93rd Annual Convention 2008-Oct-01 to 2008-Oct-06

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"Dispelling the Official Story: The School Closures in Norfolk, Virginia Revisited"
 Ford, Charles.

"Don't Worry, I'm Safe" - An Ethnographic Examination of Sex, Condom Use and the culture of HIV/AIDS Among Urban African Americans
 Pendleton, Nashay.

"Exploring the Gullah culture"
 Murray, Sharon.

"For the Advancement of the Race": Agency, Work, and the Great Migrations to Houston, Texas, 1900-1941
 Pruitt, Bernadette.

"Historically Black Colleges Ignite: A Look at FBI Records Concerning Rebellions on the Campuses of Jackson State University and Southern University A&M, 1970-1972."
 Robinson, Cynara.

"I am not a ceremonial symbol, I am an activist": Examing the activism of Coretta Scott King
 Sanders-McMurtry, Kijua.

"King's Radical Vision of Community"
 Birt, Robert.

"Large Ideas Which Never Got Down to Earth or Finance": W.E. B. Du Bois, Carter G. Woodson & the Encyclopedia Africana, 1909-1963
 Fenderson, Jonathan.

"Lurking about the Neighbourhood:" Escape, Refuge, and Survival in Eastern North Carolina, 1780-1840
 Nevius, Marcus.

"No Place for Me:" Fredi Washington and the Confines of Racial Casting during Hollywood's Golden Era
 Thomas-McCluskey, Audrey.

"Rachel Pringle: From Enslavement to Bajan Entrepreneur"
 Miles, Dawn.

"Spirit of Cooperation" Multiculturalism at the 1924 World's Student Christian Federation Conference
 Kientz, Lauren.

"Strange Fruit" in Katherine Anne Porter's "The Fig Tree
 Daniels, Patsy.

"Survival of the Fittest?": How History Courses Can Debate this Idea Through Dr. King's Leadership
 Kozel, Sue.

"The Abridgement of Hope": Ideas about Race, Freedom, and Extermination in Antebellum Virginia
 Lewis, Kay.

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A Dull Blade: The Truncation of Progressive Black Masculinity in Wesley Snipes' Blade
 Gayles, Jonathan.

A Global Operational Paradigm for Cultural Competency for People of African Descent
 Bracey, Nathaniel.

A Memory So Dark and Horrific—Lynching in the African American Historical Experience
 Davis, Dernoral. and McInnis, C. Leigh.

A Missed Opportunity: President Clinton’s Race Initiative
 Carter, Daryl.

A New Approach to the Curricula of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in a Post-Affimative Action Society
 Silver, Michael.

A Practical Experience of an Independent Home School Educator: Finishing the Course with Excellence
 Harley, Denise.

A Study of Contradictions: Daniel Patrick Moynihan and his Case for National Action
 Barrett, Marsha.

A ‘Chosen Man of God, Carved in Ebony’: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Alabama Businessman, Educator, Minister, and Community Builder William R. Pettiford
 English, Bertis.

Activism in the Modern Library Profession: E.J. Josey Challenges the Status Quo
 Chancellor, Renate.

Addressing Anti-Blackness: Challenging Communities of Color in a Growing Black/non-Black Society
 Malone, Mei-Ling. and Pemberton, Neva.

African American Acculturation and Parenting: The family as metaphor in this year's election.
 Reine, Chris.

African American Cultural Influence on South African Townships, 1951-1960
 Duffy, Johannah.

African American Expatriates in Ghana and the Black Radical Tradition
 Gaines, Kevin K..

African American Folk Art in Alabama and African American Studies
 Morgan, Stacy.

African American Male Youth Violence and Internalized Racism
 Bryant, Wesley.

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Beyond A. Philip Randolph: Reconfiguring the March on Washington Movement
 Lucander, David.

Beyond Black and Brown: Black Politics in the Latino Electoral Age
 Widener, Daniel.

Birmingham, Alabama and the Modern Black Freedom Struggle
 Widell, Jr., Robert.

Black American Press and France after 1917: A Taste of Equality and Recognition for Afro Americans.
 Lockett, Evelyn.

Black Entertainment Culture and Chicago's Great Tivoli Theater in the Civil Rights Era
 Semmes, Clovis.

Black Firefighters and Affirmative Action in Boston, 1972 to the present
 Goldberg, David.

Black Power and Grassroots Organizing: A Re-examination of the Atlanta Project
 Perkins, Jason.

Black Professional Social Work Development in Detroit, Michigan
 Causey, Linda.

Black Sheep of Another Flock: Seventh-day Adventist Influences in the Black Radical Tradition
 Vaught, Seneca.

Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction film
 Nama, Adilifu.

Black Women and the Movements: Using Art to Re-Define Beauty
 White, Darlene.

Black Workers and Labor Politics: A Case Study on Black Chicago 1930-1950
 Young, Paul.

Blackness Beyond Boundaries
 Marable, Manning.

Blackness and the Progressive Deracialization in the Blade Trilogy
 Cha-Jua, Sundiata.

Bringing two together: Black History in a Spanish Classroom
 Naber, G. Mercedes.

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Carter G. Woodson and Arturo "Arthur" Schomburg: Flip Sides of The Caribbean Connection
 Martin-Ogunsola, Dellita.

Carter G. Woodson and the Study of Classical African Civilizations
 Ampim, Manu.

Carter G. Woodson, Multiculturalism and Black Empowerment: Is There a Fit?
 Little, Monroe.

Cease to Live, Begin to Be: Black College Faculty and the Struggle for Liberation
 Favors, Jelani.

City of Big Shoulders/City of Big Riots: Chicago, the 1966 Fire Hydrant Riot, and Working Class Politics
 Howard, Ashley.

Collegiate Color-Lines: What is the Role of the Black Student Union?
 Howard, Ebony.

Combining Student Affairs with African American Studies to Understand and Educate Students
 Davis, Lowell.

Conjuring Participation through Performance: A Case Study of Elmina and Colonial Williamsburg
 Bowden, Ashley.

Conspiracy, Race, and Gender: Free Women of Color in Nineteenth-Century Cuba
 Reid, Michele.

Containment and Resistance in Inkster, MI: Hegemonic Space and Black Agency in Ford's Suburban Ghetto
 Bartlett, Jackson.

Containment and Resistance in Inkster, MI: Hegemonic Space and Black Agency in Ford's Suburban Ghetto
 Bartlett, Jackson.

Contributions in Black Studies - Context and Origins
 Espinal, Isabel.

Contributions of African American Inventors to the History of the Development of the United States
 Webster, Raymond.

Countering the Miseducation of Negroes /African Americans: Home Schooling and African-Centered Schools as Solutions?
 Kopano, Baruti.

Creating Cultural Heroes: Duke Ellington and the Economics of Racial Uplift
 Gaffney, Nicholas.

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Dead Women Walking: the Death Penalty and Black Women in Rural Georgia and Florida, 1944-1952
 Egemonye, Uche.

Debating the Interracial Intimacies between African American GIs and Japanese Women in the Trans-Pacific Black Communities, 1950-1952
 Okada, Yasuhiro.

Declaration of Independence, A Commentary - Analysis of Race, Economics and Politics, Circa 1776 - A Conflicted Document
 Wilkerson, James.

Defining Direction, Building Coalitions: Directing African American Studies at the University of Alabama
 Fulton, DoVeanna.

Developing a Gaming Program
 Morsi, Rasha.

Developing a Gaming Program: A Programmer's Perspective
 Rizvi, Mona.

Developing a Gaming Program: An Historian's Perspective
 Newby-Alexander, Cassandra.

Developing a Gaming Program: The Construction of a Storyboard
 Bruner, Philip.

Differently Similar Paths: The Emergence, Proliferation, & Cultural Significance of Go-go & Hip-hop
 Edmonds, Kelton.

Disaporan Vocies of the African Past
 Jackson, Maurice.

Discriminating Deeds: Housing Segregation and Racially Restrictive Covenants, 1917-1950
 Woods II, Louis.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the Origin of Multiculturalism
 Jackson, J.D..

Drawing Sustenance at the Source: African American Students’ Participation in the Black Community as an Act of Resistance
 Lewis, Kristine.

Duke: Sexualizing Black Citizenship During the Civil Rights Era
 Stanley, Kimberly.


Elma Lewis and Black Community Organizing in Boston, 1950-1976
 McClure, Daniel.

Engaging the Special Collections Library and African American Studies at the University of Alabama
 Lacher-Feldman, Jessica.

Eye and I Skinflectionz: At the Center of Katrina’s Hurricane
 Hastings, Rachel N..


Factors Influencing Life Satisfaction among African American Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren
 Smith-Ruiz, Dorothy.

Faye Harrison: Charting New Interdisciplinary Directions in the Global Age
 Baker, Lee.

Faye V. Harrison Responds
 Harrison, Faye.

From Montauk to the White House: Multicultural Change from Within and Without
 Blue, Bennis.

From Protest to Politics in the Alabama Black Belt
 Jeffries, Hasan Kwame.

From These Humble Beginnings: The Alabama Roots of William Henry Hastie, Jr., American Attorney, Civil Servant, and Human-rights Activist
 English, Bertis.

From the Coal Mine to the Ivory Tower: Carter G. Woodson as a Pioneer Ethnician
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

From the Melting Pot to the Diversity Diversion: Multiculturalism as Anathema
 Dallas, Fenobia.

Furious Focus Forward: AfroFuturism and Women of Color
 Gant-Britton, Lisbeth.


Global Apartheid, Foreign Policy, and Human Rights
 Harrison, Faye.

Godmothering in the African Diaspora, Ifa Style
 Aird, Sheila.

Goin’ North: The African American Women of Sloss Quarters
 Utz, Karen.


Half a Life: Acting Colored, Agitating for Change: Arnaud Bontemps
 Fisher, Holly.

Happily Ever After?: Culture and the Construction of Disney Princesses of Color
 Talley, Ashley.

Hard Times: a Historical Analysis of Hip Hop Aesthetics Circa 1984
 Boone, William.

Harold Cruse and the Chicago Scene: Misreading Lorraine Hansberry in THE CRISIS OF THE NEGRO INTELLECTUAL
 Bracey, John.

Harrison: Blurring Boundaries to Lead a More Holistic Life
 Thomas-Houston, Marilyn.

Hidden Legacy: Hubert Harrison and the birth of the Black nationalist movement
 Roose, Holly.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Public History: Fueling the Passion for Teaching and Research
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

History, Culture, and an Identity of Black Power: Carter G. Woodson and the "New Negro"
 Smith, Al.

History, Culture, and an Identity of Black Power: Carter G. Woodson and the "New Negro"
 Smith, Al.

Hollis F. Price and the Congregational Church
 Bagby, George.

Home School and the Socialization of Middle School Children: Parental Perceptions
 Naughton, Ingrid.

How African Americans use the metaphysical terms of Religion: (Love, Justice and Power) in the quest for citizenship
 Boykin, Arsene.

How Latinos/Hispanics Interact with the African American Community
 Drain, Laura.


I Too Sing, AMERICA: A Sociological Prospectus on Race, New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina
 Hicks, Keisha.

Ideas Have Consequences: Conservative Philanthropy and the Attack on Black Studies
 Nicol, Donna.

Identity Politics and Cultural Hybridity: African Americans and African Canadians in the Black Protestant Church, 1825-1910
 Robinson-Harmon, Julia.

Identity Transformations in Revolutionary Era America
 Wright, Stephanie.

Impertinent Hussies and Ungrateful Wenches:Enslaved Women's Resistance Through Delaware's Newspapers and Official Records, 1775-1820
 Spitzer-Antezana, Darlene.

Interracial Marriage and the Origins of the Boston NAACP, 1912-1927
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Introducing the Panelists of New Publications in Black Intellectual History
 Evans, Stephanie.

Introducing the panelists of Outsider Within
 Evans, Stephanie.

Is Activism Still Alive in Post-Civil Rights Birmingham?: Intergenerational Reflections from African American Educators
 Loder-Jackson, Tondra. and Chambers, II, Michael.

Islam and the Black Encounter: The Dialogic and Dialectic of Race, Ethnicity, and Islamicity
 Al-Islam, Amir.


Jack Johnson, Paul Robeson and the Hyper-masculine African American Ubermensch
 Seniors, Paula Marie.

Joe Nash: 20th Century Archivist of the Black Tradition in American Concert Dance
 White Dixon, Melanie.

John Hope Franklin’s From Slavery to Freedom: 60 Years of Making African American History
 Purnell, Brian.


Keeping Our Story:The role of African American librarians in protecting and perpetuating African American History and Culture
 Johnson, Sharon.

Kelly Miller and Black Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Jim Crow
 Coulibaly, Sylvie.

Kenyan Running: “My How Far They’ve Run”
 Laws, Rachel.


Learn Experientially to Achieve Renewal of Neighborhoods
 Baxter, Thelma. and Tropnas, Joan.

Learning What It Means to Be Black: African-American Identity and Progressive Reforms in Florida's Schools
 Berk, Paul.

Line Dancing: Africa's Forgotten Contribution to American "Country" Subculture
 Hazzard-Donald, Katrina.

Literacy and Freedom: Ownership at the Dawn of North American Slavery
 Hall, Perry.

Loyalty, Duty, and Discrimination: Black Men in the U.S. Army
 Peterson, Zac.


Making a Life, Not Making a Living: The Servant Leadership of Ella Baker
 Williams, Lea.

Manifestations of Oppression: A Typology of Lynching in American Culture
 Deardorff, Michelle.

Mapping Race: Geography Textbooks and a Pedagogy of American Exceptionalism, 1880-1930
 Stratton, Clif.

March on Milwaukee: A Struggle for Civil Rights
 Benson, III, Clayborn.

Maroon and Cimarrón: African and Amerindian resistance through escape in colonial Spanish America
 Medina, Charles.

Massa’s Metamorphosis: A Historical Analysis of Culture and Policies of the 18th Century Slave Trade and the 20th Century Prison Industrial Complex
 Vaught, Seneca.

Meet The Negro: Revisiting Karl Downs' Revolutionary Introductions to America's Talented Tenth
 Hill-Jackson, Valerie.

Mexico’s Colonial Marriage Record and the Lives of Lobos (Wolves) and Moriscos (Moors)
 Vinson III, Ben.

Multiculturalism and Radio Broadcasting in Post-World War II New Orleans
 Baptiste, Bala.

Multiculturalism in Charles H. Thompson’s Editorial Thought, 1933 to 1950
 Ray, Louis.

Multiculturalism in Higher Education: A Tool for Success
 Davis, Debra.

Multiculturalism of a Different Sort: Slavery, Race, and Nation in Enslaved New Orleans
 Johnson, Rashauna.

Multiculturalism on the Left: Paul Robeson’s 1950s Newspaper FREEDOM
 Washington, Mary Helen.


Neither Colour, Nor Nationality: IWW interracial organizing in South Africa and the United States
 Cole, Peter. and Walt, Lucien.

New African American Images in Japanese Popular Culture
 Kiuchi, Yuya.

Not Exactly Real Sisters: Decoding Racial Stereotypes in Dreamgirls and other Hollywood Productions
 Sanchez, Tani.


Octavia Butler and the Budding Vampire Aesthetics: An Analysis of The Fledgling
 Newson-Horst, Adele.

On the Currency of Black Culture: Ameliorating the Symbolic Injustice of African-Americans
 Thomas, Brian.

On the Front Line: the Committee on the Appeal for Human Rights and the Struggle to End Jim Crow in Atlanta
 Glosson, Carla.

Outsiders Within: Black Women in the Legal Academy After Brown v. Board
 Watson, Elwood.


Peace Was the Glue: Europe and African American Freedom
 Plummer, Brenda.

Perceived Self-Efficacy Among Black Students as it Relates to Learning and Performance
 O\'Neil, Brittany.

Perceptions of the other: a European view of Daniel A. Payne
 Strobert, Nelson.

Performing Freedom: Enslaved Women Runaways in Antebellum Charleston
 Marshall, Amani.

Place and Land as Historical Text: Miami's Historic Virginia Key Beach Park
 Tinnie, Gene.

Political Democracy in South Carolina: 1868- 1895
 Billingsley, Andrew.

Proposing an Anti-Child Trafficking & Slavery Institute
 Fred-Mensah, Benjamin.

Providential Design: “American Negroes” and Garveyism in South Africa
 Vinson, Robert.


Quarantined Consumers: The Ghetto Tax and Deregulation, 1974-1980
 Fergus, Devin.


Race and Redemption in Writings on the African American Experience
 Boyd, Stacy.

Race, Education, Nationalism, and the Founding of Liberia (1810-1910)
 Wiggan, Greg.

Race, Nationalism, and Cosmopolitanism in Selected Writings of Aimé Césaire
 M\'Baye, Babacar.

Re-presenting the Violence of Racialization for the Public Spheres
 Williams, Kidada.

Readin', 'Ritin', and Revolution: Heeding the Call for a Liberation Pedagogy
 Williams, Shawn.

Reading “Black Power” in the African American Neighborhood Museum Movement
 Burns, Andrea.

Reawakening the Ghost of C. Eric Lincoln: Barack Obama, the Complicated Politics of Race in America, and the Continuing Challenge of Black Liberation Theology
 Williams, Zachery.

Recast in the Image of Me: Race, Memory, and the Long Process of School Desegregation
 Waugh, Dwana.

Reconstructing Early Twentieth Century African American Communities Using Newspapers
 Pinnick, Timothy.

Redeeming the African American Knighthood: Alienation, Ownership and the Concept of Race Pride
 Muhammad, Maryam Sharron.

Redefinition of Human Liberation in the Poetry of Audre Lorde, 1968-1976
 Davis, Markeysha.

Reenvisioning Black Women's Sexuality
 Harrison, Rashida.

Reflections of an Advocate for Educational Reform and Public Service
 Clark, Robert.

Releasing Joshua Glover: Wisconsin's Response to Popular Sovereignty, States' Rights, and the Fugitive Slave Law
 Boers, David.

Representations of Civil Rights Era Nonviolent Resistance in Selected Educational Resources for Middle School Students
 Bynum, Gregory.

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Salvaging Lives in the African Diaspora: Anthropology, Ethnography, and Women's Narratives
 McClaurin, Irma.

Sankofian Diasporic Connections of Hip-Hop and Hip-Life Music
 Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Tara.

Soul Survivors: Constructing and Identifying the Survivor in Post-Katrina America
 Carter, Derrais.

Soul to Soul: The Soul Music Concert in Africa
 Tkweme, W.S..

State Repression of Black Elected Officials in Alabama after the 1960s
 Musgrove, G. Derek.

Stupid Fresh: Hip-Hop Culture and Perceived Anti-Intellectualism in Urban Black Youth
 Sawyer, Don.

Subverting the Scapegoat: An Examination of Girardian Theory in Baldwin's The Fire Next Time
 Gibson III, Ernest.


Teaching to Transform: The Legacy of African American Educators
 Collins, B. Gina.

The Black Brahmins of Harvard: W.E.B. Du Bois, Carter G. Woodson, and Alain L. Locke on Multiculturalism, 1890-1940.
 Collins, Donald.

The Black Power Movement and the Rise of Black Professional Associational Life, 1966-1976
 Bell, Joyce.

The Black Woman's Marriage to Christianity
 Wilburn, Delila.

The Challenge of Teaching Black History in Public Schools
 Malbrew, Ricardo.

The Cosmopolitanism of Kenneth Clark
 Freeman, Damon.

The Creation of Black Character Formulas: Stereotypical Anthropomorphic Depictions and the Maintenance of Whiteness
 Crum, Melissa.

The Crisis of Harold Cruse and Adolph Reed: Insight on the American Letter’s Tradition
 Harris, Glen.

The Disruption of Cultural Knowledge in Schools
 Bey, Aziza.

The Early Black History Movement, Carter G. Woodson, and Lorenzo Johnston Greene
 Dagbovie, Pero.

The Educational Thought of W.E.B. Du Bois: An Intellectual History
 Alridge, Derrick.

The End of an Era: Black College Football, Florida A&M, and the Ordeal of Integration
 White, Derrick.

The Ford Motor Company and Black Detroit
 Brackett, LaToya.

The Herstory of Global Sistahs in Hip-life and Hip-hop
 Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Tara.

The Intersection of Race, Culture, and Identity in African Liberation and Development
 Kirby, Jr., Jimmy.

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Upon Rediscovering George Washington Williams
 Carne, Jean.


Watch It, Learn It, Do It! Television and the Appropriation of African American Dance
 Brown, Tamara.

What It Be Like? Sayin’ What We Mean-Dat’s the Hip-Hop Scene
 Manget-Johnson, Carol. and Hills, Crystal.

What the Advertisements Reveal: Fugitive Slave Women in 18th Century New York
 Thomas, Felicia.

William Washington Browne and the Savings Bank of the Grand Fountain, United Order of True Reformers.
 Acker, Daniel.

Without Sanctuary: Art as Protest and Protest as Art
 McInnis, C. Leigh.

Womanist Audacity in the Science Fiction of Octavia Butler
 Tsuruta, Dorothy.

Woodson’s Concept of the “Negro in Business”: Joseph Cassey, an Early Philadelphia Black Entrepreneur
 Harvell, Valeria. and Black, Janine.


York,the Black Slave of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Evolution of a Multicultural Hero
 Millner, Darrell.
93rd Annual Convention 2008-Oct-01 to 2008-Oct-06
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