman, Michael.

The Complex Role of Stigma in the Diagnosis and Dietary Management of Celiac Disease
 Copelton, Denise.

The Composition Effect within Schools: Re-thinking the Link between Extracurricular Activities and Educational Outcomes
 Gibbs, Benjamin., Erickson, Lance., Miles, Aaron., Dufur, Mikaela. and Weight, Tiffany "Niki".

The Concept of Class Power
 Mayer, Thomas.

The Conflict between Patient-centeredness and Evidence-based Medicine: A Qualitative Analysis of Responses to the COURAGE Study
 Schleifer, David.

The Consequences of Activist Past on Political Present: The Vote to Deploy Korean Troops to Iraq
 Chang, Paul.

The Consequences of Job Insecurity and Job Degradation for the Sense of Personal Control
 Glavin, Paul.

The Construction of National Life Science Traditions in Germany and Britain, 1790-1890
 Habinek, Jacob.

The Contextual Bases of Masculinity: Men’s Sexual Violence against Women in the U.S. Military
 Armato, Michael. and Cantu, Cassandra.

The Contingent Effects of Key Social Characteristics on Perceived Racial Prejudice in Healthcare
 Sanchez-Jankowski, Martin. and Hashemi, Manata.

The Contingent Value of Prior Relationships in Technology Licensing
 Kim, Young-Choon. and Rhee, Mooweon.

The Continued Whiteness of Belonging: Modern Racialization of Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis
 Hughey, Matthew.

The Conundrum of Victim-agency Dualism in Feminist Research on International Marriage Migration
 Kim, Minjeong.

The Costs of Responsibility: Americans’ Views on the Funding of College
 Powell, Brian., Jordan, Kristin. and Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

The Critical Moral Voice in the American Public Sphere
 mitman, Tyson., Nikolaev, Alexander. and Porpora, Douglas.

The Cultural Context of Having a Pet: A Comparison of Japan and the United States
 Grigsby, Jill.

The Cultural Elements of Occupational Choice
 Nations, Jennifer. and Nielsen, Kelly.

The Cultural Logic of Inclusionary and Exclusionary Nationalism: Party Politics and Immigration Marriages in Taiwan
 Han, Ling. and Lee, Cheng-pang.

The Cultural and Commercial Characteristics of Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs
 Zhang, Zhiheng.

The Culture of Translational Medical Research
 Kotarba, Joseph.

The Curious Operation of Programs in Misdemeanor Punishment
 Kohler-Hausmann, Issa.

The Dark Side of Altruism? Altruism and Approval of the 9/11 Attacks in the Muslim World
 Mueller, Tim.

The Debate over Abortion in Health Care Reform: A Site of Intersectionality
 Mann, Emily.

The Deepening Entanglements between Social and Commercial Meanings of Age and Age Categories: The Case of American Childhood and Youth
 Cook, Daniel.

The Denigration of Heroes: Why High-status Actors Are Viewed as Cold and Inauthentic
 Hahl, Oliver. and Zuckerman, Ezra.

The Development Impact of Militarization and Corruption
 Carlton-Ford, Steven. and Evans, T..

The Difficulty with "Home": Re-thinking the Meaning of "Home" through Home Tenure
 Merdjanoff, Alexis.

The Digital Divide in Classroom Technology Use: A Comparison of 3 Schools
 Rafalow, Matthew. and Cramer, Meg.

The Disarticulated Nation-state: Gender, Migration and Transnational Nation-building in Post-Soviet Ukraine
 Solari, Cinzia.

The Discrimination-mental Health Relationship among Children of Immigrants
 Rohrman, Shawna. and Erving, Christy.

The Discursive Construction of Sexual Victimization and the (Re)production of Gender and Racial Oppression
 Mulligan, Kerry.

The Distinctiveness of Antiwar Activism: Paths of Activist Participation in a Multi-movement Environment
 Rojas, Fabio.

The Double Bind of Social Ties: Social Capital for Low Socio-economic Status Students at Elite Colleges
 Lee, Elizabeth.

The Dream Industry: The Business of Selling Fortune and Fame
 Harkness, Geoff.

The Dreams Carry Them On: Early Educational Expectations and Later Educational Outcomes in Rural Gansu, China
 Zhang, Yuping.

The Dual Effects of Time and Money Poverty on Childcare Among Full-time Employed Parents
 Corey, Michael.

The Duality of Clusters and Statistical Interactions: Method and an Application
 Melamed, David., Breiger, Ronald. and Schoon, Eric.

The Dynamic Association between Sexual Orientation and Educational Attainment
 Ueno, Koji. and Roach, Teresa.

The Dynamics of Individuated Sports in an Evolving World Polity
 Fiala, Robert. and Breidenbach, Andrew.

The Economic Foundations of Racial Ideologies in Brazil
 Dias, Felipe.

The Economic Transformation in China and the Power Struggles over the Production of New Social Spaces
 Guo, Yu.

The Educational ‘Penalty’ of Teen Childbearing: Comparisons across OLS, Instrumental Variables, and Propensity Score Matching Models
 Buher Kane, Jennifer., Harris, Kathleen Mullan., Morgan, S.. and Guilkey, David.

The Effect of Changing Patterns of Immigrant Settlement On Anti-immigrant Biased Crime
 Ferraro, Vincent.

The Effect of Different Standardization and Aggregation Schemes on Human Development Index Ranking of Countries
 Szafran, Robert.

The Effect of First Interbirth Interval on Women’s Poverty at Midlife
 Stevenson, Amanda.

The Effect of Master Protest Frame in the Social Movements: Iran and Egypt
 Reisinezhad, arash.

The Effect of Multi-generational Institutionalized Cultural Capital on Parenting Practices and Educational Outcomes
 Dumais, Susan. and Nichols, Laura.

The Effect of Natural Disaster Exposure on Prenatal Health and Birth Outcomes
 Fuller, Sarah.

The Effect of Parental Status on Women and Men’s Perceptions of Sex Discrimination at Work
 Trimble, Lindsey. and Harris, Elizabeth.

The Effect of Poverty and Social Protection on National Homicide Rates: Direct and Moderating Effects
 Rogers, Meghan. and Pridemore, William.

The Effect of Religion on Ties with Atheists in the United States
 Sikkink, David. and Beyerlein, Kraig.

The Effects of Caregiver Emotional Stress on the Depressive Symptomalogy of the Care Recipient
 Ejem, Deborah.

The Effects of Corporate Governance on Corporate Innovation Strategies: The Case of Taiwanese High-tech Firms
 Liu, Yunshi.

The Effects of Early Motherhood Experience on Second Births
 Choi, Seung-won.

The Effects of Ethnic-racial Socialization and Ethnic Identity on Academic Performance: A Mediating and Moderating Analysis
 Grindal, Matthew. and Nieri, Tanya.

The Effects of Eviction on Poor Mothers
 Kimbro, Rachel. and Desmond, Matthew.

The Effects of Gendered Networks on U.S. Migration: A Comparison of 4 Latin American Countries
 Jensen, Jessica., Way, Sandra. and Newby, C. Alison.

The Effects of Group Positions on Individual Attitudes toward Immigrants: Analysis of Japanese Case
 Nagayoshi, Kikuko., Hamada, Kunisuke. and Tanabe, Shunsuke.

The Effects of Having a Disabled Sibling during Childhood on Young Adults’ Educational Attainment
 Penner, Anna.

The Effects of Intergenerational Occupational Mobility on Justice Perspectives toward Inequality in America
 Ong, Corinne.

The Effects of Internet Use on Adolescents’ First Romantic and Sexual Relationships in Taiwan
 Ma, Kuo Hsun., Cheng, Simon. and Missari, Stacy.

The Effects of Motherhood and Education on Women’s Job Mobility
 Looze, Jessica.

The Effects of Political Institutions on Women’s Political Representation: A Comparative Analysis from 1992-2010
 Rosen, Jennifer.

The Effects of School-to-Work Transition Pathways on Economic Outcomes through the Great Recession
 Vuolo, Michael. and Staff, Jeremy.

The Effects of Social Support on Depression in the United States
 Yoon, Soo-Yeon.

The Effects of Student Loan Debt on the Transition to Parenthood
 Reeder, Lori. and Kahn, Joan.

The Effects of the Victim Impact Statement on Discretionary Sentencing Decisions in Capital Cases
 Kim, Minkyung. and Harland, Alan.

The Efficacy of Audience Building among Nonprofit Cultural Organizations
 Tai, Yun.

The Egyptian Military Between 2 Revolutions
 Kandil, Hazem.

The Elite University, Class and Relations to Authority
 Thiele, Megan.

The Elusive, Inclusive "We": Inclusion and Contradiction in a Pre-figurative Social Movement Group
 Jonason, Amy.

The Embodied Life Course: Functions, Boundaries, Reflections
 Katz, Stephen.

The Embodiment of Gender in the Postindustrial Landscape
 Johansen, Rachel.

The Emergence of Grassroot Literati Protest Leadership: Assessing State-leader Relationships and Movement Outcomes in China
 Lin, Jean Yen-chun.

The Emergence of a Finance Culture in American Households, 1983-2010
 Fligstein, Neil. and Goldstein, Adam.

The Emerging Hypercarbon Reality, Postcarbon Utopias, and Social Change to Low Carbon Societies
 Murphy, Raymond.

The End of the “Society of Organizations” and Organizational Form: Projects and Projectivity
 Krumova, Elena.

The Environmental Movement and Potential to Promote Change
 Soule, Sarah.

The Environmental State Re-visited: Adaptation Politics, Climate Citizenship, and Resilient Development in India
 Chu, Eric.

The Equalizer? Gender, Guns and the Politics of Vulnerability
 Carlson, Jennifer.

The Experiences and Strategies of Women Long-haul Truck Drivers
 Borja, Jessica.

The Face of the Firm: How CEOs Influence Corporate Reputation
 Lim, Jaegoo., Love, E.. and Bednar, Michael.

The Failure of Equal Rights Policy? Declining Economic Well-being of People with Disabilities, 1992-2010
 Maroto, Michelle. and Pettinicchio, David.

The Fallacy of Focus: Variance in Bonus Compensation in Starting Offers for MBAs
 Merluzzi, Jennifer. and Phillips, Damon.

The Faring of Muslim Immigrants in the United Kingdom in Terms of Employment, Income and Occupation
 Varju, Melinda.

The Fear of Crime and Health Effects: A Systematic Literature Review
 Afonso, Kristie.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: An Example of Structural Inequality
 Deo, Meera.

The Feminism Question in Science
 York, Richard., Bell, Shannon Elizabeth. and Clark, Brett.

The Focalization of Networks Contents in Conditions of Uncertainty
 Erikson, Emily. and Samila, Sampsa.

The Food and Human Security Index: Further Evidence You Can’t Eat GDP
 Carolan, Michael.

The Formation of Religious Spatiality in Everyday Life: Reformed Buddhism and Capital-linked Immigrants in Shanghai
 Huang, Weishan.

The Fugue of Globalization: Reflections on Mimicry and Authenticity
 Nadeem, Shehzad.

The Gender Ambiguity of Lisbeth Salander: Third-wave Feminist Hero?
 Lorber, Judith.

The Gender Gap in Perceived Job Insecurity in Comparative Perspective
 Fullerton, Andrew., Dixon, Jeffrey. and Robertson, Dwanna.

The Gendered Division of Household Labor and Family Life Satisfaction in 29 Countries
 Grady, Rebecca.

The Gendered Expression and Experience of Anxiety
 Esala, Jennifer.

The Gendered Nature of Environmental Crime
 Kremer, Joseph.

The Gendered Pathways of Prosocial Behavior
 Wiepking, Pamala. and Einolf, Christopher.

The Gendered Recession
 Weisshaar, Katherine.

The Geography of Retail Inequality: Changing Access to Supermarkets across Chicago’s Neighborhoods, 1970-2000
 Chan Tack, Anjanette.

The Geometry of Genocide in Kovno, Lithuania: A Case Study
 Campbell, Bradley.

The Girlfriend Experience, Transnational: Class, Intimacy, and Mobility in the Sex Industry
 Rivers-Moore, Megan.

The Global Reach of Egalitarianism: Worldwide Trends in Gender Beliefs
 Dorius, Shawn.

The Global Schizophrenia Paradox: Stigma and Levels of Development
 Martin, Jack., Pescosolido, Bernice., Medina, Tait., Long, J. Scott. and Olafsdottir, Sigrun.

The Globalization of Same-sex Marriage
 Paternotte, David.

The Grillini Movement in Italy: The Case for Megaphone Leadership
 Turner, Eric.

The Growing Need to Address Physician Shortages in the United States: Ethnic Minority, Poverty, and Urbanization
 Vasquez Guzman, Cirila Estela. and Roberts, Aki.

The HIV Epidemic among African Americans in Washington D.C.
 Mojola, Sanyu.

The Health Implications of Returning to Work after Retirement
 Kail, Benjamin. and Gayman, Mathew.

The Hidden Nightmare: The Everyday Sexual Assault of Black Women during Legal Segregation
 Thompson-Miller, Ruth. and Feagin, Joe.

The Holy Suburbs: The Suburban Spatial Logic of American Evangelicals
 Miller, Brian.

The Housing Environment, Development Pace, Residential Stability, and Neighborly Social Relations
 King, Katherine.

The Human Animal: Public Attitudes to Xenografts
 Evans, Mariah.

The Human Cost of Modern Wars: A New Data set of War Deaths
 Clever, Molly., Wanenchak, Sarah., Sandhoff, Michelle. and Kestnbaum, Meyer.

The Human Right to Water: Civil Society, Privatization and Implementing the Most Basic of Needs
 Gasteyer, Stephen.

The Human Rights Enterprise and Women’s Rights Organizing
 Katuna, Barret.

The Impact of Budget Cuts on High School Teachers in LAUSD
 Chavarria, Karina.

The Impact of Cancer on Cancer-related Identity Factors and the Self
 Deimling, Gary., Renzhofer, Holly., Brown, Sherri. and Cronin, Cory.

The Impact of Childhood Sickness on Adult Socioeconomic Outcomes: Evidence from Late Nineteenth Century America
 Knies, Laurie., Haas, Steven. and Hernandez, Elaine.

The Impact of Collective Memory on Common Party Identification in Post-Soviet Russia
 Ma, Dali.

The Impact of Crime News Articles on Readers' Racial Attitudes toward Blacks
 Simmons, Alicia.

The Impact of Early High School Disruptions and School Disorder on Future Reading Achievement
 Morris, David.

The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists' Careers
 Leahey, Erin., Beckman, Christine. and Stanko, Taryn.

The Impact of Labour Market Activation Policies on Insiders’ and Outsiders’ Low-wage Risk
 Giesselmann, Marco.

The Impact of Local Black Residents’ Socioeconomic Status on White Residents’ Racial Views
 Reyes, Adriana. and Taylor, Marylee.

The Impact of Local Religious Contexts on the Social Ties and Civic Engagement of the Non-religious
 Lim, Chaeyoon. and MacGregor, Carol.

The Impact of Various Types of Instabilities on Fertility Outcomes (Empirical Evidence of the USSR/Russia)
 Frantsuz, Yuri A..

The Impact of the School-to-Prison Pipeline on Young Females of Color
 King, Sanna.

The Impacts of Scientific Misconduct: The Stem Cell Research in Korea after the Hwang Scandal
 Bak, Heeje. and KIM, MYUNGSIM.

The Implications of Educational Benefits and the Propensity for Educational Attainment in Health Research
 Clouston, Sean., Kuh, Diana., Richards, Marcus. and Hofer, Scott.

The Importance of Being Cosmopolitan: Gender, Consumption and Intimacy in Contemporary Second-wife Arrangements in China
 Xiao, Suowei.

The Importance of Peers: Assimilation Patterns among Second-generation Turkish Immigrants in Western Europe
 Ali, Syed. and Fokkema, Tineke.

The Influence of Exposure to Neighborhood Contexts on Appraisals of Health
 Carruth, Paul.

The Influence of Identity Type and Social Support on Depression among Adult Overseas Korean Adoptees
 Song, Young Ho. and Han, Boon Young.

The Influence of Intimate Partner Violence on Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
 Johnson, Wendi., Giordano, Peggy. and Longmore, Monica.

The Influence of Leadership on Activity Levels in an Online Crime Watch Community
 Rey, PJ., Sopan, Awalin., Ahn, Jae-wook., Kang, Jeehye. and Plaisant, Catherine.

The Influence of Media on Hair: A Study among Youths in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
 Karupiah, Premalatha.

The Influence of Regional Context on 1.5 and Second-generation Midwest Asian American Identity
 Trieu, Monica.

The Influence of Social Status and Social Control on the Health Behaviors of Young Adults
 Ramey, David.

The Influence of the Civil Rights Movement on the Newspaper Coverage of 3 Spin-off Movements
 Gardner, Beth.

The Informal Rules of Consumption: Exploring the Unofficial Guidelines of American Consumption
 Mundey, Peter.

The Injustice of Infertility and the Moral Standards of Motherhood: Online Infertility Blogs and Gender Identity
 Whitehead, Krista.

The Institutional Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy
 Kenny, Paul.

The Institutionalization of Nongovernmental Regulation of Markets: The Uneven Rise of Fair Trade Producer Organizations
 Shorette, Kristen.

The Intellectuals in Reforming China
 Liu, Serena.

The Interactional Importance Clinical Documentation Improvement
 David, Gary.

The Interactive Effect of Racial Composition and Curricular Practices on Immigrant Students Mathematics Achievement
 Bottia, Martha., Mickelson, Roslyn. and Moller, Stephanie.

The Interdependence of Social Movements: Disease Advocacy as Zero-Sum Game or Synergy
 Best, Rachel.

The Interplay Between Personality and Structure: Do Prosocials Exploit in Exchange or Are They Exploited?
 Lewis, Danielle., Hahn, Michael., Peterson, Michael., Sumpter, Sheldon. and Willer, David.

The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and Disability: Testing Racial/Ethnic Bias in Referrals to Special Education
 Fish, Rachel.

The Intersection of Spatial and Symbolic Boundaries: Neighborhood Appearance and Class-based Moral Boundaries
 Steward, Michelle.

The Intersectional Experience of Gay Fatherhood
 Carroll, Megan.

The Iron Law 2.0: Does the Digital Age Enable More Democracy within Social Movement Organizations?
 Schradie, Jen.

The Islamist Utopia of the Global Age: Civil Society, Transnationalism, and Solidarity Networks
 Atalay, Zeynep.

The Joys and Suprises of Mature Sex: It Ain't Over Till It Is Over
 Schwartz, Pepper.

The Killing Questions: Question Formats and Dropout Rates in Online Survey
 Wang, Wei-Lin. and Wang, Li-yun.

The Lasting Effects of Parent Job Loss on Sibling Educational Attainment
 Arbeit, Caren.

The Legal, Health, and Socioeconomic Context of Young People’s Drug Policy Opinions in the EU
 Vuolo, Michael.

The Legitimation Crisis of Neoliberal Globalization
 Bonanno, Alessandro., Antonio, Robert. and Brocato, Billy.

The Liability of Serving Devalued Populations: Patterns of Disbanding among Nonprofit Human Service Organizations
 Garrow, Eve. and Hasenfeld, Yeheskel.

The Limits of Convergence: Textual Convergence, Path Dependence, and Indian Food Safety Reform
 Epstein, Jessica.

The Limits of Decoupling: Corporate Responses to the Equal Employment Opportunity Law in Japan
 Mun, Eunmi.

The Limits of Human Rights in the Context of Market Citizenship
 Nawyn, Stephanie.

The Limits of Innovation? Personnel Professionals and Fair Employment in the United States, Britain and Canada
 Smith, Shawna.

The Limits of Math Proficiency: How Individual and School Characteristics Shape Math Course Placement
 Tyson, Will., Roksa, Josipa. and Lanehart, Rheta.

The Limits of Multi-stakeholder Governance: The Crisis of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
 Moog, Sandra., Boehm, Steffen. and Spicer, André.

The Limits of Transnationalism: Trapped Between Two Nations
 Castaneda, Ernesto.

The Local Joneses: Household Consumption and Income Inequality in Large Metropolitan Areas
 Charles, Maria. and Lundy, Jeff.

The Localization of Globalized Paradigms: Local and Transnational Processes in Bolivian Resource Managementesses
 Cielo, Maria Cristina.

The Logics of Boundary Crossing in Popular Music: Indie vs. Major Labels
 van Venrooij, Alex. and Schmutz, Vaughn.

The Long Shadow of California’s Factories in the Field: Agricultural Institutions and Metropolitan Land-use Politics
 Eaton, Charlie.

The Long Term Impact of Family Structure during Adolescence on Health in Young Adulthood
 McDonald, Maria. and Van Willigen, Marieke.

The Long Term Impact of Multi-partnered Fertility on Adolescent Well-being
 Dorius, Cassandra., Hernandez, Daphne. and Mitchell, Katherine Stamps.

The Long-term and Deepening Scars of "Job Displacement" on Civic Participation over the Lifecourse
 Laurence, James.

The Lost World of American Conservatism: The Party of Order and the Fear of Freedom
 Archer, Robin.

The Machine that Goes "Ping"! The Medico-Legal Fetishization of Electronic Fetal Monitoring
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The Making of a Good Woman: Motherhood, Leave Entitlements and Women’s Work Attachment
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The Making of a Harmful "Therapeutic Breakthrough"
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The Making of the Knickerbocker-Davis Affair: Jews, Blacks and the Discourse of Democracy at CCNY
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The Male Gaze and the Abject/Abjection in Carrie
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The Male Gaze, Instrumental Drug Use, and Feminine Embodiment
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The Management of Premarital Fertility in 2 South African Communities
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The Marginal Man Revisited: Jews and Modernity in the Chicago School of Sociology, 1920s to 1930s
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The Market for Non-market Advocacy: The Antecedents of Organizational Growth in Contract Lobbying
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The Meaning of Employment to Married Women’s Physical Impairment in South Korea
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The Meaning of Student Debt: How Undergraduate Students Make Sense of Indebtedness
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The Meaning of Work for America’s Young Elite in the 1950s and 2000s
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The Mental Ability of Baccalaureates: Has the Signal Changed?
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The Mental Health Implications of Unmet Parenting Efficacy Expectations
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The Micro and Macro Evolutionary Consequences of Differential Fertility for Cultural Variants
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The Migrant, Intermediaries and the State in Bangladeshi Migration to Japan and the United States of America
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The Mode of Modern State Power Operations on Religious Minorities: Violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt
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The Model Systems of Sociology
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The Moon over the Eastern Hill: The Chinese Imagination and Cultural Consumption of Tibet
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The Morality of Debt
 Tufail, Zaibu. and Polletta, Francesca.

The More Things Change the More they Stay the Same: Racial Segregation in Professional Sports
 Ellis, Bryan.

The Most Fabulous Form of Protest: The Tactical Innovation and Diffusion of Glitter Bombing
 Galli, Anya.

The Multiple Layers of Mentoring Program for Native American Adolescents
 Kinney, David. and Herman-Kinney, Nancy.

The National Bureaucratic Underpinnings of Transnational Regulatory Networks: Latin American Labor Inspectors in Comparative Perspective
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The National Gain is Nil: Infant Mortality as Failed Reproduction in Interwar Alberta
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The Nature of Social Network Sites: Adoption, Use and Types
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The Negotiated Migration Decision: A Gendered Variation on the New Economics of Labor Migration
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The Neighborhood Context of Parent Involvement in Schools
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The Neo-liberal Nature of Global Capitalism? Commentary on Trends Toward the “Marketization” of Environmental Governance
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The Network Structure of Sovereign Defaults
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The New Credential Society: An Audit Study of Race and College Selectivity in the Labor Market
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The New Cultural Sociology of Poverty: A Critical Appraisal
 Rodríguez-Muñiz, Michael.

The New Labor Contract Law in 2008: China's Legal Absorption of Labor Unrest
 So, Alvin.

The New Non-competitors: The Rise of Clientelist Parties
 Traga, Lulzim.

The New Repatriation: Economic Recession and Removal of Latino Immigrants
 Warner, Judith. and Goonatilake, Rohitha.

The Non-feminized Specialty of a Feminized Field: A Gendered Network Analysis of Large Animal Medicine
 Vermilya, Jenny.

The Normative and Ecological Implications of Designating Biofuels as a "Renewable" Energy Source
 Davitt, Marcia.

The Obama Era: A Systemic Racism Analysis
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The Occupy Wall Street Social Movement; Symbol, Practice, and Power
 Trumino, Joseph.

The Ol' Ball and Chain: Effect of Long Distance Relationships on Tie Formation
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The Only Way We Going to Survive: Social Support and Social Capital among the Poor
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The Opiate Pain Reliever Epidemic among U.S. Arrestees, 2000-2010
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The Organizational Experiences of Mexican American Men and Women in the U.S. Marine Corps
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The Origins and Development of Cross-national Survey Research: The Diffusion of an Innovation
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The Origins of Inequalities in Small Discussion Groups; Model, Simulation and Data
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The Origins of Participatory Democracy and Elite Transformism in Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan
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The Origins of Sovereign Risk Ratings: Explaining the When and Why
 Pinheiro, Diogo.

The Over-representation of Women in Low-wage Work
 Campbell, Colin.

The Pains and Pleasures of Joining Up
 Tan, Vaughn.

The Paradox of Inclusion and Exclusion in Membership Associations
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The Paradox of “Disease”: Stigma and the Ontological Status of Migraine
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The Paradoxical Developments of Prisoners’ Right to Life in France
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The Parthenon Marbles as Icons of Nationhood in Nineteenth Century Britain
 Greenland, Fiona.

The Participation and Spread of the 1894 Bituminous Coal Strike in Illinois
 Lind, Benjamin. and Stepan-Norris, Judith.

The Peace Corps and the American Empire? Framing and the Question of Self-interest vs. Benevolence
 Stokes, DaShanne.

The Penal Regime and American Schools: Racial Control, Economic Inequalities, and School Punishments
 Irwin, Katherine., Davidson, Janet. and Sanchez-Hall, Amanda.

The People’s Conversation: Repertoires of Contention in the Occupy Movement
 Arthur, Mikaila.

The Persistence of Global-Global and Global-National Linkages: Responses to High Fertility and HIV/AIDS
 Sullivan Robinson, Rachel.

The Pharmaceutical Revolution and the Demise of Physicians’ Resistance to Medicalization in Psychiatry
 Smith, Dena.

The Pharmaceuticalization of Sexual Risk: Vaccine Development and the New Politics of Cancer Prevention
 Mamo, Laura. and Epstein, Steven.

The Physical Presentation of Self and Gendered Stigma in Academia
 Hendricks, Kathryn.

The Pig That Therefore I Am: Exploring the Human/Animal Boundary
 Cherry, Elizabeth.

The Pinking (or Pinkwashing?) of Male-dominated Industry: A Case Study in “Corporate Social Responsibility”
 Rafnsdottir, Gudbjorg. and Weigt, Jill.

The Planetary Rift and the New Exemptionalism: A Political-Economic Critique of Ecological Modernization Theory
 Foster, John.

The Pleasures and Sorrows of the Standard Work Week: Temporal Constraints on Well-being
 Young, Cristobal.

The Plurality of the Legal Context of Reception: Central Asian Immigrant Women in Russia
 Menjivar, Cecilia., Zotova, Natalia. and Agadjanian, Victor.

The Political Incorporation of Anti-System Religious Parties: The Case of Turkish Political Islam (1994-2011)
 Altinordu, Ates.

The Political Incorporation of the Foreign Born in the United States within an Immigrant Context
 Reyes, Sheilamae.

The Political Socialization of Adolescent Children of Immigrants: The Roles of Schooling and Family
 Humphries, Melissa. and Schiller, Kathryn.

The Politics of Dispossession: Notes on India's "Land Wars"
 Levien, Michael.

The Politics of Environmental Concern: A Cross-national Analysis
 Nawrotzki, Raphael.

The Politics of Ethnic Emergence: Arab Rebirth and Union in Spain
 Koski-Karell, Daniel.

The Politics of Ideas: Economic Thought, Interests, and Institutions in the Rise of Neo-liberalism
 Avent-Holt, Dustin.

The Politics of New Media, Space, and Race: A Socio-spatial Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Election
 Stern, Michael. and Rookey, Bryan.

The Politics of Qualifying Carbon
 Bohr, Jeremiah.

The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation, and Job Applicant Evaluations
 Pedulla, David.

The Post-democratic Body and the Bio-scientific State
 Stingl, Alexander.

The Power of Two Faces: Examining Identity Processes within a Social Structure and Personality Context
 Erickson, Rebecca., Cottingham, Marci., Steiner, Michael. and Diefendorff, James.

The Precariat's Challenge to Social Theory: Iran's Income Grant as an Unlikely Case Study
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The Presence and Implication of Transnational Ties between Receiving Societies
 Sperling, Jessica.

The Pretty White Lies of Asian American Undergraduates at the Elite University
 Lee, Kristen. and Ho, Simon.

The Problem With Alcohol: A Municipal Intervention in a Culture of Drinking
 Watson, Patrick.

The Problem of Emergence
 Padgett, John. and Powell, Walter.

The Process of Diffusion: Adoption and Transmission of Crack Use in Mexico DF
 Valdez, Avelardo., Cepeda, Alice. and Natera Rey, Guillermina.

The Production of Global Symbolic Capital: An Examination of World Heritage Sites
 Reyes, Victoria.

The Production of Hairstyle as an Expressive Symbol
 Barlow, Angela. and Ryan, John.

The Professionalization of Computing in the University
 Cleveland, Lara.

The Progressive Origins of Rich People's Movements
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The Proper Age for Parenthood and Second Birth Rates in Europe
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The Prosperous Hardliner: A Study of Muslim Communities in Western Europe
 Jacobson, David. and Delia Deckard, Natalie.

The Protective Effects of Women’s Neighborhood Resources on the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence
 Jackson, Aubrey.

The Proximity of Common Unhappiness and Misery
 Schnittker, Jason.

The Public Sphere: Theoretical Resources from Media Sociology and Cultural Sociology
 Jacobs, Ronald.

The Publics of Electronic Markets
 Preda, Alexandru.

The Pursuit of Home: Constructing the “Good-Enough” Life within Immigrant Businesses
 Dhingra, Pawan.

The Question of Temporary Migration in American Sociology
 Eilbaum, Nicolas.

The Quota Revolution? Promising Potential and Possible Problems Promoting the Proportion of Women in Parliaments
 Blumberg, Rae Lesser. and Vichit-Vadakan, Juree.

The Racially Contingent Effect of Key Social Characteristics on Perceived Prejudice in Healthcare
 Abramson, Corey., Sanchez-Jankowski, Martin. and Hashemi, Manata.

The Real Utopia of the Public Sphere: Beyond the Fact/Value Antagonism in Comparative Historical Research
 Koller, Andreas.

The Realm of Medical Outsourcing: The Branding of Cosmetic Surgery in Argentina
 Viladrich, Anahi. and Baron-Faust, Rita.

The Refinement of Bianconi-Barabási Fitness Model in the Context of Social Sciences
 Mamada, Robert.

The Relationship Between Intensive Mothering and Adult Children’s Self-mastery
 Harmon, Sandra. and Henderson, Angie.

The Relationship between DSM-IV Diagnoses and Return to Incarceration
 Wilson, James. and Wood, Peter.

The Relationship between Psychological Distress and Health Insurance Status for U.S. Adults Aged 18-64 Years
 Ward, Brian. and Martinez, Michael.

The Relationships between Mothers’ Work Pathways and Physical and Mental Health
 Frech, Adrianne. and Damaske, Sarah.

The Relative Influence of Values and Identities on Academic Dishonesty: A Quantitative Analysis
 Morris, Robert.

The Resurgence of Paid Domestic Work in Europe: Migrants at the Service of “Gender Equality”
 Gonalons-Pons, Pilar.

The Resurgence of Paid Domestic Workers: New Challenges for Gender Equality in Housework
 Gonalons-Pons, Pilar.

The Revenue Profiles of Public Universities: Diversity, Change Over Time and the Role of Services
 Barringer, Sondra.

The Right Thing to Do: A Case Study of Framing Green Schools
 Lueck, Michelle., Cross, Jennifer., Byrne, Zinta., Franzen, Bill. and Reeve, Stuart.

The Right to Warmth: Punishing Energy Thieves in Detroit's Inner City
 Cummins, Emily.

The Rise of China: New Opportunities for Development in Raw Material Producing Countries
 Bonini, Astra.

The Rise of Performative Politics in Twentieth Century America
 Mast, Jason.

The Rise of the For-profit College: From the GI Bill to Wall Street
 Dokshin, Fedor.

The Rising Tide: Social Change and Social Movements from a Global Perspective
 Schaeffer, Robert.

The Rite Way: Integrating Emotion and Rationality in Religious Participation
 Wollschleger, Jason.

The Role of Citizenship Identities in Evaluating Global Warming
 Running, Katrina.

The Role of Early Life Disadvantage on the Accumulation of Comorbidities
 Latham, Kenzie., Pavela, Gregory. and Peek, Charles.

The Role of Education in a Sustainable Democracy
 Williams, Jerry. and Williams, Michelle.

The Role of Forests and Agroforestry in Food Production Systems and Their Transformations
 Bentrup, Gary. and Mason, Andy.

The Role of Generation, Discrimination and Religious Context for Migrants' Religion in Europe
 Van der Bracht, Koen. and Van de Putte, Bart.

The Role of Health Insurance in Health Care Utilization Decisions: A Survey from Houston Texas
 Behan, Pamela.

The Role of Neighborhood Safety in Recovery from Mobility Limitations among Older Americans
 Latham, Kenzie. and Clarke, Philippa.

The Role of Neurogenetics in Personal Narratives of Addiction and Recovery
 Dingel, Molly., Ostergren, Jenny., Hammer, Rachel., Heaney, Kathleen., Warwick, Marion. and Koenig, Barbara.

The Role of Peer Group Stability in Adolescent Smoking
 Fisher, Jacob.

The Role of Professors and Its Constraints: A Comparative Approach between the United States and China
 Hao, Zhidong.

The Role of Returnee-Entrepreneurs in Cluster Emergence: The Case of Shanghai’s Fabless Semiconductor Design
 Obukhova, Elena.

The Role of Stress Patterns in Depression, and Suicidal Ideation among Disadvantaged Mexican American Adults
 Saint Onge, Jarron. and Valdez, Avelardo.

The Role of Violated Caregiver Preferences in Psychological Well-being when Older Mothers Need Assistance
 Suitor, J.., Gilligan, Megan. and Pillemer, Karl.

The Role of the Health Care Provider in the Formation of Health Disparities
 Hernandez, Elaine.

The Role of the Public Institution in Iconic Architectural Development
 Patterson, Matt.

The Roots of Human Neuroanatomy: An Evolutionary Story
 Maryanski, Alexandra.

The Runaway Production Complex? De-agglomeration and Workplace Governance in the U.S. Film Industry
 Gautney, Heather. and Rhomberg, Chris.

The Sacred and the Social: Community, Spirituality and (the Absence of) Religion
 Hastings, Orestes.

The Scales of Sushi Shops: Spatial Aesthetics of Kaitenzushi-ya
 Fenton, Robert.

The Schism over Ism: Ethical Activism and Bloc Recruitment in the Making of Chinese Communism
 Xu, Xiaohong.

The Segregation of Social Interactions in the Red Line L-train in Chicago
 Swyngedouw, Eva.

The Selection Problem for Testing the Selection Explanation of the Black-White Mortality Crossover
 Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth. and Elwert, Felix.

The Self-Conscious Gentrifier: The Paradox of Authenticity and Impact among "First-Wave Neo-Bohemians" in 2 Changing Neighborhoods
 Bartz, Naomi. and Douglas, Gordon.

The Self-Expressive Edge of Occupational Sex Segregation
 Cech, Erin.

The Short Lost History of Occupy Wall Street
 Donovan, Joan.

The Sites and Sounds of Placemaking: Branding, Festivalization, and the Contemporary City
 Wynn, Jonathan. and Yetis-Bayraktar, Ayse.

The Social Basis of Volunteer Legal Work: Predictors of Pro Bono in Legal Practice
 Granfield, Robert. and Veliz, Philip.

The Social Causes and Types of Teacher Attrition: A Durkheimian Analysis
 Penn, Daphne.

The Social Construction of Irrelevance
 Zerubavel, Eviatar.

The Social Contingency of Race: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Brazil
 Mangels, Laura.

The Social Determinants of the Rule of Law: A Comparison of Jamaica and Barbados
 Dawson, Andrew.

The Social Dynamics of Status Lineage Structures
 Chacon, Yamilette.

The Social Psychology of Tsunami
 Muranushi, Michimi.

The Social Reconstruction of Age: Precarious Identities and Enactments of Age-graded Social Roles
 Moen, Phyllis. and Mortimer, Jeylan.

The Social Science Toolkit: Developing Learning Resources for Online Student Success in Sociology and Social Sciences
 Smucny, Darlene.

The Social Stratification of Older Adults’ Preparations for End of Life Health Care
 Carr, Deborah.

The Social as a Bridge between Illness and Health: A Neurosociology of Mental Health
 Eisenberg, Anne.

The Socio-economic Determinants of HIV/AIDS Infection Rates in Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland and Zimbabwe
 Asiedu, Christobel., Asiedu, Elizabeth. and Owusu, Francis.

The Socio-economic Integration of the Women of Guam at the End of the Twentieth Century
 Diaz, Maria-Elena.

The Socio-economic Metabolism of the World-system and the North-South Ecological Debt
 Rice, James.

The Sociology of Human Rights: Resituating the Discipline
 Brunsma, David., Iyall Smith, Keri. and Gran, Brian.

The Spatial Allocation of Social Provision: Government Contracting, Material Resources, and the Poor
 Marwell, Nicole. and Gullickson, Aaron.

The Spectacular Failure of Agency Theory
 Dobbin, Frank.

The Spread of the Worldwide Financial Crisis, 2007-2010
 Fligstein, Neil. and Habinek, Jacob.

The State Ideology of China
 Li, Wei.

The Stickiness of Segregation: Barriers and Agency for Black Middle Class Milwaukeeans
 Spitz, Gina.

The Stigma of Mental Illness in the Labor Market
 Hipes, Crosby., Phelan, Jo., Lucas, Jeffrey. and White, Richard.

The Strain of Friendship: A Network-based Approach to Self-esteem and Identity Change
 Andersson, Matthew.

The Strategies of Mnemonic Battle: Patterns in the Dynamics of Conflict over the Past
 DeGloma, Thomas.

The Stress of Higher Status: Job Control and the Pressures of Work
 Schieman, Scott.

The Structure of Belief Systems: Ideology and Network Centrality
 Boutyline, Andrei. and Vaisey, Stephen.

The Structure of Men and Women's Networks in Team-structured Organizations
 Woodley, Vernon.

The Structure of Situations
 Norton, Matthew.

The Theodicies of Terrorism in American Collective Memory
 Simko, Christina.

The Third Wave of Democratization: Consolidation of Nominal Democracy?
 Chung, Rakkoo.

The Threat from Within: American Jews, the State of Israel, and Inter-marriage
 Minkin, Sarah Anne.

The Ties-Sanction Framework
 Blaszczyk, Anna.

The Trivers-Willard Hypothesis Revisited
 Hopcroft, Rosemary. and Martin, David.

The True Clash of Civilizations Revisited: The Relationship Between Islam and Patriarchy
 Pleic, Mate.

The Truly Advantaged: Global Upper-class Segregation in St. Barts (FWI)
 Cousin, Bruno. and Chauvin, Sebastien.

The Undercapitalization of Minority Neighborhoods: a Comparison of Mortgage Lending in the Northeast and the Midwest
 Kuebler, Meghan.

The Unexpected Symmetry: Evolutionary Biology, the Emergent Property of Culture and Neoclassical Sociological Theory
 Garcelon, Marc.

The Unintended Consequences of Accountability in American Education
 Jennings, Jennifer., Condliffe, Barbara. and Koretz, Daniel.

The Uranium Center of Excellence: The Real Utopia of Oak Ridge, Tennessee
 Freeman, Lindsey.

The Urban Metabolism of Airline Passengers: Scaling and Sustainability
 Neal, Zachary.

The Use of Multiple Imputation When Data are Missing Not at Random
 Mustillo, Sarah. and Kwon, Soyoung.

The Utopian Ideal of Democratic Deliberation in the Hazardous Air Pollutants Provisions of Clean Air Act
 Hoffman, Karen.

The Vicious Cycle: Malnutrition Among Women and Children
 Lomeli, Arlett.

The Violence of Nonviolence: Re-reading Gandhi in the Middle East
 Chabot, Sean. and Sharifi, Majid.

The War Within the Community: Land Conflict During Resettlement in Northern Uganda
 Golden, Shannon.

The World Social Forum and Emerging Subsystems of World Politics
 Smith, Jackie.

The ‘State’ of Workplace Sex Discrimination Regulation and Upper-level Managerial Sex Diversity
 Kmec, Julie. and Skaggs, Sheryl.

The “Becoming White Thesis” Revisited
 Yang, Philip. and Koshy, Kavitha.

The “Coming Out” Process: An Essential Component of the LGBT Life Course
 Powell, Bradley.

The “Meanness Problem”: Performing the Boundaries of Civility in American Politics
 Mast, Jason.

The “Nationality Bonus”: The Intersection of Gender and Scientific Nationality Status
 Zippel, Kathrin.

The “Political Turn" in Science: Ideology, Identity, and the Cultural Authority of Science
 Gauchat, Gordon.

Thematic Session. Feminist Futures
 Harcourt, Wendy.

Theoretical Perspectives on Industrial Accidents, Disasters, and Catastrophes
 Adeola, Francis.

Theoretical Perspectives on Masculinity and the Implications for Research
 Nagel, Elizabeth.

Theoretical Underpinnings of Gender as Situational
 Tauches, Kimberly.

Theorizing Domains of Moral Review
 Brophy, Sorcha.

Theorizing the Dark Side of Organizations
 Vaughan, Diane.

Theorizing the Intersectional Identities of Undocumented Latina/o College Students
 Enriquez, Laura.

Theory, Measurement and Hard Times: Some Issues for HIV/AIDS Research
 Friedman, Samuel., Sandoval, Milagros., Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro., Gwadz, Maria., Perlman, David. and Dombrowski, Kirk.

Theory, Policy, and Public Criminologies
 Uggen, Christopher. and Inderbitzin, Michelle.

These Problems Are (Not) the Same: Domain Expansion around Male Circumcision and Female Genital Cutting
 Carpenter, Laura. and Bergner, Erin.

They Came From Ohio: Animals, Monsters, and Narratives of Nature/Culture Boundaries
 Contessa, Damien.

They Have a Gun in One Hand and the Media in the Other: Activists Confront the Old Regime in Post-Mubarak Egypt
 Holmes, Amy.

They're Always Nice to My Face: Sex Workers, Power, Resistance and Anti-sex Trafficking Ideology
 Jackson, Crystal.

Third Wave Rebels in Second Wave World: Polyamory, Gender, and Power
 Schippers, Mimi.

This Protest Will Be Tweeted: Twitter and Protest Policing during the Pittsburgh G20
 Earl, Jennifer., Hurwitz, Heather., Mejia Mesinas, Analicia., Tolan, Margaret. and Arlotti, Ashley.

This is Art, If You Want it to Be: Navigating Tensions between Public Expression and Commercialism
 Orrico, Laura.

This is Bigger Than a Toy: The Maintenance of Authenticity in the Skateboarding Subculture
 Kaminski, Richard.

This is Utopia: Greening the Black Urban Regime
 Montgomery, Alesia.

This is Where the Magic Happens! A Study of Creative Practice
 Koppman, Sharon.

Thou Shalt Watch Movies: An Investigation of Entertainment Spending Among High School Students
 Bloom, Nicholas.

Three Media Outlets: An Analysis of the 2008 Election Cycle’s Political News Media Field
 Sheinheit, Ian.

Three Models of Development: Community Ophthalmology NGOs and the Appropriate Technology Movement
 Williams, Logan.

Tiered Social Orders, Micro-transitions, and the Social Landscapes of Coleman, Luhmann, and Bourdieu
 Schulz, Jeremy.

Tightness of Control of Identity and its Effects on Negative Emotion After Non-verification
 Cantwell, Allison.

Time for Each Other: Work and Family Constraints among Couples
 Flood, Sarah. and Genadek, Katie.

Timebanking as a Mode of Community Building
 Dubois, Emilie.

Timing, Depth, and Duration of Childhood Poverty and Later-life Outcomes
 Bean, Jessica., Mattingly, Marybeth. and Ulrich, Jessica.

Tiny, Tattooed and Tough as Nails: Representations of Lisbeth Salander's Body
 Valentine, Catherine.

To De-emphasize or Highlight Ethnicity? How Two Positive Youth Development Programs Empower Southeast Asian American Youth
 Hadley, Kathryn. and Nenga, Sandi.

To Restore Ourselves the Dignity: Older Womens' Meanings of Home in Age-segregated Public Housing
 Byrnes, Mary.

To Split, Knit, or Quit? Identity Negotiations of Gay and Lesbian Teachers
 Connell, Catherine.

To the Heaven of Freedom: Black Slave Men and Bifurcated Masculine Imperatives
 Ewing, Jeffrey.

Tokenism in Chinese Work Organizations? Subordinate-Supervisor Gender Combination and Worker’s Organizational Commitment in China
 Yang, Song. and Wu, Jihong.

Too Much of Too Little: Investigating the Food Stamps-Obesity Paradox Using Weighted Regression
 Behler, Rachel.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Socio-ecological Drivers of Nitrogen in the Residential Landscape
 Souto, Leesa., Canan, Penelope. and Pals, Heili.

Tools of Conviviality: Small-scale Economies As a Pathway for Social Empowerment
 Karides, Marina.

Toward Solidarity Tourism: A Critical Analysis of Revolution Tourism
 Salvaggio, Mark. and DiSalvo, Lazri.

Toward a Historical-Institutionalist Theory of Working-class Formation
 Ho, Ming-sho.

Toward a Political Sociology of Conjugal-Recognition Regimes: Multiculturalism and Gender in South African Marriage Law
 Yarbrough, Michael.

Toward a Social Ecology of Brain and Mind
 Restivo, Sal. and Weiss, Sabrina.

Toward a Sociology of Racial Conceptualization: Conceptualizing “Race” as Multi-level and Multi-dimensional
 Lopez, Nancy.

Toward a World-Systems Explanation of Demographic and Economic Decline on the Central Plains
 Merriman, Benjamin.

Toward and Overarching Theory of Modernity and the Natural Environment
 Burns, Thomas.

Towards A Public Sociology of Morality: Notes on the Crisis of Market Culture
 Brueggemann, John.

Towards a Forensic Approach to Illness Narratives: Because it Matters
 Rier, David.

Towards a Genealogy of Contemporary Institutional Theory
 Mohr, John.

Towards a More Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Form of Animal Agriculture
 Evans, Geoffrey. and Mirle, Chetana.

Towards a Relational Model of Political Participation: Tackling “Identity-to-Politics Link” through Latent Class Models
 Kim, Seonmin.

Towards a Sociology of Alternative Homeownership through an Examination of the Urban Community Land Trust
 White, Mia.

Towards an Equitable Future: A Comparative Study of Ideology and Learning in Reforming Anti-discrimination Laws
 Phan, Mai.

Town-gown Alliances and the Emergence of the Solidarity Economy Movement in the United States
 Esteves, Ana Margarida.

Tracing the U.S. Deficit in PISA to Early Childhood: Evidence from the United States and Canada
 Merry, Joseph.

Trading Equality for Health? Social Inequalities in Child Mortality in Developing Nations
 Beckfield, Jason. and Sosnaud, Benjamin.

Traditional Gender Ideologies: The Impact of Christian Schools
 Corner, Shanna.

Traditional Indigenous Restorative Practices
 Lauderdale, Pat.

Traditional Indigenous Restorative Practices and Preventions
 Lauderdale, Pat.

Trajectories of Debt and Foregone Medical Care in the Wake of the Great Recession
 Burgard, Sarah. and Kalousova, Lucie.

Trans Politics in the Sociology Classroom
 Heston, Laura.

Transcending the Body: Experiences of Self, Wellness, and Lifestyle in Laughter Clubs
 Potter, Deborah.

Transformation of Local State in China
 Chen, Zongshi.

Transforming Culture of Elder Care: The Case of Aging Taiwanese Immigrants
 Sun, Ken.

Transition to Adulthood for Danish Young Adults Growing Up with a Disabled or Ill Sibling
 Loft, Lisbeth Trille.

Transitions of Human Capital: Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Professional Industries
 Zhang, Zhiheng. and Zhang, Shuxiu.

Transmitting Material Information through Ethnic Networks
 Yenkey, Christopher.

Transnational Activism and Global Transformation: An Emerging Subsystem of World Politics?
 Smith, Jackie. and Duncan, Brittany.

Transnational Authority and Political Legitimacy in a Refugee Camp
 Holzer, Elizabeth.

Transnational Feminist Visions of Gender Justice: The Case of a South Asian Network
 Sehgal, Meera.

Transnational Racial Meanings and Racial Ideologies in Miami
 Aranda, Elizabeth.

Transnational Solidarities: Which Methodologies?
 Gilles, Verpraet.

Transnational Strategies of an African American Man on the Border of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso
 Lachica, Josue.

Transnational Transformative Effects of Remittances: The Cuban Experience
 Eckstein, Susan.

Transnational Women's Activism and the Global Diffusion of Gender Quotas
 Hughes, Melanie., Krook, Mona Lena. and Paxton, Pamela.

Transnationalization, Differentiation of Public Sphere and Modes of Connexions
 Gilles, Verpraet.

Trapped in Racial Limbo: How Racial Triangulation can Explain the Mexican Inner Ethnic Conflict
 Sanchez, Marisa.

Trauma and the Dream of Reconstruction: The Struggle in an Urban Community in Guatemala
 Nunez, Daniel.

Traumatic Life Events, Chronic Strains, and Self-reported Health of Elder Mexican-origin Individuals
 Garcia, Marc., Garcia, Jesus. and Rivera, Fernando.

Traveling with Disabilities in Later Life: A Targeted Resilience Model
 Kahana, Eva. and Kahana, Boaz.

Treadmill of Crime: A Political Economy of Environmental Disorganization and the Greening of Crime
 Stretesky, Paul., Lynch, Michael. and Long, Michael.

Treadmill of Production or Ecological Modernization: The Political Economy of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in U.S. States
 Dietz, Thomas., Whitley, Cameron., Kelly, Jennifer. and Kelly, Rachel.

Trends and Change in Affluent Neighborhoods
 Solari, Claudia.

Trends in Income Inequality in Asia since 1980
 Tsai, Shu-Ling. and Grusky, David.

Trends in Racial and Ethnic Inequality in New York City Affordable Rental Housing, 1991-2008
 Halasz, Judith.

Tropical Utopias in Theory and Practice: From Jesuits to Jim Jones
 Hecht, Susanna.

Troublesome Education: Questioning the Role of Education in Criminology
 Garcia, April.

Trust as Signal: A Theory of Strategic Initiation of Trust Relations
 Tao, Lin. and Tam, Tony.

Trust, Accounts, and Gender Stereotyping in Peer-to-Peer Lending
 Kuwabara, Ko., Home, Christine., Thebaud, Sarah. and Anthony, Denise.

Trying to Plan for the Future: Calculated and Casual Contraceptive Decisions in the United States
 Fennell, Julie.

Turkish and Indian Secularisms in Comparative Perspective
 Madra, Aysel.

Turn Off Your Brain: Mind-body Dissociation as Strategy in Home Birth
 Kulick, Rachael.

Turning Labor into Capital: The Politics of Union Pension Fund Investment in America, 1945-1985
 McCarthy, Michael.

Two Tickets to the Gun Show: Utilitarian and Non-utilitarian Motivations for Firearm Attainment
 Steidley, Trent. and Kosla, Martin.

Two Ways of “Making It” in America: Immigrant Second Generation between Market and Politics
 Kim, Seonmin.

Typecasting and Skill in Labor Markets: Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service
 Ferguson, John-Paul. and Hasan, Sharique.
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