102nd Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2017-Sep-27 to 2017-Oct-02

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"An Exile's Lot": Julian Mayfield and Richard Gibson's International Activism
 Mares, Richard.

"Delayed Sanctuary: The Politics and Practices of Lynching Funerals"
 Edge, Thomas.

"Early College Centers: A New Orleans Case"
 Tremaine, Stephen.

"Education and the Gentlemen's Children Sent from the South"
 Green, Sharony.

"Of The Training of Black Men" and Women: Continuity and Change
 Wedderburn, Nadine.

"Outraged Mother" : Anna Arnold Hedgeman and the Civil Rights Movement in the North
 Williams, Hettie.

"Promoting Student Engagement in an Early College Setting"
 Williams, Dumaine.

"That Memorable Morning . . . Set in Motion': Black Leadership and the Southern Regional Council in the Postwar New South"
 Winford, Brandon.

"The Blair Education Bill and the Death of Educational Reconstruction"
 Green, Hilary.

"The Brown Decision: Ideals and Institutional Practice in Conflict"
 Jones, Cindy.

"The Crisis Magazine" on Education: 1910 – 1934”
 Morgan-Brown, MaryNell.

"The Influence of African American Scholars on United States Foreign Policy toward Africa"
 Fonge, Fuabeh.

"The Journal of Negro Education": 1932-1963
 Jones-Sneed, Frances.

"The Long Black Freedom Struggle in Northampton County, North Carolina, 1930s to 1970s"
 Gershenhorn, Jerry.

"We Want More Athletes In Our Race”: Sport, Education, and African Americans' Struggles for Racial Justice (ca. 1890-ca. 1940)
 Martin-Breteau, Nicolas.

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A Black Woman’s Journey from Sharecropping to the Academy: Race, Class, and Gender in America
 Pratt-Clarke, Menah.

A Content Analysis of Black Male Relationships in the films Get Out, Moonlight and Fences
 Fox, D\'Aunte.

A Critical Re-evaluation of Separate but Equal: A Historical Economic and Psychological Argument
 Hafiz Muid, Fatima.

A Gardening Metaphor: An Evolving Framework for Achieving Equity, Justice, and Excellence in Black Education
 Kyere, Eric.

A History of Teaching African American History and Africa-Centered Curriculum in the Midwest
 Jolly, Kenneth.

A Liberating Education: A History of Black Students in Detroit Schools
 Jordan, Jamon.

A Light On Forrest
 Herd II, Ronald.

A New Educational Paradigm
 Muhammad, Bro. Troy 5X., Dixon, Fredrick Douglass., Pitre, Dr. Abul. and Muhammad, Sis. Debroah.

A New Educational Paradigm
 Muhammad, Bro. Troy 5X., Muhammad, Sis. Debroah., Pitre, Dr. Abul. and Dixon, Fredrick Douglass.

A Stage to Educate: William Wells Brown and the Slave Narrative as Drama
 Wood, Jacqueline.

A Teacher's Perspective on the Gardening Framework
 Lewis, Stephanie. and Boddie, Stephanie.

A ‘Clean, honest, physical passion’:Re-reading Du Bois’ “The Damnation of Women” as a sex-positive text
 Williams, Jennifer.

Accessing Black Religion and Education Materials in the Archives
 Leming, Jessica.

Achieving Educational Equality In Post-Civil Rights Birmingham: Community Changes, Choices, Challenges, and Coalitions
 Loder-Jackson, Tondra.

Activism and Exodus: Florida Memorial College and the Civil Rights Struggle in St. Augustine
 Hobbs, Tameka.

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Beauty Culture, Education, and Philanthropy: How Madam C.J. Walker "Out-Tuskegeed" Booker T. Washington to Become a Major Provider of Industrial Vocational Education
 Freeman, Tyrone.

Before, During, After Being Taught to Read and Write: African Americans Made Songs
 Jones, Rhonda. and montgomery, dorothy.

Being Black and Ivy: African American Presence at Three Ivy League Institutions, 1945-1970
 Bradley, Stefan.

Being Misunderstood: The Implications of Cultural Distance Between Students and Their Teachers
 Anderson, Johnetta. and Williams, Concetta.

Believe Them the First Time: The Impact of Microaggressions on Black Educators at Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
 Ford III, Obie.

Benjamin A. Quarles: Master Teacher - Historian Extrordinaire
 Carey, Joanna.

Between Literature and the Archive: Tuskegee, Pedagogy, and the African Diaspora
 McInnis, Jarvis.

Black Children and Zero-Tolerance Policies in Florida Schools
 O\'Neal, Kayla.

Black Children, White Parents: Adoption, Education, and Racial Etiquette in the Post-Emancipation US and Jamaica
 Thomas, Adam.

Black Citizenship, Memory and Restoration in the Emancipation Era
 Hancock, Scott.

Black Collectors and Keepers of Tradition:
 Byron, Gay.

Black Education in 19th Century Dayton
 Gillispie, Linda.

Black Educational Activism and White “Grudging Compliance” in the Missouri Bootheel, 1948-1968
 Dodson, Heidi.

Black Historiography, Education, and “Freaks and the American Ideal of Manhood”
 Flemming, Tracy.

Black Male Feminism and the Evolution of Du Boisian Thought, 1903-1920
 Dennie, Nneka.

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Can I get a witness!: Black Pupils and the Things They See
 Givens, Jarvis.

Centering Blackness in Education
 Jackson, Kendra., Harrell, Sabrina., William, Valerie. and Moore, Andrea.

Centering Blackness in Education
 Green, Ricky.

Challenges Teaching African American History in US Public Schools: Reflections on 30 Years of Teaching
 Morrison, Brian.

Charter Schools in Kentucky: Challenges and Opportunities in Black Education
 Johnson, Autumn.

Children and Youth in Louisiana's Civil Rights Movement
 Sinegal-DeCuir, Sharlene.

Citizenship Rights through Marriage Rites: African Americans’ Debates Over Interracial Marriage
 Blissit, Jessica.

Citizenship Schools and Freedom Schools: Sankofa Lessons from Exemplars of Emancipatory Education
 Etienne, Leslie. and Jackson, Tambra.

Clean Power: National Negro Health Week and African American Health Education
 Braff, Paul.

Closer to Democracy: Madeline Morgan and the Black History Curriculum in World War II Chicago
 Dennis, Ashley.

Commemorating Struggle, Correcting the Record: Black Activists and their Moving Panoramas of Slavery
 Gonzalez, Aston.

Communally-bonded Schooling for African American Students, Families, and Communities: From Theory, to Politics, to Practice
 Morris, Jerome.

Community Ambassadors Intership Program
 Scott, Terry.

Comunity Engaged Academic Conversations about Racial Equity for African American Students (K-12)
 Gadson, Trisha.

Connecting Social and Emotional Needs of Urban Children to Learning

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Dance Music, The Dj and the Mix: Preserving and Celebrating the Artists and the Art
 Lowery, Lauren.

Distinguished Scholar athlete in Cultural and Racial Media Representation: Paul Robeson
 Walsh, Shane.

Distinguished Scholar athlete in Cultural and Racial Media Representation: Paul Robeson
 Walsh, Shane.

Drugs, Drink, Guns, and Gambling: Cocaine, Notions of Black Manhood, and the Black Underground Economy in New York City
 Flowe, Douglas.


Each One, Teach One: Success Stories of African American Male Doctoral Completers
 Matthews, Kimberly.

Educating for Freedom: William X Schienman, Tom Mboya, and the Struggle for an Independent Kenya
 Rosa, Andrew.

Education in the Colonial Americas: The African Diasporic Problems and Possibilities of Education in The Cayman Islands
 Scott, Mikana.

Education, Rapidly Changing Dynamics, and the Pan African World
 Morris, George.

Educational Legacy: An Examination of the Crisis of Black Education from Four Generations of Women Educators.
 Harrison, Lisa.

Enslaved Agrarian Knowledge and the Limits to Planter Power from the U.S. South to India
 Sell, Zach.

Equality of Educational Opportunity, the Achievement Gap, and the Politics of Desegregation
 Lindquist, Malinda.

Establishing a Meaningful Role for Fathers in Educating Their Children
 Burnett Sr,, Arthur.

Exodus from Bondage: A Multi-case Analysis of Black Male High School Student-Athletes’ Resilience
 Adeyemo, Adeoye.

Experiencing Digital Publishing: From Dissertation to Publication
 Thompson, Tyechia.


Family Sacrifice for Future Success: How Families Propel Nontraditional Black Male Collegians to Succeed Academically
 Goings, Ramon.

Fear and The Pedagogy of Care
 Hafiz Muid, Fatima.

Female Single-Headed Households, Poverty, and Education Attainment from the Feminization of Poverty and Intersectionality Perspectives
 Luney, Leanna.

Fill Up the Jails: Postcolonial Rhetorical Pedagogy of ‘Global King’ for Interracial and Intercultural Learning
 Pettiway, Keon.

Fisher v. Fisher: A Tale of How Black Denial became White Privilege in Higher Education Race-Conscious Admissions Cases
 Ward, LaWanda.

Fort Pillow Massacre of 1864: We Will Never Forget!
 Herd, Callie.

Freaknik: Partying and Politics in Atlanta, 1982-1996
 Quiros, Ansley.

Freedom from Fear: Race Talk and Psychological Safety in Schools
 Duncan, Kristen. and Woodson, Ashley.

Freedom, Enslavement, and the Cincinnati 28: When Two Films Intersect
 Thomas, Troy., Jackson, Eric., Miller, Christopher. and Campbell, Charles.

From Baron de Vastey to Jean Price-Mars: Voices of Haitian Exceptionalism
 Alexander, Willilam.

From Black Radicalism to Neoliberalism: The History of Oak Park and How the Neighborhood Lost It’s Cool
 Hope, Jeanelle.

From Specter to Boogeyman: African Americans, Strikebreaking, and the Creation of Illinois Labor’s ‘Enemy’ during the Second Industrial Revolution
 Ward, Alanzo.

From Worthless to Wellness: Self-Worth, Power, and Creative Survival in Memoirs of Sexual Assault
 Evans, Stephanie.

Fugitive Pedagogues: A Post-Script on Black Teachers and Jim Crow
 Givens, Jarvis.


Gender Issues, Institutional Politics, and the Running Controversy Over Black Female Education in Richmond, Virginia, 1865-1883
 Hylton, Raymond.

Getting My Paper: Successful Experiences of African American Men and Women at an Historically White Institution
 Black, Ray.

Granville T. Woods Genius Inventor
 Head, David.

Growing Black Farmers: The role of critical agricultural education in developing rural communities
 Franzen, Sarah.


He said/She said: Living with AIDS as a Black Wo/Man
 Scott, Aishah.

Hearing Historic Voices: Dramatically Reading Black Historical Rhetoric as an Educational and Diversity Tool
 Sturdevant, Katherine. and Collins, Stephen.

Henry McNeal Turner and the Prophetic Oratory of Reconstruction
 Johnson, Andre.

History for Preschool
 Jones, Kimberly.

Howard University’s Global Student Participation, 1867-1910
 Muse, Clifford.


Images of Modern America: The Richmond Crusade for Voters
 Matthews, Kimberly.

Imagining Crispus Attucks: Changing Images of a Black Icon from the Eighteenth Century to the Twenty-First
 Kachun, Mitch.

Implementing LGBTQ Studies at HBCUs: A Personal Testimony:
 Bailey, Johnny.

In Search of the Black Madonna: Symbolism of the Divine Feminine in Moorish Science
 Wilms, Stephanie.

Incarcerated: Liberty and Justice for None
 Hilger, Ashley.

Indigenous Women Their Roles in Family & Community Past & Present
 Bey, Aziza.

Information Architectural Design and Collection Development: Tools for Transformation of an Effective 21st Century Library
 Love, Johnnieque.

Institutional Production of Anti-Black Violence in Public Schools
 Brown, Kenly.

Integration and the destruction of HBCU’s courtesy of economics, political partisanship, and football: The Louisville Story.
 Banton, Arthur.

Intersectionality: A Tool for Developing Sociopolitical Consciousness in Teachers of African American Students
 Caldera, Altheria.

Invisible Leader: The Hidden Story of Septima Poinsette Clark in the Civil Rights Movement
 Gallaway, Chaddrick.

I’ll Make Me a World: Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love and the Return to Funk as a Homespace for Black Survival
 Davis, Markeysha.


James Benjamin Parker: The Impact of African-American Education from Emancipation to Jim Crow
 Hardisty, Nicolas.


Kansas: "Education is the Mightiest Weapon to Fight Your Way Through", 1892-1960
 Dandridge, Deborah.

Keeping Opportunity Open: Promoting & Supporting Open Education Resources in Libraries
 Jenkins, Latanya.

Kentucky, Education, and Black Children: An Analysis of Disciplinary Policies and Practices
 Stubbs, Marcus.


Law of Position: a Position Theory

Linguistic Pariah: Hip Hop’s Contribution to the Cultural Character of African American English
 Sistrunk, Walter.

Living (and Learning) Left on Their Own Terms: Black Ohio Radicals in the Early Cold War"
 Rubio, Philip.

Living Testimony, Faithful to Cleo & Lifting the Race: Dr. Roland McConnell
 Jones, Ida.

Love Lessons: Black Women Teaching Black Girls to Love
 Flemming-Hunter, Sheila.


Maneuvering at the Vanguard: Robert L Vann and Black Pittsburgh in the 1932 Presidential Election
 Cilli, Adam.

Memorializing the Legacy of Martin R. Delany at Wilberforce, Ohio
 Crowe, Larry.

Misinformation, Misrepresentation, and the Mistreatment of Black Children in Schools
 Jackson, Tambra. and Flowers, Natasha.

More Than Meets the Eye: An Analysis of Black Millennial Religiosity in America
 Gault, Erika.

Moving Past Brown: The problem of citizenship and quality education.
 Parker, Stuart.

My Body is a Vehicle: Narratives of Black Women Holistic Leaders on Spiritual Development, Mental Healing and Body Nurturing
 Panton, Rachel.

My Name is Afrika: Keorapetse Kgositsile in the 'Black World'
 Phalafala, Uhuru.


Northeastern University School of Law’s Civil Rights Restorative Justice Project
 Jones, Rhonda.

Nuanced Roles: The Howard University Chapels as the Place for Religion, Ritual, and Repose
 Edwards, Hazel.


Omaha Responds To The Drug Menace: Race, Policy And Social Capital
 Brown, Grace.

On Black Males and Racial Bias in U.S. Schools: An Historical Perspective
 Brown, Anthony.

Our Hearts at Thy Name Thrill with Pride: Students on the Move
 Barrett, Simone.

Overcoming the Crisis: Librarian’s Role in Helping Institutions Keep Their Competitive Edge
 Akbar-Williams, Tahirah.


Paul Laurence Dunbar Branch of ASALH, the National Park Service and a Culturally Competent Curriculum
 Daboiku, Omope.

Pedagogy of empowerment: Student perspectives on critical multicultural education at a high performing African American school
 Wiggan, Greg. and Watson, Marcia.

Perceptions of Belonging and Inclusiveness on College Campuses Among College-Age, African American Males
 Johnson, Brian.

Performance Pedagogies: Blackness and Time in the Global South
 Fleming Jr, Julius.

Photograph Preservation Documenting the History of Fisk University
 Minor Harris, DeLisa.

Picturing Rural Segregation in Louisiana During the Great Depression
 Brown, Nikki.

Place Holder
 Evans, Tyriana.

Place Holder
 Dyson, Aundrea.

Place and Position: The Pitfalls of Transcultural Ascension in Veronica Chamber’s Mama’s Girl
 Masiki, Trent.

Policing The Revolution
 Suriel, Yalile.

Protracted Struggle, Protracted Crisis, and Black Education, 1940-2010: A Research Note on Educational Attainment and Empirical Data in the United States of America
 Cromartie, J. Vern.

Public History as Pedagogy: Engaging Learners Using Public History and Historical Sites
 Jowers-Barber, Sandra.

Public Pedagogy: In Search of the Hidden Curriculum inside Black Cultural Education through Genealogy, Weekly Family Ritual, and Travel
 Anderson-Douoning, Jolivette.


Quo Vadis: The Black Press and the Making of the New Negro
 Stanley, Kimberly.


Racial Classification of Afro-Latin Americans in US Metropolitan Areas
 Pena, Jessica.

Racial Passing in the Postbellum Classroom
 Ramon, Donovan.

Re-mixing Blackness in the Classroom: Exploring African American Youth Identity Using Hip-hop and Media in Social Studies Classrooms
 Childs, David.

Reaching Across the Academic Aisle: African American Students Navigating Higher Education
 Dallas, Fenobia.

Recognizing the Power of Community-based Literacy Learning Spaces for African American Students
 Acosta, Melanie.

Reexamination of the Moynihan Report: A Morgan Perspective
 Dix, Benita.

Representations of Black Women’s Mental Illness in How to Get Away with Murder and Being Mary Jane
 Burton, Nsenga.

Residential Segregation is Not Just a Thing of the Past
 Douglas, Camara.

Restoring What's Lost: Bertha Maxwell-Roddey, Black Studies and the Development of Charlotte's Afro-American Cultural Center
 Ramsey, Sonya.

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Higher Education:
 Turner, Lou.

Ridin' Dirty in the Ivory Tower: Hip Hop's Argument for Academic Excellence
 Graham, Natalie.

Ringing the Bell, Sounding the Horne: Brown, Bad Faith, and Cold War Convergence
 Burden-Stelly, Charisse.

Robert Charles and the New Orleans Race Riot of 1900
 Prince, K. Stephen.

Role of the Black Funeral Director in the Black Lives Matter Movement
 Jackson, Edwin.


School-to-Prison Pipeline—Free Legal Representation to End the STPP
 Howard, Keith.

Schooling The Way Toward the Great Society: 1960s Federal Education Policy and Governing Black Poverty
 Chaney, Mahasan.

Seeds of the Revolution: Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Pedagogy in the Oakland Community School
 Robinson, Robert.

Senator Verda Freeman Welcome: Maryland Activist and Legislator
 Sims-Wood, Janet.

Shaping the Color Line in Mississippi: An Analysis of Acts that Defied the Racial Code
 Ashford, Evan.

Show Don’t Tell: Constructing the Literary Canon and the Marginalized Popularity of Donald Goines
 Manditch-Prottas, Zachary.

Sociology 209 and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
 Dixon, Fredrick Douglass.

Solutions to Police Brutality: a Cincinnati experience
 Cudjoe, Karen.

Sources of Implicit and Explicit Intergroup Bias in African American Children and Young Adults
 Gibson, Bentley.

Stemming Stereotype Threat: Recruitment, retention, and degree attainment in STEM fields for African American undergraduates
 Thomas, Najmah.

Strong Black Woman in Om: The Decolonization of Black Womanhood through Self Care Discourse Online
 Hamilton, Jessica.

Structures of Faith: Historically Black College and University Chapels and their Role in Black Higher Education, 1899 – 1931
 Momon, Tiffany.


Teaching African American Constitutional History using Marxist Legal Theory
 Simba, Malik.

Teaching Healthy Cultural Heritage by Correcting False American Slave Liberation Narratives
 White, John.

Teaching Writing While Honoring Language and Culture at a Predominately Black Institution
 Williams, Concetta. and Magras, Lydia.

Teaching Writing While Honoring Language and Culture at a Predominately Black Institution
 Magras, Lydia.

Television and its Impact on Black Achievement
 Booker, Jr, RL.

The Black Experience in Theory: A Framework for Social Workers
 Seay, Amberli.

The Cincinnati 28
 Campbell, Charles.

The College of Charleston’s Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture
 Brown, Barrye.

The Committee of Twelve and Resistance to the Rise of Jim Crow
 Alexander, Shawn.

The Costs of Integration in the Nation’s Capital: Exploring the Contentious Career of Assistant Superintendent Garnet C. Wilkinson
 Hamilton, Tikia.

The Death of Emmett, the Dream of Martin, and the Destiny of Barack: How three events that occurred on April 28th, have implications for the educational journey of Black males!
 Whitaker, Ronald. and Mace, Darryl.

The Decolonizing and (De)sanctioning of Africana Memory: Breaking the Epistemic Hold of White Supremacist Monuments in the Confederate South, Cape Town and Beyond
 Roberts, Christopher.

The Detroit Rebellion Never Ended: Black Radicalism and the Crisis of Capitalism
 Kurashige, Scott.

The Education of African American Women and African American Women's Education of the Black Community
 Bethlenfalvy, Alexandra.

The Elephant in the Delta: Segregation academies in the Mississippi Delta
 Green, Kathryn.

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Uncovering Activism Left at the Kitchen Table: A Case of Black Women’s Intellectual Activism in the Midwest, 1960-1980.
 DeShay-Duncan, Madison.

Uncovering Black Heroes: Lesser-Known Stories of Liberty and Civil Rights
 Boers, David.

Urban Education and Structural Inequities: A Baltimore Case Study
 Gaines, Leah.

Using the Gardener's Perspective to Design An Afterschool Program
 Boddie, Stephanie.

Utilizing Instructional Evidence-based Practices and Family Engagement to Increase African-American Student Achievement
 Wallace, Brandon. and Abel, Yolanda.


Visions and Memories: The Desegregation of Memphis Schools
 Jordan, Jason.


W. E. B. Du Bois’s Quest to Challenge Scientific Racism, 1906–1932: Educating the “City Negro” at the 135th Street Branch Library
 Foreman, Deirdre.

W.E.B. Du Bois and the Rhetoric of Prophetic Pessimism
 Johnson, Andre.

Washington vs DuBois Debate and Why it Influences Education Attainment
 Hricko, Mary.

Watching The Bouncing Ball: The Persistence and Graduation Rate of Students of Color at a Predominately White Institution
 Wilson, Shawn.

We Take It Personal: Analysis of projected identity frames in the Hip-hop and #BlackLivesMatter movements on social mediums
 Saunders, Lynsey.

Where Do We Go From Here? Faith, Hope, and Reality for Black Students in the Nation’s Largest Voluntary Desegregation Plan
 Garcia, Melissa. and Morris, Jerome.

Why #JimmieLuncefordMatters: The Father Of Memphis Music Education
 Herd II, Ronald.

Won't You Be My Neighbor: A critical reflection on the relationship between science, theology and health care delivery using theological ethnography and womanist ethic of care
 McKissick, Sierra.

Wooy Yi! (Oh My Mother!) The Coalescence of Feminine and Spiritual Power, Black Women Preachers, 1850-1890
 Cauthen, Chasity.
102nd Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2017-Sep-27 to 2017-Oct-02
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