94th Annual Convention 2009-Sep-30 to 2009-Oct-05

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"A War of Color?" African American Takes on the Korean War
 Knauer, Christine.

"A Woman of This Stamp”: Hannah Elias, Interracial Intimacy, and Civil Rights in Early Twentieth-Century New York
 Hicks, Cheryl.

"Always a Fight and a Question": Corporate Philanthropy, Community Activism, and Machine Politics in the Long Urban Crisis
 Rabig, Julia.

"Art Education for Responsible Citizenship: The Educational Philosophy of Aaron Douglas"
 Morris, Lori.

"Between Race Riots: African American Encounters with the Everyday Policing of Blackness in the Jim Crow Urban North, 1900-1935"
 Muhammad, Khalil.

"Black Nationalism and Triple Oppression: Claudia Jones and African-American Women in American Communism."
 Lynn, Denise.

"Bound No'th Blues": Chicago's South Side, the First Great Migration, & Jazz, 1915-1930
 Lester, Charlie.

"But, Where Are You From, From?" Representations of Blackness in the Canadian Multicultural State”
 Barabin, Alexandria.

"Colored Teachers for the Colored Schools": The Fight for Black Teachers in Baltimore's Public Schools
 Morrison, Brian.

"Community Organizing, Civil Rights, and the Struggle Against Police Brutality in the San Francisco Bay Area During the 1940s and 1950s"
 Rigelhaupt, Jess.

"Contesting Invisibility: Afro-Ecuadorian Women’s Quest for Full Citizenship"
 Hill, Dana.

"Defending the Community from the Police: African American Activism and the Prosecution of Police Brutality in 1930s New Orleans"
 Coffey, Michele.

"Downstate is No Different than Dixie": The Struggle for School Desegregation in Cairo, Illinois, 1949-1954
 Pimblott, Kerry.

"Flawed Mirror of Better Things to Come: Revisiting the National Afro-American Council"
 Justesen, Benjamin.

"Getting to the Hospital": An Overview of the Winston-Salem Black Panther Party
 McGeehan, Charlie.

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A Betrayal of the First Order: Bill Clinton and Welfare Reform
 Carter, Daryl.

A Drum in Amherst: Drum Magazine and Student-led Art and Activism in the Pioneer Valley
 Tinson, Christopher.

A Glorious Failure: The Economic Determinism of Robert H. Terrell
 Middleton, Stephen.

A Law Unto Themselves: Historical Consequences and Cultural Realities of From the Neglect of Africana Studies in Policymaking Processes
 Vaught, Seneca.

A Long Litigation Movement: School Desegregation in Delaware
 Gadsden, Brett.

A Place for Us: Jeff High and Central Avenue, 1935 - 1955
 Slaughter, Michael.

A Psycho-Historical Analysis of Black Men and Crime in the United States
 Suddler, Carl. and Payne, Yasser.

A Social Experiment: FIGHTON, Corporate Responsibility, and the Development of CDC’s Rochester, NY, 1965-1975
 Hill, Laura.

Abstract: Sexy/Black Part II: The Liberation
 Jackson, Ajani.

Acculturation, Class and Body Image and Black Women Identity
 Lee, Dr. Anna.

Activists, Community Builders and ‘Grass Shakers’: Black Women in Prince Edward County, the School Crisis and Beyond
 Tillerson-Brown, Dr. Amy.

Adella Hunt Logan: The Summation of A Life Should Be More Than Its Death
 Willis, Daria.

Administering the Black Image: Julia Baxter and the NAACP's Crusade against Stereotypical Representations
 Greer, Brenna.

Adventures in Intervention: Pauline Hopkins's Of One Blood
 Rivera, Lysa.

African American Architects
 Acker, Daniel.

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Before Busing: The Origins of Boston’s Civil Rights Movement
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Beyond 1968: The 1969 Black Monday Protest in Memphis, Tennessee
 Conway, Jr., James.

Bigamy and the World of the Forgotten Castes of Mexico 1650-1800
 Vinson III, Ben.

Black Arts Metropolis: Negro Digest, OBAC & Chicago as an Epicenter of the Black Arts Movement, 1961-1969
 Fenderson, Jonathan.

Black Arts, Black Consciousness, and the Human Potential Movement
 Semmes, Clovis.

Black Body, Black Power: A Survey of Black Revolutionary Dress and the Battleground of Perception
 Hamilton, Allison.

Black Conservatism in the Age of Obama: Crisis or Convergence?
 Levy, La TaSha.

Black Diversity and African American Citizenship
 Bandele, Ramla.

Black Feminist Citizenship in the Academy: An Autoethnography of Challenge, Resistance and Negotiation
 Cutts, Qiana., Davis, Corrie. and Love, Bettina.

Black Man, White House: The Many Racial Symbolisms of Barack Obama
 Strain, Christopher.

Black Masculinity Course: An Intersectional Approach
 Hazelton, Dawn.

Black Power and Beyond: The Alchemy of Student Activism, Black Power, and Anti-Poverty Protests in 1960s Greensboro, NC.
 Edmonds, Kelton.

Black Radical Traditions in the Midwest and the Institutionalization of the Black Arts Movement
 Smethurst, James.

Black Response during the Jim Crow Era and the Construction of ‘Colored’ Huntington, West Virginia.
 Fain, Cicero.

Black Veterans in the Fight for Equal Rights: From the Civil War to Today
 Armstead, Ron.

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Caribbean Immigration Policy
 Gooden, Amoaba.

Caribbean Passages: Race, Emigration, and Freedom in the Age of Revolution
 Reid, Michele.

Caribbean-Americans Push for Political Empowerment in Brooklyn, New York, 1970-2006
 Toney, Joyce.

Casualties of the Movement: Philanthropic Interests, Financially Factoring SNCC's Decline, and the Six Day War of 1967
 Benson II, Richard D..

Cecil’s City: Integration, Separation, and the Battle over Black Identity
 Perkiss, Abigail.

Challenging Jim Crow: The African Universal Black Cross Nurses and The Daughter’s of Ethiopia
 Duncan, Natanya.

Changing the Color of Poverty: From the Great Depression to the Great Society
 Mostardi, Lauren.

Children of Magic City: Coming of Age in Birmingham, 1963
 Jeter, Giselle.

Christian V. Daniels Adair: Identity and Memory Edited Through Oral History
 Brannon-Wranosky, Jessica.

Churches of Freedom, Democracy and Citizenship
 Turner, Nicole.

Citizen Folk: Anna Julia Cooper on Folklore, Representation, and the Quest for Citizenship
 Moody, Shirley.

Citizen Reformers: Industrial Education and the Reform of Black Delinquent Girls at the State Industrial Home for Negro Girls at Tipton, Missouri, 1916-1941.
 Rowe, Leroy.

Citizen Self-determination: Community Organizing and a Community Benefits Agreement
 Lucas-Darby, Emma.

Citizenship Given, Citizenship Won: Puerto Ricans in Their Quest for Civil Rights
 Denis, Milagros.

Citizenship controversies for African Americans in some U.S. Native American nations: an historical context.
 Johnson`, Willard.

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Deals with the Devil: Military Service and Citizenship in Black America
 Milburn, Anthony. and Coleman, McGregor.

Defining Citizen/Defining Statesman: From the Reconstruction Acts to the Election of Black Men in Wilmington, North Carolina
 Jackson, Thanayi.

Defining Race through Resistance: Cimarronaje and Marronage as Racializing Markers in Colonial Latin America
 Beatty-Medina, Charles.

Desegregation in Cleveland, OH: An Ethnographic Study of Engaged Learning for Black Citizenship
 Golphin, KIm.

Desperate for Citizenship: The First Generations of Color in Colonial Virginia, 1619-1660
 Gilead, Loretta.

Destabilizing Race Through Performance? The Ethics of Crossing Racial Boundaries in Theater
 Daniel, Rachel.

Developing Methods, Techniques and Strategies for the Survival of Blacks in Higher Education
 Kimmons, Willie.

Diasporic Identity Function
 Harrison, Anthony.

Digitization of the Mississippi Freedom Summer Collection
 Johnson, Jacky. and Tzoc, Elias.

Dr. Elizabeth Clark-Lewis
 Clark-Lewis, Elizabeth.

Dr. Helen Dickens and the Quest for Medical Citizenship in Post-WW II Philadelphia
 Shakir, Ameenah.

Dr. Pero Dagbovie, Michigan State University
 Dagbovie, Pero.

Drawing Generational Lines: Portrait of a Mother-Daughter Relationship in Anne Moody's Coming of Age in Mississippi
 Boisseau, Tracey.

Drew Ali's Moorish Science Temple: An Early 20th Century Prescription for African American Citizenship
 Pimienta-Bey, Jose\'.

Drusilla Houston
 Brooks-Bertram, Peggy.

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Earle E. Thorpe: Constructing Black Psychohistory
 McClure, Brian.

Early Black Owned Banks
 Acker, Daniel.

Elizabeth Cisco and the Struggle against School Segregation in Jamaica, Queens, 1895-1900
 Edey-Rhodes, Joanne.

Elma Lewis, Cultural Work and Black Community Formation in Boston, 1939-1950
 McClure, Daniel.

Essence of Complexity: The Irony of the Juke Joint
 Cullors, Kasey.

Ethnomusicological Reflections on Academic Jazz and the Omission and Suppression of Black Culture
 Goecke, N. Michael.

Experiencing the African Diaspora: Gerald Horne and the Archive
 Taylor, Ula.

Exposing Lynching: Televisuality and the Murder of Emmett Till
 Flach, Katie.

Eyes on the Archive: An Introduction to the Film and Media Archive, Washington University in St. Louis
 Thompson, Joseph.


Fannie Barrier Williams and the New York Age, 1905-1909
 Moore, Sashir.

Fighting Hard to be Ignorant: Acting White and the Production of Black Youth Anti-Intellectualism in Mainstream Media
 Griffin, Shayla.

Fighting Over the Future of the Past: History, Memory and Contemporary Black Politics
 McKinney, Charles.

Fighting for Inclusion: The Political History of Howalton Day School
 Hayes, Worth.

Former Slaves' Struggles for Citizenship in America: Open Doors for Blacks in the Marshal Service
 Moore, Robert.

Fostering Citizenship in a Midwestern Majority Black School District
 Hatten, Adriennie.

Frantz Fanon’s Theory of “Revolutionary Humanism:” Implications for Decolonization
 Joseph, Celucien.

Free Citizens Before Citizenship: The Maroon Tradition In The United States
 Kai, Nubia.

Freedom Politics: The Lowndes County Freedom Organization, SNCC, and Radically Democratic Grassroots Politics
 Jeffries, Hasan Kwame.

Freedom's Little Lights: Black Panther Youth and the Freedom Struggle in the Bay Area, 1968–1972
 Eckelmann, Susan.

From Chisholm ’72 to McKinney ’08: African American Women in Electoral Politics Challenging the “Non Viable” Label
 Smooth, Wendy.

From Secession to Segregation: Walker County Texas, 1860-1900
 Pierce, Katherine.

From Underground to the Motown Sound: One City's African American History
 Hollins, Sonya.

From the African Free Society to Obama Canvassers: Organizing for Citizenship in the United States, 1787 – 2008
 Shuttlesworth, Carolyn.

Fulfilling the Promise: African American Educators Teach for Democracy in Jim Crow's South
 Preston-Grimes, Patrice.

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Garvey’s Ghosts: Complicating the Narrative of Declension in UNIA Historiography
 Harold, Claudrena.

Gender and Culture: The Shaping of British Educational Policy in West Africa
 Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Tara.

Gender, the War on Poverty and Activism for Change
 Hamlin, Francoise.

Generations of Warriors: An Analysis of Women in a Gullah Family
 Moore, Emily. and Blake, J. Herman.

George Godfrey: A New Type of Manhood
 Moore, Louis.

Global Politics: Urban Rebellion and the Quest for Black Citizenship
 Ruffin, Fayth.

Globalization and the Transformation of African American Social Class Structure
 Culverson, Donald.

Great Kids Research Great Schools
 Smith, Judith. and Merrill, Dr. Philip.

Ground Zero: Carter G. Woodson’s Fight for Citizenship through Educational Curriculum
 King, LaGarrett.


Harvey Gantt vs Jesse Helms: The 1990 U.S. Senate Race on "Race" and the Fear of Black Dominance in North Carolina Politics
 Donaldson, Anthony.

Helen G. Edmonds' Black Republican Party
 Dunn, Adrienne.

Higher Education and Democracy: Charles H. Thompson on the Aims of Higher Education, 1932 to 1941
 Ray, Louis.

Hip Hop, Obama, and the Question of a Post-Racial America
 Gosa, Travis.

Hollis F. Price and the Merger of LeMoyne College with Owen Junior College
 Bagby, George.

Hopelessly Separated: The Cleveland NAACP and Black Nationalist Conflict
 Frazier, Nishani.

Hopes and Dreams: How Slaves Raised the First Generation of Free Blacks in America
 Butler, Sana.

How African-Americans Use the Metaphysical Terms of Religion (Love, Justice and Power) in the Quest for Citizenship
 Boykin, Arsene.

Hubert Harrison and New Negro Aesthetics
 Power-Greene, Ousmane.


Illusions of Inclusion: Reflections on Lynching, Post-Civil War Reconstruction, and the Dynamics of Americanization/Colonization for Afrikans in the United States
 Toure, Ahati.

Implicating the Philosophical Genealogy of Nationist Thought in Contemporary Questions of African American Citizenship: Resisting the Teleology of Democratic Liberalism Toward Racism.
 Curry, Tommy.

International Obama Brand: Barack Obama in Japanese Popular Culture
 Kiuchi, Yuya.


Jacob Carruthers and Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Innovations and Transformations in the African American Study of Ancient Egypt
 Beatty, Mario.

Jazz Age Jesus: The Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., and the Ministry of Black Empowerment
 Mitchell, Jr., Vernon.

Jesse, Joe, and Jackie: Racing the Field
 Stanley, Kimberly.

John Brown Meets Black Detroit: Militant Afrocentric Resistance in the 19th Century
 Rahman, Ahmad.

Just Give Us a Light: Historical Knowledge and Racialized Civic Literacy among Mississippi Black Youths
 Sturkey, William.


Laying the Foundation for Citizenship: African Americans in East-Central Indiana
 Beilke, Jayne.

Let Me In, I have the Right to be Here: The Little Rock Nine’s Fight for Citizenship.
 Willis, Vincent.

Letitia Woods Brown
 Jones, Ida.

Life on the Fast Track: Prioritizing as a Wife, Mother, and Academic
 Wright, Stephanie.

Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Voice and Prophetic Guidance of the NAACP
 Lacy, Travis.

Lifting Hands, Lifting People
 Allen, Marcus.

Literacy and Citizenship in 1890s Black-authored Fiction
 Pipes, Candice.

Locating Black Women’s Identity Construction in the Process of Everyday Life
 Gaines, Rondee.

Long-term Teachers, Short-term Rights: Pedagogy and the Reconstruction of the South
 Davis, Christina.

Lorraine Williams
 Goddard, Richlyn.

Lucky 9s, Nurses, and Singers: Garveyites in Depression Era New York City 1935-1943
 Dalrymple, Daniel.

Lucy Parsons: “More Dangerous than a Thousand Rioters”
 Wright, Michelle.


Malcolm X, Robert F. Williams, and the NAACP
 Rasiah, Arun.

Manhood in the Shape of a Northern Slave Woman: The Case of Silvia Dubois
 Marshall, Kenneth.

Martin Luther King Jr., the NAACP, and Revisiting the Black Power Movement
 Ampim, Manu.

Migrating Subjects, Black Demands: Articulating Black Citizenship in the British Empire
 Morongwa Chéry, Tshepo.

Moynihan's Report Examined 50 Years Later - Fulfillment of the American Dream for Black America. Real Jubilation and Joy!
 Menyweather-Woods, Larry.

Mrs. Loving and Her Sisters: Recentering the Civil Rights Struggle
 Jackson, Nicole.


NYANSAPO: African Expertise and the Development of Colonial American Economies
 Mauer, J. Santiago.

New Afrikan By Grace: The Double Consciousness of RNA-U.S. Citizenship
 Onaci, Edward.

Nineteenth-century African American Press and the James Somerset Court Case of 1772
 Baze, Bernard.

No Doubt, It’s the Real Thing, Baby: What Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama Have in Common
 Drake, Simone.


Obama's Blackness, African American Politics, and the Triumph of Neoliberalism
 Johnson, Cedric.

Old Doll: Bajan Freedom Writer
 Miles, Dawn.

One Bonnet for Wife: Delaware's Free Blacks in Joseph Barker's Negro Ledger
 Spitzer-Antezana, Darlene.

Opening Spaces: Giving Voice to African-American Citizens in a Suburban Southern Town
 Whipple, Lorena.

Opening the Gates: Political Clarity in the Work of College Access Staff
 Lewis, Kristine.

Overlapping Communities: Writing Black Women Muslims into Black Women’s Scholarship
 Muhammad, Baiyina.


Panther Politics: The Black Panther Party and Electoral Politics in Oakland in 1973
 Murch, Donna.

Pedagogy of Reclamation: Reevaluating South Carolina's Citizenship Schools for Twenty-First Century Classrooms
 Butler, Tamara.

Penetrating the Swamp: Responses to Running Away in Eastern North Carolina
 Nevius, Marcus.

Perfecting Degraded Bodies: Slavery, Immigration, and American Gynecology
 Cooper Owens, Deirdre.

Pinning Black Women to the Wall: Race, Sex and the World War II Pin-up
 Chambers, Kathryn.

Pioneer Sociologists, New York City, and the Founding of the NAACP
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Playing the Game: Reasoning, Resistance, and Sport at the Black College
 Bracey, Bryan.

Polishing the Sapphire: U. S. Black Male Comedians Refashion a Working-class Stereotype of a Black Woman
 Jones, Regina.

Prairie Fires: The Midwestern Character of the 1960s Urban Rebellions
 Howard, Ashley.

Preacher, Pulpit and Performance: Biblical Interpretation and Black Representation in Zora Neale Hurston’s Jonah’s Gourd Vine
 Melton, McKinley.

Protest, Power, and Politics for Women Pioneers in the NAACP: Black Women’s Leadership in the NAACP as a Catalyst for the Advent of the Shared Governance in Modernity
 Dugas, Nzingha Sonya.

Public Policies and College Opportunities: An Analysis of How K-12 Reform, Public Funding Strategies and Race Conscious Initiatives Influence Black Student Representation in Higher Education
 Williams, Krystal.


Queen Mother Moore and the Quest for World Citizenship
 Smith, Fatimah.

Questions of Race, Revolution and Citizenship in Anna Julia Cooper’s 1925 Sorbonne Thesis
 May, Vivian.


Race Relations and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and Australia in the 1950s and 1960s – A Comparative Study
 Randall, Sally.

Race in American Politics before Obama
 Morris, Lorenzo.

Race on Trial: Passing and the Van Houten Case in Boston
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Race, Class, Sovereignty, and Citizenship: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Political Philosophy and Economy of (the) Nation
 Shaw, Stephanie.

Race, Class, and Revivalism in Los Angeles at the Turn of the Century
 Campbell, Marne.

Race, Religion and Obama
 Pinderhughes, Dianne.

Race, Sexual Crimes, and African American Professional Athletes: Historical Implications of Interracial Relationships
 Bennett, III, Robert.

Reconceptualizing Citizenship: The Fugitive's Legacy
 McGee, Michael.

Reconstruction, Citizenship and Sovereignty
 Newman, Vivian.

Red, Black and New Conceptualizations of “Green”: Africana Location and Advancement in the Green Economy
 Rowley, Chishamiso.

Redefining Black Nationalism: W. E. B. Du Bois and Black Reconstruction
 Cieslak, Marta.

Religious Rites and Political Vows: The African Orthodox Church and Garveyites' Battle against Oppression in South Africa
 Morongwa Chéry, Tshepo.

Remembering the Promise of the Civil War: African American Women, Memory, and Citizenship
 Boccardi, Megan.

Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth's Quest for First-Class Citizenship, on the Streets and in the Supreme Court
 Clark, Bonnie.

Reverend Leon H. Sullivan’s International Fight for Black Citizenship
 Bracey, Nathaniel.

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SOLAR Records and the Ohio Connection: From Lakeside to Midnight Star and The Deele
 Brown, Scot.

Samuel Walker Houston and the African American Training School at Galilee, 1906-1930
 Pruitt, Bernadette.

Seeking Citizenship through Community Building: Afro-Rhode Islanders Struggle to Establish and Maintain a Free Black Community, 1780-1831
 Clark-Pujara, Christy.

 Nelson, Claudia.

Seizing Citizenship: Southern Black Women and the Post Emancipation State
 Brimmer, Brandi.

Self Identification, Black Farmers and the Right to Vote in Post-Civil War Ohio
 Robinson, Debra.

Senegalese Immigrant Experiences in the United States
 M\'Baye, Babacar.

Septima Poinsette Clark's Literacy Pedagogy for Citizenship
 Johnson, Karen.

Sharing a Community's Legacy: Pasadena Museum of History’s Representations of Pasadena, California’s African American Population
 Green, Jamie.

Signifyin' Freedom: Representations of U.S. Citizenship in Southern Hip Hop.
 Graham, Natalie.

Sketches of Black Internationalism
 Frazier, Robeson.

Skynflectionz: The Performative Process of Becoming Black Woman
 Hastings, Rachel N..

Slave Marriage and the Virginia Slave Codes
 Brunson, Patrick.

Slave Resistance to the Georgia Slave Codes
 Vincent, Godfrey.

Slave Ship Attempts at Liberation, Mutinies, and Revolts in the Formation of a Culture of Domination and Resistance During the Creation of New World Slavery
 Allen, Marcus.

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Talitha L. LeFlouria,
 LeFlouria, Talitha.

Teaching African-American History With Maps
 Smallwood, Arwin.

Tenor Roland Hayes and His Quest for Equal American Citizenship
 Hildebrand, Jennifer.

The (Un)Knowledgeable Body: (Il)Literacy, Counter-Narratives, and Octavia Butler’s Kindred
 Clyburn, Tiffani.

The 1958 All African People’s Conference, Accra, Ghana, and the African Diaspora
 Issa, Jahi.

The 21st Century Hip-Hop Minstrel Show: Are We Continuing the Blackface Tradition?
 Heaggans, Raphael.

The Battle over the Segregated Harriet Beecher Stowe School: Jennie Davis Porter versus the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP
 Ligon, Tina.

The Black Campus Movement: The Case for a New Historiography
 Rogers, Ibram.

The Black Reconstruction of Class Analysis: Du Bois and the Black World School of Political Economy
 Griffler, Keith.

The Black Stranger: Chaplain Robert Boston Dokes, Black Soldiers, and the Practice of Black Masculinity in World War II
 White, Jr., George.

The Caged Panther: The Prison Years of Huey P. Newton
 Blake, J. Herman.

The Civil Rights Movement and Desegregation in Huntsville, 1954-1969
 Littlejohn, Jeff.

The Civil Rights Movement to the Suburbs
 Connolly, Nathan.

The Destruction of a Community Through Imminent Domain Claims: 1960’s Toledo, Ohio
 Dallas, Fenobia.

The Economic Contributions of Slavery toward making the US a Superpower
 Giles, Waldron.

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Understanding Citizenship Through Education During the Mississippi Freedom Movement, 1964
 Hale, Jon.

United States Policy toward Africa and the Nigerian Civil War: The First Year of the Nixon Administration
 Mobarak, Barbara.

Universalism and Early Evolutionism: The Paradoxes of Booker T. Washington Resolved
 Baber, Willie.

Upending Old Nassau: African American Student Activism at Princeton University, 1967-1970
 Bradley, Stefan.

Using Democracy as a Tool: Ethel Thompson Overby and Civic Engagement,1912-1947
 Ward Randolph, Adah.

Using Oral Storytelling to Present the Quest for Black Citizenship along the Undergroung Railroad
 Hobbs, Steven.


Visual Design and Production Properties of the Second Life Region
 Jones, Philip.

Voices of Freedom Summer
 Harden, Sarah. and Stankiewicz, Katie.


Walter White, Scientific Racism, and the NAACP Anti-Lynching Campaign
 Stein, Melissa.

Wandering Through the Wilderness: An African American Family's Journey from Slavery to Citizenship
 Williams, Shawn.

Wartime Healthcare and Economic Security: African American Women, Nursing, and the Second World War
 Threat, Charissa.

What can Dance Offer Diaspora?: Black Performativity and the Making of the African Diaspora
 Johnson, Jasmine.

What the Negro Wants, a Book Revisited: Fourteen Appeals for Full Citizenship, 1930-1944
 Lechtreck, Elaine.

When Citizenship and Residency weren’t Enough: Black, Deaf and Exiled in Washington, DC
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Why He didn’t Wait: President Barack Obama and the Reconstruction of African American Men’s History and Studies
 Williams, Zachery.

Winning Democracy for the Negro: African American Protest in St. Louis, 1941-1945
 Lucander, David.

Womanist identities in Newton, Massachusetts, 1904–1920
 Hill Butler, Deidre.

Words, Images, Regionalism, and the Question of a Black Nation
 Crawford, Margo.


Yours for "GREATER WORK IN DETROIT": The Rise of the Detroit Central Youth Council Committee of the NAACP, 1921-1937
 Davis, Markeysha.
94th Annual Convention 2009-Sep-30 to 2009-Oct-05
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