Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2007-Oct-02 to 2007-Oct-07

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""A.M.E. Tradition and Community in Denver: The Case of Shorter A.M.E." by Ashley Stalcup, Undergraduate Student of Metropolitan State College of Denver

"African American Shifts in Education"
 Claggett, Candi.

"African American Women and Westward Migration: Studies of the Bureau of Land Management"
 Brown, Aleia.

"African Philosophical Foundations of World Justice: The Challenges of Teaching African Principles of Law to a United States Audience"
 Okafo, Nonso.

"Afrocentricity and the Black Intellectual: Carter G. Woodson, W.E.B. Du Bois and E. Franklin Frazier: Fathers of Black History and Militant Journalism, and the Son of the Crisis"
 Wiggan, Greg.

"After Slavery: Migration to the North Side of the Arkansas River"
 Davidson, Sarah.

"Baltimore, Cumberland and Cambridge Maryland: Three Cities Investigated"
 Acker, Daniel.

"Baltimore, Maryland, History and Culture: New Paradigms Studies"
 Williams, Paul.

"Black Mythic Heroes of the Jim Crow Era"
 Amron, Andrew.

"Black Power in Canada"
 Austin, David.

"Breakfast on the Westside and Lunch on the Eastside: Desegregation of Denver's Pubic Schools," by Terri Smith, Undergraduate Student of Metropolitan State College of Denver

"Compared to What": Black Nationalist Historiography and the (Contemporary) "Negro Problem/Negro Question" School of Thought, 1944-1970
 Neuenschwander, Jason.

"Denver's Black Community, 1870-1930," by Sabrina Williams, Undergraduate Student of Metropolitan State College of Denver
 Williams, Sabrina.

"Developing an Africana Studies Online Course: Afro-Latino Sports and Latin America"
 Kopano, Baruti.

"Education Reform in Africa: Education for Globalization, Progress and Independence"
 Hutchison, Charles.

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A 1921 North Carolina Jury Verdict that Empowered a Black Family and Established Harmony in a Rural Community
 Stowe, Gene.

A Beautiful Existence: Black Women and their Encounters in the Realm of ‘Otherness’
 Hazelton, Dawn.

A Book In One Hand and a Picket Sign in the Other: Militancy and Discontent at Black Colleges in the 1930s
 Sanders, Crystal.

A Booker T. Washington Lieutenant in the District of Columbia: James A. Cobb
 Jackson, Jr., David.

A Call to Liberate Black Music, Free up our Money and Clean up our Lyrics
 Taylor, Mattie.

A Coxian Analysis of Trade, Race, and the Shaping of South Carolina Plantation Society, 1700-1756
 Kyles, Perry.

A Knock at Midnight: The Impact of Whiteness on the Formation of Black Civil Rights Ideologies
 Tondeur, Cristy.

A Pathway to Success: Promoting High Achievement among African American Students
 Wiggan, Greg.

A Proposal for Teaching the Africana Experience in the Context of 21st Century Africana Studies
 Harrison, Alferdteen.

A Slave Called Joe
 McInnes, Robert.

A Study in the Sociology of History: Formalizing Error and Distortion in African American History
 Semmes, Clovis.

Above and Beyond: The Leonard Medical Graduates of Shaw University and the Black Hospital Movement
 Belsches, Elvatrice.

Adult Education in the Historically Black College and University: 1900-1950
 Burnett, Diane.

African American Administration of Predominately Black Schools: Segregation or Emancipation in Omaha, N.E.
 Johnson, Tekla.

African American Civil War Soldiers from Maryland and the Fight for Freedom
 Matthews, Lopez.

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Bartow Black and the Heritage of Reconstruction
 Alexander, Shawn.

Black Artists and the Formation of Black Studies at San Francisco State
 Sanchez, Sonia.

Black Arts and Black Revolutionary Politics in Chicago During the 1960s
 Bracey, John.

Black De-Colonization, Black Globalization
 Williams, Justin.

Black Esthetics of HBCU Campuses
 Williams, Douglas.

Black Postal Workers and their Fight Against White Supremacy in American Postal Unions, 1939-1962
 Rubio, Philip.

Black Women in Electoral Politics: An Exploratory Study of Washington, D.C.
 Harmon-Martin, Shiela.

Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: An Intellectual History
 Evans, Stephanie.

Brooklyn: The Lost City within a City
 Smith, Robert.


Café Con Pan: The Persistence of the Drum in the Olmec Cradle
 Gaitán, María.

Calling Culture: Changing Paradigms of the Presence, Importance, and Definitions of African American Culture and Cultural Efficacy
 Jenkins, Toby.

Carter Wesley, the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and the American Military, 1940-1950
 Shabazz, Amilcar.

Charles H. Wesley and West Indian Emancipation
 Kerr-Ritchie, J.

Class Bias in Present Day School Stratification
 Ford, Pearl.

Continuity, Rupture, and the Black Power Moment on the Ground
 Lang, Clarence.

Coping with “The Horror of the Horror”: Religion and Spirituality in the Slave Narrative
 Jones, Jeffrey.


Dangerous Alliances: Free Coloureds & White Slaveholders in New World Slave Societies, 1650-1850
 Grant, John.

David Wilborn: From Slavery to Freedom
 Johnson, Faith.

Didn't Cha Know: The Message of Hip Hop and its Impact on Black Female Collegiate Athletes
 Carter, Akilah.

Dispelling Myths about African Peoples in the Americas through a Culturally Relevant English and History Curriculum
 Rhoden, Keyana.

Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South
 Gavins, Raymond.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson & Berea College: The Legacy Continues
 Turner, William.

Durham, N.C.'s First Black Graded School 1880 - 1925
 Austin, Paula.


Education, Community and Resilience: Models from the Nation of Islam (NOI)
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

Enslaved Africans and Mexican Alliances: Implications for Present Day Relations Between Black & Brown Peoples
 Wilkins, Ron.

Environmental Citizenship: Caribbean Literature and the Meaning of Place
 Shields, Tanya.

Expanding the Context of Freedom: African-American Journalists Explore Colonialism in West Africa During World War II
 Holbrook, Wendell.


Florida State Normal and Industrial School for Coloreds: Thomas DeSalle Tucker and His Radical Approach to Black Higher Education
 Ellis, Reginald.

Forging the Path: Philanthropy and Black Civic Organizations
 Sanders-McMurtry, Kijua.

Forms of Neo-slavery in "Parable of the Sower"
 King, Lovalerie.

Frederick Douglass and the Freedom Manufacturing Company
 Uzelac, Coni Porter.

Frederick Douglass on “Pictures and Progress”
 Wells, Donna.

Freedom and the "Ground Crew": SCLC's Field Staff and the Southern Civil Rights Movement
 Billingslea, Alma.

Freeing the Enslaved: The Battle to Ratify the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
 Essah, Patience.

From Freedom to Liberation: Margaret Murray Washington's Approach to Community Organizing During the Progressive Era
 Elliott, Carrie.

From Racial Uplift to Hip Hop: A Comparative Analysis of African American Women in Social Movements
 Goodwin, Daleah.

From the NAACP To The Monroe Defense Committee: African American Women’s Activism
 Seniors, Paula Marie.


Gendering Colonial Courts and the Process of Slave Litigation: The Case of Colonial Quito
 Bryant, Sherwin.

God of the Blacks: David Walker on Theology and Resistance to Slavery
 Peters, Melvin.

Growing Up Digital: The Integration of Virtual and Traditional Archives
 Wells, Donna. and Forrester, Bernard.


Henry Bibb National Heritage Trail Archaeological Research Project
 Coon, Diane.

Henry Highland Garnet Abolitionist Leader
 Beasley, Iris.

Historical Overview of the Roles of Black Women in Public Service: Washington, D.C.
 Davis, Clarence.

History as Drama: An Examination of African-American Resistance as Drama in Virginia and Massachusetts
 Johnson, Robert.

Hollis F. Price and the Public Schools of Memphis
 Bagby, George.

Human Health Challenges in Contemporary South Africa
 Azevedo, Mario.


Imagining Us: Images of African American Women in "The Jeffersons" and "A Different World"
 Campbell, Leslie.

In Between Old and New: Generational Belonging among Former Slaves in the United States
 Jackson, Jerma.

In Defense of Prince Saunders: African American Educator and Proponent of Emigration to Haiti, 1816-1839
 Pamphile Miller, Chrislaine.

In the Business of Race: The Contours of Race, Caste, and Labor in Colonial Mexico
 Vinson III, Ben.


Jim Crow Meets John Bull: St. Clair Drake and the Pan African Community in Great Britain, 1946-1948
 Rosa, Andrew.

John Henrik Clarke: The Historian as Activist
 Shango, J..


Legal Status, Social Ties, and the Material Bonds of Slavery in Eighteenth-Century Lima
 Walker, Tamara.

Liberia: Study of Liberian Government and its Relationship to American Government
 Nettles, Darryl.

Liberia's Angel: The Story of MacDella Cooper
 Tibbetts, Tammy. and Faust, Genevieve.

Linking Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Metaphysics and Malcolm X's Machiavellianism to John Conyer, Jr.'s HR40 Reparations Bill
 Boykin, Arsene.

Literature Performs the Blues: An Exploration of Black Women’s Protest Literature as a Blues Narrative for Urban Black Woman
 Harrison, Rashida.

Local History and the African American Historical Narrative
 Terry, David.

Lost Manuscript: Drusilla Dunjee Houston's Book II, Origin of Civilization from the Cushites
 Brooks-Bertram, Peggy.

Lucia Charun Illescas'Malambo and the African Diaspora in Peru
 Harris II, Emmanuel.

Lynching: Discourse, Murder, and the Evasion of Political Economy and Resistance , 1877-1917
 Cha-Jua, Sundiata.


Malcolm X and the Black Nationalist Tradition: A Study in Irony
 Baldwin, Lewis.

Marching Against the Rhetoric of Blight: The Bud Billiken Parade and Black Chicago, 1940-1965
 Holmes, Kwame.

Marion Cuyjet: Cultural Activist and Visionary of Dance Education in Black Philadelphia
 White Dixon, Melanie.

Marketing Protest: Jazz, Black Politics, and the Early 1960s
 Gaffney, Nicholas.

Maryland State Archives Presents: Beneath the Underground, Flight to Freedom and Communities in Antebellum Maryland
 Gartrell, John. and Davis, Maya.

Memory and Slavery in France
 Helenon, Veronique.

Meso African America(s)©: The Case for Examining its Cultural Anthropology and the Exacerbation of Race
 Scott, Fred.

Miami’s Historic Virginia Key Beach Park: Icon of the Struggle for Freedom in Florida
 Tinnie, Gene.

More Than A Snapshot: Black Omahans, White Supremacy, and the Lynching Of Will Brown
 Howard, Ashley.

Murray’s Encyclopedia in the Practice of a Black Public Sphere
 Benjamin, Michael.


NCCU v. The Social Work Establishment, 1930s
 Armfield, Felix.

North Carolina African American Women School Teachers and the Struggle for Freedom During Jim Crow
 Littlefield, Valinda.

North Carolina's Forgotten Past: Indian Woods, North Carolina and the Merging of Indian, Black and White Peoples From 1584 to Present
 Smallwood, Arwin.

Not Between My Thighs: Using June Jordan and Sarah Jones to Foster Critical Readings of Contemporary Hip Hop Texts
 Jeffers-Coly, Phyllis.

Not Yet Uhuru: The Continuing Battle for Black Studies in the Twenty-First Century
 Little, Monroe.


Octavia E. Butler’s Mind of My Mind as a Neo-Slave Narrative
 Mickle, Mildred.

On Flowers, Men, and Slaves: A Journey through the W.T. Alexander House and Slave Cemetery
 Hicks, Jamilla.

Our Inalienable Right to [Health] Care: Blacks, Ideological Whiteness, and the United States Health Care System
 Martinez, Vanessa.


Partners or Adversaries?: Working-Class Black Women and the Public Schools in Post World War II Philadelphia
 Levenstein, Lisa.

Passing On: Hip Hop, Tap and the Mentoring Tradition
 Peters, Donna.

Post Civil War Sierra Leone: The Challenge of Development and the Reality of Medical Pluralism
 Kargbo, Ibrahim.

Professionalizing the Black Female Body: Race, Gender, and Business in James VanDerZee’s Photographs
 Smith, Jacqueline.


Queen Califa, the Mythological African Amazon for Whom California Is Named: Her Cultural Legends and Africans in the Ancient Americas
 Carter, Robin.


Race Still Matters: Whiteness, Beauty Culture & Afro-Latinidad among the Dominican Diaspora in the United States
 Skogsbergh, Julie.

Race(ing) into the Publishing Marketplace
 Knight, Alisha.

Razors, Rights, and Paradoxical Publics: Black Barber Shops and the Civil Rights Act of 1875
 Mills, Quincy.

Remembering a 'Golden' Past: Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Congregants and the Making of Identity in the Post-Civil-Rights United States
 Roberson, Houston.

Report on NEH-Funded Projects: From "Behind the Veil" to "Race and Place."
 Adams, Thomas.

Report on Oprah Winfrey's South African Academy for Girls
 Mzamane, Lerato.

Report on one of America's 400th Anniversary's Jamestown Democracy Conferences
 Newby-Alexander, Cassandra. and Alexander, William.

Representations of Black Thought
 Bradley, Dari.

Repudiating the Forced Choice: Nineteenth-Century Black Women Respond to the Contrived Gender/Race Dichotomy
 Wright, Michelle.

Rethinking the Ring Shout: Dance of the Lost Hoodoo Religion
 Hazzard-Donald, Katrina.

Runaway! Going, Going, Gone. A Painting Series.
 Marshall, Cora.


Saisiyats – Taiwanese Aboriginals: The Afro-Asian Connection
 Purnell, Judy.

Segregation's Differential Impact Upon African American Women's Career Choice Within the Feminized Professions
 Causey, Linda.

Selected African America Press Reaction to the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia.
 Bartley, Abel.

Sharing Our Words: Black Women's Contribution to Racial Uplift
 Gyant, LaVerne.

She Walked in Beauty: Maryrose Reeves Allen and Dance at Howard University
 Brown, Tamara.

Slave Soldiers and Emancipation in the Río de la Plata, 1807-1852
 Meisel, Seth.

Slavery and Resistance—Using Literature to Resist Eurocentric Hegemony (Thought and Behavior)
 Jefferson, Antonette.

Slavery in Albany New York, 1624-1827
 Williams, Oscar.

Slavery on the Gold Coast and Rebellion in Jamaica, 1655-1739
 Johnson, Amy.

Spaces, Blues and "The Invisible Man"
 Warner, A. C..

Storytelling Thru Songs…Sounds from Slavery to Freedom
 Mosley, Cheryl.

Strengths, Struggles, and Sisterhood: Work/Family Balance and the African American Woman
 Patterson, Lisa.

Subjugation and Justification: The Misappropriation of the African Body to the Western World
 Thompson, Katrina.


THe FBI and the African American Freedom Struggle in Eastern North Carolina, 1945-50
 Issa, Jahi.

Teaching African American History by Examining ‘Street Scholars or Historians without Portfolios’
 Crowder, Ralph.

Teaching Slavery at Colonial Williamsburg
 Earl, Jr., Larry.

That Supposed To Be Me?” Marginalized Young Black Women Talk Back to ‘Hip Hop’
 Cox, Aimee.

The Atlantic Diaspora: African American Communities in Ghana, 1980 to 2005
 Essein, Kwame.

The Black Resistance Press in African National Politics, 1945-1994
 Ukpanah, Ime.

The Brothers Johnson: The Lincoln Film Company and the Role of Black Business in Creating Black Modernity, Culture and Identity
 Campbell, Yuri.

The Carolina Times and the Black Freedom Struggle, 1927-1939
 Gershenhorn, Jerry.

The Church as an Agent of Freedom: First African Baptist, 1788-1856
 Egemonye, Uche.

The Civil Rights Movement in Modern Museums
 Robertson, Beverly.

The Constitution, Citizenship, and African Americans: A Dream Deferred
 Morrissette, Audrey.

The Crossing
 Wilson-Evans, Kitty.

The Education of Hip Hop and Hip Hop Education: An Examination of Hip Hop Studies and its Impact on Multiple Disciplines.
 Wright, Dwayne.

The Effects of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
 Bayewumi, Bola.

The Entrance of Race and Gender in Traditional "Nadir" and Progressive Era Histories
 Wright, Stephanie.

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Vernon Winslow: The Innovative Art Teacher Whose Radio Personality, Dr. Daddy-O, Changed the Sound New Orleans Radio
 Baptiste, Bala.


We're Still Here: The Cultural and Archaeological Significance of the Jonahville AME Zion Church Cemetery
 Donald, Roderick.

West Indian Day: Transnational Perspectives of Emancipation in 19th Century America
 Gabriel, Dexter.

What is in a Deed? Up From Slavery Reconsidered
 Baber, Willie.

What to do with a Liberty Pole: Caroline Quarlis on the Wisconsin Underground Railroad
 Boers, David.

When the Personal Becomes Political: Louise Miller and her Advocacy for Washington's Deaf Children of Color
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Where Black is Brown: The African Diaspora in Mexico
 Humber, Toni-Mokjaetji.

Who Freed the Slaves? And Does It Matter? An Adventure in the Politics of Race and History
 Engs, Robert.

Who is “The Man”?: From BLACK FIRE to THE BLACK WOMAN
 Crawford, Margo.

William L. Dawson and the Negro Folk Symphony: Rediscovering the Missing Link from Africa to America.
 Baptiste, Renee.

Women in the Settlement of Chicago's Black West Side: An Oral History 1920-1950
 Graham, Glennon.
Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2007-Oct-02 to 2007-Oct-07
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