102nd Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2017-Sep-27 to 2017-Oct-02

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Beauty Culture, Education, and Philanthropy: How Madam C.J. Walker "Out-Tuskegeed" Booker T. Washington to Become a Major Provider of Industrial Vocational Education
 Freeman, Tyrone.

Before, During, After Being Taught to Read and Write: African Americans Made Songs
 Jones, Rhonda. and montgomery, dorothy.

Being Black and Ivy: African American Presence at Three Ivy League Institutions, 1945-1970
 Bradley, Stefan.

Being Misunderstood: The Implications of Cultural Distance Between Students and Their Teachers
 Anderson, Johnetta. and Williams, Concetta.

Believe Them the First Time: The Impact of Microaggressions on Black Educators at Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
 Ford III, Obie.

Benjamin A. Quarles: Master Teacher - Historian Extrordinaire
 Carey, Joanna.

Between Literature and the Archive: Tuskegee, Pedagogy, and the African Diaspora
 McInnis, Jarvis.

Black Children and Zero-Tolerance Policies in Florida Schools
 O\'Neal, Kayla.

Black Children, White Parents: Adoption, Education, and Racial Etiquette in the Post-Emancipation US and Jamaica
 Thomas, Adam.

Black Citizenship, Memory and Restoration in the Emancipation Era
 Hancock, Scott.

Black Collectors and Keepers of Tradition:
 Byron, Gay.

Black Education in 19th Century Dayton
 Gillispie, Linda.

Black Educational Activism and White “Grudging Compliance” in the Missouri Bootheel, 1948-1968
 Dodson, Heidi.

Black Historiography, Education, and “Freaks and the American Ideal of Manhood”
 Flemming, Tracy.

Black Male Feminism and the Evolution of Du Boisian Thought, 1903-1920
 Dennie, Nneka.

Black Midwestern Political Vocabularies
 Howard, Ashley.

Black Music: A silenced voice that teaches and heals.
 Rainge-Briggs, Katie.

Black Power and the Myth of White “Ejection”
 Burgin, Say.

Black Power on the School Board: The Politics of Financing Public Education in a Cotton Belt County, 1976-1986
 Goldsmith, William.

Black Students and Battering Down the Ramparts of White Elitist InstitutIons
 Carew, Joy.

Black Students, White Icons: Disentangling the Symbolic Imagery of Urban School Buildings
 Parker, Benjamin.

Black Studies in an Era of Neoliberal Fascism
 Farnia, Navid.

Black Team, White Sport: Diasporic Fields of Play at Howard University, 1970-1975
 Scott, Jermaine.

Booker T. Washington and the National Negro Business League's Influence on Oklahoma
 Boston, Michael.

Building Community Power: Youth Organizing and Recreation in 1960s Cleveland, Ohio
 Fortado, Stephanie.
102nd Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2017-Sep-27 to 2017-Oct-02
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