American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Aug-15 to 2014-Aug-21

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Panethnicity and Racialization: A Case for Analytic Integration
 Brown, Hana. and Jones, Jennifer.

Panhandling as a Redistributive Institution
 Bartholomew, Brian.

Paradoxes of Property: The Rockefeller Foundation and Agricultural Biotechnology for the Poor
 Schurman, Rachel.

Parallel Paradoxes: Notes on Narrative, Mindfulness and Recovery
 Draus, Paul.

Parent Gender, Child Age at Onset of Parental Incarceration and Young Adult Social Exclusion
 Lee, Rosalyn., Fang, Xiangming. and Luo, Feijun.

Parental Income, College Attendance, and First Birth Timing
 Reeder, Lori.

Parental Influence and Belief in God among Youth in the United States
 Homan, Casey.

Parental Influence on Adult Homosexual’s Nominal Marriage in China
 Choi, Susanne. and Luo, Ming.

Parental Involvement and Subject-Specific Academic Achievement: Does Gender Matter?
 Rush, Carly.

Parental Narratives and Racialized Schooling Experiences among Mexican Americans
 Salgado, Casandra.

Parental Social Disparities in Newborns’ Epigenetics
 King, Katherine., Murphy, Susan. and Hoyo, Cathrine.

Parenting Aggravation among Disadvantaged Fathers
 Knoester, Chris. and Petts, Richard.

Parenting Outside the Gender Box: Raising the Gender-Nonconforming Child
 Ryan, Krysti.

Parenting Stress, Infant Sleep Wakings, and Pathways to Parenthood
 Smith, Chelsea., Gordon, Rachel., Cavanagh, Shannon. and Crosnoe, Robert.

Parenting and Reintegration Experiences for Recently Incarcerated Women
 Thompson, Melissa., Newell, Summer., Bank, Lew. and Oschwald, Mary.

Parenting as Activism: Identity Alignment Dynamics and Activist Persistence in the White Power Movement
 Simi, Peter., Futrell, Robert. and Bubolz, Bryan.

Parents Shaping Children’s Education: School Selection in the United States
 Lawrence, Elizabeth. and Mollborn, Stefanie.

Parsing the Dimensionality of Activist Identity Politics in Social Movements
 Cortese, Daniel.

Part of Flora and Fauna: Botho and the Safari Guide in Northern Botswana
 Matlhare, Sakhile.

Part-Time Work and Working Poverty in 21 Affluent Democracies: A Multi-Level Perspective
 McCollum, Destinee. and Fullerton, Andrew.

Partaking of the Presence: The Unifying Theme in a Latino Pentecostal Church
 Calvillo, Jonathan.

Participant Pool Participation as Active Inquiry-Guided Learning: Lessons from a Community College-University Collaboration
 Chin, Lynn. and Gibbs Stayte, Patricia.

Participation Divide or Additive Benefits? Implications of ICT Use for the Well-being of Older Adults
 Ihm, Jennifer. and Hsieh, Yuli.

Participation in Formal and Informal Voluntary Associations in Contemporary Russia: The View From Below
 Spencer, Sarah Busse. and Skalaban, Irina.

Partisan Bias and Racial Events: An Examination of Online Racial Discourse
 Dowd, Jeffrey.

Partners’ Overwork and Women’s Well-being
 Shafer, Emily., Kelly, Erin., Buxton, Orfeu. and Berkman, Lisa.

Passing through the Looking Glass: The Social-psycholgical Dimensions of Transgender Passing
 Mann, K. and Hetzel, Carole.

Path Dependency in Math Course Taking: Changes in Ninth and Twelfth Grade Curricular Stratification (1979-2004)
 Carbonaro, William. and Condit, Katie.

Pathways to Environmental Activism Across Time and Place
 Marquart-Pyatt, Sandra.

Pathways to Teenage Pregnancy among Sexual Minority Adolescents: Stigma Management and the Role of Place
 Everett, Bethany.

Pathways to Unconventional Medicine among People with Chronic Pain Conditions: Results of a Qualitative Investigation
 Curreli, Misty.

Patriots, Radicals, Unionists and Reformers: How Political Ideology Shapes Organizational Internet Use
 Schradie, Jen.

Patterns and Trends in Grade Retention Rates in the United States, 1995-2010
 Warren, John., Hoffman, Emily., Andrew, Megan., Lightner, Stefanie. and Saliba, Jim.

Patterns of Online Dating Networks: Subgroups, Niches, and Homophily
 Felmlee, Diane. and Kreager, Derek.

Patterns of Wealth Inequality with Age in the United States and England: Does Societal Context Matter?
 Kelley-Moore, Jessica., Nazroo, James., Lin, Jielu., Vanhoutte, Bram. and Dannefer, Dale.

Pay Equity and Top Management Turnover Following CEO Succession
 Shin, Taekjin.

Pay, Hours and Working Conditions in Domiciliary Care: The Rise of Zero Hours Working
 Forde, Chris., Stuart, Mark., Bessa, Loulia. and Moore, Sian.

Payday Lending Regulation and the Demand for Alternative Financial Services
 Galperin, Roman. and Weaver, Andrew.

Peer Effects inside the Firm and the Diffusion of Excessive Managerial Pay
 Goldberg, Amir., Duchin, Ran. and Sosyura, Denis.

Peer Influence in the Micro-Foundations of Educational Inequality: The Case of Educational Expectation Formation
 Andrew, Megan. and Flashman, Jennifer.

Perceived Inequality and Redistribution
 Lee, Yeon Ju.

Perceived Injustice, Social Support, and School Crime: A Gendered Test
 James, Katie., Seberger, Jessica. and Clay-Warner, Jody.

Perceived Job Insecurity and Life Satisfaction: Testing a Causal Model of Job Stress Proliferation
 Fehrenbacher, Anne.

Perceived Lack of Work/Life Balance: A New Leakage in the Hard STEM Pipeline
 Valentino, Lauren., Moller, Stephanie., Stearns, Elizabeth., Mickelson, Roslyn. and Dancy, Melissa.

Perceived Risk, Criminal Victimization, and Community Integration: Mental Health in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
 Lu, Alexander.

Perceived or Enacted? Receiving or Giving? The Implications of Facebook Interaction for Social Support
 Li, Xiaoqian., Chen, Wenhong. and Popiel, Pawel.

Perception of the Availability of Informal Financial Support among the Elderly: Prevalence and Trends, 1999-2008
 Frenk, Steven.

Perceptions of Music Performance Students on the Use of Music as Torture
 Paul, John. and Decker, Stephanie.

Perceptions of Own and Spouse’s Survival: Do Life Span Projections Affect End-of-Life Health Care Planning?
 Carr, Deborah. and Luth, Elizabeth.

Perceptions of Pre-service, Content-Area Teachers’ during a Literacy Field Experience
 Lawrence, Salika.

Perceptions of the Neighborhood: Implications for Community Policing Strategies
 Stein, Rachel. and Griffith, Candace.

Perceptions of the Work Environment in Universities and National Research Institutes: The Role of Gender
 Miller, Paige., Shrum, Wesley. and Schafer, Mark.

Performance Consequence of Manager Transfer: A Case of Korean Business Groups
 Kim, Young-Choon.

Performance of Model-Implied Instrumental Variable Estimators and a Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Structural Equation Models
 Bauldry, Shawn.

Performativity Double Standards and the Sexual Orientation Climate at a Southern Liberal Arts University
 Byron, Reginald. and Lowe, Maria.

Performativity and Market Change: San Francisco’s Street Food Boom
 Pahk, Sang-hyoun.

Performing Legitimate Nationhood: Actors, Audiences and Scripts in the French Veil Debates
 Laxer, Emily.

Perpetuating Discourse: Representations of Intimate Partner Violence and the Victimized Female Body
 Hartwell, Alyssa.

Persistent Peacebuilders: Sustaining Commitment During Violent Conflict
 Gawerc, Michelle.

Personal Memories and their Public Foundations: How Formerly Incarcerated African American Men Negotiate their Biographies
 Lynn, Vanessa.

Personal Preference, Access to Resources, and Control over Family Formation Outcomes
 Shattuck, Rachel.

Perverts, Homosexuals, and Gays: Nomenclature Contests in Mainstream Newspapers
 Elliott, Thomas.

Pets: A Consequence of the Demographic Transition
 Lawton, Leora. and Mason, Carl.

Pharmaceutical Direct-To-Consumer Advertising (DTCA) and Hispanic Patient-Consumers
 Barker, Kristin. and Vasquez Guzman, Cirila Estela.

Pharmaceuticalization of Clandestine Abortion: The Changing Practice and Discourse of Reproductive Choice in Argentina
 McReynolds-Pérez, Julia.

Phenomenology of Art Making
 Winiecki, Donald.

Physical Illness, Healthcare Contact, and the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
 McConnell, William.

Physiology or Perception in Texas? Assessing Physiological and Attitudinal Measures of Body Weight on Mental Health
 Acevedo, Gabriel., Cordova, Albert. and Ammar, Diala.

Pious and Critical: Muslim Women Activists and the Question of Agency
 Rinaldo, Rachel.

Place and Stigma in Adolescents’ Interpretations of Schools
 Conwell, Jordan.

Place-making and Urban Aspirations: Ethnographic Approach and Social Movements in Urban Poor Communities of Jakarta, Indonesia
 Padawangi, Rita.

Placing the Place-less: Urban Neoliberalism and the Deviant Case of Tax Credit Housing
 Robinson, John.

Planning for Motherhood: Fertility Attitudes, Desires, and Intentions among Women with Disabilities
 Shandra, Carrie., Hogan, Dennis. and Short, Susan.

Playing Like a Boy and Working with Men: Linking Sport Participation and Industry Sex Composition
 McLaughlin, Heather.

Playing Our Way: Social Media Technologies, Transmedia Sports, and the Gendered Play of Fantasy Sports
 Ingram-Waters, Mary.

Playing School: Educators, Latina/o Students, and the Interaction Order at South Carmen High
 Dollar, Nathan. and Hempel, Lynn.

Plea Bargaining: What Are Its Consequences?
 Vogel, Mary.

Please be Polite: Procedural Justice and Police Reform in Indonesia
 Davies, Sharyn., Meliala, Adrianus. and Buttle, John.

Please in My Back Yard: Risk, Reward, and Inequality in Central Pennsylvania's "Gas Rush"
 Jerolmack, Colin.

Plump or Corpulent? Lean or Gaunt? Historical Categories of Bodily Health and the Contemporary “Obesity Epidemic”
 Hutson, David.

Poetic (In)Justice? Rap Music Lyrics as Art, Life, and Criminal Evidence
 Dennis, Andrea.

Points of Affinity in Durkheim’s Sociology and a Deleuzian-Guattarian Ontology
 Fuller, Paul.

Police Culture in Unsettled Times: Examining the Impact of Police Oversight
 Campeau, Holly.

Police Economic Moonlighting in Transformation Societies: The Police Culture Perspective
 Maksimova, Anastasia.

Police Presentational Strategies on Twitter in Canada
 Schneider, Christopher.

Policing Palestine: Security Coordination in the West Bank
 Clarno, Andrew.

Policing the Anticommunity: Deterritorialization, Race, and Labor Market Reorganization
 Roussell, Aaron.

Policy and Structure in the U.S. Mental Health System: Who Benefits and Who is Harmed?
 Deyell, Tracy.

Policy-Making by County Governments: Assessing the Impacts of Local Power Actors and Localities’ Objective Problems
 Lobao, Linda. and Adua, Lazarus.

Polish Communist Elites, “Recycled” Legal Personnel and the Construction of Collaboration, 1944-1946
 McClintock, Louisa.

Political Capital and Its Role in Intergenerational Mobility: The Case of Urban China
 Zhu, Fangsheng.

Political Democracy as a Determinant of Health
 Patterson, Andrew. and Veenstra, Gerry.

Political Determinants of State-Level Earned Income Tax Credit Legislation
 Bradley, Stephanie. and Tope, Daniel.

Political Embeddedness: Boundary Processes in U.S. and German News Reporting
 Revers, Matthias.

Political Engagement and Relative Social Position among the Elite in Britain
 Laurison, Daniel.

Political Mass Strikes: Counter-Mobilization to State Capitalist Interventions
 Chirino, Fernando.

Political Places: Neighborhood Social Organization and the Ecology of Political Behaviors
 Levine, Jeremy., Leenman, Theodore. and Hureau, David.

Political Pugilists: Recuperative Gender Strategies in Canadian Electoral Politics
 Maiolino, Elise.

Political Repression and Forced Assimilation: The Development of Warsaw’s pre-WWI Uncivil Society
 Kurjanska, Malgorzata.

Political Structure and Movement Strategy: Strategic Bipartisanship in Taiwan’s Environmental Movement
 Ho, Ming-sho.

Politics and Incremental Policy Shifts to Socialize Capital, Privatize Retirement, and Financialize Firms, 1971-2000
 Prechel, Harland.

Poor Sources: Constructing the Underclass
 Harkins, Steven.

Poor Unwed Fathers and Educational Involvement: Perspectives, Expectations, and Strategies
 Sorensen, Kia.

Populist Claims-Making in The Fifth European Parliament, 1999-2004
 Bonikowski, Bart. and Gidron, Noam.

Pornography and the Male Sexual Script
 Johnson, Jennifer.

Positively Precarious: How the Long-Term Unemployed Construct the Future
 Snyder, Benjamin.

Possible, Adaptable, Gainful: Normative and Political Economic Barriers to Adopting Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation Practices
 Schewe, Rebecca. and Stuart, Diana.

Post-Abortion Syndrome and Men: Evaluating the Evidence
 Kelly, Kimberly.

Post-Secondary Outcomes of Newark (NJ) Public School Graduates (2004-2011): College Matriculation, Persistence, and Graduation
 Sadovnik, Alan., Backstrand, Jeffrey. and Roda, Allison.

Postconception Cohabitation, Household Environment, and Child Development
 Su, Jessica.

Poverty Myths Busted: Low Wage Jobs Fastest Growing. Why Families Need Government Programs
 Wireman, Peggy.

Poverty, Desegregation, and the Contradictory Origins of School Choice Reform
 Tzeggai, Fithawee.

Power, Conflict and Change in World Society: The Case of International Assessment of Student Achievement
 Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

Powerful Events? Comparing San Francisco Unions in the Aftermath of the 1934 General Strike
 Bunnage, Leslie.

Practical Judgment in WTO Judicial Decision-Making: Judicial Interpretation as Mechanism Transforming State Sovereignty
 Conti, Joseph.

Practical Socialization and Political Violence: How the Family, Ethnicity, and Religion Matter
 Velitchkova, Ana.

Practice-based Video Analysis: A DIY Tutorial in EM 3.0*
 Sormani, Philippe.

Practicing Professionalism, Performing Authenticity: Simulating the Pelvic Exam in Medical Education
 Underman, Kelly.

Practicing Sociology Outside Our Imaginary Walls: Making Connections Across Boundaries of Professional Organizations
 Goldman Schuyler, Kathryn.

Pragmatism, Activism, and Cynicism: Logics of Engagement with Strategies to Reduce LGBT Tobacco Use
 Damarin, Amanda., Marshall, Zack. and Bryant, Lawrence.

Prayer Changes Things: A Comparative Ethnography of Sunni and Evangelical High Schools
 Guhin, Jeffrey.

Pre-migration Trauma and Psychological Distress for Asian American Immigrants: Linking the Pre- and Post-migration Context
 Li, Miao.

Precarious Employment and Bargaining Power: Results from a Factorial Survey Analysis
 Auspurg, Katrin. and Gundert, Stefanie.

Precarious Job Conditions and Symptoms of Anxiety among Employed Women and Men
 Parker, Douglas. and McClellan, Autumn.

Precarious Work and Cultural Production in the Portland, Oregon Music Scene
 London, Jeffrey.

Precarious Workers and Work Organization: A Case Study from the Steel Industry of Taiwan
 Ko, Jyh-Jer.

Precarity & Adaptivity: Living on the Streets in Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo
 Snow, David.

Precious Qualitative Interview - Archiving and Reanalysis Possibilties
 Stamm, Isabell.

Precursors to Social Mobility among Low- and Moderate-Income Families
 Mendenhall, Ruby., Akresh, Ilana. and Kramer, Karen.

Predicting Participation in “Friends with Benefits” Relationships
 Hoffman, Kristi. and Berntson, Marit.

Predicting Prosociality among Urban Adolescents: Individual, Family, and Neighborhood Influences
 Drinkard, Allyson.

Predicting Race-Specific Drug Arrests: The Underexplored Role of Police Organizational Characteristics
 Davaran, Ardavan.

Predictors of College Participation in STEM: The Role of High School Racial Composition
 Bottia, Martha., Stearns, Elizabeth. and Moller, Stephanie.

Predictors of Nigerian Women’s Decisions about Healthcare: The Role of Age and Generational Changes
 Lamidi, Esther.

Predictors of Survival to Advanced Ages among Older Mexican American Adults
 Rote, Sunshine., Markides, Kyriakos. and Eschbach, Karl.

Preemptive Emotion Work Among Families of Seriously Ill Children
 Gengler, Amanda.

Prefiguring with Trash and Critiquing with Excess: Waste and the Transformation of Anti-Capitalist Movements
 Barnard, Alexander.

Pregnancy Desire, Pregnancy Avoidance, and Consistent Fertility Intentions Among Late Teens
 Weitzman, Abigail., Barber, Jennifer., Kusunoki, Yasamin. and England, Paula.

Pregnancy during the Great Recession: Variations among U.S. Women by Partnership Status
 Percheski, Christine. and Kimbro, Rachel.

Preludes to the Principal-Agent Relationship: The Infrastructural Origins of Incentivized Salespeople in Banks
 Vargha, Zsuzsanna. and Lunt, Peter.

Prenatal Health Behaviors: What Women and Men Report
 Denardo, Danielle.

Prescription Drug Misuse among Young Adults: The Role of Peer Relationships
 Marin, Alexandra., Kelly, Brian., Vuolo, Michael., Wells, Brooke. and Parsons, Jeffrey.

Presenting Law in Colonial Studies through Korea’s Treaty Relations with Japan
 Park, Jung.

Preserving and Protecting Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy among Homeless Men
 Parker, Josie. and Reitzes, Donald.

Pressed, Stressed and Blessed: Work Hour Mismatch Cross-Nationally
 Huffman, Matt. and Ruppanner, Leah.

Pricing the Priceless Scientific Originality: How Institutions Shape Morals of Authorship in Chinese Universities
 Shen, Xirong.

Pride versus Prejudice: Xenophobia and National Identity in Russia
 Kraus, Nicole.

Priming Support for Access and AccessUVA: Lessons Learned from Public Opinion Research on Affirmative Action
 Poole, Jennifer.

Prioritizing Mission or Market? How Social Ventures Navigate Coexisting Institutional Logics
 Woodside, Sarah.

Privacy in Practice: Professions, Laws, Technologies, and the Work of Health Care Delivery
 Anthony, Denise. and Stablein, Timothy.

Privacy in the Time of Clouds and Big Data
 Tien, Lee.

Privileged Information: Gatekeeping Practices among Black Undergraduates at an Elite College
 Jack, Anthony. and Irwin, Veronique.

Pro-social Orientation, Perceived Justice and Cooperative Behavior Intention Model
 Liu, Yan.

Proactivity as an Evolving Roadmap for Successful Aging
 Kahana, Eva., Kahana, Boaz. and Lee, Jeong Eun.

Procedures for the Rapid Coding of Qualitative Data in Evaluation
 Neal, Jennifer., Neal, Zachary., VanDyke, Erika. and Kornbluh, Mariah.

Processes of Transformation in Neighborhoods of Concentrated Poverty: Analysis of the Role of Communicative Acts
 Carrillo Arnal, Anna.

Producing Authenticity: Personal Style Bloggers, Branding, and Cultural Intermediaries
 Whitmer, Jennifer.

Producing the Postmodern Moment: Television Commercials from 1948-1989
 Sherry, Lucas.

Production Geographies and the Decline of the U.S. Automobile Industry
 Murray, Joshua. and Schwartz, Michael.

Production of Inequality: Gender Division of Labor Across the Transition to Parenthood
 Yavorsky, Jill., Kamp Dush, Claire. and Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah.

Productive Time Use among College Students: Testing the Time Trade-off Hypothesis
 Greene, Kaylin. and Maggs, Jennifer.

Professional Certification: Who are the Winners and Losers?
 Albert, Kyle.

Professional Deviance: Maintaining Professional Legitimacy and Status
 Tsai, Gawin.

Professional Integration as a Process of Professional Resocialization: Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Canada
 Neiterman, Elena. and Bourgeault, Ivy.

Professional Prestige and Physician Attitudes Regarding Criminal Justice Oversight of Prescribing Drug Practices
 Carnes, Neal., Wright, Eric. and Kooreman, Harold.

Professional Status, Knowledge and Control: Inequality, Trust and Competition in Work Settings
 Rey, Mildred.

Professionalization, Authority Claims and Online News Delivery
 Sheinheit, Ian.

Professionalizing the Representation of Publics
 Lee, Caroline.

Prognostication, Risk and Hope: Understanding When, Why and How Oncologists Share Prognostic Information with Patients
 James, Jennifer.

Progressive Democratic Moments: Rare Windows for U.S. Social Welfare Policy Reform
 Hicks, Alexander.

Promising Carbon: Culture of Expertise, Uncertainties, and Making Carbon Markets in South Korea
 Kwon, Jonghwa.

Promoting Critical Sociological Thinking by Employing Population Pyramids
 Park, Sangyoub.

Promoting Successful Aging among Older Adults with Disabilities: Empowerment through Interventions
 Kahana, Eva., Kahana, Boaz., Kropf, Nancy. and Barnes, Kaitlyn.

Propensity to Marry and Heterogeneity in the Health Benefits of Marriage
 Zheng, Hui. and Tumin, Dmitry.

Property in Print: Copyright Law and the American Magazine Industry
 Haveman, Heather. and Kluttz, Daniel.

Property, Authority, and Income Distribution in America, 1983-2010
 Wodtke, Geoffrey.

Prospective versus Retrospective Approaches to the Study of Intergenerational Social Mobility
 Song, Xi. and Mare, Robert.

Prosumer of Emotions. Love and Emotional Labor on Online Dating Platforms
 Droege, Kai. and Voirol, Olivier.

Protecting the Body’s Natural Immunity: Parents’ Vaccine Refusal and the Dichotomies of Natural and Artificial
 Reich, Jennifer.

Protesting Against Global Warming: An Empirical Analysis of the Climate Justice Movement
 Podobnik, Bruce.

Protests Making News: New Evidence From A Nationally-Representative Sample of U.S. Events
 Beyerlein, Kraig., Crubaugh, Bryant., Barwis, Peter. and Carnesecca, Cole.

Providers’ Perceptions of Medical Interpreters: Exploring the "Bigger Picture"
 Michalec, Barret. and Bell, Ann.

Proving Visible Sexualities: An Analysis of the Social Visible Requirement
 Llewellyn, Cheryl.

Psychological Capital as Predictor of Public Service Motivation: Evidence from Taiwan
 Jang, Chyi-Lu.

Psychological Well-being of Grandmothers Rearing Children in Korea
 Park, Ki Tae.

Psychotropics in Total Institutions
 Hatch, Anthony., Xavier-Brier, Marik., Attell, Brandon. and Grucza Viscarra, Eryn.

Public Attitudes toward Globalization: The Case of South Korea
 Park, Soon Seok.

Public Environmental Skepticism: A Cross-National and Multi-Level Analysis
 Zhou, Min.

Public Intellectualism as Black Sociological Tradition
 Lewis-McCoy, R. L\'Heureux.

Public Opinion and the Spirit of American Conservatism
 Gauchat, Gordon. and Redding, Kent.

Public Reporting in Cardiac Surgery in the United Kingdom and United States
 Exworthy, Mark., Gabe, Jonathan. and Jones, Ian.

Public School Alternatives and their Impacts on Cross District Segregation
 Patton, Deleena.

Public Space and Mass Protests: What Makes a Public Space an Appropriate Place for Protest?
 Jalili, Jaleh.

Public and Private Food: Integrative and Multicultural Cultural Spaces in a Nationally Diverse Neighborhood, an Ethnoscape
 Heard, Ciauna.

Public-Private Hybrid Strategy and Entrepreneurial Investment: Evidence from China’s Transition Economy
 Zhou, Wubiao.

Pulling Closer and Moving Apart: Interaction, Ideology, and Identity in the U.S. Senate, 1979-2001
 Srivastava, Sameer. and Liu, Christopher.

Pulpit Politics: Clergy Crusades, Implied Innuendos, or Nothing at All?
 Wurgler, Emily.

Puncturing the Pipeline: Do Technology Companies Alienate Women in Recruiting Sessions?
 Wynn, Alison. and Correll, Shelley.

Purple Collar Work: Transgender Affective Labor at Global Outsourcing Sites
 David, Emmanuel.

Pursuing the Chinese Dream: Work and Family for Educated Migrants in Beijing
 Kane, Danielle. and Li, Yiting.

Pushing the Boundaries: Queer Immigrant Women in Leadership
 Rodriguez Rodriguez, Yunuen.

Putting Power in the Right Hands: A Person x Situation Approach to Leadership and Collective Action
 Harrell, Ashley. and Simpson, Brent.
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