American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Aug-15 to 2014-Aug-21

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(De)Institutionalizing Welfare? International Institutions and the Latin American Welfare State
 Pinheiro, Diogo.

(De)Legitimating Accounts as an Interplay between Actions, Meanings, and Actors: The Case of a Plant Closure
 Carruth, Paul.

(Dis)Placing Trust: the Long-term Effects of Job Displacement on Generalized Trust over the Adult Lifecourse
 Laurence, James.

(Double) Standards for Granting of Formal Rights and Informal Privileges
 Doan, Long., Loehr, Annalise. and Miller, Lisa.

(Dys)Functional Diagnosing: The Sociological Analysis of the Medical and Therapeutic Management of Trans-Identified Patients
 Dewey, Jodie.

(Hiding) In Plain Sight: How Income Status Matters Differently Among Low-Income Students in Suburban Schools
 Zhu, Queenie.

(Un)Employment and Mental Health Care Use Assessed by Macro-socioeconomic Context and Change Influences
 Buffel, Veerle., van de Straat, Vera. and Bracke, Piet.

(Un)Representative Democracy? The Political Consequences of Mass Incarceration
 Remster, Brianna. and Kramer, Rory.

(Un)doing Age? Resisting Age Categorization through Working Post-retirement
 Ashwin, Sarah.

1920's Etiquette Books and the Production of Culture
 Sinlao, Jamila.

American Indian and Japanese American Struggles with the Law
 Lauderdale, Pat.


A Balanced Weight: Explaining the Nativity Gap in Low Birth Weight Among Black Women
 Stewart, Karyn.

A Community of Need: Music Festival Vendors, Structural Vulnerability, and Interdependence
 Tabor, Jaclyn.

A Comparative Sociological Study of Discontent among Labor Migrants from Central Asia in St. Petersburg, Russia
 Rezaev, Andrey.

A Comparative and Transnational Analysis of Sustainability Discourse
 Weber, Klaus. and Soderstrom, Sara.

A Critical Assessment of Wallerstein’s Anti-Systemic Movements in the West and the Rest
 McKenney, Zachary.

A Critical Thinking Approach to Medical Hard Times
 Geertsen, Reed.

A Critique of the Radicalization Perspective on Political Violence and Terrorism
 Goodwin, Jeff.

A Cross-National Analysis of Infant/Child Mortality and Women’s Access to Land, Property, and Loans
 Burroway, Rebekah.

A Cultural Analysis of the Culturalization of Urban Poverty
 Duvoux, Nicolas.

A Danger to National Security: Media Maintenance of Symbolic Boundaries in Coverage of Restrictive Immigration Legislation
 Estrada, Emily., Lore, Michelle. and Ebert, Kim.

A Dynamic Model of School Effects on Students' Achievement
 Halpern-Manners, Andrew.

A Dynamic Process Model of Contentious Politics: Activist Targeting and Corporate Receptivity to Social Challenges
 McDonnell, Mary-Hunter., King, Brayden. and Soule, Sarah.

A Fair Shift? The Gendered Dilemma of Work-Family Balance among Fairtrade Women Workers
 Ellis, Corrie.

A Fractured Bond: Exploring the Presence of Animals in Unconventional Energy Development Mass Media Coverage
 Whitley, Cameron. and Bowers, Melanie.

A Gun is a Key to Anything You Wanna Do: Juvenile Offenders Frame their Worlds
 Marano, Diane.

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Back on the Streets: Maturation and Risk Factors for Recidivism among Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Leverso, John. and Bielby, William.

Back to School! Acculturation and Relational Processes among Recent Immigrant Students at Campus Montreal
 Arcand, Sebastien., Kanoute, Fasal. and Stambouli, Jamel.

Back to the Future of Democratization: Tahrir Square to OWS Revisted
 Langman, Lauren. and Moghadam, Valentine.

Backlash and Attack: The Movement to End Affirmative Action and Open Admissions in Public Universities
 Okechukwu, Amaka.

Ballot Measures and the Subversion of Democracy
 Simon, Alexander.

Bark Without a Bite? The Politics of Anti-immigrant and Anti-minority Views in Russia
 Gerber, Theodore.

Barriers Facing Undocumented Women in Divorce: An Examination of Undocumented Mexican Women in Chicago
 Sanchez, Maria. and Nunez, Jazmin.

Barriers and Supports to Building Inclusive Schools for Gender Creative and Transgender Youth
 Meyer, Elizabeth.

Barriers to Flexibility Uptake in Organizations
 Wynn, Alison.

Barriers to Middle-Class?: Whites' Attitudes Towards Latinos and Implications for Policy Preferences in Orange County California
 Lacayo, Celia.

Barriers to Parenthood: How Does Sexual Orientation Matter?
 Wondra, Danielle.

Basic Income in a Small Town: Findings on Crime, Labor Market Participation, and Stigma
 Calnitsky, David. and Latner, Jonathan.

Be an Apprentice, Not a Worker: Navigating the Organizational Culture of Commercial Art
 Raley, Gabrielle.

Bearing Witness: Victims’ Relatives and Challenges to the Execution Narrative
 Linders, Annulla.

Because Education is Everything: Aspirations and Priorities of South Asian Muslim Parents for their Children
 Franceschelli, Michela.

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CSR Activity as a Double-edged Sword: Its Role in Employees’ OCB and CWB
 Yoon, Jeongkoo. and Lee, Soojung.

Cajun Hunters: Media Depictions and Cultural Fallacies
 Tripodi, Francesca.

Calling out the State: Southeast Europe, Human Rights, and Gender-based Violence
 Pearce, Susan.

Can Doctoral Programs Train Public Social Scientists? A Case Study in Education Research
 Warren, Mark., Oh, Soojin. and Tieken, Mara.

Can High Income Consumers Increase Within-Industry Wage Inequality?
 Wilmers, Nathan.

Can Market Based Alternatives be Transformative? Plenitude, Participatory Markets, and Rhizomatic Resistance
 Schor, Juliet.

Can Peace Threaten Ethnicity? Adversarial Allegiances and the Appropriation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Northern Ireland
 Arar, Rawan.

Can Public Intellectuals Expand Social Influence by Using Social Media? The Case of China
 Dai, Zhou.

Can Women’s Social Capital Mitigate the Gendered Disadvantage in Firm Growth?
 Lee, Tina.

Can You Create a Community through Economic Means? The Case of EU
 Swedberg, Richard.

Cannabis as PTSD Medicine among Recent Veterans in New York City
 Elliott, Luther., Golub, Andrew., Bennett, Alex. and Guarino, Honoria.

Capabilities of Movements and Affordances of Digital Media: Paradoxes of Empowerment
 Tufekci, Zeynep.

Capital Volume and Highbrow Arts Participation: How Economic and Cultural Capital Affect Taste Boundaries
 Dumais, Susan., Yuksek, Durmus. and Kamo, Yoshinori.

Capitalist Crisis and Surplus Labor Population as a Vantage Point: Marxist Feminist and Queer Interventions
 Osuna, Steven.

Capitalist Relations of Production and Class Formation at the Turn of the Century: Comparative Analysis
 Cowart, Oliver.

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DNA Envy, Objectivity and the Legitimacy of Forensic Science Work
 Bechky, Beth.

Daily Mobility in the Segregated City: A Framework for Accessing Cultural Representations of Race
 Gordon, Daanika.

Dancing the Carceral Creep: The Anti-Domestic Violence Movement and the Paradoxical Pursuit of Criminalization
 Kim, Mimi.

Dangerous Durkheim
 Schneiderhan, Erik. and Luft, Aliza.

Daughters and Sons for Sale? The Blurred Boundary between Intercountry Adoption and Sale of Children
 Shura, Robin. and Rochford, Elle.

Dealing with In-betweeners: Managing the Status of Objects on Street-markets
 vom Lehn, Dirk.

Debating Sexual and Religious Freedom in South Korea
 Yi, Joseph.

Debt Shaming: Internalized Classism among Financial Peace University Students
 Barrett-Fox, Rebecca.

Decades of Social Change: Soviet and Post-Soviet Eurasia and Central Asia
 Najafizadeh, Mehrangiz.

Decomposing the Effects of Spatial and Infrastructural Connectivity on the Development of the Northern Plains
 Slez, Adam. and Curtis, Katherine.

Decomposition of Gender or Racial Inequality with Endogenous Intervening Covariates as a Causal Analysis
 Yamaguchi, Kazuo.

Deconstruction of Destruction Stories: Narrative, Inequality, and Disasters
 McKinzie, Ashleigh.

Defining Desirability in the Romance Tour Industry: Why are Muslim Men Considered Undesirable?
 Meszaros, Julia.

Defining the “Latino” in Latino-Jew: How Class, Race and Religion Affect the Construction of Ethnic Identity
 Limonic, Laura.

Definitive Exclusions: The Social Fact and the Subjects of Neo-Liberalism
 Singh, Vikash.

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Early Trouble, Long-term Consequences: Family Instability in Childhood and the Intent to Seek Formal Health Care
 Evans, Ethan., McCarthy, Bill., Benoit, Cecilia. and Jansson, Mikael.

Earnings Inadequacy across US Households: Probing an Alternative to Census Bureau Poverty Line Estimates
 Cohen, Joseph.

Eating Disorders and Socioeconomic Independence: A Life Course Analysis
 Tabler, Jennifer. and Utz, Rebecca.

Eating in a Food Oasis: Emotions, Food Choice and Inequality in One Oakland Neighborhood
 Young, Kara.

Ecological Networks and Urban Crime: A New Approach to Neighborhood Effects on Offending
 Browning, Christopher., Dirlam, Jonathan. and Boettner, Bethany.

Economic Capital and the Educational Ascent of 10 Mexican American Students
 Castillo, Victor.

Economic Crisis and Extended Family Living among Divorcees: Racial and Ethnic Patterns
 Wongkaren, Turro. and Lee, Yean-Ju.

Economic Development and Environmental Quality: An Empirical Examination of Economy’s Impact on Environment for APEC Members
 Hao, Feng.

Economic Development and International Migration in South Asia
 Piya, Bhumika. and Carrico, Amanda.

Economic Distress, Social Support, and Depression in Turkey
 Yetis Bayraktar, Ayse., Aytac, Isik. and Rankin, Bruce.

Economic Integration and Feelings of Belonging - Somali Communities in Finland and in the United States
 Kananen, Marko., Ronkainen, Jussi., Harinen, Päivi., Sotkasiira, Tiina., Haverinen, Ville-Samuli. and Inkaya, Yasemine.

Economic Mobility, Inequality, and Opportunity in the US: Public Perceptions and Preferences
 Bloome, Deirdre.

Economic Power and Sexual Violence: Unwanted Sex in Female Breadwinner Relationships
 Gabriel, Paige.

Economic Sociology Dissertation Mentoring Roundtable
 DePalma, Lindsay.

Economic Stressors and Alcohol-Related Outcomes: Gender Differences in the Significance of Somatic Complaints
 Brown, Robyn., Richman, Judith. and Rospenda, Kathleen.

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Face to Face and the Siege at Kanehsatà:ke: Nationalism and Iconic Imagery
 Wilkes, Rima.

Factors of Altruism: A Study in Cognitive Sociology of Morality
 Bykov, Andrey.

Factory to Faculty: Socioeconomic Difference and the Educational Trajectories of University Professors
 Haney, Timothy.

Faculty Gender Inequity and the "Just Say No to Service" Fairytale
 Pyke, Karen.

Failed Success: Korean Americans, Structure-Culture, and the Meaning of Success
 Kim, Nadia. and Oh, Christine.

Failing the Test of Time: The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Case of Analogical Lock-In
 Vinokurova, Natalya.

Failing to Master Divinity: Loose Coupling within Seminaries
 Ferguson, Todd.

Falling Crime Rates and Rising Home Prices: Housing Market Reliance as a Predictor of Penality
 Beck, Brenden. and Goldstein, Adam.

Familial Care Norms and Caregiver Well-being in Europe: A Cross-national Perspective
 Bostean, Georgiana.

Familiarity between Hookup Partners as a Measure of Race Based Social Distance
 Spell, Sarah.

Families Matter, but not Human Rights: Gauging Frame Resonance around Immigrant Rights
 Bloemraad, Irene., Voss, Kim. and Silva, Fabiana.

Family Background, Neighborhood Characteristics and Children's Health -- Racial/Ethnic Disparity
 Shen, Yuying., Moore, Ami., Yang, Philip. and Yeatts, Dale.

Family Background, School, and Student Academic Performance: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective
 Tsai, Shu-Ling., Smith, Michael. and Hauser, Robert.

Family Cohabitation and Children's Behavior in the Classroom
 Evans, Chad.

Family Complexity, Social Support, and Child Well-being
 Hognas, Robin.

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Gain or Pain? Employment, Childcare Conflict, and the Mental Health of Low-Income Urban Women
 Jacobs, Anna., Hill, Terrence. and Tope, Daniel.

Gaming or Cheating? How Teachers and Administrators in Low-Income Schools Adapt to High Stakes Standardized Tests
 Maloney, Patricia.

Garfinkel’s Studies of Work: Revisiting a Proposal for an “Improbable Sociology”
 Lynch, Michael.

Gender Attitudes and Sexual Misconduct on a College Campus: Case Study
 Joel, Susan.

Gender Conflict in the Occupy Wall Street Movement
 Hurwitz, Heather.

Gender Culture, Gender Typicality, and Subjective Well-being
 Bamford, Melissa. and Reynolds, John.

Gender Differences among Self-Reported Genital Piercing Stories
 Thomas, Jeremy., Crosby, Lauren. and Milford, Jessica.

Gender Differences in Faculty Research Networks Within and Outside a University
 Falci, Christina., Zippel, Kathrin. and DeJordy, Rich.

Gender Differences in Mathematical Performance and the School Context: Evidence from Russia
 Bessudnov, Alexey. and Makarov, Alexey.

Gender Differences in Parental Involvement: An Examination of Parents of High School Girls and Boys
 Blair, Sampson. and Madigan, Timothy.

Gender Differences in the Effects of Childhood Economic Hardship on Health
 Etherington, Nicole., Willson, Andrea. and Shuey, Kim.

Gender Differences in the Role of Migrant Networks: Comparing Congolese and Senegalese Migration Flows
 Toma, Sorana.

Gender Gaps in Educational Achievement of Immigrant and Native Born Students
 Qian, Yue., Buchmann, Claudia. and Zhang, Zhe.

Gender Ideology and Depressive Symptoms among Older Black and White Women
 Pudrovska, Tetyana. and Sherman-Wilkins, Kyler.

Gender Inequality and Democratic Education: Ironic Outcomes of Equality Programs in Bolivian Classrooms
 Reid, Julie.

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HIV after 40 in Rural South Africa
 Mojola, Sanyu., Williams, Jill. and Angotti, Nicole.

HIV/AIDS in the United States and the United Kingdom: Similar Social Challenges, Different Government Responses
 Padamsee, Tasleem.

Handmade Matters: (Re)Imagining "Homemade" Food at the Boundaries of Food Swap Circuits
 Fitzmaurice, Connor. and Schor, Juliet.

Hands Behind Your Back and Face the Wall!" How Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs Produce Carceral Subjects
 Dunning-Lozano, Jessica.

Happiness among Europeans in Times of Economic Recession
 Aassve, Arnstein., Billari, Francesco. and Cavalli, Nicolo.

Happiness and Beyond: How a Neo-Aristotelian Framework Helps Us Understand Gender Differences in Well-being
 Jaroszewki, Samantha.

Happy Homemakers? A Comparison of Male and Female Homemakers and Breadwinners
 McClintock, Elizabeth.

Happy Houses, Family Troubles, and Diversity Divisions: Lukumi Intra-Religious Social Relations in the United States
 Carr, C. Lynn.

Hard Times Came Again No More? Processes of Role Formation in Disabled Leaders’ Working Life
 Kiuppis, Florian.

Hard Times and Hidden Balances: Unveiling Further Relationships between Family, Work and Consumption
 Costa, Rosalina.

Hard Times and Patterns of Disability Protest 1969 – 2012: Do Economic Troughs Predict Protest Activity?
 Barnartt, Sharon.

Has Work Replaced Home as a Haven? Examining Arlie Hochschild’s Time Bind Proposition
 Damaske, Sarah., Smyth, Joshua. and Zawadzki, Mattew.

Has the Motherhood Penalty Changed? The Declining Effect of Children on Young Women’s Wages
 Lundberg, Ian.

Haunted Attachments: Embodiment and Erotics in Participatory Research
 Fields, Jessica.

Having Sons, Having Daughters: Are There Health Implications for Women in Rural China?
 Short, Susan., Bouek, Jennifer. and Liu, Zhen.

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I Can't Change Her, but I Train Her: Power Negotiation between Taiwanese- and Mexican-American In-laws
 Shih, Kristy.

I Don't Give a Phunk: Promoting Abstinence through “Coolness”
 Jones, Katherine.

I Don’t Need a Man to Ride: Navigating Stereotypes among Women Motorcycle Riders
 Hudson, April.

I Know it’s Stupid, but I Feel Poor: Economic (In)security among Married Suburban Parents
 Wiederspan, Jessica.

I Never Thought it Would Happen Here: White Privilege and Assumptions of Safety
 Varela, Kay.

I Was a Gladiator: Pain, Injury, and Masculinity in National Football League
 Rodgers, Katie.

I Wasn’t Supposed to Notice It: Transracial Adoption and Color-Blind Racism
 Goss, Devon.

I was Called by People: Transnational Pathways to Religious Life Among American and Congolese Sisters
 Clevenger, Casey.

I was a Muslim: Preaching, Legitimation, and Identity Management in a Southern Evangelical Church
 Marti, Gerardo.

I-9 Forms and Employer Sanctions: Document Investigations Make it Harder for Immigrants to Work
 Warner, Judith. and Goonatilake, Rohitha.

ICT and Activist Persistence in MoveOn and the Tea Party Movement
 Rohlinger, Deana. and Bunnage, Leslie.

IKEA and the Making of the Chinese Middle Class: Consumption, Distinction, and Globalization’s New Aesthetics
 Moskowitz, Scott.

IPV in Young Adulthood: The Role of Life Course Stressors and Health Concerns
 Copp, Jennifer., Giordano, Peggy., Longmore, Monica. and Manning, Wendy.

I'm Not Like Other Men: Egalitarian Narratives as Identity Work Among College-Educated Men
 Lamont, Ellen.

I'm Not Mexican! Central American Second-Generation and Identity Formation in Los Angeles
 Valle, Ariana.

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Job Finding and Labor Market Outcomes of Cross-Border Commuters in the Central European Region
 Verwiebe, Roland., Reinprecht, Christoph., Haindorfer, Raimund. and Wiesboeck, Laura.

Job Fragmentation, Informalization, and Degradation: Evidence on Why it’s Happening and Why it Doesn’t Have To
 Tilly, Chris.

Job Insecurity as Worker Control? Impacts on Commitment, Hostility and Work Effort
 Payne, Julianne., Crowley, Martha. and Kennedy, Earl.

Job Insecurity, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions in Changing Organizational Contexts
 Moen, Phyllis., Kelly, Erin., Oakes, Michael., Lee, Shi-Rong., Bray, Jeremy., Almeida, David M.., Hammer, Leslie., Hurtado, David. and Buxton, Orfeu.

Job Queues and the Gender Composition of Jobs in High Tech
 Fernandez, Roberto. and Campero, Santiago.

Junkie Habitus: On Biopower and Liquid Cuffs
 Gelpi-Acosta, Camila.

Just Leave Me Alone: Poverty, Social Isolation, and Civic Disengagement amidst Small- City Sprawl
 Sherman, Jennifer.

Justifying Particular Interest in Universalizing Terms
 Zhou, Mujun.

Juxtapositions of Islam and Christianity for Arab American Christians
 Kayyali, Randa.


Keeping Practitioners Engaged: Interpreting Failure, Sustaining Commitment and Cultivating the Spiritual Self
 Johnston, Erin.

Keeping the Workers Clean: Disciplining the Sanitation of Indigenous Farm Workers in Mexico
 Lopez, Marcos.

Keepin’ It Real, Keepin’ It Tight: Narrative Identity in Fields of Cultural Production
 Puetz, Kyle. and Gibson, Michael.

Kill it With Fire! Transgressing Social Boundaries and the Diffusion of Political Ideas Online
 Grand, Noah.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone? Why we Need Race and Ethnic Data for Latinas/os
 Lopez, Nancy.

Kings, Queens, and In-betweens: Drag and the Formation of Constituent Identities in the GLBTQIA Movement
 Arch, Sandra.

Kissinger`s Errors in East, Southeast and Southwest Asia
 Bakker, J. I..

Kitchen Cultures in Taiwan’s Immigrant Families
 Chuang, Hui-tun.

Know Your Place: First Generation Working-Class Students and the Effects of High Impact Educational Practices
 Strahm, Ann.


LGBTQ Activist Organizations as “Respectably Queer” in India: Contesting a Western View
 Ghosh, Apoorva.

Labor Market Outcomes among Veterans, 1979-2010
 MacLean, Alair. and Kleykamp, Meredith.

Labor Market Participation among Palestinian Women: Religiosity or Rational Modernity?
 Nasser, Randa.

Labor Power and Governance: Theorizing a New Terrain of Struggle
 McCallum, Jamie.

Labor Reform by American States, 1900-1917: A Test of the Sanders’ Hypothesis
 Biggert, Robert.

Labor Standards and the Reorganization of Work: Gaps in Data and Research
 Bernhardt, Annette.

Labor and LGBT Coalition Building: Exploring the Dynamics of Pride at Work
 Kelly, Maura. and Lubitow, Amy.

Labor as Social Movement: A Reassesement
 Mann, K.

Laboring on Los Ranchos: The Workplace, Legality, and Everyday Mobility
 Keller, Julie.

Labour Market Institutions for Matched Job Preferences and Better Health: A Broad Comparative Perspective
 Esser, Ingrid.

Lack of Continuity of Care as Reinforcing Negative Health Comes amongst the Previously Incarcerated
 Young, Tiffany.

Language Learners, Inequality Regimes and Secondary Schooling: Dilemmas of the New South
 Gober, Karen. and Morimoto, Shauna.

Language Reform and Nation-Building in Early Twentieth-Century China: A Critique of Bourdieu
 Weng, Jeffrey.

Latent Curve Model of Religious Attendance
 Schleifer, Cyrus.

Latent Ecologies: The Connections Between Invasive Species, Habitat Destruction and Social Processes
 Besek, Jordan. and McGee, Julius.

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MOOCs: The Internet and Discursive Shifts in the Field of US Higher Education (Preliminary Results)
 Gebre-Medhin, Ben.

Macroeconomic Conditions in Early Life and Later-life Mortality Risk among US Men and Women
 Masters, Ryan.

Mainstreaming and Its Discontents: Fair Trade, Socially Responsible Investing, and Industry Trajectories
 Child, Curtis.

Maintaining Order and Following the Rules: Gender Differences in Punishing Inmate Misconduct
 Trammell, Rebecca., Raby, Jennifer., Anderson, Alexandra., Hampton, Shannon. and Stickney, Travis.

Making Careers and Staying Employed: Employability in a Low-Wage Labor Market
 Halpin, Brian.

Making Cents and Nonsense of Art
 Gerber, Alison.

Making Ends Meet: Family Budgets in an Era of Insecurity
 Nau, Michael.

Making MXN: Reticulated Contrasts in the Peso/Dollar Exchange Market
 Salzinger, Leslie.

Making Sense of Stigma: A Discourse Approach
 Davis, Jenny., Manago, Bianca. and Goar, Carla.

Making Sex Work Labor: Sex Worker Unionization and Informal Labor Politics in India
 Vijayakumar, Gowri., Chacko, Shubha. and Panchanadeswaran, Subadra.

Making Tutoring Quasi-Markets in Public Schools: Education Marketization under the No Child Left Behind Act
 Walters, Kyla.

Making Work Glorious: Primary Care Residents and Social Justice Schema
 Brooks, Joanna.

Making a Global Model: The Case of National Bioethics Committees
 Syväterä, Jukka.

Making the (Pay) Grade: Racial Variance in Financial Payoff to Academic Success
 Matthew, Ervin (Maliq).

Making the Case in Neurosurgery Conferences: How Surgeons Create "Do-Able" Problems and Retain Authority
 Morrison, Daniel.

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NGOs and Global Governance: A Case Study of Worldwide Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking
 Limoncelli, Stephanie.

Naming Practices: Fields, Solidarity, and Power
 Hooge, Karen.

Naming and Re-Naming Trans Youth: Ethical Considerations in Participant Representation
 Sinclair-Palm, Julia.

Narratives Surrounding Prescription Opioids in the NYT: Implications for the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
 Wilbers, Loren.

Narratives of Political Conversion: The Accounts of Iraq War Veterans Turning Against the War
 Flores, David.

Nation Matters. On British Sports, Professional Jerseys and the Inscription of Argentinean “National Feeling”
 Benzecry, Claudio.

National Difference within Global Convergence: Contested Discourse at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo
 Patnode, Rene.

National Imaginaries, New Ways of Seeing, and Regimes of Violence in the Philippine Mining Industry, 1900-2013
 Camba, Alvin.

National Labor Relations Board and State Autonomy
 Stepan-Norris, Judith.

National Minimum Wage, Poverty, and Health: Evidence from a UK Natural Experiment
 Reeves, Aaron., McKee, Martin., Whitehead, Margaret., Mackenbach, Johan. and Stuckler, David.

National Narratives and Belonging: Iranian Immigrants and their Adult Children in the United States
 Sadeghi, Sahar.

Nationalist Rationales, Racial Boundaries: A Case Study of Restrictionist Mexican Americans
 Vega, Irene.

Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations and the Promotion of Institutional Myths
 Apkarian, Jacob.

Native American College Students’ Experiences of Disadvantage
 Cech, Erin., Smith, Jessi. and Metz, Anneke.

Native Americans: Where in Environmental Justice Theory and Research?
 Vickery, Jamie. and Hunter, Lori.

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Obesity during the Transition to Adulthood: Exploring How Neighborhood Poverty Entries, Exits, and Traps Matter
 Lippert, Adam.

Objectified Culture, Gender, and Meaning in a Midwestern Fire Community
 Hendricks, Kathryn.

Objective Physical Activity Patterns of U.S. Adults by Educational Status
 Saint Onge, Jarron. and Chapman, Kyle.

Obscuring Sexual Crime: Examining Media Representations of Sexual Violence in Megan's Law
 Shelby, Renee.

Observers’ Responses to Male and Female Professors’ Use of Authority in the Classroom
 Civettini, Nicole. and Civettini, Andrew.

Occasionally American Indian: Joining, Leaving, and Staying in the AIAN Race Category, 2000-2010
 Liebler, Carolyn., Bhaskar, Renuka. and Fernandez, Leticia.

Occupations, Symbolic Violence, and the Possibility of Epistemic Ruptures in the Professionalization of Nursing
 Jenner, Elizabeth.

Occupy Movement through a Global Lens
 MacPherson, Robert. and Smith, David.

Occupy and the Evolution of Anarchist Activism
 Epstein, Barbara.

Off to a Low Start: Gendered Experiences and Gender Differences in Salary Expectations and Offers
 Kalev, Alexandra. and Shwed, Uri.

Old and G(r)aying Together: Identity in a Low-Income Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing Facility
 Ly, Louise.

On Edge and Seeking an Edge: Why Upper Middle Class Families Hire Independent Educational Consultants
 Smith, Jill.

On Social Development and Economic Growth: Local Drug Manufacturing in East Africa
 Chorev, Nitsan.

On the Job or in the Joint: Employment Outcomes and Criminal Justice Contact
 Fernandes, April.

On the Measurement of Educational Gradients in Mortality
 Hendi, Arun.

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Panethnicity and Racialization: A Case for Analytic Integration
 Brown, Hana. and Jones, Jennifer.

Panhandling as a Redistributive Institution
 Bartholomew, Brian.

Paradoxes of Property: The Rockefeller Foundation and Agricultural Biotechnology for the Poor
 Schurman, Rachel.

Parallel Paradoxes: Notes on Narrative, Mindfulness and Recovery
 Draus, Paul.

Parent Gender, Child Age at Onset of Parental Incarceration and Young Adult Social Exclusion
 Lee, Rosalyn., Fang, Xiangming. and Luo, Feijun.

Parental Income, College Attendance, and First Birth Timing
 Reeder, Lori.

Parental Influence and Belief in God among Youth in the United States
 Homan, Casey.

Parental Influence on Adult Homosexual’s Nominal Marriage in China
 Choi, Susanne. and Luo, Ming.

Parental Involvement and Subject-Specific Academic Achievement: Does Gender Matter?
 Rush, Carly.

Parental Narratives and Racialized Schooling Experiences among Mexican Americans
 Salgado, Casandra.

Parental Social Disparities in Newborns’ Epigenetics
 King, Katherine., Murphy, Susan. and Hoyo, Cathrine.

Parenting Aggravation among Disadvantaged Fathers
 Knoester, Chris. and Petts, Richard.

Parenting Outside the Gender Box: Raising the Gender-Nonconforming Child
 Ryan, Krysti.

Parenting Stress, Infant Sleep Wakings, and Pathways to Parenthood
 Smith, Chelsea., Gordon, Rachel., Cavanagh, Shannon. and Crosnoe, Robert.

Parenting and Reintegration Experiences for Recently Incarcerated Women
 Thompson, Melissa., Newell, Summer., Bank, Lew. and Oschwald, Mary.

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Quantifying Neoliberalism: Factor Analysis of Two Indexes of Economic Freedom
 Dephillips, Robert.

Queering Medical Tourism in Thailand: The Discursive Deployment of Kathoey Entertainers
 Farber, Rebecca.

Queering Statistics: The Rise and Effects of Quantification in LGBT Social Movements
 Frazer, Somjen.

Quotidian Disruptions, Social Influence, and Political Entrepreneurship: Evidence from India, 1954-2004
 Lewis, Demetrius. and Hasan, Sharique.


ROTC Cadet’s Beliefs about Ethics and Obedience to Orders
 Estevez, Mychel.

Race (and Gender) Battle Fatigue in Higher Education: A Social Justice Analysis
 Pratt-Clarke, Menah.

Race Inequality in Education in Brazil and South Africa
 Marteleto, Leticia. and Hamrock, Caitlin.

Race Shouldn't Matter: College Student Views on Affirmative Action
 Luke, David.

Race and Place: Investigating Racial Differences in Spatial Mortality Patterning through Social Capital Theory
 Prather, Chris.

Race is a Fiction that Colors Children and Parents Nonetheless
 Treitler, Vilna.

Race, Ethnicity and Social Capital among the Middle and Upper Classes: A Structural Equation Model
 Caldas, Stephen. and Cornigans, Linda.

Race, Gender and Institutional Theory: An Institutional Approach to Workplace Inequality
 Abad, Melissa.

Race, Gender, and the Social Organization of Desire
 Fallon, Katherine.

Race, Place, and Job Leads Received through Networks: The Role of Diversity in Urban Contexts
 Hamm, Lindsay., McDonald, Steve. and Elliott, James.

Race, Supervisorial Change, and Job Outcomes: The Case of NCAA Division I College Basketball
 Savage, Scott. and Seebruck, Ryan.

Race, Wealth and Class Identification in 21st-Century America
 Speer, Isaac.

Race-Neutral Decisions, Racially Unequal Results: A Examining Retail Redlining in the Supermarket Industry in Chicago, 1970-2000.
 Chan Tack, Anjanette.

Race/Ethnic Disparities in the Utilization of Treatment for Drug Dependent Inmates in U.S. State Correctional Facilities
 Nowotny, Kathryn.

Race/Ethnicity and Skin Color on the Likelihood of Obtaining Various U.S. Legal Permanent Resident Visa Types
 Singer, Lindsey.

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Same Work, Different Jobs: Divergent Experiences of Childcare Work Among Nannies
 Wu, Tina.

Same-Sex Attractions and Juvenile Delinquency
 Schroeder, Ryan., Higgins, George. and Leamy, Zach.

Same-sex Married and Cohabiting Families and Child Health: A Population-Based Study
 Reczek, Corinne., Spiker, Russell. and Liu, Hui.

Sanction Avoidance Strategies: Examining Contexts and Targets of Youth Aggression
 Raia-Hawrylak, Alicia. and Donoghue, Christopher.

Satellite Imagery and Datafication: The Reductionary Quantification of Space
 Brannon, Monica.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Fire Back: Organizational Duress in Contemporary Civil Service Firefighting
 Ly, Carolyn.

Satisfaction with Appearance and Social Relationships Following Bariatric Surgery
 Palmer, Doris. and Kronenfeld, Jennie.

Save Me A Seat: Social Networks and Longitudinal Segregation in Elementary Students’ Lunchroom Seating Choices
 Calarco, Jessica., An, Weihua. and McConnell, William.

Saving Marriage Culture One Marriage at a Time: Rationalizing the Marriage and Relationship Education Movement
 Avishai, Orit. and Randles, Jennifer.

Saying God Again: Making Sense of Spiritual and LGBT Identities in Religious Science
 Escovedo, Cary.

Scaling-Up Content Analysis Projects Using Crowdsourcing: American Cities’ Policing of Social Movements
 Adams, Nicholas.

School Choice and the Changing Social Landscape of Neighborhoods
 Tran, Trinh.

School-Level Variation in Disciplinary Practices: A Look at National Trends in Zero-Tolerance Policies
 Baker-Smith, E. Christine. and Lipschultz, Jessica.

Schooling Progress in the U.S. and Canada: Context's Effects on Assimilation Patterns of Immigrant Blacks
 Tesfai, Rebbeca.

Schoolmate Disadvantage and the Educational Attainment of African American Males
 Roberts, Cheryl.

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Tacitly Accepted Treatment Recommendations in Secondary Care Visits
 White, Anne.

Tactility as a Resource for the Organization of Interaction
 Nishizaka, Aug.

Taking Small Steps Forward: Assessing Short-term Benefits of DACA from the National Undacamented Research Project
 Gonzales, Roberto., Terriquez, Veronica. and Ruszczyk, Stephen.

Taking the Law into Their Own Hands: Do Local Anti-immigrant Ordinances Increase Gun Sales?
 Flores, Rene.

Taking the Sting out of Job Pressure: Resources, Higher Status, and the Enhanced Buffering Hypothesis
 Koltai, Jonathan.

Talk of Culture as a Barrier to Change in Hospital Work
 Szymczak, Julia.

Talking About Taxation: Comparing Logics of Mutual Obligation in Community Organizing and the Tea Party
 Braunstein, Ruth.

Targeted Cash Transfer Programs and “Meritological Individualism”: The Case of Progresa/Oportunidades in Mexico
 Wilson, Tamar.

Task Interdependence, Work Group Composition and Turnover: A Longitudinal Study
 Isakson, Christine. and Sorensen, Jesper.

Task Segregation: A Mechanism for Work Inequality
 Chan, Curtis.

Tattooed Women as Marked Deviants? Performing Acts of Affiliation, Attraction, and Rebellion
 Anastasia, Desire\'.

Taxes, Transfers, and Economic Mobility in the Middle Class
 Latner, Jonathan. and Smeeding, Timothy.

Teacher Mobility and Contextual Factors: The Case of Michigan High Schools
 Covay Minor, Elizabeth., Saw, Guan., Frank, Kenneth. and Schneider, Barbara.

Teachers and Families: How Teacher Bias toward Diverse Families Relates to Social Constructions of Self
 Smith, Stephanie., Smith-Bonahue, Tina. and Soutullo, Olivia.

Teaching Hard Times: Using the Flipped Classroom to Examine Social Determinants of Health in Community Settings
 Fitzgerald, Lisa. and Mutch, Allyson.

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U.S. Constitutional Amendment Activism in the Progressive Era: The Problem of Broad Substance and Narrow Text
 Myrick, Amy.

Ukraine’s “Nationalist” Movements: Unraveling Dissatisfaction and Social Movement Participation
 Anderson, Nadina.

Un-Stuck in Place? The Experience of Rural Elders Moving to Age in Place in Town
 Weil, Joyce.

Uncommon Advantages and Educational Successes
 Youn, Ted.

Unconventional Energy Development, Hydraulic Fracking, and The New Carbon Era: Ecological Modernization or Risk Society?
 Ladd, Anthony.

Uncooperative Carbon: Examining the Material Foundation of Global Carbon Market
 Liu, John.

Underrepresentation of Women in Top Management Positions in Germany – Discourse and Institutionalization
 Hiss, Stefanie., Nagel, Sebastian. and Schulte, Hanna.

Understanding Cultural Dynamics: A Schema-Based Approach
 Hunzaker, M.B..

Understanding Cultural Omnivores: Social and Political Attitudes
 Chan, Tak Wing.

Understanding Emotion, Embodiment, and Persuasive Processes: An Argument for Charisma and Sociological Glamour as Concepts
 Williamson, Elizabeth.

Understanding How to Revitalize the Labor Movement by Analyzing Alinsky’s Legacy
 McAlevey, Jane.

Understanding Varying Reactions to Diversifying an HBCU: An Inhabited Institutions Perspective
 Carter, Courtney.

Understanding Voluntary Risk Taking
 Zinn, Jens.

Understanding the Complexity of Detroit’s Food Environment: Access, Justice, and Social Change
 Taylor, Dorceta. and Ard, Kerry.

Understanding the Impact of Seniors’ Casino Gambling on Family Relationships
 Anderson, Tammy.

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Validating the Factorial Structure of Ryff’s Scales of Psychological Well-being (18-items) Using Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling
 Hsu, Hsien-Yuan., Hsu, TzeLi. and Acosta, Sandra.

Variance Estimation in U.S. Census Data from 1960-2010
 Coursolle, Kathryn., Cleveland, Lara. and Ruggles, Steven.

Variation in Parental Displacement Experiences and Children’s Educational Outcomes: Single Mothers’ Post-Displacement Unemployment
 Thomas, Juli.

Varying Effects of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in the United States and Japan
 Shim, Jae-Mahn.

Veiling as a Commitment and Signal
 Aksoy, Ozan.

Verification Versus Enhancement Revisited: Clarifying the Effect of Identity Discrepancies on Distress and Moral Emotions
 Kalkhoff, Will., Marcussen, Kristen. and Serpe, Richard.

Vernacular Utopias: Worker Protests of 2009 in Turkey as a Precursor of the Gezi Protests
 Balaban, Utku.

Vertical and Horizontal: Methodological Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Scale
 Stabler, Samuel.

Veteran Role Salience
 Mullins, Demond.

Veteran Status and Paid Sex among American Men: Results from Three National Surveys
 London, Andrew. and Wilmoth, Janet.

Victim or Survivor: Self-Identification of Battered Women
 Duran-Aydintug, Candan., Berg, Sarah. and Goode, Joshua.

View from the Top: What the 1% Know about Economic Inequality
 Chin, Fiona.

Viewing Nimrod from the Pew: A Study of the Views of North American Churchgoers on Hunting
 Medley-Rath, Stephanie. and Lepard, Lisa.

Views from a Strange Bubble: Experiences of Filipino Call Center Agents on the Global Payroll
 La Vina, Marie.

Vinyl Revival: Processes of Qualification and Change in Intermediary Markets
 Hendricks, Jerome.

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W.E.B. the Who? An Analysis of W.E.B. Du Bois in Sociology
 Romero, Luis.

W.I. Thomas's Forgotten Four Wishes - An Exploratory History
 Colyer, Corey.

WILPF and the Challenges of Intersectionality Praxis
 Woehrle, Lynne., Coy, Patrick. and Maney, Gregory.

Wage Penalty of Care Work? An Evaluation using a Continuous measure of Care Provision
 Hung, Yuk Leong.

War and Contemporary State-building: International Threat and Trusted Taxation
 McDonnell, Erin.

Warding Off the Guy with Attitude: Sexual Sociability and Competition in a NYC Gay Sex Party
 Meunier, Etienne.

Warrior Parents, Social Influence and the Autism Epidemic
 Colatat, Phech.

We Are All Criminals
 Baxter, Emily., Page, Joshua. and Ruhland, Ebony.

We Didn’t Know it Was History until after it Happened: Whites’ Narratives about Desegregation
 Gill, Sandra.

We Only Steal Socially: File-Sharing as Collective Action in an Online Community
 Stewart, Evan.

Wealth Inequality at Death: Gender and Location
 Burke, Sandra. and Edelman, Mark.

Web Tracking with Chinese Characteristics: A Critical Perspective on the Emerging Online Surveillance Market in China
 Mai, Bo. and Libert, Tim.

Welfare States and Public Health: The Role of Minimum Income Benefits for Mortality
 Nelson, Kenneth. and Fritzell, Johan.

Welfare to Work: Applying Robert K. Merton Adaptations to Public Housing and Work Policy Initiatives
 Pruitt, Marcus.

Wellness at Every Age: Incorporating Breastfeeding Support Organizations into Obesity Prevention Programs and Healthier Communities
 Eshelman, Jill., Edwards, Roger., Colchamiro, Rachel., Tolan, Ellen., Forgit, Julie., Nordstrom, Christina. and Mainello, Krissy.

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Yard Games: Identity Economics and Moral Logics in a Market for Scrap Metal in Chicago
 Martel, Elise.

Yes, I Will Marry You: Socioeconomic Incentives in the Reproduction of the Traditional Engagement Proposal
 Arend, Patricia. and Comeau, Katherine.

You Aren’t One of Us! Definitions of National Identity and Their Effects on Anti-Immigrant Attitudes
 Breznau, Nate. and Danielson, John.

You Get What You Give, or Do You? An Examination of Resource Sharing among Entrepreneurs
 Abraham, Mabel.

You Get What You Hope For: Different Rationales and its Consequences of Shadow Education in China
 Zhao, Jun., wang, jin. and Hao, Lingxin.

You Gotta Make People Laugh. Competence and Performance in the Cultural Industry of Stand-Up Comedy
 Beljean, Stefan.

You Start with the Youth: Systemic Critique at a Homeless Service Organization
 Yarbrough, Dilara.

You are What You Eat: A Simelian Approach to Interpreting Gendered Food-Beauty Trends
 O\'Neill, Kristie. and Silver, Daniel.

You'll Never be Chinese: American Expatriates Encounter Mainland China
 Mai, Fan.

You've Come a Long Way Buster: Feminist Identification by Gender and Generation, 1996-2010
 Cotter, David., Hermsen, Joan. and Vanneman, Reeve.

Young Women involved in the Sex Economy in Chicago: In Their Own Words
 Schaffner, Laurie.

Young Women's Medication Beliefs and Social Disparities in Contraceptive Use
 Ela, Elizabeth.

Your Paper has been Outsourced: How Publishers Sweat Labor to Streamline Science
 Sallaz, Jeffrey.

Youth Creating Disaster Recovery: An International Community-based Participatory Research Project with Youth
 Peek, Lori. and Tobin-Gurley, Jennifer.

You’ve Been Catfished: An Analysis of Postemotionalism in Reality Television and Audience Response on Twitter
 Williams, Apryl.
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