Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2005-Oct-05 to 2005-Oct-09

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"Blacks and the Bravest": Black Firefighters in the FDNY
 Goldberg, David.

"I Can be Your Sun, You Can be My Earth”: Masculinity and Gender in the Nation of Gods and Earths
 Mills, Edward.

"Make This Fight a Steady One": The NAACP in Portland and Bangor, Maine, 1920-1939
 Elgersman Lee, Maureen.

"One of the Original 29:" George H. Woodson-Unsung Iowa and National Hero
 Chase, Hal.

"Picket lines were the front lines for Democracy": Black Veterans and Post- WWII Labor Protests
 Kimble, Jr., Lionel.

“I Never Was Part of the Civil Rights Movement. I Always Wanted Human Rights”: Audley Moore and the Politics of Revolutionary Motherhood, 1955-1965
 Gornall, Janet.

“Taking the Negro Seriously”: Comedy, Civil Rights and the NAACP Cultural Campaigns, 1940-1953
 Lorts, Justin.


A Philological and Historical Examination of Martin Delany's Use of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in The Origin of Races and Color
 Beatty, Mario.

African American Women in the Life and Times of Frederick Douglass
 Ali Johnson, Tekla. and Wunder, John.


Ben Chavis, Black Student Protest in the Late 1960s, and One Institution's Resolution and Legacy
 Sanders, Bridgette. and Stickell, Lois.

Between Niagara and Bandung: Geopolitics, Gender, and the Political Geography of Race
 Gilmore, Ruth Wilson.

Black Ethnic Relations in a post-Civil Rights Racial Hierarchy
 Howard, Natasha.

By Precept and Example: African American Women Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee, 1880s-1920s
 Ramsey, Sonya.


COFO Training and Non-Violent Tactics: The Battle for Voter Registration in Mississippi
 Howard, Ashley.

Capital and Labor: African-American Government Workers and the Protests against the Wilson Administration
 Yellin, Eric.

City of Amalgamation: The Struggle Over Interracial Marriage in Boston and The Nation, 1900-1915
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Civil Rights or Labor Rights? Detroit’s Predominantly-Black Unions and Labor Militancy in the Early 1930s
 Miller, Karen.

Cole and Johnson’s The Red Moon (1908-1910): The Black and Native Americanization Program at Hampton Institute.
 Seniors, Paula Marie.

Commerce, Culture and Conflict: The Shared Heritage of Asians and Blacks in Sanford Biggers’ Art
 Bowles, John.

Community Mothering in Action: The Beginning of the South Side Community Center, Ithaca, New York, 1938
 Hill Butler, Deidre.

Considering the Lilies in the Field: Lynching, Memory, Black National Identity, and the Afro-American League
 Thames Leonard, Tonya.

Contemporary African Artists of the Diaspora: Still the Other
 Dempsey, Anna.


Daniel A.P. Murray: Unheralded Bibliographer
 Walker, Billie.

Decolonizing History: Schomburg's Afrodiasporic Archive
 Holton, Adalaine.

Diasporic Connections: The African Contribution to African American Struggles for Civil Rights.
 Lulat, Y..

Domestic Spaces as War Zones; Philadelphia MOVE and Notions of Homeland Security
 Elliott, Katherine.

dead prez Re-Conceiving Revolution
 Travis, Paul W..


Forging Cross-Racial Solidarity with Japan: Black Radicals’ Construction of the New Negro of the Pacific, 1919-1922
 Onishi, Yuichiro.

From “Abolition City” to the Color Line: Galesburg, Knox College, and the Legacy of Antislavery Activism
 Norman, Matt.


Gender in Trinidad
 Modibo, Najja.


Haiti in the 21st Century: Salvation or Destruction
 Simeon, Kersuze.


Interpretation as Revolution: Remembering the Amistad Revolt
 Osagie, Iyun.

Invisible Body: Slave Religion and African American Funerary Display
 Adkins, LaTrese.


Joseph D. D. Rivers, Turn-of-the-Century Black Denver, and the Du Bois - Washington Debate
 King, William M.


Marcus Garvey and Black Nationalism in America. "The Forging of a Concept and a Movement 1910-1930"
 Harris, Christopher.


Navigating Research on African American History and Culture: Transformation of African American Historiography in the 20th Century
 Morikawa, Suzuko.

No Power, No Conquest: The Settlement of Monrovia and the Problem of Liberian Nationalism, 1820-1870
 Grant, John.


Real Visualized Pictorial Paradigm (RVPP©) A Literary and Pictorial Examination of African American culture in Slave Communities
 McClam, Rhonda.

Remembering Tinner Hill: Site of the First Rural Chapter of the NAACP
 Bunch-Lyons, Beverly.


Shifting The Focus?: The War on Poverty and The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
 Hamlin, Francoise.

Sorrow Songs, Protest Songs, and The Souls of Black Folk
 Morgan, MaryNell.

Sport and the Hip-Hop Generation: Progressive Politics or Regressive Rhetoric?
 Bracey, Bryan.


The Biological Consequences of Poverty and Labor as Evidenced in the W. Montague Cobb Skeletal Collection
 Muller, Jennifer.

The East St. Louis Pogrom of July 1917 To Destroy Black Political Activism
 Lumpkins, Charles.

The Jubilee Singers of the Buffalo Historical Marionettes: Representing Race
 Rachleff, Peter.

The Making of Black Revolutionary Men and Women: A Gendered Approach to Studying the Black Panthers
 Mills, Edward.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): A Historiographical Perspective, 1909-2005.
 Verney, Kevern.

The Niagara Movement and Black Protest: A Perspective of the Ideological Divide
 Rice, Frances P..

The Niagara Movement and its Influence on Select African Liberation Movements.
 Wone, Abdarahmane.

The Niagara Movement: The Black (Women’s) Protest (Re)Born
 Fletcher, Kami.

The Origins of the Niagara Movement: The Afro-American League and the Afro-American Council
 Alexander, Shawn.

The Other Radicals: William Monroe Trotter's National Equal Rights League and where are the Black Nationalists?
 Johnson, Karl.

The Question of Color-Blind Citizenship: Albion Tourgée, W.E.B. Du Bois, and the Niagara Movement
 Elliott, Mark.

The Sound of Double Consciousness: A Case Study of the Life of Roland Hayes
 Hildebrand, Jennifer.

The Tainted and the Bleached: Black Performance and White Audience
 Thompson, Katrina.

The Underground Railroad and the Struggle for African American Rights in the Antebellum North
 Griffler, Keith.


Uncrowned Queens, From Pan American Protests to the Niagara Movement Centennial- 1901 -- 1905: The Legacy Continues
 Nevergold, Barbara. and Brooks-Bertram, Peggy.


W.E.B. Du Bois and Double Consciousness in the Atlantic World
 Young, Jason.

W.E.B. DuBois,Marcus Garvey and the future of Africa Post WWI
 St. Mark, Cornelius.

We've Come a Long Way, or Have We?: Representations of African American Women in Girlfriends
 Campbell, Leslie.

What Obama’s Appearance on the National Scene Reveals about the Law of Race in America
 Jones, Amos.

Women of Distinction: A Comprehensive Historiography of The Links, Incorporated
 Sanders-McMurtry, Kijua.
Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2005-Oct-05 to 2005-Oct-09
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