96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10

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F Stands for Freedom: Efforts in Liberation through Education Across The African Diaspora
 Bennett, Jamie.

FIGHTing for the Soul of Black Capitalism: The Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester, NY 1965-1975
 Hill, Laura.

Fair Play for William Worthy: Cuba, Human Rights, and Worthy v. United States
 Lovelace, H. Timothy.

Fannie Barrier Williams: The Progressive Movement and the Nadir of American Race Relations
 Moore, Sashir.

Fatherland: Addressing the Black Experience in Germany from the Rhineland Occupation to Nazism
 Blackwell, James.

Feebled Misfits and Promiscuous Asexuals”: Exploring Different Communities’ Responses to Black Sterilization Victims
 Robinson, Bridgette.

Fighting a "White Man's War": Blacks and the Civil War in Maryland
 Matthews, Lopez.

Fighting for Freedom in The Cradle of Liberty: The Civil Rights Movement in Boston, 1934-1968
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

First Martyr of Liberty? Crispus Attucks in American Memory
 Kachun, Mitch.

Force & Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence, 1850-1861
 Carter Jackson, Kellie.

Forgotten Black Soldiers Who Served in White Regiments During the Civil War
 Moss, Juanita.

Four Years Too Early and Sixty Years Too Late: Remembering (and Forgetting) Harry T. Moore
 Emmons, Caroline.

Fred Hampton to Barack Obama: The Illinois Black Panther Party, the Original Rainbow Coalition, and Racial Coalition Politics in Chicago
 Williams, Jakobi.

Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln on Black Equity in the Civil War: A Historical-Rhetorical Study
 Sturdevant, Katherine. and Collins, Stephen.

Frederick Douglass' Hopes for African American Agency through the Enlistment of Black Regiments during the Civil War
 Dance, Eola.

Frederick Douglass's Civil War
 Little, Monroe.

Frederick Douglass’ Aim for a True Civic Nation in a Post- Emancipated America
 McClarin, Ka\'Mal.

Free Black Communities and the Civil War: The “Price of Disaster” at the Local Level
 McBride, David.

Freedmen Struggle: Treaty Rights, Citizenship and the Legacy of the Civil War in Indian Country
 Coleman, Arica.

Freedom by a Different Name: Adoption and the Choctaw Freedmen
 McKisick, Derrick.

From Desegregation to Integration: Race, Football, and Dixie at the University of Florida
 White, Derrick.

From Fugitive Slaves to Farmer-Educators: The Post-Emancipation Odyssey of William and Ellen Craft
 McCaskill, Barbara.

From Gus to Shola: Gender and Race in Slavery Cinema
 Gabriel, Dexter.

From Slave to Freedom Fighter: The Story of Madison Lewis, USCT
 Pair, Drusilla.

From Sword to Quill: The Civil War Origins and Legacy of Virginia Union University, c. 1850
 Hylton, Raymond. and Smith, Vincent.

From White Girl in Detroit to White Prof in African American Studies: Reflections on Teaching African American History
 Thompson, Heather.

From the Underground Railroad to the U.S. Civil War: Exploring Our Shared Canada-USA Commemorative Experiences
 Hanes, Peter.
96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10
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