96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10

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"Cantors, Caregivers, Convalescence, and Conscriptions: African American Philanthropy and Service in Confederate Hospitals."
 Jones, Rhonda.

"Du Bois: Describing and Inspiring Post-Civil War African Americans"
 McFarlane II, Arthur.

"I Don't Believe in Gradualism": Rosa Parks and the Black Power Movement in Detroit
 Theoharis, Jeanne.

"It's All in the Representation": Analyzing the Photographic Images of Black Civil War Soldiers
 Forss, Amy.

"Making Hell for a Country": Ideas about Race War and Extermination During the Civil War and Post Civil War Era
 Lewis, Kay.

"Persistence of Civil War Era Myths about Black Inferiority Advanced by Southern Physicians"
 Drew Jarvis, Charlene.

"Reinventing" or Rescripting?: Interrogating Manning Marable's Biography of Malcolm X
 Strickland, Bill.

"The Cost of Freedom is Less Than The Price of Repression:" W.E.B. Du Bois on John Brown and Black Reconstruction.
 Morgan, MaryNell.

"The Law is Finally With Us": Black Northerners and the Legal Challenge to Segregated Leisure During Reconstruction
 Goldberg, David.

"The Very Heart of the Race Problem": African American Children, Gender, and Race Uplift
 Rowley, Sarah.

"There are Women here Who are not Afraid to Die”: Gender, Migration and Leadership in Boston, 1910-1925
 de Chantal, Julie.

"To Be Planned With--Not For": Black Power Organizing in Rochester, NY
 O\'Donnell, David.

"To the Liberation of Oppressed Black People": A Black Activist Social History Commentary on Manning Marable's How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America
 Bankole-Medina, Katherine.

"' . . . A Perfect Terror to the Rebel Community:' African American Sailors in the Potomac Flotilla”
 Davidson Jr, Roger.

"'Brother, Religion is a Good Thing in Time of War": The Theology of U.S. Colored Troops
 Hildebrand, Reginald.

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A Beast or a Teddy Bear?: Bob Sapps and Bad-Ass Black Representation
 Kiuchi, Yuya.

A Black Professor in New Jersey Reflects: My Strategies for Reaching White Students
 Fisher, Chris.

A Case of ‘Framing’ a Colored Woman to Deny Her Employment with the Federal Government
 Nelson, Claudia.

A Dream Deferred: Benjamin E. Mays and the Struggle for School Desegregation
 Gaines, Robert.

A Fair and Open Field: The Responses of Black New Yorkers to the Draft Riots
 McGruder, Kevin.

A Feminine Response to Vice: Women and Chicago’s Policy Racket
 Schlabach, Elizabeth.

A Glimmer of Hope: Emancipation Day Celebrations in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1870-1898
 Dunn, Adrienne.

A Manifest Anomaly: Blacks, Jews, and the Trials of the First African American Lawyer
 Wolkoff, Adam.

A McDonalds that Reflects the Soul of a People: Hough Area Development Corporation and Community Development in Cleveland,Ohio
 Frazier, Nishani.

A Mind to Work: A Discussion of Charlotte Forten Grimke's Anti - Slavery Efforts Revealed in Her Journals
 Grady, Sandra.

A Movement Veteran Teaches Civil Rights at a Historically Black College
 Brown, Millicent.

A New and Quaint Species of Literature: White Interpretations of Black Music in the Civil War
 McWhirter, Christian.

A Triad of Commitment: African American Women in the District of Columbia during the Civil War
 Fisher, Holly.

Abolitionist Plays by William Wells Brown
 Giles, Freda.

Accomplishments of African Americans Before and After the Civil War
 Lechtreck, Elaine.

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Barnabas Root and Thomas Tucker: Amistad Africans in the Post Civil War South
 Osagie, Iyunolu.

Bearing Lincoln's Burden: The Republican Party and the Civil RIghts Act of 1964
 Barrett, Marsha.

Bearing the Burden: African American Officers in the Philippine-American War, 1899-1903
 Little, Lawrence.

Before Black Athens: Black Education in Antebellum Nashville
 deGregory, Crystal.

Behold the Shackles Fall: Using Manumission and Emancipation Documents to Research the Lives of African Americans in the Nation's Capital
 Davis, Damani.

Beloved, Love Your Flesh: A Journey of Communal Healing for African-American Women After The Civil War
 Johnson, Benita.

Black Arts Southwest: The Black Arts Movement in Texas
 Smethurst, James.

Black Chaplains and the Civil War
 Usher, Zachary.

Black Composers of Operas on Slavery
 Toppin, Louise.

Black Cultural Entrepreneurs and White Ownership of Black Culture
 Semmes, Clovis.

Black History in Madison County Kentucky
 Bynum, Cornelius.

Black New Yorkers, the Draft Riots, and the U.S. Civil War
 Peterson, Carla.

Black Public History, Memorializing the Civil War, and the Politics of Space In Baltimore
 Tilghman, John.

Black Religious Thoughts among Black Chaplains during the Civil War
 Menyweather-Woods, Larry.

Black and Blue: Toward A History of Police Brutality, 1940-1949
 Adams, Luther.

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Carter G. Woodson and Early African-American Drama: Using the Stage to Teach African-American History
 Gray, Christine.

Catching Babies/Catching Hell: Black Midwives in Slavery and Freedom
 Hays, Ruth.

Celebrating the Emancipation: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner's Reflection on the Emancipation
 Johnson, Andre.

Children States and Southern Snakes: Abraham Lincoln's Metaphoric Rhetoric of 1860
 Kimble, James.

Christian Abraham Fleetwood: The Man, the Soldier
 Hall, Allen James.

Cincinnati Black Brigade
 Cooper, Rich.

Civic Domestic Dispute: Kinship Care and Institutional Child Welfare at the State Industrial Home for Negro Girls at Tipton, Missouri, 1930s
 Rowe, LeRoy.

Colonial South Carolina's Influence on The American Constitution: How Colonial Law Influenced America
 Tidwell, III, Wylie.

Community Couturieres Revisited: African American Women and Expressions of Post-Civil War Corporeal Power
 Lewis-Mhoon, Abena.

Comparing Our Freedoms: Emancipation in Canada and the United States
 Elgersman Lee, Maureen.

Composing an Empowered Harriet Tubman, for an Empowered Audience
 Okoye, Nkeiru.

Contributions of The Contraband: Building Community Institutions Post Civil War
 Fairfax, Colita.

Courier or Spy: The Rise of Slave Body Servant Giles Beecher Jackson to Colonel and Attorney at Law
 Sluby, Patricia.

Creating Access and Opportunity during Massive Resistance: The Legacy of Howard W. Allen at the University of Virginia, 1973-1981
 Preston-Grimes, Patrice.

Crossing the Water: African American Linkages with South Africa 1880-1980
 Edgar, Robert.

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Dance Africa: The Prominent Role of Africanisms in a Black Middle Class Music Scene in Atlanta, Georgia
 Hadley, Fredara.

Dancing the Grit and Glitter, Through the Humanizing Lens of James Haskins: An Analysis of Black Body Image and Implications for Black Youth
 Valery, Yoldine.

Dear Editor: The War Correspondence of Chaplain Henry McNeal Turner
 Johnson, Andre.

Defying Slave Codes: Literacy for Georgia’s African Americans

Destroying Structures, Building Communities: The Relationship between Black Power, Urban Rebellions, and Black Institution Building
 Howard, Ashley.

Divine Providence: The Legacy of Rachel Parker, 1850-1865
 Davis, Wanda.

Double-Stitched Narratives: Analyzing the 1863-1865 Pocket Diaries of Emilie F. Davis
 Wise Whitehead, Kaye.

Dreams of America: Afro-German Narratives and the Search for Home
 Donaldson, Sonya.

Du Bois, Fortune and Ida B. Wells: Revolutionary Environmental Leaders of the Nineteenth Century
 Fabien, Vanessa.


Easter Weekend, April 4, 1968: The Chicago's Uprising
 Adams, William.

Emancipation Without Compensation: From Federal Land Allocation Efforts to Petitioning for Ex-Slave Pensions
 Perry, Miranda.

Emancipation's Impact on African-American Education in Norfolk, Virginia, 1862–1880
 Hucles, Michael.

Envisioning the Georgia Militia in the Post Civil War World
 Mixon, Gregory.

Examining Women & Slave Mutinies, 1740-1840
 Fletcher, Kami.


F Stands for Freedom: Efforts in Liberation through Education Across The African Diaspora
 Bennett, Jamie.

FIGHTing for the Soul of Black Capitalism: The Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester, NY 1965-1975
 Hill, Laura.

Fair Play for William Worthy: Cuba, Human Rights, and Worthy v. United States
 Lovelace, H. Timothy.

Fannie Barrier Williams: The Progressive Movement and the Nadir of American Race Relations
 Moore, Sashir.

Fatherland: Addressing the Black Experience in Germany from the Rhineland Occupation to Nazism
 Blackwell, James.

Feebled Misfits and Promiscuous Asexuals”: Exploring Different Communities’ Responses to Black Sterilization Victims
 Robinson, Bridgette.

Fighting a "White Man's War": Blacks and the Civil War in Maryland
 Matthews, Lopez.

Fighting for Freedom in The Cradle of Liberty: The Civil Rights Movement in Boston, 1934-1968
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

First Martyr of Liberty? Crispus Attucks in American Memory
 Kachun, Mitch.

Force & Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence, 1850-1861
 Carter Jackson, Kellie.

Forgotten Black Soldiers Who Served in White Regiments During the Civil War
 Moss, Juanita.

Four Years Too Early and Sixty Years Too Late: Remembering (and Forgetting) Harry T. Moore
 Emmons, Caroline.

Fred Hampton to Barack Obama: The Illinois Black Panther Party, the Original Rainbow Coalition, and Racial Coalition Politics in Chicago
 Williams, Jakobi.

Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln on Black Equity in the Civil War: A Historical-Rhetorical Study
 Sturdevant, Katherine. and Collins, Stephen.

Frederick Douglass' Hopes for African American Agency through the Enlistment of Black Regiments during the Civil War
 Dance, Eola.

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Gabriel and the 1800 Conspiracy in Fiction, History, and Memory
 Rucker, Walter.

General Sherman’s March from Atlanta to the Sea and the Emergence of the Independent Black Church Movement
 Whelchel, L. H..

Georgia Geechees and Gullahs During the Civil War Era: The Case of the Morgan-Frazier Family Clan
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Governor Rufus Brown Bullock and Georgia Convict Leasing, 1868-1871
 Hightower, Edward.


Habitats of Liberty: Maroonage in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia, 1763-1863
 Nevius, Marcus.

Heritage of Hate: A History of Flag Modification, Confederate Symbols, and Resistance to African American Equality in the South
 Reed, Wornie. and Byrd, W..

Hollis F. Price and Student Protest, 1958-1968
 Bagby, George.

Hollywood’s Misrepresentation of Black History: Choosing White Redemption Over Historical Accuracy
 Wright, Michelle.

How Life for Black Yankees in New England Changed During the Civil War era.
 Cunningham, Valerie.

How Peaceful Protest Ends in Bloodshed: The History of Student Activism at Southern University in Baton Rouge in the 1960s and 70's
 Holt, Jamon.

Hubert Harrison on Abraham Lincoln, reconstruction, and Enslaved Black Laborers
 Perry, Jeffrey.


Ida B. Wells: How Post-Civil War Atrocities Transformed Her Hope into Activism
 Duster, Michelle.

Ideologies That Led to the Civil War: British Influence on the Development of American Abolitionist Movement
 Kwon, Delia.

In Spite of Citizenship: John W. Lindsay Balancing the American-Canadian Border, 1830-1876.
 Broyld, Dann.

In the Beginning was the Word: Black Women and Literacy in Pre-Revolutionary New England
 Thomas, Felicia.

In the Interest of Others: A Critical Analysis of the Emancipation Proclamation
 Cloud, Tracia.

Indiana's United States Colored Regiment (“USCT”)
 Brewer, Charles.

Intervening Contraband and Free Men: African Americans, the Potomac Flotilla, and Emancipation Drama in the Civil War's Chesapeake Arena
 Davidson Jr, Roger.

It is among These: Race, Gender, and Black Insurance in the New South, 1890s-1930s
 Garrett-Scott, Shennette.


Jim Crow in Michigan’s Big House and the Exclusion of Black Performance
 Steward, Tyran.

Jim Haskins and the Challenges of Preserving Black Culture
 Thorpe, Angela.

John Buchanan's Maryland: Prelude to Dred Scott Decision
 Reid, Patricia.

John De Conqueror, Brer Rabbit and the Civil War
 Kai, Nubia.

John Mercer Langston: Warrior Hero in the Struggle for Black Liberty
 Dukes, James.

Julia A. J. Foote and the Wandering Chorus: Nineteenth-Century African American Autobiography as Hymn/Book
 Sieck, Jennifer.


Leading from Behind: African Americans in the Civil War
 Everett, Charles.

Learning from Drake at Stanford: (Re)Mapping Diasporic Connections in the U.S., U.K. and Circum-Caribbean
 Harrison, Faye.

Legalizing African American Male Suffrage in Wisconsin
 Boers, David.

Loyalty and Property: African American Emancipation and the Politics of Loyalty in Civil War Missouri
 Crawford, Malachi.


Made of Honor: African American Military Apparel in the Reginald F. Lewis Museum’s Collection
 Batipps, Christina. and Wilkinson, Michelle Joan.

Managing African American Collections Database on a Shoestring Budget
 Nobles-McDaniel, Deborah.

Mary Ann Shadd: Her Words were her Weapons
 Sadlier, Rosemary.

Material Gains: Bridging Art and History in the 'Material Girls' Exhibition”
 Wilkinson, Michelle Joan.

Melvin Jackson Chisum: The African American Duke of Warwick
 Brooks, Cecelia.

Metacognition in the Classroom: Teaching Students How to Learn Africana Studies in the 21 Century
 Wilson, Michael.

Mike Tyson's 1992 Trial Revisited: Rape Attribution for African-American Students
 Mandela, I. Blaze.

More Than a Debate Over Tactics: Marjorie McKenzie’s Challenge to the NAACP Litigation Campaign, 1951-1952
 Ray, Louis.


Negation and Construction of Education in the New Social Order
 Watkins, William.

Never Answered, Only Endured: The Black Family after the Civil War
 Thompson, Erika.


Obeah, Resistance and the Question of Gender in the Caribbean
 Ichile, Iyelli.

Observations on Civil War Secession and Medical Discourse Using the Case of Typhoid Fever in Medical Diagnostics
 Bankole-Medina, Katherine.

Our Collective Memory of Emmett Till
 Green, Kathryn.


Performing Modernity: Trans-Atlantic Black Vaudeville Women Performers and Racial Uplift 1920-1930
 Adair, Zakiya.

Pioneer African Americans in the State Legislatures of Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky
 Wallenstein, Peter.

Playing Eastern, Enacting Afro-Orientalism: The Hampton Singers and William Bradbury’s Esther, the Beautiful Queen
 Karpf, Nita.

Points of Conflict, Points of Growth: Reforming White Identities Through History Lectures and Discussion
 Rahman, Ahmad.

Protecting the Legacy, Library Leadership through Cooperation: Preserving the Story of the HBCU Library Alliance
 Phoenix, Sandra.

Proud Heritage - Elements of Contraband History
 Morgan, Elois.

Publishing Fashion, Fashioning the Motherland: Africa, African American Style, and Neo-Racial Uplift in Print
 Carter-David, Siobhan.


Race, Gender, and Class: In the Aftermath of the Great Okeechobee Hurricane and Flood in Florida, 16-17 September 1928
 Lindsey, Lydia.

Race, Slavery, Diamonds, and Education: The Silas Omohundro Family of Richmond, Virginia
 Dabney, Emmanuel.

Racial Violence in New York State, 1860-63
 Williams, Oscar.

Re-Framing the Storm: Documentary Film and the Legacy of Hurricane Katrina
 Fields, Andrea.

Redefining America’s Peculiar Institution: Whether Africans and Their Descendants Were in Slavery or Bondage in America
 Ozomeyo, E..

Reflections of A Country: Frederick Douglass' Washingtonian Reflections on Unfulfilled National Promises
 Trent, Noelle.

Reflections of African Spirituality
 Lewis, William.

Repositioning Memory: The Civil War and Reconstruction in Hampton Roads, Virginia
 Newby-Alexander, Cassandra.

Representations of Black Women in Museum Exhibits and The Dissemination of Gendered Knowledge
 Flewellen, Ayana.

Resistance and Rebellion: Black Women and the Quest for Freedom During the Civil War
 Nelson, Claudia.

Resistance, Resilience, and Challenge: Pioneering Careers of African American Federal Government Executives
 Klugh, Elgin.

Rev. Samuel Harrison and the Equal Pay Issue for African American Soldiers in the Civil War
 Jones-Sneed, Frances.

Robert Smalls and the Planter: The Voyage to Discovery Initiative
 Runyan, Timothy.

Rochester New York: A Transnational Community for Blacks Prior to the Civil War
 Broyld, Dann.

Roots and Routes of the African Diaspora: St. Clair Drake, The Childhood Years
 Rosa, Andrew.


Saving Our “Religious” Treasures: A Presentation and Discussion on Preserving Religious Artifacts in the African-American Church
 Ross, Benjamin.

Saving Private Trip: U.S. Cinema & the Racial Politics of Incorporation
 Kay, Darol.

School Desegregation in Rochester
 Bailey, Daniel.

Searching for Africanisms in the Ante-Bellum Period on Maryland's Eastern Shore
 Holbrook, Wendell.

Searching for Black Confederates in History and Memory: The Case of Silas Chandler
 Levin, Kevin.

Secrets, Spies and Sacrifice: The Black Experience in Toronto During the Civil War
 Frost, Karolyn.

Singing Freedom on the Operatic Stage: Women, Gender, and Resistance in Recent American Opera
 Stinson, Jennifer.

Singing Over John Brown's Body: Remaking Masculinity through Civil War Music
 Graham, Natalie.

Slave Dwellings: Collaborative Efforts for Historic Preservation
 Lane, Cheryl. and McGill, Jr., Joseph.

Slave Impressment in Confederate North Carolina
 Martinez, Jaime.

Slave Resistance in Eastern North Carolina During the Civil War
 Zatarga, Michael.

Slaying the Lion of Prejudice: The Speeches of Maggie L. Walker
 Caterine, Matthew.

Smoldering Memories and Burning Questions: The Politics of Remembering Sally Bassett and Slavery in the British Colony Bermuda
 Swan, Quito.

Social Justice Education During the Reconstruction Era: A Historically Black College and University Model
 Warren, Asha.

Soldiering, Citizenship, and Partisanship: Black Military Service and Postwar Political Participation in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1865-1877
 Jackson, Thanayi.

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Tales from a White Professor at a Racially Mixed School: My Strategies for Reaching Black Students
 Levy, James.

Tales from an Occupied City: The Civil War in Norfolk, Virginia
 Bogger, Tommy.

Teaching Beyond Literacy: Women Educators' Contributions to the Post-Civil War South
 Davis, Christina.

Tell Them We Are Rising: The African-American Educational Experience in the Richmond Area from 1865-1900
 Belsches, Elvatrice.

The Accomplishments of African American Men During the Civil War
 Carey, Ida.

The African American Community in Washington, D.C. Before, During and After the Civil War: Was It Always a Chocolate City?
 Acker, Daniel.

The Attica Prison Rebellion and the Black Freedom Struggle: Forty Years Later
 Adams, Keven.

The Battle of the Crater: The Role of Black Troops in the Petersburg & Richmond Campaign
 Drinkard-Hawkshawe, Dorothy.

The Black Campus Movement and the Racial Reconstitution of Higher Education, 1965-1972
 Rogers, Ibram.

The Black Male Crisis: Exploration of the Relationship Between Educational Attainment and the Imprisonment of Black Men.
 Yowell, Alexis.

The Black Phalanx and the Making of a Civil War Era Black Public Historian
 Benjamin, Michael.

The Black Woman and The Civil War: What Roles Did She Play?
 Browne-Marshall, Gloria J..

The Cameroons in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, 1767-1837: A Re-examination.
 Song, Womai.

The Civil War and Its Musical Legacy
 Mills, Charlotte. and Bolden-Taylor, Diane.

The Civil War in the Memory of African Americans
 Jackson II, Ronald.

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Unmasking Reinvention: Manning Marable's Malcolm
 Hill, Ricky.


Victorian Women of Color and the Family Photo Album: Documenting Race, Gender, and Interracial Relationships in 19th Century Memphis
 Jenkins, Earnestine.

Visualizing Cultural Politics: Atlanta’s Neighborhood Arts Center (1975-1990)
 Tate, R. Candy.

Visualizing the Blue, Gray, and Black: Illustrating African American Participation in the Civil War
 Woods, Naurice.


War, Emancipation, Misgenation Phobias, and Colonization Solutions, and Emancipation in New Jersey's 1860 & 1864 Presidential Elections
 Greene, Larry.

Washington, D.C.: From the Founding of a Slaveholding Capital to a Center of Abolitionism
 Jackson, Maurice.

Wearing Art, Wearing History: Case Studies in Black Women’s Self-Fashioning
 Boakyewa, Asantewa.

What Did the Fifteenth Amendment Mean to African Americans?: African American Politics in Southern Maryland during Reconstruction and Beyond
 Wade, Darren.

Widows of the Ft. Pillow, TN Massacre
 Chestnut, Trichita.

William Washington Browne; Runaway Slave, Union Soldier, True Reformer.
 Acker, Daniel.

Within These Walls: Contraband Hospital and the African Americans Who Served There
 Newmark, Jill.

Wives, Mothers, Teachers, and Missionaries: A Northern View of the Civil War and Its Aftermath
 Roberts, Rita.

Written: In Blood and Sweat; Not Just Black and White: The Struggle for Knowledge by Sable Troops in Arkansas During the Civil War
 Nichols, Ronnie. and Washington, Reginald.
96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10
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