95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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Economic Lessons from the African American Townships of the West
 Ferdnance, Tyrone.

Economic Success: Are Charter Schools the Answer to Inner City Education Woes and Poverty?
 Conrad, Daren.

Economic and Educational Freedoms Empower People
 Parker, Keith., Brothers, Ernest. and Richardson, Latrice.

Economic and Social Advancements of Blacks Through Music from Sprituals to the Concert Stage
 Mills, Charlotte. and Bolden-Taylor, Diane.

Economic and Social Uplift for Colored Women in the Harlem Renaissance Novels of Jessie Fauset
 Jones, Regina.

 Hill, Ricky.

Educating Marketers: Advertising Blunders Toward African Americans and Ways to avoid Corporate Economic Shortfalls
 Pleasant, Jamie. and Richardson, Charles.

 Deardorff, Michelle.

Education and Human Rights
 White, C. J.. and Green, Dennis.

Education and its Limits in the Post-Civil War South
 Davis, Christina.

Elderly African Americans on Youthful Sassiness: A Long-Term Perspective on the Transition from Slavery to Freedom
 Jackson, Jerma.

Elijah Muhammad: Proper Education The Foundation for Economic Empowerment
 Pitre, Abul.

Elizabeth Keckley and Freedom’s Labor
 Lewis, Janaka.

Emancipated But Not Free: The Post-Emancipation Apprenticeship System
 Gartrell, John.

Emancipated But Not Free: The Post-Emancipation Apprenticeship System in Frederick County, Maryland, 1864-1870
 Gartrell, John.

Entrepeneurship in the South
 Hardney, Marcia.

Entrepreneur of Health: Dick Gregory, Black Consciousness, and the Human Potential Movement
 Semmes, Clovis.

Entrepreneurialism as Mode and Theme in Black Popular Literature
 Watkins, Rychetta.

Entreprenuership in the South
 Collins, Myrtice.

Ernest & Magnolia: Love Letters of a WWI Black Highlander
 Mckissick-Melton, Charmaine.

95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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