96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10

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A Beast or a Teddy Bear?: Bob Sapps and Bad-Ass Black Representation
 Kiuchi, Yuya.

A Black Professor in New Jersey Reflects: My Strategies for Reaching White Students
 Fisher, Chris.

A Case of ‘Framing’ a Colored Woman to Deny Her Employment with the Federal Government
 Nelson, Claudia.

A Dream Deferred: Benjamin E. Mays and the Struggle for School Desegregation
 Gaines, Robert.

A Fair and Open Field: The Responses of Black New Yorkers to the Draft Riots
 McGruder, Kevin.

A Feminine Response to Vice: Women and Chicago’s Policy Racket
 Schlabach, Elizabeth.

A Glimmer of Hope: Emancipation Day Celebrations in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1870-1898
 Dunn, Adrienne.

A Manifest Anomaly: Blacks, Jews, and the Trials of the First African American Lawyer
 Wolkoff, Adam.

A McDonalds that Reflects the Soul of a People: Hough Area Development Corporation and Community Development in Cleveland,Ohio
 Frazier, Nishani.

A Mind to Work: A Discussion of Charlotte Forten Grimke's Anti - Slavery Efforts Revealed in Her Journals
 Grady, Sandra.

A Movement Veteran Teaches Civil Rights at a Historically Black College
 Brown, Millicent.

A New and Quaint Species of Literature: White Interpretations of Black Music in the Civil War
 McWhirter, Christian.

A Triad of Commitment: African American Women in the District of Columbia during the Civil War
 Fisher, Holly.

Abolitionist Plays by William Wells Brown
 Giles, Freda.

Accomplishments of African Americans Before and After the Civil War
 Lechtreck, Elaine.

Africa in Colombia: 17th and 18th Century Appellation of Captive Africans in Colonial New Granada
 Mauer, J. Santiago.

African American - Native American Civil War Representations in American Film
 Jordan, Joseph.

African American Foundation of African Historiography: A Griotic Praxis For Liberation
 Toure, Abu.

African American Women and the Southampton Rebellion of 1831
 Holden, Vanessa.

African Americans Dedicated to Gettysburg
 Bean, Yolanda.

African Americans and Civil War Records at the National Archives
 Beach, Connie.

African Americans and the U.S. Civil War
 Nixon, Stephanie.

African Americans in the Civil War Confederate Army
 Johnston, Brenda.

African Diaspora Sailors from Latin America and the Caribbean in the United States Civil War Navy: Another Migration
 Josiah, Barbara.

African-Americans in Confederate Virginia
 Jordan, Jr., Ervin.

After the Strike: The NAACP and the Black Community Protest in Memphis
 Conway, Jr., James.

Amanda Foster, “…the oldest colored resident of this place …” Born in 1806 in the Home of Governor DeWitt Clinton
 Colds Fechter, Celesti. and Lewis, Dorothy.

American Dream Deferred: Black Federal Workers in Washington, D.C., 1940 - 1980
 Gooding, Frederick.

Amistad Remembered: Insurrectionary Violence, Civil War, and the Politics of Memory
 Wolff, Robert.

An African-American Physicist’s Analysis of the United States Civil War
 Phillips, Jr., Alfred.

An Inquiry into the Social Psychology of Internalizing the Deities of Historical Oppressors
 Wiggan, Greg.

An Ontological Imperative: A Self-Emancipated Woman’s Challenge for Citizenship and Human Dignity
 Nash, CL.

And A Woman Shall Lead Them: The Eductional Leadership of Ethel Thompson Overby, 1933-1958
 Ward Randolph, Adah.

Anthony Overton and THE HALF-CENTURY MAGAZINE: The Rise of an African American Business Tycoon
 Weems, Jr., Robert.

Around the World in 1928: Juliette Derricotte's Internationalism
 Anderson, Lauren.
96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10
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