96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10

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Dance Africa: The Prominent Role of Africanisms in a Black Middle Class Music Scene in Atlanta, Georgia
 Hadley, Fredara.

Dancing the Grit and Glitter, Through the Humanizing Lens of James Haskins: An Analysis of Black Body Image and Implications for Black Youth
 Valery, Yoldine.

Dear Editor: The War Correspondence of Chaplain Henry McNeal Turner
 Johnson, Andre.

Defying Slave Codes: Literacy for Georgia’s African Americans

Destroying Structures, Building Communities: The Relationship between Black Power, Urban Rebellions, and Black Institution Building
 Howard, Ashley.

Divine Providence: The Legacy of Rachel Parker, 1850-1865
 Davis, Wanda.

Double-Stitched Narratives: Analyzing the 1863-1865 Pocket Diaries of Emilie F. Davis
 Wise Whitehead, Kaye.

Dreams of America: Afro-German Narratives and the Search for Home
 Donaldson, Sonya.

Du Bois, Fortune and Ida B. Wells: Revolutionary Environmental Leaders of the Nineteenth Century
 Fabien, Vanessa.
96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10
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