American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22

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Uncertain Refuge: Refugee Camps and the Unintended Consequences of Humanitarian Aid
 Cook, Brian.

Uncertain Times: Day Laborers Working in the U.S. Informal Economy
 Malpica, Daniel.

Uncertainty and the Effects of Gender, Technical Background, and Social Capital on Venture Capital Evaluations
 Tinkler, Justine., Ku, Manwai., Whittington, Kjersten. and Davies, Andrea.

Under One Roof: The Effects of "Secure Communities" Policy on Mixed Status Latino Families in Oregon
 Drew, Emily.

Understanding Institutional Discrimination in Education through Service Learning: An Exercise in Transformative Learning
 Beamon, Krystal.

Understanding Men’s Fertility Preferences and Intentions: The Effects of Race, Class and Sexual Identity
 Wondra, Danielle.

Understanding Multiple Levels of Norms about Teen Pregnancy and Their Relationships to Teens’ Sexual Behaviors
 Mollborn, Stefanie., Boardman, Jason. and Domingue, Benjamin.

Understanding Persuasive Processes: Charisma and Sociological Glamour Illustrated Using Cases of Movement Leaders
 Williamson, Elizabeth.

Understanding Protest Intensity in a Sample of Highly Mobilized Activists
 Breckenridge-Jackson, Ian. and Coyne, Gary.

Understanding Social and Cultural Health Barriers for Female Marriage Migrants in Korea
 Kim, Hye Jin. and Lee, Sang-lim.

Understanding the Impacts of Foreclosure on Collective Efficacy in 6 California Communities
 Parnell, Alex. and Weffer-Elizondo, Simon.

Understanding the Occupy Movement: Social Context, Mobilization, Symbolism and Form of Social Power
 Scipes, Kim.

Understanding the Relationship between College Selectivity and Racial/Ethnic Differences
 Savas, Gokhan.

Understanding the Role of Identity in Black Gay Men’s Religious Choice and Participation
 Mathews, Allison.

Understanding the Stress Experience of LGBT Bullying
 Powell, Bradley.

Undocumented Student Immigrants, the American Dream and the Dream Act
 Schmid, Carol.

Undocumented and Unafraid: The Poltical Emergence of the Dream Generation
 Pineros Shields, Thomas.

Undocumented and Unafraid: Undocumented Youth, Deportation Deferral Campaigns, and Redefining Belonging
 Patler, Caitlin.

Undocumented, Studious, but Pessimistic: Perspectives of Undocumented Latino Students in Chicago
 Kass, Dennis., Onstott, Michael. and Rivas, Lucila.

Unengaged Young Adults: The Effects of Informal Mentoring on Disconnectedness
 Dotson, Hilary. and Vaquera, Elizabeth.

Unequal Access to Shadow Education and Its Impacts on Academic Outcomes: Evidence from Korea
 Choi, Jaesung.

Unequal Empowerment: Sexual Pleasure Attitudes and Social Disadvantage Among Female Adolescents
 Missari, Stacy., Cheng, Simon. and Ma, Kuo Hsun.

Unequal Entrepreneurship: Race, Immigrant Generation, and Gender Disparities in Self-Employment
 Chaudhary, Ali.

Unequal at Home, Unequal at Work: Effect of Competing Demands on Women’s Perceived Promotion Chances
 Perlberg, Alison.

Unequally Insecure: Racial Disparities in Job Insecurity, 1979-2009
 Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth.

Uneven Commercialization: Contradiction and Conflict in the Identity and Practices of American Universities
 Osley-Thomas, Robert. and Kleinman, Daniel.

Unfinished Business: Latino Faculty Diversity in the State University of New York System
 Bose, Christine. and Acosta-Belen, Edna.

Unintended Consequences of Mass Imprisonment: Effects of Paternal Incarceration on Child School Readiness
 Haskins, Anna.

Unintended Consequences: An Analysis of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Debate
 Schwarz, Elizabeth.

Union Decline, Financialization and the New Gilded Age
 Hicks, Alexander.

Union Revitalization in the Building Trades
 Kosla, Martin.

United Kingdom and the United States of America: Converging Attitudes on Immigrant Populations
 Gallagher, Charles.

United States Higher Education Under Attack
 Crowley, Christopher. and Knoester, Matthew.

United by Faith: Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Beliefs about the Racial Inequality in America
 Cobb, Ryon., Perry, Samuel. and Wong, Erica.

Universal Human Rights and the Production of "Homophobic" Muslim Women in Contemporary Turkey
 Savci, Evren. and Hays, Sharon.

University Policy Effects on Academic Career Advancement
 Gaughan, Monica.

Unmasking the Gendered Personalities of Superheroes
 Quay, Daniel. and Diaz, Maria-Elena.

Unpacking Age: The Emotional Consequences of Women’s Midlife Conceptions of Age and Aging
 Barrett, Anne. and Toothman, Erica.

Unpacking the Process: Understanding Factors that Shape Trajectories of Exposure to School Segregation
 Warkentien, Siri.

Unraveling the Meaning of Deviance Labeling: A Study of Attributions and Characterizations of the Discredited
 Peralta, Robert., Oliva, Monica. and Wiley, Lia.

Unsupported and Uncertain: Communal Goal Incongruence and the Experience of Native American Students in STEM Majors
 Smith, Jessi., Cech, Erin., Metz, Anneke., Huntoon, Meghan. and Moyer, Christina.

Unsustainable Science in the Treadmill of Production: Declining Salience of Impact Science in Environmental Conflicts
 Gould, Kenneth.

Untangling the Knotted Roots of Trustworthiness: The Case of the Stanford Financial Fraud
 Leslie, Camilo.

Until I Go to Thailand: A Culture of Migration among Rural Cambodian Youth
 Bylander, Maryann.

Unwanted Body: The Narratives White Men Tell About Black Women
 Slatton, Brittany.

Uprooting Whiteness Within the Occupy Movement: How Identity (Anti-)Politics are the Masters' Tools
 King, Mike.

Urban Geographic Mobility among Marginalized Populations: Implications for Health among Injection Drug Users in San Francisco
 Martinez, Alexis., Lorvick, Jennifer. and Kral, Alexander.

Urban Governance and the End of Civil Society: Isomorphism and Authority in Community-based Organizations
 McQuarrie, Michael.

Urban Versus Rural China: Enduring Socioeconomic Inequality
 Harrison, Lei.

Urbanization, Neighborhood Structure, and Residential Independence of Senior Citizens
 Spring, Amy.

Using Andersen's Model to Examine Preventive Health Behaviors
 Sayed, Bisma.

Using Bibliotherapy to Enhance Probation and Reduce Recidivism
 Schutt, Russell., Deng, Xiaogang. and Stoehr, Taylor.

Using Film to Teach Introductory Sociology to Non-majors
 Rosenstein, Judith.

Using Google Trends in Social Science Research: Monitoring and Predicting Demographic Trends and Social Movements
 Gaddis, S. Michael. and Verdery, Ashton.

Using Luminosity as a Proxy for Economic Statistics: New Results and Estimates of Precision
 Chen, Xi.

Using Media in Foreign Languages: an Analysis of Cultural Proximity and Cosmopolitanism in Austin, Texas
 Paredes, Cristian.

Using Normative Theory to Explain the Effect of Religion and Education on Volunteering
 Son, Joonmo. and Wilson, John.

Using Technology to Support Intended Utopias: Assessing the Effects of Clicker Use for Student Learning
 Hoekstra, Angel.

Utopia and Democracy: Reflections on the Anit-globalization Movement
 Bello, Walden.

Utopian Data or Failed Accountability: An Historical Perspective
 St. John, Edward.

Utopian Visions for a Diverse Academy
 Dill, Bonnie. and Zambrana, Ruth.

Utopias and Realities of Good Work
 Kirchner, Stefan. and Hauff, Sven.

Utopias of Difference: Pursuing Religious Pluralism at a Community Hospital
 Macdonald, Arlene.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2012-Aug-16 to 2012-Aug-22
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