American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2016-Aug-17 to 2016-Aug-25

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"Donut Time": Engineering Pranks and Masculinities at a High-Tech Firm
 Wu, Tongyu.

"I'm a Huge Believer in the Rule of Law. But...": Encryption, Privacy, Risk
 Rider, Karina.

"Pre-K for All": Understanding Transformations in Cultural Categories of Worth
 Russell, Kelly. and Levitsky, Sandra.

#BlackLivesMatter: An Analysis of the Movement as Social Drama
 Jones, Leslie.

#WomenInAg: An Analysis of the USDA’s Social Media Presentation of Women in Agriculture
 Rowe, Carmen.

(De)constructing a White Male Space: Gender, Race-Ethnicity, and Rock Music in Comparative Perspective
 Schaap, Julian. and Berkers, Pauwke.

(Gay) Men at Work: Understanding Gendered and Sexual Identity Management Strategies in the Workplace
 Speice, Travis.

(Re)Appropriating Women’s Housing Rights in Brazil: From Movement Demands to State Policy and Back Again
 Koppelman, Carter.

(Re)Producing Bodies: Biomedicalizing Abortion Through the Congressional Debate Over Fetal Pain
 Jaeger, Ashlyn.

(Re)producing Gender and Risk Through Contraceptive Development: The Case of the Pill
 Geampana, Alina.

01. Research Support for Sociologists, American Sociological Association
 Curtis, John., Amaya, Nicole. and Kisielewski, Michael.

02. National Center for Health Statistics: Datasets to Identify, Understand, and Address the Population’s Health, Influences on Health, and Health Outcomes, National Center for Health Statistics
 Cain, Virginia. and Chinn, Juanita.

03. The Opportunity Project: Using Data to Make a Difference in People's Lives, U.S. Census Bureau
 Burleson-Gibson, Ally., Mendoza, Armando. and Encarnacion, Tomas.

04. General Social Survey/International Social Survey Program, NORC
 Smith, Tom.

05. Social Explorer, Social Explorer, Inc
 Beveridge, Andrew.

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A "Good Faith Effort": Compliance with the Campus SaVE Act
 Fehlbaum, Amanda.

A Bidimensional and Aristotelian Approach to Health Lifestyles Theory
 Robbins, Carolyn.

A Bitcoin’s Worth: Talks of Money and Value at the Advent of Digital Currency
 Shaw, Lynette.

A Black/Nigerian-American Studying Black–White Couples in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro
 Osuji, Chinyere.

A Case for Veblen’s Feminism: An Analysis of Gender in Veblen’s Social Theory
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

A Causal Overview of Formal, Dynamic, Theory-Driven Models of Social Movements
 Houghton, James.

A City in Search of Its Past: Notes on Urban Lifestyles, Culture and Hyper-Growth
 Orum, Anthony.

A Comparative Analysis of Breastfeeding Outcomes Among 18 High-Income Countries
 Lubold, Amanda.

A Comparative Historical Analysis of Separatism in the Ottoman Empire and the United States
 Demirhan, Emirhan. and Ozer, Emre.

A Comparative Social Morphology of Scientific Judgment in Theoretical Physics
 Gilbert, Thomas.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Mortality of Hispanic Subgroups in the United States
 Fenelon, Andrew. and Chinn, Juanita.

A Cow Does Not Suddenly Become a Fish: Media Discourses of Racial Essentialism
 Goss, Devon.

A Critical Review of the New Extractivism in Bolivia
 Rodriguez, Gisela.

A Critical Study on the Changing Perception of the Fertility Attitude in Taiwan, 1991-2011
 Wen, Winnie.

A Darker and Lesser Shade of White: Race, Gender Class, and Greeks in Modern Times
 Demos, Vasilikie (Vicky).

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Bad Jobs In Europe: Assessing Institutional Determinants of Job Outcomes in the EU-27.
 Mai, Quan.

Balancing Creative Ambition and Profit: An Ethnography of Great jobs and Good Enough Jobs
 Noren, Laura.

Ban the Smartphone? Effects of Digital Technologies for Learning in Higher Education
 Hoekstra, Angel., Duncan, Douglas. and Wilcox, Bethany.

Barkeeps and Barmaids on the White Picket Fence: Bartending, Gender, and Performative Adulthood
 Starr, Emily. and McCraw, Alicia.

Battle of the Sex’s Pleasure: The Reverse Gendered Double Standard in Sex Toy Production
 Ronen, Shelly.

Be My Guest: Concentrated Poverty, Race, and Family-level Support Among New Mothers
 Whitehead, Ellen.

Bearing the Burden of Care: Emotional Burnout Among Maternity Support Workers
 Naiman-Sessions, Miriam., Henley, Megan. and Roth, Louise.

Beauty as Capital: Pursuit and Ranking of Attractiveness Among Sorority Women
 Hart, Chloe.

Because Deportation is Violence Against Women: On the Politics of State Responsibility and Women’s Human Rights
 Abji, Salina.

Because They Took Fake IDs: An Alcohol Drug Scare in New Orleans
 Kappel, Robert.

Becoming Gay Fathers? Identity, Community, and Inequality among Gay Men with Children from Heterosexual Unions
 Carroll, Megan.

Becoming Welcoming: Grassroots Collaboration and Immigrant Integration in Dayton, OH
 Majka, Theo. and Longazel, Jamie.

Becoming a Piquetero: Past, Novel and Current Routines in the Development of Activist Dispositions
 Perez, Marcos.

Beginning the World Again: Constitutional Change and Democratization
 Manski, Ben.

Behavior under the Condition of Anonymity: A Visual Analysis
 Schneider, Andreas. and Turner, Thomas.

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CAM Use for Mental Health Problems Among Chinese Americans: The Effect of Acculturation
 Zhu, Lin.

Campus Racialized Space and its Impacts on Racial/Ethnic Identity Development for Latino/as of Mexican Origin
 Sanchez, Marisa.

Can Elites be Authentic? The Comparable Authenticity of Elite Status in the Rosé Wine Revival
 Fitzmaurice, Connor.

Can Masters' Tools Dismantle Masters' House? Neoliberal Discourse as Seed of Disruptive Public Education Movement
 Block, Matthew.

Can One "Catch" Sexual Orientation? Social Contagion, Concealability, and Adolescent Non-heterosexuality
 Lagos, Danya.

Can Women’s Economic Empowerment Transform Gender Norms? Women’s Paid Employment and Son Preference in India
 Behrman, Julia. and Duvisac, Sara.

Capabilities for Sustainability: Livelihoods and Culture in the South African Cederberg
 Keahey, Jennifer.

Capacities to Achieve: Positive Teaching Mindsets and Student Achievement in First Grade
 Irwin, Veronique.

Capitalism and Nationalism in the Longue Duree: Global Waves of Nationalism, 1492-2013

Capitalist World-Economy in the Longue Duree: Changing Modes of Global Distribution of Wealth, 1500-2008
 KARATASLI, SAHAN SAVAS. and Kumral, Sefika.

Capitalizing Craft: A Field Theory Approach to Analyzing Production and Consumption
 Elliott, Christopher.

Career Trajectories of Young Adults: Comparing Two Cohorts of the NLSY
 Branstad, Jennifer.

Caring and Carrying the Cost: Hispanic Nurses’ Challenges and Strategies for Working with Co-ethnic Patients
 Lo, Ming-Cheng. and Nguyen, Emerald.

Caring for Red: Care Work and Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Resolution
 Fried, Mindy.

Caring in the Clink: How Agents of Total Institutions Show Empathy for Captives
 DeCelles, Katherine. and Anteby, Michel.

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Dating and Marriage among Young Chinese Adults: An Examination of Gender Differences
 Blair, Sampson. and Madigan, Timothy.

Daughters of the Great Recession: School, Work, and Family Pathways in the Transition to Adulthood
 Hardie, Jessica.

David and Goliath?: A Pragmatic Strategy Theory of Social Movement Target Selection
 Schifeling, Todd.

Dealing with Disturbances - Intervention and Adaptation in Finnish Neighbourhoods
 Kouvo, Antti. and Risto, Haverinen.

Dealing with Modernity: Business Principles in the Charro Community
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

Death by Legal Intervention: An Historical Snapshot of Twenty-five Years of Data in Baltimore/D.C.
 Goodney Lea, Suzanne. and Smith, Deveraux.

Debating Responsibility: Limits of Consumer Advocacy in Kansas Medicaid Politics
 McCannon, Kevin.

Debt Regret and Concerns: Examining the Effects of Social Class in Liberal Arts College Graduates
 Warnock, Deborah. and Hurst, Allison.

Debtor-Friendly Bankruptcy Laws in a Financializing Economy: Explaining the Turkish Case
 Arslan, Melike.

Deciphering the Civic Virtue of Communal Space: Neighborhood Attachment, Social Capital and Participation in China
 Fu, Qiang. and Zhu, Yushu.

Defining Fat Fitness: Alternative Practitioners' Attempts to Redefine Fitness
 Pollock, Sarah.

Defining the Genetic Correlation by Environment (rGxE) Interaction Model
 Wedow, Robbee., Huibregtse, Brooke. and Boardman, Jason.

Definitions of the Situation in Live Bluegrass Music Performance: Sound Engineers and Musicians
 Light, Stephen.

Deliberate Trust and Intuitive Faith: A Dual-process Model of Reliance
 Stoltz, Dustin.

Demand for Work Experience and Labor Market Entry After Completion of Vocational Education and Training
 Buchmann, Marlis. and Mueller, Marianne.

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Ecological Hazards in New York State: Disproportionality and Frame Alignment in the Environmental Movement
 Krieg, Eric.

Economic Growth, Human Development, and Water and Sanitation: A Cross-national Multi-level Analysis
 Hargrove, Andrew.

Economic Hardship and Biological Weathering: The Epigenetics of Aging in a Sample of Black Women
 Simons, Ronald., Lei, Man Kit. and Simons, Leslie.

Economic Inequality and Childhood in China's Cities
 Young, Natalie. and Hannum, Emily.

Educating the Sighted, A Microsociological Study of Negotiations of a Contentious Strategy of Disability Simulation
 Buchter, Lisa.

Education Legitimates Income Inequality: Normative Beliefs in Communist and Market-oriented Nations
 Kelley, Jonathan. and Evans, Mariah.

Education, Religion, and Identity in French Ontario: A Case Study of French-language Catholic School Choice
 Nault, Jean-Francois.

Educational Assortative Mating and Income Dynamics in Couples: A Longitudinal and Dyadic Perspective
 Qian, Yue.

Educational Assortative Mating and Income Inequality across Changing Labor Markets
 Andrew, Megan., McClintock, Elizabeth. and Ford, Karly.

Educational Attainment of Transgender Adults: Does the Timing of Transgender Identity Development Matter?
 Wilkinson, Lindsey., Pearson, Jennifer. and Liu, Hui.

Educational Attainment, Arts Training, and Adult Arts Participation: Do First-Generation and Continuing-Generation College Graduates Differ?
 Dumais, Susan.

Educational Ecosystems and Charter Policy Development in the United States
 Johnston, Joe.

Effect Comparison in Nonlinear Dyadic Mixed-effects Models between Equations
 Kern, Christoph. and Stein, Petra.

Effect of College Selectivity on Later-life Health and Mortality: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
 Garcia, Sarah.

Effects of Climate for Diversity on Cognitive Outcomes of Diverse Latino Students Attending Selective Universities
 Franco, Marla. and Kim, Young.

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Factors Associated with Indigenous Youths’ Abstinence from Drinking
 Sittner, Kelley.

Factors Influencing Student Gains from Undergraduate Research Experiences at a Hispanic Serving Institution
 Daniels, Heather., Grineski, Sara., Collins, Timothy., Morales, Danielle. and Morera, Osvaldo.

Failing at Remediation? College Remedial Course-taking, Failure and Long-term Student Outcomes
 Sanabria, Tanya., Penner, Andrew. and Domina, Thurston.

Failure in Emerging Adulthood: Narrative Agency in Career and Practice Institutions among Poor and Working-Class Women
 Nielsen, Kelly.

Faith and Fitting In: Social Integration and the Performance of Muslim Identity at an Elite University
 Brensinger, Jordan.

Faith-based Community Organizing for and among the Formerly Incarcerated
 Flores, Edward. and Cossyleon, Jennifer.

Faith-based Organizations and International Development: What does Religion Add?
 Comeau, Katherine.

Falling Ill in Teaching Sociology of Global Health: How We Fail and What it Reveals
 Finnegan, Amy., Westerhaus, Michael. and Morse, Michelle.

Families We Build: Same-sex Relationships and Family Life Among Gay Latino Men
 Silva, Archibaldo.

Families, Firms and the Advantage of Absent Social Movements Among India's Professional Elites
 Ballakrishnen, Swethaa.

Family Background, Skin Color and Contact with the Criminal Justice System
 Kizer, Jessica.

Family Complexity and Parents’ Financial Support for Postsecondary Education
 Fomby, Paula. and Kravitz-Wirtz, Nicole.

Family FriendlyJobs and Motherhood Career Penalties Across the Educational Spectrum: Panacea or Problem?
 Fuller, Sylvia.

Family Social Capital and Post-secondary Schooling: Variation by Race-ethnicity
 Wallace, Samantha. and Beutel, Ann.

Fat-proof Your Child: Parenting Advice and Child Obesity
 Quirke, Linda.

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Gambling, Fatefulness, and Risk Society
 Shalin, Dmitri.

Game Over for the Climate: The Keystone XL Pipeline on TV News
 Wilder, Elisabeth.

Gay Men and Fatherhood: Doing Gender, Queering Gender, and the Package Deal
 McKee, Adam.

Gay Seouls: Religious Spaces for Sexual Minorities in South Korea
 Jung, Gowoon. and Yi, Joseph.

Gender & Dietary Patterns among Mexican-Origin Adults
 Quiros, Susana.

Gender Attitudes in Post-crisis Europe
 Soboleva, Natalia.

Gender Attitudes in the World of Work: Cross-cultural Comparison
 Soboleva, Natalia.

Gender Composition in Contentious Collective Action: Women’s Strike Participation in Gilded Age America -- Harmful, Helpful, or Both?
 Jacobs, Anna. and Isaac, Larry.

Gender Contexts and Women’s Health in India
 Stroope, Samuel.

Gender Difference in the Development of Dyadic Interaction Structure: A Behavioral-structural Analysis
 Takeuchi, May. and Takeuchi, Alexander.

Gender Differences in Accuracy of Self-assessed Digital and eHealth Literacy among Older Adults in Israel
 Brainin, Esther.

Gender Differences in Divorce and Remarriage in a Changing Society
 Chen, Jingjing. and Shu, Xiaoling.

Gender Differences in Happiness: The Effect of Marriage, Social Roles, and Social Support in East Asia
 Hori, Makiko. and Kamo, Yoshinori.

Gender Differences in Peer Influence and Friend Selection for Adolescent Delinquency, Drinking, and Smoking
 McMillan, Cassie.

Gender Differences in the Association of Religiosity with Suicidal Behavior
 Podlogar, Matthew. and Min, Stella.

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HIV Sero-discordant Couples Living in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence Rates and Sexual Health Behaviors over Time
 Denardo, Danielle.

HIV and Mortality in NYC: Shifting Paradigms and Unequal Access
 Kampler, Benjamin.

Haciéndome el Fuerte: Recovering from Illness and the Uncertainty of Healthcare
 Rios, Sarah.

Harmonizing Forms of Legitimacy in the Consecration of Popular Music
 Schmutz, Vaughn. and van Venrooij, Alex.

Has the Tea Party Radicalized the Political Conversation? Suggestions from the 2012-2016 Republican Primary Debates
 Dietrich, David.

He Was Just a Kid: Police Violence, Race, and Age in New York City
 Kramer, Rory. and Remster, Brianna.

Health Care Reform and the Criminal Justice Population
 Gutierrez, Carmen.

Health Status and Residential Exposure to Air Toxics: What are the Effects on Children’s Academic Achievement?
 Clark, Stephanie., Grineski, Sara. and Collins, Timothy.

Health in the Tenderloin: A Resident-Guided Study of Substance Use, Treatment, and Housing
 Chang, Jamie.

Health, Technology and the Environment: the Risks and Rewards of Modernity that Shape Confidence in Science
 Peterson, Lindsey. and Price, Anne.

Health-related Parenting among U.S. Families and Young Children’s Physical Health
 Augustine, Jennifer., Prickett, Kate. and Kimbro, Rachel.

Healthy Paths? The Transition to Adulthood and Trajectories of Self-Rated Health
 Rohrman, Shawna.

Hegemonic or Queer?: A comparative analysis of 5 LGBTQIA/Disability intersectional Social Movement Organizations
 Egner, Justine.

Hegemony Versus Globalization: Protest, Repression and the Struggle for Power in Post-Chávez Venezuela
 Smilde, David. and Triplett, Jennifer.

Her Education, His Education, and Fertility: Exploring How Educational Pairings Affect Couples’ Childbearing Behavior
 Nitsche, Natalie. and Van Bavel, Jan.

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I Can’t Afford to Worry about Risks: Risk and Emotion in Phase I Trials
 Cottingham, Marci. and Fisher, Jill.

I Can’t Drink You Away: Age Specific Associations between Problematic Drinking and Mental Illness
 Tatch, Andrew. and Robertson, Angela.

I Don’t Really Look that Hispanic Latino Boys Negotiating Racial and Ethnic Identity at School
 Lechuga, Chalane.

I Don’t Think They’d Be Comfortable: Hegemonic Masculinity and Men’s Cross-Sexual Orientation Friendships
 Rothwell, William.

I Know What Happened Establishing Epistemic Stance and Status in Police Interrogations
 David, Gary.

I am Stephanie Lechuga Peña: My Personal, Racial, and Educational Narrative
 Lechuga-Peña, Stephanie.

I can Never be too Comfortable: Race and Emotion at the Hospital Bedside
 Cottingham, Marci., Johnson, Austin. and Erickson, Rebecca.

I'm Straight, I'm Thinking About Girls, and I'm Masturbating: Masculinity, Pornography, and Doing Gender
 Harvey, Brenna.

I'm Tryin' to Fulfill My Purpose
 Price-Spratlen, Townsand.

Icing on the Cake: Using Privilege to Predict Who Finds a Natural Mentor
 Kelley, Margaret. and Lee, Meggan.

Identifying an Indigenous Movement of the Americas
 Steinman, Erich.

Identifying the Rider: the Role of Reasoning in Moral Judgements
 Frederick, Jake.

Identity, Cultural Citizenship, and Legal Belonging among Returned Migrants in Mexico
 Sarabia, Heidy.

Ideological Mobilization Revisited: A Case Study of the Returning Educated Youth Movement in Socialist China
 Zhao, Pengfei.

Ideological Roots of Republican Party in Election 2016: A Collective Behavior and Social Movement Approach
 DiBranco, Alex. and Berlet, Chip.

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Job Readiness Training: Preparing Low-income Adults for Employment
 Chaganti, Sara.

Job Refusal and Job Departure among Academic Dual-career Couples
 Zhang, Hong., Kmec, Julie. and Byington, Tori.

Job Satisfaction Developmental Trajectories and Health: A Life Course Perspective
 Dirlam, Jonathan. and Zheng, Hui.

Joining the Fray? Journalist’s Use and Attribution of Outrage Rhetoric in Abortion Coverage
 Gardner, Beth.

Judging by the Rules? A Framework for Predicting How Evaluative Cultures Develop
 Lom, Stacy.


Kin Availability in the Era of Mass Incarceration
 Chung, Pil. and Hepburn, Peter.

Knock-down, Drag-out: Ray Rice, the NFL, and the Anti-Domestic Violence Movement
 Pullen, Katherine.

Korean Immigrants’ Barriers to Health care and Their Coping Strategies in the United States
 Jang, Sou Hyun.


LGBT Young Adults on the Street and on Campus: Identity as a Product of Social Context
 Schmitz, Rachel. and Tyler, Kimberly.

Labor Market Lives: Low-wage Workers in Search of Opportunity in the One-stop Job Center
 Halpin, Brian.

Labor Protest and State Categories: How France’s Migrant Workers Renewed the Fight for Legal Status
 Barron, Pierre., Bory, Anne., Chauvin, Sebastien., Jounin, Nicolas. and Tourette, Lucie.

Laboratory Meeting as a Site of Public Work: A Bioinformatic Shop Floor
 Everhart, Donald.

Language and Identification: Activists' Discourses in Constructing Social Movements' Collective Identities"
 Platt, Gerald., Williams, Rhys. and Cheney, Eric.

Language in America: Diversity, Dominance, and Cultural Maintenance, 1910 – 2010
 Verdugo, Richard. and Swanson, David.

Language, Class, and Nation: The Rise of a National Lingua Franca and the Problem of Equity
 Weng, Jeffrey.

Late Age Immigrant Health in the United States
 Chinn, Juanita.

Latin America’s Religious Transformation. Search for a Grounded Paradigm
 Morello, Enzo Gustavo.

Latin America’s Turn To The Market: An Analysis Of Neoliberal Market Reforms In Eight Countries
 Wiley, Brian.

Latina/o Students in Majority White Schools: How School Ethnic Enclaves Link Ethnicity with Success
 Salerno, Stacy. and Reynolds, John.

Latina/os Challenge the World to Change the Conversation: Fusing Literatures on Racism, Migration & Globalization
 Bandhauer, Carina.

Latino Deportations and Latino Foreclosures: Connecting the Dots
 Rugh, Jacob. and Hall, Matthew.

Latino Jewish Migrants in the United States
 Gold, Steven.

Latinos Need to Stay in Their Place: Contemporary Latino Segregation
 Lacayo, Celia.

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Maintaining Masculinity: The Case of Upper-Class Boys in a Therapeutic Boarding School
 Pfaffendorf, Jessica.

Majority, Minorities, and Ethnic Optimism in Kyrgyzstan
 Agadjanian, Victor.

Make it Nasty: Twerking and the Myth of Black Women's Hypersexuality
 Baskerville, Niamba.

Make the Grants, Make the Market: How W.K.Kellogg Foundation Funds the Local Food Market in Michigan
 Qian, Hui.

Making College Worth It: Understanding Risk and Reward in the Age of College-for-All
 Silva, Jennifer. and Snellman, Kaisa.

Making Democracy Real: Participatory Governance in Urban Latin America
 Hetland, Gabriel.

Making Money, Doing Gender, or Being Essentialist?: Partner Characteristics and Americans’ Attitudes toward Housework
 Quadlin, Natasha. and Doan, Long.

Making Room for Daddy: Breastfeeding Intending Couples’ Gendered Support Behavior and the Gender Binary
 Fitzwater Gonzales, Laura. and Elliott, Sinikka.

Making and Remaking Gentrification: The Case of Korea Re-inventing Commercial Tenants as Activists Against Gentrification
 Lee, Yewon.

Making the Grade: Classification as Signification on Chicago and New Orleans Futures Markets, 1856-1915
 Pinzur, David.

Making the Pathways by Playing: Modes of Movement-Relevant Research in an Anti-gentrification Coalition
 Krinsky, John. and Caldwell, Hillary.

Making the Transnational Move: Development, Deliberation, and Disjunctures among U.S.-trained Chinese in China
 Zhang, Yingchan.

Male Dominance in Video Game Production, Content, Consumption, and the Social World
 Turner, Amanda.

Man Up, Man Down: Race-ethnicity and the Hierarchy of Men in Female-dominated Work
 Yavorsky, Jill., Cohen, Philip. and Qian, Yue.

Managers and Lactation Law: Managerialization and De-Managerialization
 Hoffmann, Elizabeth.

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NGO Strategies in an Authoritarian Context, and Their Implications for Citizenship: The Case of the PRC
 Hsu, Jennifer. and Hsu, Carolyn.

NOT Playing to Win: Why Recreational Gymnasts Tumble On
 August, Amy.

Narrative Reconstruction and Post-traumatic Growth: The Importance of Narrative in Sociological Research and Practice
 Jirek, Sarah.

Narrative of Need: How and Why Second-Generation Filipino-Americans Engage in Transnational Economic Connections
 Gutierrez, Armand.

Narratives of Displacement and Loss: An Abductive Rereading of Holocaust Memoirs
 Gerson, Judith.

National Identity, Racialization, and Criminalization: Chilean Carabineros and Recent Regional Migration
 Doña Reveco, Cristian.

National Security and/or Public Safety: Negotiations amongst Crimmigration Law Entities
 Arriaga, Felicia.

Nationality Discrimination in Job Advertisements: Evidence from the United Arab Emirates
 Sequeira, Andrea.

Native Americans and Health Insurance: The Role of the Tribe
 Kavanagh, Jillian.

Natural Hazards and Residential Instability: A Longitudinal Analysis of Pervasive, Cumulative Effects on Socially Vulnerable Populations
 Elliott, James. and Howell, Junia.

Natural Law and Human Fallibility: Islam, Christianity, and the Emergence of Democracy/Human Rights
 Gould, Mark.

Natural Resource Availability and Fertility Intentions in Rural Madagascar
 Hunter, Lori., Modile, Adenife. and Lawrence, Elizabeth.

Navigating Medical Uncertainty: The Rise of Chronic Illness and the Transformation of U.S. Health Care
 Berkowitz, Lindsay.

Negotiating Ambiguous Standpoints: Transnational Research and Conducting Reflexive Feminist Ethnography in Socio-Legal Studies
 Lee, Sohoon.

Negotiating Privacy in the Context of Poverty: Poor Mothers and the Social Safety Net
 Hughes, Cayce.

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Obamacare, the Neoliberal Model, and the Social Movement for a Just and Accessible Health System
 Waitzkin, Howard. and Hellander, Ida.

Occupational and Organizational Effects on Wages Among College-Educated Workers in 2003 and 2010
 Sakamoto, Arthur. and Wang, Sharron.

Old Manuela, New Manuela: A Longitudinal Examination of Adaptive Framing Techniques
 Triplett, Jennifer.

Older Adults Networking On and Off Digital Media: Initial Findings from the Fourth East York Study
 Wellman, Barry., Quan-Haase, Anabel., Martin, Kim., Miller, Meghan. and Beermann, Christian.

Older Places and Older-Adult Health Trajectories in Japan
 Vogelsang, Eric. and Raymo, James.

On Being a Muslim in Public: Contested Methods for Presenting Potetnially Stigamtized Selves
 O\'Brien, John.

On Multi-species Democracy
 Vrla, Stephen.

On Shaky Ground: Power,Spatial Inequality and the Politics of Energy Development
 Hall, Peter. and Ryder, Stacia.

On Thursdays We Watch Scandal: Communal Viewing and Black Twitter
 Williams, Apryl.

On Track or Derailed? Race, Advanced Math Course Taking, and the Transition to High School
 Irizarry, Yasmiyn.

On the Concept of Glocality from the Perspective of School Principals in Israel
 Mizrahi-Shtelman, Ravit. and Drori, Gili.

On the Edge: Insecure and Anxious Attachments to God, Tenure, Race and Participation in Congregational Life
 Kent, Blake. and Henderson, Matt.

On the Frontiers of Rational Choice
 Ermakoff, Ivan.

On the Queer Potential of Interviews: Or, Stories of as a Mechanism of Institutional Change
 Davis, Alexander.

On the Relationship Between Social Contexts, Biophysical Contexts and Biodiversity Loss
 Besek, Jordan. and York, Richard.

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Panethnicity as an Outcome of Symbolic Domination
 Demirhan, Emirhan.

Panhandling and the Pity Economy
 Wallerstein, Joseph.

Paradise Regained: A Critical Analysis of John Milton’s Adam using theories of masculinities
 Cserni, Robert.

Parental Immigration, Legal Status, and Children's Substance Use
 Yetter, Alyssa. and Graif, Corina.

Parental Incarceration and Child Well-Being: A Methodological and Theoretical Critique of Propensity Score Analysis
 Copp, Jennifer., Giordano, Peggy. and Longmore, Monica.

Parental Influence on Gender Self Concept of Mexican-American High School Female Athletes
 Gamboa, Jocelyn. and Zavala, Jasmine.

Parental Nativity and Intermarriage among Second-generation Mexican Americans
 Cedillo, Rosalio.

Parental Nonstandard Schedules and Child Academic Outcomes
 Leibbrand, Christine.

Parental Well-Being Across the Life Course: Gender, Parenting Transitions, and Positive and Negative Work-Home Spillover
 Lin, Katherine.

Parents, Identities, and Trajectories of Antisocial Behavior from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
 Johnson, Wendi., Giordano, Peggy. and Longmore, Monica.

Parole Revocations and Racial Disproportionality in Prison Admissions (1990-2009)
 Curry, Caitlin. and Engen, Rodney.

Parole Sanctions and Earnings after Release from Prison
 Siegel, Jonah., Harding, David. and Morenoff, Jeffrey.

Participation and Position: Predicting Centrality in Parents' School-based Networks
 Quinn, Rand., Cox, Amanda. and Steinbugler, Amy.

Partnering with the Strong but Blind State: How Civic Associations Co-create Policy during ACA Implemention
 Pacewicz, Josh.

Partnership Status and Sleep Quality among Mothers
 Kissling, Alexandra.

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Queer in Public: The Detrimental Effects of Street Harassment on LGBTQ Individuals
 Marchia, Jospeh.

Queering Mestizaje and the Notion of Choice in Racial Identity Formation
 Nunez, Adriana.

Queering Mormonism and Mormonizing Sexuality: The Intersectionality and Hybridity of Contradictory Identities
 Lovell, Erik.

Queernormative Culture: The Practice of Creating Norms in Queer Dominated Space
 Fielding, Dan.

Quota Sample and a Prayer: Using Churches to Obtain Minority Respondents for a Community Survey
 Szafran, Robert.


Race --The Condition of Neo-liberalism
 Singh, Vikash.

Race Differences in Motivations for Joining Labor Unions: The Role of Instrumental and Prosocial Beliefs
 Gumber, Clayton. and Padavic, Irene.

Race and Gender Ideologies at HBCUs: Implications for Biracial Students’ Identity Work
 Clayton, Kristen.

Race and Gender: Exploring the Intersectionality of Mental Health Treatment Seeking Among Active Duty Military Personnel
 Vina, Sean.

Race, Gender, and Migration: The Role of Paid Labor for Haitian Women in Diaspora
 Carney, Nikita.

Race, Gender, and Social Networks in Job Search
 Pager, Devah. and Pedulla, David.

Race, National Origins, and Intergenerational Mobility among African Immigrants in the Post-Civil Right Era United States
 Emeka, Amon.

Race, Self Identity, and Admixture in the Genomic Era
 Warner, Judith.

Race, the Religious Right, and the Republican Party
 Bloom, Jack.

Race-Religion-Ethnicity-Caste: Focal Point of the Global Class Struggle
 Spector, Alan.

Race/Ethnic Differences in How Living at Home during College Affects Postsecondary Trajectories
 Langenkamp, Amy., Perez, Nicole. and Hoyt, Andrew.

Race/Ethnic and Sex Differences in Type of College Attended: Lesser, Equal, or Greater Access?
 Wojtkiewicz, Roger. and Pellerin, Lisa.

Racial Boundaries of Inequality: How Racial Hierarchies and Identity Shape Whites’ Explanations for Racial Inequality
 Douds, Kiara. and O\'Connell, Heather.

Racial Discrimination and the Weathering of Non-marital Relationships
 Barr, Ashley.

Racial Hierarchy and Racial Transition among Ascending Neighborhoods
 Owens, Ann. and Candipan, Jennifer.

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STEM Experiences among Latinos and Asian Americans: Generational Change and Access to STEM
 Hanson, Sandra.

Saints, Sinners, Serpents, and Supermen: How Biblical and Hollywood tropes fuel Carceral Anti-trafficking Policies
 Lerum, Kari.

Satisficing and Permissive Institutionalization in the Market: The Case of American Manufacturing
 Vidal, Matt.

Save Our Homes: An Analysis of Property Tax Limitation Policymaking in Florida
 Bradley, Stephanie.

Scholars and Politics: Intellectual Strategies for Peacebuilding
 Swartz, David.

School Continuation after Compulsory Education in China and Taiwan
 Hao, Lingxin. and Lung, Shirley.

School Racial Segregation and Homeschooling
 Schultz, Melinda.

School Readiness, Status, And Immobility: Stuck at the Extremes?
 Peacock, Ian.

School Starting Age, Grade Completion, and Family-Related Transitions Among Teenagers in Mexico
 Caudillo, Monica.

School Wellness Policies and Adolescent Obesity: An Ecological Study
 Utz, Rebecca.

School-based Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants and Grade Point Average: A Multi-level study
 Grineski, Sara., Clark, Stephanie. and Collins, Timothy.

School-based Parental Involvement: Asset or Burden? Organizational Context and Perceptions of Involvement Across Three Schools
 Hutchison, Brent. and Gibbs, Benjamin.

Schools and the Black-white Gap: A Seasonal Comparison Approach Using New Data
 Yoon, Aimee.

Science and Sociodicy: Neuroscientific Explanations of Social Problems
 Halpin, Michael.

Science, Tradition, and Creativity in the Culinary Arts
 Borkenhagen, Chad.

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Taiwanese Racial Identity: Challenging U.S. Racial Discourse
 Rico, Brittany.

Taking One for the Team: Violent Roles in Professional Ice Hockey
 Sirianni, Antonio.

Targeted Policing or Sin Taxes on Sex? The Relationship between Adult Dance Clubs and Human Trafficking
 Fink, Joshua. and Land, Kenneth.

Teacher Social Origins and Student Success: Revisiting the Role of Teacher Race and Socioeconomic Background
 Villalobos, Amber.

Teaching Environmental Sociology at the Dawn of the Third Millennium
 Burns, Thomas. and Caniglia, Beth.

Teaching Inequality: A College Admissions Game
 Biggert, Robert.

Teaching Research Methods Courses
 Ockerman, Janet.

Teaching Up: Teaching About Privilege Without Being Privileged
 Atkins, Celeste.

Technological Basis of Egalitarian Economic Growth: Nineteenth-century Norwegian Fishing as an Alternative to Dark Satanic Mills
 Cohn, Samuel., Upchurch, Michael., Rahaman, Hannah. and Vogl, Justin.

Temper or Tempered? The Double Edged Sword of Social Movement Anger, Motivation, and Mobilization
 DeCelles, Katherine., Sonenshein, Scott. and King, Brayden.

Tenant Screening and Fair Housing in the Information Age
 Reosti, Anna.

Test Scores, Admissions, and Asian-Americans in Higher Education
 Fitzpatrick, Brian.

Testing Marx's General Law of Underproduction: The Case of Oil
 Lawrence, Kirk. and Moore, Jason W..

Testing Simmel’s Theory on Group Persistence: Elite Networks and Institutional Development in the Medieval Hansa, 1356-1516
 Wurpts, Bernd.

Thank You For Signing Our Petition!: Understanding the Differences in Signatory Support
 Akin, Afife.

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U.S. Census Bureau Mid-decade Research on Race and Ethnicity: 1960-2015
 Marks, Rachel., Pratt, Beverly. and Jones, Nicholas.

Unanswered Questions in Deterrence Theory: Crime-Specific Risk Updating and Behavioral Effects
 Thomas, Kyle., Hamilton, Benjamin. and Loughran, Thomas.

Unchaining the Dialectic: Toward a General and Intersectional Formulation of Marx’s Systematic-dialectical Method
 Levy, Benjamin.

Unconscious Racial Micro-aggressions: The Hiring Practice and Employment Relationship of Chinese Migrants in Australia
 Li, Yao-Tai.

Unconventional Risks: The Experience of Acute Energy Development in the Eagle Ford Shale
 Ellis, Colter., Theodori, Gene., Petrzelka, Peggy., Jackson-Smith, Douglas. and Luloff, Ae.

Under-rewarded Boss: Gender, Workplace Power, and the Distress of Perceived Pay Inequity
 Schieman, Scott. and Narisada, Atsushi.

Undermining and Upholding Hegemonic Masculinity: Discursive Framing on an Online Discussion Forum for Anorexic Men
 Livingstone, Stacey.

Understanding Activism Within Institutions: The Case of LGBT Employee Resource Groups
 Ghosh, Apoorva. and Bernstein, Mary.

Understanding Criminal Identity and Projected Conformity in Courts and Restorative Justice Conferences: An Identity Approach
 Keith, Shelley. and Scheuerman, Heather.

Understanding Cultural Trauma
 Williams, Jerry. and Williams, Michelle.

Understanding Environmental Opinions: A Phenomenological Analysis
 Williams, Jerry.

Understanding Frame Legitimacy in China: Environmental Protest Strategies and the Emergence of a "Science Frame"
 Lin, Jean Yen-chun.

Understanding Gendered Risk-taking in the Academic Dual-Hiring Process in STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines
 Morton, Sarah.

Understanding Organizational Transformation via the Patient-centered Medical Home: Institutional Logics, Core Functions, and Maturity
 Wholey, Douglas., Wagner, Brittin. and White, Katie.

Understanding School Racial Composition and Higher Educational Outcomes
 Thomas, Tori. and Frankenberg, Erica.

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Vaccine Refusal: Personal Beliefs, Individual Liberty, and the Collective Good in Conflict
 Estep, Kevin.

Variable Use from the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP), 2007-2015
 Hanis-Martin, Jennifer., Howe, Melissa., Pudelek, Kelly., Kozloski, Michael. and Henning, Sara.

Variation in Educational Returns of Floating Population across Cities in China
 Zhao, Menghan. and Jin, Yongai.

Varieties of Scandinavian universalism: Hybrid evaluations of Swedish and Danish welfare.
 Frederiksen, Morten.

Vector Space Models as Non-narrative Descriptions of Time
 Atria, Jose Tomas.

Venues: Using Geographic Constraint to Find the Political in the Apolitical
 Graziul, Christopher.

Victims and Survivors of Sexual Assault: The Role of Identity in Distress and Well-being
 Boyle, Kaitlin.

Violent Video Games and Rape Myth Acceptance for Male Latino High School Students
 Nunez, Kevin., Paz, Sebastian. and Fares, Phoenicia.

Visual Data Analysis: Towards a Methodological Framework for a Novel Trend in Studying Behavior
 Nassauer, Anne. and Legewie, Nicolas.

Visualizing Activism: Patterns of Representation in Broadcast News Media, 1970-2012
 Rohlinger, Deana., Redmond, Rebecca., Gentile, Haley., Stamm, Tara. and Olsen, Alexandra.

Voice Lift: Corporeal Imaginaries in Voice Estrangement
 Vallee, Mickey.

Volunteer Science: An Online Laboratory for Experiments in Social Psychology
 Radford, Jason., Pilny, Andrew., Reichelmann, Ashley., Keegan, Brian., Foucault Welles, Brooke., Hoye, Jefferson., Ognyanova, Katherine., Meleis, Waleed. and Lazer, David.

Voting with Their Feet and Wallets: How Consumers Respond to Corporations' Political Speech
 Snell, Steven.


Warming Up or Cooling Out? Educational Trajectories of Undocumented College Students
 Sloan, Jennifer.

Waves of Change? How Parents' Negotiations with Childhood Gender Variance Impact the Gender Frame
 Ryan, Krysti.

We Hate Each Other: Understanding (Hetero) Sexuality in the Tween Social World
 Velding, Victoria.

We Need Your Help: Mobilization by West African Diasporas in Response to Ebola
 Manning, Ryann.

We, as a People? Assessing the Consequences of Various Sources of Diversity within Black America
 Shelton, Jason.

Weather Effects on Social Movements: Evidence from Washington D.C. and New York City, 1960-1995
 Zhang, Tony.

Well-being and Foster Care Transitions: Service Awareness and Utilization
 Pérez, Alfred. and Harris, Richard.

West Hollywood is Not That Big on Anything But White People: Constructing “Gay Men of Color”
 Han, Chong-suk., Choi, Kyung-Hee., Paul, Jay. and Ayala, George.

We’re All in This Together: Sub-Cultural Identity in a Fundamentalist Christian Church
 Glassman, Lindsay.

We’re Not Talking About Touchy Feely Social Justice: Commodifying Humanistic Social Science for the Clinic
 Olsen, Lauren.

We’ve Got Grit”: Disaster Vulnerability and Resilience in Advanced Age
 Campbell, Nnenia.

What Are You?: Exploring the Racial Identity Experience of Part-Latinos
 Miyawaki, Michael.

What Does it Mean to Return Home? Mexican Women Narratives of Hope and Uncertainty
 Lugo, Betsabeth.

What Does it Mean to be Childless? Exploring Meaning Structures of Parents and Childless Individuals
 Long, Brooke. and Yarrison, Fritz.

What Happens at the Valley of Transition?: A Gender Equality Approach to Women's Employment and Fertility
 Kim, Young-Mi.

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Xenophobia Toward Homosexuals and Immigrants in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe
 Kraus, Nicole.


You Can’t Tell Tomorrow: Economic Uncertainty, Social Credibility, and Informal Lending in Ghana
 Bayham, Lindsay.

You Eat What You Are: The Effect of Religious Identity on Halal and Kosher Diet
 Budak, Kemal.

You Look Like a Dude, Dude: Masculine Females Undoing Gender in the Workplace
 Dozier, Raine.

You Must Work Hard: Changes in U.S. Adults' Values for Children 1986-2012
 Nomaguchi, Kei. and Milkie, Melissa.

You Wouldn't Have a Female James Bond: Catholic Priests, Doing Religion, and Women's Ordination
 Harvey, Peter.

You, Me, and All of Us: Using Individual Identity to Build an SMO Identity
 Jacobs, Molly.

Young Women's Work-family Orientations and Educational Outcomes in Emerging Adulthood
 Lee, Bo Hyeong (Jane).

Young Women's and Men's Occupational Plans: The Role of the Local Labor Market
 Sutton, April. and Weeden, Kim.

Youth Participatory Action Research: Pedagogical Possibilities, Civic Constraints, and the Political Imaginary of Latinx Youth
 Sánchez Loza, Dinorah.

You‘ve Got M@il – Field Experiments of Ethnic Discrimination in Everyday Life
 Bozoyan, Christiane. and Pointner, Sonja.

You’ve Gotta Work the System to Survive: The Economic Survival Strategies of Welfare Mothers
 MacDonald, Melissa.
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