American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Aug-15 to 2014-Aug-21

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Obesity during the Transition to Adulthood: Exploring How Neighborhood Poverty Entries, Exits, and Traps Matter
 Lippert, Adam.

Objectified Culture, Gender, and Meaning in a Midwestern Fire Community
 Hendricks, Kathryn.

Objective Physical Activity Patterns of U.S. Adults by Educational Status
 Saint Onge, Jarron. and Chapman, Kyle.

Obscuring Sexual Crime: Examining Media Representations of Sexual Violence in Megan's Law
 Shelby, Renee.

Observers’ Responses to Male and Female Professors’ Use of Authority in the Classroom
 Civettini, Nicole. and Civettini, Andrew.

Occasionally American Indian: Joining, Leaving, and Staying in the AIAN Race Category, 2000-2010
 Liebler, Carolyn., Bhaskar, Renuka. and Fernandez, Leticia.

Occupations, Symbolic Violence, and the Possibility of Epistemic Ruptures in the Professionalization of Nursing
 Jenner, Elizabeth.

Occupy Movement through a Global Lens
 MacPherson, Robert. and Smith, David.

Occupy and the Evolution of Anarchist Activism
 Epstein, Barbara.

Off to a Low Start: Gendered Experiences and Gender Differences in Salary Expectations and Offers
 Kalev, Alexandra. and Shwed, Uri.

Old and G(r)aying Together: Identity in a Low-Income Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing Facility
 Ly, Louise.

On Edge and Seeking an Edge: Why Upper Middle Class Families Hire Independent Educational Consultants
 Smith, Jill.

On Social Development and Economic Growth: Local Drug Manufacturing in East Africa
 Chorev, Nitsan.

On the Job or in the Joint: Employment Outcomes and Criminal Justice Contact
 Fernandes, April.

On the Measurement of Educational Gradients in Mortality
 Hendi, Arun.

On the Origins of Trust: Perceived Motivations and Other-Praising Emotions
 Robbins, Blaine.

On the Road to Happiness: Mapping the Social-Cultural Identity of a Buddhist Community
 Rodriguez, Jose. and Mohr, John.

On the Role of Drug Use in Strip Clubs
 Lavin, Melissa.

Once Essential, Now Irrelevant? The Decline of the Gay Bar
 Louie, Justin.

Once More, With Feeling: Marx’s Theory of Alienation and the Mind-Body-Earth Connection
 Ford, Allison.

Once You Look Black, We Are All the Same: A Narrative Approach to Understanding Race/Ethnicity
 Lorick-Wilmot, Yndia.

One City, Two Histories - Exploring Poverty in San Antonio
 Martinez, Matthew.

Online Health Information Seeking among Older Adults and Barriers to Communication
 Silver, Michelle.

Online Shopping as a Labor of Love: Motherhood and the Social Construction of Baby Registries
 Song, Felicia. and Paul, Newly.

Only God Knows: Missing Bodies and the Semiotics of Family Movement Protests in Libya
 Zarrugh, Amina.

Only Natural: Families and the Social Construction of Gender in a City Zoo
 Garner, Betsie. and Grazian, David.

Opening Data to Visualize the Adjunct Crisis: An Experiment in Public Sociology
 Sargent, Carey.

Opening the Black Box of Risk: Strategic Science Translation in Chemical Blacklists
 Cordner, Alissa.

Opportunism and Social Ties in the Informal Labor Market: Evidence from Freelance Contracting on the Internet
 Strebkov, Denis. and Shevchuk, Andrey.

Opportunities and Obstacles to Building a Mass Challenge to Obama’s Neoliberal Agenda
 Arena, John.

Opposition and Antipathy towards Obamacare: Explanations from System Justification and Cognitive Dissonance Theory
 Perlstadt, Harry.

Oppositional Alignment and Rebellious Formation: Qing China 1853-1862
 Zhang, Yang.

Oppositional Product Names and Product Appeal
 Verhaal, J. Cameron., Khessina, Olga., Dobrev, Stanislav. and Grant, Jaime.

Oracles of Peace: Topic Modeling, Longitudinal Frame Analysis, and the Nobel Prize for Peace, 1902-2012
 Light, Ryan. and Cunningham, Jeanine.

Organization Dynamics, Identities and Legitimation: The Organic Food Movement in China
 Hao, Jianmei.

Organizational Adoption of Carbon Neutral Practices: A British Columbia Case Study
 Piggot, Georgia.

Organizational Autonomy in a Mediated Age: U.S. Army Political Strategy, c. 1975-1991.
 Crosbie, Thomas.

Organizational Change and Gender Equity in the Academy
 Latimer, Melissa., Jackson, Kasi., Dilks, Lisa., Nolan, James. and Tower, Leslie.

Organizational Climate and STEM Faculty Job Burnout
 Pedersen, Daphne. and Minnotte, Krista.

Organizational Form and School Success: Examining an Integrated Bureaucratic Urban High School
 Szatrowski, Alisa.

Organizational Representatives as Barriers and Conduits of Emotion toward Organizations
 Shank, Daniel. and Robinson, Dawn.

Organizational Status Identities and the Mobility of Professional Football Players in Europe
 Velema, Thijs.

Organizational and Institutional Foundations of Omnivorousness in the United States: The W.P.A. and the Folk Festival
 Lena, Jennifer.

Organizing Temporary and Immigrant Workers: Lessons from Change to Win’s Warehouse Workers United Campaign
 Reese, Ellen. and Struna, Jason.

Other Second Assaults: How Institutions Fail Separated Mothers with Domestic Violence Histories
 Cozzolino, Elizabeth.

Others, Situations, and Emotions in Inequality of Everyday Life
 Lee, Garam.

Others’ Milk: Sharing Breastfeeding and Sharing Breastmilk as Queer Embodiment
 Wilson, Kristin.

Ottomanism Out of the Ashes: Cosmopolitan Contentions of Belonging in Beirut
 Centner, Ryan.

Our Past Betrays Us: Collective Memory, Homicide and Southern Lynching
 Gabriel, Ryan.

Our Side of the Fence: New Nativism and the Immigrant as Threat in the United States
 Griffith, Candace.

Our Time to Speak is Now: Electoral Tactics in Defending Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Rights
 Pullum, Amanda.

Out and Proud: The Visibility of Sexual Orientation and its Relationship to Inequality
 Verploegh, Miriam.

Out of My Mind: Black Lesbian and Transgender Women, Homophobia, and Mental Health
 Brooks, Siobhan.

Out of the Bar and onto the Web
 Owens, Zachary.

Out of the Shadows and Out of the Closet: UndocuQueer Leadership in the Immigrant Rights Movement
 Terriquez, Veronica.

Out-of-School Suspension, Delinquency, and Desistance
 Shollenberger, Tracey.

Outcomes and Options: Gender Differences in Exiting the STEM Educational and Career Track
 Tomlinson, Christine.

Outsourcing Intimacy: Producing Global Adoptability of Special Needs Children in China
 Wang, Leslie.

Overcoming Barriers: Resilience in Latina Mothers in Higher Education
 Gonzalez, Susana., Cano, Stephanie. and Romero, Doris.

Overweight/Obesity Penalties in Economic Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Chinese Adults, 1991-2009
 Huang, Chih-Chien., Yabiku, Scott., Ayers, Stephanie. and Kronenfeld, Jennie.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Aug-15 to 2014-Aug-21
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