American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2015-Aug-20 to 2015-Aug-27

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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown: The (Un)availability of Scripts for Informal Identity Performances by Black Youth
 Gross, Nora.

(Collective) Memory of Racial Violence and the Social Construction of the Hispanic Category among Houston Hispanics
 Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth.

(Con-)Sequences of Non-Employment: Reintegration Trajectories in the British and German Labor Market
 Biegert, Thomas.

(Dis)Connecting Service and a Sense of Politics
 Harker, David.

(Dys) Functional Diagnosing: Sociological Ambivalence in the Medical and Therapeutic Management of Patients
 Dewey, Jodie. and Gesbeck, Melissa.

(Erotic) Sexual Politics of War Revealed in Letters of an American Military Couple
 Knopf, Christina.

(How) Does Obesity Harm GPA? Stratification at the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Body Size
 Branigan, Amelia.

(No) Harm in Asking: Culture, Class, and Undergraduates’ Help Seeking and Engagement Strategies
 Jack, Anthony.

(Re)Defining Heteronormativity
 Sommer, Jamie. and Marchia, Joseph.

(Re)constructing the Pipeline: Workers, Environmentalists and Ideology in Media Coverage of the Keystone XL Pipeline
 Kojola, Erik.

(Social) Location Matters: Phenomenology of Alzheimer's Disease
 Beard, Renee.

(Un)avoidable: When Wrongdoing Leads to Organizational Stigma
 Park, Brian. and Rogan, Michelle.

-0.5 Generation: Acculturation Strategies and Multifaceted Identity of Pakistani Graduate Students Navigating U.S. Culture
 Haider, Maheen.

01. A Meaningful Life: Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism
 Embser-Herbert, M Sheridan.

01. Research Support for Sociologists, American Sociological Association
 Curtis, John., Amaya, Nicole. and Kisielewski, Michael.

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A Balancing Act: How Engagement in Paid and Unpaid Labor Influences Males’ and Females’ College Enrollment
 Obach, Heidi. and Li, Angran.

A Behavioural Measure of Environmental Decision-Making for Social Surveys
 Clements, John., McCright, Aaron., Dietz, Thomas. and Marquart-Pyatt, Sandra.

A Brief History of the (Prelude to) Neoliberalism: The World-Economic Transition of the Long 1970s
 Ortiz Ortiz, Roberto.

A Change in Plans: The Career Prospects of Recent Ph.D. Graduates in Academia
 Etmanski, Brittany., Walters, David. and Zarifa, David.

A Change of Mind or Change of Address? Geographic Sorting and Whites' Attitudes towards Immigration
 Schachter, Ariela.

A Chicken a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? Risk and Postpartum Practices Among Chinese Immigrant Women
 Chen, Kuan-Yi.

A Class Revolution to Bridge Empire and Nation-State
 Zhou, Luyang.

A Closer Examination of the Relationship Between School Spillover and College Student Health
 Moes, Katlyn., Swenberger, Jenelle. and Pedersen, Daphne.

A Comparative Perspective on the Relationship Between Job Insecurity and Health
 Fullerton, Andrew., McCollum, Destinee. and Dixon, Jeffrey.

A Comparison of the Socioeconomic Attainments of Japanese-Brazilians and Japanese-Americans
 Sakamoto, Arthur.

A Counterfactual Analysis of Racial and Residential Test-Score Gaps in Year-Round and Nine-Month Schools
 Johnson, Odis.

A Crisis of Connection? Gender Differences in School Based Friendship Patterns During Adolescence
 Carbonaro, William. and Childress, Deanna.

A Critical History of Deportation Reliefs: Competing Notions of Membership and Illegality
 Shiff, Talia.

A Cross-National Comparison of Sub-National Variation
 Enriquez, Elaine., Sybblis, Martin. and Centeno, Miguel.

A Crossroads for Environmental Sociology: Biophilia and Ecological-Evolutionary Theory as Mid-Range Theories
 Adams, Kevin. and Marquart-Pyatt, Sandra.

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Bad Blacks: The Contingent Acceptance and Essentialized Blackness of African (Im)migrant Athletes
 Mwaniki, Munene.

Bad Jobs for Marriage: Job Quality and the Transition to First Marriage
 Lim, So-jung.

Bad Timing: Social Stratification in a Mass-Participatory Asset Bubble
 Goldstein, Adam.

Banking on Conservation: Market Reconstruction and Environmental Regulation in an Era of Exchange
 Rea, Chris.

Banking on Divestment as a Symbolic Strategy: The Promise & Pitfalls of Fossil Fuel Divestment
 Bywater, Krista.

Barriers to Internet Access: Digital Inequality as Experienced by Residents of Low-Income Housing
 Haight, Michael., Quan-Haase, Anabel. and Nevin, Andrew.

Battered Boot Leather and Real Country Soul: Honky Tonk Night and Creative Consumption
 Lembo, Alessandra.

Be Careful What You Regulate: Sarbanes-Oxley and Banks’ Growing Appetite for Risky Derivatives
 Pernell-Gallagher, Kim., Jung, Jiwook. and Dobbin, Frank.

Because Deportation is Violence Against Women: State Responsibility, Gendered Violence and the Right to Have Rights
 Abji, Salina.

Becoming Visible: A Semiotic Analysis of the Am I Pretty or Ugly? YouTube Trend
 Phelps, Katherine.

Becoming an Adult in East and West Germany: A Comparison of Transition Timing
 Recksiedler, Claudia., Pavlova, Maria. and Silbereisen, Rainer.

Becoming ‘Nouveau Elites: Mothers’ Construction of an Elite Culture through Children’s International Schooling in Tokyo
 Igarashi, Hiroki.

Being Authentically Native American: Identity Non-Verification, Identity Change, and Social Structure among New Indians
 Jacobs, Michelle. and Merolla, David.

Being Good Jurors: Invoking the Law as a Resource in Jury Deliberations
 Fox, Matthew.

Being and Becoming Poor: How Cultural Schemas Shape Beliefs about Poverty
 Homan, Patricia., Valentino, Lauren. and Weed, Emi.

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C-Reactive Protein among Older Adults during the Recession: Does Economic Adversity Get Under the Skin?
 Wilkinson, Lindsay. and Tamburello, Jeffrey.

CEO Dismissal and the CEO’s Symbolic Use of Shareholder-value Language
 Shin, Taekjin. and You, Jihae.

CNN of the Ghetto? Analyzing Black Girls and Violence as Entertainment on WorldStarHipHop Video Website
 Hitchens, Brooklynn.

CONFESSING TO OTHERS: Ethical Citizenship in a Morally Ambiguous World
 Smirnova, Michelle.

Calculating Financialization: The Calculative Practices of Credit Rating Agencies as Drivers of Social Change
 Besedovsky, Natalia.

Can Greater Skin in the Game Reduce United States Health Care Costs?
 Chaufan, Claudia. and Chang, Robin.

Can Housework Help? Gender, Time Use And Disparities In Meeting Physical Activity Requirements
 Cusatis, Rachel. and Chesley, Noelle.

Can I Connect with Both You and My Social Network? Get-Acquainted Interactions and Communication Technology
 Sprecher, Susan., Felmlee, Diane., Hampton, Adam. and Jones, Hannah.

Can Medical Interpreters Transcend the Medical Gaze? A Case Study of Biopolitical Pervasiveness within Medicine
 Jimenez, Anthony.

Can Rural Health Insurance Improve Equity in Health Care Utilization?
 Long, Yan.

Can Social Mechanism Analysis Strengthen Cultural Explanation of Historical Events?
 Kane, Anne.

Can We Be Queer Here? The Formations and Extinctions of Queer Women's Sexualities
 Kolysh, Simone.

Can Women Really Just Lean In? Gender Dynamics in Professional Positions and Career Outcomes
 Patterson, Sarah., Damaske, Sarah. and Sheroff, Christen.

Can You Become one of us? Legal Selection of Assimilable Immigrants
 Garcia, Angela. and Arar, Rawan.

Can You Hear Me Now? Phreaking the Party Line from Operators to Occupy
 Donovan, Joan.

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Dancing Black Sexual Politics: (Un)doing Gender and Sexuality in Chicago’s West African Dance Communities
 Zabriskie, Queen Meccasia.

Dancing with Names: The Dynamics of Perceptual Creativity in Diversification
 Seong, Sorah. and Godart, Frederic.

Dealing with the Ambiguity: The Significance of Ambiguous Discrimination Stress for Black Americans' Mental Health
 Thomas, Courtney.

Death & Taxes: Ethnicity and State Capacities in Health and Revenue
 McDonnell, Erin. and Austin, Megan.

Death and Desirability: Retrospective Reporting of Pregnancy Intention after a Child’s Death
 Smith-Greenaway, Emily. and Sennott, Christie.

Debating Rape Jokes vs. Rape Culture: Framing and Ideology in Misogynistic Comedy
 Pérez, Raúl.

Debt and Disaster: A Longitudinal Study of Debt Service, Structural Adjustment, and Natural Disaster Outcomes
 Sayre, Rose.

Debt and Theft: Financialization and Precarious Employment for University Staff
 Pierce, Jennifer.

Deciding Whether to have Sex Before Marriage: Who do Adolescents Listen To?
 Donoghue, Christopher., Bonillas, Consuelo., Rodriguez, Jeniffer., Cardoza, Omara. and Cheung, Melissa.

Deciphering Student Evaluations For Increased Learning
 Messineo, Melinda.

Decline of the American Dream? Findings from a Longitudinal Study of Midwest Families
 Mortimer, Jeylan. and Mont\'Alvao, Arnaldo.

Declining Democracy: The Impact of Indiana’s Voter Identification Law on Voter Turnout
 Nicholson, Daniel.

Declining Segregation within Six Major Asian Groups and the Geographic Shift from City to Suburb
 Zhang, Weiwei.

Decomposition Analysis of Microfinance Borrowers in Nicaragua
 Hauge, Soren. and Haase, Dwight.

Decomposition Analysis of Segregation
 Yamaguchi, Kazuo.

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Eating, Class, and Control: The Emotions of Food Choice in One Oakland Neighborhood
 Young, Kara.

Ecological Consequences of Economic Development: A Longitudinal Study on 26 OECD Countries between 1980 and 2009
 Hao, Feng.

Ecological Networks and Neighborhood Social Organization
 Browning, Christopher., Jackson, Aubrey. and Boettner, Bethany.

Ecologies Of and As Explanation: Ecological Thinking in the Disciplines
 Nyssa, Zoe.

Economic Constraints on Taste Formation and the True Cost of Healthy Eating
 Daniel, Caitlin.

Economic Growth, Social Welfare and Poor People’s Satisfaction with Local Government
 li, Zhonglu.

Economic Integration of Skilled Migrants in Japan: The Role of Employment Practices
 Holbrow, Hilary. and Nagayoshi, Kikuko.

Economic Mercenaries in Training: International Student Mobility, Nation-Building, and the Global 30 Project in Japan
 Yamamoto, Ryoko.

Economic Resources and Trajectories of Children's Mental Health over the Early Life Course
 Comeau, Jinette., Avison, William. and Willson, Andrea.

Economic Security, Social Cohesion, and Depression Disparities in Transitional Societies: A Comparison of China and Russia
 Hsieh, Ning.

Economic Well-Being and Family Support as Predictors of Life Satisfaction among LGBQ Adults
 Lazarevic, Vanja., Oswald, Ramona., Kramer, Karen. and Holman, Elizabeth.

Educating Children in Times of Globalization: Class-Specific Child-Rearing and the Acquisition of Transnational Human Capital
 Carlson, Sören., Gerhards, Juergen. and Hans, Silke.

Education and Professional Status at Work: A Case of Nurses’ Perceptions
 Thomas, Clayton.

Educational Attainment and Civic Participation among Second Generation Immigrants: The Importance of Social Embeddedness during Adolescence
 Wu, Joanna. and Lleras, Christy.

Educational Attainment in Post-apartheid South Africa
 McKeever, Matthew.

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Facilitative Conditions for Domestic Terrorism: Extremist Political Violence in the United States, 1980-2012
 Tan, Anna., Snow, David. and Fitzpatrick, Kevin.

Factorial Structure of Perceived Community Satisfaction: A Case of Domains via a Test of Cross-Sectional Invariance
 Fitz, Brittany.

Failing Urban Schools? Urban District Isolation and Charter School Policy Divergence
 Johnston, Joseph.

Fake It 'Til You Make It: Why Community College Students' Aspirations Hold Steady
 Nielsen, Kelly.

Falling into Old Habits: Partnership Duration and Division of Labor among Heterosexual Couples
 Tabor, Jaclyn. and Oslawski-Lopez, Jamie.

False Consciousness in a Spraycan: Discussing Street Art and its Social Control in Austin, Texas
 Romero, Rachel.

Familiarity and Moderation as Taste Markers - Tracing the Blasé Attitude in Musical Taste
 Merhout, Friedolin.

Families Go to College? The Reproduction of Inequality
 Harrington, Blair., Ide, Enku., Wiggins, Yolanda. and Gerstel, Naomi.

Family Debt as Investment in Young Adult Children
 McCloud, Laura.

Family Educational Background and First-Generation College Students' Achievement
 Fomby, Paula. and Cross, Christina.

Family Meal Environment and Adolescent Weight Status in Rural India
 Jones, Rebecca., Argeseanu Cunningham, Solveig. and Patil, Shailaja.

Family Members As Team Members in Intensive Care
 Rodriquez, Jason.

Family Origin and College Graduates’ First Job Earnings Evidence from China
 li, Zhonglu.

Family Religious Origins, Intermarriage, and Female Labor Force Participation among Children of U.S. Immigrants
 McManus, Patricia. and Apgar, Lauren.

Family Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and the Mental Health Trajectories of Sexual Minority Youth Transitioning into Adulthood
 Martin-Storey, Alexa., Kendig, Sarah. and Crosnoe, Robert.

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Gaining Shanghai Residency through Educational Assortative Marriage in Shanghai
 Qian, Yue. and Qian, Zhenchao.

Gangsters and Patriots: Organized Crime as a Neglected Nonstate Determinant of Separatist Success
 Mandic, Danilo.

Gaps in Knowledge: Tracking and Explaining Gender Differences in Health Information Seeking
 Manierre, Matthew.

Gated Consumption, Infant Formula, and China’s Affluent Urban Consumers
 Hanser, Amy. and Li, Jialin.

Gatekeeping, Brokerage, and the Process of Claiming Immigrant Worker Rights
 Gleeson, Shannon.

Gatekeeping, Homophily, and Status Orders among Live-Music Venues in Atlanta
 Tai, Yun.

Gay Neighborhoods and the Self-Enfranchisement of Queer Youth
 Greene, Theo.

Gay, Bi, and Queer Trans Men Navigating Sexual Fields
 Scheim, Ayden., Adam, Barry. and Marshall, Zack.

Gender Based Violence against Men and Boys in Darfur: What is Gendered about Genocide?
 Ferrales, Gabrielle., Brehm, Hollie. and McElrath, Suzy.

Gender Beliefs and College Major Choice: Longitudinal Evidence from Students and Parents in Taiwan
 Tam, Tony. and Hung, Koit.

Gender Composition and Job Satisfaction: Are People Happier in Gender Segregated Jobs?
 Dirlam, Jonathan. and Kosla, Martin.

Gender Differences in Adolescents’ Expectations of Marriage and Parenthood
 Claster, Patricia. and Blair, Sampson.

Gender Differences in Determinants of Job Satisfaction in Academic STEM
 Sattari, Negin.

Gender Differences in Earnings among Academic Scientists and Engineers
 Tao, Yu.

Gender Differences in Self-Rated Health: A Matter of Cohort?
 Etherington, Nicole.

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HIV Status and Depressive Symptoms in Same-Sex Couples: The Role of Socioeconomic and Social Support Factors
 Vielehr, Peter.

Habitus and Social Capital in STEM Fields: Perspectives for Women’s Major and Career Decisions
 Peacock, Ian., Gibbs, Benjamin. and Tuala, Maika.

Habitus, Reflexivity, and the Cognitive Foundations of Social Mobility
 Brensinger, Jordan.

Harmful or Helpful? School Composition as an Explanation for Dropout Among Mexican Origin Youth
 Ackert, Elizabeth.

Harmful or Helpful? The Impact of New Technologies on Learning Outcomes in Introduction to Sociology
 Medley-Rath, Stephanie.

Have American Families Become Less Stable? Trends in Household Changes from 1996-2010
 Perkins, Kristin.

Having Fun About Jesus: Children's Constructions of Their Relationship to Church
 Zonio, Henry.

Having Fun With It: Women's Experience of Zumba Fitness
 Nieri, Tanya. and Hughes, Elizabeth.

Health Behaviors, Chronic Stress, and Mortality for Black, White, and Mexican Americans in the United States
 Weeks, Janet.

Health Concerns and Adjustment to the First Year of Widowhood: Differences Between Men and Women
 Rafieei, Noshin. and Kronenfeld, Jennie.

Health Conditions and Impairments: What Happens to Injured Workers Aging with Work-Related Permanent Impairments?
 Casey, Rebecca. and Ballantyne, Peri.

Health Disparities in the Nineteenth Century United States: Fundamental Cause Theory and the Pre-Modern Era
 Warren, John. and Garcia, Sarah.

Health Selection into Marriage among Cohabiting Couples
 Wagner, Brandon.

Health Status and Graduation Outcomes among Community College Students
 Rosenbaum, Janet. and Rosenbaum, James.

Hear Me Out! The Relationship Between Vocal Adaptation and Audience Perceptions of Dominance and Prestige
 Kalkhoff, Will., Thye, Shane. and Gregory, Stanford.

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I Am Aware of God at this Moment: An Experiential Sampling Study of Lived Religion
 Kucinskas, Jaime., Wright, Bradley. and Ray, Matthew.

I Came Back to Life: Black Women’s Experiences of Maternal Resurrection after Incarceration
 Gurusami, Susila.

I Can’t Afford to Worry about Risks: Structuring Risk, Emotion, and Stigma among Drug Trial Volunteers
 Cottingham, Marci. and Fisher, Jill.

I Don’t Agree with Giving Cash: A Survey Experiment Examining Support for Public Assistance
 Campbell, Colin. and Gaddis, S. Michael.

I Heart My Team: Student Responses to Cooperative Learning Teams in Undergraduate Statistics
 Harger, Brent.

I Just Heard It’s Good: Student Perceptions of the Higher Education Status Hierarchy and College Choice
 Evans, Shani.

I Mean, Define Meaningful! Restaurants, Employees, and Meaningful Lives
 Shigihara, Amanda.

I Stay to Myself: Avoidance of Social Ties among the Poor
 Mazelis, Joan.

I Want Ghana to Continue to Live in the United States: Cultural Identity among Second-generation Ghanaian mmigrants
 Adjepong, Anima.

I Will Just Keep Walking and Be Silent: Women Jamu Entrepreneurs' Experiences of Sexual Harassment
 Szuter, Carolyn.

I Would Have a Career Had I Not Migrated!
 Gu, Chien-Juh.

IPV Risk among Victims of Youth Violence: Are Early Unions Bad, Beneficial, or Benign?
 Warner, Tara., Warner, David. and Kuhl, Danielle.

ISIS: Territory, Not Terrorism
 Hutchinson, Richard.

I'm Black and I'll Always Be That Way: Black Identities Through the Lens of Interracial Intimacy
 Steinbugler, Amy.

I'm Not Gonna Not Have Sex: The Male Peer Group and Men's Sexual Decision-Making
 Kalish, Rachel.

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JUST FOR FUN? Learning and Doing Gender in Salsa Schools
 Takasaki, Kara.

Jewish Tourism to the Palestinian Territories and its Effects on Diaspora Identities and Politics
 Schneider, Emily.

Job Characteristics of Teaching and the Development of an Unequal Gendered Division of Domestic Labor
 Barnes, Medora.

Job Insecurity in the American Employment Structure
 Dwyer, Rachel. and Wright, Erik.

Job Quality, Gender Roles, and Fertility Intentions in a Stable Low Fertility Context
 Bernardi, Laura., Hanappi, Doris. and Ryser, Valérie-Anne.

Job Satisfaction of Home Health Aides: Profit Status and Management Models of Agencies
 Wu, Tina.

Job stability and Fertility Intentions across Europe: Does Labour Market Legislation Matter?
 Karabchuk, Tatiana.

Judging Expertise: Gender and Expert Authority in Courts
 O\'Brien, Timothy.

Jurisdictional Struggles over an Institutional Logic: Organizational Conflict in a Religious College
 Brophy, Sorcha.

Jurors’ Subjective Experiences of Deliberations: The Tangled Nature of Status Characteristics
 Winter, Alix.

Just Deserts: The Moral Economy of Welfare in Europe and the United States
 Kahl, Sigrun.


Karl Marx’s idea of General Intellect, Immaterial Labor and Venture Capital in the XXI Century
 Rezaev, Andrey. and Zhikharevich, Dmitry.

Karl Polanyi's Environmental Sociology
 Brechin, Steven. and Fenner, Weston.

Keep Your Sleeves Down: Implications of Social Isolation, Stress, and Stigma on Self-injurers
 Presson, Brittany.

Keeping up with the Joneses: Inequality, Indebtedness, and the Middle Class Struggle to Maintain Their Lifestyle
 Fligstein, Neil., Hastings, Orestes. and Goldstein, Adam.

Kin-care in Contemporary African American Middle-Class Mothers Lives: How Structure and Culture Influence Childcare Choices
 Dow, Dawn.

Knocked Up and Walking the Walk: Single Mother Status, Stigma, and Behavior
 Sun, June.

Knowledge Regimes in Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan: A Comparison
 Li, Jing.

Korean Automotive Industries Impacts on the Local Labor Market in Alabama
 Kim, Eunbi.

Korean Male College Student Identity Development in Post Compulsory Military Service
 Kam, Jihye.


LGBTQ @NASA: Workplace Climates, Employee Resource Groups, and Professional Credibility at the Space Agency
 Cech, Erin. and Waidzunas, Tom.

LGBTQ Minority High School Athletes in Chicago: LGBTQ Student Athlete Experiences and Teammate Perceptions
 Navarro, Emmanuel., Villa, Brandom. and Scarborough, William.

Labor Force Participation of Immigrant Extended Householders
 Nguyen, Emerald.

Labor Market Context and Social Policy Arrangements: The Gender Employment Gap in Central and Eastern Europe
 Fodor, Eva. and Glass, Christy.

Labor Market Insiders or Outsiders? A Cross-National Examination of Redistributive Preferences by the Working poor.
 Levanon, Asaf. and Nitis, Orly.

Labor Market Outcomes of Highly Educated Immigrants: Does Your Name Matter?
 Xu, Dafeng.

Labor Market Polarization, Occupational Composition, and the Hispanic Underemployment Disadvantage: The Case of Involuntary Part-Time Work
 Young, Justin. and Mattingly, Marybeth.

Labor Market Segmentation, Race, and Health Insurance Coverage
 Hudson, Kenneth., Hudson, Andrea., Hudson, Marcellus., Akira, Alan. and Crook, Errol.

Labor Markets, Occupations, the Middle-Class, and Organizational Change: An Examination of the National Football League
 Davis, Adriene.

Labor Migration and the Missing Work of Home-making: Three Forms of Settling for Chinese-Canadian Migrants
 Lauster, Nathanael. and Zhao, Jing.

Laboratory Assignments & their Impact on Grades: Online Statistics Course
 Stack, Steven.

Laboring to Reset the Good Food Table: Food Worker and Local Food Activist Alliance Formation
 Sbicca, Joshua.

Lacking a Human Rights Framework: Sexual Assault on U.S. College Campuses
 Nobles, Allison.

Land Grabs in China and India: Variations of Neoliberalism?
 Ren, Xuefei.

Language and Prejudice in the Online Job-Matching Process
 Rho, Hye Jin. and Castilla, Emilio.

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MSM in Accra, Ghana and Lome, Togo: Sexual history and HIV Risk Behavior
 Moore, Ami. and Owusu, Gertrude.

Macro-level Gender Equality and Gender Differences in Book Reading and Sport Spectatorship
 Lagaert, Susan. and Roose, Henk.

Made in America?: Immigrant Occupational Mobility in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
 Catron, Peter.

Mainstream Values, the Perpetuation of Poverty, and Poor and Blacks Women in the USA
 Levine, Patrick.

Mainstreaming Gender, Endangered, Ungendered? Analysis of Media Reports of 2012 Case of Rape in India
 Chaudhuri, Soma. and Krishnan, Preethi.

Maintained Inequalities amid Algebra for All
 Hanselman, Paul., Domina, Thurston. and Hwang, NaYoung.

Maintaining Boundaries: Masculinizing Fatherhood in the Feminine Province of Parenting
 Hauser, Orlee.

Making Democracy Real: Participatory Governance in Urban Latin America
 Hetland, Gabriel.

Making Every Trans Count
 Ryan, J. Michael.

Making Mass Rape Legible: Specialized Post-Rape Care and Medical Documentation in Humanitarian Emergencies
 Morse, Jaimie.

Making Model Minorities of African Athletes: Origin Stories, Hard Workers, and Humanitarians
 Mwaniki, Munene.

Making Queer Spaces within Women's Roller Derby: Rolling Forward but Never Straight
 Becker, Suzanne.

Making Racial Inequalities Global, and Global Inequalities Racial
 Treitler, Vilna.

Making the Program Officer: the Peace Corps, USAID, and the Profession of International Development
 Kallman, Meghan.

Male Strippers Relationships and Their Experiences with Soft Stigma
 Scull, Maren.

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NGO Strategies in an Authoritarian State: Chinese ENGOs, Tactical Cooperation and Personal Networks
 Hsu, Carolyn.

NOAA Radios and Neighborhood Networks: An Analysis of Information Sources and Trust for Hurricane Evacuations
 DeYoung, Sarah., Wachtendorf, Tricia., Farmer, Ashley. and Penta, Samantha.

Naked Intimacy: Connection in Collective Sexual Spaces
 Orne, Jason.

Naming your daughter Jack: The effect of gender in the evaluation process within a competitive market
 Botelho, Tristan. and Abraham, Mabel.

Narrative Dynamics and Social Structure: The Case of Prisoner Reentry Narratives
 Harding, David., Dobson, Cheyney., Wyse, Jessica. and Morenoff, Jeffrey.

Narrative Normativity: A Qualitative Textual Analysis of Gender and Sexuality in Two Console Games
 Turner, Amanda.

Narratives and Claims-Making in Local Contention over a State Law
 Girouard, Jennifer.

Narratives of Black Men about Equality, Obama and Success
 Wiebold, Loralie. and Spiller, Marwin.

Narratives of Response Error from Cognitive Interviews of Survey Questions
 Brenner, Philip.

Nashville Neighborhoods Project: Manufactured Order and Collective Efficacy in The Gulch
 Bae, Sungeun., Barna, Elizabeth., Moore, Thomas., Wold, Christopher. and Donato, Katharine.

Nationalism Beyond Nations: Bureaucracy, Nationalist Theory, and the Failure of Macro-Nationalist Movements
 Conrad-Bradshaw, Jared.

Navigating DACA in Hostile and Hospitable States: A Comparative Two-state Analysis
 Cebulko, Kara. and Silver, Alexis.

Navigating Economic Decline and Municipal Bankruptcy: Experiences of Working-Class and Middle-Class African Americans in Detroit
 Welburn, Jessica. and Turner, Kennedy.

Navigating the Role of Responsibility: Habitus, Socialization and Human Impact on Animal Welfare
 Kidder, Erin.

Necessity is the Mother of Isomorphism: Poverty and Market Creativity in Panama
 Doering, Laura.

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Obama as Other: Race, Religion, and Boundary Making in Post-Racial America
 Rawlinson, Brittany., Tope, Daniel. and Burdette, Amy.

Obesity and Sexuality among Older American Adults
 Kwon, Soyoung. and Schafer, Markus.

Obligatory and Voluntary Identity Discrepancies, Self-Esteem, and Psychological Distress
 Gallagher, Mary.

Obviousness: Conversion, Passing, and the Surprising Benefit of Phenotypic Dissimilarity
 Horowitz, Adam.

Occupational Differences in Advance Care Planning: Are Medical and Legal Professionals More Likely to Plan?
 Carr, Deborah., Lin, Katherine. and Burgard, Sarah.

Occupational Gender Segregation and Justice Perceptions of Men and Women
 Kruphölter, Sonja., Sauer, Carsten. and Valet, Peter.

Occupational Identity and Credentials: Evidence from Early Childhood Settings
 Nelson, Jennifer.

Occupational Sex-segregation, Workplace Interactions, and Chronic Physiological Stress Response
 Manago, Bianca. and Taylor, Catherine.

Occupational Status, Impression Formation, and Criminal Sanctioning: A Vignette Experiment
 Schmidt, Marshall. and Kroska, Amy.

Occupational Status, Perceived discrimination and Migrants’ Life Satisfaction: The case of Japan
 Gong, Shun.

Occupational and regional mobility as substitutes: Influencing factors and consequences for wage inequality
 Reichelt, Malte. and Abraham, Martin.

Occupational mobility around separation for British men and women
 van Damme, Maike.

Occupational status, employment status and job precariousness: Which employees are more vulnerable?
 Kronberg, Anne., Rider, Christopher. and Swaminathan, Anand.

Occupying Feminist Methods: Researching Contemporary Feminism and Gender Conflict in Mixed-Sex Social Movements
 Hurwitz, Heather.

Of Books and Letters: An Inquiry into the Foundations of Humanism
 Crombez, Joel.

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PROJECT TERROR: State Projects, U.S. Policy and the Construction of the War on Terror
 Del Villar, Erika Mae.

Pacific Northwest Salmon and the Marine-Land Nutrient Exchange: Ecosystem Enrichment and Metabolic Rifts
 Clausen, Rebecca., Clark, Brett. and Longo, Stefano.

Paid Leaves as Buffer Zones: Policy Contexts and Work-Life Balance among Canadian Mothers
 Christopher, Karen.

Pakistani Migrant Organizations in London, Toronto and New York City
 Chaudhary, Ali.

Panethnic Mobilization among Arab Americans in Detroit during the Post-9/11 Era: A Photo Elicitation Study
 Gold, Steven.

Paradox of Kim Dae-Jung Regime's Chaebol Policies :Based on Neil Fligstein's ‘Political-Cultural Approach’
 Yoo, Gilyeon.

Paradoxes and Inequities in Special Education and the Law
 Kramarczuk Voulgarides, Catherine., Aylward, Alexandra., Tefera, Adai. and Artiles, Alfredo.

Paradoxes in Transformations in Higher Education: The National Science Foundation ADVANCE Institutional Change Initiatives
 Zippel, Kathrin. and Ferree, Myra.

Parent Preferences and Constraints: Evidence from School Choice in Denver Public Schools
 Denice, Patrick.

Parent or Friends? The Causation of Early Initiation on Sexual Intercourse: Evidence from Add Health
 Lee, Haena.

Parental Guidance Suggested: High School Health Textbooks Messages about Teen Decision-Making and Sex
 Fehlbaum, Amanda.

Parental Incarceration and Offspring’s Negative Self-feelings: The Role of Attachment and Other Mediators
 Serna, Xavier.

Parental Leave Usage among Disadvantaged Fathers
 Pragg, Brianne. and Knoester, Chris.

Parental Racial Socialization: A glimpse into the racial socialization process in a dual-minority multiracial family
 Ortiz, Cristina.

Parental Warmth and Children’s Postsecondary Education: College Completion in Two Twentieth-Century Birth Cohorts (1921-1970)
 Andersson, Matthew.

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Quality or Quantity: Familial Intergenerational Imbalance and Old Age Support in Rural China
 Lin, Zhiyong. and Pei, Xiaomei.

Quantity vs Quality: A Survey Experiment to Improve the Network Scale-up Method
 Feehan, Dennis., Umubyeyi, Aline., Mahy, Mary., Hladik, Wolfgang. and Salganik, Matthew.

Queer Economics, Postcoloniality, and the Lesbian Enclave in Eresos: A Subaltern Perspective on Alternative Economics
 Karides, Marina.

Queer Pathways: Identity and Belonging Among LGBTQ Forced Migrants not Claiming Sexuality-Based Asylum
 Harvey, Brenna. and Warren, Kamryn.

Queer Polyamory: Exploring Polyamorous Relationships and Community among Queer-Identified Adults
 Pain, Emily.

Queering the Internet: The Subversive Politics of Homoeroticism in New School Professional Wrestling
 Glenday, Daniel.

Queering the Knot: Priorities and Practices in the Weddings of Trans and Genderqueer Individuals
 Fein, Lisa.

Querying Economic Globalization and Regulatory Capitalism: Transnational Private Regulations in the Chilean Farmed Salmon Industry
 Rivas, Ricardo.

Questioning the Western Canon of the Sociology of Sexuality: Academic and Activist Impacts
 Devan, Pamela.


Race Play in BDSM Porn: The Erotization of Oppression
 Smith, Jesus.

Race Relations:Critique of Approaches in Contemporary Sociology
 Destine, Shaneda.

Race and Class in World-System Analysis
 Grosfoguel, Ramon.

Race and Class in the Iraq-Era Armed Forces
 MacLean, Alair.

Race and Ethnic Differences in Reconstructing Childhood Health
 Sheehan, Connor. and Hayward, Mark.

Race and Gender Teacher-Student Congruence Effects on Student Achievement in Racially Segregated Schools
 Chukhray, Irina. and Shifrer, Dara.

Race and Gender Variations in Anger: Exploring the Long Term Effects of SES and Stress
 Wilson, Kanetha.

Race and Sex Differences in Returns to Social Capital at Home and at School
 Dufur, Mikaela., Parcel, Toby., Hoffmann, John. and Braudt, David.

Race and Trust as Factors in Police Interrogations and False Confessions
 David, Gary.

Race and region. Understanding Black Disadvantage in Occupational Mobility During the First Generation after Emancipation
 Wimmer, Andreas. and Warren, John.

Race and the Social Construction of Innocence
 Stroud, Angela.

Race as an Open Field: Exploring Identity beyond Fixed Choices
 Croll, Paul. and Gerteis, Joseph.

Race in Palette: Divergent Racial Perceptions among Grown Children of Korean Immigrants
 Son, In Seo.

Race, Ethnicity and the Strength of Facebook Ties among U.S. Adolescents
 Mesch, Gustavo.

Race, Gender, Adolescent Obesity, and Educational Attainment
 Pattison, Evangeleen.

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Safe Mothers, Criminal Women: Post-abortion Care and the Transnational Production of Motherhood in Senegal
 Suh, Siri.

Safecity: Mapping Analysis of Services for Gender Based Violence in Bengaluru, India
 Subramaniam, Mangala., Chakraborty, Shaonli. and Kumar, Shiv.

Safety and Scarcity in the Production and Distribution of Banked Donor Milk
 Sigurdson, Krista. and Clarke, Adele.

Safety, Match, or Reach? How Constrained College Searches Create Postsecondary Academic Mismatch
 Westlund, Erik.

Sailing Ships in Murky Waters: Boundary Making through Contentious Fan Practices on Tumblr
 Gonzalez, Victoria.

Same Same But Different: Unintended Gender Parity and Speculative Isomorphism in India’s Elite Professions
 Ballakrishnen, Swethaa.

Same-Sex, Same Families? Cross-National Differences in Support for Same-Sex and Single Parent Families
 Bolzendahl, Catherine., Cheng, Simon. and Powell, Brian.

Saving Children and Controlling Families: The Social and Political Determinants of Child Protection
 Edwards, Frank.

Scalable Estimation of Temporal ERGMs with DNR Structure from Egocentrically Sampled Data
 Gibson, Ben. and Almquist, Zack.

School Choice, Neighborhood Income, and Educational Heterogeneity
 Burdick-Will, Julia.

School Composition, Teacher Quality, and Teacher Retention
 Bostic, Amie.

School Discipline Policies: Uneven Policy Implementation and Unequal Outcomes
 Milne, Emily.

School Racial Composition and School Choice: Evidence from a New Survey of U.S. Parents
 Billingham, Chase. and Hunt, Matthew.

School Reentry and Degree Attainment after the Transition to Motherhood
 Augustine, Jennifer.

School Reform and the Gendered Organization of Teachers' Work
 Kerstetter, Katie.

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Tactical Innovation in Social Movements: The Role of Peripheral Claims and Multi-Issue Protest
 Wang, Dan.

Taking Back a Bit of Control: Managing the Contaminated Body through Consumption
 MacKendrick, Norah. and Stevens, Lindsay.

Taking a Turn for the Better: Does Recovery from Walking Impairment Improve Disability and Mortality Outcomes?
 Latham, Kenzie.

Taking off the “Red Hat” of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs: Corruptive Capitalists, Innovative Collaborators, and Political Opponents
 Wang, Junmin.

Taking the Conservative Protestant Thesis across the Atlantic: Violence and Religion in Rural Netherlands.
 Weenink, Don.

Taking the Lid Off the Pot: Institutions, Credit Constraints and Household Debt in Europe
 Van Gunten, Tod. and Navot, Edo.

Talk About Good Engineering
 Klett, Joseph.

Talk like a Man. Walk like a Man, My Son: Straight-identified Individuals’ Experiences of Homophobia
 Beaver, Travis.

Talk to the Hands that Listen and Care: The Bodywork of Gay Masseurs in Taiwan
 Chen, Bowei.

Taming a ‘Chaotic Concept’:Gentrification and Segmented Consumption in Brooklyn, 2002-2012
 Benediktsson, Michael.

Teacher Underestimation of the Academic Ability of Minority Students and Lowered Student Expectations
 Cherng, Hua-Yu.

Teaching Controversial Issues: Avoiding Wile E. Coyote Syndrome
 Weiss, Sabrina.

Teaching Feminist Research Methods: A Comment and an Evaluation
 Hattery, Angela.

Teaching Nationness: Immigrant Integration Courses and Assimilation in Germany
 Williams, Daniel.

Teaching Spaces of Possibility: Queering Pedagogy, One Step at a Time
 Hidalgo, Danielle.

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Un-globalizing Movements in the Era of Globalization: Postwar Transnational Peace Movements in Japan, 1945–1980's
 Saruya, Hiroe.

Unauthorized Status, Stress, and Depressive Symptoms among Mexican Immigrant Women in the United States
 Garcia, San Juanita.

Uncertain Sexualities and Unusual Women: Museum Depictions of Jane Addams and Emily Dickinson
 Bartram, Robin. and Donovan, Holly.

Uncovering Embedded Stealth Subcultures Within Formal Institutions: The Case of Mainstream Meditation
 Kucinskas, Jaime.

Under Surveillance: An Analysis of Collegiate Athletics as a Total Institution
 Hatteberg, Sarah.

Under the Black Umbrella: Examining the Role of Ethnicity in Black HBCU Student Experiences
 Daoud, Nina.

Under-Rewarded Achievements: Status and the Gender Gap in Perceived Pay Inequity
 Schieman, Scott., Reid, Sarah. and Narisada, Atsushi.

Underpaid But Secure: When Pay Inequity Hurts Less
 Narisada, Atsushi.

Underpaid and Over My Head in Debt: Latina/o and Black Millennials’ Labor Market Experiences
 Cruz-Cerdas, Charlene.

Understanding Black Congregational Types: Assessing Social Service and Politically Oriented Activity Patterns Using Latent Class Analysis
 Washington, Patrick.

Understanding Differences in Prescription Painkiller Misuse among Adolescents in Large Urban, Small Urban, and Rural Areas
 Monnat, Shannon. and Rigg, Khary.

Understanding Emotions in Caring Work: Developing Workplace Depletion and Recovery Using Three Empirical Cases
 Cain, Cindy.

Understanding Female Objectification and Sexualization in the Media
 Juliao, Mara.

Understanding Funding for Gender Justice Work with Men and Boys
 Leek, Cliff.

Understanding Legal Test Selection in Evaluating Religious Free Exercise Claims in U.S. State Courts
 Martin, Robert.

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Valorizing the Mixed-Race Body: From Hybrid Degeneracy to Hybrid Vigor
 Newman, Alyssa.

Value Added Modeling in Teacher Evaluation: A Case Study in Economic Imperialism?
 Griffen, Zachary. and Panofsky, Aaron.

Value Boundaries, Altruism and Well-Being
 Firat, Rengin., Rogers, Ethan., Hitlin, Steven. and Kwon, Hye Won.

Value Measurement Systems, Professional Narratives and the (Un)Making of Market Regimes in Twentieth-Century American Advertising
 Schwarzkopf, Stefan.

Value-Added Scores for Teachers in High Need Schools
 Shifrer, Dara.

Valuing Fair Trade: Fair Trade Consumption as Gift vs Market Exchange
 Finch, Mary Beth.

Variation in Adult Interracial Friendships
 Essenburg, Laura.

Variation in Women’s Economic Responses to Men’s Incarceration
 Bruns, Angela.

Variations in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Utilization across Men's Prisons
 Nowotny, Kathryn.

Varieties of Opinion Polarization: Analysis of Public Opinion Structure of South Korea
 Yang, Myung Ji. and Im, Dong Kyun.

Vermont and Healthcare Reform Organizing: Human Rights Promise and Praxis
 Finnegan, Amy. and White, Shelley.

Vette-ing the American Dream: Nostalgia, Social Capital and Corvette Communities
 D\'Antonio, Virginia.

Viability of Lifetime Retrospective Measurement of Major and Potentially Traumatic Life Events
 Lloyd, Donald.

Viewing Intergenerational Relations through the Eyes of Elderly Parents Aged 80 Years and Older
 Smit, Ria.

Violence in Marriage: Risk Factors and Protection Barriers
 Fefferman, Ann.

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Wages and Job Flexibility in Care Occupations: Perquisites or Tradeoffs?
 Smith, Kristin. and Folbre, Nancy.

Waiting for Bobos: Active Displacement and Fitful Gentrification in a Midwestern City
 Billingham, Chase.

Waiting for Gadeaux: A Case Study of the Tempography of Hyper-Marginalization in New Orleans
 Harvey, Daina.

Wal-Mart Workers in Chile: A Case of Union Democracy, Militancy and Strategic Capacity
 Bank Munoz, Carolina.

War and Development: Questions, Answers and Prospects for the 21st Century
 Hooks, Gregory.

War at Work - The Inner Dynamics of Strategic threats and Violence in Swedish Schools
 Hetzler, Antoinette. and Fredholm, Axel.

War or Land Grab? The Contested Representation of Cleansing in Israel and New Zealand
 Pessah, Tom.

Water Affordability in the United States: An Initial Exploration and an Agenda for Research
 Mirosa, Oriol.

Water Scarcity in the South Plains of North Texas: An Analysis of the Ogallala Aquifer
 Cavazos, Robert.

Waves of Contention and Relations among the Radical, Moderate, and Conservative Groups of Social Movements
 Robnett, Belinda., Glasser, Carol. and Trammell, Rebecca.

Wayward Elites: From Social Reproduction to Social Restoration at a Therapeutic Boarding School
 Pfaffendorf, Jessica.

We Are (Not) Who We Were: Irish Cultural Nationalism and the Battle over Tara
 Cantzler, Julia.

We Are Not Retarded: Understanding Collective Inaction in a Company Town
 Neumann, Pamela.

We Can Work it Out: The Hidden Role of the Workplace in Shaping Crime Control
 Rees, Chris.

We Hope It Will Be Irrelevant: How Uncertain Legal Rights affect LGBT Parents Acquiring Children
 Colonna, Rafael.

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You Aren’t From Around Here: Race, Masculinity, and Rural Transgender Men
 Abelson, Miriam.

You Gotta Do Something: Class and Gender in Teensploitation Films
 Cooper, Evan. and Cornell, Julian.

You Have to be Normal to be Abnormal: An Exploration of Asexuality and Disability
 Cuthbert, Karen.

You Try to become Totally Opposite of Your Parents or You become Just Like Them
 Coba-Rodriguez, Sarai. and Jarrett, Robin.

You are What You Drink: The Masculinization of Cultural Legitimacy within the Craft Beer Scene
 Darwin, Helana. and Kimmel, Michael.

Young Durkheimians and the Temptation of Fascism: The Case of Marcel Déat
 Desan, Mathieu. and Heilbron, Johan.

Young Women in the Sex Economy: Counter Narratives to Entry Pathways
 Schaffner, Laurie.

Your Momma Is Day-Glow White: Questioning the Politics of Racial Identity, Loyalty, and Obligation
 Buggs, Shantel.

You’re Supposed to be Cared For: LGBTQ Experiences of Violence at the Doctor’s Office
 Paine, Emily.


Zelizer in Azerbaijan: Social Solidarity in an Environment of Distrust
 Stoltz, Dustin. and Pitluck, Aaron.

Zombie Town: The Small City in the Global Space of Flows
 Schlichtman, John.
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