American Society of Criminology (ASC) 2006-Oct-31 to 2006-Nov-04

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"A Liberal Is Someone Who Has Not Been Mugged": Criminal Victimization and Political Beliefs
 Unnever, James., Cullen, Francis. and Fisher, Bonnie.

"Domestic and International Trafficking in Human Beings: Sex and Body Part Trades."
 Ebbe, Obi.

"Here, we ARE the Police": On Security Officers' Self Perceptions as "Parapolice"
 Manzo, John.

"If I Can't Have You, No One Can:" An Analysis of the Creation of Anti-Stalking Laws and its Efficacy
 Simms, Odessa.

"Intelligence For Dummies"!...An argument for including “intelligence” courses in a comprehensive criminal justice program
 Kibitlewski, J..

"It's Just White, Black or Hispanic": An Ethnography of Racializing Moves in California's Segregated Prisons
 Goodman, Philip.

"Population Clustering & the Ruralification of Registered Sex Offenders in Mississippi Counties"
 Choo, Tae. and Klingfuss, Jeffrey.

"Racing" Racial Profiling Research -- Is a Qualitative Approach the Answer?
 Glover, Karen.

"Self-Policing": Inmates Perceptions of Safety in Prison
 Cheeseman, Kelly. and Lee, Hee Young.

"The McDonaldization of corrections and the examination of perceived managerial autonomy among Texas wardens"
 deal, alicia. and Johnson, Wesley.

"The Veil of Law and the Mask of Facts: Capital Trial Prosecutors and the Hegemony of the American Creed”
 Kaplan, Paul.

"Why Crime Rates Fell" Revisited
 Davey, Joseph.

10 years of The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: US Reflections on the Benefits of 'Carnival Mirror' Criminology
 Leighton, Paul.

2. Behavioural Contexts and Victimisation.
 Oberwittler, Dietrich. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

‘Asian’ Criminality in the U.K: Folk Devils and Moral Panics?
 Parmar, Alpa.

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A 100 Years of Culture Conflict, Immigration and Crime: Old Explanations, New Applications
 Vang, Zoua.

A 10th Grader, with an Internet Connection, and 30 Minutes
 Snyder, Howard.

A Balanced Marijuana Policy in New York City: Less Detention and Disparity while Maintaining Civic Norms
 Johnson, Bruce., Golub, Andrew., Dunlap, Eloise. and Sifaneck, Stephen.

A Cautionary Tale: Data Access and Data Sources in Indiana
 Wiest, Katharina.

A Comparative Analysis of Sexual Assault in the United States, Canada, and England
 Carson, Catie.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

A Comparative Cross-national Content Analysis of Terrorism News Coverage
 Ali, Mohammad. and Gruenewald, Jeff.

A Comparison of Domestic Homicide in two Metropolitan Areas
 DeJong, Christina., Pizarro, Jesenia. and McGarrell, Edmund.

A Comparison of Latino and White Satisfaction with Police
 McCluskey, John., McCluskey, Cynthia. and Enriquez, Roger.

A Comparison of Methods for Analyzing Criminological Panel Data
 Phillips, Julie. and Greenberg, David.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023] [024]
 [025] [026] [027]

A Contextual Effects Model for Understanding the Causes and Correlates of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted In the Line of Duty
 Faggiani, Donald., Bibel, Daniel. and Fridell, Lorie.

A Critical Evaluation of Instruments Used to Assess Risks and Needs of Delinquent Girls
 Riehman, Kara.

A Cross-National Comparison of Right-to-Die Legislation: Emerging Issues
 Titterington, Victoria. and Schraufnagel, Scot.

A Cross-National Test of Bonger’s Theory of Criminality and Economic Conditions
 Antonaccio, Olena. and Tittle, Charles.

A Delicate Balance: Free Speech or Regulation and Protection of Children from Violent Media in the Video Game Industry
 Hager, Robert. and Miller, Monica.

A Descriptive Analysis of Less-than-Lethal Use of Force in a Medium Sized Police Department
 Cox, Terry. and Green, Joey.

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Back Toward DuBois: Reconsidering the Relationship Between Race and Crime
 Jones, Nikki.

Background Characteristics And Motivational Factors Of Turkish Hezbollah Terrorist Group As A Religiously Motivated Terror Organization
 Sevinc, Bilal. and McGarrell, Edmund.

Bars, Taverns, Clubs and DUIs: A County-Level Spatial Analysis of Per-Capita Drinking Establishments and Drunk Driving Arrest Rates
 Rookey, Bryan. and Schwartz, Jennifer.

Battery in Brazil
 Tennyson, Kristin., Parker, Karen. and Gover, Angela.

Bayes Factors and Bayes-Generated Likelihood Ratios to Evaluate the Static 99 Scale for Predicting Sexual Offense Recidivism
 Mieczkowski, Thomas.

Becoming a Marijuana User: Peers, Social Interaction, and Rational Choice
 Kreager, Derek. and Matsueda, Ross.

Behavioral consistency among single offense and serial offense rapists: Behavior evidence and its implications for rape investigation
 Frei, Autumn.

Behavioural Contexts, Individual Differences and Adolescent Crime. A Multi-Level Study
 Osgood, D.. and Wikstrom, Per-Olof.

Behind Bars: Assessing Sociodemographic Factors, Childhood Victimization Status and Legal Representation Among a Sample of Jail Inmates
 McGee, Zina., Joseph, Ebone. and Jackson, Corinne.

Benchmarks in an Urban Setting: A Comparison of Traffic Observations and Residential Census Populations
 Tillyer, Rob., Engel, Robin., Frank, James. and Klahm IV, Charles.

Bencmarks in Racial Profiling Research: A Critique of Existing Methods with Data from Washington State
 Mosher, Clayton., Pratt, Travis., Pickerill, Mitch., Lovrich, Nicholas. and Gaffney, Michael.

Best Practices in Gender Specific Juvenile Corrections: An Evaluation of the Betty Marler Center
 Moseley, IvyAyn.

Best Practices in Juvenile Justice Education
 Van Slyke, Shanna. and Jensen, Elise.

Between Guilt and Innocence: Settlement of Cases Through Deferred Prosecution Agreements
 Gruner, Richard.

Beyond Criminology? Taking harm seriously
 Tombs, Steve.

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COMMUNITY REPRESENTATION:Who is speaking for the community?
 Althouse, Ron., Kirby, Jeri. and Nolan III, James.

COPS Training: Comparing Across Curricula
 Chappell, Allison.

Cameras in Public Spaces: A Capable Guardian?
 Bray, Timothy.

Can Democracy Improve Native Justice?
 Okafo, Nonso.

Can the Police Outsmart the Terrorists?
 Clarke, Ronald. and Newman, Graeme.

Can you hear me now? Oral communication in Criminal Justice
 Burke, Tod., Fradella, Henry. and Joplin, Jerry.

Can't We All Get Along?: Collaboration in the Criminal Justice System
 Rocheleau, Ann Marie.

Capital Punishment and Capital Murder – A Market Share Test of Deterrence Theory
 Fagan, Jeffrey., Zimring, Franklin. and Geller, Amanda.

Caribbean Women: Issues of Victimization, Isuues of Caribbean Justice by Kaylene Richards-Ekeh, PHD
 Richards-Ekeh, Kaylene.

Case Comparison of One-Year Mental Health Court Outcomes: Unfunded vs. Funded Courts
 Crilly, John., Cerulli, Catherine. and Hall, Dale.

Case Volume Effects on Courtroom Decision Making: Trial Court Conviction and Prison Rates
 Lansing, Sharon.

Categories of Stalking Tactics and Their Associations with Intimate Partner Violence
 Yazykova, Katya., Raghavan, Chitra. and O\'Connor, Maureen.

Causal Attributions and Criminological Theory: Testing a Model of Public Punitiveness
 Templeton, Laura. and Hartnagel, Timothy.

Celebreality: The Perpetuation of Celebrity Stalking in Western Society
 Christiansen, Kirsten., Dank, Meredith., Patten, Meredith. and Wu, Amanda.

Census of Medical Examiner and Coroner Offices
 Strom, Kevin.

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DUI Arrest Patterns Have Changed, but has DUI Behavior? Sex-by-Age Disaggregated Trends in Drunk Driving in the US, 1980-2000
 Schwartz, Jennifer. and Rookey, Bryan.

Data Collection for the NADCE Longitudinal Offender Survey
 Lindquist, Christine. and Fahrney, Kristine.

Day Reporting Centers for Parolees from Juvenile Institutions: Implementation Issues and Preliminary Outcomes
 Sullivan, Mercer., Margaryan, Satenik. and McCann, Ellen.

De-Democratization and the Rise of Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
 Barker, Vanessa.

Death Knell for the Death Penalty in the States of the United States?
 Ingram, Jefferson.

Death Squads as a Reflection of Government: Analyzing the Relationship between Death Squads and State Strength
 Conley-Monroe, Erin.

Debating Outcomes and Mechanisms: Preliminary Results From the Inside-Out Participatory Evaluation Project
 Draine, Jeffrey. and Dunn, Kerry.

Decertifying Certified Youth: Examining the Interaction Effects of Court Outcome Models
 Jordan, Kareem.

Declines in Police Officer Satisfaction with Pepper Spray: An Assessment of the ‘Honeymoon Effect’
 Kaminski, Robert. and Adang, Otto.

Declining self-report delinquency: Alternative Interpretations
 Arooma, kauko.

Deconstructing Social Construction of Prejudice in the Classroom
 Garcia, Venessa. and Boyd-Jackson, Sharon.

Deconstructing ‘Crime’ Through Song: Afrobeat, Reggae and Hip Hop Musicianship
 Saleh-Hanna, Viviane.

Defendant Perceptions of Fairness in Traditional and Community Courts
 Frazer, M..

Defining Social Harm
 Pemberton, Simon.

Deliberating Science: A Qualitative Analysis of Jurors’ Comprehension and Use of Contested Statistical DNA Evidence
 Farley, Erin.

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Early Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse in Taiwan: An Expert Focus Group
 Chien, Mei-hua. and Kuan, Kuei-chen.

Earning a GED and the Risk of Recidivism
 Jensen, Eric. and Reed, Gary.

Ecological Correlates of Police Misconduct in Trinidad and Tobago
 Snipes, Jeffrey.

Education and Literacy of Prison Inmates: Results of the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy
 Greenberg, Elizabeth.

Education on Lockdown: Curriculum Tracking, Zero Tolerance Policies and Delinquency among African American and Latino Youth
 Johnson, Kecia.

Educational Achievement and Delinquency Desistance
 Blomberg, Thomas., Bales, William. and Waid, Courtney.

Educational Achievement and Delinquency Transition
 Blomberg, Thomas., Bales, William., Pesta, George. and Berk, Richard.

Educational and Mental Health Status of Incarcerated Youth: An Empirical Investigation
 Krezmien, Michael.

Effect of Offense Severity on Sexual Assault Case Processing
 Postle, Greg.

Effect of Race on Sexual Assault Case Processing
 Snodgrass, G. Matthew.

Effect of Severity of Injuries on Sexual Assault Case Processing
 Rosay, Andre.

Effect of Some Socioeconomic Issues on Terrorism
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
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 [025] [026] [027] [028] [029] [030] [031] [032]

Effect of the Family Life and Alcohol Use on the Early Onset of the Delinquency and Crime
 tatil, serkan., BASIBUYUK, OGUZHAN. and Karakus, Onder.

Effectiveness of Drug Testing in Drug Courts: A Case Study in Southern California
 Polzer, Katherine.

Effectiveness of the 52-week Batterers' Treatment Program
 Baba, Yoko.

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Facility- and Individual-Level Risk Patterns in Suicide Deaths in Juvenile Justice Residential Racilities
 Gallagher, Catherine.

Fact or Fiction: Hollywood’s Perception of Capital Punishment versus Statistical Reality
 San Miguel, Claudia., Lee, Jenifer. and Castle, Tammy.

Factors Associated with Wife-Beating in Kenya
 Kimuna, Sitawa. and Djamba, Yanyi.

Factors Influencing Death Sentences in Pennsylvania: An Exploration of Race and Gender Issues
 Martin, Jamie., Roberts, Jennifer., Pierce, Mari Beth., Carter, Lisa. and Boyer, Jennifer.

Factors Influencing the Recommitment of Juvenile Offenders to Adult Prisons
 Shook, Jeffrey.

Factors Influencing the Use of Blended Sentencing in Two States
 Cheesman II, Fred., Hurst IV, Hunter,., Waters, Nicole., Maggard, Scott. and Peters, Tracy.

Factors Related to Junior High Students’ Dropout Behavior: A Case of Tainan City in Taiwan
 Tung, Yuk-Ying.

Factors that Influence Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse
 Terry, Karen. and Tallon, Jennifer.

False Negatives in Juvenile Gambling Survey Research
 Leigey, Margaret., O\'Connell, Daniel., Hodge, Jessica., Martin, Steven. and Gealt, Roberta.

Familial Homicides: Does the Victim-Offender Familial Relationship Impact the likelihood of receiving a Capital Sentence?
 Evans, Katharine. and Cochran, John.

Family Conflict, Negative Emotion, Personal and Social Resources, and Delinquency
 Hollist, Dusten.

Family Functioning and Offending Trajectories
 Hoeve, Machteld., Loeber, Rolf. and Stouthamer-Loeber, Magda.

Family TIES: The Effectiveness of a Re-entry Program for Returning Probationers
 Keaton, Sandy. and Burke, Cynthia.

Fascism and Violence: The Victimimzation of America
 Calathes, William.

Fatality Review: Understanding Homicide, Suicide and Homicide-Suicide Triggers and Conditions
 Gregory, Carol., Eith, Christine., Baer-Bigley, Linda. and Clements, Toni.

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Gang-Problem Trends in the United States
 Egley, Jr., Arlen. and Ritz, Christina.

Gangs and the Prison Community
 Thompkins, Douglas. and Ko, Jae.

Gender And Parenting In Prevention And Treatment Of Partner Violence: The Evidence And The Denial
 Straus, Murray.

Gender Differences in Dating Motivations and IPV
 Cruz, Giovanna., Raghavan, Chitra. and Collado, Lillian.

Gender Differences in School-Related Predictors of Student Deviance
 Payne, Allison.

Gender Dynamics and Female Victimization within Homeless Youth Street Families
 Smith, Hilary.

Gender Responsive Treatment for Women Offenders: Overcoming Research Barrier

Gender Symmetry and Victim Responses to IPV
 Gates, Kathleen., Raghavan, Chitra. and Kavanagh, Ann Marie.

Gender and Jurisdiction Effects on Police Decision to Issue a Citation
 Robinson, Jennifer., Farrell, Amy. and Andresen, W..

Gender and Scholarly Productivity
 Kuanliang, Attapol., Rodriguez, John., Snell, Clete. and Sorensen, Jon.

Gender and the Acquisition of Self-Control
 Chapple, Constance. and Johnson, Katherine.

Gender and the Aftermath of Crime for Relatives of Serious Offenders
 Condry, Rachel.

Gender and the Body Canvas: Analyzing the Portrayal of Tattooed Women on Educational Television Programs
 Anastasia, Desire. and Leighton, Paul.

Gender in Serial Homicide: Male Serial Homicide Offenders and their Female Victims
 Sporer, Celia. and Salfati, C. Gabrielle.

Gender, Delinquency, and Power-Control Theory: Additional Considerations of Structure and Agency
 De Coster, Stacy. and Cornell, Rena.

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HIV Risk Behaviors Following Release from Prison: Treatment, Ethnicity, and Post-Release Drug Abuse
 Hiller, Matthew., Kelly, Christopher., Saum, Christine. and Knight, Kevin.

HIV, Public Health, and Corrections: Policies and Implications
 Kelly, Christopher. and Hiller, Matthew.

Harmonizing Restorative Justice Values, Programmes, and Whole School Culture
 Solinas, Jennifer.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019]

Hate Crimes as Message Crimes: Understanding Harm and the Impact of Hate
 Lim, Helen.

Health Outcomes of Violence
 Campbell, Jacquelyn. and Fredland, Nina.

Hedonic Calculus: Do Self Restraint Desire and Perceived Sanctions Matter?
 Vazsonyi, Alexander. and Chen, Pan.

Hell's Bells: Measuring the Impact of Sexual Offender Notification on Community Adoption of Protective Behaviors
 Bandy, Rachel.

Helpful or Harmful? The Effect of Teen Court on Recidivism
 Povitsky, Wendy.

Heroin Trafficking Networks in New York City: How Do They Operate?
 Natarajan, Mangai.

Hidden Apartheid: The Status of Dalits or "Untouchables" in India
 Kethineni, Sesha. and Falcone, David.

High Tolerance: Legal Identities and Comparative Drug Policy Reform
 Kelmes, M.A., Glenda.

Historical Analysis of the Virginia Dept. of Correctional Education's Incarcerated Youth Offender Program: Practical Implications
 Lichtenberger, Eric.

Historical Origins of a Cross-National Puzzle: Homicide in Finland, 1750-2000
 Lehti, Marti., Savolainen, Jukka. and Kivivuori, Janne.

Home Burglar Alarm Impact Study
 Lee, Seungmug.

Homicide Constellations and Weapons Used Homicide Constellations and Weapons Used
 killias, martin.

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I, my parents, and my friends: Attitudes, substance use, and gambling among Delaware students
 Enev, Tihomir., Gealt, Roberta., Martin, Steven. and O\'Connell, Daniel.

 Land, Kenneth., Teske, Jr., Raymond. and Zheng, Hui.

Identifying Good Cops Early: Predicting Recruit Performance in the Academy
 White, Michael.

Identifying Obscure Manipulations: An Analysis of Online Chat Room Transcripts Between Internet Predators and Adolescents
 Marcum, Catherine.

Identifying Prison Moralities
 Liebling, Alison.

Identifying the Links Between White-collar Crime and Terrorism
 Kane, John. and Wall, April.

Identifying the Psychological Factors that Mediate the Effect of Parenting Practices on Risk for Delinquency
 Simons, Ronald. and Simons, Leslie.

Identity Theft: First Estimates from the NCVS
 Baum, Katrina.

Identity Transformation in Stigmatized Groups
 Christian, Johnna. and Veysey, Bonita.

If the Neighborhood Fits: A Study of Neighborhood Characteristics of Ex-Offenders
 Shah, Rita.

Ignoring History:the lessons of Penal Reform
 Hayman, Stephanie.

Illegal Corporate Behavior: An Organizational Perspective
 Wang, Xia. and Holtfreter, Kristy.

Illegal Gun Markets and Federal Firearms Licensees: Indicators of Corruption
 Wintemute, Garen.

Illegal Strategies Used by Male and Female Professed Compulsive Gamblers to Support Excessive Gambling
 Monroe, Kurt.

Illicit Markets, Economics, Democracy, and Justice.
 Will, Susan.

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Jail Time or Prison Time: Which Factors Matter for the Sentence Length Decision using an Expanded Definition of the Total Incarceration Variable?
 Harrington, Michael. and Spohn, Cassia.

Job Stressors, Frustrations, and Possible Solutions among Campus Police Chiefs
 Hwang, Eui-Gab. and Benson, Bruce.

Journey to Co-offending: Examining the geography of illicit drug production networks
 Malm, Aili. and Pollard, Nahanni.

Judging Youth in Schools: School Punishment and the Maintenance of Order
 Salcido, Olivia. and Kupchik, Aaron.

Judging the Effectiveness of Wildlife Law Enforcement Agency Poaching Hotlines
 Green, Egan.

Judicial Ritual, Crime Myths, and Photojournalism in China
 Li, Ke.

June 2006 Report of the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons
 Bowman, Michela.

Jury Representativeness
 Sarver III, Robert. and Lyons, Philip.

Juvenile Firesetters: Classification and Intervention
 Boberg, Janet., Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Niles, Mike.

Juvenile Stalkers: The Evolution of the Jennifer Act at the State and Federal Level and the Characteristics of Florida Youth Charged Since 2001.
 Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique.

Juvenile Station Adjustments: Effects of Formalized Policy on Police Practices and Recidivism
 Hellenga, Kate. and Lim, Noriel.

Juvenile co-offending networks: Considering specialization and variation
 McGloin, Jean., Bacon, Sarah. and Piquero, Alex.


Kate Boyle: Remembrances of the Great Trajedy
 Gido, Rosemary.

Killing in Context: Exploring the Nexus between Death Penalty Support and Abortion Opposition
 Wiecko, Filip. and Gau, Jacinta M..

Knights, Social Workers, and Mercenaries: The Attorney-Client Relationship in Clergy Sexual Abuse Litigation
 Balboni, Jennifer. and Bishop, Donna.

Knowledge and Perception of Community Notification and Registration Laws among John Jay College Students
 Ackerman, Alissa.


Labor Market Stigma in a Forward Looking Model of Criminal Behavior
 Pantano, Juan.

Labor Surplus and Criminal Punishment: Evaluating Disparate Effects of Sentencing & Incarceration Rates in the Local Economy Using the Rusche & Kirchheimer Hypothesis
 Jackson, Henry.

Land Use and Crime
 Stucky, Thomas. and Ottensmann, John.

Landlord Attitudes Towards Renting to Released Offenders
 Clark, Lynn.

Language Development and Self-Control in Young Children
 Myer, Andrew.

Language Development as a Correlate of Adolescent Behavior Problems.
 Ford, Sabrina., Farah, Martha., Hurt, Hallam. and Brodsky, Nancy.

Late-Modern Militarism: Theorizing Police Punitiveness
 Kraska, Peter.

Latino Homicide: Disentangling the Circumstances of Lethal Altercations
 Varano, Sean., Cancino, Jeffrey. and Schafer, Joseph.

Latinos, Violence, and Local Context: Examining the Effects of Demographic Shifts and Social Structural Changes on Homicide
 Martinez, Jr., Ramiro., Stowell, Jacob., Chavez, Jorge. and Griffiths, Elizabeth.

Law, Society, and Capital Punishment in Asia
 Johnson, David.

Lay participation in Japanese Criminal Trials and Citizen’s Attitudes toward Legal Profession
 Okada, Yoshinori.

Leadership Development for Law Enforcement Personnel : A Cross National Comparison
 Haberfeld, Maria., Ortmeier, P.J.. and Morreale, Steve.

Leading horses to water and helping them to drink
 Jones-Brown, Delores.

Learning is Messy! - Affect and Teaching/Learning thorugh the Internet
 Takata, Susan. and Curran, Jeanne.
 [001] [002]

Learning to be dangerous: Understanding the relationship between parental violence, perceptions of danger, and delinquency
 Frederick, Tyler., McCarthy, Bill. and Hagan, John.

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Mail Ordering a Bride Now Requires Forfeiting Rights to Privacy and Free Speech: Determining a More Constitutional Approach for the Criminal Justice System
 Jehle, Alayna. and Miller, Monica.

Making Effective Use of State and Local Data Sources: Drug Court Evaluations in Michigan
 Marchand, Gwen.

Making Murder News
 Greer, Chris. and McLaughlin, Eugene.

Making Punishment Policy in Contemporary Japan
 Miyazawa, Setsuo.

Making the Text Real: Research Projects and Classroom Assimilation
 Petrocelli, Matthew., Oberweis, Trish., Dirks-Linhorst, P.., Cannon, Kevin. and Maatita, Florence.

Making the Transition: Programs and Procedures in Pennsylvania to Assist in Juvenile Offender Reintegration
 Marcum, Catherine. and Burke, Alison.

Male and Female Arrest Rates: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Neighborhood Context
 Gauthier, Jane. and Miethe, Terry.

Male and Female Rural Probationers: Predictors of Arrest across Time
 Oser, Carrie., Leukefeld, Carl. and Tindall, Michele.

Male criminal behavior and sexual violence toward intimates
 Gates, Kathleen., Raghavan, Chitra., Kavanagh, Ann Marie. and Rajah, Valli.

Managers' Decision-Making Processes of Labor Violations in Packaging Industry: A Test of Rational Choice Model
 Liu, Haiyan.

Managing Violence in California Prisons: Understanding Organizational Constancy and Change Through Prison Violence Policies
 Sumner, Jennifer.

Mandating Treatment: A Implementation Evaluation of Kansas' Mandatory Community-Based Drug Treatment Program
 Stemen, Donald. and Rengifo, Andres.

Mapping Prisoners Children: A Portrait of New Jersey
 Muhammad, Bahiyyah.

Mapping Security Governance: The ‘Nexus Policing’ Project in Victoria, Australia
 Wood, Jennifer.

Mass Victimization, Peacemaking and Human Dignity
 Weitekamp, Elmar. and Parmentier, Stephan.

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NIJ's Data Resources Program and the NACJD
 Wilson, Ronald. and Maxwell, Christopher.

Nagging Worries about Fear of Crime, Incivilities, and Spatial Patterning
 Wyant, Brian.

National Borders as Social Harm: Immigration and Injustice in an Age of Corprotocracy
 Michalowski, Raymond.

National Center for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)
 LaFree, Gary. and Dugan, Laura.

Nationwide Analysis of State-level Education Policies in Juvenile Corrections
 Mulcahy, Candace.

Native American justice overview
 Nielsen, Marianne., Luna-Firebaugh, Eileen., Meyer, Jon\'a., Perry, Barbara., Gould, Larry. and Archambeault, William.

Natural Resource Theft in Southern Africa
 Warchol, Greg.

Need for a Race/Class/Gender Intersectional Perspective to Challenge Prisoner Disenfranchisement Laws
 Sokoloff, Natalie. and Pincus, Fred.

Neighborhood Characteristics, Informal Social Control and Domestic Violence Recidivism
 Peterson, Richard. and Dixon, Jo.

Neighborhood Disadvantage and the Concentration of Criminogenic Physical Ecologies
 Browning, Christopher., Calder, Catherine., Krivo, Lauren., Kwan, Mei-Po. and Peterson, Ruth.

Neighborhood and Family Effects on Adult Intimate Partner Violence and Child Maltreatment.
 Foster, Holly. and Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne.

Neighborhoods and Ethnic-Specific Intimate and Non-intimate Assaults in Miami
 Nielsen, Amie. and Martinez, Jr., Ramiro.

Network Ties and Policing Innovation
 Roberts, Aki. and Roberts, Jr., John.

Neurodevelopmental Effects of Toxic Chemical Releases on Elementary School Students as evidenced through FCAT Scores
 Evans, Katharine. and Rynearson, Sarah.

Neuropsychological Deficits are Predictive of Childhood Levels of Low Self-Control
 Vukasinovich, Keith., Beaver, Kevin. and Wright, John.

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OJJDP Contributions to Evidence-Based Practice in Juvenile Justice
 Howell, Buddy.

Observations and Comparisons of Sex Offender Management in Massachusetts and New York
 Reback, Donna.

Offender Educational Opportunities and Employment upon Release: What Matters Social Capital or Human Capital?
 Thompkins, Douglas. and Jensen, Jennifer.

Offender Perceptions: Understanding, Measuring, and Preventing Shoplifters
 Hayes, Read. and Carmel-Gilfilen, Candy.

Offender Recidivism in Washington, D.C.
 Johnson, Calvin. and Huffer, David.

Offender Views of YOT (Youth Offending Team) Interventions
 Mair, George. and Rawstorne, Shirley.

Offender and Victim Journeys to Homicide: Controlling for Geometry in Mobility Triangle Research
 McConnell, Patrick.

Offender perspectives on retail security in Spain: motivation, method & disposal
 Cavana, Paula. and Barberet, Rosemary.

Offense Type and Intermittent Offending During the Early Adult Lifecourse of Serious Offenders
 Ezell, Michael. and Piquero, Alex.

On the Patio: What it Means to “Do Time”

On the Relationship between Adolescent Job Quality and Antisocial Behavior
 Apel, Robert., Bushway, Shawn. and Paternoster, Raymond.

On the measurement of crimes against humanity: examples from Sudan and Rwanda
 Bijleveld, Catrien. and Huikeshoven, Mathilde.

One In, All In: The Imprisonment of Offenders, Families and Children
 King, Donna.

One Year Out and Living in Chicago: Employment, Health, and Recidivism of Former Prisoners
 Visher, Christy., Castro, Jennifer. and Kane, Kamala.

One-Strike and You’re Out: Reversing the Codes of the Street
 Rymond-Richmond, Wenona.

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PSN Findings from the District of Massachusetts (Lowell)
 McDevitt, Jack.

PSN Findings from the District of Nebraska
 McGarrell, Edmund.

PSN Findings from the Eastern District of Missouri (St. Louis)
 Decker, Scott.

PSN Findings from the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago)
 Bynum, Timothy.

Paid Work and Delinquency in Adolescence
 Staff, Jeremy., Osgood, D.., Schulenberg, John., Bachman, Jerald. and Messersmith, Emily.

Palestinian Female Terrorists and Suicide Bombers: Heroines, Evil-Doers and Victims
 Fishman, Laura.

Paperwork and power in parole revocation proceedings
 Steen, Sara., Lombas, Leith. and Opsal, Tara.

Paradigms of Justice, Race, Gender, Military Culture, and Privilege Evident in Public Opinion about an Alleged Crime of Rape
 Rose, Andree., Neal, Micki. and Buck, Kelly.

Parental Attachment and Delinquency: Does Gender Really Matter?
 Van Gundy- Yoder, Alana.

Parental Crime, Low Self-Control, and Delinquency: A Structural Equation Modeling Study
 Higgins, George.

Parental Management on Self-Control and Delinquency: Comparison of Predictability Strength by Gender and Race
 Rynearson, Sarah., Lersch, Kim., Sellers, Christine. and Cochran, John.

Parental Rights Termination among African American Families: A Critical Examination of the State
 Lars, Misha., Wilder, Kideste. and Johnson, Matthew.

Parental and Teacher Responses to School Delinquency: A "Jungle" at Home?
 Deosaran, Ramesh.

Parenting and Adult Criminality: Assessing the Mediating Function of Emotional Development
 Schroeder, Ryan., Bulanda, Ronald., Giordano, Peggy. and Cernkovich, Stephen.

Parenting as a Protective Factor for African American Adolescents in Economic Disadvantage: A Longitudinal Study
 Chen, Yi-fu.

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Qualitative Impact Study of the Essex County Drug Court: A Natural Experiment
 McCoy, Candace. and Lawson, Sunshine.


Race and Class: Do Separate Measures or Indexes Provide the Best Explanatory Power?
 Smith, Melissa.

Race and Gender Politics: Different Justice Claims
 Daly, Kathleen.

Race and Perceptions of Injustice by the Police: Modeling the Counterfactual
 MacDonald, John., Ridgeway, Greg., Stokes, Robert. and Riley, K..

Race and Rescue in the U.S. Border Nation: Connecting the Dots from Katrina to Immigration Enforcement
 Hammer-Tomizuka, Zoe.

Race and Sentencing Data Analysis: Aggregation Bias Masks Unwarranted Disparity
 Mitchell, Ojmarrh.

Race and Violent Offender “Propensity”: Does the Intraracial Character of Criminal Violence Persist Locally?
 OKeefe, Sarah.

Race and the Group: Does race impact juror interpretations of group climate in capital cases?
 Connell, Nadine.

Race and the Impact of Incarceration on Midlife Mental Health: Where Whiteness Is Not a Privilege
 Massoglia, Michael. and Hartmann, Douglas.

Race and the Roots of the Contemporary Legislative Assault on Undocumented Immigrants
 Provine, Doris. and Chavez, Jorge.

Race effects in police-citizen interpersonal interactions: an analysis of a random sample of recorded traffic stops
 Schell, Terry. and Dixon, Travis.

Race or Class? How Income Disparity and Residential Segregation Converge with Crime
 Fontaine, Jocelyn. and Forst, Brian.

Race, Ethnicity and Female Crime: An Analysis of American and Canadian College Student's Criminal Histories
 Field, Carolyn.

Race, Ethnicity and the Diversion to Intermediate Sanctions under Pennsylvania's Sentencing Guidelines
 DiPietro, Stephanie., Johnson, Brian. and Kramer, John.

Race, Identity and Stories: Perceptions of Disrespect by the Police
 Warren, Patricia.

Race, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Retaliatory Homicide
 Miller, Erin.

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SES and Adolescent Problem Behavior: A Multilevel Examination of the Middle-Status Conformity Hypothesis
 Burrington, Lori.

San Antonio Homicides Among Men and Women: Exploring Similarities and Differences
 Pollock, Joycelyn. and Cancino, Jeffrey.

Satisfaction with Police: Examining the Interaction between Race and Neighborhood Disadvantage
 Franke, Derrick.

Satisfaction with Police: The Impact of Experience, Social Disorganization and Community Disorder
 Wu, Yuning. and Sun, Ivan.

Saving Children from a Life of Crime: Toward a National Prevention Strategy
 Welsh, Brandon. and Farrington, David.

School Security Practices: Investigating Their Consequences on Student Fear, Bonding and School Climate
 Phaneuf, Shannon.

School Social Disorganization, Community Attachment and Adolescent Delinquency
 Scarpa, Juliet.

School Victimisation and Bullying in the Caribbean
 Lall, Vidya.

School Violence: A Moral Panic
 Tait, Leigh Anne.

School-year work and academic achievement: Do more hours mean poorer grades?
 Sweeten, Gary., Paternoster, Raymond. and Bushway, Shawn.

Schoolbags at dawn:The role of Gender in Incidents of School Bullying
 Myers, Carrie.

Schools as a Major Gateway to the Juvenile Justice System in Florida
 Schembri, Anthony., Tollett, Ted. and Greenwald, Mark.

Screening for Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders in the Criminal Justice System
 Coen, Carrie., Sacks, Stanley. and Melnick, Gerald.

Searching for the “New Terrorism”
 Gagnon, Benoit. and Blais, Etienne.

Secion 1983 Liability Against Prison Officials and Dentists for Delaying Dental Care in Correctional Institutions
 Vaughn, Michael., Dias, Clarissa Freitas. and Ekhomu, Jessica.

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THE NATIONAL CRIME VICTIMIZATION SURVEY: Looking to the future after 34 years of measuring crime
 Rand, Michael.

Taboo, Transgression, and Crime: Bataille and Beyond
 Presdee, Mike.

Taiwan prisoner's infraction problems: a multilevel approach
 Jen, Chuan-Chun. and MacKenzie, Doris.
 [001] [002]

Talking About Rape:Networks of Sexual Assault Disclosure on a College Campus
 Sudderth, Lori.

Taming the Lockup: Violence and the Use of Force in a Direct Supervision Lockup
 Baumer, Terry.

Targeted Drug Enforcement and Adverse Side-Effects: Generating Fugitives in Philadelphia
 Goldkamp, John. and Vilcica, Elena Rely.

Teaching Conflict Theory and Catholic Social Thought
 Hannon, Lance.

Teaching Portfolio Construction & Development
 Kadleck, Colleen. and Ratansi, Shamir.

Teaching contentious subjects: reflections on decades of avoiding open classroom warfare or blowback
 Rasche, Christine.

Teaching criminal justice within the context of the current political, economic, and social system
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

Teen Court: An Evaluation of the Selection Process in Producing "Good" Candidates
 lanthier, frances.

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Youth Violence in Anchorage, Alaska
 Chamard, Sharon.

Terminal Men: Pains of Imprisonment on Death Row
 McGunigall-Smith, Sandy. and johnson, robert.

Terror Alert Levels and Crime: An Examination from a Routine Activities Perspective
 Rivera, Craig., Ireland, Timothy. and Reilly, David.

Terrorism Prevention, Technology and Privacy: The Rubber Hits The Road
 Chemers, Betty.

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U.S. and International Youth Subcultures, Groups, and Lifestyles: Societal and Police Response
 Crews, Gordon. and West, Angela.

Undemocratic Policies: The Politics of a Felony Conviction
 Middlemass, Keesha.

Underage Alcohol Buying: A Case Study in Southern California
 Lepage, Cory.

Underlying Issues in Crime Hotspot Analysis
 Kim, MoonSun., Tucker, Tanya. and Worden, Robert.

Understanding Complacency: Exploring Views of our Correctional System in Terms of Race
 Globokar, Julie.

Understanding Identities: Sex offenders with mental disabilities and their life in prison.
 Daskalou, Manos.

Understanding Police Decision Making During Traffic Stops: Results from the Cleveland Division of Police Traffic Stop Study
 Engel, Robin., Frank, James., Klahm IV, Charles. and Tillyer, Rob.

Understanding Terrorists’ Mindset: Bangladesh Case Study
 Khondaker, Mahfuzul. and DeValve, Michael.

Understanding Variations in Police Approaches to Non-Predatory Crimes: Clues from the National Incident-Based Reporting Program
 Regoeczi, Wendy. and Chilton, Roland.

Understanding gender differences in predicting subsequent arrests
 West, Emily.

Understanding the Effects of Anti-Profiling Policies
 Heaton, Paul.

Understanding the Evolution of Colombian Paramilitarism: Historical and Recent Trends
 Escobar, Gipsy.

University Police: Fewer Rape Myths? Or Better Test-Taking Ability?
 Schwartz, Martin. and Eith, Christine.

University/Prison Program to Enable Inmates to Obtain their Certified Substance Abuse Assistant License
 Fischer, Michael., Holmes, Bernadette. and Okafo, Nonso.

Unlocked and Loaded:The accessible storage of loaded firearms in America
 Hendrix, P..

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Validation of a Pretrial Release Scale
 Podkopacz, Marcy.

Variables Influencing the Attitudes of Hispanics towards Law Enforcement
 Rodriguez, Crystal.

Variance in State Methamphetamine Precursor Laws
 Chriqui, Jamie.

Variations in Participation in Correctional Treatment Research
 Inciardi, James., Martin, Steven. and O\'Connell, Daniel.

Varied motivations and implications for response: Juvenile sex offenders with pedophilic tendencies and those without.
 Gibson, Camille. and Ikomi, Philip.

Versatile or Specialized ? Studying Juvenile Delinquency in Israel
 Maimon, David. and Fishman, Gideon.

Victim Characteristics and White Collar Crime: Data from the 2005 National Public Survey on White Collar Crime
 Wall, April. and Kane, John.

Victim Impact Statements as a Buffer against Rape Shield Law Violations
 Tallon, Jennifer. and Groscup, Jennifer.

Victimization and Reproductive Justice: Examining the Regulation of Motherhood for Battered Women
 Moe, Angela.

Victimization of Homeless Women: An Analysis of the Impact of Age First Homeless
 Mendez, Monica. and Jasinski, Jana.

Victimology and Education: Assessing the Field
 Muscat, Bernadette.

Victimology of Hurricane Katrina: A Study in State Crime
 Faust, Kelly.

Victims of Criminal Homicide: A Test of Sociological and Forensic Approaches
 Goodison, Sean.

Views From the Field: South Central's Hoover Crip Gang Phenomenon
 Cureton, Steven.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]

Views from the Inside on the Social Reality of Prison Education
 Rose, Chris.

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War Crimes, Democracy, and the Rule of Law in Belgrade, the Former Yugoslavia, and Beyond
 Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja. and Hagan, John.

War Criminology and a Criminology of War
 Paul, John. and Birzer, Michael.

War, Risk and Predictability: Terror in Canadian Public Discourse
 Leman-Langlois, Stephane.

Web-Based Crime Mapping for Decision Support, Policy Analysis, and Public Relations
 Caplan, Joel.

Weighing and Pricing Retail Marijuana Purchases: Accessing Marijuana Users in Different Markets
 Bardhi, Flutura., Sifaneck, Stephen., Ream, Geoffrey., Randolph, Doris., Dunlap, Eloise. and Johnson, Bruce.

Welfare Reform, Homicide Risk, and Race/Ethnicity
 Victor, Michael.

What Counterterrorism "Really" Means: Analysis of Change in Local Police Practices Post-September 11
 Grillo, Michele.

What Do Statistics Tell Us About Criminal Aliens In the United States and Transnational Connections?
 Warner, Dr. Judith.

What Do We Know About Prison Racism?
 Cheliotis, Leonidas.

What Explains the Code of the Street?: A Test of Contextual and Compositional Explanations
 Matthews, Shelley.

What Factors Explain Persistent Racial Disparities in Minnesota Prison Populations?
 Frase, Richard.

What Happens When "Terrorists" Win? The Case of South Africa
 Van Brakle, Mischelle., LaFree, Gary. and Dugan, Laura.

What Is Popular Legal Participation Designed to Accomplish? Critical Analysis of Lay Participants in Prosecutorial Review Commissions in Japan and Criminal Jury Trials in America
 Fukurai, hiroshi., Kurosawa, Kaoru. and Shinomiya, Satoru.

What Works: Evidence-Based Gang Programs
 Howell, Buddy.

What a Difference a Law Makes: Assessing the Impact of Juvenile Justice Reforms
 Feld, Barry.

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Young Black Men and Urban Policing: The Impact of Accumulated Adverse Experiences
 Brunson, Rod.

Young People's Perceptions of Policing: The Im pact of Race and Ethnicity
 Bond, Christine., Western, John. and Hayes, Michelle.


Zero Tolerance and Crime Reduction in Latin America: The inapplicability and innefectiveness of a popular idea
 Alvarado-Mendoza, Arturo.

Zero tolerance policing: flip or flop?
 Lindstrom, Peter.
American Society of Criminology (ASC) 2006-Oct-31 to 2006-Nov-04
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