95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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Charlotte Hawkins Brown: Economic Empowerment through Education
 Scott, Frachele.

Citizen Economic Empowerment, Resident Stakeholders Resistance and the Transforming of the DC Central Library into the Martin Luther King Memorial Library –1960 -2005
 Cheney, , MSLS, Andrea.

Civil Rights and Black Power in the 1960s Postal Unions
 Rubio, Philip.

Civil Rights “Assembling” and Black Power “Speaking”: The Black Freedom Struggle and the United States Constitution in the Post-Brown Era
 Mayes, Keith.

Claiming Cultural Capital--BookMarks: Reading in Black and White
 Holloway, Karla.

Colin Palmer and Caribbean History
 Knight, Franklin.

Colin Palmer and Latin American History
 Gutierrez Brockington, Lolita.

Colin Palmer: African American History and the Academy
 Sweet, James.

Colonial South Carolina's Influence on the American Constitution
 Tidwell, Wylie.

Color, Colorblindness, and the Dominican Crisis of 1965
 Plummer, Brenda.

Colored Nation, Negro State: Black Law-and-Order in the Jim Crow South
 Connolly, Nathan.

Committed to the Revolution: The Challenges of Creating Christophe's Kingdom, 1811-1820
 Pierre, Nathalie.

Competing Interest: Black Women in Southern Maryland and Their Quest to Shape Wartime and Postwar Labor Patterns
 Jacobs, Sharita.

Consuming Herself: New Negro Women and Sexual Self-Determination in the Marketplace
 Chapman, Erin D..

Cooperative Economics and the Historically Black College and University: A Reflective Case Study of the Tuskegee Program
 Warren, Asha.

Cornering the Black Market: Race, Economics, and Immigration in Western New York’s Corner Stores,1975-2005
 Vaught, Seneca.

Count us in: The U.S. Census and other Socio-Economic Concerns of the Early African American Press in New York 1859-1865
 Archer, Jermaine.

Creating Queerness for Public Consumption: Assessment of the Advocay of Oprah Winfrey and Cristina Saralegui
 Rosas, Lilia.

Creating the Foundation for Success: The Prophetic Optimism of African American Oratory during Reconstruction
 Johnson, Andre.
95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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