95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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A Chairmaking Family: The Story of William Kunze
 Whitfield, John.

A Cooperative Model for Economic Empowerment in the Rural South: Providence Plantation, 1940 – 1956
 Ferguson, Robert.

A Different Ideology of Capitalism and Race Relations for Free Black Communities
 King, Donna.

A Measure of Economic Independence in the Mountain South: Freedmen and Freedwomen in East Tennessee's Towns, 1865-1870
 Bocian, Meredith.

A Movement Grows in Brooklyn: The Civil Rights and Black Power
 Purnell, Brian.

A New Database Tool for Studying Slavery and the Underground Railroad
 Brown, Jr., Prince.

A Red Stick Campus Revolt: The 1972 Southern University--Baton Rouge Rebellion and the Fight for Black Studies
 Robinson, Cynara.

A Remedy for the Last Hired, First Fired: The “Young Turks’” Critique of the New Deal Economic Policy, 1933 to 1939
 Ray, Louis.

A Social Movement of Social Movements: Conceptualizing a New Historical Framework for the Black Power Movement
 Rogers, Ibram.

A Visit from the Emperor: Examining Haile Selassie's United States Visit Through Cold War Politics
 Rose, Wayne.

A. Philip Randolph, the Messenger, and the Women’s Movement during World War I
 Bynum, Cornelius.

ASALH in the Context of Black Philanthropy
 Casey, A.J..

Acres, Mules & A Green Economy
 Johnson, S. Aisha.

 Kolnick, Jeff.

Adversarial Diplomacy: Randall Robinson, the Organization TransAfrica and the rise of the African American Foreign Policy Lobby
 Williams, Ronald.

Affirmative Action and Black Women's Empowerment in Brazil
 Aubel, Maraci.

African American Banks and Financial Institutions; Who Needs Them?
 Acker, Daniel.

African American Barbers: An Economic Force in the Black Community
 Fisher, Ada.

African American Beauty Culture and Entrepreneurship in the Midwest: Exploring the Career of Annie Turnbo Malone
 Reese, De Anna.

African American Club Women and the Making of Productive Citizens at the State Industrial Home for Negro Girls at Tipton, Missouri, 1909-1956
 Rowe, Leroy.

African American Identity as “Currency” Used to Advance the Acquisition of Economic Power: The Unanimous Decision of the 1834 Negro National Convention to Identify as “Other”
 Michael-Bandele, Mwangaza.

African American Politicians in Denver: Appeal Beyond the Black Community
 Allen, Tracy. and Nelson, Joshua.

African American Presidential & Congressional Voting Behavior: 1868-1908
 Puckett, Sherman., Walton Jr., Hanes. and Allen, Josephine.

African American Scholars, African Nationalism, and Cold War Politics, 1945-1963
 Gershenhorn, Jerry.

African American Women, the Great Depression, and Grassroots Activism
 Davis, Jametta.

African American Women's Philanthropy During the Progressive Era, 1890-1920: Lessons Learned
 Thorne, Claudia.

African-America Survives the Shoah: Melville J. Herskovits, Mieczyslaw Kolinski, and the Reincarnation of Negro Music
 Brown, Vincent.

African-American Banks as Villian?: An Attempt to Recast Black Banking during the 1930s
 Allen, Marcus.

Afro-Futurism- Super Stars and Super S/Heroes: Is Popular Culture Giving Black Youth a False Sense of our Possible Future
 Gant-Britton, Lisbeth.

Alain Locke's New Negro and the New Negro: Of False Manifestos and Canon Formation
 James, Winston.

Ali-Frazier 1: Black Gladiators, White Promoters, and the Economics of Big-Time Boxing
 Kaliss, Gregory.

Ambition and Ambivalence: W.E.B. DuBois and the Struggle for Social Responsibility Among the Talented Tenth, 1903-1948.
 Westbrook, Randall.

America’s First Biracial-Black President: Obama and the One Drop Rule
 Crisci, Erika.

An Actress Born, A Diplomat Bred: Maggie L. Walker, Social Worker
 Leathers, Kim.

Angels of the City: African American Women and Social Mobility in Los Angeles at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
 Campbell, Marne.

Annie M. Turnbo Malone and The Creation of Poro College
 Whitfield, John.

Annie Malone, PORO College, & the Black Press: Building an Empire of Beauty, 1915-1930
 Trawick, Chajuana.

Archival Navigation and the Documentation of Local African American Communities
 Church, Teresa.

As I Am: Representations of Black Women in the work of Elizabeth Catlett, Betye Saar and Faith Ringgold.
 Morgan, Kelli.
95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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