98th Annual Convention 2013-Oct-02 to 2013-Oct-07

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" 'Just like a war': The Consequences of Real and Imagined Violence in Urban Rebellion"
 Swiderski, David.

"250,000 Followers and Counting: #MarchonWashington."
 Jones, Rhonda.

"Africanity" and Early African American Identity Politics: from late 18th through early 20th centuries
 Toure, Abu.

"Black Artists, Radical History and Radical Historiography, 1930-1955"
 Smethurst, James.

"Bold as Love": African Americans and Sixties Counterculture
 Strain, Christopher.

"Celebrating Children and Young People and Civil Rights Activism, 1951-1965"
 Franklin, V.P..

"Communities Must be Vigilant": The Mixed Results of Grassroots Financial Regulation through the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977
 Marchiel, Rebecca.

"Complex Legacies in Black and White: Planning, Community, and Identity in Winter Park"
 Chambliss, Julian.

"Elizabeth Catlett and the Reconstruction of History
 Morgan, Kelli.

"Experiment or Opportunity?: Residential Segregation and the Issues of Community in Chicago’s Maple Park Neighborhood."
 Foster, Lloren.

"Freedom Schools: Before and After the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer"
 Franklin, V.P..

"Fugitive Slaves as Contraband and Freedman in the Union Army and Their Accomplishments"
 Carey, Ida.

"He Doesn't Look a Thing Like Jesus": Beyond the Black Christ and the "Negro Church" in African American Religions
 Blum, Edward.

"Home: How Black and White Southerners Made the Civil Rights Movement and Changed Our Nation".
 Berry, Mary Frances.

"Hope, Freedom and Change for Black Workers."
 Mvusi, Thanderkile.

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A College Town and the African American Community: Reconciling an Institution’s Slaveholding Past
 Allen, Jody.

A Culturally-Syntonic Model of Identity for Women of Afrikan Ancestry
 Jackson-Lowman, Huberta.

A Dream Worth Celebrating: What Commemorations of Racial Progress Miss About Freedom
 McGee Jr., Michael.

A Historical Examination of Ebony Magazine Articles and Letters on Homosexuality: 1971-1979
 Beasley, Paul.

A Mighty Experiment: British Emancipation and the Transformation of American Abolitionism
 Gabriel, Dexter.

A New Beginning: George Padmore and the Pan African Federation 1934-1937
 Lindsey, Lydia.

A New Birth of Freedom: Black Birth Work and Liberation Struggle
 Hays, Ruth.

A Sleight of Hand: Unsexing Race and Raising Racial Status in Pauline Hopkins’ Fiction
 Donkor, Crystal.

A Successful Coup d’état and Massacre in Wilmington, NC
 Todd, Bertha.

A Tale of Two Angry Old Men: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Demagoguery for a Good Cause in Historical Perspective
 Reed, David.

A Tale of Two Schools: At the Crossroads of Opportunity and Segregation
 Slaughter, Michael.

A Tripartite Inquiry: African Americans’ Pursuit of Education in Late 19th Century Memphis, and Rural West Tennessee, 1862-1897
 Baddour, Elizabeth.

A comparative analysis of African American civil rights goals since 1963
 Ray, Louis. and Grimmett, Muriel.

A working idealism geared to the crying needs of an entire race”: Garveyism and the UNIA in the Post-War Era
 Jolly, Kenneth.

African American Conjure Women: Gender, Gambling, and Bronzeville’s Dream Books
 Schlabach, Elizabeth.

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Banned!: Sneakers, Commodification, and the Marketing of Black Masculine Rebellion
 Bush, Christina.

Bartow Black and the Heritage of Reconstruction
 Alexander, Shawn.

Bayard Rustin: How His Philosophy of Activism Can Serve as A Model for Preparing Our Youth for Future Movements
 Bristow, Margaret.

Between Slavery and Freedom: Child Apprenticeship in Maryland and the Freedmen's Bureau, 1863-1865
 Booker, Jackie.

Birmingham Women and the Civil Rights Movement
 White, Tara.

Black Americans and the Pacific War: African-American Encounters with the South Pacific, 1941-45
 Dixon, Chris.

Black Canada and the Emancipation Proclamation - the Urban Response
 Frost, Karolyn.

Black Catholics in America and the Struggle for Freedom
 Utietiang, Bekeh.

Black Conservatism: A Theoretical and Practical Overview of Conservative Ideology of Black Americans at the Federal, State, and Local Level
 Adejumo, Vincent.

Black Culture Voiced: From the First Civilizations to Hip Hop
 Sokoni, Opio.

Black Female Slavery & Autonomy in Science Fiction: Octavia Butler's "Kindred"
 Walker, Tiffany.

Black Manhood on Display: The World War I Artwork of James VanDerZee and Jennie Welcome
 Amron, Andrew.

Black Power Assaults the Black Newspaper: Defining Freedom in Black Print Journalism in the 1960s
 Carroll, Fred.

Black Power Disavowed: Black Power Philosophy in SNCC’s Atlanta Project Position Papers, 1966
 Kurhajec, Anna.

Black Power and the Press: National Media Confronts Black Power, 1966-1969
 Greene II, Robert.

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California Dreaming: Emancipation and Freedom In the Golden State
 Campbell, Marne.

Canada and the Emancipation Proclamation - the Rural Response
 Adjetey, Wendell.

Carter Godwin Woodson's View on Negro Higher Education
 Miller, M. Sammye.

Caste and Race in India and the US: Cross-currents 1820-200
 Sigwalt, Richard.

Celebrate! Emancipation Proclamation Observances and Holidays
 Alvin, Glenda.

Chairs, Tables, & Musical Instruments:" Marronage in the Great Dismal Swamp during the Early National Era
 Nevius, Marcus.

Challenging Limiting Definitions: The Role of Literacy in Diasporic African Spiritual Traditions in the United States
 Pogue, Tiffany.

Challenging the Cult of Domesticity: Subversion and Signifyin(g) in Chesnutt’s The Conjure Woman
 Kuchle, Spencer.

Charles Diggs, Southern Africa, and the Black Power Moment
 Plummer, Brenda.

Charles Harris Wesley: Defender for Education and Freedom in Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 Harris, Janette.

Child's The Freedman's Book: New Reflections on Early African American Education and Origins of African American Studies
 Lake, Tara.

Civil Rights in New Jersey, 1910-1950
 Greason, Walter.

Civil Rights, Integration, Black Power and the impact on higher education and black college football in Texas during the late 1960s
 Fink, Rob.

Civil War, Uncivil Scenes: African American Women and the Work of Emancipation
 Brown, Lois.

Close to My Chest
 Gray, LaGuana.

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Dance Pioneer of the Black Chicago Renaissance
 Semmes, Clovis.

Dance as an Academic Undertaking: Building a Foundation at HBCUs
 Brown, Tamara.

Deaf Culture and the Social Politics of Race and Black Community: An Introduction
 Brown, Scot.

Deafness, African American Community and Family: The Importance of Advocacy
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Defiant and “Dysfunctional” Black Couples: The Letters of Plantation Owners in Lake Providence, LA 1866-1867
 Reid, CaVar.

Defining "Whiteness": The rhetoric of race in the 20th century
 Cooper, Erica.

Descendants of American Slaves
 Shelton, Norris.

Diaspora as a Practice of Failure
 Owen, Ianna.

Disseminators of Knowledge: The Black Press and Imperial Blackness in the 1920s
 Holland, Johnnie Tiffany.

Dissenting Voices: Educational Perspectives in the Nation of Islam, 1960-1970
 Jones, Lindsey.

Do They Know It's Emancipation? Slaveholders and the Borderlands of Freedom (1863-1869)
 Ouellet, Nelson.

Docent Training and Young People: YouthWorks Program at Great Blacks in Wax
 Reddon, Morrisa.

Dr. Helen Dickens: A Pioneering Black Physician
 Shakir, Ameenah.

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche: An African-American Leader in the United States Intelligence Community
 Davis, Timur.

Dramatizing The Movement: The Cultural and Social Platforms of the Free Southern Theater in 1963
 Washington, Erin.

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Easier to Stand? African American Opportunity in East Tennessee: An Environmental History of Reconstruction
 Dahlstrand, Katharine.

Education for Freedom?: Missionary Teachers and the Cultural Reconstruction of the Freed People
 Davis, Christina.

Educational Topographies of Race in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana
 Hosbey, Justin.

Emancipated communities in the American South, Jamaica and Brazil, 1600-1898.
 Rose-Rodriguez, Lisa.

Emancipation Betrayed: Jim Crow and the Making of the Post-Civil War Southern Reich
 Strickland, Bill.

Emancipation Proclamation Day Celebrations: Shelbyville, Indiana
 Johnson, Winifred.

Emancipation Proclamation: The World of The African American Concert Singers 1900-63
 Doggett, Bill.

Emancipation, Citizenship, and the Politics of Black Cuban Womanhood, 1886-1900
 Brunson, Takkara.

Enslaved “Negroes on Ice”: Slavery, Satire, and Racial Identity in Mat Johnson’s Pym
 Dagbovie-Mullins, Sika.


FIRE!!!: The Multimedia Journal in Black Studies--A Report
 Thomas-Houston, Marilyn.

Facing the Rising Sun: Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the March on Washington
 Norwood, Arlisha.

Fannie Lou Hamer: Pursuing a Right to Faith, Freedom and Family
 Lewis-Burton, Beverly.

Fannin’ Flies and Tellin’ Lies: Black Runaways and American Tales of Life in British Canada Prior to the Emancipation Proclamation
 Broyld, Dann.

Fard Muhammad in Historical Context: An Islamic Thread in the American Religious and Cultural Quilt
 Fanusie, Fatimah.

Fighting Abroad For Freedom: African American Women's International Activism
 Robertson, Ashley.

Fighting Jim Crow in Jacksonville through Economic Empowerment
 Jackson, Jr., David.

Fighting the Good Fight: The Emancipation Experience of a "Beautiful African American Mind"
 Frear, Yvonne.

Filling in the Blanks at Cedar Hill: History Education at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, NPS
 Davis, Ebonee.

Finding New Ways to Deconstruct and Understand Dr. King & his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
 Wise Whitehead, Kaye. and Gist, Conra.

Flonzie (Goodloe) Brown-Wright: Fighting the Good Fight
 Williams, Shae.

Florida Anti-Black Violence in the 1920s and 1930s
 Dunn, Marvin.

Florida: Gullah/Geechee Land Legacy
 Simmons-Jenkins, Glenda.

Florida's Black High School Football before Integration
 Ktichings, Earl.

Foot soldier of the UNIA-ACL: Detroit’s Caribbean-born Joseph A. Craigen, the spilt with Marcus Garvey, and the Utopian Dream (in Idlewild?
 Stephens, Ronald.

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Give Us the Ballot! Historical Struggles and Current Voter ID Laws to Block the African American Vote in the United States
 Murty, Komanduri., McCamey, Jr., Jimmy. and Broughton, Timothy.

Gullah/Geechee Self-Determination
 Goodwine, Queen Quet Marquetta. and Towne, Elder Carlie.


Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig: Reversing the Trope of Tragic Consumptive Mulatta
 Hooker, Rebecca.

Heart of Darkness: A Postcolonial Reading of Their Eyes Were Watching God
 D\'Eramo, Gillian.

Heaven Bound, Earthly Good: An historical analysis of race relations in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
 Grant, Jonathan.

Hidden Freedom: The Emancipation before the Proclamation
 Eady, Charles.


I Swear By My Plain People”: Nannie Helen Burroughs and the Black Freedom Struggle
 Harris, Jessica.

Imagining the “Real” Milwaukee and the Racial Right to the City
 Walzer, Joe.

In Freedom's Birthplace: The Post-War Origins of Boston's Civil Rights Movement.
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad
 Bennett, Dr. Syb.

Inside the 1963 Freedom Train with Sollie Mitchell
 Rash-Sawyer, Donna.

Integration in the Worplace. Equality of Opportunity, Equality of Result.
 Beltramini, Enrico.

Interpreting Black Life and Diverse Community in Early Annapolis: Living History Programs at Historic London Town
 Byrd, Trenda.

Interrogating Power in ABC's Scandal
 Price, Janeen.

I’se G’wan Tell You’s ‘Bout Di’lect
 Bey, Marquis.


Juneteenth, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Paradox of Post-Racial Freedom
 Pettiway, Keon.


Kendra Field, "'No Such Thing as Stand Still': Mobility and Migration in the Transition from Slavery to Freedom"
 Field, Kendra.

Key West and the Slave Ships of 1860
 Malcom, Corey.

King and Powell: The Sphinx and the Trojan Horse of African American Politics
 Rogers, Dennis.


Laboring in a Righteous Cause: Protecting Children and Families in Kansas During the Jim Crow Era
 Williams, Doretha.

Late to the Table: The International Reception to the Emancipation Proclamation
 Maginn, Andrew.

Lincoln—Pharaoh or Moses?: Henry Turner, John Rock, and Robert Smalls Re-envision the Civil War
 Thomas, Rhondda.

Linkage between Education and Bondage
 Brown, Serena., Douglas, LaChrista., Reittie, Misivy. and Shipman, Raina.

Living the Dream: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday in the Color-blind Era of Presidents Reagan and Bush (1986-1992)
 Fleming, Daniel.

Local People, Trial Judges, and the Conceptualization of the One-Drop Rule, 1810-1870
 Middleton, Stephen.

Love Lifted Me: Accommodation and Protest in the Civil Rights Movement in Glasgow, Kentucky
 Wright, Barrett.

Lynching, Desegregation, and "Black Basketball" in North Carolina
 Rahim, Raja., Watson, Christina., Underwood, JaMarcus. and Hubbard, Ryan.


MLK: A Tribute In Song
 Ball, Lura.

MLK: Hip Hop Prophet. KRS One’s Deconstruction of “I Have a Dream.”
 Burchell-Sajnani, Damon.

Mae Bertha Carter: From Sharecropper to Education Activist
 Parker, Keith.

Marcus Garvey, the UNIA and the Emancipation of Black People in the Diaspora
 Vincent, Godfrey.

Marcus Garvey: Moorish Americans' John the Baptist
 Wilms, Stephanie.

Margaret Morgan's Story: A Threshold Between Slavery and Freedom
 Reid, Patricia.

Martin Luther King and the Philosophy of Redemptive Suffering, 1963-2013
 Gaddis, Vincent.

Mary B. Talbert, Clubwoman and Civil Rights Activist
 Williams, Lillian S..

Mary Peake and the Tragic Mulatta Myth
 Newby-Alexander, Cassandra.

Mary Todd Lincoln and the Main Street Baptist Church of Lexington, Kentucky, in 1862: Radical Partners in Politics, Faith, and Racial Uplift
 Jones, Amos.

Media Representations, Black Identity, and the Struggle for Freedom in the Private and Public Sphere
 Arthur, Tori.

Memories of the Movement: Capturing the Civil Rights Movement through Editorial Cartoons
 Jackson, Shirley A..

Miami's Historic Virginia Key Beach Park: Pioneering Icon of the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality
 Tinnie, Gene.

Milwaukee Movers: James Groppi/Vel Phillips
 Boers, David.

Mississippi Mau Mau: Medgar Evers and the Black Freedom Movement, 1952-1963
 Henze, Kristin.

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NAACP v. Button: A Case Study in Lawyer Advocacy in Civil Rights
 Hobbs, Steven.

National Juneteenth Emancipation Day Celebrations as Critical Laboratory Praxis
 Davis, Amira.

Negotiated Freedoms of Celebration: The Social-Cultural Impact of the Cotton Makers' Jubilee
 Sadler, Cynthia.

Never Weary in Well Doing: The Activism of Eartha M. M. White
 Toler, Adonnica.

Nina Simone: Black Woman Performer as an Emancipating Presence
 Jones, Regina.

Ninety years Without Slumbering: Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and Symbols of Disorder in America
 Wood III, Augustus.

North Carolina's Dark Past with Eugenics: An Example of Black Women's Fight for Citizenship After Emancipation
 Canty, Jayme.

Now that We Have Emancipated Our Past, Let Us Emancipate Our Future
 Blue, Bennis.


On Whose Ground Did Trayvon Stand? In Pursuit of Criminal Justice and Equal Opportunity Defense (for Black Males) in America
 Lewis, Nghana.

On the Beat of Truth: Growing up with Deaf Parents—A Conversation with the Author
 Brown, Nikki. and Childress Brown, Maxine.

On the Wrong Side of Freedom
 Sadler, Cynthia.


Pilate, Ruth and Hagar: Re-Framing Song of Solomon Using the Three Fates
 Poore, Betsey.

Political Economy, Black Abjection, and Possibility: The Case for an Alternative Theory of the African Diaspora
 Burden-Stelly, Charisse.

Pre-Emancipation Proclamation Liberation: Black Seminoles in Alachua County Florida
 Hilliard-Nunn, Patricia.

Prince Hall Women and the Struggle for Human Rights
 Moses, Sibyl.

Progeny of the Persecuted: A Look at the "African" Diaspora From the Carcearl Class Perspective
 Loggins, Ameer.

Protest and Performance: The Commodification of Radical Icons and Black T-Shirt Culture
 McNair, Kimberly.

Protest as Celebration: Monroe Trotter’s Emancipation Oration at the Dedication of the Statue of Wendell Phillips, July 5, 1915
 Pride, Aaron.

Put Into Practice the Theories of His Life’: Frederick Douglass, Woman’s Rights, and Perceptions of Miscegenation
 Fought, Leigh.

Putting it Where the Goats Can Get It: Joe Madison and Black Talk Radio
 Canton, David.


Race Relations in US through the example of the Brazilian society: views of African-American abolitionists and southerners.
 da Cruz Brito, Luciana.

Race, Class and the Murder of American Cities: Private Capital and Public Policy in the 1970's
 Taylor, Keeanga.

Re-envisioning the Black Female Artist as Citizen: Sonic-Narratives as Expressions of Socio-Political Desire for Emancipation
 Dobson, Abbygail.

Real Black Men: In search of silenced voices
 Shaw, Angela., Ware, Mixon. and Frederick, Helyne.

Real and Imagined Landscapes: African American Women and Civil War Visual Histories
 Frazier, L\'Merchie.

Rebuilding Community: Refugees at the post-Civil War Defenses in Washington, D.C.
 Taylor, Sue.

Reconciling the Soul and the Intellect: A New Vision for A New People
 Muhammad, Zakiyyah.

Redefining Their Place: Black Business Elites in Post Emancipation Durham, North Carolina
 White, Jr., Calvin.

Reds in the Bible Room: The Biblical Transfiguration of Communism in Uncle Tom’s Children
 Mauk, Margaret.

Reinterpretations of Black Emancipation, Freedom, and Equality
 Johnson, Pearlie.

Report on the 2013 National Survey of African American Studies
 Bailey, Ronald.

Representing the Ku-Klux Klan in History Textbooks, 1882-2010
 Parsons, Elaine.

Rethinking Movement History Through Trauma: Freedom's Costs
 Hamlin, Francoise.

Revisiting African American Nationalism: The Complex Legacy of August Meier
 Allen, Ernest.

Rhinelander v. Rhinelander: Challenging Racial Hierarchies in the 1920s
 Grinage, Raquel.

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Schooling and the African Diaspora
 Givens, Jarvis.

Self- Determination: The Lives of African-American Sharecroppers and Tenant Farmers in the Rural Black Belt
 Ricaurte, Vanessa.

Slavery’s not yet Done with Us: Poetry as Emancipation
 Graham, Natalie.

Songs of Freedom and Faith from 1863 to 1963
 Mills, Charlotte. and Bolden-Taylor, Diane.

Southern Civic Religion and Civil War Memory: Race, Memory and College Football
 Hobson, Maurice.

Spectacular visualizations of abjection: The critical practices of diaspora and queer
 Kaur, Jasminder.

Spirituality: The Cornerstone of African-American Identity
 Abdus-Sabur, Qadir.

Stevie Wonder: The Movement in His Music and the Politics of His Protest
 Barlow, Phyllis.

Stories Revealed in a Valley of Dry Bones: People, Places and Patterns of Migration in the W.Montague Cobb Skeletal Collection
 Watkins, Rachel. and Muller, Jennifer.

Strength, Independence, and Economic Inequality: The Effects of Social Programs and Atlanta’s Black Popular Culture on Identity Formation among African American Women Living Below Poverty in Atlanta
 Chapman, Ravá.

Subcommunity as Alternative Presence Within Empire
 Clark, Rev. Kurt.


TUBMAN: U.S. & Canadian Connections to Freedom
 Sadlier, Rosemary.

Tell them we are rising: An ethnographic study of the Obama Family Network of Jacksonville, Florida
 Fluellen, Jerry.

Testing the Efficacy of Handheld Kinesthetic Technology in Anthropometric Research
 Osbourne, Brittany.

The Addy Walker Stories: Studies of Enslaved Black Girlhood
 Wilson, Lacey.

The African American Corporate Experience: A Phenomenological Study Based on African Americans' Corporate Work Experiences
 Campbell-Jackson, Dr. Carla.

The African: The Journal of African Affairs: Pan-African Mission throughout the African Diaspora
 Anthony, TaKeia.

The American Dream
 Brown, Angela.

The Antislavery Ladies: Race, Gender, and the Historiography of Female Antislavery Societies
 Katungi, Candace.

The Birth of the African American Women's Rights
 Bethea, Karen.

The Black Athlete Revolt of 1968: College Athletes and Economic Justice
 Kaliss, Gregory.

The Black Education Movement in Boston: Voices of Resistance and Instrumentality
 Peters, Lyda.

The Colonizer-Colonized Paradox: Reconceptualizing Race, Space, and Empire through African American Soldier-Okinawan Relations
 Caldwell, Ethan.

The Conservatism of Zora Neale Hurston and Pearl Bailey: It’s Not What You Think
 Finley, Jessyka.

The Double Consciousness of a Beautiful Soul
 Pruitt, Bernadette.

The Double Edged Sword: How TV distorts the Black experience and perpetuates racism
 Ponds, Venetia.

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United/Unidos: Black-Brown Coalition Building in Boston, 1965-1975
 Cruz, Tatiana.

Uprising or Rebellion? Stono, Tunis, and Denmark
 Lyde, Zack. and Goodwine, Queen Quet Marquetta.


Veterans and the Fight for Equal Rights
 Armstead, Ron.

Victoria Gray Adams: Why I Chose to Stay and Fight for the Opportunity to Live in Mississippi
 Parker, Keith. and Williams, Shae.


W.E.B. Du Bois and the Early Construction of the Talented Tenth Idea, 1883-1903
 Alridge, Derrick.

Warrior Art: Winslow Homer's Imaginings of Jonkonnu and Emancipation in ‘Dressing for Carnival’
 Archer, Jermaine.

We Haven't Overcome Yet: Semi-Victories of the Second Civil Rights Movement
 Johnson, LeRoy-Ronald.

What Power Looks Like? Reading Silence in Shonda Rhimes Interview with Oprah Winfrey
 Hudson, Jenise.

What To The Negro Is Black History Month
 Bey, Marquis.

When the Smoke Clears: After the Glenville Rebellion in Cleveland, Ohio
 Seawell, Stephanie.

White Resistance and Violence: High School Sports and Race in Nebraska
 Perry, Robert.

Who Attended the March on Washington?
 Nichter, Matthew.

World on Fire: Comparative Perspectives on the 1960s and Modern Urban Rebellions
 Howard, Ashley.

Writing From the Margins: The Centrality of African American Alternative Religions
 Dorman, Jacob.
98th Annual Convention 2013-Oct-02 to 2013-Oct-07
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