95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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Financial Literacy: A Path to Creating Economic Wealth
 Lindsey-Taliefero, Debby., Kelly, Lynne., Brent, William. and Price, Russell.

Financing Black Power and the Pan-African Movement, 1960 - 1980
 Mbughuni, Eliza.

Finding Freedom in Mexico: An Analysis of African Americans and the Texas Annexation Controversy
 Carroll, Savannah.

First Black Presidents, Barack Obama and the Political Economy: A Comparative Analysis with Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington
 Wiggan, Greg.

Forgotten Rural Black Women: What happens when the men and farms are gone?
 Stewart, Ella.

Forrester B. Washington at Work in Philadelphia
 Barrow, Frederica.

Freedom and Liberation Schools: Models of Education for at Risk Students and Failing School Districts
 Johnson, Karl.

Freedom in the Press: The James Somerset Court Case and the End of American Slavery, 1827-1865
 Baze, Bernard.

From Mutual Aid to Cooperative Business Ownership among African Americans: Asserting Economic Independence
 Gordon Nembhard, Jessica.

From Shaw University to the Booker T. Washington of British Guiana: Hon. E.F. Fredericks and Contributions of HBCUs to the African Diaspora
 Josiah, Barbara.

From Slave to Prostitute: The Political Economy of the Commodified Black Female Body
 Hill, Marcus.

From Slaves to Horses: Racial Discourse, Discord, and Doctrine in Indiana La
 Wade, Erik.

From Syncretism to Polyculturalism: Reappraising Melville J. Herskovits' Conceptual Frameworks in Light of His Early Physical Anthropology
 Dorman, Jacob.

From Tuskegee to Monrovia: The Transnational Dimension of Black Entrepreneurship During the Progressive Era
 Coulibaly, Sylvie.

From “Little Homes” to the “Million Dollar Avenue”: Berean Building and Loan in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Black Philadelphia
 Howell, Ricardo.

95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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