ASALH Centennial Annual Meeting and Conference 2015-Sep-23 to 2015-Sep-28

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"Benjamin Brawley's Liberian Dream"
 Power-Greene, Ousmane.

"Doing Our Bit": Race, Gender and the Aesthetics of War in WWI Propaganda
 Moriah, Kristin.

"Half in Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Nellie Y. McKay"
 Green Benjamin, Shanna.

"Hang your conscience on a peg': The African National Congress and NAACP's Efforts to Delegitimize the World Bank's Loans to Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1953.
 Anderson, Carol.

"I'm Fear 'New York'": The Historical Redefinition of "The Brute Negro" in Dating Reality Television.
 Tilghman, John.

"If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go!":The Black Working Class and Black Power in the Atlanta Freedom Struggle, 1970-1973
 Wood III, Augustus.

"Joyce J. Scott and the Sculptural Grotesque"
 Wolfskill, Phoebe.

"My Mind is Black": Black Power and BUILD in 1960s Buffalo, New York
 Alfonso, Rowena.

"No More Park Sausages Mom Please": Eating and Body Politics in 80s and 90s Hip Hop
 Dotson, Jr, Jerome.

"Now is the Time to Plan for your Future": Sarah Spencer Washington and the Black Freedom Struggle in New Jersey, 1913-1953
 Williams, Hettie.

"Reverend Utah Smith: Faith, Funk, and Pentecostal Music Practices"
 Lyle, Anndretta.

"Systematic Oppression and Social Control: Examining the Constraints of Slavery in the Urban British Atlantic, 1680-1807"
 Dickinson, Michael.

"Teach Your Daughters”: Black Girlhood and Mrs. N. F. Mossell’s Advice Column in The New York Freeman
 Wright, Nazera.

"The Greatest Good": Black Professionals and the Early Civil Rights Movement in Pittsburgh, 1925-1940
 Cilli, Adam.

"The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow: An Overview of Gospel Music"
 Nix, Jr., Echol.

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A Five-Fold Foundation of Faith: How Black Religion in Detroit Radicalized Black America
 Jordan, Jamon.

A History of the Presence: Oppression, Confinement and the Struggle for Transformation
 Lofton, Richard.

A Matter of Choice: African American Women’s Reproductive Autonomy in the Early Twentieth Century
 Campbell, Joie.

A Pragmatist Prelude to the Harlem Renaissance: Alain Locke's Speeches to the Negro Historical Societies in 1911
 Weinfeld, David.

A Radical Vision for Human Rights: Loretta Ross, Transnational Feminism, and Reproductive Justice
 Linker, Destiney.

A Road Less Travelled Black Congressional Women’s Radical Politics
 Fraser, Zinga.

A Seabed of BAM: Sounding the Impact of the 1968 Summer Issue of The Drama Review
 Wood, Jacqueline.

A Sterling Legacy: The Impact of Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois on African Politics and History
 Pack, Uraina.

A Tendency Towards Naked Power: C. L. R. James and the Limits of National Self-Determination in the Black Freedom Movement.
 Makalani, Minkah.

A “Progressive” Alternative: The Educational Thought of Carter G. Woodson
 Givens, Jarvis.

A. Philip Randolph: An American Hero
 Rash-Sawyer, Donna.

AARMS: The African American Relationships and Marriage Strengthening Curriculum for African American Relationships Courses and Programs
 Dixon, Patricia.

Able, Black, Female: Representations of Sojourner Truth in Theories of Embodiment
 Bethune-Brown, Camille.

Advocacy Beyond the Academy: Carter G. Woodson and the Afro Newspaper
 Muhammad, Baiyina.

Aesthetic Disruption and Ontological Doubt in Kara Walker’s Harper’s Pictorial of the Civil War (Annotated)
 Pasquerella, Lynn.

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Baartman Revisited: Amber Rose and the Reclamation of the Black Female Form for Profit
 Okedeyi, Risikat.

Barbaric Convention: Police Brutality Enforced Upon Black Women
 Carter, Brittany.

Basketball, Books, and Brotherhood: DeWitt Clinton High School as a scholastic model of African American leadership and interracial cooperation 1945-1950
 Banton, Arthur.

Bearing Witness: The Portraits of Early African American Ministers
 Gonzalez, Aston.

Beastial Myth: A Critical Race Theory of African American Male Stigma
 Royster, Michael.

Before Jim Crow: Convict Lease and the Limits of Liberalism in Reconstruction
 Leon, Alexxa. and Rael, Patrick.

Better to Have than to Have Not: Black History Knowledge, Career Aspirations and Academic Performance
 Adams-Bass, Valerie. and Chapman-Hilliard, Collette.

Beyond Westeros: Fantasizing Blackness in the Fantasy Genre
 Gabriel, Dexter.

Big Mama’s Blues: Willie Mae Thornton, Female Masculinity, and the Lavender Scare of the 1950s
 Steptoe, Tyina.

Bildungs-Africana: Reading Colorism, Identity, and Adolescence in Black Women’s Autobiographies
 Perro, Ebony.

Biographical/Historical Approach to Margaret Walker
 Brown, Carolyn.

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner: A Black Christian Nationalist of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries"
 Jackson, David.

Black Anxiety: Confronting the Crisis of Anti-blackness in the 21st Century
 Warren, Calvin.

Black Before Bankruptcy: The 10 Most Important Sites in the Building of Black Detroit
 Jordan, Jamon.

Black Bodies [Dropping] in the Breeze: Black Spaces of Trauma [in America]
 Hamilton, Aretina.

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Canga li”: African American Ideas about the Reopening the African Slave Trade
 Lewis, Kay.

Caribbean Women Writers: An Anthology
 Lee, Julia.

Carter G. Woodson and African American Education in the Long Nineteenth Century
 Baumgartner, Kabria.

Carter G. Woodson and Educational Theatre
 Scott Giles, Freda.

Carter G. Woodson and Nannie Helen Burroughs--Sources Relating to their Efforts to Combat Miseducation
 Robinson, Lasean Robinson.

Carter G. Woodson and political agenda-building during the 1930s
 Manning-Miller, Carmen.

Carter G. Woodson--From Legacy to Vanguard: Black History Into the Future
 LaRoche, Cheryl.

Carter G. Woodson’s newspaper columns, 1931-1937
 Morris, Burnis.

Carving Out A New Life: Design Motifs of the Surinam Maroon Arts
 Jamison, David.

Caught in the Act: Suicide and Slavery in 19th Century New Granada
 Waters, Brandi.

Charles Chesnutt: North Carolina Writer Fathers Smith College’s First Black Students, Parts 1 & 2
 Foster, Pamela E..

Charles Stewart (aka Col. J. O. Midnight): A Forgotten Voice from the Early 20th Century Black Press
 Kachun, Mitch.

Christia Adair: Texas Heroine
 Branch, Chelsea.

Cisco Kid Has Something to Say: WAR's Cosmopolitan Response to Ghetto Life
 Lacy, Travis.

Civil Rights and Black Power Movement in New Orleans, Louisiana
 Bosworth, Greg.

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Daughters of Ida B. Wells-Barnett: African American Womens’ Activism during the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago
 Adams, William.

David Oluwale and the Crime of Policing Blackness in Postwar Britain
 Perry, Kennetta.

Death at the Hands of Persons Known: Justifying Hate and the 1992 Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill
 Little, Sharoni.

Deracialized Black History: An Examination of K-12 School Curriculum
 Brown, Keffrelyn.

Destination Freedom’s “Recorder of History”: A Radio Dramatization of Carter G. Woodson’s Life
 Williams, Sonja.

Destroy and Rebuild: Displacement in the Suburban Planner's Imagination
 Greason, Walter.

Diaspora Docterine: The Transplantation of IFA from Nigeria to Cuba and Brazil. Past and Present Practices
 Rose-Rodriguez, Lisa.

Digital Howard in Action
 Matthews, Lopez.

Discomfort & Art: A Dialectic in Mari Evans’ Ouevre
 Tait, Althea.

Disrupting Eurocentric Theorizing: Challenging a Century of White Supremacist Feminisms
 Massenburg, Moses.

Divide and Conquer: The Emergence of the Color Line in the 20th Century
 Cooper, Erica.

Double Victory Discs: African American Contributions to the Americanization of Europe in WWII
 Greene, Kevin.

Dreaming of Algiers in Babylon: Black Radicalism and the Fight for a Unified African Continent
 Tolan, Paraska.


Educating for Freedom: William X Schienman, Tom Mboya, and the Struggle for an Independent Kenya
 Rosa, Andrew.

Education, Technology and Black Culture
 Nellon, Chy\'na.

Elephants on Sweet Auburn: Atlanta’s Black Republicans at the Dawn of Post-Civil Rights Era
 Wiggins, Danielle.

Elucidating the Effects of Racialized Framing in the Media: The Power of Portraying a Negative Story
 Fox, Kyle.

Embodying Blackness: Hiring Practices and Perceptions of African American Identity within African American Businesses
 Arrington, Lauren.

Empowering People and Shaping Identities: Art Examines a Century (1914-2014) in African American Life and History
 Johnson, Pearlie.

Establishing a Cultural Learning Place as a Library Model for Preserving Cultural Heritage and Public History at Alabama State University
 Franklin, Janice.

Experiences of Self-Emancipated African Americans in Mississippi Contraband Camps, 1862-1865
 Bouldin, Kristin.

Exploring the Curriculum Theorizing of Carter G. Woodson
 Brown, Anthony.


Fantastical Resistance: Screening the Black Body from The Legend of Nigger Charley to Django
 Dunn, Stephane.

Fat, Black and Ugly: The Politics of the New Millennium Mammy
 McDole, Ayondela.

Feelin’ Myself: Narrative Experiences of Female Hip Hop Artists
 Feigert, Jessie.

Finding Home: Representations of Black Chicago at Mid-Century
 Morrison, Amani.

Finding My Grandmother, Finding Myself: NOI Pioneer, Mable Carrie Foreman (1908-1980)
 Muhammad, Baiyina.

Fisk Fictions: Ruth Landes and Elmer Imes 1937-1941
 Gondek, Abby.

Florida State Normal and Industrial School for Coloreds: Thomas DeSalle Tucker and His Radical Approach to Black Higher Education
 Ellis, Reginald.

Folk Music At Its Best: Ham and Eggs With A Side of Music
 Madison, Cynthia.

For the Love of Black Men
 Davis, Chyna.

For the Love of Ebony Women
 Love, Jade.

For the Love of Money: Fisk University and the Stieglitz Art Collection, 1949-2012
 Brown II, M. Christopher.

For-profit Education and the Black Community
 Tidwell, Wylie.

Forged by Fire: Detroit's Riots & Rebellions and How Chaos Created a Community
 Jordan, Jamon.

Forget Me Not - Reconciling the (Dis)Connectedness Among and Between African Americans and Africans”
 Nelson, Claudia.

Francophone Black Consciousness between the Haitian Revolution and Négritude: Vastey, Linstant, and Firmin
 Alexander, William.

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Garveyism and the Southern Black Church
 Reid, Andy.

Give Me Liberty: Dark Horse Comic, Martha Washington-An Afrofuturistic Reimagined Black American Icon
 Gipson, Grace.

Good-Will Ambassador with Cookbook
 Horrocks, Allison.

Governor Rufus B. Bullock, Railroad Expansion and Convict Leasing in Post-Civil War Georgia
 Hightower, Edward.

Growing Up in Alabama: Black, Male, and Poor, 1926-1947: A Memoir
 Billingsley, Andrew.

Grown Folks Don’t Need Government: A Case for African Anarchism in Black Liberation Efforts
 Horhn, John.

Gullah: The Living Culture
 Lotson, Griffin.


HYPOCRISY IN THE LIFE OF W.E.B. DU BOIS: Reconstructing Selective Memory
 Smith-Stewart, Bonnyeclaire.

Harlem Voices: Colorism and Multiple Consciouness in New Negro Fiction
 Perro, Ebony.

Harlem, Havana and Hanoi: Robert Des Verney and Black radical political culture in the 1960s
 Spencer, Robyn.

Held for Safekeeping: Black Women Imprisoned in Maryland during the Age of the Civil War
 Jacobs Thompson, Sharita.

Henry Ossawa Tanner in the Time of the New Negro Movement
 Woods, Naurice.

He’s Dark, Dark: Exploring Colorism among Black Males
 Veras, Edlin.

High Hope and Fixed Purpose: Frederick Douglass and the Talented Tenth on the American Plantation
 Littleton, La\'Neice.

Hiphop Womanist Inquiry
 Fischer, Dawn-Elissa.

How the Labyrinthine Alliance of Black Teachers Associations and the Association for the Study of Negro Life Advanced Century of Public Education in Birmingham, Alabama
 Loder-Jackson, Tondra.

Howard University Moorland-Spingarn Contributions to Africana Archives and Repository
 Woods, Sonja.


I Am Woman: examining the activism of Bennett College women from 1958-1961
 Howard, Jasmin.

I Am the Hell and the High Water: Black Masculinities and Body Politics in Scandal
 Lanois, Derrick.

I Got a Story to Tell”: Youth Rap Verses as Critical Race Counter-Stories
 Sawyer, Don.

I am Renisha McBride
 Ferdinand, Renata.

In Our Own Words: The Literary Interpretations of Black Womanhood in Poems and Prose
 Davis, Chyna.

In Search of Fannie's Song: Towards an Affective Politics of Love in Black Women's Musical Expressions
 Ross, Kendra.

In the Shadow of the Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Artists of Washington, D.C
 Perkins, Kathy.

In the Shadows of Freedom: Contextualizing 18th and 19th Century Charleston Slave Badges
 Gatson, Torren.

In the face of the Dragon
 Laird, Alan.

Indiana Towns Communities and the (Re)production of Social Misery
 Sdunzik, Jennifer.

International Perspective: Committee for the Memory and History of Slavery
 Verges, Francoise.

Interpreting Our Heritage: Visibility and Omission the Presence of African Americans in the 21st Century
 Jordon, Ashley.

Is It Time for a Black National Historic Trust?
 Acker, Daniel.


Jazz: The Unmasked Rhetoric
 Cartwright, Joan.

Jim Crow Moves West: White Supremacy in Multiracial California, 1850 - 1914
 Suarez, Camille.

Juanita Jackson Mitchell: Radicalism and Traditionalism in Race Leadership
 Cumberbatch, Prudence.


Killing for Kicks: Conspicuous Consumption, Gratuitous Violence and Media (Mis) Representations of Sneaker Culture
 Bush, Christina.


Languaging Detroit: Neocolonialism, Race, and Urban Politics
 Rice, Albert.

Law, Order and Social Justice': Black Republicans and the Battle for Alternative Solutions, 1968-1974
 Wright Rigueur, Leah.

Leading Ladies: An Examination of Black Female Administrators in Higher Education
 Scott, DeWitt.

Life Story of Ernie A. Smith: Black Nationalist Language Ideology to Ebonics
 Minamoto, Kunihiko.

Life Upon These Shores: Robert Hayden’s “Middle Passage” and Samuel R. Delany’s Atlantis: Model 1924
 Porter, Lavelle.

Life under a New Order: Antebellum Free People of Color in Reconstruction North Carolina
 Milteer, Warren.

Literature Brave Enough to Fuck with the Grays: Hip-Hop Feminism and Street Lit
 Saffold, Jacinta.

Lost in a Kiss? The Sexual Victimization of the Black Male during Jim Crow read through Eldridge Cleaver’s The Book of Lives and Soul on Ice
 Curry, Tommy.

Louis Austin, the Carolina Times, and the Black Freedom Struggle in North Carolina, 1954-1971
 Gershenhorn, Jerry.


Madeline Stratton Morris and Black History in the Classroom
 Hines, Michael.

Maintaining the Status Quo Ante: Dr. James G. Gee’s Internal Struggles as President of East Texas State University
 Gaskamp, Katherine.

Making Black Lives Matter at the Nadir: Black Institutional Culture in Early Twentieth Century Atlanta
 Thompson, Shirley.

Making Change Happen: The Legacy of African American Philanthropy
 Moore, Erin.

Making Connections: J.B. Murray and Africa
 Clifton-James, Licia.

Making the Invisible Visible: Portraying the Global African Diaspora"
 Walker, Sheila.

Mammy in literature and film
 Wade, Darren.

Marcus Garvey "The Father of Black Nationalism"
 Harris, Christopher.

Mardi Gras Indian Queens: The Backbone, Not the Background, of a Unique Tradition
 Sunnenberg, Lenise.

Mardi Gras Indian Suits: Finding Empowerment Through Black History and Art
 Theodore, Ashley.

Mardi Gras Indians: A Story That Runs Deeper
 Awad, Rian.

Mardi Gras Indians: Exploring the Intersection of History, Community, and Culture in a Unique Tradition
 Silvera, Torah.

Mardi Gras Indians: Hurricane Katrina Could Not Stop Them
 Whipple, Angela.

Margaret Walker: The Voice of the Invisible Woman in the Black Arts Movement
 Luckett, Robert.

Margret Toomer: The Mother of the Egg Show
 Sneed, Kymara.

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National Sincerity and the Performance of Black Nationalism and Diasporic Citizenship
 Bascomb, Lia.

New Directions in Black Women’s Visual History
 Morgan, Kelli.

No One Knows My Name: Racial Profiling and African American Women
 Apparicio, Alexis.


Obama, Post-Racialism and the New American Dilemma
 Miletsky, Zebulon.

Obeah, Oaths, and Ancestors: Ritual Technologies and Mortuary Realms in the Gold Coast Diaspora
 Rucker, Walter.

Obstacles and Options to Faith-based HIV Service Delivery to Low-Income Inner City Residents: Perspectives of Black Clergy with Commuter Congregations
 Davis, Sarita.

Olivia Pope: Breaking the Spell of the “Magic Negro”
 Ward, Jervette.

Ona Judge: The President’s Runaway Slave Woman
 Armstrong Dunbar, Erica.

One Hundred Years of “The Worst Sort of Lynching”: Black Christ Figures in the American South
 Robinson, Julia.

Open wounds: A Window into the Day-to-Day Experiences of Black Steelworkers in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, 1906-1912
 Bonner, Claudine.

Organizing for Collective Action: A Model for Mobilizing the Collegiate Community
 Daniels, Andrea.

Otis O'Neal: The Father of the Ham Show
 Herd-Clark, Dawn.

Out of Touch or Visionary?: W. E. B. Du Bois, Self-Segregation and the NAACP
 Alexander, Shawn.

Outsiders Within: Everyday Faith as a Site of Black Lesbian Activism
 Moultrie, Monique.

Over 100 Years or More of Inspirations from Africa in the Americas: Case Studies of Salvador, Brazil and New Orleans, La.
 Ndege, Conchita.

Overturning Dred Scott: Race and Rights in Antebellum America
 Jones, Martha.


Pan-Africanism in Print: Black Booksellers and the Business of Literary Black Power
 Davis, Joshua.

Participant Observer: The Documentary Photography of Jim Alexander
 Tate, Candy.

People without Tongues: An Ethnic Anomaly
 Starks, Howard.

Performance, Propaganda and the Politics of Respectability: The Progressive Era Plays of Nannie Helen Burroughs
 Jackson, Shantina.

Planning & Partnership: Harriet Tubman National Monument
 Parker, Robert.

Playing in the Light: An Analysis of "Progressive" Black Masculinities in Literature
 Smith, Tiffani.

Police Brutality in the African American Community
 Council, Shawn.

Politicizing Medical Education: Race/Gender and the Redefinition of Medical Professionalization, 1968-1973
 Shakir, Ameenah.

Possible Reconsideration to the Library of Congress Classification System's Liberal Placements of African American Psychology and African American Social Science
 Hughes, Eddie.

Preserving Jacksonville's African-American History: A brief history of the James Weldon Johnson Chapter of ASALH
 Williamson, Angela.

Preserving the Legacy: An Oral History of The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum
 Dickerson, Sean. and Agosto, Vonzell.

Principles of Malinke Historiography
 Kai, Nubia.

Prison nation: Lies, corporate ties, and the pursuit of pursuit of Profit: Re-Imaging the Privatization of Prisons and the 21st Century Mass Incarceration Crisis
 Webb, Na’eemah.

Protest in Suburbia! The 1965 North Shore Summer Project for Fair Housing in Chicago’s Suburbs
 Barr, Mary.

Public History's Critical Role in Public Perceptions of African American History
 Corey, Mary.

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Queen Leonor's War: Gender and Slave Resistance in Seventeenth-Century New Grenada
 Craig, Bradley.

Quicksand: The Slow Demise of Black Social Science
 Harris, Kelly.


Race Pride, Progress, and Class: African Americans and the Atlanta International Cotton States Exposition, 1895
 House, Anton.

Race and Criminality in Post-War Central Virginia
 Tillerson-Brown, Amy.

Racial Bias: The Black Athlete and the Early War on Drugs
 Runstedtler, Theresa.

Racial Discrimination and Mental Health: Exploring Variations in the Family Context
 Smith, Sharde.

Racial Slavery and Reparations in Brazilian and American Race-Conscious Affirmative Jurisprudence
 Greene, Wendy.

Rap: Rapid Application of Politics: Hip Hop in Select Young Adult Novels
 Bristow, Margaret.

Re-Reading and Imagining the Impact of the Miseducation of the Negro: Am Analysis of Woodson’s Words for Teachers
 Randolph, Adah.

Reassessing the Invisible Institution: Enslaved People’s Spiritual Lives in the Antebellum Southern Hill Country of Mississippi
 Rogers, Justin.

Rebellion through Religion: Henriette Delille and the Sisters of the Holy Family
 Chatelain, Benedict.

Recovering Narratives: Examining Black Women Theatre Artists at Historically Black Colleges
 Long, Khalid.

Reformer Burnisteen Sharrieff and the Final Call to Islam
 Taylor, Ula.

Reimagining the Inferiority Complex in Black Women Leadership Roles
 Kanu, Christina.

Remembering Randolph: Race and the Fight Against World War II Segregation in Civil Service
 Montooth, Jennifer.

Restrictive Covenants, Biopolitics, and the Great Migration
 Young, Lisa.

Rethinking black student protest: Student Protest at North Carolina Central University 1930-1947
 Robinson, Brian.

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Samuel F. Yette Warned Us about Mass Abortion and Incarceration
 Foster, Pamela E..

Samuel M. Plato: An Outstanding Architect of the 20th Century
 Owens-Lalude, Judith.

Saving Black Lives Through Rhythm Was His Business: Jimmie Lunceford’s Mission
 Herd II, Ronald.

School Desegregation Law: Amos et al v. Board of School Directors of the City of Milwaukee
 Boers, David.

Seeking GBM: Mapping Queer Sexualities.
 Kinlow, Matthew.

Selfies, Subtweets, & Suicide: Social Media as a Mediator and Agitator of Mental Health for Black Women
 Bradford, Joy.

Serving Under Fire: Postmaster Isaiah H. Lofton of Hogansville
 Lowe, Tony.

Sex and Civil Rights: Racism, Homophobia and the Political Efficacious Strategies of the Black Freedom Struggle
 Jones, Jennifer.

Sexualized Resistance: Black Women's Agency through the Erotic and Dance
 Patterson, Sydney-Paige.

Shaping the African American Anti-Nuclear Movement: African American Campaigns against Nuclear Weapons and Energy, 1945-1995
 Underwood, Aubrey.

Silence in Educational Spaces
 Kouadio, Ajua.

Sister Captain: Black Muslim Women's Leadership
 Jeffries, Bayyinah.

Sister Saviors: Black Women as Support Networks for Incarcerated Black Males
 Lewis, Nghana.

Sites Seen and Unseen: A Question of Legitimacy in African American Women's Representation in National Park Service Historic Sites
 Russell, Alexandria.

Slave Grandchildren Remember
 Foster, Pamela E.. and Williams, Learotha.

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THE REEL AINT REAL: Scandal and black female equality
 Duncan, Armanthia.

Taking “Black Lives Matter” to CNN: An Oral History of AUC Student Protest Amid the Failure to Indict in the Killing of Mike Brown
 Lake, Tara.

Teaching Black Lives Matter: Using African American History to Empower Future Leaders
 Marshall, Amani.

Teaching Blackness from Multiracial Feminism at a PWI/HSI Institution on the West Coast
 Nicol, Donna.

Teaching Race and the Color Line in U.S. History: Lessons from Yesterday’s Association for Today’s Schools
 Snyder, Jeffrey.

Teaching the Past: Public History and Public Schools
 Harnischfeger, Mark.

Text Mining and Quantitative Analysis: A New Way of “Reading” Margaret Walker
 Wiliiams, Seretha.

The Academy: The History and Political Science Department and its relativity to the National Center
 Autrey, Dorothy.

The Apotheosis of Booker T. Washington High School: History, Identity, and Educational Equity in Norfolk, Virginia
 Littlejohn, Jeffery.

The Black Beauty Ambassador: Maryrose Reeves Allen & The Founding of the Department of Physical Education for Women at Howard University
 Brown, Kimberly.

The Black Music Educators of the Twin Cities
 Williams, Yolanda.

The Black press and the Democratic Party in the 1930s
 Rabe, Rob.

The Call for Agrarian Reform: The Origin of the Fort Valley Ham and Egg Show
 Harris, Kyle.

The Canary Archipelago Islanders Of Louisiana: The Black Islanos
 Vigne, Elaine.

The Case Against the Council: Communist-Front or Black Internationalist Organization?
 Conteh, Alhaji.

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Understanding Today's HBCUs through Student Perspectives, Enrollment Trends, and Leadership Models
 Scott, Lakia. and Scott, DeWitt.

United Nations Remembering Slavery Program
 Mann, Kimberly.

Unlocking the Golden Door of Freedom: Booker T. Washington as a Pioneer of Educational Justice
 Nix, Keturah.

Unsung Ways of Knowing in Contemporary Neo-Slave Narratives
 Mann, Regis.

Urban Fiction as a Pedagogical Tool
 Uhuru, Jihad.


Violence and the "Race Card" in Twain and Faulkner
 Tinnie, Wallis.


We Were There: Examining Place, Race, and Memory in New Town
 Momon, Tiffany.

We’s Lives in the Ghetto and the Penthouse: An exploration of the ‘banished’ Representations of blackness in Erasure and A Visitation of Spirits
 Haynes, Marcus.

Whatever Happened to Maidie Norman?: Twentieth Century Arts Activist, African American Theatre Educator, and Hollywood Actress
 Lambert, Eve.

When and Where They Entered: The Financial and Philanthropic Contribution of African American Women Post-Emancipation
 Phelps, Kenyatta.

Where is Africa? Who is African?: Africa and identity amongst Black Power era high school students in Detroit, Michigan
 Walton, David.

Which Shall We Choose?: An Analysis of the Educational Philosophies of Anna Julia Cooper and Charlotte Hawkins Brown
 Mills, ShaVonte\'.

White Racism, Black Beaches: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune’s Fight for Social Justice in Florida
 Robertson, Ashley.

White, Black, and Blue: The Battle over Black Police, Professionalization, and Police Brutality in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963-1967
 Kessler, Bryan.

Why here? Tracing the Intersection of Physical & Cultural Geography
 Stout, Gayle.

Will The Real Sheroes Please Stand Up
 January, Karen.

With Her Fist Raised: Dorothy Pitman Hughes and the Activist’s Life
 Lovett, Laura.

Womanist Approaches to Preserving the Lives of Black Males
 Brooks, Kevin.

Woodson: Historian, Collector and Businessman
 Ham, Debra.

World History in Blackface: Impact of Black People on World History
 Patterson, Tiffany.

Worthy Daughters of the Soil: Benevolence and the American West Indian Ladies Aid Society, 1915-1936
 Edwards, Janelle.
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