95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04

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TD Jakes, Conspicuous Consumption, and the Production of Christian Masculinity
 Boyd, Stacy.

Tactics and Forces Impacting Survival and Sustainability: The Case of Quincy of Geneva Housing Corporation, Inc, 1988 –present
 Thompson, Dr. Christopher.

The African-American Question in the Policy of the Communist International 1919-1943
 Lloyd, Jermaine.

The Afro-American Agitator: T. Thomas Fortune and Struggle of Historical Memory
 Alexander, Shawn.

The Art of Mentoring: Giving Support to A New Generation of Women In the Corporate Workplace
 Downing, D\'ana.

The Atlanta Life Insurance Company: Beyond the Business, In the Footsteps of Black Wealth
 Winn, Alisha.

The Black Arts Movement in Nashville, Tennessee
 Smethurst, James.

The Black Arts Movement: Creating Liberation Identity and Consciousness
 Simanga, Michael.

The Black Female Lynch Victim: The Case of Laura Nelson
 Jones-Sneed, Frances.

The Black Female Professoriate At Howard University, 1926-1968
 Perkins, Linda.

The Blackamerican Church, National Urban League, and Black Economic Empowerment
 Menyweather-Woods, Larry.

The Business of Black Death in a Southern City: African American Funeral Homes in Raleigh, NC
 Bunch-Lyons, Beverly.

The Business of Black Lawyering: Ever Evolving Since 1844
 Jones, Amos.

The Desegregation of Bluefield State College
 Cochran, Dana.

The Economic Impact of Congressional Black Caucus Members in the 110th Congress
 Rogers, Ph.D., Dennis.

The Economic Practices of Social Outcasts in Jamaica’s Post-Treaty Context: 1740-1824
 Barima, Dr. Kofi.

The Economic and Social Impact of African American Business Women - 1840-1899
 Johnson, Wilma.

The Economics of Social Welfare: White Patrons, Black Donors, and Jane E. Hunter’s Phillis Wheatley Association
 Thomas, Rhondda.

The Economics of the "Exoduster" Movement, 1874-1900
 Davis, Damani.

The Emergence of a Black Leader during the Age of Jim Crow in North Carolina.
 Ellis, Reginald.

The Family Business: A Cornerstone of the African-American Entrepreneurial Tradition
 Hodge, Sharon.

The Foundation for Community Development and the Creation of Autonomous Protest Groups in North Carolina
 McKinney, Charles.

The Functions of the History of Science: Melville J. Herskovits on Franz Boas
 Yelvington, Kevin.

The Historic Jackson Ward Podcast: A Case Study of Black Businesses in Public History
 Belsches, Elvatrice.

The Historic Million Woman March: “An Extraordinary Demonstration of Self-Determination, Self- Sufficiency, and Strategic Business Sophistication and All Round Savvy”
 Million Woman Movement, Official.

The Ideological Origins of the National Urban League
 Reed, Toure\'.

The Impact of the Economic Development of Petersburg’s African American Communities and the Atlantic World
 Proenza-Coles, Christina.

The Impact that Education and Religion Played in the Plight of African Americans in Gaining Economic Empowerment
 Kimmons, Willie.

The Indian Scottsboro and African American Agency: Utpal Dutt's The Rights of Man/Maanusher Adhikare
 Bose, Neilesh.

The Legacy of C.A. Rawls: Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment
 Bond de Pérez, Zanice.

The Life In-Between: The Economic Quandary of the Mulatto in a New Negro World
 Wilson, L.

The Life and Career of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
 Johnson, Andre.

The Link between Economic Freedom and Human Rights
 Parker, Keith., Murty, Komanduri. and Wilson, George.

The Lion's Share of Wealth for Black Baltimoreans
 Bean, Yolanda.

The Manden Charter
 Kai, Nubia.

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master's House: 19th Century African American Alternatives to the Capitalist Paradigm
 Wright, Michelle.

The National Urban League's Role in Developing Disparate Impact Doctrine in Employment Anti-Discrimination Law, 1910-1945
 Carle, Susan.

The New Negro Goes to School: Black History and the Negro Renaissance
 Snyder, Jeffrey.

The Outer Space of Inner Movement: Surface, Depth, and Becoming
 Crawford, Margo.

The Political Culture of Reconstruction’s New Spaces: The Saloon and Alternative Partisanship in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1869-1870
 Jackson, Thanayi.

The Poor People’s Corporation: Economic and Political Empowerment for Freedom
 Sturkey, William.

The Popular Economy of Freedom: Cultural Visibility and Black Emancipation in the Early 19th Century
 Cobb, Jasmine.

The Psychological Impact of the Declining HBCUs on the Black Community."
 Harrison, M. N. Ojinga.

The Psychology and Economic Impact of the Closing of Lorton Prison on Women
 Moore, Margaret.

The Quilts of Gee's Bend and the Art Market
 Lovett, Garnetta.

The Reorganization of the Harriet Beecher Stowe School: Black Vocational Training in Early 20th Century Cincinnati
 Ligon, Tina.

The Road to ASALH's Centennial and the Imperative of Our Philanthropy
 Flemming-Hunter, Sheila.

The SNYC: Black Youth Stand Up for Their Community, 1930 - 1950
 Matthews, Lopez.

The Sit-In Movement in Knoxville, Tennessee: A Moderate Pace for a Moderate Place
 Blum, Michael.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Regulation: Race and Deregulation since 1980
 Fergus, Devin.

The Superhero Icon in Black Music amidst the Struggle for Economic Empowerment, 1970 to the 1980s
 Brown, Scot.

The Talking Diaspora: Ophelia Settle Egypt’s Interviews with Former Slaves
 Corbould, Clare.

The UNIA in Denver: Making the National Local
 Gichuru, Gichuru.

The Urban League of Lincoln, Nebraska
 Johnson, Tekla.

The Women's Division: Domestic Workers and the St. Louis Urban League, 1930-49
 Ervin, Keona.

The World of Stephanie St. Clair - Harlem Policy Banker
 Stewart, Shirley.

The colored girl must die’: Youth, criminality, and capital punishment in the Carolinas, 1885-1905
 Greenlee-Donnell, Cynthia.

This Here Job Don’t Pay Me Much: Black Domestics and their Strategies for Economic Justice
 Purkiss, Ava.

To Go or Not to Go: Proponents and Opponents Toward the Exodusters of 1879-1880
 Dunn, Adrienne.

Traditional Culture as a Source of Economic Empowerment for African American Women
 Williams, Lesley.

Transatlantic Perceptions: Afro-Germans in West Germany and in the U.S., 1962-1970
 Jones, S. Marina.
95th Annual Convention 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Oct-04
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