97th Annual Convention 2012-Sep-26 to 2012-Sep-30

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"A Gift from God": The Life of A.M.E. Logan
 Chamberlain, Daphne.

"A brown girl's heart to hear it" Pauli Murray and the Tradition of Great African American Women Thinkers from North Carolina
 Lanier, Michelle.

"Afro-American Women in Banking, Maggie Lena Walker, Where Do We Go From Here!!"
 Tucker, Willie.

"Black Girls and Hip Hop's Mixed Messages on the Body and Politics"
 Love, Bettina.

"By Merit and Culture, We Strive and We Do": Black Women at the University of Illinois, 1900-1930
 Hoff, Tamara.

"From Civil Rights Activism to Hip Hop Culture: Linkages and Connections"
 Alridge, Derrick.

"Hip Hop Transformations: The Story of CARMEN"
 Seniors, Paula Marie.

"Hip Hop in African American and World History"
 Dagbovie, Pero.

"History writ about her privates": Reading Bodily Scars as Historical Record in Dessa Rose
 Jones, Shermaine.

"I Carry the Eyes of Ida B. Wells": Young Black Women Who Write/Right the World
 Kynard, Carmen.

"In No Way Associated with Persons of Strong Character": John W. Hamilton, the National Urban League and the Politics of Sexual Indecency
 Jones, Jennifer.

"It was the women that did the work": African American Women in the March on Washington Movement
 Lucander, David.

"John Brown Kiss"
 Shivers, Ajamu.

"Marion B. Jordon and the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) NAACP, 1952-1958"
 Bond, Zanice.

"No More Encomiums”: The Poetics of Love and Liberation in Cheryl Clarke’s Living as a Lesbian
 Green, David.

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A Claim of My Own: African American Female Landowners in the Post-bellum South
 Green, Damita.

A Conversation between W.E.B. Du Bois and Martin Luther King, Jr. on Civil Rights
 Brisbon, Lauren.

A Historical Journey: The Discovery, Alterations, and Transformations of Black Chicago’ s Self Identity
 Reed, Christopher.

A Literary Interpretation of the Lynching of Emmett Till through the Eyes of Mamie Carthan
 Bethea, Karen.

A Look at the First lady Michelle Obama in the White House
 Carey, Ida.

A Monument to Stewardship: The Museum in Memory of Virginia E. Randolph
 White, Lenora.

A Portrait of Ida B. Wells-Barnett Based on James Davidson’s "They Say: Ida B. Wells and the Reconstruction of Race"
 Yeboah, Alberta.

A Radical Reconstruction of Resistance Strategies: Black Girls and Black Women Reclaiming Our Power
 Pratt-Clarke, Menah.

A View Inside Our Mothers' Gardens
 Morgan, Kelli.

Abortion Wars or Reproductive Surveillance? Investigating Black Women’s Intersectional Attack in Contemporary Anti-Abortion Campaigns
 Kokayi, Assata.

African American Art in the Savannah Area
 Blood, Peggy.

African American Education Goddesses
 Thomas, Ronn.

African American Female Labor and New York City's Informal Economy
 Harris, Lashawn.

African American Student Mathematics Identify
 Spencer, Joi.

African American Women in History and Culture: An Archival View
 Davis, Damani.

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Backbone, Wishbone, and Jawbone Situational Cues
 Spain, Michelle. and Cox, Marcella.

Backbones, Wishbones, and Jawbones, Oh What They Can Speak to Us Now: Historical Remnants of Club Women's Work
 Harrison, Renee.

Barbara Johns Powell: A Woman of Courage and Conviction in Virginia Civil Rights History
 Owens, Irene.

Beauty and the Black Student Revolt: Black Student Activism and the Politics of Campus “Beauty” Spaces
 Kinchen, Shirletta.

Behind the Seams: Elizabeth Keckly's Interwoven Stitches Across Race and Class in Black Washington
 Richeson, Tamika.

Being Black and a Woman Didn’t Stop Me! Dr. Florence Crim Robinson (1932-2008)
 Murphy, Shelley.

Between Women: Sarah Allen, Jarena Lee and the Women of Mother Bethel Church, 1790-1840
 Hallager, Shalon.

Beyond Black: Pearl Bailey and the Politics of Racial Transcendence
 Finley, Jessyka.

Beyond Queen Nanny: (En)gendering Maroon History
 Ichile, Iyelli.

Beyond the Crusade: (Re)Discovering Ida and the Value of Leadership
 Pack, Uraina.

Beyond the Medical Ghetto: Black Women’s Health Activism and Anti-Poverty Health Care Programs, 1960s-1970s
 McBride, David.

Beyond the Rabble: Manifesting Gender in the 1960s Urban Revolts
 Howard, Ashley.

Black British Feminist Press: Contesting Citizenship Under Neo-liberalism
 Harrison, Rashida.

Black Chicagoans Views of School Desegregation
 Danns, Dionne.

Black Clubwomen, African-American History and Memory, 1895-1994
 White, Tara.

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Camille Cosby and Black Agency in the Media
 Parker, Christine.

Celebrating the Lesser-Known (More Obscure and Invisible) Black Women in U.S. History
 Washington, Clare.

Cinematic Specularity: Slavery, Gynecology, Technology and the Black Female Body in Creating Cinema's Spectatorial Tradition
 Smith, Nova.

Cissy Houston's Musical Journey: Gospel, Soul, Pop, and Whitney
 Brewer, Charles.

Colonial South Carolina, Slavery, and the US Constitution
 Tidwell, III, Wylie.

Communication Barriers and their Ethical Implications Among Black Women Presidents of HBCUs
 Escoffery-Torres, Renee.

Contemporary Racism and Intersections: A Look at How Black American Women Experience Race, Class and Gender in a "Post-Racial" Society
 Cooper, Jasmine.

Converted, Sanctified, and Called to Preach: Elizabeth - Nineteenth-Century Black Holy Woman
 LeForge, Judy.

Corporate Media Bears Strange Fruit
 Cox, Esq, Mary.

Crazy New Quilts of Black Motherhood in Black Authored Young Adult Novels
 Bristow, Margaret.


D.C. En Pointe: Training Black Ballerinas in the District of Columbia
 Brown, Tamara.

Daisy E. Lampkin (1883-1965): 20th Century Shero of the NAACP
 Mason III, Major.

Dating Jesus: A Womanist Approach to Single Black Women in Search of Romantic Love in the Absence of Black Men
 Sanders, Dessie.

Degrees of Blackness: Real Housewives of Atlanta Tour Africa
 Celeste, Manoucheka.

Delores Brown and Raven Wilkinson: Moving Black Ballerinas from the Edge to Center Stage
 Deans, Joselli.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.: A Sisterhood’s Century-Long Commitment to Social Action (1913 – 2013)
 Nelson, Claudia.

Developing Computational Fluency in the African American Community
 Pearson, Kim.

Developing a Public History Resource at an HBCU: The Case of Savannah State University
 Bell, Felicia.

Diary Frum de Neck Gullah/Geechee Matriarch Prayed Fuh Me
 Towne, Elder Carlie.

Dignity in Life and Death: Undertaker Clarie Collins Harvey and Civil Rights Activism in Mississippi and Beyond
 Sanders, Crystal.

 Armfield, Felix.

 Duke, Eric.

 Jelks, Randal.

 Smith, Marshanda.

 McLeod, Jacqueline.

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Eloise Greenfield: Bringing The Gift of Reading To Children
 Sims-Wood, Janet.

Enabling Education in the Post-Emancipation South: Black Women Educators and Children with Special Needs
 Barclay, Jenifer.

Envisioning and Enacting Moral Reform in African American Women's Nineteenth Century Friendship Albums
 Gonzalez, Aston.


FIlm: StarbyStar: Naomi Long Madgett, Poet and Publisher
 Schock, David.

Family Recollections: "Our Aunt Edna"
 Smith, Anne.

Female Saints, Nationalism, and Everyday Performances in Early 18th Century Kongo
 Covington-Ward, Yolanda.

Female Spiritual Leadership and Near Sainthood: a Case Study of Henriette Delillie of New Orleans and the Establishment of an All African American “Sisterhood” Order
 Ndege, Conchita.

Female Voices of Briggs v. Elliott: The Unsung Champions of School Desegregation in Clarendon County, South Carolina 1947-1960
 Brunson, Patrick.

Fierce Communion: African American Women, Chastity,
 Jones, Rhonda.

File if You Have To: Make America Work for You
 Purnell, Judy.

Find a Way or Make One: The Story of Pioneering Educator, Virginia Estelle Randolph (1870-1958)
 Belsches, Elvatrice.

First Seed: Alice Jackson’s 1935 Attempt to Desegregate the University of Virginia
 Jordan, Jr., Ervin.

Fissures in the Fabric of Black-Indian Relations
 Johnson`, Willard.

Fitting the First Ladies: Black Female Fashion Designers in the White House
 Brumfield, Elizabeth. and Sato, Chieko.

For Our Daughters: Teaching and Learning the Life and Work of Africana Women
 King, Dana.

Framing a Blaxicana Identity in an all Black Midwestern Town 1955-1960
 Thorne, Ana.

Free Women of Color, Inheritance, and Property in Late Eighteenth-Century New Orleans
 Johnson, Jessica.

From Blackface to Beulah: Subtle Subversion in Early Black Sitcoms
 Scott, Mack.

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Gender Dynamics in the Sanctified Church: Exploring Female Roles, Contributions, and Limitations
 Boyd, Gloria.

Gender, Framing, and African American Social Justice Organizations: Early Findings from the Field
 Cox, Kiana.

Gendered Mobility: Black Women and Cycling in the 1920s
 McQuirter, Marya.

George Washington Williams
 Shivers, Ajamu.

Georgette Seabrooke Powell: Advocating Art on Her Own Terms
 Mayo, Georgette.

Getting a Piece of the Pie: Mary McLeod Bethune and The Negro Division of the National Youth Administration during the Great Depression
 Davis, Jametta.

Governor Oliver Max Gardner and the Consolidation Program of 1931
 Adkins, Maurice.

Grace Baxter Fenderson (1882-1962) and the Kenney Memorial Hospital Women's Auxiliary, Newark, New Jersey
 Moses, Sibyl.


HBCU Archives and African American Archivists: Are We Equipped?
 Johnson, Aisha.

Harlem's Halfway Covenant
 Robinson, Jacqueline.

Harriet Tubman in South Carolina during Civil War
 Billingsley, Andrew.

Harriet Tubman: A Legacy of Patriotism
 Kinard, Joy.

Hearing Herstory: Black Churchwomen Social Activists during the Civil Rights Movement
 Mingo, AnneMarie.

Helping Ourselves
 Ellis, Kimberly.

Historical Memory as Political Strategy: Marvel Cooke’s framing of "slavery" in regards to the Bronx Slave Markets in the 1930s and 1950s
 Alexander, Ariana.

Holding It Down: An Examination of Married African American Female in the Slave Narratives
 Brunson, Patrick.

How Carter G. Woodson used Negro newspapers to popularize history, 1915-1950
 Morris, Burnis.


Ida B. Wells and the Columbian Exposition (1898)
 Gates-White, Danielle.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Her Classic Work on Lynching in Georgia: A Forgotten Contribution to the Study of Race and Ethnicity
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

In Defense of Culture: Margaret Burroughs, Pioneer of the South Side Community Arts Center
 Dolinar, Brian.

In Her Own Words: Callie House and the Quest for Ex-Slave Pensions
 Perry, Miranda.

In Performance in Life History
 Smith, Shanna.

In Search of Julia: Theory, Diaspora, and Black Women's History
 Baumgartner, Kabria.

Incidents of Slavery: The Death Penalty and the Contemporary Relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment for Black Women
 Price, Melynda.

Installations: The Contributions of African American Women to the Field of Public History
 Jordan, Ashley.

Interracial Sex and the Sexual Colonization of Black and Red Bodies in Jim Crow Virginia
 Coleman, Arica.

Interrogating Race and Representation in The Help
 Morris, Tiyi.

Invisible Men: (F)Emcee’s and the Imagined Body Politic
 Gomez, Wilfredo.

Is She Armed and Dangerous? Some Causes, Examples, and Consequences of Being Labeled as “An Angry Black Woman”
 Thompson, Gail.

Islam in Low Country Georgia
 Mukhtar, Mohamed.

It’s Much Bigger than Stokely: The Atlanta Project and the Evolution of the Black Power Movement
 Holt, Jamon.


Jet Beauty of the Week: Black Publications and the Reconstruction of the Beauty Ideal for African American Women
 Brown, Kimberly.


Katie Geneva Cannon, Teacher and Doer of Justice
 Lechtreck, Elaine.

Kiamsha: Promoting Youth to Become 21st Century Activists
 Hemsley, Renada.

Kindred Spirits: African American Women Writers and Speculative Fiction
 Allen, Marlene.

Know Something About That: Black Women's Lived Experience in the Shadow of Lynching Trees
 Sims, Angela.


Les Nubians: Hélène and Célia Faussart
 Celia Faussart, Helene Faussart.

Lest We Forget: The Plight and Fight of Post-Reconstruction Black Women for Social Justice
 Nelson, Claudia.

Listening for Silence: Black Women, Dissemblance and Sexual Violence during the 20th Century
 Simmons, LaKisha.

Living Legacies: Memory and Violence Among Women Participants in the 1966 Grenada, Ms. Desegreation
 Woodruff, Nan.

Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of a Community of Women
 Walker-Canton, Roxana.

Locs, Liberty, and Life: The Women of the MOVE Organization
 Gales, Jihan.

Lorraine A. Williams: Breaking New Ground in the Academy
 Harris, Janette.

Losing the Party of Lincoln: George Washington Lee and the Demise of Moderate Black Republicanism
 McKinney, Charles.

Louisiana's Magnolia Flowers: Black Women Agents of Change
 Moorhead, Deborah.


Maggie Walker and William Washington Browne, America's First Black Bankers
 Acker, Daniel.

Margaret Murray Washington and her International Crusade
 Harris, Sheena.

Marion Cuyjet: Building a Dance Community in Philadelphia
 Dixon, Melanye.

Maritcha Lyons: Brooklyn Activist and Mentor to Ida B. Wells
 Peterson, Carla.

Marking Bodies, Making Race: Lynching and the Continual Quest for Black Humanity
 McKinney, Charles.

Marriage and Mobility: Nancy Prince and the Geography of Containment
 Dunbar, Jessie.

Martha's Vineyard: Black Women History Makers
 Taylor, Richard.

Mary Church Terrell: Feminism and the Black Gentry during the Gilded Age, 1880-1920
 Miller, M. Sammye.

Mary Talbert and the the Pan American Exposition (1901)
 Muhammad, Malikah.

Maud Cuney Hare:The Woman Who Almost Became the First Mrs.W.E.B.DuBois
 Strickland, Bill.

Memoirs of a Black female revolutionary nationalist: a theatrical performance of excerpts from the play Our Liberated Justice
 Sunni-Ali, Asantewa.

Menus, Maids, and Manners: Tuskegee and the Professionalization of Domestic Work (1938 - 1940)
 King, Pamela.

Merze Tate and the Fight for Gender Equity at Howard University, 1945-1977
 Perkins, Linda.

Mississippi Baptist Church Women & the Segregated African American Community 1865 - 1965
 Harrison, Alferdteen.

Mobilizing for Justice: A Brief History of Black Women and the State
 Gallagher, Julie.

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NACW Presidency of Miss Hallie Quinn Brown, 1920-1924
 Goodwin, Daleah.

Negotiating Revolutionary Identity in Ida B. Wells-Barnett
 Watkins, Rychetta.

Negro Home Demonstration Agents in Arkansas, 1913-1965
 Jones-Branch, Cherisse.

New Digitizing Projects for Black History and Scholarship
 Shabazz, Amilcar.

New Directions in Activism: Women of Faith in the 21st Century
 Frederick, Marla.


Octavia E. Butler: Writing the Black Female Body
 Walker, Tiffany.

On Writing The Grubbing Hoe, An Ethno-Journalistic Memoir: The Transformative Power of Personal History
 Gooch, Cheryl.

On the Black Jac’ Millitary Cult: Cosmology, Metaphysics, and Feminist Elisions in Haytian Constitutionalism
 Burnette, Solomon.

Once Upon a Time in Scotland and Wales: A Story of Three Black Girls
 Davidson, Jeanette.

Ones and Zeroes: Slave vs Enslaved: Character Development Through a Modern-Day Underground Railroad Concept
 Dunn, Carlvern.

Our Day To Play: Post-Reconstruction Leisure and Amusements Among Black Women and Their Families
 Fletcher, Patsy.

Our Men were Soldiers: African American Wives and Mothers of USCT Veterans
 Selby, Kelly.


Pauli Murray House as a Site of Conscience
 Lau, Barbara.

Pauli Murray, Jane Crow, and the Problems of the Negro Woman Intellectual
 Cooper, Brittney.

Pauline E. Hopkins: Protesting in Literary Fashion
 Carlisle, Anthony.

Pauline Hopkins’s Contending Forces and the Undoing of the Tragic Mulatta Myth
 Davis, Markeysha.

Perception, Pursuit, and Possession: Doctoral Attainment for Black Women in America
 Sutherland, Joanne.

Phillis Wheatley and the Rise of a Black Radical Democratic Tradition
 Smethurst, James.

Phillis Wheatley, the Triangular Slave(ry) Trade, and the American Revolution
 Bailey, Ronald.

Post-Emancipation Afro-Cuban Opposition to Interracial Sexuality-Community Survival or Patriarchal Oppression?
 Morrison, Karen "Kym".

President Barack Obama, Race, and The Return of the Fear of Negro Rule
 Carter, Daryl.

Problematizing the Cultural Image of the Domestic Servant: Struggle and Resistance in American Film
 Branch, Enobong. and Duncan, Armanthia.

Producing Scholarship for Digital Data
 Thomas-Houston, Marilyn.

Progress Report from Two Fronts: H-Afro Am and the Deployment of High Speed Broadband in Urbana/Champaign, IL
 Alkalimat, Abdul.


Race, Citizenship and the Constitution: A Legacy of Indivisibility
 Crooms-Robinson, Lisa.

Race, Place and History: The Family Reunion and the Making of a New Black Identity
 Dunbar, Joyce.

Radical Black Women on the Move: Race, Gender, Class, and The Southern Negro Youth Congress
 Martin, Waldo.

Re-Working Roots: Black Women Writers Re-Imagine the Gullah Identity
 Cooper, Melissa.

Reading Toni Morrison Novels: What is a Black Landscape Architecture?
 Williams, Douglas.

Reciprocal Relationships: Community Engagement and Black Women in the Black Campus Movement
 McMillion, Desiree., Byndom, Samuel. and McMillion, Lexus.

Reflections on Community, Opportunity, and Changing Fairways: The Wake Robin Golf Club
 Fletcher, Tino.

Reframing Phillis Wheatley in Africa, America, and Beyond: Theatre for Transformation 's “Sister Friend” and “To Cross an Ocean Four Centuries Long”
 Kemp, Amanda.

Refusing Extinction: African American Responses to Health Care Needs in Jim Crow Greater Kansas City, 1900-1970
 Dandridge, Deborah.

Regina Bradley
 Bradley, Regina.

Researching and Interpreting Harriet Tubman: Hampton Roads Years
 Dance, Eola.

Resilient Bamboos: Haitian Women in Politics of the Island & the Diaspora, 20th century
 Alexis, Yveline.

Rethinking the Gendered Temporal: Black Slave Women’s Work and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Cuba
 Finch, Aisha.

Revealing the Grassroots in Antebellum America: African American Women Petitioners
 Moulton, Amber.

Revisiting DuBois’ Seventh Ward and the Philadelphia Negro:
 Boddie, Stephanie., Banks, Adelle. and Hillier, Amy.

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SOUL Train Chicago: NATIONALIST Beginning
 Jelks, Randal.

Sankofa: An African American Woman's Journey Home
 Kai, Nubia.

Sarah Harris Fayerweather and the Politics of Education, 1831-1860
 Katungi, Candace.

Save the Trauma for Your Momma: The Effects of Transgenerational Trauma on African American Women
 Alexander, Amy.

School and Community Transitions from Segregation to Integration in Richmond, Virginia
 Foster, Carmen.

Sewing Identities through the Americas: Women as Oral Historians
 Rizo, Eliza.

Sharing Their Stories: A Narrative Inquiry of African American Women of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (1960-1970) and Contemporary Student Activists (2005-2012)
 Cloud, Tracia.

She Put a Hammer in My Hand
 Ellis, Kimberly.

Shirley Chisolm as a Black Feminist Public Intellectual
 Curwood, Anastasia.

Sissieretta Jones: A Musical Pioneer
 Lee, Maureen.

Sisters on the Right: Black Women and the Republican Party
 Levy, La TaSha.

Slaves, Plantation Women, and the Honor within Civil War Aid Society Work
 Faverty, Brenda.

So What Are You Going to Do: Joe Madison Talk Radio Activist
 Canton, David.

Social Essences of Black Chicago
 Black, Timuel.

Some Organized Opposition to the Lynching of Black People, and Ida B. Wells, 1892-1895
 Carson, Jr., Jack.

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 Johnson, Vivian.

Teaching the African Diaspora: The Role of Black History Month
 Augustine, Jean.

Terms of Engagement: Considering Enslaved Women’s perceptions of consent and agency in the midst of sexually coercive relationships
 Eaves, Shannon.

Testifying for the Revolution: A Womanist Critical Analysis of Kathleen Cleaver’s Rhetoric in the Black Panther Party
 Gaines, Rondee.

The Academic Excellence of Anna Julia Cooper
 Scott, Mary.

The Affective Economy of Slavery: Shame and Subjectivity in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl
 Love, Kimberly.

The Black Revolution on Campus: Training Ground for Future Feminists
 Biondi, Martha.

The Choreo-Politics of Katherine Dunham
 Hall, Danielle.

The Color Line in the First Decade of the New Millennium
 Blakeney, LeAndre.

The Cry in the Wilderness: (Re) Claiming the Prophetic Voice of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
 Johnson, Andre.

The Educational Philosophy and Practice of Janie Porter Barrett at the Virginia Industrial School for Colored Girls, 1915-1940
 Jones, Lindsey.

The Firebrand, the First Lady, and the Odell Waller Case: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Struggle for Social Justice
 Bell-Scott, Patricia.

The Gay Man’s Plague: The Complicated Relationship between the Black Church and African American Women in the Era of AIDS.
 Pendleton, Nashay.

The Gold Coast Economy of the Nineteenth Century: Transitioning To a Cash Crop System In the Era of Legitimate Commerce
 Hargrove, Jarvis.

The Hanging of Jim Williams: Race, Gender, and the Black Militia in South Carolina during Reconstruction
 Proctor, Bradley.

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Uncovering the Long Black Student Movement, 1919-1972
 Rogers, Ibram.

Undermining Intersectionality's Promise: Examining the Politics of Misunderstanding and Nominal Use
 May, Vivian.

Understanding the complexities of race, gender, and class identities of Black Women State Legislators
 Brown, Nadia.


Vivian Harsh and Charlemae Rollins: Transformation of Chicago's Hall Branch Library into a "People's University"
 Guss, Emily.


Wailing Women Past and Present: Remembering the Courage of Ida B Wells
 Green, June.

We Are Not a Dependent Race: The Prophetic Rhetoric of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
 Johnson, Andre.

We Must Lift as We Climb: Black Education in Cincinnati
 Ligon, Tina.

We Ooman da de Staat an de Haat: Self-Sustained and Self-Determined
 Goodwine, Queen Quet Marquetta.

Well, I'll Be a Pioneer: The Life of Lucy Diggs Slowe
 Pruitt-Logan, Anne.

West African Traditions
 Corbitt, Robert.

What’s In a Name?: Benjamin Elijah Mays and the Rise of the Black Studies Movement
 Gaines, Robert.

Where Do I Go from Here?
 Fitzgerald, Gail.

Who I Am, and Who I Was"?, The Psychological Profile of an African American Women from Slavery to the Present
 Terry, Aqueilla.

Who to Trust? Community Archives and African American Archivists
 Haykal, Aaisha.

Why Educators Should Utilize Alice Walker’s Meridian in Narrative Medicine Training Programs
 Ferdinand, Tracey.

Why White Women Love The Help
 Hogan, Wesley.

Windy City Heroines: Black Women's Activism During Chicago's 1983 Mayoral Election
 Adams, William.

With Broken Pencils: African American Women Still Writing Their Stories
 Amos, Sharon. and Beavers, Fern.

Womanhood, Integration, and Democracy: The National Council of Negro Women’s International Debutante Cotillion
 Carey, Miya.

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97th Annual Convention 2012-Sep-26 to 2012-Sep-30
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