American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2013-Aug-09 to 2013-Aug-15

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"Copwise”: How the Urban Poor Negotiate Hyperpolicing in Public Street Life
 Stuart, Forrest.

"Doing" Televised Conflict: Microanalysis of the Confrontational Political Interviews
 Han, Ji Won.

"Heather from Queens" and "UWS Ethan": Gender in an Online Public Sphere
 Hess, Amie. and Caren, Neal.

"I Come T.H.I.R.D" Contractual BDSM Relationships
 Campanaro, Candice.

"Mixing" Methods in the Social Sciences: The Interplay of Qualitative and Quantitative Work in Sociological Research
 Mair, Michael., Greiffenhagen, Christian. and Sharrock, W. W..

"Sanctuary" and the Nullification of Enforcement in American Social Life
 Gardner, Trevor.

(Bio)Medicalization in Context: Japanese Narratives on the Origins of Type 2 Diabetes
 Armstrong-Hough, Mari.

(De)Colonization and Conscientização: The Groundwork for a Critical Pedagogy of Consciousness
 Barnum, Anthony.

(Re)writing Abortion: Deploying Medical Records in Jurisdictional Negotiation over a Forbidden Practice in Senegal
 Suh, Siri.

1. A Better Work Environment? Faculty Equity in the Sciences at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
 Borland, Elizabeth. and Bates, Diane.

1. Let's Talk About Another Inconvenient Truth: Violence as a Gendered Phenomenon
 Plumeri, Christine.

10. Recruiting and Retaining Sociology Majors
 Melzer, Scott.

10. Sexual Victimization of State Prisoners and Their Post Incarceration Experiences
 Hamil-Luker, Jenifer.

11. Staying in school in El Salvador: Challenges faced by poor urban and rural adolescents
 Mordy, Meghan.

12. The Impact of the New System of Public Pensions in Argentine. The End of Inequality?
 Eleta- de Filippis, Roxana.

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A Black by Any Other Name?: Strategic Ethnic Confusion and the Commodification of Identity
 Ivory, Tristan.

A Brave New World? Database Uses in the Scientific Knowledge Production Process
 Paik, Leslie. and Binz-Scharf, Maria.

A Brief History of Emerging Student Movement
 Thomson, Ryan.

A Capitalist Tradition in America
 Fuentes, Kristina.

A Case of an International Political Opportunity Structure: Wikipedia in the anti-SOPA Protests
 Konieczny, Piotr.

A Causal Analysis of the Impact of Employee-Organization Relational Style (Mis)fit and Turnover and Performance
 Greenberg, Jason. and Canales, Rodrigo.

A Children’s Right to Enjoy Benefits of Scientific Progress and its Applications
 Gran, Brian. and Renzhofer, Holly.

A Closer Look at Trust in the American South
 Clarady, Carrie.

A Comparative Analysis of Company-sponsored and Independent Foundations
 Koushyar, Justin., Longhofer, Wesley. and Roberts, Peter.

A Comparative Study of International Marriage in Seven Countries: The Patterns of Gender and Nationality
 Kim, Minjeong. and Bose, Christine.

A Comparative Study on Interdisciplinary Research Centers
 Mäkinen, Elina., Evans, Eliza. and McFarland, Daniel.

A Comparative Study on Middle-class and Working-class Korean Immigrant Mothers’ Social Capital Within a Korean Community
 Kim, Sujung.

A Comparison of New Institutionalized Forms of Populism in Venezuela and the United States
 Savage, Ritchie.

A Comparison of Racial and Ethnic Differences in Physician Trust Between Users and Non-Users of Healthcare
 Campos-Castillo, Celeste.

A Contested Institution: Struggles over the Student-Edited Law Review in the Field of Legal Scholarship
 Kluttz, Daniel.

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Backpacker Mobilities in Central America: Ideology, Practice, and Political Economy
 Salvaggio, Marko.

Bad Apples or Bad Orchards? An Organizational Analysis of Educator Cheating on Standardized Accountability Tests
 Hibel, Jacob. and Penn, Daphne.

Bad Behavior? Examining Teachers’ Perceptions of School-Wide Student Behavior
 Martinez, Matthew.

Bankers in the Ivory Tower: The Financialization of Governance at the University of California
 Eaton, Charlie., Goldstein, Adam., Habinek, Jacob., Kumar, Mukul., Stover, Tamera. and Roehrkasse, Alexander.

Bargaining Bonus or Breadwinning Burden? Relative Earnings, Gender, Parenthood and Mental Health
 Leupp, Katrina.

Barriers to Environmental Sacrifice: Fear of the Free Rider?
 Bohr, Jeremiah.

Barriers to Integration among Section 8 Voucher Movers in Los Angeles County
 Kurwa, Rahim.

Barriers to Mixed Methods Research: Non-heterosexual Behavior, Attraction, and Identity in Survey Research and Beyond
 Budnick, Jamie.

Barriers to Public Programs: How Low-Income, Latina Mothers Negotiate Access and Opportunity to Local Public Resources
 Gast, Melanie. and Okamoto, Dina.

Barriers to Service Provision and Utilization in a Community Resembling US Age Demographics in 2050
 Teixeira-Poit, Stephanie., Napier, Ariana., Carr, Christine., Williams, Jessica. and Pulliam, Paul.

Barriers to Sustainability: Gendered Divisions of Labor in Cuban Urban Agriculture
 Ergas, Christina.

Baseline Mixture Models for Social Networks
 Butts, Carter.

Basketball in the Key of Law: The Natural History of Disputes in Pick-up Basketball
 De Land, Michael.

Bearing Babies, Bearing Class: Class-Conditioned Agency and the Maternal Body
 Mason, Katherine.

Becoming American Mothers: Situation of Indian Immigrant Married Women in Dependent Visa in the USA
 Das, Madhurima.

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CEDAW in Action: The International Women's Treaty in Cambodia
 Lee, Susan.

CEDAW: The Pressing Juxtaposition Between Modernization and Women’s Rights in Egypt
 Yehia, Salma.

Cafeteria Worker or Lunch Lady? Technical versus Emotional Labor in School Food Reform
 Woodward, Andrea.

Californication of the Korean Rice Market?
 Burmeister, Larry.

Call Me an Ignorant Freak: How TV News Framing Furthers Social Movement Goals
 Gunby, Kate. and Taylor, Malaena.

Call me evangelical, Maybe: Identity Narratives Among Young Evangelical Activists
 Bilous, Adriane.

Campus Climate: Results from Faculty Focus Groups in a Midwestern State University System
 Peterson, Debra. and Greer, Colleen.

Campus Involvement, Social Capital, and the Racial Wage Gap for Graduates of Predominantly-White Universities
 Twitty, Courtney. and McCabe, Janice.

Can Active Ageing Index Handle Elderly Abuse: A Case Study in the District of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
 Hoque, Nazrul.

Can Household-technology be Blamed for Chinese Obesity?
 Huang, Chih-Chien. and Kronenfeld, Jennie.

Can Managers Work Part-Time? An Empirical Analysis of Managers in Europe
 Hipp, Lena. and Stuth, Stefan.

Can Social Ties be Harmful? Examining the Social Dynamics of Suicide Suggestion in Early Adulthood
 Mueller, Anna., Abrutyn, Seth. and Stockton, Cynthia.

Can We All Be African in Origin? Buying Knowlege of Your Genome
 Warner, Judith.

Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals, and Institutional Constraint
 Pedulla, David. and Thébaud, Sarah.

Can We Locate Hybrid Forms of Human Rights?
 Iyall Smith, Keri.

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Dads and Daughters: Children's Sex and Father's Gender Ideology
 Ferguson, Todd. and Tom, Joshua.

Dairy Conglomeration, Social Institutions, and Social Cost Theory: Developing a Model for International Comparative Analysis
 Krieg, Eric.

Danger on the Horizon: Violent Streets, Gender, and Community Organization Participation Among Latino Youth
 Vargas, Robert.

Data Mining as a New Quantitative Paradigm
 Attewell, Paul. and Monaghan, David.

Dating After Late-Life Spousal Loss: Does it Compromise Relationships with Adult Children?
 Carr, Deborah. and Boerner, Kathrin.

Dating in Light of Christ: The Co-Construction of Religion and Gender in Christian Relationships
 Irby, Courtney.

Dealing with Societal “Elephants”: Strategies for Conducting Qualitative Research on Socially Silenced Topics
 Sue, Christina. and Robertson, Mary.

Death, Disparities, and Differentiation: Variation as a Theme in the Study of Aging Populations
 Engelman, Michal.

Debt Profiles, Health and Health Behaviors in the Wake of the Great Recession
 Burgard, Sarah., Kalousova, Lucie. and Seefeldt, Kristin.

Debt and the Displaced Safety Net: Relying on Debt in Place of Social Assistance
 Chaddha, Anmol.

Debt, Sense of Entitlement and Reasons for Consumption: Effects on Depression
 Drentea, Patricia. and Guo, Lingfei.

Deception: The Behavioral Effects of Simulated Actors
 Takeuchi, May., Takeuchi, Alexander. and Gray, Louis.

Deciding among Disclosure, Downplaying, or Denial: Stigma Management Strategies of Former Abortion Workers
 Gulya, Lisa.

Decisions about Life and Death in the Sichuan Earthquake: Moral Codes, Connections, and Meaning-making
 Hsu, Da-Wei.

Decomposing School "Resegregation": Social Closure, Racial Imbalance, and Racial Isolation
 Fiel, Jeremy.

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ENTREPRENEURS AND INTELLECTUALS: Marginalized Men of Color Create Rap Music to Become Valued Masculine Subjects
 Young, Kara.

Early Major Choice and the Attainment Gap between First- and Continuing-Generation College Students
 Monaghan, David. and Jang, Sou Hyun.

Early School Leaving in Scandinavia: Extent and Labour Market Effects
 Backman, Olof., Jakobsen, Vibeke., Lorentzen, Thomas., Osterbacka, Eva. and Dahl, Espen.

Early Trauma, Long-term Consequences: Family Instability, Child Abuse and Adult Health and Medical Service Use
 Evans, Ethan., McCarthy, Bill., Benoit, Cecilia. and Jansson, Mikael.

Early-Life Social Origins of Later-Life Body Weight: The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Health Behaviors
 Pudrovska, Tetyana. and Logan, Ellis.

Early-Life Socioeconomic Status and Mortality over the Life Course: A Growing Within-Cohort Inequality
 Pudrovska, Tetyana.

Earnings Assimilation of Post-1965 Non-Hispanic White Immigrants in the United States
 Ozgenc, Basak.

Earnings Dynamics of Foreign Born South Asians in Canada
 Raza, Muhammad.

Earnings and Language Proficiency of Immigrants in Spain
 Miyar, María., Mato, Francisco Javier. and Gutierrez, Rodolfo.

Earth-Wise Responsible Freedom at the National Gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light
 Schelly, Chelsea.

Eat, Drink, Smoke, Love: Same Sex and Different Sex Relationships and Health
 Denney, Justin., Saint Onge, Jarron. and Gorman, Bridget.

Echoes from the Ivory Tower: Examining the Experiences of Latina/o Faculty at Predominately White Institutions
 Dawson, Mark.

Economic Attitudes in the Age of Migration
 Reeskens, Tim. and Zhu, Ling.

Economic Development and the Carbon Intensity of Human Well-being
 Givens, Jennifer. and Jorgenson, Andrew.

Economic Downturns and Trust in the Police
 Towne-Arnold, Katelynn.

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 Lin, Liang-Wen.

Facilitator or Buffer: Political Connections and Corporate Philanthropic Donation in Chinese Firms
 Zhang, Jianjun., Zheng, Lu., Luo, Xiaowei. and Marquis, Christopher.

Facing Plant Closure: Workers and their Unions in Times of Crisis
 Pupo, Norene., Duffy, Ann. and Corman, June.

Facing Race or Saving Face?: How French Politicians Talk About Slavery
 Fleming, Crystal.

Factoring Transnational Ties in Migrants’ Social Support? On the Mixed Social Consequences of Transnational Caregiving
 Boccagni, Paolo.

Factors Associated with Positive Relationships between Stepfathers and Adolescents
 King, Valarie., Ledwell, Margaret. and Amato, Paul.

Factors Influencing Gender Ideology in the Transition to Adulthood
 Carson, Jessica.

Faculty Gatekeepers and Academic Taste in Undergraduate Students’ Choice of Major
 Takacs, Christopher. and Chambliss, Daniel.

Faculty’s Turnover Intentions Specific to Work-Life Issues: A Demands and Resources Approach
 Watanabe, Megumi. and Falci, Christina.

Failure to Persist: A Survey of Non-retained Freshmen with Recommendations to Support Reentry
 Lowman, Jennifer.

Faith, Community, and Labor: Challenges and Opportunities in the New York City Living Wage Campaign
 Broxmeyer, Jeffrey. and Michaels, Erin.

Fall-related Changes in Activity Levels among the HRS Population
 Himes, Christine. and Hausauer, Jessica.

Family Background and Educational Paths of Italians Graduates
 Vergolini, Loris. and Vlach, Eleonora.

Family Embeddness and Migrant Work in China: Marriage Choice, Networks, and Female Power
 Kane, Danielle., Liang, Ke. and Tian, Felicia.

Family Structure and Parental Involvement in U.S. Schools: A Test of Three Explanatory Frameworks
 Myers, Scott. and Myers, Carrie.

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GINI, Make Me Free! How Wealth Beliefs and Income Inequality Shape People’s Sense of Freedom
 Hildebrand, Claudius.

Gamification and Post-Fordist Labor
 Rey, PJ.

Gandhi and The Bhopal Disaster Jurisprudence
 Patel, Nehal.

Gang Affiliated vs. Non-Gang Affiliated Youth: Furthering the Examination of Strain Theory and Gangs
 Porter, Marclyn., Hillis, Katie., Chilton, Ken. and Wilson, Mary Katherine.

Gang Recovery and Masculinity
 Flores, Edward. and Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette.

Gangnam Style and the Korean Wave, Focusing on Globalization and Localization
 Ji Hye, Oh.

Gay Affirmative? LGBT Therapy and the Production of Mental Health
 Grzanka, Patrick. and Miles, Joseph.

Gay Male Fans and Professional Wrestling: Queering the Internet
 Glenday, Daniel.

Gay Mexican Immigrants' Relationships
 Silva, Archibaldo. and Ocampo, Anthony.

Gay Neighborhoods and the Rise of the Vicarious Citizen
 Greene, Theo.

Gayborhood Change: The Intertwined Sexual and Racial Character Of Assimilation in Chicago’s Boystown
 Orne, Jason.

Geeks, Greeks, and Athletes: Collective Cultural Beliefs and Values in a Small, Liberal Arts College
 Neal, Rachael.

Gender Beliefs "Rule" in College Basketball: Expressive and Utilitarian Ideals in the NCAA
 Smith, Wade.

Gender Concentration and the Occupational Earnings Gap: Devaluation, Human Capital, or Legitimation
 Freeland, Robert.

Gender Differences in Career Persistence among Research and Development (R&D) Engineers in Japan
 Shinohara, Sayaka. and Fujimoto, Tetsushi.

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HIV Testing in Kenya: Gendered Barriers
 Denardo, Danielle.

HIV/AIDS Management in Developing Countries : The Case Studies of Nepal
 Dhakal, Hari.

Half-way Homeowners: Eviction and Forced Relocation among Homeowners in Manufactured Home Parks in Florida
 Sullivan, Esther.

Handguns and High Heels: Male and Female Agency in Movie Posters
 Gabriel, Paige.

Hanging Back or Jumping In? Exploring Gender Inequality in Deliberative Democracy
 Pierski, Nicole.

Happiness and ‘Economic Migration’: A Comparison of Eastern European Migrants and Stayers
 Bartram, David.

Happy Marriage, Happy Life? Marital Quality and Subjective Well-being in Later Life
 Carr, Deborah., Freedman, Vicki., Cornman, Jennifer. and Schwarz, Norbert.

Has the European Economic Crisis Led to Particularly Drastic Cuts in Social Services?
 Overbye, Einar. and Gubrium, Erika.

Health Care Satisfaction and the Latino Health Paradox: Immigration, Acculturation, Language
 Schutt, Russell.

Health Inequality in Post-socialist States: Liberalization and Regional Disparity in Infant Mortality in Tanzania
 Herman, Moshi.

Health, Obesity, Risk Factors, and Behaviors: Analysis Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
 Insolera, Noura.

Health-Related Content of Black Megachurch Websites in the Southeastern United States
 Campbell, Anthony. and Wallace, Gail.

Healthcare Managers’ Job Satisfaction and Self-Efficacy in Determining Aid or Obstruction to Advancement for Staff
 Jason, Kendra.

Healthcare System and the Wealth-Health Gradient: A Six-Country Comparative Study
 Maskileyson, Dina.

Hegemonic Codes of Fitness in Promotional Materials of New Gyms in Urban India
 Talukdar, Jaita.

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I Am My Own Boss: The Opportunities and Constraints of Economic Action
 Occhiuto, Nicholas.

I Did It My Way: The Peer Context of Inauthentic Romantic Relationships
 Soller, Brian.

I Don’t Make Objects, I Make Projects: Value and Valuation in Contemporary Artmaking
 Gerber, Alison.

I Fight Because I have Too: Violence and Life in a California Juvenile Detention Center
 Flores, Jerry.

I Wanted Diversity...But Not Too Much: Urban White Parents Choosing Schools
 Evans, Shani.

I “Just” Want To Teach: A Critique of the Teaching:Research Nexus in Higher Education
 Petersen, Megan.

Ideal Responses to Racism: The Brazilian case
 Moraes D. Silva, Graziella.

Ideas for a Workers Commonwealth
 Braun, Jerome.

Identifying Successful Urban Renewal Strategies: A Historical Comparative Study of Three New England Mill Towns
 Li, Rebecca. and Slobodzian, Grace.

Identity Contained: Symbolic Object Use and the Process of Group Formation
 Quisumbing King, Katrina.

Identity Salience, Psychological Centrality, and Self-Awareness in Identity Theory
 Morris, Robert.

Identity Stability across Structural Discontinuity: The Enduring Effect of Proximate Social Structures on Donation Behavior
 Freeland, Robert. and Steiger, Ryan.

Identity in Action: Emails to Elected Officials Regarding the Terri Schiavo Case
 Rohlinger, Deana., Vaccaro, Christian., Sessions, Miriam. and Mauney, Heather.

Ideological Disconnects, Hierarchies of Power and Emergency Technologies: The Intersecting Work of Police, Fire and Paramedics
 Sanders, Carrie.

Ideological Resilience: State and Media Responses to the Gender Transgressions of Female Sex Offenders
 Mulligan, Kerry.

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Japanese Citizen Participation in International Development Aid
 Taniguchi, Hiromi.

Japanese-Brazilian Families in Bastos, Brazil
 Kosminsky, Ethel.

Jewish Buddhist or Buddhist Jew?: An Exploration of Multiple Religious Belonging
 Sigalow, Emily.

Jim Crow 2.0?: Why States Consider and Adopt Restrictive Voter Access Polices
 Bentele, Keith. and O\'Brien, Erin.

Job Characteristics and Workplace Conditions and Health Outcomes
 Ishida, Hiroshi.

Job Mobility in the Changing Economy: The Effect of Employer Changes on Men’s and Women’s Earnings
 Cha, Youngjoo.

Job Polarization and the Hollowing out of the Middle of the U.S. Job Structure
 Dwyer, Rachel.

Job Search Chains and Embedded Resources: A Comparative Analysis among China, Taiwan, and the US
 Chen, Chih-Jou.

Joint Activity: Understanding understanding in dental tuition
 Hyland, Lewis.

José Jimenez, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Legacy of Racial Masquerade
 Perez, Raul.

Journalistic professionalism as performance and boundary work: Source-relations at the state house
 Revers, Matthias.

Journeys of Hope: African Migration Decisions and Destinations
 Abdi, Cawo.

Judicial Extension: Global State Formation, Symbolic Power and the WTO Legal Field
 Conti, Joseph.

Just "the Oven"? Law and Emotion Management in Contracts for Surrogate Motherhood
 Berk, Hillary.

Just Doing Business or Getting Personal?: The Personal and the Bureaucratic in Police-Citizen Encounters
 Bishop, Katelynn., Raymond, Geoffrey. and Jones, Nikki.

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Keeping Up with the Jones? Nonlinear Income Gradients in Leisure Time
 Chen, Yeh-Chen.

Keepin’ It Halal: Muslim American Youth Dating and Cultural Voluntarism
 O\'Brien, John.

Kin and Community Childcare in Contemporary African-American Middle-Class Mothers Lives
 Dow, Dawn.

Kink in the Logistics Supply Chain: Interorganizational Relations in the Port Economy
 Jaffee, David.

Know Your Neighbors, Save the Planet: Notable Social Capital Correlates with Pro-environmental Outcomes
 Macias, Thomas. and Williams, Kristin.

Knowing Their “Place:” The Contradictions Between What Parents Say and Do When Choosing Schools
 Roda, Allison.

Knowledge Transfer in the Drug Subculture. The Other Side of the Story
 Marin, Alexandra.

Korean Migrant Workers’ Migration Patterns and Their Life Experiences in the U.S.
 Kim, Eunbi.

Kurdish Diaspora: A comparison between Europe and the United States
 Bedirhanoglu, Nazan.

Kurdish Women’s Political Activism Across Space: Narratives of Violence, Human Rights, and Peace
 Goksel, Hayrunnisa.


LGBT internal migrants living in Bogotá: a microcosm of displacement in Colombia
 Vidal-Ortiz, Salvador.

LGBTQ Identity and Youth Civic and Political Engagement
 Clay, Andreana. and Terriquez, Veronica.

La Casa Azul Bookstore: A Site for Cultural and Social Capital
 Zapatka, Kasey.

Labor Market Conditions and the Occupational Variation of Earnings Inequality in the United States
 Cheng, Siwei.

Labor of Love: Livelihood Strategies in Sustainable Farming
 Bruce, Analena.

Labor's New Internationalism: Three Legged Stool of US Empire, US Capitalism and Global Climate Change
 Scipes, Kim.

Land for the Taking
 Ashwood, Loka.

Landscapes of Resilience: Understanding urban environmental stewardship as a catalyst for governance and social change
 Svendsen, Erika.

Large or Small Knowledge: Boundaries and their Consequences for Veterinary Students within the Tracking System
 Vermilya, Jenny.

Latent Dimensions of Workplace Resistance
 Elliott, Christopher.

Latent Semantic Analysis of the Sociological Influence in Latin American Studies
 Wada, Takeshi. and Degawa, Haruka.

Latino Diversity: Changes in National-Origin and Nativity Status of in New and Old Immigrant Destinations
 Sloan, Jennifer.

Latino Parents’ Educational Aspirations
 Langenkamp, Amy.

Latino, American, Dream, Men, Women
 Hanson, Sandra.

Latinos, Hip Hop, and the Colorline
 Calvillo, Jonathan.

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Macro Economic Growth and Micro Exploitation: Financialization and P-A problem Revisited
 Kim, Soyon.

Macroeconomic Policies and Economic Democracy in Brazil under the Real
 Bin, Daniel.

Mad Science, “Good” Religion, and Abstract Law: Cultural Schemas in Americans' Talk about Social Controverrsies
 Edgell, Penny. and Hull, Kathleen.

Made Me Whole: An Organizational Mobilization Effort to Address HIV/AIDS among Black Gay and Bisexual Men
 Beadle, Michelle.

Maintaining National Identities: Cuisine, Immigrant Exclusion, and Nationalism
 Doten, Kerice.

Majority versus Minority Religious Status and the Ethno-Religious Activism of Indian Americans
 Kurien, Prema.

Make it Happen: Using Simulation to Teach Opposing Class Interests
 Vaughn, Jonathan.

Making Blue the Next Green: Achieving Worker Rights in the Global Economy
 Appelbaum, Richard.

Making Capitalists without Economic Capital: The Privatization of State-Owned Industrial Enterprises in China and Russia
 Cheng, Xiaonong.

Making Community Claims: Environmental Racism and Cross-Gender Motherwork in the South Bronx.
 Rotramel, Ariella.

Making Good in Prison: Labels, Identity, and Change
 Inderbitzin, Michelle.

Making One Health experts: The formation, reinforcement, and transformation of epistemic communities
 Chien, Yu-Ju.

Making Plans and Choosing Locations: Mothers' Gendered Experiences of Leisure with Adults
 Burkhalter, Elizabeth.

Making Race in Schools: A Quantitative Analysis of Racial Identification
 Kizer, Jessica.

Making Sense of Illiberalism in the New India
 Inglis, Patrick.

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Naked Against Domestic Violence: Mobilization and New Media of a Feminist Weibo Activism in China
 Han, Ling.

Narcocapacity and the U.S.-Colombian Complex
 Montana, Omar.

Narrating Dementia: Self and Community in an Online Forum
 Rodriquez, Jason.

Narrative Disjunctures: Gender Violence and the sociological basis of inconsistent testimony
 Roychowdhury, Poulami.

Narratives of Commitment: Looking for Work with a Criminal Record
 Hlavka, Heather., Wheelock, Darren. and Cossyleon, Jennifer.

Narratives of Self-Invention: Spoken Word Poetry, Creativity, and Contemporary Identity Politics
 Chepp, Valerie.

Nation-state Size, Ethnic Diversity and Economic Performance in the Advanced Capitalist Countries
 Patsiurko, Natalka., Campbell, John. and Hall, John.

National Cultural Repertoires of Evaluation in a Global Age: Film Discourse in Comparative Perspective
 Kersten, Annemarie.

National Identity Around the World: 1995-2013
 Smith, Tom.

National Intimacy in the News Production of the Arab Spring in Pro-AKP News Media
 Asik, Mehmet.

Nationalist Politics and State Legitimation in the Neoliberal Era
 Blad, Cory.

Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Agencies as Agents of Institutional Isomorphism
 Apkarian, Jacob.

Nativism under Capitalism: The Struggle between Business and Nativists
 Alvord, Daniel. and Ternes, Brock.

Nativity Differentials in the Prevalence of Comorbidity and Disability among Elderly Latinos
 Garcia, Marc.

Nativity status, ethnic enclaves, and social ties: Implications for understanding immigrant and Latino health paradoxes
 Viruell-Fuentes, Edna., Morenoff, Jeffrey. and House, James.

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Obamacare, Race and the Politics of Health Reform
 Lubin, Judy.

Obesity and Grade Point Average: Variation by Course Subject, Sex, and Race
 Branigan, Amelia.

Obesity, labeling, and psychological distress in black and white girls: The distal effects of stigma
 Mustillo, Sarah., Budd, Kristen. and Hendrix, Kimber.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Media
 Fennell, Dana.

Occupational Attainment in Mexico 2006-2011
 Toro, Harold.

Occupational Closure and Professionalization: The Effect of Licensing on Wage Inequality
 Red Bird, Beth.

Occupational Guardians: Safeguarding Professional Work for Inequality Remediation in Two Community Health Centers
 Kellogg, Kate.

Occupy Empathy? Online politics and micro-narratives of suffering
 Recuber, Timothy.

Occupy Wall Street in the Longue Duree: Origins & Prospects
 Reifer, Thomas.

Of (M)other Space: Homes for “Unwed Mothers” in South Korea
 Kim, Hosu.

Of Promise and Penalties: How Student Racial-Cultural Markers Influence Teachers’ Perceptions
 Irizarry, Yasmiyn.

Oh, the Places I’ll Go! Identity, Possible Selves, and Role Changes in Social Movements
 Horowitz, Jonathan.

Old Age and Pension Inequality: Analyzing Differences among High, Middle, and Low-Income Countries
 Storelli, Elizangela. and Williamson, John.

Old Southern Codes in New Legal Bottles? Race, Sexual Harassment and Organizational Science
 Butler, John. and Schmidtke, James.

Older Family Members’ Preferences for Support: The Role of National Culture and Individual Family Availability
 Mair, Christine.

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POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy… An Exercise in Speculative Fantasy
 Ingram-Waters, Mary.

Panamanian Politics and Civil Society
 Morrissey, Marietta.

Panel Conditioning in a Longitudinal Study of Illicit Behaviors
 Halpern-Manners, Andrew., Warren, John. and Torche, Florencia.

Paradoxical Parenting Paradigms: A Content Analysis of American Parenting Advice
 Henke, Jacqueline.

Paradoxical Publicity: The Negative Effect of Status on the Perception of Quality
 Kovacs, Balazs. and Sharkey, Amanda.

Parent and Child Cigarette Use: Evidence from a Longitudinal, Multigenerational Study
 Vuolo, Michael. and Staff, Jeremy.

Parent-Child Relationships, Marital Timing and Offspring’s Partner Choice
 Yahirun, Jenjira.

Parental Help During Young Adulthood: Promoting Success or Delaying Independence?
 Swartz, Teresa., Mortimer, Jeylan. and McLaughlin, Heather.

Parental Rejuvenation and Dining Alone
 Savlov, Melissa.

Parental Support and College Satisfaction Among Rural Scholarship Recipients
 Nelson, Ingrid.

Parental Unemployment: Does it Matter for Children’s Educational Attainment?
 Mooi-Reci, Irma. and Bakker, Bart.

Parental feeding practices and childhood overweight and obesity risk factors in low-income societies
 Jesmin, Syeda.

Parenting Observed: Spanking and Abusive Behavior in Public
 Johnson, Keith.

Parenting within an era of hyper-incarceration
 Hall, Jennifer.

Parenting, Schools, and Race/Ethnicity Gaps in Academic Achievement: A Cumulative Perspective
 Potter, Daniel. and Morris, David.

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Qualitative Data Collection 2.0: Innovations in Field Management and Recruitment in a Large Qualitative Study
 Romero, Diana., Kwan, Amy. and Suchman, Lauren.

Qualities and Inequalities: How the Interplay of Quality Signals Shapes Economic Inequality
 Accominotti, Fabien.

Quality of Life of Latina Breast Cancer Survivors: From Silence to Empowerment
 Martinez-Ramos, Gloria., Garcia Biggs, Mary Jo. and Lozano, Yvonne.

Quantifying Accidents: Cars, Statistics, and Unintended Consequences in Social Problems Construction
 Vardi, Itai.

Quantifying Knowledge and the Carnegie Unit
 Robinson, Karen.

Quantitative stability, qualitative change? Changing socio-economic status and value perceptions of Danish volunteers
 Frederiksen, Morten. and Henriksen, Lars.

Quasi-experiments in cross-national immigration research
 Noam, Kris.

Que se vayan todos! Understanding political outcomes of anti-austerity protests
 Turner, Eric.

Queer Orientations and Identities
 Ryersbach, Marga.

Queering visibilities: Local and global collective identity deployment in LGBTQ activism in Beirut
 Moussawi, Ghassan.

Questioning the Student as Consumer Metaphor: An Exploratory Study of Students in Sociology Classes
 Hatch, Laurie. and Bossick, Michael.

Quiero Uno Mas: Sibship size and educational attainment between native born and foreign-born children
 Lanuza, Yader.


Race Making in South Korea: A new racial category of "South East Asian"
 Lee, Seonok.

Race Reporting and Racial Fluidity Among Hispanics in the United States
 Rastogi, Sonya., Fernandez, Leticia. and Espinoza, C. Soledad.

Race and Consumption: Explaining Disparities in White, Black, and Latino Household Expenditures
 Charron-Chenier, Raphael., Fink, Joshua. and Keister, Lisa.

Race and the Journey to Wealth: Racial Differences in Net Worth over the Life Course, 1989-2009
 Herring, Cedric., Semyonov, Moshe., Horton, Hayward. and Thomas, Melvin.

Race as both a Person Identity and Social Identity: Multidimensional Asian and Hispanic Racial Identification
 Blake, Mary Kate.

Race, Age and Custody Grade Outcomes for Female Prisoners
 Riopelle, Cameron.

Race, Class and the Great Recession: The Forgotten Working-Class
 Martin, Lori. and Horton, Hayward.

Race, Extended Family Structure, and Voter Turnout
 Thomas, Leonard.

Race, Gender and Social Distance: A Study of College Students’ Attitudes on Interracial Relationships
 Vue, Pao.

Race, Genomics, and Group-Making in the Global South
 Benjamin, Ruha.

Race, Meritocracy, and Timing of College Completion
 Matthew, Ervin (Maliq).

Race, Military Affiliation, and Undergraduate Attitudes toward War
 Ender, Morten., Rohall, David. and Matthews, Michael.

Race, class and nation in Indian cinema’s feminine representations: From Mother India to Miss Universe
 Jha, Meeta.

Race-of-Interviewer Effects in the General Social Survey
 An, Weihua. and Winship, Christopher.

Race/Ethnic and Nativity Differentials in Physical Functioning during Middle and Late Life
 Melvin, Jennifer. and Hummer, Robert.

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SES as a Moderating Influence on the Adverse Effects of Alcohol: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Seffrin, Patrick.

SES, urbanization and health in China: Evidences from a longitudinal study
 MIAO, Jia.

STEM Enrichment Programs and Graduate School Matriculation: The Role of Science Identity
 Merolla, David.

STIGMA SOCIALIZATION: How Highly Stratified Families Respond to Stigma
 Manago, Bianca., Davis, Jenny. and Goar, Carla.

Sacralizing and De-Sacralizing Buildings. Notes on the Theory of Technology
 Guggenheim, Michael.

Sacred Schemata: The Contingency of Church Attendance’s Impact on Volunteerism Among American Adolescents
 Neidenthal, Flint.

Sacred inequalities: Narratives of parish and priest in a changing Catholic Church
 Loveland, Matthew.

Safety Zone: A Refuge From Violence
 Martinez, Cid.

Saint Kateri & Indigenous Catholicism: Contradiction or “Good Medicine”?
 Jacob, Michelle.

Salvation Matters: Notes toward a Social Phenomenology of Redemptive Action
 Hall, John.

Same Problems, Different Answers: Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, Social Media, and Ideological Translations
 Welch, Levin.

Same as it ever was? Gender and Children’s Toys over the 20th Century
 Sweet, Elizabeth.

Same-gender Sexual Partnering: A Re-analysis of Trend Data
 Wienke, Chris. and Bridges Whaley, Rachel.

Same-sex Intimate Partner Violence: Violence Among Gay Men
 Gerstenberger, Caryn.

Satisfaction with Work-Life Balance in the Global Digital Marketplace: The Case of Russian-Language Internet Freelancers
 Davis, Shannon., Shevchuk, Andrey. and Strebkov, Denis.

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Tactical Trends across Environmental Justice Organizations
 Parris, Christie.

Taking Back America: A Frame Analysis of Participant Mobilization within the Tea Party Movement
 Cunningham, Jeanine.

Taking Care of Pets: Institutional Policies, Interpretive Frameworks, and Practices regarding Domestic Animals in Newfoundland
 Stoddart, Mark., Swiss, Liam., Power, Nicole. and Felt, Lawrence.

Taking Strategic Condescension: Network Structure and Corporate Control in Korean Business Groups
 Chong, Ho-Dae.

Talcott Parsons on Value Systems and American Society
 Lidz, Victor. and Staubmann, Helmut.

Tales of the (Gendered) Field: "Doing Gender" in Ethnographic Research
 Orrico, Laura.

Talk of Sexual Intimacy on Stay-at-home Father Online Forums: Discussions of Masculinities, Heteronormativity and Gendered Assumptions
 Snitker, Aundrea.

Talking Universal Right in Demand for Particular Interest
 Zhou, Mujun.

Tampons Cluttering the Medicine Cabinet: An Analysis of Gender-Neutral Housing Policies at US Colleges and Universities
 Davis, Alexander.

Task Gender Stereotypes and Identity Processes in Task Groups
 Kelley, Christopher., Rogalin, Christabel., Soboroff, Shane., Leicht, Kevin. and Lovaglia, Michael.

Tax Revolt as a Gateway Drug? Suburban Politics and the Far Right in Texas
 Kincaid, John.

Taxing Questions: The Politics of Revenue within Late Merchant Colonialism
 Wilson, Nicholas.

Teacher Collaboration in Secondary School and Students’ Likelihood of Pursuing a STEM Degree
 Banerjee, Neena., Stearns, Elizabeth. and Mickelson, Roslyn.

Teachers’ Dilemmas: Advising Regular Kids in the College-for-all Era
 Devine-Eller, Audrey.

Teaching Inequality in the Field
 Frankel Merenstein, Beth.

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Uncertainty of the online market and the role of regulations
 No-eul, Kim.

Understanding Change in Academic Knowledge Production in a Neoliberal Era
 McGuire, Wendy. and Albert, Mathieu.

Understanding Food Riots: A Time-Series Analysis of Contemporary African Protest
 Heslin, Alison.

Understanding Harm Reduction: Service Provider Perspectives and Their Implications for Service Delivery
 Katz, Marian.

Understanding Militancy in Iraq
 Hanson, Anna.

Understanding Online Video Narratives of Diabetes
 Perzynski, Adam.

Understanding Prescription Drug Misuse: A Test of Cultural-Identity Theory
 Jackson, Emmanuel., Broman, Clifford. and Miller, Paula.

Understanding Results from the 2010 Census Alternative Questionnaire Experiment Research on Race and Hispanic Origin
 Jones, Nicholas. and Ramirez, Roberto.

Understanding What it Means to be “Us” through a Content Analysis of Zombie Films
 Waltz, Margaret.

Understanding and Confronting Gay-Related Prejudice through The Laramie Project: A Qualitative Analysis
 Worthen, Meredith.

Understanding the Conditions for Developmental Capture of the State
 Harris, Joseph.

Understanding the Educational Attainment of Sexual Minorities
 Mollborn, Stefanie. and Everett, Bethany.

Understanding the Intersections of Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Education: Within- and Between-Group Heterogeneity in C-Reactive Protein
 Lin, Jielu. and Hinze, Susan.

Understanding the Job Lead Ties of Los Angeles Residents
 Smith, Emily., Nagle, Nicholas. and Hipp, John.

Understanding the Place of the Computer Phone in Advertisements
 Ballinas, Jorge.

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Vaccine Resistance and Privileged Motherhood
 Reich, Jennifer.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: Mothers’ Decision Making and the Importance of Assumptions About Bodily Failure
 Cook, Tanya.

Validity of Domain Life Satisfaction across Cohorts in the U.S.
 Bardo, Anthony. and Yamashita, Takashi.

Valuing Milk, Care and Technology: Human Milk Banking and Sharing
 Sigurdson, Krista.

Vanity Sizing: How Clothing Size Standards Reproduce Ideologies of Gender, Age, and Body Size/Shape
 Gruys, Kjerstin.

Variations in Intergenerational Coresidence in China by Community-level Socioeconomic Status
 Sereny, Melanie.

Varieties of European Cosmopolitanism: Mobilities, Identities and Post-National Values in the EU
 Favell, Adrian. and Reimer, David.

Varieties of Status Attainment
 Tufis, Paula.

Victimization and Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System
 Aeby, Samantha. and Rollwagen, Heather.

Victims or Warriors: Sikh Women Respond to America’s New Racial Project
 Niyogi, Sanghamitra.

Views of Environmental Spending: Birth Cohorts, Time Periods, and Changing Correlates
 Schwadel, Philip. and Johnson, Erik.

Vigilante Violence and ‘Forward Panic’ in Johannesburg’s Townships
 Gross, Mark.

Vigilantism Reconsidered: Threat, Networks, and KKK Membership in Natchez
 Cunningham, David., Jalili, Jaleh., Schneider, Molly. and Braiterman, Noah.

Vinyl Revival: Processes of Qualification and Change in Intermediate Markets
 Hendricks, Jerome.

Violence against Women: The Backstory to Adolescent Mothers and School Failure
 Erdmans, Mary.

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 Charrad, Mounira Maya. and Ha, Hyun Jeong.

Wal-Mart and Michelle Obama: Recuperating the Food Justice Movement through the Discourse of Food Deserts
 Myers, Justin.

WalMart Gone Local: Energy Inefficiencies of Local Food in Retail Commodity Chains
 Lake, Sarah.

Walking the Line Between the Past and the Future: Parents' Resistance and Commitment to Institutionalization
 Carey, Allison. and Gu, Lucy.

Walking the Walk: A Comparative Audit of Employer Recruitment and Hiring Practices and Motherhood Penalties
 Kiester, Elizabeth.

Walled Gardens: Privacy within Web architectures of leisure
 Arora, Payal.

War Stories and War Games: Narratives and Player Agency in a Contemporary Context
 Wanenchak, Sarah.

War, Nationalism and the Problem of Modernity in East Asia
 Wang, Horng-luen.

War, Unemployment and the 2008 and the 2012 Presidential Elections
 Gill, Jungyun., DeFronzo, James., Brodbeck, Kelli. and Dzgoeva, Laura.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: The Hidden Link in the Farm to Table Commodity Chain
 Struna, Jason.

Warning Tweets: Serial Transmission of Warning Messages during a Disaster Event.
 Sutton, Jeannette., Johnson, Britta. and Gibson, Charles.

Was EUDL Futile? The Birth, Life, and Demise of the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Program
 Wolfson, Mark.

Was it a Deluge? EU Identity Before and After the Euro-Crisis
 RECCHI, ETTORE. and Salamonska, Justyna.

Watch Over Us Sweet Angels: How Loved Ones Remember Babies in a Hospital Memory Book
 Fox, Nicole. and Cadge, Wendy.

Watch on the Homeland: The War on Terrorism and Surveillance of American Citizens
 Klein, Lloyd.

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Yes We Can (Publicize Our Memes): Social Issues in the Broadening Journalistic Sphere
 Grand, Noah.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Structural Determinants of Romantic Relationship Pairing and Trajectory
 Behler, Rachel.

You Can’t Sit Here: The Role of Help in Police-Citizen Interactions
 Jungleib, Lillian. and Matthews, Katherine.

You Just Don’t Understand Me: Family Context and Language Proficiency Determinants of 2nd Generation Self-Esteem
 Nguyen, Emerald.

You gotta make people laugh. Performance and principles of evaluation in stand-up comedy
 Beljean, Stefan.

You're This Combination of Cultures and Races: Everyday Conceptualizations of Race and Ethnicity among Creoles
 DuCros, Faustina.

Young Adult Poverty during the Great Recession: The Safety Net, Taxes, and the Family
 Wimer, Christopher. and Kennedy, Sheela.

Young Adults’ Understanding of the Role of Parents during the Transition to Adulthood
 Panagakis, Christina.

Young people, sexual violence prevention and ethical bystander skills
 Carmody, Moira.

Young women's labor market chances in the Middle East: opportunities and constraints
 Heyne, Stefanie. and Gebel, Michael.

Youth and the “Arab Spring”: the Case of Morocco
 Cherribi, Sam.

Youth Civic Engagement: The Role of Neighborhood Deinstitutionalization
 Boyd, Melody. and Martin, Jason.

Youth Involvement in Scouting and Civic Engagement in Adulthood
 Kim, Young-Il., Jang, Sung Joon. and Johnson, Byron.

Youth consumers and the fast-food market: The emotional landscape of micro-encounters, Situations as guide for action
 Best, Amy.

You’re not good enough: Teaching undergraduate students about the sexualization of girls and women
 Moloney, Mairead. and Pelehach, Lisa.


Zombies, Ninjas, and Widows: Market Citizenship and the "Right to Have Rights" After Refugee Resettlement
 Grace, Breanne.
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