95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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Sacrificing Self Reliance for Concessions: Revisiting the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 as an Empirical Example of Black Self-Help Compromised
 Fisher, Glen.

Sarah Rector: Kansas City's First Black Millionairess
 Sanders, Geri.

Selling to the Souls of Black Folk: Atlanta, Rev. James M. Gates, and the Transformation of American Religion and Culture, 1910-1945
 Martin, Lerone.

She's Such A Fucking Lady: A New Politics of 'Controlling Images'
 Finley, J.

Slave Clandestine Activity as Black Economic Empowerment: Eastern North Carolina, 1775-1860
 Nevius, Marcus.

Slaves, Shadows and Self-Determination: Black Nationalism, the Republic of New Afrika and the 1970s Prison Movement
 Berger, Dan.

South African Americans: SNCC, Atlanta Apartheid, and the Development of the United Nations' Race Convention
 Lovelace, H. Timothy.

Space Invaders: Ivy League Universities and Their Black Neighbors
 Bradley, Stefan.

Speaking from the Ivory Tower: Economically Liberating Effects of Patronage for Certain Harlem Renaissance Writers and Artists
 Dargan, Janice. and Vann, Andre\'.

Sporting Blackness: The Social and Economic Implications of Sport at HBCUs
 Bracey, Bryan.

Styling the New Negro Woman: Black Beauty and the Politics of Aesthetics
 Lindsey, Treva.

Superspade!: Interrogating the Representation of Early African-American Comic Book Masculinity
 Gayles, Jonathan.

Swingin’ Economic Empowerment in the Harlem Renaissance: Noble Sissle, Shuffle Along, and a Black Revolution in the Entertainment Industry
 Lake, Tara.
95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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