96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10

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Ida B. Wells: How Post-Civil War Atrocities Transformed Her Hope into Activism
 Duster, Michelle.

Ideologies That Led to the Civil War: British Influence on the Development of American Abolitionist Movement
 Kwon, Delia.

In Spite of Citizenship: John W. Lindsay Balancing the American-Canadian Border, 1830-1876.
 Broyld, Dann.

In the Beginning was the Word: Black Women and Literacy in Pre-Revolutionary New England
 Thomas, Felicia.

In the Interest of Others: A Critical Analysis of the Emancipation Proclamation
 Cloud, Tracia.

Indiana's United States Colored Regiment (“USCT”)
 Brewer, Charles.

Intervening Contraband and Free Men: African Americans, the Potomac Flotilla, and Emancipation Drama in the Civil War's Chesapeake Arena
 Davidson Jr, Roger.

It is among These: Race, Gender, and Black Insurance in the New South, 1890s-1930s
 Garrett-Scott, Shennette.
96th Annual Convention 2011-Oct-04 to 2011-Oct-10
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