104th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2019-Oct-02 to 2019-Oct-07

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"A Mulatto Woman Named Margaret": Black Women and Fugitivity in Pre-Revolutionary America
 Cook Bell, Karen.

"Behold the Land": The Education of Black High School Activists in the American South
 Hale, Jon.

"Colored Lawyer, Topeka, Kansas": Elisha Scott Biblical Hell Raiser
 Williams, Jeffery.

"Filed in Good Faith": Black Social Networks and the U.S. Pension Bureau in Late Nineteenth-Century, Nashville
 Maxson, Stanley.

"History Keeper"
 Carter-Daboiku, Omopé.

"How Did The Great Migration Impact American Society?"
 Robinson, Cecelia.

"I Can't be Scared of No Dog": Visualizing Canines & Anti-Black Violence
 Parry, Tyler.

"In Search of Freedom and Citizenship – African American Migration to Mexico across the Gulf in the Early Nineteenth Century"
 Gaithers, Beau.

"Keepin' Still and Mindin' Things": The Revolutionary Link Between Afro-American Agency and Autonomy and the Rise of Black Abolitionism in Massachusetts, 1763-1811
 Fiorello-Omotosho, Ariana.

"Scars of the Trade: Reconstructing the Black Family after Emancipation"
 Neumann, Alexis.

"Self-Purchase and Slavery’s Law"
 Bernier, Julia.

"Silenced but Not Forgotten”: Southern Black Women's Sexual Assault & Activism in the Early 20th Century
 Yezou, Cecile.

"The Beaufort Machine: Robert Smalls, South Carolina's 'Black District,' and the Afterlife of Reconstruction"
 Bland, Robert.

"The Unmaking of Chocolate City"
 Lindsey, Treva.

"We Bajan Yankees" - The United Sons & Daughters of the Islands in Atlantic City, NJ
 Goddard, Richlyn.

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A Corporate Plantation Reading Public: Labor, Literacy, and Diaspora in the Global Black South
 McInnis, Jarvis.

A Hidden Gem in the Diamond State: The Internal Migration of Emancipated African Americans in Arkansas from Delta Region Counties to Jefferson County.
 Rich-Rice, Kim.

A History of Black Physicians from Black Medical Schools in Durham
 Green, Dana.

A Queen’s Journey to Archival Peace
 Chandler, Kassandra.

A Reading of Etheridge Knight’s The Sun Came: A Response to Mississippi Migrants
 Meeks, Roshad.

ASALH-Phila Heritage :Going North Branch Poster: Catherine Holloman, Gloria Johnson
 Holloman, Catherine.

African American Culture Schools: An Intervention Revisited for the 21st Century
 Ray, Charles.

African American Government Girls: Unspoken and Restorative Narratives of the Great Migration
 Wharton-Beck, Aura.

African American Out-migration from a Southwest Georgia Community
 Underwood, JaMarcus.

African American Women, Sexual Politics, and the Civil Rights Movement
 Parker, Traci.

African Americans versus Haitian Americans in the modern United States
 Desinord, Shafantae.

African immigrants in America: 1890 -1945
 Blyden, Nemata.

All Aboard: Caribbean H2 Workers meets Jim Crow
 Hutchins, Gabrielle.

America’s Great Migration: How to tell Your Family’s Story and Why You Should
 Coursen, Elizabeth.

An Historical Analysis of the Roles of Blacks in Rural Western North Carolina and Beyond
 Stubbs, Rebecca.

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Becoming American: Chinese ‘Sojourners’ and African Americans’ Battle for Inclusion in a White Republic
 Xie, Yi.

Before and After the Mall: Runaway Growth, Displacement, and Education in Williamson County, TN, 1967-2005
 Holt, Hunter.

Belmont: The lost plan for a Black Chevy Chase
 Bender, Kimberly. and Flanagan, Neil.

Benjamin A Quarles Intellectual Migration 1953-1978
 Carey, Joanna.

Beyond Alain Locke: Discovery, Recovery, and Reconstruction of African American Philosophy
 Ferguson, Stephen.

Beyond Combahee: Barbara Smith and Black Feminism
 deChantal, Julie.

Beyond Little Rock: Black Power at Arkansas PWIs
 Gipson, Maurice.

Beyond the Greensboro Four: Examining Bennett College Student Activism and Popular Narratives of the Greensboro Sit-Ins
 Howard, Jasmin.

Biddy Mason's Zion: Religion and Black Urban Life in Los Angeles, 1851-1906
 Tucker-Price, Cori.

Biography as Solidarity: Margo Okazawa-Rey, Transnational Feminism, and Afro-Asian Activist Scholarship
 Hope, Jeanelle.

Black African Students in Red Russia
 Weaver, Harold "Hal".

Black Bottom Detroit’s Metaphysical Migratory Movements in "Paradise Blue" & “Elegies for Paradise Valley”
 Clemons, Ashley.

Black Caribbeans & The Transnational Political Dimensions of HIV/AIDS
 Jolly, Jallicia.

Black Durham: An Often Forgotten Black Wall Street.
 Harper, Jim.

Black Girl Magic and the (In)visibility of Pain
 Tounsel, Timeka.

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Called In and Called Out: Zilpha Elaw’s Spiritual Freedom Journey
 Crumley, Jaimie.

Carter G. Woodson Home NHL Update
 Wiley, Amber.

Carter G. Woodson and the Rhetoric of Oratory
 Johnson, Andre.

Catalyst for Change: Children, Youth, and Civil Rights Activism in Louisiana
 DeCuir, Sharlene.

Celebrating 75 years of History
 Gordon, Ernestine.

Charleston Unchanged: Migration and the New York Roots of the 1969 Charleston Hospital Workers’ Strike
 Debnam, Jewell.

Cherry Bounce: A Historian’s Journey to Understanding Enslaved Distillers’ Expertise
 Green, Hilary.

Clarence Clyde Ferguson, Jr: The First African American Ambassador to Uganda, 1970-1972
 Masiki, Trent.

Closing the Distance: Black New Yorkers and the Power of Place
 Sandy, Julia.

Coal, Class, and the Appalachian Color Line: an Analysis of Race and Education in Southeastern Kentucky, 1950-1970
 McCullum, Kristan.

Collective Experiences of Diaspora and Displacement in the Art of Sargent Johnson
 Bowles, John.

Colonial Ordering: Black Geographies of Disability in Caribbean Colombia
 Waters, Brandi.

Complex Migration: Contraband Camps, Confinement and Control
 Adeniyi "Nira", Keshad Adeniyi "Ife".

Complicating Blackness: Caribbean Immigrant Social Organizations and the Construction of a Transnational Black American Identity
 Maddox, Tyesha.

Conceptualizing Black Movement in Charleston, South Carolina: Slave Badges and their Impact on the Formation of Culture
 Gatson, Torren.

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D.C.’s Mayor For Life Is An Outsider: Navigating spatial boundaries from Mississippi to D.C.
 Coleman, Loren.

Debating Exodus in the Reconstruction South: Changing Attitudes among the Republican Grassroots
 Kelly, Brian.

Digging for the Promised Land: The Archaeology of Black Transnationalism in the Great Lakes Borderland
 Smardz Frost, Karolyn.

Digital Pan-Africanism: How Online Communities are Creating New Opportunities for African American Travel
 Harris, Christina.


Economic Principles of Black Nationalism in the Post Obama Era
 Adejumo, Vincent.

Economics of the Black Freedom Struggle
 Winford, Brandon.

Edna B. McKenzie Branch 2019 Activity
 Mason, Ann.

Ellen Coy, Deposed Baptist and Public Nuisance: Race, Gender and Involuntary Commitment in Black Richmond
 Pumphrey, Shelby.

Eola Dance, “Captive or Bound?” Contesting the Legal Status of Africans in the Chesapeake 1619 –1661
 Dance, Eola.

Exploring Timbuctoo through Census Records and Coverage from the New Jersey Mirror
 Weston, Guy-Oreido.

Exploring the Identities of Black American Women K-12 Teachers in the U.A.E.
 Barnes, Andwatta.

Exploring the Intersection of Black Women's Travel Abroad and Black Education Thought
 Edinboro, Dellyssa.


Feeling in the Darkness: Quaker Reactions to Early Contact with Enslaved People
 Williams, Robert.

Fighting the “Silent Killer”: Hypertension, Diet and Black Radical Politics in the 1970s
 Dotson, Jerome.

Finding a Place in the South: Free People of Color in the Slave Economy
 Milteer, Warren.

Five Bobs, Sixteen Medals and Seven Decades Later
 Rabb, Madeline.

Following the River: Black Migration and Social Networks within the Mississippi River Delta Region
 Dodson, Heidi.

Following the Trails Left by Migration and DNA
 Green, Damita.

From Alabama to Africa: Missionaries and Cultivating Their Alma Mater’s Educational Vision Abroad
 Green, Hilary.

From Black Mecca to Urban Countryside: Black Migration to the Soundview Section of the Bronx
 Carter-David, Siobhan.

From Caribbean to Black American: Testing Black Bourgeoisie in One Family’s Story
 Hancock, Scott.

From City to Country: Black Urbanites and the Quest for Land in South Carolina
 Petty, Adrienne.

From Postracial to "Most" Racial: Black Online Blogs, Territoriality and Power
 Davis, Patricia.

From the Black Panther Party to the Movement For Black Lives: Black Radicalism in the Mainstream Media
 Render, Brandon.

From the British West Indies, to Washington, DC, Using Genealogical Records to Track One Circuitous Migrant
 White, Linda.

From the Suffrage Movement to the Women’s March Black Women Have Fought for Inclusion
 Duster, Michelle.

Fugitive Slave Women in Eighteenth Century South Carolina
 Brown, Thomas.

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Gender and Expanding the Status of Freedom in New York City: Black Women from Jamaica and the American South During the Era of the Great Migration
 Teague, Janira.

Gendered Economic Practices and Activism from the Civil War to WWII
 Garrett-Scott, Shennette.

Girls on the Move: An Examination of Black Girl Genius Week
 Brown, Miyoshi.


Homeward Bound! The Influence of Reverse Black Migration on Urban Education in the South
 Teasdell, Annette. and Calloway, Alexis.

Homosociality in Washington's Fences and Jenkins's If Beale Street Could Talk
 Boyd, Stacy.

Human Library: Connecting With Your Community and Branch Library
 Love, Johnnieque. and Haykal, Aaisha.


Icabod Flewellen, Forefather of the Black Museum Movement
 Flewellyn, Barbara. and Flewellyn, Valada.

If You Build Them, They Will Come
 Hankins, Rebecca.

Illuminating the Voices and Impact of Black Educators
 McDaniels III, Ph.D., Pellom.

Imagined Horizons in African-American Art: Migrations between Space and Time in Search of Liberation
 Davis, Markeysha.

In Search of a Name Worthy of Respect: the Campaign to Present the Truth about the Name “Negro,” 1960-1971
 Pestaina, Khary.

Integrating the US Academy via Defeated Japan, 1951-1953: Sensei Mabel M. Smythe and the Institute of International Education during the early Cold War
 Rolinson, Mary.

Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom: Dr. E. Lavonia Allison, Black Durham’s Crusader for Justice, 1941-2014
 Baxter, Faith.

Intersecting Migrations: Freedom Seekers, Native Americans, and the Underground Railroad in Eastern Wisconsin
 Finkenbine, Roy.

Intersections of Food and Gender in the New Orleans Civil Rights Movement
 Castledine, Jacqueline.

Interview with Dr. Aubrey Spencer Escoffery
 Williams, Audrey.

Interview with Mr. Robert Hayden
 Johnson, Thelma.

Invoking the Lynch Law: African American Migration to Alberta
 Cooper, Afua.

Isabel Gonzalez and the Puerto Rican Insular Cases: Policing Race, Gender, and Citizenship under the U.S. Jim Crow Empire
 Polite, Don.

I’d like to think we’re a little more enlightened’: Deindustrialization and the Politics of Prison Expansion, 1975-1996"
 Muhitch, Kevin.


James Weldon Johnson Branch Black Migrations Activities
 Gillis, Hazel.

Josephine Edwards and the Black Arts Movement in Springfield, MA
 Hill, Kiara.


Lakeland’s Legacy: The Value of Black Land and Community in Maryland
 Thurston, Courtnie.

Land, Bread, and Housing: The Memory of the Black Panther Party in the New South
 Dong, Cheryl.

Little Africa, HogBottom, and "Walking The Nickel": Dayton's Iconic Black Settlements
 Carter-Daboiku, Omopé. and Crowe, Larry.

Looking Backward: Moving Forward
 Allen, Madge.

Lucy Craft Laney and the Lessons of Freedom, 1890s-1930s
 Lewis, Janaka.

Lyrical Autobiography in Phillis Wheatley’s “On Being Brought from Africa to America”
 Holmes, Donald.


Making Black Power Pay: The Philadelphia Federation of Negro Women’s Clubs Building and Loan Association of Philadelphia, 1916-1930
 Hardy, Everett.

Mapping Diversity Rhetoric in Academic Libraries
 Hollis, Deborah.

Margaret and Robert Garner Cincinnati Branch 2019 Pictorial
 Garrison, PhD, Marcia.

Master Cooperative Agreement National Park Service and ASALH
 Lowe, Turkiya.

Menstrual Moments: A Look at How Dangarembga, Kincaid, and Morrison Bleed
 Campbell, Amanda.

Merze Tate’s Anti-Imperialist Thought on Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands
 Savage, Barbara.

Migrants Remaking the North: Activism in Rochester, NY, 1940-1970
 Warren Hill, Laura.

Migration & Memory in the Borderland: Kentucky African American Literature
 Smith, Shanna.

Migration Within a Migration
 Goode, Dolores. and Gaskin, Frances.

Migration and (Im)Mobility: Stories of Struggle and Resistance in the “Black Midwest”
 Moten, Crystal.

Migration and African American coal Miner: Findings from Three Late 19th Cent. Commiunities
 Pinnick, Timothy.

Migration of enslaved people in the British colonial Maritimes
 Chopra, Ruma.

Migration within a Migration Part 2
 Goode, Dolores. and Gaskin, Frances.

Migration, Black Agency and the Soviets
 Carew, Joy.

Migration, Interpretation, & Legacy: Collecting for the Patrimony of an HBCU
 Martin, II, Frank.

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Negro Canaan: Tuskegee, Leigh Hunt, and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
 Tounsel, Christopher.


Of Mite and Men: Black Migrants, AME Missionaries, and the Island of Hispaniola
 Davidson, Christina.

Oona Weary Ones, Com on Home and Rest
 Montgomery, Dorothy. and Williams, Sonja.

Organizing Against the Criminal State: Examining Articulations of Radical Criminology During the 1970s
 McCoy, Austin.

Our Stories in Steel: A Rhetorical/Spatial Analysis of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice
 Davis, Patricia.


Pan-African Struggles, U.S. Policy: Charles Diggs and Portuguese African Liberation
 Parrott, Joseph.

Pan-Africanism: Garvey Vs. Du Bois
 Gannaway, Jada.

Pathologizing Blackness: Medicine and Biopower in the Anglo-Atlantic World
 Hogarth, Rana.

Playing “Out, While In”: The Caribbean Roots of Eric Dolphy and Redefining Freedom in Modern Jazz, 1958 – 1964
 Chambers, Glenn.

Political Shift in American Politics in the 1930s
 Rabe, Robert "Rob".

Poor Black Women and the Making of Modern Black Political Communities
 Brimmer, Brandi.

Purdue University: Race and its Historical Impact on the Academy
 Morris, Sammie.


Quiltmakers: Black Women, The Great Migration, and the Audacity to Protect One’s Humanity
 Jackson, Asha.


Racial Discrimination in Charleston’s Subdivisions as found in Surviving Deed Restrictions and Neighborhood Covenants
 Marolda, Kenneth.

Radical Ideology in a Woman’s Proper Place: The Home Making Institute at Bennett College for Women, 1927-1967
 Flowers, Deidre.

Raised in Chicago, but Trained for Mississippi: Emmett Till’s Education on the Jim Crow South
 Erby, Brandon.

Rapid Response Collecting: DC Public School Museum’s Commitment to Preserving Black Educational Legacies
 Springle, Kimberly.

Recovering the Memory of Northern Slavery
 Gigantino, James.

Red Microphone: Amina Baraka, Amiri Baraka, and Black Arts Newark
 Smethurst, James.

Remnants Realized: Re-thinking African American Wares in Charleston
 Long, J. Grahame.

Restoring What’s Lost: Bertha Maxwell-Roddey, The Creation of the Afro-American Cultural and Service Center, Educational Activism and the Impact of Reverse Migration in Charlotte
 Ramsey, Sonya.

Rethinking Benjamin Banneker: Avid Astronomer, Reluctant Abolitionist
 Herschthal, Eric.

Rev. George W. and Annie R. Woodbey: Love, Faith, and Black Populism, 1874-1901
 Holm, Charles.

Revisiting the Uncovering of Black Feminist Writers
 Hankins, Rebecca.

Revitalized Community: Nashville’s Bordeaux Neighborhood Since the 2010 Flood- Ruby Baker, Restoring a Community Residential Association to Impact Community Recovery.
 Hill Butler, Deidre.

Revolutionary TransNationalism: The Revolutionary Action Movement in Brazil and the United States
 MacDonald, Owen.

Richard Hilton Tobitt: Political Activism, Leisure, and West Indian Community building in New York City, 1930-1942
 Shell, Christopher.

Riding the Rails: Murder and Madness in Rice Country, 1909-1912
 Henley, Lauren.

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School Stories and their Communities: The Harlem Education History Project
 Taylor, Karen.

Sea Devils in the Bayou: Johnnie Means and the Rise of the Black Competitive Swimmer in the Dirty South
 Weston, Joan.

Side by Side: Free People of Color in Plantation Country, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1820-1860
 Wilson, Evelyn.

Silent but Deadly: Exploring the Commodification and Controlling of Black Athletes in Football with Sickle Cell Trait
 Brown, LaShawna.

Speaking from “Shack” to “Ship” to “South”: Helga Crane’s Queer Rhetorical Journey in Quicksand
 Skjellum, Hannah.

Striking for Freedom: The Stono Rebellion and Movement to the Spanish Colonies
 Davis, Gigi.

Structuring Identity: The I. P. Stanback Museum as a Catalyst for Civic Engagement
 Petty, Davion.

Struggling to Hear the Huckster’s Call: Finding the Voices of Charleston’s Black Entrepreneurs, 1800-1850
 Butina-Sutton, Heather.

Sugah en mi tank: Hoppin’ John, Johnny Cakes, Bammy and Cou Cou
 La Roche, Ramona.

Swimming Competitively and Doing Gender While Black
 Neal, Misha.


Teaching for the Revolutions: Vicki Garvin’s Lesson Plans at the Shanghai Institute, the Chinese Revolution and the US Black Liberation Struggle
 Gore, Dayo.

The #BAM Movement: Decolonizing and Reclaiming the Black American Music Known as Jazz
 Cunningham, Maya.

The Automobile: The Escape Mechanism for the Great Migration
 Jones, Aubrey.

The Black Press: Advocating for Gender and Racial Equality during the Civil Rights Movement
 Watson, Jamal.

The Boykin and Whittaker Family Legacy: The Benefactors from the Great Migration
 Boykin, Peter.

The Carter G. Woodson Century
 Morris, Burnis., FAIN, Cicero. and Rabe, Robert "Rob".

The Definition of African American Philosophy: Historical Dimensions on Intellectual Migration
 McClendon III, John.

The Disease Frontier: The Louisiana Purchase and Black Immunity
 Olivarius, Kathryn.

The Early Black Left and the Black Panther Party
 Clinton, Miranda.

The Emancipation of Quash: Reconstructing the Charles Pinckney Mansion Through the Skill of Master Carpenter John Williams
 Momon, Tiffany.

The Evolution of Land-Use Enforcement Related to The Religious Storefront Church Movement
 Peyton, Alicea.

The Expansion and Transformation of the AME Church in Jamaica
 Grant, Sharon.

The Family Farm and Keeping House: Black Women Landowners in Liberty County, Georgia, 1870-1900
 Jamison, Felicia.

The Genealogical Proof Standard: The Universal Application of Genealogy Standards to African American Families With Antebellum Roots
 Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda.

The Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance
 Williams, Audrey.

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Uncracking the Egg: A Choreographic Approach to Sankofa
 Jones, Homer.

Unearthing the Existence of Black LG Individuals in the History of Education
 Walker, Krista.

Use of an Interdisciplinary Framework for Cultural Competence in a History-Counseling Collaboration
 West-Olatungi, Cirecie.

Using the Digital Humanities to Preserve the Oral Histories of Louisiana Civil Rights Youth Activists
 Brown, Nikki.


Vegetarians in the Black Freedom Struggle: A Forgotten History
 Davis, Joshua.

Virtual Migrations to the Black Pacific: Afro-Pessimism, Afrofuturism, and the Construction of a Black Imaginary
 Mount, Guy.

Vocal Hauntings: The Long Civil Rights in Sound and Glory
 Torres, Bianki.


Wages for Housework: Johnnie Tillmon and the Welfare as a Women's Issue
 Lovett, Laura.

Wars for Place-Making and the Flipside of Mobility in Westward Freedpeople’s Camps
 Conner, Mycah.

We Had All We Needed: The African American Presence in Buffalo, NY
 Dabney, Mark.

We Were Always Here: The Langmuir Collection a curated photograph compilation of African Americans during the Great Migration
 DuVernay, Jina.

When Madness Makes Sense: Mobility in Contemporary African American Literature and Performance
 Fox, Regix.

William R. Jones' Contribution to African American Philosophy
 O\'Neal, Brittany.

Winning and Expanding Black Freedom as Migrants in the American West: The Stories of Biddy Mason and Hannah Embers
 Campbell, Marne.

Woodson? Scott? Wilkerson? Who Best Tells Our Great Migration History Story?
 Bristow, Dr. Margaret.

Words are Our Weapons: The Black Aesthetic, Critical Praxis, and the Unfinished Business of Black Arts Activism
 Kazembe, Lasana.

Writing Across Cultures: Langston Hughes Between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.
 Guran, Letitia.


Y.W.C.A. Responses to Racist Violence Against African American Urban Migrants, 1945 to 1955
 Hill, Kimberly.

YA Literature as Protest: The Hate U Give and the Reconfiguration of Black Power
 Genovese, Holly.

You look Nothing Like Your Mother. You Look Everything Like Your Mother”: Ray Charles, Beyoncé & Soul’s Southern Landscape
 Ekeh, Olivia.
104th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History 2019-Oct-02 to 2019-Oct-07
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