American Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2017-Aug-09 to 2017-Aug-17

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"I Didn’t Need Any Help”: How Sex Workers Experience Victim-based Approaches to Prostitution Policy
 Jungleib, Lillian.

"You're Fired," Says the Robot: The Rise of Workplace Automation, Technophobes, and Fears of Unemployment
 McClure, Paul.

#NoDAPL Fever: Decoding Public Fascination with the Sacred Stone Camp
 Cragoe, Nicholas.

(K)in Context: Relational Networks and Well-being among Children and Adolescents Raised by Grandparents
 Arroyo, Julia.

(Non)-Performance of Sick Role and Health Perceptions in a New Brave World of Digital Health Information
 Seckin, Gul. and Cheun, Jacquelyn.

(Re-)Defining Self-Perception of Weight Appropriateness: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Weight Change Attitudes and Actions
 Gutin, Iliya.

(Un)productive Citizens, Disciplined Bodies: The Effects of Gender, Age, and Migration Status on Deportee (Re)incorporation
 Maginot, Kelly.

1. Research Support for Sociologists
 Amaya, Nicole.

10. National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth
 Gardecki, Rosella.

11. The Association of Religion Data Archives
 Finke, Roger. and Mataic, Dane.

12. Children of the NLSY79
 Keck, Canada. and Lunney, Carole.

13. Data, Employment, Training, and Research Funding Opportunities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Mack, Karin. and Holtzman, Deborah.

14. Understand and Explore the IPUMS-Demographic and Health Surveys Data Dissemination System
 Boyle, Elizabeth. and Andic, Tanja.

15. National Institutes of Health Research Funding Opportunities
 Chinn, Juanita.

16. Data Management, Dissemination and Linkage in Add Health (National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health)
 Dean, Sarah., Meekins, Kelsey. and Halpern, Carolyn.

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A 21st Century Breakfast Club: Continuity and Change in High School Social Groups
 Crabbe, Rowena., Pivnick, Lilla., Bates, Julia., Gordon, Rachel. and Crosnoe, Robert.

A Battle of Worths: Symbolic boundaries, community conflict and notions of progress
 Valle, Melissa.

A Bifurcated Welcome? Examining the Willingness to Include Seasonal Agricultural Workers in the Host Community
 Pritchard, Paul.

A Bourdieusian Approach to Explaining the Rise of Religious Nationalism in France, 1940-1942
 Luft, Aliza.

A Career Advancement Perspective on Inter-organizational Job Mobility
 Yang, Tiantian. and Bidwell, Matthew.

A Career in Grantwriting: What's in Your Toolbox?
 Marston, Linda.

A Comparative Study on the Media Coverage of Internet Addiction in South Korea and the United States
 Park, Arum.

A Comparison of ADHD, Depression, and Self-Rated Health and their Gendered Effects on Intimate Relationship Quality
 Lehpamer, Nicole.

A Comparison of Class Size Effects in Larger and Smaller Sections of the Introductory Sociology Course
 Rezac, Sandra., McCoy, Charles., Sabin, Stanley. and Light, Stephen.

A Comparison of Urban and Rural Water Levels in Wells: The Case of Lubbock County
 Cavazos, Robert.

A Contemporary Overview of Inequality in Public Education by Race and Ethnicity
 Goyette, Kimberly.

A Critical Analysis of Local Attitudes on Climate Change and Environmental Risk in Southeastern Louisiana
 Lipsman, Jacob.

A Critique of Dualistic Notions in Social Theory from Descartes to Giddens
 Halley, Jeffrey. and Haverda, Timothy.

A Cross-National, Quantitative Study of the Relationship between Income Inequality and Incarceration Rates
 Steelman, Burle. and Burns, Thomas.

A Crowd Content Analysis Assembly Line: Scaling Up Hand-Coding with Text Units of Analysis
 Adams, Nicholas.

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Babies, Work, or Both? The Interdependence of Women’s Employment and Fertility in East Asia
 Oh, Eunsil. and Brinton, Mary.

Baby Boomers, Social Security, and Medicare: A Print Media Analysis
 Matcha, Duane.

Back Into the Fold: Normalizing Discourses in Eating Disorder Treatment
 Iacobucci, Alaina.

Bad Jobs for Whom? Structural Position and Job Reward Preferences Among Contingent Faculty
 Klainot-Hess, Elizabeth.

Bad Mothers of Girly Sons: Mother-Blame as Social Resistance to Childhood Gender-Nonconformity in Boys
 Ryan, Krysti.

Bad Trees, Not Apples: School-Level Influences on Bullying
 Rafalow, Matt.

Balancing Work-Family and Care: The Case of Caregivers in the Peripherical Region of Bas-Saint Laurent
 Alberio, Marco.

Ballsy Women on and off the Court: The Intersection of Female Masculinity, Sexuality, and Sport
 Acosta Russian, Anna.

Banning the Box, Keeping the Stigma? Sustaining Attitudes Post Ban-the-Box
 Schneider, Lesley., Vuolo, Michael. and Lageson, Sarah.

Barriers to Health Eating: Examining the Influence of Income and Education on Healthy Food Purchasing Behaviors
 Lence, Clare. and Kowaleski-Jones, Lori.

Barring Progress: The Influence of Paternal Incarceration on Families’ Neighborhood Attainment
 Leibbrand, Christine., Carll, Erin., Bruns, Angela. and Lee, Hedwig.

Based on a True Story: How Converts Lend Credibility to Social Movements
 Trumpy, Alexa.

Basic Income and Work in Social Context
 Calnitsky, David.

Bearing Witness: U.S. and Canadian Maternity Support Workers’ Observations of Mistreatment of Women in Childbirth
 Roth, Louise., Henley, Megan., Seacrist, Marla. and Morton, Christine.

Because I'm a Fighter: Examining Salvadoran Women's Leadership Toolkit
 Tejada, Karen.

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CRISPR/Cas Technology: Articulated Innovation and the Progression of Scientific Research Programs
 Molina, Santiago.

Campus Racial Climates: Integrating Qualitative, Quantitative, and Historical Approaches
 McClelland, Katherine.

Can Community Mobilization Improve Government Service Delivery? Homestead Land Rights in Bihar, India
 Nickow, Andre.

Can Discrimination be Reduced by Inducing Compliance? A Quasi-experiment in Rental Housing Discrimination
 Verhaeghe, Pieter-Paul. and Van der Bracht, Koen.

Can I See More of You? Afropolitan Self-stylization on Grindr Profiles in Soweto
 Boston, Nicholas.

Can We Be Friends? Focusing on Immigrants in Japan
 Ohtsuki, Shigemi.

Can We Measure Linguistic Inequalities?
 Sapiro, Gisèle.

Can You Work Your Way Up? Ability Grouping and the Development of Student Engagement
 Jean, Marshall.

Canada's Capitalist Economy: Implications for Off-reserve Indigenous Education in Ontario
 MacKenzie, Nicholas.

Canonization Processes in the Making and Remaking of Culture
 Snow, David.

Capital Socio-Femenino: Latina Adolescent Street Vendors Protecting the Men in their Lives
 Estrada, Emir.

Capital and Carbon: The Shifting Common Good Justifications for Energy Regimes
 Beamish, Thomas. and Biggart, Nicole.

Capitalism Out of the Shadow: Double Ambiguity, Privatization and Marketization in China
 Lin, Le.

Capitalist Growth and Ecological Crisis
 Rosenberg, Brian.

Capitalizing on Community: Tax Credit Housing and the Commercialization of Grassroots Advocacy
 Robinson, John.

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Daily Life under the "Specter of Dislocation" in the Mobile Home Park
 Sullivan, Esther.

Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t? Care-based Leaves and Gender Equality
 Tigges, Leann., Barcus, Miriam. and Kim, Jungmyung.

Dancing Madly Backwards: Fractured Communities and Unconventional Energy Development in the Reign of Trump
 Ladd, Anthony.

Data Metaphors: Diving for Objective Truths
 Maiers, Claire.

Data Spanning Three Decades Illustrate Racial Disparities in Likelihood of Obesity
 Lo, Celia., Ash-Houchen, William. and Gerling, Heather.

Day Laborers and Worker Centers: Organizing Latino Immigrants
 Malpica, Daniel.

Deaf Identity Salience: Tracing Daphne's Deaf Identity Salience through Switched at Birth Season One
 Harvey, Penny.

Debating the Bargaining Power of Petty Producers in Agricultural Commodity Chains in China
 Li, Shumeng.

Debating the Inclusion of Animals in the Urban Farming Movement in Detroit
 Proctor, Michelle.

Decentralization of Medical Knowledge and the Cost of Coordinating Care
 Brewer, Alexandra.

Decision Making in a Non-traditional Sociological Career
 Lurie, Elinore.

Decisions on Commuting and Migration and the Influence of Education and Overqualification
 Melzer, Silvia. and Hinz, Thomas.

Declining Rural Safety Net, Perceptions of Political Risk and Selective Radicalization of Labor Contention in China
 Fu, Zheng.

Deconstructing Physicians Trust: An Evaluation of Trust in the United States and Iceland
 Olafsdottir, Sigrun.

Deep Edges: Online Communities as Social Movement and Social Organization
 Parsons, Ryan.

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Early Career Trajectories: Precarity and Timing within Labor Market Entry.
 Witteveen, Dirk.

Early Parental Investment and Child Development Trajectories
 Hao, Lingxin.

Early-life exposure to the China Famine and the subsequent risk of type 2 diabetes
 Zhang, Wencheng.

Eco-Professionals, Gentrification, and the Contradictions of the Climate Friendly City
 Rice, Jennifer., Cohen, Daniel., Long, Joshua. and Jurevich, Jason.

Ecological Citizenship: How Navdanya is Aiming to Create Eco-literate Global Citizens
 Ruiter, Angelique.

Ecological Modernization: Tales of Creation, Utopian Tales, and Sociological Theory
 Sapinski, J. P..

Ecological Question and Development of Productive Forces: Finding a Way Out of Global Climate Change
 Niazi, Tarique.

Ecologically Unequal Exchange, Climate Change, and Economic Recessions: The U.S. Experience 2000-2010
 Huang, Xiaorui.

Ecologies of Social Control: Race, Criminal Justice, and Child Protection
 Edwards, Frank.

Economic Development, Marketization, and Regional Variation of Work Values in Urban China
 Cao, Yang.

Economic Expectations of Young Adults
 Bandelj, Nina. and Lanuza, Yader.

Economic Freedom for the Free: The Contingency Effects of Neoliberalism on Inequality
 Dephillips, Robert.

Economic Optimism: The New Millennium Malaise among White Americans
 Compton, Jessica.

Economy, Culture and the Role of Meaning in Public-Private Social Housing in Canadian Cities
 Hyde, Zachary.

Ecotourism Under Siege: The Political-Economic Dynamics of Oil Extraction Threats to Sustainable Development in Belize
 Gould, Kenneth.

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FaceTiming the Nation: Art of Mobilizing Citizens in the Age of Fiber-optics through Collective Memory
 Karakaya, Yagmur.

Facilitating Conditions: Information and Access to Social Services Among Undocumented Women
 Carrillo, Dani.

Facing Disability among Elderly Holocaust Survivors: Challenges for Trust and Care-Getting
 Kahana, Eva., Bhatta, Tirth., Kahana, Boaz., Ye, Minzhi. and Lekhak, Nirmala.

Failing to Protect: A Historical Analysis of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
 McNamara, Kelly.

Failure to be Flexible: Impacts of Discourse and Sense of Control on Women’s Experiences of Childbirth
 Goodfriend, Erica.

Faith, Poverty, and Place: Religious Congregations and Social Service Provision Across the United States
 Gillooly, Jessica. and Allard, Scott.

Fall Fests and Spring Flings: The Soft Privatization of a Gentrifying Public School
 Mott, Michelle.

False Beliefs and Denied Mobility: The Effects of Household Debt on Education Investment
 Chung, Won Jun.

False Choices: Does School Choice Reinforce Stratification and Exclusion?
 Rosch, Jacob.

Family Feuds: How Legal Changes Affect Media Discourses Concerning the Family
 Brodyn, Adriana.

Family Matters: But Not In the Way Most International Migration Scholars Think
 Thomas, Jacob. and Huang, Peng.

Family Responsibilities Discrimination, HR Work-Family Discourse, and Organizational Mediation of U.S. Civil Rights Law
 Stryker, Robin., Reynolds-Stenson, Heidi. and Frederico, Krista.

Family Structure Change and Behavioral Problems in South Korea
 Jarvis, Jonathan., Larsen Gibby, Ashley. and Pribesh, Shana.

Family Structure and Subjective Income Mobility
 Smith, Bethany.

Family and The American Dream Ideology: Emotional Burdens or Resources for Latina/o College Students?
 Salerno, Stacy.

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Gambling with Life: The Occupational Risks of Being an Unauthorized Migrant Roofer in the United States
 Chavez, Sergio.

Garfinkel’s “Sources of Issues and Ways of Working"
 Maynard, Douglas.

Gatekeeping in Cultural Fields: How Evaluation Processes Contribute to Social Inequality
 Hamann, Julian. and Beljean, Stefan.

Gay Fathers on the Margins: Race, Class, Marital Status, and Pathway to Parenthood
 Carroll, Megan.

Gender Conventions, Sexual Self-Efficacy, and Sexual Frequency
 Carlson, Daniel. and Soller, Brian.

Gender Differences in Work-Family Conflict and its Mental Health Consequences in the Canadian Context
 Young, Marisa. and Repchuck, Ruth.

Gender Differences in the Effects of Support Exchanges on Psychological Well-being
 Erving, Christy. and Irby-Shasanmi, Amy.

Gender Disparities in Parenting Time across Activities, Child Ages and Educational Groups
 Negraia, Daniela., Augustine, Jennifer. and Prickett, Kate.

Gender Equality and Work-Family Spillover from a Cross-National Perspective
 Kaufman, Gayle. and Taniguchi, Hiromi.

Gender Gap in Patenting in China
 Tao, Yu., Hong, Wei., Ma, Ying. and Brown, Paige.

Gender Gap in STEM by College Programs
 Cha, Yun.

Gender Gaps in Student Academic Achievement and Inequality: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective
 Tsai, Shu-Ling., Smith, Michael. and Hauser, Robert.

Gender Identity and Second-generation Integration: A Case of Second-generation Somali Immigrants in Canada
 Karimi, Ahmad (Aryan)., Bucerius, Sandra. and Thompson, Sara.

Gender Ideology Formation: Uncovering Financial Strategies in Ukrainian Households
 Anderson, Nadina.

Gender Ideology and College Majors: Exploring how Different College Majors Pattern Gender Attitudes
 Patel, Visha., Schleifer, Cyrus. and Brauer, Simon.

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HPV Vaccine Development and Organizational Cultures of Translation at the National Cancer Institute, 1991-2008
 Aviles, Natalie.

Half the Job is Pleasing Her: Manager-Induced Stress, Care Worker Adaptations, and Care Recipient Outcomes
 Barna, Elizabeth.

Hanging In, Stopping Out, Dropping Out: Community College Students in an Era of Precarity
 Hart, Beth.

Happily, Ever After: Children’s Socialization and Interpretation About Love and Marriage
 Ponce, Adriana.

Hazard Experience, Vulnerability, and Flood Risk Perceptions in a Post-Disaster City
 Gotham, Kevin., Powers, Bradford. and Lauve-Moon, Katie.

He Heard, She Heard: Toward a Cultural Sociology of the Senses
 Lembo, Alessandra.

Healing Wounds or Reinstating Divisions? The Paradoxes of Genocide Memorialization
 Baer, Alejandro.

Health Care Utilization Patterns Among Latinos Diagnosed with HIV: Gender, Acculturation, and Inequalities
 Rodriguez, Heather.

Health Concordance among Same-sex and Different-sex Couples: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey (1997-2015)
 Spiker, Russell.

Health Endowment at Birth and Variation in Intergenerational Economic Mobility
 Robertson, Cassandra.

Health Lifestyles as a Multidimensional Social Phenomenon
 Cockerham, William., Wolfe, Joseph. and Bauldry, Shawn.

Health Selection to Unemployment and Disability in Differing Social Policy Settings
 Buffel, Veerle. and Heggebo, Kristian.

Health in Motion: Implications of U.S. Migration for the Health of Mexican Return Migrants
 Wassink, Joshua.

Healthcare Barriers, Racism, and Intersectionality in Australia
 Bastos, Joao., Harnois, Catherine. and Paradies, Yin.

Healthcare Inequality Among Asians: The Role of Ethnic Subgroup and Acculturation on Disparities
 Berdahl, Terceira. and Caldwell, Julia.

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I Am My Sisters' Keeper: An Intersectional Analysis of African American Women in Religious Leadership
 Bragg, Cynthia.

I Can't Breathe: The Police Use of Deadly Force in Large U.S. Cities
 Dirlam, Jonathan.

I Got Lucky: Parental Leave and the Mechanisms of Class Reproduction Across the Transition to Motherhood
 Hoffman, Charity.

I Just Want to be Bad: Differing Viewer Perceptions of Female and Male Transgressive Characters
 Cooper, Evan.

I am going where the women go: Black women's health care work in faith communities
 Young, Staci.

Identical Twins and their Extraordinary Relationship
 Greenwood, Joleen.

Identity Change and Reversion from Islam: An Egocentric Social Network Perspective
 Erin, Sakin., Arcagok, Ugur. and Keles, Ali Esref.

Identity Shifts: Understanding Women's Turning Points in the Procreative Realm
 Neville, Joanna.

Identity Transformations: Getting out of a Cult
 Ayella, Marybeth.

Identity Work and Emotion Management: Invisible Forms of Digital Inequality
 Robinson, Laura.

If Foucault Studied Food: An Analysis of Biopolitical and Neoliberal Appetites
 Bogan, Rachel.

Illegal Drug Markets and Victimizing Crime in New York and the United States
 Greenberg, David.

Illiberal Integration: Leitkultur and Orientalism in German Integration Courses and Citizenship Test
 Sterphone, Joseph.

Imagined Futures: The Effects of Uncertainty on DACAmented Youth in the United States
 Gonzales, Roberto., Lacomba, Cristina. and Valdivia, Carolina.

Imagined Threats: How Immigration Motive Misperception Shapes Perceived Group Threat
 Merhout, Friedolin.

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Jail Talk: Family Experiences of Incarceration in Rural America
 Dwyer Emory, Allison.

Jan Thomas, Kenyon College
 Thomas, Jan.

Jane Addams and the Classical Canon in Sociological Theory: A Radical Proposal
 Lengermann, Patricia. and Niebrugge-Brantley, Jill.

Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intensions of Non-Tenure Track Faculty in Higher Education
 Evans, Chad.

Jobless and Godless: The Ideological Projects of a Faith-based Job Readiness Program
 Purser, Gretchen. and Hennigan, Brian.

Juries Judging Injuries: The Special Role of Special Damages in Personal Injury Civil Cases
 Rose, Mary. and Diamond, Shari.

Just a Little Respect: Differences in Job Satisfaction among Individuals with and Without Disabilities
 Brooks, Jennifer.


Karl Marx on Human Life and its Commodification
 Aydin, Delal.

Keep Race on the Table: Racial Attitudes and Diversity Discourse in Leaders of Multiracial Organizations
 Okuwobi, Oneya.

Keepers of the Hearth and Battlefront: Women Volunteers in the Donbas Conflict
 Jarymowycz, Christina.

Key Changes: Record Store Failure in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit, 1970 – 2010
 Calkins, Thomas.

Kill It to Save It: Austerity and Apocalypse in America
 Dolgon, Corey.

Know the Reports, Know the Organization: UNHCR and the Syrian Crisis
 Rotem, Nir.

Knowing What We Don’t: Uncertainty in Food Risk Science
 Rona-Tas, Akos.

Knowing and Placing the Human: Standardization, Categorization, and the Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality
 Epstein, Steven.

Knowledge Attitude and Practice Regarding AIDS/HIV among Pakistani Women
 Hanif, Kamran.

Korean American Communities on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Kim, Minjeong.


LGBT Human Right as a Global Health Issue
 Marchia, Joseph.

La Vía Campesina and Standing Rock: Possibilities for Food, Water, and Climate Justice Amidst Global Expulsions?
 Schroering, Caitlin.

Labor Outsourcing and Value Production: Producing Social and Symbolic Value on the Contracting Labor Market
 Dumont, Guillaume.

Labor Unions and Equal Pay for Faculty: A Study of Pay Gaps on a Unionized Campus
 Dominguez-Villegas, Rodrigo. and Smith-Doerr, Laurel.

Laboratories of Democracy (Thousands of Them): Public Employment and Social Welfare across the Federal System
 Hooks, Gregory., Lobao, Linda., Partridge, Mark. and Iturra, Victor.

Laboring to Fit? LGBTQ Gender Labor in the Increasingly “Inclusionary” U.S. Military
 Caviness, Courtney.

Lady Gazing at the Gay Bar: How Women Use Gay Bars as Sites of Sexual Presentation
 Purrier, Morgan.

Lagging Socio-Economic Indicators of the Great Recession
 Smith, Tom.

Land Conflicts and Changes in Socioeconomic Relations: The Manyani Emerge in Tanzania
 Kurtz, Mariam.

Land Expropriation in Peri-rural Sichuan: Negotiation or Resistance?
 Chu, Yin-wah.

Landlord Constructions of Fair Housing Compliance in the Information Age
 Reosti, Anna.

Language and Gender in the Online Job-Matching Process
 Castilla, Emilio. and Rho, Hye Jin.

Latent Prejudice: American Attitudes toward Blacks
 Nicholson, Daniel.

Latino Children’s Health: The Role of Parents’ Immigration Status and Residence in the United States
 Mena Melendez, Lucrecia.

Latinos’ Remittance Behavior as a Transnational Practice: Variations by Nativity, Generation, and Social Capital
 Chun, Sung.

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Macro - Macro Emergence: Global Expansion of Participation and Policy
 Pearce, Matthew.

Macro-Structural Effects on Micro-Structural Tactical Diffusion: A Longitudinal Social Network Analysis
 Ring-Ramirez, Misty.

Maculate Conception: Markets and Morality in Russian and Ukrainian Reproductive Surrogacy
 Guseva, Alya. and Larkina, Tatiana.

Magic, Mysticism, and Mental Health: Developing a Theoretical Understanding of Spirituality and Health
 Medved Kendrick, Haley.

Maintaining Reliability in an Increasingly Complex Field: The Electricity Industry’s Transition to Smart Grid
 Scott, Lauren.

Making Ends Meet while Sanctioned on TANF
 Hausauer, Jessica.

Making Jerusalem 'Cooler': Creative Script, Youth Flight, Diversity
 Keidar, Noga.

Making Political Citizens? Migrants’ Narratives of Naturalisation in the United Kingdom
 Bassel, Leah., Monforte, Pierre. and Khan, Kamran.

Making it Matter: Educational Inequality, Research, and the Quest for Solutions
 Carter, Prudence.

Making it Work: Learning to Succeed in a Public Marketplace
 Orrico, Laura.

Making it Work: Undocumented Women’s Strategies of Resistance and Survival in a Restricted Labor Market
 Straut Eppsteiner, Holly.

Making the Collectivist Organization: Creativity, Conformity, and Social Closure
 Attwood-Charles, Will.

Man-on-the-Spotism, Territoriality, and the Materiality of the 19th-Century Thai State: The Case of Thai Forestry
 Chenpitayaton, Keerati.

Managed Autonomy: Youth Participation in Organizations
 Gaby, Sarah.

Managing Allyship and Intersectionality: A Model of External and Internal Privilege Negotiation
 Hartless, Jaime.

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NGOs, Populist Democracy, and New Forms of Citizenship in China
 Hsu, Carolyn.

Narratives of Non-Enlistment: Why People Who Want to Join the Military Choose Not To
 Rohall, David., Ender, Morten. and Matthews, Michael.

National Belonging in a Jewish Democracy: The Case of Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel
 Guetzkow, Josh.

Natural Disaster and Sickness Shocks: Evidence of Informal Insurance from Bangladesh
 Mozumder, Pallab. and Halim, Nafisa.

Navigating Compulsory Able-bodiedism and HIV Treatment Costs: HIV Status as an Intersection in Contingent Labor Markets
 Darling, Katherine.

Navigating Liminality: Emotion Work Among DACAmented Young Adults from Mixed-status Families
 Martinez, Girsea.

Navigating Surrogacy: How Surrogates in the United States Negotiate Market Considerations of Intimate Exchange
 Ziff, Elizabeth.

Negative Attitudes towards Unemployment in European Countries, in Relation to the Activation Shift and Macroeconomic Changes
 Buffel, Veerle. and Van de Velde, Sarah.

Negative attitudes toward PrEP: Moral Crusading and Sexual Citizenship
 Pawson, Mark. and Grov, Christian.

Negotiated Boundaries: Why Middle-Class Families in Taiwan Hire Tutors?
 Kao, Tzuyi.

Negotiating Ethnic Identity and Co-Ethnic Solidarity: A Case Study of Second-Generation Enclave Entreprenuers
 Muniz, Janet.

Negotiating Repair: The Infrastructural Contexts of Practice and Power
 Henke, Christopher.

Negotiating State Policy in the Improvised Classroom: An Ethnographic Inquiry into Sexual Health Classrooms
 Albert, Katelin.

Negotiating Transnational Ambivalence: How Aging Parents Grapple With Family Separation Across Time
 Sun, Ken.

Neighborhood Characteristics and Cognitive Functioning at Older Ages
 Barclay, Kieron., Cagney, Kathleen. and Elo, Irma.

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Occupational Concentration, Job Mobility, and Transition to Self-Employment
 Aksaray, Gorkem.

Occupy the Government: Analyzing Presidential and Congressional Discursive Response to Movement Repression
 Mausolf, Joshua.

Ocean Beliefs and Support for an Offshore Wind Energy Project
 Bidwell, David.

Oddballs and Outlaws: Managing “Liabilities of Deviance” under Conditions of Eccentricity and Immorality
 Prasad, Pushkala., Scully, Maureen. and Prasad, Anshuman.

Offloaded: Women’s Sex Work Migration across Asia and the Gendered Antitrafficking Emigration Policy of the Philippines
 Hwang, Maria.

Oil and Water in the American West: Water Market Impacts of Unconventional Oil Production in Colorado
 Malin, Stephanie. and MacIlroy, Kelsea.

Oil, Capital, and Nature: Do Marx's General Laws of Production Apply?
 Lawrence, Kirk. and Moore, Jason.

Old Cities, New Money, and Cultural Opportunity
 Griswold, Wendy., Handsman, Emily. and Loughran, Kevin.

Old Housing, New Needs: Are U.S. Homes Ready For an Aging Population?
 Vespa, Jonathan.

On (not) Knowing Where Your Food Comes From: Children, Meat, and Ethical Eating
 Cairns, Kate. and Johnston, Josee.

On Cybernetic Monsters: Cyborg Astronauts, Terrestrial Cryonauts, and the Cybernetic 1960s
 Shoffstall, Grant.

On Death, Dying, and Emotional Labor: A Social Psychological Analysis of Nursing and Patient Death
 Clark, Stephanie.

On Humvee, Helmet and Social Sciences: Materiality of Appropriation
 Zahedi Nameghi, Nima.

On Identity Politics and its Discontents: Between Gender Recognition and Disembodied Communities
 Aboim, Sofia.

On the Influence of Creativity on Job Satisfaction
 McIntosh, Keith.

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P.E.A.C.E. Be With You: Family Law Mediation and Controlling Narratives
 Behounek, Elaina.

Paine as Social Thinker
 Klein, Josh.

Para-Sociology: Policymaking as a Parallel Site for Sociological Analysis
 Fillingim, Angela.

Paradise Lost? Patterns and Precarity in Working-class Academic Narratives
 Warnock, Debbie.

Parental Diet Disease Knowledge and Child Diet and Obesity Outcomes
 Insolera, Noura.

Parental Incarceration, Own Incarceration, and Neighborhood Attainments in Adolescence and Adulthood
 Swisher, Raymond. and Campbell, Kyla.

Parental Involvement among First and Second-Generation Immigrants to the United States
 Williams, Adam.

Parental Involvement among Immigrant Parents in Canada: Eastern European Voices
 Antony-Newman, Max.

Parental Involvement: Not Just Good for the Kids
 Williams, Adam.

Parental Status, Marital Status, and Support for Social Welfare Programs in the United States
 Wildfeuer, Rachel.

Parental Transmission of Gender Ideology in Adolescence: Evidence from Immigrants and Natives in Europe
 McManus, Patricia., van der Does, Tamara. and Adem, Muna.

Parenting Practices and Attitudes and the Role of Belief in Supernatural Evil
 Martinez, Brandon., Tom, Joshua., Ferguson, Todd., Andercheck, Brita. and Stroope, Samuel.

Parenting Practices in Diverse Family Structures
 Potter, Daniel.

Parenting as a Pathway to "Green" Living: A Qualitative Interview Analysis
 Auriffeille, Deborah.

Parents, Non-Parental Caregivers, and the School Readiness of Children of Latino/a Immigrants
 Pivnick, Lilla.

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Quantifying Social Biases in News Discourse about Obesity from 1980-2016
 Arseniev-Koehler, Alina.

Queer Control Complex: The Criminalization of LGBTQ Youth and the Production of Homelessness
 Robinson, Brandon.

Queer Families Online: Internet Resources For French and American Same-Sex Couples Hoping to Have Children
 Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Michael.

Questioning School Authority: How Race Shapes Students’ Perceptions of Student-Teacher Relationships and School Disciplinary Climates
 Preiss, Doreet.


Race Effects of Perceived Weight Status and its Relationship with Unmet Health Care Need
 Rutland, Sarah.

Race and Colonialism in the U.S. Environmental Movement
 Williams, Travis.

Race and Disciplinary Nets of Social Control: A Comparative Analysis of High School Handbooks
 Dinsmore, Brooke.

Race and Racism: The Necessary Cultural and Theoretical Analysis
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

Race and Reading Performance: Schools as “Exacerbater” in the First Two Years of Elementary School
 Min, Jie.

Race and Representation in France and the United States
 Smithsimon, Gregory., Le Moigne, Yohann. and Schafran, Alex.

Race and the Empire-State: Puerto Ricans' (Un)equal U.S. Citizenship
 Valle, Ariana.

Race and the Geography of Opportunity in the Post-Prison Labor Market
 Rucks-Ahidiana, Zawadi. and Harris, Heather.

Race, Class, Revolution in the 21st century: Lessons from the League of Revolutionary Black Workers
 Katz-Fishman, Walda., Scott, Jerome. and Gomes, Ralph.

Race, Ethnic, and Gender Heterogeneity in the Effect of College Bound Friends on College Enrollment
 Alvarado, Steven.

Race, Gender and Social Class Skewing in the Immigration Enforcment and Criminal Justice Systems
 Warner, Judith. and Goonatilake, Rohitha.

Race, Gender, and Liquid Assets: Investigating the Black-white Disparity in Homeownership Exit 2007-2013
 Ren, Chunhui.

Race, Gender, and Social Control: Forced Sterilization during the Civil Rights Movement, 1937-1970
 D\'Unger, Amy.

Race, Politics, and the Black Lives Matter Movement
 Butler-Sweet, Colleen.

Race, Sex and Credit Reports in Hiring
 OBrien, Rourke. and Kiviat, Barbara.

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STIs, HCV and Drug Use among a Longitudinal Cohort of Mexican-American Women in a Disadvantaged Community
 Cepeda, Alice., Frankeberger, Jessica., Ramirez, Esmeralda. and Valdez, Avelardo.

Sacred Markets: Neoliberalism and Its Religious Foundations in the United States
 Tuttle, Joshua.

Safe Space Praxis: How Our Theory of Safe Space Shapes our Teaching Practice
 Paré, Dylan.

Same Opinion, but Different Reasons: Why do Japanese People Support Market Principles?
 Sudo, Naoki.

Same-Sex Couples' Shared Time in the United States
 Genadek, Katie., Garcia Roman, Joan. and Flood, Sarah.

Same-Sex Referent and Pre-Career Perceptions of Gendered Work Performance
 Buchanan, Tom. and Milnes, Travis.

Same-Sex Sexuality and the Duration of First Marriages
 Hoy, Aaron. and London, Andrew.

San Felipe: Middle-Class Groups Meet
 Pereyra, Omar.

Sanitizing “Segregation”: The Politics of Knowledge in Chicago’s Struggle over School Desegregation Reform
 Tzeggai, Fithawee.

Saving Black Portland: Organizational Roles in Preserving a Disintegrating Community
 Addae, Angela.

Saving Face and the Road to being Undocumented for Chinese Immigrants in the United States
 Liu, Jia-Lin. and Cherng, Hua-Yu.

Saving for a Dry Day: Investigating Well Ownership and Water Usage during Droughts in Kansas
 Ternes, Brock.

Scarcity Capitalism: A Boost for Authoritarian Regimes?
 Gelis-Filho, Antonio.

Schema Generalization: The Welfare State Enhances Tolerance of Homosexuality
 Kelley, C.G.E..

Scholar Activism: Building Unity between the Academy and the Street in this Movement Moment
 Katz-Fishman, Walda., Gatewood, Britany., Jackson, Anthony. and Scott, Jerome.

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Tactical Reproduction in the Pro-Choice Movement in Northern Ireland: Alliance for Choice’s Path Towards Successful Tactics
 Drapeau-Bisson, Marie-Lise.

Taking a Pass: How Proportional Prejudice and Decisions Not to Hire Reproduce Sex Segregation
 Leung, Ming. and Koppman, Sharon.

Takin’ Care of [Prison] Business: The State-Level Determinants of Private Prison Populations, 2000-2015
 Durso, Rachel.

Talcott Parsons' Contribution to the Conceptualization of Cultural Systems
 Lidz, Victor. and Staubmann, Helmut.

Talent Development in Education: An Inclusive or Exclusive Education Policy?
 Rasmussen, Annette. and Ydesen, Christian.

Talent and Creativity at Work: The New Social Physics of Inequality
 Menger, Pierre-Michel.

Talking Topics on Twitter: Does Gendered Issue Expertise Influence U.S. House Members' Engagement on Twitter?
 Johnstonbaugh, Morgan.

Talking Your Self Into It: On the Motivational Significance of Accounts
 Winchester, Daniel. and Green, Kyle.

Talking about Dying: Tumor Progression Forcing Difficult Conversations between Patients and Oncologists
 Cortez, Dagoberto.

Targeting Local Mothers and Ethnic Others: Immigrant Incorporation Policies and Social Exclusion in Helsinki and Paris
 Haapajärvi, Linda.

Tastes and Cultural Models of Friendship: Three Hypotheses
 Puetz, Kyle.

Tasting the City: Bringing Sociology of Evaluation to Studies of Urban Aesthetics
 Halauniova, Anastasiya.

Tax-for-fee Reform as Exogenous Shocks: Peasants’ Financial Burden and Rural Migration Behavior in China, 1998-2002
 Zheng, Bingdao.

Teach for (which) America? The Politics of the Moral Discourse of Teach for America
 Foley, Benjamin.

Teacher Bias and Eduational Outcomes
 Gillion, Leah.

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U.S. Immigration, Residential Queuing, and Neighborhood Mobility among Native-Born Families, 1968-2011
 Pais, Jeremy.

UN Workspaces and the Institutionalization of Human Trafficking as a Contemporary Phenomenon
 DoCarmo, Tania.

Under my Eye Watch: Mothers Raising Low-income Black Teenagers in Urban Environments
 Reid, Megan. and Elliott, Sinikka.

Under the Punitive Aegis: Discipline as Empowerment in the Family Justice Center Model
 Piehowski, Victoria.

Under the Radar: The Dynamic Development of Middle-Tier Markets through Free Trade Agreements
 Yoon, Eunsung.

Understanding Islamophobia through Blackness
 Niner, Hanna.

Understanding Opportunity Gaps in an Urban, Community-based Education Reform Initiative
 Delale-O\'Connor, Lori. and Murray, Ira.

Understanding Organizational Structure and its Consequences in an International Church
 Spencer, Sarah Busse.

Understanding Perceptions of Career Barriers and the Gendered Career Strategies of Women Scientists in Academia
 Bird, Sharon. and Rhoton, Laura.

Understanding Time and Social Movements
 Wood, Lesley., Krinsky, John. and Gillan, Kevin.

Understanding Transnational Sexuality in India: Globalization and Institutional Schemas
 Ghosh, Apoorva.

Understanding the Construction of American Indian and Alaska Native Diabetes Using Critical Race Theory
 Huyser, Kimberly. and Kuhlemeier, Alena.

Undocumented College Students, Social Exclusion and Psychosocial Well-being
 Torres Stone, Rosalie., Aragon Cooper, Nathanael. and Sabella, Kathryn.

Undocumented Mexican Migration and Children’s Educational Attainment: An Instrumental Variable Analysis
 Goldsmith, Pat.

Undoing Gender in a Postfeminist Era: Gender Essentialization and Feminine Devaluation Among Designers
 Ronen, Shelly.

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VAM on Trial: Rationality and Expertise in Teacher Evaluation Lawsuits
 Griffen, Zachary. and Panofsky, Aaron.

Vaccine Resistance and Medical Management: Surveillance and Parental Control in Pharmaceutical Decision-Making
 Reich, Jennifer.

Values, Technology, and Environmental Knowledge: Reconstructing Max Scheler’s Phenomenological Environmental Sociology
 Gunderson, Ryan.

Variation in Net Fatherhood Wage Premiums across and within Establishments
 Fuller, Sylvia. and Cooke, Lynn.

Variation in Young Adults’ Transitions to Financial Independence and Implications for Financial Security
 Bea, Megan. and Yi, Youngmin.

Variations in Responses among Faith-Based Affordable Housing to a Competitive Funding Environment
 Tweet, Patricia. and Mele, Christopher.

Varieties of indebtedness: Financialization and mortgage market institutions in Europe
 Van Gunten, Tod. and Navot, Edo.

Verbalising Sensations: Making Sense of Embodied Sexual Experiences
 Bosman, Myra. and Spronk, Rachel.

Vertical Stratification within Education: Critically Examining Teacher Quality as a School Resource and Educational Mobility
 Houston, Derek.

Victim Impact: Analyzing Dispartiies by Race, Gender, and Sexuality under State HIV Exposure and Disclosure Laws
 Hoppe, Trevor.

Victimization in Context: Explaining Violence Exposure via Individual Risk Factors and Perceived School Safety
 Kimmel, Daniel.

Victims and Survivors: The Construction of Personal Identities among Battered Spouses
 Marahrens, Helge.

Violence Against Women and Global Inequalities
 Abraham, Margaret.

Violence and the Stigma Concept
 Durant, Steve.

Violent Colonial Geographies: The Ruins of Residential Schools
 Morton, Katherine.

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Wage Gains, but Few Health Returns to Some College: A Role for Employment Histories?
 Burgard, Sarah., Zajacova, Anna. and Dyer, Shauna.

Wage Losses Due to Overqualification: Lower Formal Skill Demands or Occupational Skills Mismatch?
 Reichelt, Malte., Kracke, Nancy. and Vicari, Basha.

Wage Stagnation and the Rise of Merchant Capitalism: How Buyer-Supplier Relations Affect U.S. Workers’ Wages, 1978-2014
 Wilmers, Nathan.

Waiting for DACA? Educational Trajectories of Undocumented South Korean College Students
 Sloan, Jennifer.

Waking Up from the ‘American Dream' and Un-Pledging Allegiance: Coloniality and Resistance in the Current Moment
 Bush, Melanie E..

Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk: An Exploration of Indigenous Entrepreneurs and their Cultural Capital
 Cote, Rochelle.

Wall to Wall: Industrial Unionism at the City University of New York, 1972-2017
 Elliott-Negri, Luke.

Water Infrastructures from Scratch: Building a Life in a Peruvian Informal Settlement
 Moore, Kelly. and Woolley, Kyle.

Water Use Decision-making in Southwest Michigan
 Lai, Jennifer.

Waves of Protest, the Eros Effect and the Social Relations of Diffusion
 Wood, Lesley.

Wayward Elites: Identity Restoration and the Reproduction of Privilege in a Therapeutic Boarding School
 Pfaffendorf, Jessica.

Wealth and Policy Preferences
 Steele, Liza.

Weaving a Sense of “Community” among Trans-Local Families in Post-Fukushima
 Fukui, Haruna.

Weird Winter Weather Wilding: Climate Change, Anomalously Warm Winter Temperatures, and Violent Crime in Philadelphia, 2010-2016
 Thomas, Christopher.

Welcome to the Jungle: Regulation and Resistance Among Unsheltered Homeless People
 Wakin, Michele.

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Yan mu ci zu: The Intergenerational Cooperation and Conflicts in Parenting in Urban China
 Xiao, Suowei.

Young Adults’ Goals Appraisals over the Great Recession: Examining Individual Characteristics and Local Opportunity Structures
 Recksiedler, Claudia. and Settersten, Richard.

Young Women’s Reported Dilemmas with Nude Photographs
 Thomas, Sara.

Your Race Is My Race Too: Racial Fluidity in Survey Interviewer Self-Identification
 Pickett, Robert., Saperstein, Aliya. and Penner, Andrew.

Youth Poverty, Household Composition, and the Age Orientation of Social Welfare in 23 Countries
 Tai, Tsui-o.


Zika Virus: Understanding the Mechanisms of Gender Inequality in Brazil
 Marteleto, Leticia., Weitzman, Abigail. and Coutinho, Raquel.
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