Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2006-Sep-26 to 2006-Oct-01

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"A Day of Blood at Wilmington": A Lesson on How to Plan a Riot
 Umfleet, LeRae.

"Are We To Be Mauled Down Just Because We Are Black?": Race, Citizenship and Diaspora Politics in Postwar Britain
 Perry, Kennetta.

"Community Building: the 1967 Rebellion, the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, and Detroit's Building Trades, 1967-1973."
 Goldberg, David.

"Fighting for Their Lives": Black Women, the Auset Tradition and the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot
 Myrick-Harris, Clarissa.

"Life in Philadelphia": A Visual Argument
 Cobb, Jasmine.

"Migration Strategies of African Americans in Mississippi"
 Jordan, Amy.

"Not for 'Reconciliation' but for 'Freedom' ": CORE and the Freedom Rides
 Catsam, Derek.

"Reconstructing the Building Trades in Pittsburgh."
 Goff, Richard.

"Segmented Markets and Transnational Insurgency: Federal Policy and the Racial Contours of Longshore Protest, 1916-1920"
 Faussette, Risa.

"Strange Fruit"?: Race Women's Cultural Production and Radical Labor Politics
 Harley, Sharon.

"This is Harlem Heights": Black Student Power and the 1968 Columbia University Rebellion
 Bradley, Stefan.

"To Leave or Not To Leave?: The 'Boomerang Migration' of Lillian Bertha Jones Horace (1886-1965), Texas's Earliest Known African American Woman Novelist"
 Kossie-Chernyshev, Karen.

"Toward a Black University": The Institute of the Black World and the Atlanta University Center
 White, Derrick.

"Truthful Narrative" or "A Base and Villainous Fabrication?": Reader Responses to the Autobiographies of Frederick Douglass
 Barnes, Diane.

"Was it Something He Said?": Censorship and the Richard Pryor Television Show, 1977"
 Thomas-McCluskey, Audrey.

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A Call To A.R.M.S.: Academic Rescue Mission - Students
 King, Ph.D., Sharon.

A City in the Promised Land: African Canadians and African Americans in Antebellum Toronto
 Frost, Karolyn.

A Dynamic Leader of Fraternal Women: Cora Allen, Clubwoman and Cultural Architect, 1899-1935
 Cooper, Brittney.

A Place for the Confederacy?
 Frazier, Michael.

Abbie Mitchell, Ada Overton Walker & the Gibson Girl. (Cole & Johnson's "The Red Moon.")
 Seniors, Paula Marie.

African American Community Building in the Wake of the Atlanta Race Riot
 Godshalk, David.

Am I My Brothers and SiStars Keeper?: The Prince Hall PHAmily in the South
 Lanois, Derrick. and Mitchell, AnJanee.

An Eclectic Group of Black Radicals: Notes on the Organizational Aspects of the Liberator Magazine
 Tinson, Christopher.

An Emerging Mosaic: Rewriting the History of Black Power in America
 Joseph, Peniel.

An Examination of the NAACP Youth Councils
 Bynum, Tommy.

An Overview of the Civil Rights Movement in Ontario, 1945 to 1965
 Shadd, Adrienne.

Anna Julia Cooper, the Age of Revolution, and History's Opacities: Re-assessing Cooper's Sorbonne Thesis.
 May, Vivian.

Arise and March: A. Philip Randolph's Political and Rhetorical Leadership
 Pauley, Garth.

Atlanta and Wilmington: Two Urban Riots--A Comparative Analysis
 Mixon, Gregory.

as above
 Curry, Constance. and Austin, Curtis.


Beyond the Grandfather Clause: Black Towns and The Voting Rights Campaign in Oklahoma
 Stuckey, Melissa.

Black Cemeteries in Essex County, Ontario
 Davis, Elise.

Black Churchwomen: Nurturing A Legacy of Community Activism & Social Uplift
 Harvell, Valeria.

Black Heritage and Economic Development
 Templeton, John.

Black Institution Formation in the Nineteenth Century Americas
 Eudell,, Demetrius.

Black Nation Building in the Old South: The Case of the Odd Fellows of Georgia
 Thomas-Fann, Velma.

Black Power Ideology and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s Arkansas Project
 Wallach, Jennifer.

Black Self-Help Organizations and Rebuilding Black Communities After Major Hurricanes: The Southern States, 1975-1992
 McBride, David.

Black Studies in Canada: The Politics of Inclusion - Engagement on Whose Terms?
 Divine, David.

Black Women and Engendering Black Power
 Williams, Rhonda Y..

Black Women's Clubs: Mitigating the Effects of Inequality
 Edmonds Crewe, Ph.D., Sandra. and Reynolds, MSW, Ph.D. Student, Jacqueline.

Block is Beautiful: The Second Great Migration, The Chicago Urban League and Community Development in Chicago: 1940-1960
 Holmes, Kwame.

Building a West Indian Nation from the Diaspora: Caribbean Federation and Black Diaspora Politics in the UK (1930s – 1950s)
 Duke, Eric.


CLR James’ Pan-Africanist Linkages
 Teelucksingh, Jerome.

Carmen the Hip Hopera
 Seniors, Paula Marie.

Celebrating the Community School: The History and Legacy of the Abiel Smith School in Boston, MA
 Patmon, Denise. and Frazier, L\'Merchie.

Changing Praxes of Discourse: The African American and the Democratic Ideal
 Shuttlesworth, Carolyn.

Charles Banks and the Mississippi Negro Business League
 Jackson, Jr., David.

Civic Nation: Community Building in the Nation of Islam
 Taylor II, Donald.

Climbing Jacob's Ladder: Reconstructing the Ladder in African-American Spirituals, 1830-1930
 Hummon, David.

Creating Community Along the Coast of New Hampshire and Southern Maine, 1645 to Present
 Cunningham, Valerie.

Creating the Georgia Militia: Blacks and the Road to State Militia Companies, 1865-1880
 Mixon, Gregory.


D.C. Black Rep─Black Art in Motion
 Brown, Tamara.

David Walker: Geographic Interconnections and Institutional Intersections
 LaRoche, Cheryl.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as Media Activists: The Making and Demise of the Film Countdown at Kusini
 Means Coleman, Robin.

Du Bois’s “Litany of Atlanta”: Poetry as Rhetorical Agency
 Pelham, TG.


Ella Mae Brayboy and the Voter Education Project
 Garrison-Harrison, Christy.

Equality or Bust!: The 1947 Journey of Reconciliation and the Effort to Desegregate the Jim Crow Transit
 Bauer, Jordan.

Establishing a Culture of Giving through the United Negro College Fund’s National Pre-Alumni Council
 Drezner, Noah.

Exploring the Federal Dimensions of the Civil Rights Movement
 Penn, Lisha.


Farish Street Historic District: A Study in Urban Design and Planning
 Ugochukwu, Chuks.

Federal Land Policy and Its Impact on African American Community Formation in Low Country Georgia, 1865-1868
 Bell, Karen.

First Ladies of the Nation of Islam: The life and work of Sister Clara Muhammad, Betty Shabazz, and Khadijah Farrakhan
 Jeffries, Bayyinah.

Fishing for Freedom: Seining And Oysterying and Economic Sivereignty in the Post-Emacipation Chesapeake
 Davidson, Roger.

Forging Black Freedom Across the Atlantic: African Americans in the Soviet Union and the Internationalization of U.S. Racism
 Roman, Meredith.

Freedom's First Generation: Alpha Phi Alpha at 100
 Armfield, Felix.

Freemasonry, Religion, and African American Civil Society in 1920’s Harlem
 Dorman, Jacob.

From Thika to the United Nations: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Uplift in The Diaspora
 Hill, Erica.


Gender, Race, Class, and Visual Representation from the Perspective of the Black Panther Party
 Phillips, Mary Frances.

Global Connections in Black Sororities: Members, Outreach and Impact
 Nahal, Anita.

God, Guns, and Garveyism: The Prophetic Politics of the Garvey Movement in South Africa
 Vinson, Robert.

Grand Army Hall Women and a Sense of Community
 Washington, Delo.


H. P. Brown, Black Power, SNCC, Harlem, Columbia University, Morningside Park Whose Park is it?
 Boykin, Arsene.

HBCU History Clubs: Traditional Forums for Public History and Community Based Research
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Historically Black Colleges and the Achievement of Educational and Social Integration in the 21st Century
 Suggs, Vickie. and Fields, Timothy.

Hollis F. Price and the Memphis Urban League, 1943-1965
 Bagby, George.

Horace Cayton and the Literary Renaissance of the 1940s
 Jackson, Lawrence.


In Spite of Jim Crow: An Early History of the Philanthropic Work of Jack and Jill of America, 1938-1968
 Sanders-McMurtry, Kijua.

Internationalist Apparition, Internal Colony: The Cyril Briggs-Harry Haywood Correspondences and an Internationalist Black Nationalism
 Makalani, Minkah.

Is (Black) America Dying Slowly? The Interstices Between Hip Hop Culture and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
 Lewis, Nghana.


Kenneth B. Clark and the Psychology of the Urban Crisis, 1961-1971
 Matlin, Daniel.


Leaving Home: The Detroit Urban League and Housing 1916-1929
 Spiers, John.

Let the Trumpet Sound: African Americans Organize in Pursuit of Jazz
 Tkweme, William.

Long Is The Way And Hard: The NAACP in Alabama, 1913-1945
 Verney, Kevern.

Luther P. Jackson: A Wheel Horse for the ASNLH
 Winford, Brandon.


Maids, Machinists, and Car Washers: Black Women’s Labor and the Great Migration during World War I
 Brown, Nikki.


New CORE Studies: Rethinking CORE's Significance to the Civil Rights-Black Power Era
 Purnell, Brian.


Order of The Feather Fraternity: A Brief History
 Muid, Onaje.

Organization Building in Black Los Angeles
 Eckford, Wendel.

Organizing in the African Diaspora: Howard University, Guyana's Dr. Claude H.A. Denbow, and the LCP
 Josiah, Barbara.

Out of the Shadows, Into the Struggle: Rural South Carolinians’ Clubs and Civil Rights
 Harris, Carmen.


Performing the Revolution: Black Women, Black Power, Black Art
 Hastings, Rachel N..

Public Spaces, Public Figures: Gender, Sexuality and Women of Color in Afro-Cuban Organizations, 1886-1915
 Brunson, Takkara.


Quest for the Mother Text: The Search for Identity in the African Diaspora from Pan-Africanism to Hip Hop
 Fleetwood, Homer.


Race, Gender, Youth, and Activism: An Exploration into Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.
 Jackson, Shirley A..

Radio, Rhetoric and Rap: Black Cultural Forms of Resistance
 Kopano, Baruti.

Recipient of the "Unspeakable Gift": Political Self-Fashioning and Christian Empowerment in the Life of an Enslaved Northern Male
 Marshall, Kenneth.

Reconstructing Respectability: Black Female Radicalism in Harlem, 1900-1930
 Harris, Lashawn.

Reference Information Paper 112: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, KS (1954)
 Chestnut, Trichita.

Rehearsal for War: Black Militias in the Atlantic World
 Kerr-Ritchie, J.

Revisiting Oliver Cromwell Cox: Black Genius of Race and Class Theory
 Watkins, William.

Revolutionary Womanism: (Un)Masking Masculinity in the Struggle for Black Liberation
 Hastings, Rachel N..

Richard Wright, Book Reviewer
 Garcia, Jay.


Sisterhood in the Sanctuary
 Williams, Regennia.

Slaves in the "White House": The Washington Years, 1789-1797
 Alexander, Eleanor.

Social Steppin': Social Organizations and Their Impact on Communities
 Rodgers, Jennifer.

Somebody's Trying to Sneak in Our Frat: African American Greek Letter Societies' Songs, Chants, and Allegories
 Lanois, Derrick. and Stubbs, Kimberly.

Speaking to the Spirit of the Games: A Post Civil Rights History of Black Atlanta.
 Hobson, Maurice.

Sweetgrass Baskets and the Gullah Tradition
 Coakley, Joyce.


Telling Our Own Story
 Williams, Kerrie. and Henderson, Francine.

The Black Belt Market and Murray’s “Historical and Biographical Encyclopedia of the Colored Race”
 Benjamin, Michael.

The Boston NAACP and the Dilemma of Intermarriage, 1912-1927
 Deare, Zebulon.

The Changing Diaspora: African Immigrants and American Politics
 Bandele, Ramla.

The Charity of Strangers and Friends: African American Donor Responses to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1957-1963
 Jones, Rhonda.

The Elks and the Struggles of Black Labor
 Green, Venus.

The Farish Street Historic Community as a Landmark
 Harrison, Alferdteen.

The Farish Street Historic Data Base Project
 Mays, Ryan.

The Farish Street Historic District Historical Marker and Data Base Project
 Garner, Latanga.

The Farish Street Historic District as Study in Community Development
 Hilliard, Kimberly.

The Fight is On: Juanita Jewel Craft and the Dallas NAACP Youth Council
 Tomlinson, Linda.

The Future of Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 Mbajekwe, Carolyn W..

The Hangman and the Condemned: Two Enslaved Africans in New France
 Cooper, Afua.

The Impact of African American Leaders and Activists on “Self-Government” in the U.S. Virgin Islands
 Nisbett, Mario.

The Importance of Local Chapters of the NAACP in South Carolina's Civil Rights Movement
 Lowe, Stephen.

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Understanding the HIV/AIDS Crisis in an Historical Perspective
 Dagbovie, Pero.

Urban Unrest: FBI Records That Document Racial Riots of the 1960s and 1970s
 Robinson, Cynara.


Visualizing Politics: Atlanta's Neighborhood Arts Center, 1975-1990
 Tate, Candy.

Voices of Transition: The Colored Methodist Episcopal Church and Politics in the South during the Progressive Era
 Jackson, Alicia.


We Made Sure that Justice was Color Blind In Philadelphia: Raymond Pace Alexander and the New Negro Lawyer
 Canton, David.


Yale University: Robert Stepto
 Stepto, Robert.
Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2006-Sep-26 to 2006-Oct-01
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