American Society of Criminology 2005-Nov-15 to 2005-Nov-19

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"Bad Girls" in Rural Places
 Williams, L.. and Craig-Moreland, Delores.

"Drug, Set, and Setting": The Neglected Factors of the US Response to Club Drugs
 Perrone, Dina.

"Finally, the Animals Are in Charge of the Zoo!" Civil Disobedience and Its Consequences
 Lovell, Jarret.

"I Haven't Yet Tasted Anything of Life": The Social Context of Incarcerated Motherhood
 Ajzenstadt, Mimi.

"I Know Why You Wanted Me to Read This Book." Bibliotheraphy as a Tool of Intervention and Rehabilitation with Juveniles
 DeBrovner, Caroline.

"If It Bleeds, it Leads?" Reflections on Teaching Students to Analyze Local Television News Content
 Schoepflin, Todd.

"It's a girl thing." Exploring gender differences in protective factors among adolescents.
 Lentz, Christina. and Pfeifer, Heather.

"Oh, she likes it": Perspectives on harassment of female employees by inmates
 Little, Amanda.

"Once in the Bone yard there is no way out": Protection Prisoners in Western Australia
 Carter, Keith.

"Re-Deeming" Justice: Public Inquiries as a Panacea for the Wrongfully Convicted
 Maidment, MaDonna. and Avis, Nick.

"Re-integrative Grading": Applying the Principles of Re-integrative Shaming to the Classroom.
 Ferree, Caroline.

"Tort Reform": Security Blanket for Corporate Power and Profit Denies Workers, Consumers and the Poor Access to Legal Redress of Wrongs
 McGaha, Jim.

"Value Voters" and the 2004 Election: Religion, Morality and the Law
 Dombrink, John.

"We'd Bottle It": The International Selling of Zero Tolerance Policing
 Hoogenboom, Bob. and Punch, Maurice.

"We’re Just Here to Get that Piece of Paper": An Investigation of the Reciprocal Educator-Scholar/Police Practitioner-Student Relationship
 Scott, Yolanda M..

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A Comparative Analysis of the September 11th Attacks: Portrayals in The New York Times and Jerusalem Post
 Van Horne, Sheryl.

A Comparative Examination of Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction and Work Place Stress: The Case of Turkish National Police
 Buker, Hasan.

A Comparative Study of the Incarceration Rates of Racial Minorities in Four Common Law Countries of Canada, US, England and Wales, and Australia.
 Uzoaba, Julius.

A Comparison of Job-Related Attitudes of Chinese and American Female Police Officers
 Chu, Doris., Sun, Ivan. and Sung, Hung-En.

A Comparison of Offenders', Officers', and Adjudicators' Perceptions of the Severity of Alternative Sanctions
 Moore, Nathan. and May, David.

A Comparison of Violent and Non-Violent Adolescent Girls and Boys
 Gault, Martha.

A Comparison of Youth Probation Under the Young Offenders Act and Youth Criminal Justice Act
 Marinos, Voula.

A Comparison of the Biographies, Practices, Cultures and Orderliness of Two Maximum Security Prisons in England
 Drake, Deb.

A Constitutional Critique of Project Exile
 Roots, Roger.

A Content Analysis of Sex Offender Registries in the Four Corner States
 Senjo, Scott. and Murphy, David.

A Contextual Analysis of Crime Control: A Time-Series Analysis of the Korean Case.
 Yoon, Ok-Kyung. and Joo, Hee-Jong.

A Contextual Analysis of Women Prisoners' Mental Health
 Kruttschnitt, Candace. and Vuolo, Michael.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Forensic Services: A Case Study of Cleveland City Police Department's Criminal Laboratory
 Dolu, Osman., Aksoy, Murat. and Gul, Serdar Kenan.

A Critical Examination of Physical and Mental Health Issues of Offenders and the Implications of Non-Treatment for Community Reintegration
 Soderstrom, Irina. and VanSickle, Brooke.

A Cross-cultural Comparison of the Relationship between Sensation-seeking and Criminality
 Lee, Leona.

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Background Differences between Black and White Male State Prison Inmates in Alabama
 Mangels, Nancie.

Bad Behavior or Brain Damage: Educating the Juvenile Justice System about Youth with FASD
 Rogers, Mary.

Bad Moon Rising?: Lunar Cycles and Calls for Police Services
 Schafer, Joseph., Varano, Sean. and Cancino, Jeffrey.

Barriers to Accessing Substance Abuse Treatment Services in British Columbia: Service Limitations or Personal Resistance?
 McLean, Carla., Corrado, Raymond. and Stockwell, Tim.

Barriers to Development: A Comparative Analysis of the Influence Institutional Structures have on Drug Policy
 Nilson, Chad.

Baseline Characteristics and Three Month Follow-up Outcomes of Male Prisoners Participating in a Methadone Maintenance Program in Baltimore, Maryland
 Gordon, Michael., Kinlock, Timothy. and Schwartz, Robert.

Beyond the Bedroom Hacker? Examining Hacker Social Organization with Multiple Data Sources
 Holt, Thomas.

Beyond the Black Ghetto: The Role of Race and Concentrated Disadvantage on Homicide Trajectories in Chicago, 1980-1995
 Chavez, Jorge. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Beyond the Therapeutic Imperative: Due Process Implications of Mental Health Courts
 Erickson, Steven., Lamberti, J. Steven., Ciccone, J.. and Erickson, Patricia.

Black Box of Aftercare
 Houser, Kimberly., Runkle, Wendy. and Welsh, Wayne.

Blind Ambition: Is the restorative justice movement going the way of past benevolent reform campaigns?
 Greene, Dana.

Box Stores and Mom and Pop’s: Mixed-use Areas, Revitalization, and Crime
 Golden, James. and Walker, Jeffery.

Brazilian punitive and risk-oriented changes in strategies of crime control and punishment.
 Fonseca, David.

Breaking the Cycle of “Generations Behind Bars”: An Evaluation of the Children United With Parents (Cup) Program
 Will, Jeffry., Waytowich, Vicki. and Easterling, Beth.

Buffer Zones and Long Hauls: Danish Journeys to Residential Burglary by Type of Property
 Sorensen, David.

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COPS Grants and Crime Revisited
 Worrall, John. and Kovandzic, Tomislav.

CSI in the News: Using Content Analysis to Probe Legitimization of the CSI Effect
 Justis, Gregory.

Calculating Rates of Motor Vehicle Theft: What Difference Does A Denominator Make?
 Walsh, Jeffrey.

Can Police Make Communities Healthier?
 Morabito, Melissa.

Can the General Theory of Crime Account for Computer Offenders: Testing Low Self Control as a Predictor of Computer Crime Offending
 Foster, David.

Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act and Female Youth “At-risk”: Positive and Negative Implications of Radical Non-intervention
 Mann, Ruth., Senn, Charlene., Girard, April. and Ackbar, Salma.

Capital Juror Receptivity to Aggravating Factors
 Brewer, Thomas.

Case Processing Decision-Making in the New York State Family Court: An Investigation of the courtroom workgroup relationships on case processing decisions
 Ross, James.

Categorizing and rating terrorist incidents: Which factors are most salient to the public?
 Jenkin, Clinton. and Cohn, Ellen.

Causal Inference in Life Course Criminology: A Propensity-Score Matching Approach
 MacMillan, Ross., Massoglia, Michael. and King, Ryan.

Changes in psychological functioning and self-control in Therapeutic Community treatment
 Hiller, Matthew., Saum, Christine., Knight, Kevin. and Simpson, D..

Characteristics of Outreach to the Highest Risk: Violence Prevention in Chicago
 Kerr, Norman., Decker, Brent. and Metzger, Tim.

Characteristics of Students and Schools as Predictors of Being a Victim of Bullying: An Opportunity Theory Analysis
 Popp, Ann. and Kuck, Douglas.

Charismatic Evangelicals’ War on Drugs: The Case of the Assemblies of God
 Sung, Hung-En. and Chu, Doris.

Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: An analysis of the data
 Terry, Karen., Tallon, Jennifer., Vollman, Brenda. and Starfield, Bonnie.

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DNA Databases in California: Exploring Limitations and Public Opposition
 Dioso, Rachel A.. and Thompson, William.

Dead for Good: Understanding the Predatory Martyrs of Al-Qaida, Hamas, and the Tamil Tigers
 Barlow, Hugh.

Dealing with Misbehavior at Schools in Kentucky: Predictors of Use of Corporal Punishment
 McClure, Timothy. and May, David.

Death Penalty Attitudes in an Increasingly Critical Climate: Survey Results from Texas and California
 Vollum, Scott., Mallicoat, Stacy. and Buffington-Vollum, Jacqueline.

Death Penalty Moratoriums: A Growing "National Consensus"?
 Miller, Michelle.

Defining Justice: Lessons Learned from Children’s Literature
 Trubitt, Lisa.

Defining and Quantifying Street Gang Membership
 Lauger, Tim. and Chermak, Steven.

Delayed Consequences and Criminal Behavior: Discounting and the Failure to Consider the Future Revisited
 Zimmerman, Greg. and Pogarsky, Greg.

Delinquency and Children of Drug Users
 Hawkins, Stephanie. and Lam, Wendy (KK).

Delinquency and Gun Violence: The Intervening Role of Values Towards Guns
 Spohn, Ryan.

Delinquency and the Family: An Exploratory Historical Study
 Bijleveld, Catrien.

Delinquency, Religion, and the Social Bond: A Longitudinal Test.
 Cretacci, Michael.

Delinquent Behavior, Violent Victimization, and Coping Strategies among African American and Latino Adolescents
 McGee, Zina., Joseph, Ebone. and Jackson, Corinne.

Delivering HIV services to high-risk offenders: Perspectives of Criminal Justice and Health Services Staff
 Sung, Hung-En., Belenko, Steven. and O\'Connor, Lisa.

Demographic and Contextual Predictors of Teacher Fear in Kentucky
 Roberts, Staci., May, David. and Wilcox, Pamela.

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Early Puberty and Violent Victimization among Adolescents: A Test of the Social Interactionist Explanation
 Schreck, Christopher., Burek, Melissa., Zhao, Sue. and Miller, J..

Economic Marginalization in Metropolitan Areas and Female Victims of Homicide
 Lee, Daniel. and Hilinski, Carly.

Effect of Corruption on Judicial Independence in Developing Countries.
 Chiabi, David.

Effectiveness of Social Support Systems for Drug Court Defendants
 Zehm, Keri., Kubits, Gina., Podkopacz, Marcy. and Eckberg, Deborah.

Effectiveness of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention on State-level Homicide Rates.
 Legault, Richard. and Vasquez, Bob Edward.

Effects of Earned Time, Inmate Age, Sentence Length, and Type of Crime on Recidivism
 Liang, Shu., Bellatty, Paul. and deHaan, Benjamin.

Effects of Parental Psychological Aggression on Youth: An Examination of Criminal and Antisocial Behavioral Outcomes
 Field, Carolyn. and Musante, Lee.

Effects of the Youth Matters Prevention Curriculum on Bullying and Aggression among Elementary School Students
 Jenson, Jeffrey. and Dieterich, William.

Effects on Public Safety of Measures to Reduce Criminal Opportunities: A Systematic Review
 Wittebrood, Karin.

Eight Lessons Learned from Moneyball: The High Cost of Ignoring Evidence-Based Correctional Practices
 Cullen, Francis., Latessa, Edward. and Myer, Andrew.

Elite Newspapers and Gun Control: The New York Times and The Washington Post
 Wilson, Harry.

Emotional pathways: The role of anger and depression as mediators between interpersonal strain and delinquency for girls
 Drummond, Holli.

Empowering Women Inmates: A Study of a Prison Therapeutic Community and Its Impact on the Coping Skills of Substance Abusing Women
 McDonald, Danielle.

Engineered Systematic Disparity? Assessing the Predictors of the Offense Seriousness Score for Federal Criminal Cases
 Kautt, Paula.

Enron Versus Michael Jackson: How Corporate Crime Resists Demonization
 Snider, Laureen.

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Facilitating "Public Judgment" about Crime and Punishment: The Role of Deliberative Polls
 Green, David.

Factors Affecting Perceptions of Campus and Community Safety
 Bumphus, Vic., Blakely, Curtis. and Newman, Travis.

Factors Associated with the Arming of Probation Officers: An Empirical Examination
 Roscoe, Thomas., Duffee, David., Rivera, Craig. and Smith, Tony.

Factors Influencing Recall of Violent Events
 Roberts, Jennifer. and Mulvey, Edward.

Factors Predicting the Victimization of Low-income Women: Does Worry about Victimization Matter?
 Alvi, Shahid. and Troshynski, Emily.

Factors Related to the Collection of Bio-Marker Data
 Loose, Pam.

Failing Parole: An Exploratory Study of Parolee Success and Failure in the Utah Prison System
 Gibbs, Ben., Armstrong, Anita. and Bahr, Stephen.

Familial Paternalism and Downward Departures in the Federal Courts
 Logue, Melissa.

Family Structure and Delinquency: Does Context Matter?
 Kierkus, Christopher. and Hewitt, John.

Family Structure and Delinquency: The Significance of Sibling Presence
 Clark-Miller, Jason., Kristie, Fisher. and Clark-Miller, Kristi.

Family Structure and Disproportionate Minority Contact
 Chang, Rosa.

Family TIES - Helping Inmates Transition Back into the Community
 Howard, Lisbeth., Doroski, Liz. and Burke, Cynthia.

Family and School-related Factors Predicting Arrest in Adolescence and Early Adulthood
 West, Emily.

Family violence and police response: Learning from research, policy and practice in European countries
 Smeenk, Wilma. and Malsch, Marijke.

Father’s Rights De-Legitimation Tactics and Their Reception in Canadian Child Custody and Domestic Violence Arenas
 Mann, Ruth.

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Gaining representative small sample in a qualitative study: A case Study of Israeli ex-prisoners
 Gideon, Lior.

Gang, Tagger, and Party Crew Members: A comparison of involvement in delinquency and risk factors
 Whitlock, Monica.

Gangs, guns, and employment: applying routine activities theory to explain violent victimization among inner city youth living in extreme poverty
 Spano, Richard. and Freilich, Joshua.

Gender Differences and Similarities in Intimate Partner Violence
 Melton, Heather.

Gender Differences and the Effect of Family Structure on Delinquency: Examining the Research
 Zoche, Kimberly.

Gender Differences in Coping: An Analysis of Chronic Strain and Crime
 Howerton, Amanda.

Gender Differences in Response to Stalking Victimization
 Kernsmith, Roger., Wilczak, Andrew. and Kalaian, Sema.

Gender, Desistance, and Illicit Drug Use
 Petrovic, Milena. and Thompson, Melissa.

Gender, Parental Control and Adolescent Drug Use: A Reexamination of Power-Control Theory
 Robbins, Cynthia., Enev, Tihomir., Oconnell, Daniel., Gealt, Roberta. and Martin, Steven.

Gender, Peers, and Informal Social Control
 Costello, Barbara. and Wilcox, Michelle.

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Differences among Risk Factors for Serious and Violent Juvenile Offending
 Johansson, Pernilla. and Kempf-Leonard, Kimberly.

Gender, Strain, and Family Context
 Sellers, Christine. and Sims-Blackwell, Brenda.

Gender, Threat/Control-Override Delusions and Violence
 Teasdale, Brent., Silver, Eric. and Monahan, John.

Gendered Definitions and Expectations: Their Influence on Outcomes in Women's Death Penalty Appeals
 Barron, Chana.

Gendered Differences in Binge Drinking, Drunk Driving, and Drug Use among College Students in a Midwestern City
 Bergeron, Lindsey.

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HIV: The Moral Verdict.
 Chaudhuri, Tanni.

Hacker School? A Qualitative Content Analysis of Computer Hacker Websites
 Hagan, Stephen.

Harm Reduction American Style: Interpreting the Theoretical Basis of Opiate Drug Interdiction Policy in the U.S.
 Dahlgren, Daniel. and Craft, Marina.

Harm Reduction and Just Deserts: Searching for Common Ground
 Potter, R.. and Smith, Linda.

Hartian Obligation and Criminology: Insights from Jurisprudence
 Rogan, Mary.

Has Community Policing Come of Age?
 Brookes, Stephen.

Hate Crime and Barriers to Victims' Willingness to Report: Experiences within Multi-Cultural London, England.
 Goodman, Anthony. and Loumansky, Amanda.

Hate Crimes in the Inland Empire: Explaining an Anomalous Pattern
 Grimes, Ruth-Ellen., Cameron, Christopher. and Turk, Austin.

Hate as a Social Problem: Problematizing Canadian Hate Crime Data Collection Processes
 Faulkner, Ellen.

Hazing: Bad Boys/Bad Girls. What Ya Gonna Do?
 Burke, Tod., Owen, Stephen. and Vichesky, David.

Hell Freezing Over: Broken Windows and Police Action Reclaiming NYC’s Port Authority Bus Terminal
 Moskos, Peter.

Hidden Injuries and Anxieties Amongst the British Public
 King, Anna. and Maruna, Shadd.

Hidden Strengths in Criminal Networks
 Morselli, Carlo. and Giguère, Cynthia.

High School Private Security and Protection Service Programs:
 Collins, Sue., Britto, Marwin. and Britto, Sarah.

High-Quality “Designer Marijuana” in New York City’s Retail Markets
 Sifaneck, Stephen.

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Identifying Patterns and Predictors of Early Adulthood Gun Ownership, Gun Carrying, and Crime
 Lizotte, Alan., Chu, Rebekah. and Krohn, Marvin.

Identifying Predictors of Student Weapon Carrying
 Watkins, Adam.

Identifying the Strain in School Delinquency: Is it students or teachers?
 Wallace, Lisa. and Patchin, Justin.

Identifying “Deterrable” Offenders in a Sample of Active Juvenile Offenders
 Urban, Lynn.

Identity Crisis? Negotiating Blackness in the British Police Force: A Regional Perspective
 Perry, Barbara. and John-Baptiste, Catherine.

Ignition Interlock License Restriction Programs: Reducing Recidivism - What Works?
 Rauch, William., Zador, Paul. and Ahlin, Eileen.

Illegal drugs and human rights in the Andes
 Thoumi, Francisco. and Navarrete, Carolina.

Immigrants and Perceptions of Crime and Violence in Twelve European Countries
 Semyonov, Moshe.

Immigration and Disorganization: Understanding the Direct and Indirect Effects of Immigration on Violence
 Stowell, Jacob.

Immigration and Migration in a National Security Era: A Critical Assessment and Agenda for Research
 Ismaili, Karim.

Impact of alcohol consumption on sexual victimization
 Liu, Jing.

Impact of the "War on Terror" on Police Staffing Nationally
 Hickman, Matthew.

Implementing a Comprehensive Program for Undergraduate Student Research
 Bufkin, Jana. and Luttrell, Vickie.

Implications of a Dynamic Human Rights Understanding of Human Nature
 Reed, Thomas.

In Search of Criminological Tradition: the Development of Criminology in Taiwan
 Jou, Susyan. and Hebenton, Bill.

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Job Training Programs and their Effect on Crime Rates
 McGrath, Shelly.

Journey the Crime: An Application of Crime Pattern Theory to Homicide Victimization and Perpetration
 Pizarro, Jesenia. and Piza, Eric.

Journey to Crime for Juvenile Burglary
 Craig-Moreland, Delores. and Masterson, Kyle.

Judicial Independence in the Bush Administration--Both Bush Administrations
 Israel, Michael.

Junior High and High Schools: "Recruiting-Grounds" for the Correctional System?
 Johnson, Deborah.

Just Dinner and a Movie? An Analysis of Online Call and Escort Service Advertisements
 Hendrix, Geraldine.

Justice Owed: The Nature, Causes and Implications of the “Invisible” Fugitive Caseload in American Courts
 Goldkamp, John., Vilcica, Elena Rely. and Weiland, Doris.

Justifying terrorist actions through propaganda campaigns: Defensive propaganda and the Provisional IRA
 Sarma, Kiran.

Juvenile Case Processing: Where Have All the Juveniles Gone?
 Rees, Carter. and Freng, Adrienne.

Juvenile Court Abolition and the Collateral Consequences of Using Adult Courts and Prisons with Children
 Kerbs, John.

Juvenile Court Actors’ Goals: The Effects of Personal Characteristics, Professional Roles, and Attitudes
 Kupchik, Aaron. and Ward, Geoff.

Juvenile Drug Court: Assessing Predictors of Success
 Skaggs, Sherry.

Juvenile Justice and Gender: The Changing Face of Female Delinquency
 Austin, Sabrina.

Juvenile Waiver to the Adult Criminal Court: Implications of Correctional Personnel Perspectives
 Johnson, Deborah.

Juvenile justice in the Netherlands: more repressive but still reluctant
 Van der Laan, Peter.

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Keeping Control While Reaching for Rehabilitation: Juvenile Hall Culture
 Thomas, Matthew.

Kidnapping and Sentencing: An Analysis of Modus Operandi of Kidnapping and Rational Choice Theory
 Yang, Shi-Lung. and Huang, Shihlung.

Korean Police Organizational Structure for COP Implementation: An Empirical Test of Organizational Management Structure of Decision-Making Process
 Lee, Chang-Hun. and Kim, Jung-Mi.


Labeling and Recidivism: A Quantitative Assessment of the Evidence
 Barrick, Kelle.

Latent-Class Trajectories of Homicide Rates in U.S. Cities: 1960-2000
 McCall, Patricia. and Land, Kenneth.

Law Enforcement Cadet Attitudes Toward Concealed Weapons Legislation
 Nobles, Matt.

Leaving Boot Camp: The Impact of Mandatory Aftercare on Offender Re-Entry
 Kurlychek, Megan. and Kempinen, Cynthia.

Legal Aid and Domestic Violence in Orange and Los Angeles Counties
 Valenzuela, Sylvia., Flores, Luis. and Hanano, Taryn.

Legal Counsel, Race, and Juvenile Court Outcomes: The Importance of Location
 Guevara, Lori. and Herz, Denise.

Legal Immigrants, Crime, and Segmented Assimilation
 Rasch, Dana.

Legal Issues Associated with Police-Probation Partnerships
 Murphy, David. and Worrall, John.

Legislative Waiver and Deterrence: Are Harsher Policies Effective in Reducing Offender Recidivism?
 Jordan, Kareem.

Legitimation Threat and the Feminization of the Workforce: Re-Working Rusche’s Labor-market Theory of Criminal Punishment
 Schupp, Paul.

Lessons Learned from Implementation of a Mental Health Court in a Large Suburban County
 Linhorst, Donald.

Life After “Life”: Wrongly Convicted But Never Truly Free
 Hornoff, J. Scott. and Zaitzow, Barbara.

Life Event Transitions and Self-Selected Turning Points: The Role of Education in the Delinquent Life-Course
 Blomberg, Thomas., Bales, Bill., Pesta, George. and Padgett, Kathy.

Life after Death Row: Coping Strategies of Death Row Exonerees
 Westervelt, Saundra. and Cook, Kimberly.

Life with the Possibility of Life: Mature Coping among Life-sentence Prisoners
 johnson, robert. and Dobrzanska, Ania.

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MAUP’ing up Crime: An Investigation of the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in Criminological Data
 Schubert, Janis. and Hayslett-McCall, Karen.

Mainstreaming Academic Integrity in the University Criminology/Criminal Justice Curriculum
 Engvall, Robert.

Making Discharge Planning Information Accessible: Development and Assessment of The Essex County Smart Book
 Mellow, Jeff.

Making Sense out of Nonsense: Support for Death Penalty among Those Who Think It's Unfair
 Williams, Dennis., McGhee, Meghan. and Sharp, Susan.

Making the Transition: Re-Entry and the Curtailment of Recidivism
 Gau, Jacinta M..

Male Adolescent Offenders and Their Delinquent Events: A Situational and Rational Choice Perspective
 Lopez, Vera.

Male Predominance In Criminal Behavior In The Life History Of University Students In 19 National Contexts
 Straus, Murray. and Dawson, Jean.

Managing Drug-Involved Offenders: An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Drug Court and Traditional Probation
 Koetse, Willem., Krebs, Christopher., Lindquist, Christine. and Lattimore, Pamela.

Managing alcohol related risks around licensed venues and the challenges facing collaborative community partnerships
 Wickes, Rebecca.

Mandatory Arrest as a Response to Domestic Violence: The Discord between Policy and Practice
 Mele, Marie.

Marine Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler and the Militarization of the Philadelphia Police: 1924-1925
 Leichtman, Ellen.

Mark X where the offender resides
 van der Kemp, Jasper., van Ruth, Esther. and Blokland, Arjan.

Maternal filicide: When a mother kills
 Savage, Jenna. and Bishop, Donna.

Mayberry Revisited: The Challenges Confronting America’s Small Jails
 Ruddell, Rick.

Measuring Long Term Drug Treatment Effects Using Latent Growth Curve Models
 Enev, Tihomir., Martin, Steven., Oconnell, Daniel. and Inciardi, James.

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Naming Oneself Criminal: Gender Difference in Offenders’ Identity Negotiation
 Geiger, Brenda. and Fischer, Michael.

National Study of the Impact of Technology on the Process of Criminal Investigation in Law Enforcement Agencies
 Scarborough, Kathryn., Frakes, Kelli. and Cordner, Gary.

Needs and Interests of Stakeholders in Restorative Justice
 Schiff, Mara.

Negotiating Circuits of Inclusion and Exclusion: Reconceptualizing Women's "Re-entry" /"Re-integration" Processes
 Pollack, Shoshana.

Neighborhood Ecology and Drug Dependence Mortality
 Hannon, Lance.

Neighborhood Effects on Juvenile Serious Offending in Wayne County, Michigan
 Ng, Irene.

Neighborhoods, Gangs, Drugs, and Violence
 Bellair, Paul. and McNulty, Thomas.

Neighborhoods, Quality of Parent-Child Relationships, and Peer Behaviors: Impacts on Delinquency in Children.
 Cannavo, Joanne. and Nochajski, Tom.

Neighborhoods, Reentry and Post-Release Supervision: An Analysis of an Ohio Sample
 Kowalski, Brian.

Network Intrusion and the Criminalization Process.
 Drew, Jack.

Neutralization Theory: Student Attitudes toward Digital Theft
 Wagner, Suzanne., Nyiri, Joseph. and Ireland, Timothy.

New Directions in Private Policing: The Emergence of Parapolicing British Style
 Button, Mark.

New Jersey’s Analysis of the Effect of GED Attainment on Inmate Recidivism
 Zgoba, Kristen.

New York City's Operation Spotlight: Targeting Active Repeat Misdemeanants in the Criminal Courts
 Solomon, Freda.

New and Old Punitiveness
 Bondeson, Ulla.

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Offenders’ Decision to Confess a Crime During Police Interrogation: Assessing the Role of Situational Factors
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine., St-Yves, Michel. and Proulx, Jean.

Offense Seriousness and Juvenile Justice Decision Making: Revisiting the Liberation Hypothesis
 Kwak, Dae-Hoon. and Hartley, Richard.

Officer Characteristics and Domestic Violence Schema
 DeJong, Christina., Burgess-Proctor, Amanda. and Elis, Lori.

Officer perception of community policing, an evaluation of data collected in the state of Ohio
 Altuntop, Serkan.

Officers Being Assaulted: Demographic and Circumstantial Considerations
 Situ, Yingyi., Liu, Peter. and Lyons, Kevin.

Oh, Canada! The crime drop North of the border
 Ouimet, Marc.

Oil and Water: Methodological Challenge of Ethnographic Inquiry and Undercover Policing
 librett, mitch.

On Riot and Resistance: A UK Perspective
 Evans, Karen.

On an Unfamiliar Land: Migrants and the Experience of Victimization
 Shaw, Victor.

On sex offender civil commitment: Offender perceptions and commitment characteristics
 Estes, Hilary.

On the Procedural Justice and Perceived Deterrence of Coerced Drug Treatment
 Mitchell, Ojmarrh. and Harrell, Adele.

Opportunity Theory and Agricultural Crime Victimization
 Mears, Daniel. and Scott, Michelle.

Oral Histories and Grounded Theory as Tools for a Gendered Approach to Crime and the Justice System
 Hanks, Roma. and Flynn, Nicole.

Organizational Change in Juvenile Justice Systems
 Young, Douglas., Moline, Karl. and Farrell, Jill.

Organizational Culture and Individual Values of Police Officers: An Assessment of Changes in the Reciprocal Relationship
 He, Phil., Zhao, Jihong. and Lovrich, Nicholas.

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POLICE: To Serve and To Protect with Integrity and Dignity - Nigeria LNG SPY-Police as Case Study
 Adeyemi, Femi-Collins. and Okpara, Menuchim.

Parameters of Homicide Rate Change: A City Level Analysis of the Epidemic Period
 Pearson-Nelson, Benjamin.

Parenting behind Bars: An Evaluation of the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women Parenting Program
 Sandifer, Jacquelyn.

Parents are to blame, unless the parent is me: Self-interest and parental responsibility laws
 Brank, Eve. and Johnson, Kristin.

Parolees with mental and co-occurring disorders: An analysis of services provided by correctional and community treatment professionals
 Estes, Hilary.

Partnership Between Camden Borough Police and Camden Victim Support
 Marsland, Lauren.

Pathways from dependency and neglect to delinquency in a Mid-Southern City
 Coleman-Davis, Veronica., Forde, David. and Verhine, Dan.

Patriarchy or Paternalism? Discourses on Motherhood in the Trials of Crimes against Children.
 Gurevich, Liena.

Patterns and Contextual Characteristics of Fatal and Nonfatal Violence against the Elderly
 Bachman, Ronet., Block, Carolyn. and Meloy, Michelle.

Patterns in the Police Disciplinary Process
 Rojek, Jeff. and Decker, Scott.

Patterns of Sentencing Disparity in Intimate and Non-Intimate Homicides
 Auerhahn, Kathleen.

Peacemaking as an alternative to original dispute resolution
 Herron, Dennis.

Peer Group Association and Victimization
 Tusinski, Karin. and Esbensen, Finn-Aage.

Penal Transportation in the 21st Century: Consequences of Contemporary Prison Abroad Programs
 Brown, Marilyn.

Perceived Racial Composition of Neighborhood and Public Perceptions of Crime Trends
 Hogan, Michael.

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Race and Juvenile Justice Decision Making in Three Jurisdictions
 Leiber, Michael., Johnson, Joe. and Fox, Kristan.

Race, Ethnicity and Avoiding the Label of Convicted Felon: A Multi-level Assessment
 Bontrager, Stephanie., Bales, Bill. and Chiricos, Ted.

Race, Ethnicity, and Sentencing Policy Transformation: The Effect of Eliminating Restraints on Upward Sentencing Discretion
 Crow, Matthew.

Race, Technology and Surveillance in Public Schools: School Resource Officers and the Re-Segregation of Public Schools
 Hallett, Michael.

Race, Violence and Opportunity
 Covington, Jeanette.

Racial Context, Levels of Violence, and White Racial Attitudes
 Baumer, Eric. and Stults, Brian.

Racial Differences in Attitude toward Juvenile Waiver to Adult Court: A Meta-Analysis
 Levett, Lora., Greathouse, Sarah. and Kovera, Margaret.

Racial Discrimination and Other Types of Strain: Assessing the Delinquency of Black and White Adolescents
 Dennis, Kimya. and Latimore, T..

Racial Profiling: How Do We Measure Over-Representation
 Bray, Timothy.

Racial Threat and Defense of Turf: Antiwhite and Antiblack Hate Crime in Chicago Communities
 Lyons, Christopher.

Racial Threat as an explanation for disparity in post-arrest incarceration outcomes
 Dexheimer, Daniel. and Stults, Brian.

Radical Reform or Blue Smoke and Mirrors? COMPSTAT and Organizational Change in Three Police Departments
 Willis, James., Mastrofski, Stephen. and Weisburd, David.

Randomized Controlled Trial of an Alcohol Misuse Brief Intervention for Violent Offenders.
 Shepherd, Jonathan. and Watt, Kerrianne.

Rape Work: Why 30 Years of Feminist Activism have Failed to Check Officials’ Harm to Victims
 Martin, Patricia.

Rapid Response: The Professional Model of Policing and Serving the Community
 Cohn, Ellen. and Terry, W..

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Sadistic sexual aggressors: Theoretical and clinical issues
 Proulx, Jean., Blais, Etienne. and Beauregard, Eric.

Sanctions Received by White Collar Offenders in the Savings and Loan Scandal
 Melzer, Sharon.

Scapegoating Game: Individual and Organization Interaction in Responses to Corporate Criminal Enforcement
 Wang, Ke.

School Crime, Police Presence, and What Police Ought to do in Schools: Contrasting Perspectives
 Coon, Julie Kiernan. and Travis III, Lawrence.

School Disorder and Adolescent Delinquency
 Scarpa, Juliet.

School Security, Student Fear and School Climate: Results From a National Study
 Phaneuf, Shannon.

School Violence and Safety in the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative
 Trudeau, James. and Morgan-Lopez, Antonio.

School mobility and serious delinquent behavior
 White, Norman. and Loeber, Rolf.

Schools as Organizations: Implications for Research on School Violence
 Nakama, Leigh.

Secondary Victimization Among Families of Homicide Victims: Criminal Justice System Responses to Homicide Co-Victims' Psychological Adjustment and Service Utilization
 Reed, Mark., Sims-Blackwell, Brenda., Beck, Elizabeth. and Britto, Sarah.

Secondary Victims: Families of Convicted Sex Offenders
 Farkas, Mary Ann.

Securing the City through Networks: A Case Study
 Dupont, Benoit. and Mulone, Massimiliano.

Security as a goal for community work
 Baillergeau, Evelyne.

Selection Bias in Criminological Research: Problems, Prospects and the Relevance of the Heckman Two-Step Estimator
 Bushway, Shawn., Johnson, Brian. and Slocum, Lee.

Self-Control and Selection into Adult Turning Points
 Chapple, Constance. and Bersani, Bianca.

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Teaching Criminology: Current Trends in Introductory Sociology Textbooks
 Featherstone, Richard.

Teaching In and Out: A Look at Education in San Quentin
 Richman, Kim.

Teaching and Being New Faculty: Divergent Roles in Unfamiliar Territory
 Pizio, William.

Teaching behind the Wall: More Than an Education
 Rocheleau, Ann Marie.

Technical Violations, Sanctions, and Post-Prison Supervision Outcomes: Findings from Ohio
 Martin, Brian.

Teen Relationship Violence: An Examination of Juvenile Court Cases and Interventions
 Sagatun-Edwards, Inger.

Terrorism and the Birth of Israel
 Camp, Damon. and Fuller, Frank.

Terrorist Incident Reporting: How Much Don’t We Know?
 Anarumo, Mark. and Sedelmaier, Christopher.

Testing Control Balance Theory’s Predictions Regarding the Causes of General Deviance and Control Balance Desirability
 Bossler, Adam.

Testing Moffitt's Hypotheses and the General Theory of Crime
 Tsutomi, Hiroshi.

Testing a rational choice model of gang resistance: Heuristics of criminal decision making
 Kim, KiDeuk.

Testing an Integrated Sociological and Social Psychological Model
 Terrell, Nathaniel.

Testing for the Relationship between Cocaine Use and the Decline in Violence in Urban America
 Maxwell, Christopher., Zhang, Yan. and Maxwell, Sheila.

Testing the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Sentencing: An Experimental Design
 Podkopacz, Marcy., Eckberg, Deborah., Zehm, Keri. and Kubits, Gina.

Testing the War on Drugs: Are We Catching the Drug Dealers or Just "Pissing" the Money Away?
 Nunn, Samuel. and Quinet, Kenna.

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U-rine the Money: How Drug Testing Has Spawned Internet Steroid and Detox Product Sales.
 Finley, Peter. and Finley, Laura.

Understanding "What Works": A Qualitative Evaluation of Cognitive Behavior Programs for Adult Male Prisoners
 Clarke, Alan., Simmonds, Rosemary. and Wydall, Sarah.

Understanding Breaches of Probation: An Examination of Juvenile Offences against the Administration of Justice in Canada
 Pulis, Jessica E.. and Schulenberg, Jennifer.

Understanding How Structural Effects Can Contribute to Sentencing Disparities
 Lansing, Sharon.

Understanding Police Response to Terrorism-Related Incidents: An Evaluation of a Local Police Department
 Grillo, Michele.

Understanding Sexual Victimization: Using Medical Provider Data to Describe the Nature and Context of Sexual Crime in Massachusetts
 Fallon, Robert. and Lawrence, Sarah.

Understanding South Asian Women and Intimate Partner Violence
 Banerjee, Baishakhi.

Understanding Spirituality and the Motivation for Treatment Within Prisoner Reentry
 Wolff, Ashley., Roman, Caterina. and Mears, Daniel.

Understanding the "Unusual": Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Detection in a Canadian Financial Institution
 Iafolla, Vanessa.

Understanding the Interstate Corrections Compact: Making Necessary Distinctions Between Inmate Banishment and Inmate Transportation in American Penal Policy
 Swan, Robert.

Understanding the Nature of White-collar Crime
 Liu, Haiyan.

Understanding the Offender: An Exploration of the White-Collar Criminal
 Wall, April. and Kane, John.

Understanding the Psychosocial Development of "Defended" and "Corporate" Neighborhoods: Implications for Situational Policing
 Kirby, Jeri., Nolan III, James. and Conti, Norman.

Understanding the Recent Decline in Washington, D.C. Homicide: Investigating the Hypothesis of Displacement
 mervis, brett.

Understanding the Relationship between Violent Victimization and Gang Membership
 Katz, Charles., Shaffer, Jennifer. and Webb, Vincent.

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Validity of Self-Reported Information from Prisoners in a Modified Therapeutic Community
 Hiller, Matthew. and Narevic, Egle.

Validity of the Danger Assessment: Data from the RAVE (Risk Assessment Validation Experiment) Study
 Campbell, Jacquelyn., Webster, Daniel., O\'Sullivan, Chris., Roehl, Janice., Lary, Heidi. and Mahoney, Patricia.

Valued Victims or Valued Offenders: Community Context and Murder Case Disposition
 Fearn, Noelle.

Variations in Traffic Enforcement: An Analysis of Citation and Warning Patterns
 Andresen, W.., Farrell, Amy. and McDevitt, Jack.

Victim Empowerment and the Criminal Justice System: How Victims Reestablish Control Over Their Lives.
 Cyr, Katie.

Victim Narratives, Legal Assistance, and Civil Protection Orders
 Durfee, Alesha.

Victim Recovery: How Is It Affected by Victims' Experiences in the Criminal Justice System?
 Wemmers, Jo-Anne.

Victimization on a College Campus: Demographic Characteristics Related to Risk
 Williams, Laverne. and Beaulieu, Mark.

Victims’ Satisfaction with Orders of Restitution
 Hoskins, Stacy., Cares, Alison. and Ruback, R..

Vignette Analysis: The Long and the Short of it.
 Phillips, Scott.

Violations of Girlhood, Then and Now: A Replication Study after 15 Years
 Robinson, Robin.

Violence Intervention: The Role of Outreach Workers with Felony Convictions in Reaching the Highest Risk
 Hardiman, Tio., Quintana, Elena. and Slutkin, Gary.

Violence and Political Transition in Haiti
 Camilien, Nixon.

Violence and Victimization of Caribbean Women
 Richards-Ekeh, Kaylene.

Violence of Empire
 Iadicola, Peter.

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Wetterling, Massachusetts and Sex Offender Registries: A Call for “Public Safety” In Lieu of Efficacy?
 Wright, Richard.

What Characteristics are Present in Female Graduates of Criminal Justice and Fire Science Degree Programs
 Gordier, Paige. and Heyns, Terry.

What Happens to Kids Who Kill Parents: A Follow-Up Study
 Heide, Kathleen. and Solomon, Eldra.

What Works With Women Sex Offenders?
 Matravers, Amanda.

What, Me Worry? Low Self-Control and Stress
 Thompson, Kevin. and Brownfield, David.

When Do Women See Imprisonment as Beneficial?
 Vachon, David. and Gartner, Rosemary.

When Ideology and Economic Reality Clash: State-Level Management of Mass Incarceration and Budget Cuts
 Kunkel, Karl.

When Problem Drinkers Pour: Alcoholic Beverage Servers' Willingness to Serve Patrons beyond Intoxication
 reiling, denise. and Nusbaumer, Michael.

When is a crime a crime? Media Construction of Financial and Securities Frauds
 Evans, T.D..

When the Policy Becomes the Problem: Criminal Justice Policy in the New Millennium
 Steen, Sara. and Bandy, Rachel.

Who Knows? Adolescents’ Choice of Confidant in Sexual Abuse Cases
 Stein, Rachel. and Nofziger, Stacey.

Who Resists Crime?
 Tark, Jongyeon. and Kleck, Gary.

Who, What and Why: Examining the Motivations of Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse
 Farley, Erin., Oconnell, Daniel., Martin, Steven., Gealt, Roberta. and Robbins, Cynthia.

Whoppers of Mass Dimensions (WMD): Presidential Rhetoric, Moral Panic and the War in Iraq
 Bonn, Scott.

Who’s the Terrorist? Environmental Activists and the Contestation of “Ecoterrorism”
 Laurendeau, Jason. and Van Brunschot, Erin.

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Young Homicide Offenders in Chicago
 Vogt, Kimberly. and Block, Carolyn.

Youth Gangs and Youth Gang Violence in South Wales
 Maher, Jennifer.

Youth Gangs of Toronto? Matters of Definition, Questions of Behavior
 Tanner, Julian. and Wortley, Scott.

Youth Substance Use as a Predictor of Youth Violence: A Gender-Specific Analysis
 Boyd, Rebecca. and Myers, David.

You’re Only as Old as the State Says You Are: Examining Juvenile Court Jurisdiction in Connecticut
 Bruce, Alan. and Severance, Theresa.


Zeroing in on early arrest onset: Results from a population of extreme career criminals
 DeLisi, Matt.
American Society of Criminology 2005-Nov-15 to 2005-Nov-19
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