95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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"...Why not at Lemoyne-Owen?": Student Activism and the Influence of Black Power at LeMoyne-Owen College
 Kinchen, Shirletta.

"2010 Black, A New Economic Renaissance, The 40 Year 80 Clip, Pookie and Ray Ray own Wall Street"
 Tucker, Willie.

"A Day of Blood:" The 1898 Wilmington Race Riot and the Decline of African American Economic Prosperity in the City
 Umfleet, LeRae.

"A Vanishing Race”: Frederick Hoffman and Actuarial Narratives of Black Racial Fitness
 Lawrie, Paul.

"Debt; Not Our Culture". Rocia "Subirah" Terry - Winston-Salem State University - 2nd
 Terry, Rocia.

"Dodging through Dixie": St. Clair Drake and the Struggle Against Jim Crow in the South, 1935-1937
 Rosa, Andrew.

"Eat To Live:" Alternative Economies fluid by Dietary Lifestyles amongst African-American Islamic Communities."
 Carter, Youssef.

"Effective Online Teaching Methods for the African Diaspora and African American Studies"
 Fleetwood, Homer.

"Forty Acres and a Mule:" Booker T. Washington and Economic Empowerment
 Finch, Heather.

"Highly Respected By All Who Knew Her:" The Life and Death of Mrs. Mahala Jenkins, Boarding House Operator
 Edmunds-Flett, Sherry.

"I Had Not Been Trained by any Human Instruction but by the Lord: Accounts of Dorothy Koger's and Marie Eusebe's Work in the Community for Others"
 Fisher, Holly.

"I've Got Family to Support:" Black Sojourners, Soviet Contracts and the Search for Economic Empowerment
 Carew, Joy.

"Improve the School": Building a Segregated Athletic Infrastructure during the Depression
 White, Derrick.

"In the prosecution of a Godly enterprise": The African American Church in Iowa, 1832-1900
 Brodnax, Sr., David.

"It isn't ice cream and cake. . .it must be something in them that is deeper": The St. Louis Urban League's Neighborhood Club and Block Unit Movement
 Dowden-White, Priscilla.

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A Chairmaking Family: The Story of William Kunze
 Whitfield, John.

A Cooperative Model for Economic Empowerment in the Rural South: Providence Plantation, 1940 – 1956
 Ferguson, Robert.

A Different Ideology of Capitalism and Race Relations for Free Black Communities
 King, Donna.

A Measure of Economic Independence in the Mountain South: Freedmen and Freedwomen in East Tennessee's Towns, 1865-1870
 Bocian, Meredith.

A Movement Grows in Brooklyn: The Civil Rights and Black Power
 Purnell, Brian.

A New Database Tool for Studying Slavery and the Underground Railroad
 Brown, Jr., Prince.

A Red Stick Campus Revolt: The 1972 Southern University--Baton Rouge Rebellion and the Fight for Black Studies
 Robinson, Cynara.

A Remedy for the Last Hired, First Fired: The “Young Turks’” Critique of the New Deal Economic Policy, 1933 to 1939
 Ray, Louis.

A Social Movement of Social Movements: Conceptualizing a New Historical Framework for the Black Power Movement
 Rogers, Ibram.

A Visit from the Emperor: Examining Haile Selassie's United States Visit Through Cold War Politics
 Rose, Wayne.

A. Philip Randolph, the Messenger, and the Women’s Movement during World War I
 Bynum, Cornelius.

ASALH in the Context of Black Philanthropy
 Casey, A.J..

Acres, Mules & A Green Economy
 Johnson, S. Aisha.

 Kolnick, Jeff.

Adversarial Diplomacy: Randall Robinson, the Organization TransAfrica and the rise of the African American Foreign Policy Lobby
 Williams, Ronald.

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Banking as an Ambiguous Undertaking: A Survey of the Nuances, Shortcomings, and Victories of 1930’s Banking in Black Communities
 Allen, Marcus.

Barbershop or Barber Shop?: A Black Commercial Public Sphere
 Mills, Quincy.

Beating the Odds: Successful African American Entrepreneurs in Columbia, Missouri
 Warren, Alisa.

Beyond Other Worldly: The Holiness-Pentecostal Churches of Brooklyn and Economic Success
 Taylor, Clarence.

Bibles, Books, and Businesses: The Rise, Decline, and Rebirth of Nashville’s Jefferson Street.
 Williams Jr, Learotha.

Black American Economic Empowerment and Maria W. Stewart, 1831-1833
 Carson, Jack.

Black Beautification: African American Neighborhood Improvements in St. Louis, Missouri, 1927-1945
 Ward, Donna.

Black Beauty Culture, Activism, and the Politics of Dignity, 1960-2010
 Gill, Tiffany.

Black Bourgeoisie: The Benefits of Black Enterprise in Durham, NC, 1880-1960
 Love, Kali.

Black Community-Building: The Case of Five Points
 Valdez, Juanita.

Black Economic Development and Black Missionaries in West Africa, 1875-1900
 Wade, Evan.

Black Female Entrepreneurship in St. Louis: The Business Career of Annie Turnbo Malone, 1902-1930
 Reese, De Anna.

Black Gated Fences: African American Coastal Communities and the Making of Modern Black Conservatism
 Kahrl, Andrew.

Black Lesbian and Gay Periodicals and “the (White) Gay Community,” 1991-1995
 Palmer, David.

Black Magic Woman: Gender, Ritual, and Power in Africa and the African
 Hanks, Iyelli.

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Charlotte Hawkins Brown: Economic Empowerment through Education
 Scott, Frachele.

Citizen Economic Empowerment, Resident Stakeholders Resistance and the Transforming of the DC Central Library into the Martin Luther King Memorial Library –1960 -2005
 Cheney, , MSLS, Andrea.

Civil Rights and Black Power in the 1960s Postal Unions
 Rubio, Philip.

Civil Rights “Assembling” and Black Power “Speaking”: The Black Freedom Struggle and the United States Constitution in the Post-Brown Era
 Mayes, Keith.

Claiming Cultural Capital--BookMarks: Reading in Black and White
 Holloway, Karla.

Colin Palmer and Caribbean History
 Knight, Franklin.

Colin Palmer and Latin American History
 Gutierrez Brockington, Lolita.

Colin Palmer: African American History and the Academy
 Sweet, James.

Colonial South Carolina's Influence on the American Constitution
 Tidwell, Wylie.

Color, Colorblindness, and the Dominican Crisis of 1965
 Plummer, Brenda.

Colored Nation, Negro State: Black Law-and-Order in the Jim Crow South
 Connolly, Nathan.

Committed to the Revolution: The Challenges of Creating Christophe's Kingdom, 1811-1820
 Pierre, Nathalie.

Competing Interest: Black Women in Southern Maryland and Their Quest to Shape Wartime and Postwar Labor Patterns
 Jacobs, Sharita.

Consuming Herself: New Negro Women and Sexual Self-Determination in the Marketplace
 Chapman, Erin D..

Cooperative Economics and the Historically Black College and University: A Reflective Case Study of the Tuskegee Program
 Warren, Asha.

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Damage Control: Hoover, Reagan, Rehnquist and the Triumvirate of Racial Domination
 Ossei-Owusu, Shaun.

Darlene Clark Hine, Northwestern University
 Hine, Darlene.

Daughters of Joy: African American Women Prostitutes in New York City, 1900-1939
 Harris, Lashawn.

Deep-Sightings and Rescue Missions: 21st Century Radical Resistance and Activism from Women in the Academy
 Smith, April.

Delaware's Black Diamonds: Edwina Kruse, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and Pauline Young and Black Education
 Spitzer-Antezana, Darlene.

Denver's Black Community, 1870-1930
 McKellar, Van.

Descendants of Freed Slaves: Working for a Living in Southern Appalachia
 Payne, Cordelia.

Detroit: City of Casinos and the Economic Disempowerment of African Americans
 Adell, Sandra.

Developing the Diaspora: Afro-Caribbean Support for African American Civil Rights Movements
 Prescott, Sonia.

Development, Dependency, and Globalization: Contemporary Manifestations
 Burden-Stelly, Charisse.

Diamond Lives: The Currency of African American Women's Life History Makers
 Smith, Shanna.

Discovering the Records: Digitizing Archival Documentation of the African American Experience in North Carolina
 Carter, Lisa.

 Graham, Maryemma.

 Berry, Mary Frances.

 Walker, Juliet E. K..

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Economic Lessons from the African American Townships of the West
 Ferdnance, Tyrone.

Economic Success: Are Charter Schools the Answer to Inner City Education Woes and Poverty?
 Conrad, Daren.

Economic and Educational Freedoms Empower People
 Parker, Keith., Brothers, Ernest. and Richardson, Latrice.

Economic and Social Advancements of Blacks Through Music from Sprituals to the Concert Stage
 Mills, Charlotte. and Bolden-Taylor, Diane.

Economic and Social Uplift for Colored Women in the Harlem Renaissance Novels of Jessie Fauset
 Jones, Regina.

 Hill, Ricky.

Educating Marketers: Advertising Blunders Toward African Americans and Ways to avoid Corporate Economic Shortfalls
 Pleasant, Jamie. and Richardson, Charles.

 Deardorff, Michelle.

Education and Human Rights
 White, C. J.. and Green, Dennis.

Education and its Limits in the Post-Civil War South
 Davis, Christina.

Elderly African Americans on Youthful Sassiness: A Long-Term Perspective on the Transition from Slavery to Freedom
 Jackson, Jerma.

Elijah Muhammad: Proper Education The Foundation for Economic Empowerment
 Pitre, Abul.

Elizabeth Keckley and Freedom’s Labor
 Lewis, Janaka.

Emancipated But Not Free: The Post-Emancipation Apprenticeship System
 Gartrell, John.

Emancipated But Not Free: The Post-Emancipation Apprenticeship System in Frederick County, Maryland, 1864-1870
 Gartrell, John.

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Financial Literacy: A Path to Creating Economic Wealth
 Lindsey-Taliefero, Debby., Kelly, Lynne., Brent, William. and Price, Russell.

Financing Black Power and the Pan-African Movement, 1960 - 1980
 Mbughuni, Eliza.

Finding Freedom in Mexico: An Analysis of African Americans and the Texas Annexation Controversy
 Carroll, Savannah.

First Black Presidents, Barack Obama and the Political Economy: A Comparative Analysis with Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington
 Wiggan, Greg.

Forgotten Rural Black Women: What happens when the men and farms are gone?
 Stewart, Ella.

Forrester B. Washington at Work in Philadelphia
 Barrow, Frederica.

Freedom and Liberation Schools: Models of Education for at Risk Students and Failing School Districts
 Johnson, Karl.

Freedom in the Press: The James Somerset Court Case and the End of American Slavery, 1827-1865
 Baze, Bernard.

From Mutual Aid to Cooperative Business Ownership among African Americans: Asserting Economic Independence
 Gordon Nembhard, Jessica.

From Shaw University to the Booker T. Washington of British Guiana: Hon. E.F. Fredericks and Contributions of HBCUs to the African Diaspora
 Josiah, Barbara.

From Slave to Prostitute: The Political Economy of the Commodified Black Female Body
 Hill, Marcus.

From Slaves to Horses: Racial Discourse, Discord, and Doctrine in Indiana La
 Wade, Erik.

From Syncretism to Polyculturalism: Reappraising Melville J. Herskovits' Conceptual Frameworks in Light of His Early Physical Anthropology
 Dorman, Jacob.

From Tuskegee to Monrovia: The Transnational Dimension of Black Entrepreneurship During the Progressive Era
 Coulibaly, Sylvie.

From “Little Homes” to the “Million Dollar Avenue”: Berean Building and Loan in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Black Philadelphia
 Howell, Ricardo.


Gaining Ground: Displaying African-American Progress at the Paris Exposition of 1900
 Tickle, Ryan.

Gender, Masculinity, and Power in the 1960s Urban Rebellions
 Howard, Ashley.

Getting Tough on Crime and the End of White Criminality in the Age of Jim Crow
 Muhammad, Khalil.

Ghetto Fictions: Street Literature and the Frailty of the Black Literati
 Mott, Shani.

Grave Matters: The Political Economy of Black-Owned Funeral Homes in Toledo, Ohio, 1912-1917
 Rodgers, Camille.

Growing Up Church: The Construction of a Southern Black Elite Family
 Young, Darius.

Gullah-Geechee Heritage Corridor Commission and Black Economic Development
 Allen, Michael.


Heart of the Rural African American Community: Historic African American Churches of Maryland’s Eastern Shore
 Connell, Ruth. and Green, Dale.

Historical Relationship of HBCU and the Economics of the Black Community
 Harrison, Alferdteen.

Historicizing Jazz: An Argument for Decanonization
 Vincent, Joshua.

Hollis F. Price and the United Negro College Fund
 Bagby, George.

Homosexuality, The Black Press, and Respectability, 1950-1960 Queering The Johnson Publishing Company
 Cabello, Tristan.

How Do I Decide the Best Way to Make Contributions and Benefit Personally at the Same Time?
 Thompson, Edward.

Hubert Harrison: The Father of Harlem Radicalism
 Perry, Jeffrey.


I Got My MBA from the Marcy Street Projects: Liberal Education Between James Cone and Jay-Z
 McKinney, Charles.

Image of Work in New Young Adult Black Teen Novels: How Well Are We Preparing Our Youth for the World of Work?
 Bristow, Dr. Margaret.

Imagining Black Masculinity in Post-Racial America: This is what justice looks like
 Jackson II, Ronald. and Morrison, Carlos.

Implicating Whiteness: Black Arts Movement Poetry and the Attack on the White Ideal
 Davis, Markeysha.

In Hopes of Freedom -- African American Heroes of the American Revolutionary War Era
 Taylor, Michelle.

In Pursuit of Self: The Identity of an American President and Cosmopolitanism
 Williams, Hettie.

Insuring Progress: The Growth of African-American Insurance Companies in the American South, 1890-1956
 Robinson, Maurice.A.

It is the Revolt of the Emotions Against Repression: New Orleans, The Evolution of Jazz, & The First Great Migration, 1890-1925
 Lester, Charlie.


J. B. Blayton and the Push for Economic Empowerment in Atlanta’s Black Community
 Hollingsworth, Keith. and Allen, Cheryl.

James E. Shepard and The Education and Economic Empowerment of African Americans
 Davis, Lenwood.

James Edward Shepard: Genealogy, Education, Culture and The Empowerment of the Liberal Arts
 Suggs, Henry.

John C. Dancy and the Detroit Urban League
 Causey, Linda.

John H. Bracey, University of Massachusetts Amherst
 Bracey, John.


Keeping it Real Valuable: Ethics in the Face of Profit, Power, and Celebrity Reality Television
 Smith, April.

Kenneth B. Clark and the Political Dimensions of Violence, 1941-1950
 Freeman, Damon.


Laura Thomas, Abyssinian Baptist Church and The Vermont Interracial Project
 Roberson, Houston.

Living at Home: Rural Afro-South Carolinians and the Quest for Economic and Social Justice
 Harris, Carmen.

Lynching: A Consequence of Black Economic Success, Case Studies
 Chestnut, Trichita.


Maggie Walker's Model: A Paradigm for Economic Empowerment in Dire Economic Times
 Blue, Bennis. and Maxwell, Delois.

Making A Way Out of Walnut Way: African-American Business Women and their Community Building Efforts in Milwaukee, WI (1940s and 1950s)
 Moten, Crystal.

Making History and Commemorating African Canadian Heritage - A Life in the Public Eye
 Augustine, Jean.

Making the Invisible, Visible: Juanita Craft and Grassroots Activism in the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas, Texas
 Frear, Yvonne.

Malcolm X’s Leadership Ideology and the Politics of Economic Empowerment in the 1960s: A Critical Reassessment
 Smallwood, Andrew.

Market Women: Black Women Entrepreneurs Past, Present and Future
 Smith, Cheryl.

Mary McLeod Bethune as Stateswoman: Race and Gender in New Deal and Human Rights Campaigns
 Warren, Kim.

Measure of Economic Independence in the Mountain South: Freedmen and Freedwomen in East Tennessee’s Towns, 1865-1870
 Bocian, Meredith.

Memorializing African Canada - Contributions, Commemoration and Education
 Frost, Karolyn.

Memphis and The Church of God in Christ: The Intersections of Religion and Economic Uplift in a Southern City
 White, Jr., Calvin.

Mme. Sara Spencer Washington's Apex Enterprises
 Goddard, Richlyn.

Money Over Minds: Black Men, Higher Education, and the Political Economy of the Prison Industrial Complex in Ohio
 Williams, Zachery.

Moral Saints and Social Pariahs: The Economy of the New Black Noble Savage in American Cinema
 Robinson, Edward L..

Mothering Africanidad: Race, Feminism, and Grassroots Movements in Santo Domingo, 1920s to Present
 Jones, Christina.

Mothering in Chains: Reflections on Black Motherhood in Post 18th Century America
 Brown, Layla.

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Ne'er-Do-Wells, Uncle Toms, and the Jefferson Bank Boycott: Civil Rights Struggle and Class in St. Louis, 1963-1964
 Lang, Clarence.

Neo-Houstonian Studies: Edward W. Jacko, the NOI and the Struggle for Afro-Muslim Civil Liberties
 Crawford, Malachi.

Nuts & Bolts of Academic Publishing: A Co-author's Perspective
 Evans, Stephanie.

Nuts & Bolts of Academic Publishing: An Acquisitions Editor's Perspective
 McLaughlin, Larin.

Nuts & Bolts of Academic Publishing: An Author's Perspective
 Dagbovie, Pero.


O Philanthropy: Oprah Winfrey and the Business of Giving
 Garrett, Shennette.

Of Furs, Finance, and Fashion: Luxury, Leisure, and White-Collar Dressing in African American Print Media During An Era of Opulence
 Carter-David, Siobhan.

Our History: The Interconnectedness’ of the Shadows Moving Across the Wall of Mainstream American Entrepreneurs
 Sabir, Mahasin. and Spain, Michelle.


Peddling Pathology: Economic Incentives and Exploitation of Intra-Black Oppression
 Heaggans, Raphael.

Perceptions of the Black Atlantic: Langston Hughes and the Black Press
 Greene, Larry.

Phil Giles Enterprises: Promoting and Sustaining Tourism and Economic Development in The Resort Capital of America
 Stephens, Ronald.

Pioneers in Community Development: African American Banks in St. Louis, Missouri
 Greene, Debra.

Place-Making and Mobilizing in the Republic of New Afrika
 Karolczyk, Paul.

 McLemore, Leslie Burl.

Potluck: The Role of Food in the Construction of Gullah Communities in South Carolina
 White, Katie.

Practicing Cooperative Economics in Black Buffalo, NY
 Haynes, Jr., Curtis.

Precarious Transactions: The Slave Market, Quests for Freedom, and Black Economic Empowerment in the Antebellum South.
 Jones-Rogers, Stephanie.

Preserving Memory in the Archives: Gullah Geechee Resources in the Southern Historical Collection
 Smith, Holly.

Pride and Prejudice: The Business of Black Baseball in America's Heartland
 Peavler, David.

Privilege and Power in Education: A Case Study of Alabama State Laboratory School, 1935 - 1965
 Pierson, Sharon.

Profit and Identity: Black Towns and Black Self-Determination
 Winsett, Shea.

Protest in the “Age of Accommodation:” J. Max Barber and the Voice of the Negro
 Kelley, Blair.

Protesting and Reshaping Politics While Overcoming the Legacy of Fear of Racial Pogroms in 1930s East St. Louis, Illinois
 Lumpkins, Charles.

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Race, Culture and Community-Building in the "New Boston", 1950-1969
 McClure, Daniel.

Race, Empowerment and The Establishment of African-American Owned Banks in The South, 1888-1910
 Adams, Dell.

Racial Uplift and the Pittsburgh Urban League’s Migrant Family Adjustment Program during the Great Migration Era
 Banks, Nina.

Racial Uplifting: The Early Life of Grace P. Campbell a founding member of the African Black Brotherhood
 Lindsey, Lydia.

Radical Agriculture: Collective Self-Sufficiency in Post-Industrial Detroit
 Quizar, Jessi.

Raymond Pace Alexander:Black Economic Power and the Civil Rights Struggle in Philadelphia
 Canton, David.

Rebuilding a "Respectable" Shaw: Rethinking the Origins of Black Heteronormativity in Post-Riot Washington, D.C. 1968-1972
 Holmes, Kwame.

Red, White, but not Black: Race and Economic Power
 Smith, Cassander.

Reflections of Participants in the Desegregation Experience in Durham, North Carolina
 Mckissick-Melton, Charmaine.

Rethinking Antebellum Slave Families and Communities
 Shaw, Stephanie.

Rethinking the "Border" Through a Consideration of School Desegregation in Delaware
 Gadsden, Brett.

Revolution Starts from Within: Student Politics on the Campus of North Carolina Central University, 1936-1963
 Robinson, Brian.

Revolutionary is Being a Black Woman: An Africana Womanist Analysis of Race and Gender during the Black Power Movement
 Gaines, Rondee.

Richmond: The Cradle of Black Capitalism
 Belsches, Elvatrice.

Riot Prevention: African American Rifle Clubs, Mass Protest, and City Government in World War II St. Louis
 Lucander, David.

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Sacrificing Self Reliance for Concessions: Revisiting the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 as an Empirical Example of Black Self-Help Compromised
 Fisher, Glen.

Sarah Rector: Kansas City's First Black Millionairess
 Sanders, Geri.

Selling to the Souls of Black Folk: Atlanta, Rev. James M. Gates, and the Transformation of American Religion and Culture, 1910-1945
 Martin, Lerone.

She's Such A Fucking Lady: A New Politics of 'Controlling Images'
 Finley, J.

Slave Clandestine Activity as Black Economic Empowerment: Eastern North Carolina, 1775-1860
 Nevius, Marcus.

Slaves, Shadows and Self-Determination: Black Nationalism, the Republic of New Afrika and the 1970s Prison Movement
 Berger, Dan.

South African Americans: SNCC, Atlanta Apartheid, and the Development of the United Nations' Race Convention
 Lovelace, H. Timothy.

Space Invaders: Ivy League Universities and Their Black Neighbors
 Bradley, Stefan.

Speaking from the Ivory Tower: Economically Liberating Effects of Patronage for Certain Harlem Renaissance Writers and Artists
 Dargan, Janice. and Vann, Andre\'.

Sporting Blackness: The Social and Economic Implications of Sport at HBCUs
 Bracey, Bryan.

Styling the New Negro Woman: Black Beauty and the Politics of Aesthetics
 Lindsey, Treva.

Superspade!: Interrogating the Representation of Early African-American Comic Book Masculinity
 Gayles, Jonathan.

Swingin’ Economic Empowerment in the Harlem Renaissance: Noble Sissle, Shuffle Along, and a Black Revolution in the Entertainment Industry
 Lake, Tara.


TD Jakes, Conspicuous Consumption, and the Production of Christian Masculinity
 Boyd, Stacy.

Tactics and Forces Impacting Survival and Sustainability: The Case of Quincy of Geneva Housing Corporation, Inc, 1988 –present
 Thompson, Dr. Christopher.

The African-American Question in the Policy of the Communist International 1919-1943
 Lloyd, Jermaine.

The Afro-American Agitator: T. Thomas Fortune and Struggle of Historical Memory
 Alexander, Shawn.

The Art of Mentoring: Giving Support to A New Generation of Women In the Corporate Workplace
 Downing, D\'ana.

The Atlanta Life Insurance Company: Beyond the Business, In the Footsteps of Black Wealth
 Winn, Alisha.

The Black Arts Movement in Nashville, Tennessee
 Smethurst, James.

The Black Arts Movement: Creating Liberation Identity and Consciousness
 Simanga, Michael.

The Black Female Lynch Victim: The Case of Laura Nelson
 Jones-Sneed, Frances.

The Black Female Professoriate At Howard University, 1926-1968
 Perkins, Linda.

The Blackamerican Church, National Urban League, and Black Economic Empowerment
 Menyweather-Woods, Larry.

The Business of Black Death in a Southern City: African American Funeral Homes in Raleigh, NC
 Bunch-Lyons, Beverly.

The Business of Black Lawyering: Ever Evolving Since 1844
 Jones, Amos.

The Desegregation of Bluefield State College
 Cochran, Dana.

The Economic Impact of Congressional Black Caucus Members in the 110th Congress
 Rogers, Ph.D., Dennis.

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Understanding African American Wealth Attainment: Implications for Leaders
 Johnson, Andrea.

Unsilencing the Past: Historicizing and Memorializing the History of Black People in British Columbia, 1858-2008
 Cooper, Afua.

Urban Youth Culture's Experiments in Living: The Results Are In
 Sullivan, Ronald.


W. E. B. Du Bois and His Advocacy of Black Economic Development: A Forgotten or Overlooked Aspect of a Black Leader
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Warren C. Coleman and the Economic Development of Cabarrus County, NC
 Robinson, Harold.

Was the Freedman's Bank really for the Ex-Slaves?
 Bandele, Ramla.

Watts Summer Festival: From Community Rebirth To Wattstax ’72 and Beyond
 Lacy, Travis.

Way Up North in Louisville: African American Migration in Louisville, Kentucky, 1930-1970
 Adams, Luther.

We Are All Family: The Educational Activism of Bertha Maxwell Roddey
 Ramsey, Sonya.

We Must Begin With the End in Mind
 Richardson, Charles. and Pleasant, Jamie.

What Had Happened Was: Mediated Response and Public Apologies
 Craig, Byron.

Where Are All the Black Male Students? African Americans' School Achievement, the Social Psychology of Denial, and Arts Education as a Mediating Influence
 Walton, Calvin. and Wiggan, Greg.

Where Commerce and Culture Intersect: West Africans and African Americans Connecting Through Hair Braiding
 Penn, Arliene.

Where Were the Black Deaf Teachers?: Providing Role Models for Black Deaf Students
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Why are African American Males Disporportionately Placed in Special Education?
 Stroble, Christine.

William Washington Browne; An Extraordinary Life
 Acker, Daniel.

Women Keeping Two Houses
 Milo, Audrey.


Yahweh ben Yahweh and the Temple of Love
 Newman, Vivian.

Your Struggle is my Struggle: India and the NAACP's Alliance to End Racial Oppression in South Africa, 1946-1951
 Anderson, Carol.

Youth Responses to Discriminatory Practices: the Free Beach Movement, 1970-1975
 Hendricks, Derick.
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